mistergilHello. Having a problem with pidgin file tranfer using bonjour on a local lan with three other machines all running Xubuntu 12.04(amd 64). No firewalls active,  all port settings seem to be okay (5298 Tcp+Udp). Chat is normal but file transfers state that reciever has cancelled transfer. Does anyone know what this issue may be? All machines are current with Ubuntu updates and pidgin is the latest release. Thanks.00:00
Liamrecon_lap You still with me?02:11
MSG555hey there :) I have a stupid question... I need to run the following command on startup sh -c "cp ~/.config/xfce4/panel/goodxkb.rc ~/.config/xfce4/panel/xkb-plugin-##.rc && pkill xkb" what file would I add this line to? What's the difference of add it it to rc.local or rc0.d? Those are the only answers I find online and I'm not sure which one is the right one.02:13
liamCan anyone help me with my internet connection on a Xubuntu 12.10 machine?02:18
well_laid_lawnMSG555: I would use rc.local02:29
MSG555together with the whole sh -c thing?02:30
well_laid_lawnyou will need the full path not ~02:30
well_laid_lawnso /home/you not ~02:31
well_laid_lawnand if it's recommended to use sh -c then yep02:31
MSG555the solution I'm referring to is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-xkb-plugin/+bug/548631 post #3302:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 548631 in xfce4-xkb-plugin (Ubuntu) "xubuntu keyboard layout switch shortcuts are not remembered" [Medium,Fix released]02:32
MSG555maybe there is a better solution I'm not finding02:32
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MSG555well_laid_lawn:  thanks02:39
MGS555well_laid_lawn:  the script doesn't seem to work. when I do the same command on the console, it overwrites the file, but when I restart the system, it doesn't do it03:21
well_laid_lawnMGS555: did you replace the ~ with the full path?03:22
MGS555I copy paste the same command into console, it works03:23
well_laid_lawn /home is on the same partition as the / ?03:24
MGS555I seem to be finding a lot of threads on this xkb issue, but they all offer different solutions03:24
well_laid_lawnyou could just add the command to ~/.profile so it works when you log in03:25
MGS555one has to do with this file replacement, another one is to change /home/your-username/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/keyboard-layout.xml03:25
well_laid_lawnI only use the one keyboard layout so i know nothing about that sort of thing03:26
well_laid_lawnit shouldn't be hard to set up a file to be copied on log in03:27
MGS555ok, I will try in ~/.profile03:28
well_laid_lawnyou shouldn't need the   sh -c   bit03:28
MGS555well it looks like the problem is that xkb somehow overwrites its  config file with a default at some point during startup03:29
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well_laid_lawnafaik X will set the keyboard up when it starts03:29
well_laid_lawnso doing it from .profile, which is accessed when you login should be good.03:30
MGS555afaik X?03:30
well_laid_lawnafaik = as far as I know & X is the graphical display03:31
well_laid_lawn!info X03:31
ubottuPackage X does not exist in precise03:31
well_laid_lawnX as in xserver03:31
MGS555where does it draw its settings from?03:32
MGS555maybe I'm after the wrong files03:32
well_laid_lawn /etc/X1103:32
well_laid_lawnMGS555: what is it you are actually having issues03:34
MGS555the xkb plugin on the panel03:36
well_laid_lawnand what does that do? switch layouts03:36
MGS555I configure three layouts, shortcut for switching between them and composition key03:36
MGS555after a while, all these settings disappear03:36
well_laid_lawnahh ok I dunno anything about that03:36
MGS555randomly, not even upon reboot03:37
MGS555or like for example now, I ran that copy and pkill line in console, and it reset the layouts, but the shortcut keys don't work03:38
well_laid_lawnhang on a tick and I'll see if there's a better way03:39
well_laid_lawnMGS555: there's a command here - http://superuser.com/questions/155758/how-to-change-keyboard-layout-change-shortcut-in-xubuntu - try with that in your .profile - edited to suit of course03:44
