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astraljavaUpsides are bad. You need challenges so that you will progress.13:17
ochosio hai astraljava 13:17
smartboyhwwb astraljava 13:17
astraljavaWe're having a meeting today, correct?13:20
smartboyhwballoons and phillw miss you astraljava ;P13:20
smartboyhwastraljava, should be13:20
* ochosi wasn't aware of the meeting13:20
* smartboyhw thinks if astraljava comes to today's QA and Xubuntu meetings everyone will rejoice;P13:21
SkippersBosswhat time 1500 utc ?13:23
smartboyhwSkippersBoss, should be13:23
* smartboyhw goes to the QA one first then jumps to here13:23
SkippersBossor whenever knome would see fit lol13:23
astraljavasmartboyhw: That's the thing I want to discuss in today's meeting, actually.13:23
smartboyhwastraljava, oh? What do you mean?:P13:24
astraljavaYou'll see in ~2 hours.13:25
smartboyhwastraljava, ;P13:26
astraljavaWell actually in less than that, I'll give a heads-up on QA for Nick and Phil.13:26
smartboyhw+1 13:27
knomeochosi, yeah, we have a meeting today14:35
ochosiknome: nice, i might even make it :)14:40
knomeochosi, great!14:40
knomeochosi, we will most probably have a lightning short meeting really14:40
ochosiyeah, not sure there are any real issues on the agenda, or are there?14:40
ochosiunless we wanna talk about R planning14:40
knomeno, not really14:40
knomenope, definitely not14:40
knomei'm not home14:40
knomethere's really no old items, no team updates, just one announcement14:41
knomeis there people who could run or two xubuntu tests today?14:41
bluesabreI possibly could this evening14:43
knomeyeah, we actually have time until 12UTC tomorrow14:43
elfyI can tomorrow morning knome 14:44
knomeelfy, great!14:44
elfybe well beofre 12 utc14:44
knomecan you cooperate on what tests people are going to run14:44
knomei can run any14:44
knomeso just leave me the ones you can't do easily14:44
elfyI can do either but not vm 14:44
knomereal hardware is kind of better anyway...14:45
ochosiknome: any result with the icon-theme update?14:45
elfyI meant wubi - but that's not there anymore 14:45
knomeochosi, we'll update it after b214:45
knomeelfy, yeah, we dropped wubi support :)14:45
ochosiknome: ok, sounds good14:45
knomeochosi, yeah, easier to get it in that way (we got uife/ffe already)14:45
elfyknome: I can do any of them except autoresize - not sure I'd trust it14:46
knomeochosi, as you probably noted from the bug14:46
ochosibtw, for R blackbird will become a dark theme, not mixed as it was up to now14:46
knomeelfy, well, that's probably why you should =)14:46
elfyha ha 14:46
knomeelfy, but if you don't want to, that's ok14:46
elfywell I could but I'd be disconnecting media drive :D14:47
knomeyeah, fine14:47
knomebut really, it's ok if you don't want to do that14:47
knomei can do it under vbox14:47
elfyknome: how about I check in here first thing - look at the tracker see what's been done and let you know what I can do 14:48
knomeelfy, nothing's been done right now14:48
knomeerh, can somebody update the wiki? i'm not home and i don't remember my pass14:48
elfyknome: yea - but I'd assume that by tomorrow someone will have done something 14:49
knomein  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings14:49
smartboyhwknome, what to update?14:49
knomeadd "update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 and prepare beta2 release announcement in xubuntu.org" for "announcements14:49
elfythere's and edit conflict now :(14:51
knomehaha :)14:51
knometry to get it sorted boys ;)14:52
* smartboyhw ha an edit conflict with elfy14:52
elfysmartboyhw: I've done it already 14:52
* smartboyhw will not edit it14:52
elfywell after all that I hope that's what you meant knome :D14:53
knomeelfy, yep14:53
knomelooks fine14:53
elfyokey doke14:53
knomethere's still some extra text14:53
knomelook after "schedule next meeting" :D14:53
knomethat should be after the line i posted14:54
elfyknome: so - getting back to tests - I'll look at about 6/7UTC at what there is to do and let you know what I can do in time14:55
knomexubuntu community meeting in 5 minutes at #xubuntu-devel, everybody welcome14:55
knomeelfy, yep, sounds good :)14:55
knomethough i'll probably not be around then, but letting the channel know sounds good14:55
elfyI hope that xubuntu will install on a new machine or I'll have to look at kde :(14:58
knomeelfy, it will.. ;)14:58
elfyfirst time seeing how this secureboot stuff works I think14:59
