strahlemannhello i installed kubuntu 12.04 but the sound via creative soundblaster x-fi extreme audio pci express doesnt work found sound card in phonon and set the right output (digital duplex) but testtone and players doesnt do anything which reaches amplifier00:45
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strahlemannback sound works via analog but not spdif01:18
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ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:34
frogonwheelsoh. gone.01:35
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chris92hey there, can anyone help me with a problem regarding WUBI?02:46
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chris92my problem is, that WUBI still looks for the 12.04 images while only the 12.04.1 images are available. is there a newer version of it available?02:49
torres_Funcionou a conexão e to indo durmir também, valeu!!!02:53
tsimpsonchris92: you can download the 12.04.1 ISO and just put it the same directory as wubi, it will pick it up03:07
chris92tsimpson: thanks, didnt know that! do I need the manifest file as well?03:14
tsimpsonchris92: no, just the .iso03:15
chris92tsimpson: thank you! :)03:15
tsimpsonno problem :)03:15
Surlent777hi; I seem to be suffering from a very strange bug in that on my desktop, I seem to have all the Oxygen packages installed, and yet Oxygen isn't listed as a selectable widget set in systemsettings. Any idea what might be wrong?05:59
Surlent777also, it seems QtCurve is having the same issue06:00
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saiHello everybody! I have a very strange problem: I need to start some application on another x sesion, i have a python script for this target, and it works. But there is strange reaction on the end of session: when i close an aplication the append session is closing (and so must be), bu also MAIN sesion is restarting.07:35
saiHave anybody some ideas, why it goes wrong?07:35
saiOn my home computer all work correctly, append sesion close and main session continue to work07:36
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RamtronHi anyone can send the password to "Uh"?09:46
skramer_Hi everybody. Anyone else having problems with plasma-desktop crashing on start-up, often crashing after resume & always crashing when opening and closing DragonPlayer?10:39
skramer_Is there any known work-around or even a solution to this?10:40
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BluesKajHey all11:16
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mindVVindWhen the Earth is shaken to her utmost convulsion, And the Earth throws up her burdens  from within11:53
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dsanhey there, any1 experience mounting google drive ?13:14
dsanor any webspace?13:32
Lynouredsan: what is a webspace? Like a directory server by apache? or set of web pages?13:34
BluesKajdsan, you can probly create a link , but mounting thru a browser is something I've not even considered13:34
Peace-dsan: you can syncronize folder13:34
dsannot trough  browser13:34
dsanthought about webdav or something like that13:35
hateballdsan: there is gdrivefs13:35
hateballI have not tested it myself, however13:35
hateballThe web UI is nice enough for my simple usage13:35
Peace-dsan: btw why you need to mount ?13:36
dsanthy man13:36
Peace-dsan: you can create a local copy of google driver and keep it syncronized13:36
Peace-dsan: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/google-drive-dolphin-kubuntu-12/13:36
dsanjust wana have a folder which is connected to a webspace like adrive or gmx cloud and drop my files there so i can use them everywhere. doint wana do this in a browser.that's basically the idea13:38
dsandont wana sync, bcaus this is pain in the ass imo13:40
Peace-syncronize or mount it's pretty the same thing13:42
Peace-because the files are in the cloud13:42
Peace-anyway do as you wish13:42
dsanthank u Peace13:43
dsanu got any experience on that?13:43
Peace-i have used that insync stuff13:44
Peace-and it worked fine13:44
Peace-copy and paste in that folder and it will upload  your files13:44
dsanthats exactly what i'm looking for13:45
dsanjust googled insync13:46
dsansounds interesting. never heard of it before13:46
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BluesKajPeace-, I just ran that deb install but the insync folder didn't show up in  my /home folder13:57
lordievaderGood afternoon13:57