MGS555well_laid_lawn: thanks, gonna try and reboot see if something changes03:47
MGS555so I've totally screwed the pooch on this one04:06
MGS555now I can't even log in, it doesn't recognize any keyboard or mouse04:06
MGS555plugged in alternates as well04:06
well_laid_lawnMGS555: no keyboard at the login screen?04:10
MGS555nope :) I manage to enter bios, so it's not a hardware problem04:10
well_laid_lawnthat shouldn't happen with that line in .profile - that file wouldn't be read yet04:11
MGS555I don't see grub options on bootup either04:11
MGS555I did change some other things04:11
well_laid_lawnmust be what you added to rc.local04:11
well_laid_lawn"some other things" ?04:11
MGS555rc.local was there for a few bootups, so it's not that04:11
well_laid_lawnyou'll have to unchange them04:11
MGS555just a sec, I'll find the info04:12
MGS555is there an /etc/default/keyboard file or something like that04:12
MGS555I can't find the post about that one since I'm on a different PC04:13
MGS555http://askubuntu.com/questions/66096/how-to-set-up-xfce4-xkb-plugin-to-remember-settings-over-reboots I followed the advice of the second reply04:14
well_laid_lawnMGS555: if that file doesn't exist you can make it04:17
MGS555I did04:17
MGS555I mean, it was there actually04:17
MGS555but that's the last thing I modified before my peripherals went dead04:18
well_laid_lawntry booting in recovery mode04:18
MGS555how do I get the grub menu if it doesn't show up?04:18
well_laid_lawnhold shift when starting the comp04:18
well_laid_lawnI'd make sure you don't have multiple files changing the layout while you're at it - like rc.local, .profile etc04:20
MGS555I did leave that copy pkill line in both, is that bad?04:21
MGS555shift doesn't seem to do it04:22
MGS555wouldn't there be some way to revert to terminal even if X is being buggy with the keyboard?04:23
MGS555or I guess the problem is much deeper now?04:24
MGS555ctrl+alt+f1 gives me some sort of ascii screen with vertical blue lines, but no command prompt :)04:25
well_laid_lawntry Ctrl+Alt+F3 then MGS55504:28
MGS555same thing :)04:28
MGS555maybe it's time for a fresh start....04:29
well_laid_lawnyou have to be holding the shift key down from the bios post scren04:29
xubuntu343Hello, I am having a problem with installing themes on Xubuntu 12.04.  I was told to drag and drop in to the Appearance section, but it does not work.  I cannot find Emerald either.  Could someone help me?04:54
jonhaller@#xubuntu: Hello everyone!04:54
jonhallerxubuntu343: not sure if emerald still ships with *buntu04:57
jonhallerxubuntu343: yes, emerald is old software, and no longer maintained :(04:58
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xubuntu343Okay. :S04:59
xubuntu343Er, well idk how to install themes.04:59
baizonhi, is it possible to add text into the battery indicator?05:07
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baizonproblem solved :D05:35
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jonhallerCan anyone help me with understanding some of these configuration values for this STA driver source file?05:49
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xubuntu611hi, i am installing 12.04 on an eee pc 701 4g. how does ubuntu compare vs xubuntu on the limited hardware? 600 line screen and 1 gb mem w 4 gb ssd06:22
Sysixubuntu has more options for customizing user interface to fit on a small screen, it also uses a bit less memory and in some cases cpu06:25
xubuntu611Sysi: thanks. i am going to give this 900 mhz celeron netbook to the 5 and 7 yr old to fool around with. i will put xubuntu on it. i don't think they need animated menus.06:27
wcapiohi folks06:45
wcapiohow do I choose an icon for my python files?06:45
wcapioi checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingMimeTypes yet no success06:46
ochosiwcapio: replace the icon in the icon-theme?06:51
wcapionot sure, when I use the detailed view in thunar, my python files have no icon... frustrating if you have many other files  as well06:52