* smartboyhw doesn't want to mention he will stick to xfce again sicne elfy wants to keep that sentence:P14:59
knome 14:59
* elfy has spies everywhere noting down instances of smartboyhw installing other things 14:59
knomeoops too, not oop daemon15:00
* smartboyhw runs away from elfy and maybe ignores him15:00
smartboyhwmeeting time in my ubuntu studio15:00
knome#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting15:01
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Sep 26 15:01:38 2012 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:01
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired15:01
knomewho's around for the meeting?15:01
knome#chair astraljava 15:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: astraljava knome15:02
knomeochosi, bluesabre: stop lurking at #shimmer 15:02
knome#chair ochosi 15:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: astraljava knome ochosi15:02
bluesabremeeting at work, sorry15:02
knome#topic Items carried on15:02
knomebluesabre, np :)15:02
knome#action knome to draft flyer looks hopefully before UDS15:03
meetingologyACTION: knome to draft flyer looks hopefully before UDS15:03
knomethat's the only item carried on.15:03
knome#topic Team updates15:03
knomelet's go wildly, there isn't too much updates anyway15:03
knome#info the new offline docs have landed to b215:04
ochosi#info latest theme fixes have landed in b2, hopefully it'll be a smooth experience from now on15:04
knome#info pleia2 prepared a draft for the flyers15:05
knomei suppose that's it15:05
knome#info thanks everybody for getting the work items done! see http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/group/topic-quantal-flavor-xubuntu.html for the awesome looking graph15:06
knome#topic Announcements15:06
knome#subtopic Changes in team leads positions 15:07
astraljavaAlright, I'll be stepping down from my position as QA lead, effective immediately unless otherwise agreed.15:07
knomeastraljava, the floor is cleared for you for the boogie-dance15:07
knomeastraljava, acking that it's ok to step down immediately.15:07
ochosiwhat's the good news?15:07
elfyindeed :(15:07
astraljavaI'll be here less?15:07
knome#info astraljava will no longer be serving as the QA lead, effective immediately15:07
ochosioh wow :)15:08
* smartboyhw cries again...15:08
knomeastraljava has told he's going to do more of the programming stuff if life allows :)15:08
knomehe's not going to disappear completely15:08
astraljavaWe can chat about unofficial stuff after the meeting.15:08
knomethat's the good news15:08
ochosiok :)15:08
ochosiastraljava: anyway, i think you did a really swell job there!15:08
ochosiastraljava: thanks a lot15:09
knomeyup, thanks astraljava 15:09
smartboyhwthx astraljava 15:09
astraljavaThanks, appreciated!15:09
knomeit took a lot of things i wasn't familiar with off my shoulders15:09
ochosiknome: well now you have them back, how does it feel? :)15:09
astraljavaOh, one more thing related to this.15:09
knomeochosi, i'll just redelegate :P15:09
astraljavaI want to announce this on ubuntu-qa and ubuntu-release, so who shall I name as my replacement?15:10
ochosiknome: yeah, who do you re-delegate to?15:10
knomeastraljava, i will take the tasks for release manager15:10
astraljavaOK. Takers for QA contact person?15:11
knomeis there volunteers for sending reminders to test the ISOs and all that other QA stuff?15:11
elfydepends what's involved 15:11
astraljavaMostly a weekly meeting on -qa.15:11
* smartboyhw wonders if he just got astraljava's position in Ubuntu Studio can he also do the Xubuntu one...:P escapes15:12
knomeand what i said ^15:12
elfyI'm happy to do it - but not sure whether I'd manage the tasks as I con't know then15:12
astraljavaKeeping in touch with development of Xubuntu, staying up-to-date with vanilla, in relation to our flavor.15:12
knomeelfy, we'll help you with it15:12
elfyok then 15:12
astraljavaelfy: I'm not fully going away, so you can always ask.15:12
knomegreat! :)15:12
astraljavaDon't think you'll need mentoring, but some sort of that stuff. :)15:13
knome#action knome will take the release manager tasks from astraljava15:13
meetingologyACTION: knome will take the release manager tasks from astraljava15:13
* elfy squeezes 25th hour into day15:13
elfyastraljava: thanks :)15:13
knome#action elfy will take the QA contact person tasks from astraljava15:13
