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ResurrectionAh crap I really hope that nickserv stuff isnt public00:45
Unit193You didn't paste anything into this channel.00:46
rickbolwhat's the best broadcom 4311 wifi support? bcmwl-kernel source doesn't work, and linux-firware-nonfree drops connection under moderate stress. Any stable option?00:55
rickbolI've used it in the past. Not sure what I need to do to cleanup current modules and then install it.00:58
rickbolfor 12.0400:58
rickbolhmm, the bcmwl-kernel-source doesn't even enable wireless networking in the notification area. linux-firmware-nonfree did. what is it with broadcom? PITA #101:24
phunyguyI asked in #ubuntu and got sent here.  I like the ability of Rhythmbox to transcode music on the fly to what the device supports, but is there a way to change what quality of the format specified, for example, V0 MP3, or level 10 ogg instead of just being able to pick mp3/aac/ogg?03:51
ikerva un poco lento el ubuntustudio no?10:17
joebarHi people , I installed ubuntu studio a couple of days ago and it works fine , but recently i installed FL Studio , withe the ASIO 4 all driver. My problem is , when I launch fl studio (via wine) , I can only hear the sound of fl studio , I mean , if I launch FL and a video on my browser , I don't hear the video , is there anyway to fix it ?17:48
FloatingGoati really want the hohner essentials EL-SD Plus dreadnaught acoustic guitar23:22

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