wcapioochosi, can I adapt the icon-theme?07:00
ochosiwcapio: are you using the elementary-xfce icon theme?07:00
wcapiono idea07:01
ochosiappmenu > settings > appearance > icons07:01
ochosiright, that should be ok07:01
ochosiso yeah, the python icon only exists for icon sizes >24px07:02
ochosiif you want smaller ones, you'd have to draw them yourself :}07:02
Marzattamy fav: Faenza-Dark icons07:02
wcapioI use faenza for libreoffice07:03
wcapioochosi, do you have to change them in /usr/share/icons/elementary-xfce-dark?07:03
ochosiwcapio: yeah, but you can also copy the icon-theme to ~/.icons/ so that you don't need superuser-rights to change it07:04
wcapioin /usr/share/icons/elementary-xfce-dark i only see the panel, not the mime icon07:05
ochosiwcapio: yeah, to be exact it's elementary-xfce (it is inherited by elementary-xfce-dark)07:07
ochosiwcapio: oh and in fact you have to look in the mimes/48 folder for the name of the python mimetype07:07
ochosiwcapio: that's the only size we have the code-mimes in07:08
wcapiothanks! you guys know a lot about these things, nice!07:08
ochosiwell i'm maintaining the icon theme, so... ;)07:08
ochosiif you do a good job at making smaller sizes, send them to me and i'll include them07:08
wcapiois it an idea to add the icons for smaller...07:09
wcapiofor python the svg file is available...07:09
ochosiyes, the theme is all svg07:09
ochosi(apart from a few icons we borrowed from gnome)07:09
ochosiso we'd want svg also for the smaller python-mime icons07:10
ochosiwell yes, but ideally the new smaller icons would match the 48px icon we already have ;)07:11
wcapiois the ~/.icons method documented?07:21
ochosiwcapio: i guess somewhere it is documented, why?07:27
wcapioyour reasoning above: if I can put the icons in my home folder I don't need root access and it is easy to backup07:27
ochosiyeah, but why is it important where or whether this is documented?07:29
wcapioI am not completely sure I know how to set it up... hence if it is documented (in *ubuntu) then I could rtm07:31
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ochosiwcapio: nothing to set up, just copy the icon-folder to /home/wcapio/.icons/07:56
IndustrialI can't get my unetbootin to burn my windows 7 home premium iso to a usb stick. The stick is 4gb and the iso is 2gb. It accepts the iso but just seems to skip it. Instantly finishes and no iso data on there... Is there another way? Maybe the iso is bad .. How would I test?10:45
Mathiasisn't unetbootin only for linux?10:46
Industrialhm. Is there anything for windows?10:46
olbiyou could use pendrivelinux site, where are good apps for create booting USB10:59
olbiunetbootin is for Windows and Linux10:59
IndustrialI'll check it out10:59
toraxbe sure you chose correct usb stick. you could also try to reformat the usb stick11:11
xubuntu056hello =)12:59
xubuntu056I'm new to this..12:59
xubuntu056how to proceed if i've got a question?13:00
xubuntu056thxs =)13:00
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GridCube!hi | xubuntu05613:01
ubottuxubuntu056: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!13:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:02
Davidcan someone help me13:03
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Guest40605i´ve installed Xubuntu in my eee Pc13:04
Guest406051101 HA13:04
Guest40605and it don't startet right13:04
GridCube!details | Guest4060513:05
ubottuGuest40605: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:05
Guest40605 I'm running Ubuntu version 12.04.1 in my Eee PC 1101 When I try to start, the Computer never go to the login site13:07
xubuntu056hi folks! cool you are all out here and allready thxs for beeing here =) Ok.. Maybe some think this laptop might be better used as a door-stopper, but i kind of got attached to it.. its a ibm t20. i recently installed xubuntu 12.04.1 on it. really pleased so far but encountered some problems.. i can't load usb or a scsi-card. without that i cant connect to internet or save my work to share it with other people.. what can i do ab13:07
