apacheloggerQuintasan: where is maliit?00:14
apacheloggeralso plasma-active-malii00:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: also ^00:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: also if you don't have time remind me like on monday or something00:18
ScottKsladen: Since there's no 4.9, 5.0 will have to do.00:38
ScottKlibqtgtl FTBFS fix uploaded.03:36
ScottKlibkolab FTBFS uploaded.04:58
ScottK(fix for)04:59
ScottKI think ktorrent just needs a retry.  I asked doko for it.05:15
pktI have another (small this time) issue with ubiquity's kde frontend06:39
pktin the timezone page, in the tooltip06:39
pktI see the current time and then gibberish06:40
pktit looks like a codepage problem (I guess it would show the city name in Greek)06:40
pktis it possible to point me to the relevant code to see how to fix this?06:40
Riddellpkt: the timezone widget is in ubiquity/frontend/kde_components/Timezone.py07:32
Riddellin lp:ubiquity07:32
Riddellbut that is used by the page ./ubiquity/plugins/ubi-timezone.py07:33
Riddelland much of the data comes from debian-installer07:33
pktwho do you think is setting the codepage of the tooltip text?07:33
pktcould it be just a bad Qt default?07:33
RiddellQt will presumably default to utf-807:34
Riddellbut then I'd imagine d-i uses utf-8 too07:35
Riddellso it's a strange one07:35
* Riddell breakfasts07:36
pktok I will look into this more07:38
pktmy suscpicion is that there is a latin-1 default hidden somewhere07:39
tsimpsonQString defaults to ascii/latin1 for raw strings07:48
pktbut what is the "raw string" in this case?07:49
tsimpsonin the python case, it should be any str object07:49
pktI see07:50
tsimpson'print QString('\xa3').toUtf8().data()' gives back '£', and \xa3 the the Latin-1 for £07:50
tsimpson^in python07:50
pktso I should check in the python code to see if there is any "dummy" str -> QString conversion?07:51
tsimpsonit's a place to start07:52
pktindeed, thanks tsimpson :;)07:53
tsimpsonit maybe a quicker way is to put QtCore.QTextCodec.setCodecForCStrings(QtCore.QTextCodec.codecForName("utf8")) somewhere early in the code07:56
pktyes, this looks like a good idea as well07:56
Riddellpkt: this issue happens when installing in greek language?08:34
pktRiddell: yes09:10
pktbut I 'd guess it would happen in other languages as well like e.g., Russian09:11
pktthose with non-latin alphabets09:11
Riddellhi mparillo, how do you fancy redying things to beta 2?09:42
mparilloRiddell: You mean creating the draft announcement? The skeleton wiki?09:43
Riddellchecking over https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PrecisePangolin/Beta2/Kubuntu for beta 2 updates09:43
Riddellbonus points for adding a section with ubiquity LVM and crypto partitioning09:44
Riddellreadying a story on kubuntu.org09:44
Riddelland I have a pretty picture that can be used on the kubuntu.org front page with some editing09:44
xnox_Precise_ ???? Beta2 was released a while ago.....09:44
Riddellmparillo: this one :) https://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu09:45
xnoxwell there is also 09:45
xnoxand it does mention LVM09:46
xnox(the kubuntu section)09:46
RiddellI know, I added it :)09:46
xnox=))) touche =)))09:46
Riddellbut those technical overviews are pretty dry, the kubuntu announce pages shouuld be more readable, and form the basis for the final announce on kubuntu.org09:47
Riddellmparillo: what do you think of this http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-quantal-quetzal.png ?09:47
mparilloWow, really fancy. 09:47
Riddellwe need someone good with graphics to expand it into something to replace http://www.kubuntu.org/files/12.04-lts-banner3.png09:48
mparilloI am no graphics guy, and today may be crazy at my day job (early morning here). When is Beta-2?09:48
Riddellmparillo: this EU evening09:49
Riddellso just do what you're able to09:49
mparilloI will try and thank you for offering.09:50
RiddellQuintasan: nudge, remember to get back if you want that flight, your booking is holding up afiestas' and agateau's booking09:50
vprintshi guys :)10:42
vprintshave You noticed that 12.04.2 daily installer crashes upon startup?10:43
vprintsi tired to install debug packages but it didn't ind any so i can't provide specific info right away :D10:44
* tazz waves at vprints 10:44
vprintsany suggestions how i should proceed?10:44
vprintshow are You doing tazz? :)10:45
tazzvprints, just work and stuff... It must be getting cold up there by now. I am afraid I have not used daily installer so I wont be able to comment.10:47
