smartboyhwNow where is ailo!?!!?!?!13:27
astraljavaI think he mentioned he'll be around mostly during the weekends nowadays.13:49
* smartboyhw forgotten to read the backlogs oh no:P13:49
smartboyhwastraljava, what's this?:P13:50
smartboyhwastraljavaHey team, heads up: QA contact person position up for grabs, anyone from the team can do it. Preferably start immediately, so you'll be up and running by the time R cycle begins. 17:0513:50
smartboyhwastraljavaResponsibilities normally include keeping in sync with flavor AND vanilla development, reporting in QA meetings. Reporting to -release is between you and project leader.17:0613:50
smartboyhwastraljavaSalary: Negotiable, with whoever sponsor you manage to dig up. :D13:50
* smartboyhw finds reading the backlog is quite useful!13:50
* smartboyhw can surely be a QA Contact person hope astraljava doesn't mind:P13:52
astraljavaRight, so unless anyone objects, I'm handing over my responsibilities to smartboyhw. I'll start actually rehearsing and recording my own music in the near future, so won't have time for more constant presence of the flavor anymore.15:58
astraljavaScott is already aware of my departure from this role, and both the QA and the release teams are aware of the change.15:59
holsteinastraljava: that sounds like good news for you!... making music!!16:00
astraljavaMy other (possible) contributions will likely be more of the bug fixing and new development nature.16:00
astraljavaholstein: It totally is!16:00
holsteinastraljava: you're not going MIA thought, correct?16:01
astraljavaIt's been a dream for so long, but there have been other issues standing in the way.16:01
astraljavaNo, I'll definitely hang out in here, and #osm, for sure.16:01
holsteinastraljava: cool!...i look forward to hearing some tunes16:01
astraljavaWill be needing you folks' instructions, a lot! :)16:01
astraljavaIt'll take time, for the first few anyway. But I'm confident I'll pick up pace as I go.16:02
astraljavaOk, heading home now. I guess that's the first pre-requirement. :D16:03

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