ochosixubuntu056: have you looked here already? http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_on_a_ThinkPad_T2013:08
Guest40605I saw somewhere, i should write something im Boot data and save13:08
ochosiGuest40605: how far do you get then?13:09
Guest40605is that right?13:09
Guest40605i can see the login screen but divided13:09
ochosiyou have a multihead-setup?13:10
Guest40605i don't know what is this13:10
Guest40605I`ve installed from a pendrive13:11
ochosimultihead == more than one display13:11
Guest40605i mean13:11
Guest40605it`s happened automaticlly13:12
Guest40605now i have the prompt13:13
Guest40605cause i thought I should write thes comand13:13
Guest40605but I don't kwon how13:13
recon_lapsome of those eepc's have strange graphic card setup's to save power13:14
xubuntu056@ochosi thank's for the link! i had searched on google, but couldn't find anything acceptable. i will check there for the solution.13:14
apm1recon_lap, i thought eeepcs had intel gma graphics ?13:15
ochosixubuntu056: the other thing is your wireless card. it might be that there's no good/free driver for it13:15
ochosixubuntu056: do normal usb-sticks work?13:15
recon_lapapm1: some of them have two graphics chips :)13:15
recon_lapor something like that, let me have a look for a line I was reading13:16
Guest40605but the point is13:16
SkippersBossGuest40605, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo/13:16
Guest40605i've instaled Ubuntu and it worked13:17
Guest40605but slow13:17
apm1recon_lap, what optimus graphics on a netbook , you gotta be shitting me :p13:17
SkippersBossaccording to the info support for the GMA50013:18
SkippersBosschipset shout improve with 12.1013:18
Guest40605but not for Xubuntu13:18
recon_lapnot quite the same model https://sites.google.com/site/mtrons/howtos/eeepc-1015pn13:19
xubuntu056@ochosi unfortunately nothing works on that single usb port I have there.. i tried a normal usb-stick - no reaction, i have a scsi card for wifi-connection but again, as i plug it in no reaction. both worked with xp, but do not want any win on my lap ;)13:20
ochosixubuntu056: you could run "lsusb" in the terminal once you connect the usb stick13:20
SkippersBossshmm my typing skills are poor today i apologise13:20
SkippersBossGuest40605, Xubuntu 12.10 could give some improvement13:22
apm1will the intel integrated graphics on a core i7 first gen work fine on xubuntu 12.04 ?13:23
xubuntu056@ochosi ?!? wait a second... it looks like the only thing i actually had to do is come over here to bother you?!!? as i reconnected the usb-stick to start "lsusb" as you suggested, it opened the content of the usb!! wow! cool, like a miracle!! sorry for having waisted your time though..13:23
apm1xubuntu056, :D13:24
* apm1 is writing python scripts on his mobile phone :)13:24
recon_lapxubuntu056: have a feeling you usb was powered down , the lsusb command probably started it again13:26
ochosixubuntu056: no problem, good to hear it works ;)13:27
SkippersBossxubuntu056, you have never wasted anyones time here13:27
SkippersBossOthers might pick up on this13:27
apm1excuse me gentlemen but did anyone notice my question ?13:27
recon_lapapm1: i'll let you know in a few years after I buy a i7 :)13:28
apm1recon_lap, few years , why man ?13:29
recon_lapapm1: they cost money13:29
xubuntu056@recon_lap the only thing i did is try about 15 distros which didn't work.. xubuntu-alternate did the job!  @SkipperBoss thxs! its good to know you're not left alone, even if you've got such an old laptop as i have over here.. i just love that thing!13:30
apm1recon_lap, what processor are you running on right now ?13:30
Guest40605Thaks Skipper13:30
apm1pentium 4 ?13:30
recon_lapapm1: just got a iCore5 v313:30
toraxapm1: I'd say it works, its nothing but intel integrated graphics, that works very well not, just inside cpu13:30
apm1recon_lap, if integrated graphics on a 3 rd gen i5 works then graphics on a i7 1 st gen will also work13:32