tsimpsonvprints: it's known https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/105596710:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055967 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "ubiquity kde frontend is broken in current kubuntu daily builds" [Critical,In progress]10:49
* xnox ponders when to upload precise SRU10:49
vprintsaha, sorry, searced but didn't find10:49
vprintsmy bad10:49
BluesKajHey all11:16
shadeslayerwhoo ... coming to UDS  for sure now :D11:29
mikhasshadeslayer, see you there ;-)11:33
pkttsimpson: thanks a lot :)11:38
pktyou nailed the ubiquity codepage problem :)11:38
pktBy putting QtCore.QTextCodec.setCodecForCStrings(QtCore.QTextCodec.codecForName("utf8")) 11:39
pktat the top of Timezone.py11:39
pktno more gibberish :)11:39
pktRiddell: can you commit this ? :)11:40
pktThe problem is now reported as LP: #105748511:55
pktso that it won't be forgotten hopefully :)11:55
shadeslayerpkt: please tag the bug with kubuntu12:00
shadeslayerand nominate for quantal12:00
pkthow do I do this?12:01
pktsorry, I found it :)12:05
mparilloBeta-2 News Item created but not published: https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/1210-quantal-quetzal-beta-2-out12:12
=== shumski_ is now known as shumski
pktshadeslayer: apparently I think I don't have the authority to nominate for quantal12:12
pktbut at least I tagged as kubuntu12:12
shadeslayerokay, let me do that for you12:12
pktthanks :)12:13
mparilloDoes this section need to come out? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu#Calligra_Suite I think the Calligra Suite was removed (at least it was for me).12:14
mparilloAll that is left is Kexi and Krita (as noted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2#Kubuntu )12:14
shadeslayerpkt: done, Riddell will have to approve it though12:14
pktit is ok I think he will :)12:15
Riddellbug 105748512:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1057485 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity-kde codepage problem in Timezone map (Timezone.py)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105748512:16
Riddellpkt: cool thanks12:17
Riddellpkt: I can do that, although if you want to do it properly you can make a bzr branch and push that to launchpad for me to merge12:18
Riddellfor something this simple that's just extra hassle but it might be interesting incase you need to do it in the future12:18
pktyes, but I think it is too small a change to be worth all this boureaucracy12:18
pktno worries12:18
pktI 'm sure I will have better things to send your way in the future ;)12:19
tsimpsonoh, I thought I should mention, in case anyone has bzr errors on committing, cia.vc is dead so you'll want to disable that commit hook12:25
shadeslayertsimpson: are you sure ?12:29
shadeslayerI thought someone took up maintenance?12:30
tsimpsonshadeslayer: http://cia.vc/ 12:31
tsimpsonseem to have ruined atheme.org too12:32
shadeslayeraha, I see, it seems like we have the other  bot that uses commit filters in #kde-in 12:33
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ScottKshadeslayer: esr to the rescue - http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=460713:29
Riddellgosh haven't heard from him in ages13:31
Saviqsladen, ping13:45
Riddellsladen was last seen in the red light district of the Netherlands (NSFW https://secure.mech.cx/images/area_61/19.through_the_looking_glass/P9270996.JPG )13:48
ScottKRiddell: Not safe for human eyeballs.13:55
sladenSaviq: pong13:59
ScottKRiddell: (not sure how closely you read the backscroll) Last night I took care of several of the Kubuntu FTBFS.14:08
RiddellScottK: yeah thanks for that14:12
RiddellScottK: libmsn still to do?14:12
ScottKI didn't do that one.14:12
Riddellpkt: http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/ubiquity.png  I see no bug14:12
RiddellI think that's running in greek14:12
pktfor some reason it is not 100% in Greek14:13
pktthe PM should be "μμ"14:13
Riddellpkt: what version have you been testing?14:13
pktI 've been testing my derivative, but it should be same with official kubuntu in this14:14
pktχμμ, maybe kubuntu also doesn't localize enough14:15
pktthis is why this bug hadn't been noticed14:15
pktin any case the string should be UTF-8 in the tooltip not latin-1 so the fix should be committed14:15
pktI think the reason kubuntu shows the string as "PM" is that it starts with english locale14:17
pkt(I mean, in official kubuntu ubiquity starts with english locale)14:17
pktwhile in my version it starts with greek locale14:17
pktthus the bug was revealed14:18
pktRiddell: ^^14:18
ScottKRiddell: I'm doing a test build of kbruch on armhf to see if I can replicate that problem from the rebuild.14:18