meetingologyACTION: elfy will take the QA contact person tasks from astraljava15:13
astraljavaYou might want to reconsider that, elfy...15:13
knomethanks elfy!15:13
astraljavaSpoke too soon?!15:13
knomeso, next item15:13
* smartboyhw congrats elfy and hopes that 25th hour wouldn't be wasted:P15:13
knome#subtopic Update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 and prepare beta2 release announcement at xubuntu.org15:13
knomeyeah, so we need to update those15:14
knomei will take care of the former once the latter is done, preferably today15:14
knomethose in the xubuntu-team can access and edit the draft, just login with ubuntu SSO at xubuntu.org/wp-admin15:14
knomefeel free to add anything you think might be worth mentioning15:14
knomeit's easier to remove stuff than think if we missed something...15:15
elfywell I'd be inclined to let people know they might get 2 instances of drives on desktop/in thunar15:15
knomeoh, right15:16
knomesince elfy is the QA contact person now, i'll add him to ~xubuntu-team at LP later today15:16
elfydisconcerting to say the least15:16
knomeelfy, so you'll get to update that yourself.15:16
knomeso, that's it for the announcements15:17
knome#topic New and emerging stuff15:17
knomeany other topics we should cover?15:17
elfypanic in the QA department? 15:17
* smartboyhw calls mayday then15:18
knomeis there panic?15:18
ochosiwondering whether we should start to collect all R-related stuff in one place at some point15:18
knomeoh right15:18
ochosii mean right now there are a few blueprints and specs15:18
ochosibut they're a bit scattered15:18
knome#info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Goals/R15:18
ochosioh good15:19
knomewill make that the default page for Roadmap soonish15:19
knomeand there's the main blueprint too...15:19
ochosiactually i'll quickly update that page a bit15:20
knomeif only i can find that15:20
ochosithere are a few issues that could be dropped, because they actually belong to xfce15:20
knome#info https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/topic-r-flavor-xubuntu15:20
knomelet's get back to those a bit more informally during the next week(s)15:21
knome#subtopic Schedule next meeting15:21
knomeis there any reason why we should have a meeting next week?15:21
ochosidunno, any b2 related stuff we need to discuss?15:21
ochosi(i don't think so)15:21
knomenot really, unless things break horribly15:22
knomewhich we don't hope to happen, so...15:22
ochosik, sounds good15:22
knomeso two weeks from now?15:23
knomeit's about a week before release15:23
ochosiwhy not15:23
knomeand a day after final freeze :P15:23
knomebut a day before RC15:23
knome#info next meeting: 2012/10/10, 15UTC15:24
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Sep 26 15:24:11 2012 UTC.  15:24
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2012/xubuntu-devel.2012-09-26-15.01.moin.txt15:24
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2012/xubuntu-devel.2012-09-26-15.01.html15:24
knomei'll put the meetings up later again15:24
smartboyhwThx knome, congrats elfy and thx astraljava 15:24
elfyastraljava knome - I'll let you know in the channel I invited you too :)15:25
ochosiknome: never sure what to add to the release-notes. "new and better artwork"? i could write that every release...15:25
knomeochosi, yeah, it's good to mention that every time.15:26
ochosik, i guess my stuff is already there15:27
ochosiartwork and parole mostly15:27
GridCubeD: there was a meeting?15:42
knomeanyway, i'm not really off15:42
knomesee you all later!15:42
GridCubethere was a mail about i missed it?15:42
knomenot sure15:42
knomeprobably not, but the meetings page would have told you15:42
smartboyhwGridCube, yes you missed the meeting clearly:P15:42
knomeyou should probably subscribe to the meetings wikipage15:43
knometo get notifications of changes15:43
knomelet's look at that later.15:43
knomesee you!15:43
smartboyhwGridCube, don't worry:)15:44
smartboyhwJust some er HR changes:P15:44
astraljavaochosi: So yeah, about my future contributions; I'll start doing less regular activities, cause what I'm about to start won't permit as constant watching over the flavor as that position required. This does mean, though, that more spurious development activities can be more easily engaged.15:45
ochosiastraljava: that sounds good actually15:46
astraljavaWon't be disbanding the community, but likely won't commit to many things that are dependant to release schedules.15:46