xubuntu056@recon_lap what i forgot to mention, i stalled it 2 days ago and bothered around with it.. i just connected the usb-stick, nothing - found this and connected here. got the tipp with lsusb, wanted to give it a shot - connected the usb and before I could do anything, it opened the contents window!13:32
recon_lapxubuntu056: read that link i posted, it's a newer model but some of the stuff likely to apply, if you look in the tweeks section you'll see usb auto power up abd down13:34
apm1gotta go guys ttyl13:36
designbybeckgreetings all13:42
designbybeckI realized I hadn't installed Emerald and such for this theme13:42
designbybeckis that a pretty easy straight forward process?13:42
xubuntu057hey there!! i certainly will get a look on the things I can find @the-link-you-gave me. but I just was so excited all started to work as if it ever had worked like that before.. It's me again on my old IBM T20, running xubuntu 12.04.1, connected through an 3G-USB-Stick which was recognised and loaded in a matter of seconds! ubuntu and in this case xubuntu is my personal hero!! happy got rid of xp, will never step back! thanks to 13:43
xubuntu056ps: how can i disconnect correctly from here? i mean is there something like a disconnect button i dont see right now or should i just close the window?! thxs13:45
GridCubejust close the window, you can type /quit byebye and it will quit and say byebye to the channel13:46
xubuntu057and most of all, thxs from this old laptop! it just works as smooth as i remembered it to work!13:47
recon_lapo/ liam13:56
LiamYou abandoned me yesterday...13:56
recon_lapLiam, well I do have my own life. and dont remember you asking anything anyway?13:58
LiamCertainly, you do. Allthough, I got my ethernet fixed, but now the wireless seems to screw up. I installed ndiswrapper, but have no clue how to use it or how to get a hold on the right files from the Windows driver.13:59
LiamIf you have time, I would appr.ate if you would be so kind to help me, recon_lap.14:00
recon_lapLiam: ndiswrapper is last resort, do you know what wifi card you got?14:01
Liamrecon_lap: The only thing I know is that it's WiFi 802.11 b.14:07
Liamrecon_lap: It's a Broadcom 802.11 b/g WLAN, I found it.14:08
recon_lapLiam : "sudo lspci | grep network"  ,  and paste the results14:08
recon_lapLiam make that sudo lspci | grep net14:09
Liamrecon_lap How to make the | sign in the Terminal.14:09
recon_lapLiam: lol, work it out, it's you keyboard14:10
recon_lapcut and paste is handy as well14:10
toraxaltgr+the key between shift and z (on my keyboard layout)14:10
daanishOk, how does Tiling windows work? I can't get it to work at all.14:10
Liamrecon_lap: 02:01.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)14:12
LiamBut isn't that the cable internet? Not the wireless?14:12
designbybeckI'm looking through the xubuntu.com site, trying to find a listing on specs14:18
designbybeckmin required specs and such14:18
designbybeckthere it is ;)14:18
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recon_lapLiam:  my mistake , have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide14:19
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Xubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingXubuntu14:19
Liamrecon_lap Lovely. Thanks alot.14:19
knomexubuntu community meeting in 5 minutes at #xubuntu-devel, everybody welcome14:55
Kingsyhow come xubuntu doesnt need an xorg.conf anymore? I deleted it, and it wasnt recreated14:55
knomeKingsy, settings are automatically grabbed now14:56
Sysiit hasn't been really needed for years14:57
pingu_Can anyone help me? I'm updating xubuntu 12.04 and it's been taking four hours now. I'm in the phase called 'configuring linux-imae-3.3.0-31-generic'. The process goes on at a speed of about a step every 40-60 minutes. Is it normal?15:00
recon_lappingu_: upgrades can be slow, esp if there are issues15:03
Kingsyknome: I really don't understand how setup is done then, we have no control over x sessions anymore?15:04
knomeKingsy, you *can* create X.org if you need one15:05
knomeKingsy, at it will be obeyed15:05
Sysior use on-the-run config like xrandr15:05