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BluesKajPeace-, I guess the the installer didn't run,  altho appeared to work13:59
BluesKajPeace-, dsan , nope errors when i run insync in the terminal , "isyncd.clientdb.DBLockedError: The database is currently locked"14:07
dsanhm shame14:09
dsannow i dont wana install this deb14:09
dsancos im frighten14:09
BluesKajPeace-,??? are you there ?14:10
dsanthink he's afk14:10
dsantried to messenge him14:10
BluesKajdsan, you can always use dpkg -r to remove the app14:10
dsanalmost always not always :)14:11
BluesKajodd , krunner shows insync , but crashes and fails , /usr/bin also has the insync scripts , but when i run it in the terminal it tries to launch but errors out ...anyway i just removed it from /usr/bin14:27
Peace-BluesKaj: i guess you need some newer python14:33
BluesKajok ,cleared insync out of the system...it's beta and I'm running 12.10 , so it's not a surprise that it fails14:45
Peace-BluesKaj: running 12.1014:55
Peace-BluesKaj: and it works here14:55
Peace-BluesKaj: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/09/27/plasma-desktopUF1868.png14:56
Smurphythe 12.04 on my netbook looks similar.14:56
BluesKajwell, peace I tried the install gui , looks like it worked , it installed the scripts in /usr/bin , but the app fails due to a datbase block14:57
Peace-BluesKaj: what?14:57
Peace-BluesKaj: you need to download he package .deb14:57
BluesKajdatabase error14:57
BluesKajI did14:57
Smurphywhat? krunner BTW ?14:57
Peace-BluesKaj: there is no gui14:57
Peace-BluesKaj: you need to run it on konsole14:58
Peace-or add that server to autostart14:58
BluesKajalt +F2 , run command =krunner, Smurphy14:58
Smurphyah - that works here... :}14:58
Peace-or add that service to autostart14:58
BluesKajthere's a deb installer built in Peace-14:58
Peace-BluesKaj: look where did you download it ?14:59
BluesKajdrom the url listed in the site you posted Peace-14:59
BluesKaj yes 64 bit14:59
Peace-maybe it's that14:59
Peace-i used 32bit15:00
Peace-you could try to install the 32bit version15:00
Peace-12.10 should be able to run it15:00
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BluesKajI'm not that anxious Peace- , ican bookmark google drive if I want , it's not a big deal top me15:01
BluesKajto me'15:01
BluesKajmaybe if i used dpkg -i to install the app it might work15:02
* Smurphy just instaqlled owncloud on his QNap Nas. Don't need any google drive and similar bullsh*t :} Have it all 15:02
Smurphy@ home15:02
BluesKajSmurphy, ??15:03
BluesKajI don't need google drive for anything , I have an external drive that backs up important files15:04
Peace-BluesKaj: :D yea i too15:05
BluesKajbesides , I don't like the idea of google hosting my stuff :)15:05
BluesKajthinking of dumping my igoogle page altogether ,aamof15:06
* Smurphy has everything at home - just behind me. Server (Web, Mail) and NAS (QNap SS-839 8 disks).15:08
SmurphyAll running on ATOM hardware :}15:08
BluesKajbut i like the links to headlines and various areas of interewst that I have listed on the page ...it's a shame google has become so sneaky in their monetizing methods15:09
Smurphyreason I do it all at home. I also have control on the data on it, and can make sure only my stuff is on it too.15:10
Peace-BluesKaj: i use google drive  to share somethign with others but it's all crap15:10
BluesKajwe use dropbox for family stuff15:11
Peace-i guess i fixed the service menu for dropbox15:11
Peace-i dunno15:11
Smurphythat's why I got owncloud running here - for family stuff :)15:12
OerHeksIs there a package to sync multi cloud accounts?15:14
Smurphymulti cloud accounts ? explain ?15:14
Smurphyyou mean - you have the apple cloude, iCloud - and want to put it all together ?15:14
OerHekssync ubuntu-one / dropbox / wuala / googledrive ++15:14
Peace-use the same folder for each service?15:14
Smurphynope ...15:15
OerHekscan that be done, using same folder so it syncs auto, Peace- ?15:15
OerHeksthat would solve it too.15:15
Peace-well if you use for dropbox the same folder you used for google drive15:15
Peace-i guess ...15:16
Smurphy... you get a big mess15:16
skramer_Anyone else having problems with plasma-desktop crashing on start-up, often crashing after resume & always crashing when opening and closing DragonPlayer?15:20
skramer_Is there any known work-around or even a solution for it?15:20
BluesKajskramer_, have installed the proper graphics driver for your setup ?15:23
