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lifelessvila: could you pqm-submit the env-variable branch for me? I've let my pqm-submit setup bitrot...03:23
vilalifeless: done06:16
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lduroshi, for some reason I can never find in the docs the part that talks about what OTHER, THIS, BASE, and diff files represent when there's a conflict10:17
lduroscan anyone point me towards the documentation for this?10:17
lduroshmm I guess this works: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/beta/en/user-guide/resolving_conflicts.html10:17
ldurosnot so much10:17
bob2OTHER is the other branch10:19
bob2THIS is your branch10:19
bob2BASE is their common ancestor10:19
bob2it's a regular diff3 thing10:19
ldurosbob2: so OTHER is the branch that I tried to merge into the current branch, right?10:19
ldurosi did: bzr merge upstream10:19
ldurosso OTHER is upstream, yeh ok10:20
mgzjust about still morning!10:21
ldurosbob2: thanks much10:21
ldurosso when I see <<<<<<< TREE what does it mean?10:23
bob2that you shouldn't use bound branches10:24
ldurosthey are not bound10:25
bob2did you have uncomited changes?10:28
lduroseverything was fine before I did the merge10:28
ldurosno uncommited changes10:28
ldurosah well, I just got rid of that :-)10:28
bob2of course you need to resolve the conflict10:28
ldurosbob2: I have a lot of conflicts to resolve. I'm merging an upstream branch that's Firefox 15.0.1 into my 'IceCat' branch. So from one version to the other there are thousands of changes, and about 80 conflicts10:30
ldurosso far bzr works really well for this purpose though10:31
lduroshelps catch changes that you don't want applied etc, ...10:31
fullermdPretty sure 'tree' is just the normal name for the local side.10:33
mgrandi_its still confusing on what file you actually edit to resolve the conflicts, or i can never figure it out10:33
lduroshmm ok10:33
mgrandi_in combination with random diff programs10:33
ldurosmgrandi_: yeh, it can get confusing, especially when you have myriads changes10:34
ldurosI guess it's part of the fun though! :-)10:34
mgrandi_in tortoisesvn, their diff program just has a middle thing where you say 'use these changes'10:34
mgrandi_can't seem to get that =/10:35
lduroshmm cool10:35
mgzmgrandi_: if you use a mergetool, several provide a similar interface10:51
mgzbut the rule for manually resolving conflicts in a plain text editor is you just use the actual file, not any of the ones with extensions10:51
ldurosmgz: you mean, you just "modify" the actual file? Or you only "look" at the actual file?11:02
fullermdModify.  The .WHATEVER files aren't versioned or anything, they're just droppings bzr leaves to help you if you want to use them.  Only the file itself matters.11:03
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mgriffinis there a way with an LP project to see what size each revision was?15:23
mgzwhat do you mean by size exactly?15:23
mgriffini was looking at a project and it has a 140M .pack file15:24
mgriffinThought might be similar to something like https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/19472415:25
mgzso, I have the start of a plugin for diagnosing bloated revisions15:26
mgzbut it's not polished or real world exercised yet15:27
mgriffinno problem. there isn't a way in LP i guess then to see what size a bzr branch lp:foo will result in?15:28
mgzbut feel free to try it on a local branch15:28
mgzget lp:~gz/+junk/bzr-repobloat and run `bzr find-bloat`15:28
mgriffinalright, will do.15:29
fullermdIt wouldn't be too hard to just get the size of the pack files and add 'em up.  Won't necessarily tell you how big your local branch would be, but it's probably within a factor of 2, at least on branches with reasonably long history.15:30
mgzright, if you just want to know repo size sftp into launchpad and ls I guess15:31
fullermdSo there's at least one advantage to LP having no shared repo support  ;p15:31
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mgzfullermd: oh, but stacking15:36
mgzthat could make the adding up complicated in a hurry15:36
fullermdThat's what stacking is for, isn't it?15:37
mgzcomplicating things? yes.15:38
mgriffinso just put bzr-repobloat/ (includes a setup.py) in  .bazaar/plugins/  cd .bazaar/plugins/bzr-repobloat/ and run python setup.py build_ext -i  then bzr plugins?15:41
mgriffini seem to have missed some step15:42
fullermdJust call it repobloat15:42
mgriffinalso didnt have any luck connecting to code.launchpad.net with ftp client15:42
fullermdsftp, not ftp15:43
* fullermd sharpens an extra dagger to plunge into the black burning heart of FTP.15:43
mgriffini thought sftp required auth.15:43
fullermdOh, yes.  But FTP would too, if LP supported it.15:44
fullermdUnauth'd, I guess you could grab the pack names file over HTTP then do a bunch of HEAD's to get sizes.15:44
mgzlp admits http/sftp/bzr+ssh only15:45
mgriffinvery noobish questions, thanks for the help anyway (i was putting the branch in plugins dir because i have no idea what i am doing, the plugin is listed now)15:47
fullermdPutting it in there is the right thing.  's just a quirk of bzr (rather, python) and lp that you have to rename it along the way.15:48
mgzmgriffin: did you get any output running that? if not, you probably want to poke the (currently magical private) variable _TOO_BIG in repobloat/commands.py16:01
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mgriffinmgz: actually i was getting a python traceback and kinda moved on17:20
mgzmgriffin: fair enough17:21
mgriffini was just curious why lp:percona-xtrabackup/1.6 was 8.4M and lp:percona-xtrabackup/2.0 was 172M17:22
mgzthat does sound like the sort of thing the plugin was aimed at (find bad rev, nuke it, and make repo a reasonable size again)17:25
fullermdWell, 2.0 - 1.6 is 0.4.  172:8.4 is a factor of ~20.4.  There are 2 branches, with a difference of 0.4, thus we get 20.4.  Makes perfect sense   ;p17:25
mgzmgriffin: upgrading your bzr from 2.1.1 to something modern would fix that error17:25
mgzI can probably support older versions easily enough though, that's a simple module rename that's failing17:26
bjp_i have a branch with a revision on 9/22 and one on 9/25, when i do 'bzr revno -rdate:2012-09-24' i get  Requested revision: 'date:2012-09-24' does not exist in branch17:26
bjp_shouldn't it grab the 9/25 one?17:26
fullermdOh, that leads down the rathole of "look how touchy date: is"...17:28
mgzbjp_: it should really17:28
bjp_is it a bug in the version i'm using? 2.5.117:29
mgzpoke fullermd more, I need to run :)17:29
fullermdIt's probably a bug in the sense that "this really should work".  I'm not sure it's a bug in the sense of "code not doing what it's expected to do", or in the sense of "regression from previous state".17:30
fullermddate: has always been pretty finicky about how it gets interpreted.17:30
fullermd(which, to be sure, shouldn't be read as praise or justification or claims that it _should_ be.  Just always has, and nobody's ever buckled down to define and fix all the edge cases)17:33
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bjp_seems like a pretty strait forward case imo :)17:35
bjp_according to bzr help anyway17:35
fullermdFamous last words   8-}17:35
mgriffin2.1.1 is what ships with RHEL6 :/17:36
bjp_"Matches the first entry after a given date" :)17:37
fullermdmgriffin: Well, RHEL6 2010-11-10, for bzr 2.1.1 from 2010-03-24 isn't entirely insensible (though 2.1.3 was out before then, and there's another 2.1 release after that).  Still, a long time ago in bzr terms...17:39
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ScottKjelmer: Looks like some bzr packages are in need of love in Quantal: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20120922-quantal.html#bzr22:04
jelmerScottK: Andrew S-B was looking into those22:07
ScottKOK.  Wanted to make sure someone bzr'ish was aware.22:07

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