Kingsyyeah I ended up using xrandr15:06
Kingsyand used the dm to run it15:06
Kingsydo you guys not think its weird that there is SO many people in #ubuntu and so little in #xubuntu? gnome is AWFUL15:07
* Kingsy doesnt get it15:07
designbybeckshortcut keys for Xubuntu? like in Ubuntu CTRL+ALT+T gives you terminal15:09
Sysidesignbybeck: settings -> keyboard -> application shortcuts15:09
designbybeckah, Thank you Sysi15:09
designbybeckalso what is the difference between typing  && vs ; on commands15:10
designbybecksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install this15:11
Sysi&& doesn't run second command if first one fails15:11
designbybeckor sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install15:11
Sysi; does15:11
recon_lapKingsy: iPhone/tablet users don't use irc?15:29
TheSheeptoo hard to type15:30
Kingsyrecon_lap: huh?15:31
recon_lapKingsy: sorry, read your comment backwards.15:33
pingu_recon_lap: update process still going soooo slow. What do you mean by issues? That my install has got problems? If some updates take eight hours to complete, this can be a problem...15:36
recon_lappingu_:  in the far distant past (2006) upgrades failed so often I stopped using them, I now put my home folder on it's own partition so i can just to clean installs of OD and reinstall all my apps. this works for me. I really can not say how your is going, they depend on so much that is unique to your computer.15:39
pingu_thank you. The fact is that I'm not upgrading to 12.04 from a previous version, I'm just downloading the updates for 12.04 that I installed brand new on a formatted partition. Previous updates worked fine, this is the first time I have to wait for so long.15:42
recon_lappingu_: are you planning to stay on the LTS version?15:44
pingu_yes. I don't want any hassles, I'm a low-end user. I use the pc a lot for my work, but don't have time to sort out technical problems. I'm looking for a system that just works smoothly and xubuntu seemed to do the job15:46
recon_lappingu_: well, there are a lot of updates, but if you have a fast computer and connection I would thing somthing is going badly wrong after 4 hours15:46
pingu_right. I'm leaving the office now. Will let the pc on and will see if by tomorrow morning the update is over. Shall I post a bug report to someone to look into it?15:47
recon_lappingu_: not really, the whole upgrade is be replaced by the new version next week15:48
Kingsywhen is the eta on 12.10 ?15:49
Kingsynext week ?15:49
Kingsyno official date yet?15:49
recon_lapKingsy: it says 12.10,  I dont know the exact date. will depend on testing I would expect15:49
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for schedule and discussion15:49
torax18.10 says wikipedia, but could be old info15:50
KingsyI am gonna try the upgrade this time around.. I cant be bothered to reinstall all my stuff15:51
Kingsyworst comes to worst I will have to :S15:52
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fatpuddingHey, are there any one else that have problem with xpdf after the latest system updates ?16:06
Os_MaleusI have here a "Version: 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.2" that was "Automatically installed: no". is there a possibility to upgrade it to kdepim-runtime-4.9.x ?16:56
Os_Maleusthe people from the kde-room are saying, it would require newer versions of lower dependencies too, including akonadi and kdelibs.16:57
holsteinOs_Maleus: could be more trouble than its worth.. i usually look for PPA's, though thats not fail proof either16:58
Os_Maleusholstein: thanks for Your answer!17:01
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webereincHello - can anyone help with vnc / remote desktop server18:09
AristideHi !18:12
AristideI have a question about XFCE ^^18:12
AristideI add qjackctl in Autorun list for XFCE, but when the desktop appear, the notify icon don't appear :(18:12
AristideBut qjack ctl ils running18:12
Guido1hello, how can i change the transparenzy of inactief windows?18:45
Liamrecon_lap: http://pastebin.com/ZaCMZcKS18:47