skramer_BluesKaj: I think so ;-) Actually, I did not have any problems with 11.10. The crashes occur only after the upgrade to 12.04, and still exist after I installed KDE 4.9.1 from backports repo15:25
skramer_BluesKaj: the graphics card is an Intel, btw.15:26
BluesKajskramer_, check , kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers15:27
dManhey there everyone15:27
skramer_BluesKaj: it says that there are no proprietary drivers used on this system15:28
BluesKajskramer_, ok , have you updated/upgraded and dist-upgraded lately ?15:29
OerHeksskramer_, what intel GPU? >  lspci | grep VGA15:29
skramer_BluesKaj: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)15:29
skramer_BluesKaj: yes, I upgraded soon after 12.04 was out & daily check for/install security updates15:30
BluesKajskramer_, , I'm not concerned about the graphics , since it's intel and there aren't many options with them15:31
BluesKajskramer_, run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:31
skramer_BluesKaj: that´s the way I´m updating, running 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' in console15:32
BluesKajthere's some more upgrades in kde that should be installed , that some have missed due to their focus on pudate and upgrade only15:33
dMansry for asking but what is it all about atm ?15:35
skramer_BluesKaj: sorry, I didn´t get the last point. do I have to install additional packages?15:35
mikehoyI just bought a new keyboard and I just noticed that CTRL+SHIFT+) opens new tabs, is there a way to prevent this?15:36
mikehoyin console..15:36
BluesKajok skramer_ , then I have no more ideas ...no additional packages , just dist-upgrade15:36
mikehoythe tabs I'm seeing are basically clones of the console not individual consoles to use15:37
skramer_BluesKaj:  hmm.. okay, that´s what I actually do already, so maybe the problem lies elsewhere... anyway, thanks for your time15:38
OerHeksskramer_, you might want to try xorg-edgers ppa for a newer inteldriver >>> https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa15:39
BluesKajskramer_, y6ou could try the default vesa driver , rather than the default intel , but I doubt that will fix anything ...check launchpad to see if a bugfix has been filed for your issue15:39
skramer_OerHeks: okay, I will have a look that PPA. thanks for your advice15:40
skramer_BluesKaj: isn´t apport-kde sending crash report to Launchpad? at least I told it to do so , so there should be many reports from my side ;-)15:41
konquiThere aren't going to be Alternate isos for 12.10?15:42
BluesKajintersting OerHeks , good idea , depends whether skramer_ is adventurous like us :)15:42
skramer_BluesKaj: of course I will have try on the newer drivers, no question15:43
BluesKajskramer_, cool , good luck  :)15:43
skramer_thanks :)15:43
BluesKajbbiab ...stuff to do15:43
c2tarunI am trying to change my energy star but its getting reset again and again to Standby: 33    Suspend: 49    Off: 66, I tried to disable dpms but its getting enabled again and again15:58
c2taruncan anyone please help?15:58
genii-aroundc2tarun: You could put something like xset -dpms in your .xsession file16:08
c2tarungenii-around: where can I find that file?16:14
genii-aroundc2tarun: in /home/your-username-here/16:15
c2tarungenii-around: there is any :( http://paste.kde.org/558158/16:15
c2tarunthere isn't any :(16:15
genii-aroundc2tarun: If it doesn't exist, make it. Then to put: xset -dpms &                like that with the & at the end16:16
c2tarungenii-around: and there should be only one line inthe file xset -dpms &?16:17
c2tarungenii-around: do I need to reboot or something like that?16:17
genii-aroundc2tarun: Reboot is simplest but can also logoff then ctrl-alt-F1 and issue sudo restart kdm   ( or put lightdm if you use that for login )16:19
c2tarungenii-around: thanks :)16:19
genii-aroundMay have to alt-F7 to get back to login screen16:19
skramer_OerHeks: installed the xorg-edgers packages :) however, plasa-desktop still crashing on start-up16:21
c2tarungenii-around: hey :( didn't worked, still I can see dpms enabled16:23
c2tarunhere is my .xsession http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230668/16:23
c2tarungenii-around: I think something is changing or kind of restoring its value16:23
c2tarunI dont what is it.16:23
genii-aroundc2tarun: You can also do instead: xset dpms force off16:24
skramer_OerHeks: but hey, at least it does not crash anymore when opening / closing DragonPlayer :)16:25