astraljavaI've been involved with developing Studio for 6+ years now, it's about time to actually start using it. :)15:46
smartboyhwastraljava, LOL15:47
smartboyhwastraljava, srsly you haven't er USED it before?:P15:47
astraljavaSo, whenever I spot an issue with anything related to the processes, I might make an attempt to fix it.15:47
astraljavasmartboyhw: I've used the distribution, but not the main tools it carries.15:47
smartboyhwastraljava, ah.15:47
astraljavaIe. recording utilities, sound processing tools etc.15:48
* smartboyhw uses Ubuntu Studio mainly for video purpose:P (To get rid of Windows 8 and time to install single apps:P15:48
SkippersBossi ve missed the meeting sorry guess15:56
elfyknome: well I wrote to the -dev and -users list re the beta test - hope that it looks like what you want :)16:13
elfyastraljava or knome - or in fact anyone who knows - where are the testcases that people can follow now, the wiki long one still exists but the short one appears to have disappeared18:25
Unit193I have a script that basically has the info.18:40
astraljavaelfy: That is interesting, for sure. Anyway, you might wanna talk to balloons and phillw, the new testcase format has stepped in, and you can have a look at those from the iso.qa.u.c links.18:40
astraljavaelfy: Currently Xubuntu is a little behind on those, my apologies for that.18:41
astraljavaBut there are still testcases there, I'm sure there's a fallback case or something in place.18:41
elfythe short one has disappeared :(18:47
elfyfrom the wiki tests18:47
elfyI mailed the lists to get people to do some - first thing I get asked is where's the info to test against lol18:48
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/Short?action=recall&rev=5  knome Marked it as moved.18:50
elfywell I don't what we're supposed to use :(18:52
elfyif someone can work it out I'd be grateful if they can post to the lists - I've got to go 18:53
Unit193http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1433/info and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1434/info ?  Second seems like the long one though. :/18:58
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/XubuntuDesktop  Old one.  I still like the short one best.19:00
elfyUnit193: thanks those 2 look like the riight ones I assume that 1433 is for the installation tests and 1434 is for post installation19:05
elfynot many of the tests appear to have xubuntu testcases19:06
elfygive up - got to go - cya later19:06
Unit193Yeah, don't know where short is.19:06
knomeastraljava, all the testcases are in the ISO tracker19:12
knomeastraljava, we're actually *ahead* in it :)19:13
astraljavaknome: *oops*19:13
knomeyeah, i should delete the long test from the wiki.19:13
astraljavaSo you've merged everything into the new testcase tracker? I was just puzzled because it said it didn't belong to any Xubuntu test suites.19:14
knomeyes, they're all in the tracker19:14
astraljavaOh, sorry again. My eyes are not what they used to be, it seems.19:14
knomeas you see, there's the old (installation) tests19:14
knomeand there's the post-installation (short) and desktop (long) tests19:15
bluesabreochosi should start a series of gimp-tutorials :)19:16
knomeyou mean now that we removed it from the default installation? :P19:17
ochosibluesabre: i'd need nerves of steel for something like that :)19:17
knomerather create some inkscape tutorials19:17
knomethough that sounds something i should do19:18
bluesabreUntil we get a Xubuntu HUD, inkscape will continue to be difficult to navigate19:18
ochosiinkscape is UI hell19:18
knomeyou aren't just competent19:19
knomeok, i'm off19:20
knomeback when i'm home19:20
Os_Maleushey guys! 20:56
Os_MaleusI wanted to get a big thanks to You all rid here! You did and are doing an amazingly great job! keep up with that! 20:56
Os_MaleusActually, I have no big idea how a PC is working. But with a bit of interest, I have changed a year ago over to Xubuntu. before, I was using Windows. Having another profession than IT, I don't believe, I will manage to understand everything about Linux. But meanwhile I manage to do some things even better than I was able to perform with Windows. Your working-result makes really fun to use and I am even thinking about to kick down Windows20:56
ochosiOs_Maleus: thanks, always very nice to hear! :)21:01

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