TheSheepGuido1: in window manager tweaks, last tab18:48
Guido1TheSheep: ialready looked at the window manager, but i can't find this option18:49
TheSheepGuido1: window manager *tweaks*18:50
Guido1TheSheep: is it depending on the thema?18:51
TheSheepno, you have a slider18:51
TheSheepin the settings manager, in window manager tweaks, last tab18:51
Guido1oh, there are two18:53
Guido1I found it, thanks18:55
LiamIf I use ndiswrapper, what file of my Windows driver should I use?19:05
Liam"inf". Found it.19:06
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sremie89here are the sound settings? cant seem to find em.19:26
sremie89Where are the sound settings? Can seem to find them.19:26
TheSheepsremie89: Multimedia -> PulseAudio Volume Control19:27
mwoacan anyone help tell me a good way to started with learning LINUX file structure and using command line interface?19:55
mwoabasically any good advice for a n00b19:55
genii-aroundSee !terminal and !fhs19:59
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:00
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier20:00
mwoaI downloaded some utilities that operate from command line and appaently have to be installed from there. SSH SFTP and such when i downloaded them where is default DIR and what is comand line to install?20:03
recon_lapmwoa: "sudo apt-get install" in how you normally install stuff20:05
genii-aroundsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openssh-server     should get you started20:05
mwoacool ty20:08
mwoaAnyone know anything about the xfer from FLASH to HTML 5 and if there are going to be any issues with UBUNTU20:09
TheSheepmwoa: xfer?20:12
TheSheepmwoa: still no idea what you mean, transfer of what?20:14
mwoafnothing is going to be programmed with flash with HTML520:15
TheSheepmwoa: so what is your question exactly? are you asking whether the browsers in buntu support html5? the answer is yes, they support it as well as the browsers on windows and mac20:16
recon_lap think it's something you don't need to worry about mwoa20:17
mwoayeah thats what i meant20:17
genii-aroundThey can also do WebGL20:17
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Os_Maleushey guys!21:03
Os_MaleusWanted to get a big thanks to You all rid here! You did and are doing an amazingly great job! keep up with that!21:03
Os_MaleusActually, I have no big idea how a PC is working. But with a bit of interest, I have changed a year ago over to Xubuntu with the xfce as GUI. Before, I was using Windows. Having another profession than IT, I don't believe, I will manage to understand everything about Linux. But meanwhile I manage to do some things even better than I was able to perform with Windows. Your working-result makes really fun to use and I am even thinking about to ki21:03
David-AOs_Maleus: thank you for sharing your experience21:08
Os_Maleuswell, it is not me, who does it. these are guys like You, David-A, and guys like baizon, bipolar and killermoehre (an Xubuntu-developer?).21:10
Os_Maleusif You guys wouldn't be there, I wouldn't have anything to share either. :-D21:11
Os_MaleusBut today I had a real success! I managed basically on my own to configure the things in the way that I am able to manage my Google Calendar account over the Calendar - respectively Kontact. This makes some data-handling much easier now. don't need to do everything by mouse and over the browser. Additionally, it was impossible for me before to do import my appointments from the Google Calendar to the Contact.21:15
MarzataXubu it is best Linux distro21:15
SkippersBossMarzata, carefull with those claims here21:15
MarzataSkippersBoss: wtf?21:16
SkippersBossor at least put "for me" after it21:16
SkippersBosswe do not want to initiate in a distro war21:16
Sysisince this is xubuntu channel, flamewar caused by liking it is not very probable, but still it isn't really ontopic21:18
emI like xubuntu.21:29
SkippersBossem, so do most of the users here. but this is support. you might want to join xubuntu-offtopic21:46

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