c2tarungenii-around: I think it will switch off my monitor16:25
genii-aroundc2tarun: Oh, I think you might need the command to be in .xinitrc  and not .xsession ( I get them confused sometimes)16:26
genii-aroundWork, afk16:26
c2tarungenii-around: ohh.. so I remove .xsession?16:26
hybridarkhello, folks16:29
hybridarkI've got a question for you16:29
c2tarungenii-around: please ping me when you come around16:30
hybridarkdo you know any program I can run on my Debian server that can be integrated with cron and compares files to show which of them were modified, added or deleted, and then e-mails this list to an e-mail address I configure?16:30
hybridarkalso if any file permission was changed16:31
genii-aroundc2tarun: I'm back for a little bit. Work is very busy, unfortunately.17:17
c2tarunohh.. :) dont know what happened but all values are set to 0 I google and found that 0 is unlimited time ;)17:18
c2tarungenii-around: thanks a lot, btw just want to know, what do you do as work I mean job?17:19
valentinHello lordievader17:19
genii-aroundc2tarun: I have two jobs at the same place... I look after an old office building ( repairs, rentals, etc) and also work as a volunteer sys admin/ hardware guy for an ISP in the same place.17:20
genii-aroundc2tarun: Right now it's busy because I have to run the elevator for an office that's being cleaned out17:21
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monkeyjuicegenii-around:  also keeps the coffee pot full of mud ,,,17:44
monkeyjuicevery    busy man17:44
* monkeyjuice see's image of genii-around with a hat on with coffee cups and tubes running down to his lips lol17:45
genii-aroundmonkeyjuice: http://goo.gl/PfrPI17:54
lordievaderHey valentin, how are you today?17:54
monkeyjuiceis that you genii-around? ;)17:55
lordievadergenii-around: That is one big mug of coffee :)17:56
monkeyjuiceindeed must be a 6 cup cup lol17:56
genii-aroundIt's 64 ounces17:57
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abarcadoy rabo a mamona18:12
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caldronishello all19:02
lordievaderHey caldronis, how are you?19:03
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gonssal_Hi all. I've been "googling" to see if Akonadi is MariaDB-compatible, but i haven't found anything. With MariaDB being just a drop-in replacement, I guess it should just work flawlessly?20:46
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btil@test hello21:10
varikonniemihello, how should i install a raid setup when alternate image is removed?21:22
OerHeksvarikonniemi, good poit: i think the server iso21:42
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agronholmseems like kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade just switches the repositories (without asking if I want to upgrade) and then simply quits instead of upgrading anything23:03
agronholmwas that how it was designed to work?23:03
DaemonFCand the behavior seems to be undefined if you have PPAs installed23:04
DaemonFCother than that, it might work B-)23:04
agronholmI always have PPAs installed, it said it would disable them23:04
agronholmbut it should not just bail on me23:04
agronholmI wish ubuntu's upgrade worked right for once23:05
DaemonFCI suppose you could just upgrade with apt if it already switched all your sources over23:05
agronholmwould that work? hmm23:05
DaemonFCI suspect that's probably the only thing the applet is doing anyway23:05
DaemonFCdist-upgrade maybe?23:05
tsimpsonagronholm: kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade just runs "do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d" (cat /usr/bin/kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade)23:14
DaemonFCwould it be better to fresh install if possible?23:18
agronholmI would've preferred not having to do that once again23:19
* DaemonFC was considering going ahead with that soon, but doesn't want all kinds of "fluff" from 12.04 left behind, orphaned23:19
artaohai all23:32
artaoso does anyone know? .. regarding desktop widgets: so i've got three "activities"  set up, with different desktop widgets in each activity .. .. soooo .. are the widgets under other in-active activities still updating in the background?23:34
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artaois that clear?23:34
isidroI'm trying kubuntu 12.1023:57
isidrosomebody know how to sync akregator with google reader?23:57

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