mparilloRiddell: I posted, but did not publish the news item. I noticed there is still Calligra suite here: Does this section need to come out? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu#Calligra_Suite I think the Calligra Suite was removed (at least it was for me). Want me to replace it with either Kexi or krita?14:26
ScottKThere should be some mention of LO too.14:27
ScottKBut kexi/krita is good.14:28
Riddellmparillo: yeah please14:29
Riddellpkt: adding that line to TimeZone.py just stops the step from being loaded, so presumably it's causing an error somewhere, is it working for you?14:34
mparillohttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu#Calligra_Suite now shows screen shots of kexi and krita and the text refers to them (only briefly).14:40
pktRiddell: yes, it shouldn't do this14:47
pktRiddell: could there be a typo or something that is causing the problem?14:47
pktRiddell: the only thing this line should do is set the default codec to UTF-8 for QString and only for this widget14:47
pktFor me it works fine14:48
Riddellpkt: can you attach a patch to that bug?14:48
pktsure, you will have to wait a little though14:49
mparilloI noticed the URL for the feedback page is: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta1/Kubuntu/Feedback14:52
mparilloDo we need to clone it to say Beta2, or just leave as-is?14:52
Riddellmparillo: yeah Copy the one from beta 114:53
pktRiddell: I was the one who made the typo :S15:04
pktthe bad aspects of having to use different machines all the time15:04
pktthis is the correct line like tsimpson suggested15:04
pktI will correct in the bug comments as well15:05
mparillohttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu/Feedback created and https://wiki.kubuntu.org/QuantalQuetzal/Beta2/Kubuntu#Feedback now points there.15:05
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1057578] Vulnerable against "CRIME" attack @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1057578 (by Felix Geyer)15:06
debfxmaybe we should just disable building qtwebkit from qt4-x11 on arm*15:06
debfxI imagine the number of qt assistant users on arm is near 015:07
Riddelldebfx: the compile error is in qtwebkit in qt4-x11 ?15:10
debfxI think so15:11
debfxit blows up the buildd now so LP doesn't provide any logs15:12
Riddellmakes it scary that the qtwebkit package might do the same15:12
Riddelldebfx: but yes I'd be for that if it's what it takes, are you volunteering or just thinking out loud?15:16
debfxRiddell: I'll do the changes15:21
Riddellyou rock :)15:26
pktOk, I also attached as a patch, apologies for the typo in the initial suggestion15:27
konquiHi, I assume the iso on beta 2 on the iso testing site is likely to be the beta 2 release?15:39
Riddellkonqui: I assume so too15:42
Riddellkonqui: but testing always welcomed15:42
konquiRiddell: There won't be an alternate image for 12.10?15:42
Riddellkonqui: we're not planning one, LVM and encrypted partitioning can now be done from ubiquity15:43
Riddelldo you have a use case for it?15:44
konquiRiddell: Well I normally prefer is as personal preference especially on slower systems but its not a big deal15:44
konquiI can always use the mini iso if I really want a similar experience anyways15:45
konquiThe main concern though is especially with the Kubuntu releases Ubiquity has ocasionally crashed15:45
konquiOn the whole removing the alternate image is probably worth it as most people don't use it and it can reduce testing I guess.15:47
ScottKAlso Ubuntu has already removed their alternate, so we'd be stuck dealing with the entire thing to maintain.15:51
pkthmm, just yesterday there was a guy in #kubuntu who had to use alternate15:51
pktbecause of nvidia15:51
pktfrom my point of view it would be easier to drop alternate since it can simplify the cd building scripts a lot15:53
pktif minimal can do the same things as alternate can then it would be alright I guess15:54
konquiIf you ask me the way alternate installs the OS is ideal but many won't agree especially since its more complicated and "ugly"15:56
pktin what sense the way alternate installs the OS is ideal?15:56
konquiBut if Ubuntu dropped alternate it makes complete sense for Kubuntu to do the same15:56
pktbecause you can configure it more?15:56
konquipkt: Yes and it installs .deb packages and can be used as a represitory15:57
BluesKajkonqui, well I for one am glad the alternate install is available , due to hardware that prevented the livecd from booting 15:57
pktespecially for bad graphics hardware I 'd guess15:58
konquiBluesKaj: In fact between 6.10 and 7.10 Ubuntu live would not boot on my old computer due to its monitor. But alternate worked and needed some editing to get the installed version working15:59
BluesKajit was ati onboard x200 15:59
Riddellhow's this? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-12.10-beta-banner.png15:59
pktit looks nice :)15:59
konquiRiddell: Cool but a bit inconsistent with the web site16:00
Riddellkonqui: how so?16:00
BluesKajkonqui, I had a really old scrapyard rescued system for my linuxbox that i installed 6.10 , and it was a bit slow but everything installed ok . :) 16:01
konquiRiddell: I don't think it matches the panel with the icons that well but then again even the current banner doesn't16:01
debfxyay, proper display management in KDE: http://www.progdan.cz/2012/09/display-management-in-kde/16:03
konquiRiddell: Certain aspects of the website do look a bit dated like the screenshots and the circles background but the website does the job. kubuntuforums.net is looking nice though  16:05
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1057578] Vulnerable against "CRIME" attack @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1057578 (by Felix Geyer)16:06
Riddellkonqui: some parts of the website can't be updated except through a sysadmin request, and they usually don't bother to process our requests for ages so it's often too frustrating to do16:09
Riddelldebfx: that afiestas is a useful chap16:10
RiddellI'm off out for a few hours, if beta 2 gets published before I return please do tick the publish box on https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/1210-quantal-quetzal-beta-2-out anyone with access16:46
mparilloOn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades/Kubuntu should I change Beta 1 to Beta 2, or should we wait until Beta 2 is released?17:26
konquiSince 12.10 seems to have nothing much over 12.04, why the increased image size?17:36
mparilloI see Beta-2. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/quantal/beta-2/18:50
mparilloAnybody object to me releasing the news item (https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/1210-quantal-quetzal-beta-2-out) and updating the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades/Kubuntu to say Beta-2?18:51
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mparillohttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/1210-quantal-quetzal-beta-2-out is live and on the http://www.kubuntu.org/ home page19:10
Tm_Tmparillo: from my POV the fact that image is on the server doesn't mean it's released19:22
skaetScottK, Riddell - announce is out now.19:33
mparilloSo, I was 23 minutes early? Sorry.19:38
yofel_mparillo: there is usually a mail to ubuntu-announce@lists.ubuntu.com when it's out19:46
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelskaet: is that ^ the right place to watch or do we have something more official?19:47
skaetubuntu-announce is where it goes.   I've hit send, so its coming through the system now.19:49
skaetif not there yet.19:49
Riddellbanner updated https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/content/homepage20:02
Riddellhttp://kubuntu.org  rather20:02
Riddellhmm, not sure my artistic skills are quite first rate there20:03
yofelRiddell: according to firefox here, /files/kubuntu-12.10-beta-banner.png doesn't exist20:05
Riddellok reverted20:07
Riddellsigh, that website is so broken20:07
yofelsaw the banner for a short moment on www-admin, not too bad if it wouldn't be hidden20:09
debfxhm why do we have kexi on the image? how is that useful without the rest of calligra?20:35
Riddelldebfx: incase you want to have a local database20:36
debfxwhy would I want that?20:38
debfxis it necessary to rescue the amarok database in case it decides to screw it up again? ;)20:41
claydohJontheEchidna: I think I will attack Muon bashers with a blue foam wacky noodle 23:46
sreichi think it should be red23:51
claydohThere are some who were unaware that we also have the package manager in addition to the Software Center23:52
claydohwonder  how widespread that is, and if we could make that more, um, discoverable23:52
JontheEchidnathat's probably because the Software Center is accessible from Kickoff's Computer tab,23:53
JontheEchidnaso users don't ever go looking for it in the "System" folder, where they could find the package manager too23:53
JontheEchidnabut then it'd be harder for people who really only ever want to use the Software Center to find it...23:54
claydohI know, it does23:56
claydohsreich: why red?23:56
sreichbecause it's different than the color you chose ;p23:57
sreichand i feel like some bikeshedding. haven't had any of that in a while ;-)23:57
claydohOk. red it is :)23:57

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