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a-l-e--i could create a ppa and upload it to my launchpad account07:58
a-l-e--now, i want to update the package...07:58
a-l-e--i've updated the source code from the git repository...08:00
a-l-e--exported it to a zip file...08:01
a-l-e--created a new folder next to the one where i've put the "older" source code when creating a ppa, with a new name matching the current timestamp:08:04
a-l-e--copied the debian/ directory from the old scribus-git-indic* directory to the new one...08:05
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a-l-e--added a log entry...08:14
a-l-e--... is everything correct until now?08:15
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geserwgrant: where should the "all"-part of "Architecture: all armel" get build? on i386, right? see also https://launchpadlibrarian.net/117435196/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.fso-frameworkd_0.9.5.9%2Bgit20110512-4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz11:34
wgrantgeser: Bug #69042811:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 690428 in launchpad-buildd "FTBFS due to arch check failing to match Architecture: "all" at sbuild time" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69042811:37
geserthis also leads to the somewhat weird situation where fso-frameworkd-gta0{1,2} get build on armel and published but fso-frameworkd doesn't get build at all the currently published version is from the previous upload/build (uploaded/build in karmic)11:37
wgrantI'm not sure if modern non-LP sbuild supports that situation these days, but two years ago it didn't.11:38
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ttxHey guys, looks like I built a milestone page that is just too big for Launchpad (too many bugs and blueprints targeted), it always timeouts16:11
ttxflacoste: any idea how we can work around that ?16:28
flacostettx: we can increase the timeout on the page, or you could reduce the number of bugs and blueprints linked ;-)16:29
ebergenfix bugs :)16:29
ttxebergen: well, they are all FixReleased ;)16:30
ttxflacoste: if increasing the timeout is an option, that would be great16:30
ttxwe like to show off with lists of bugs and blueprints completed16:30
ebergenit didn't time out for me16:30
ebergenthat is an impressive list16:31
ttxebergen: quick let me try so that I benefit from your cache16:31
flacostejcsackett: can you take care of increasing the timeout on the milestone page please? as it's timing out for openstack and their folsom release16:31
ttxebergen: still fail for me16:31
ebergenlet me try when I'm logged in16:31
ebergenwithout being logged in it takes 8 seconds16:31
ebergennow it times out16:32
ttxjcsackett: for reference: https://launchpad.net/nova/folsom/2012.216:32
ebergenwhile logged in it times out after about 7 seconds16:33
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ebergennow dead :(16:33
jcsackettflacoste: sure. right now timeout is set 6000, try 9000 you think?16:34
flacostejcsackett: yes, we probably don't want to increase it too much16:34
flacostejcsackett: thanks!16:35
jcsackettflacoste: yw. i'm listing you as the approval in the request. that cool?16:35
ebergenI also approve :)16:35
flacostejcsackett: of course!16:36
jcsackettebergen, ttx, flacoste: request is in. will ping you when it's live.16:49
ttxjcsackett: thx!16:49
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smallfoot-what does FFe mean?17:02
ttxsmallfoot-: FeatureFreeze exception17:02
smallfoot-ok thx17:03
dobeyis there any way to acces /+apidoc/ directly from a subdomain?17:23
jcsackettebergen, ttx: timeout increased. give it a try.17:26
ebergennope :(17:26
ebergenstill takes 3 or 4 tries17:27
jcsackettflacoste: ^17:28
dobeyor can someone fix the +apidoc css to have body { font-size: 12px; } like the rest of launchpad.net seems to have?17:28
ebergenthen it does load it only takes a few seconds17:28
jcsackettebergen: right; previous hits are just warming it up.17:28
jcsackettebergen: guess i'll see about incrementing it further.17:29
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flacostejcsackett: might be worth a look at actually fixing the underlying bug17:53
flacostejcsackett: but we could increase the time to 15 in the mean time17:54
jcsackettflacoste: yeah, we have a bug for it and sinzui and i were talking about fixes.18:07
jcsackettflacoste: i think we'll probably be motivated to move on that now.18:08
jcsackettttx, ebergen: we've temporarily set the timeout at 15; for me, it's still timing out. i'm going to begin work on the underlying issues.18:15
ebergenI don't think that is the right timeout because it times out in about 7 seconds for me18:15
* jcsackett looks18:18
ttxjcsackett: yeah, same here, timeouts after 7 sec18:32
ttxmaybe a released milestone has a different reference frmo an unreleased one18:32
ttxjcsackett: lifeless pointed to https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/73601018:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 736010 in Launchpad itself "Milestone:+index timeouts" [Critical,Triaged]18:34
jcsackettttx: yes, that's the bug i'm looking at. it's part of purple's critical list.18:34
lifelessjcsackett: flacoste: I don't think the timeout will work :)18:35
lifelessits bad O python code18:35
lifelessand when python goes bad, it goes way bad :)18:35
jcsackettlifeless: oh goodie.18:35
ttxsorry for pushing that page over the limit :)18:36
lifelessjcsackett: see the time breakdown in the oops - 400ms sql, 6 seconds python18:36
jcsackettfor what it's worth, i was indeed looking at the wrong timeout; ProjectMilestone vs Milestone18:36
ttxjcsackett: so increasing the timeout should still help, I guess18:36
ttxeven if the bug should be fixed in any case18:37
jcsackettttx: oh yes, the bug is going to be fixed. i don't like leaving a timeout limit as a solution.18:37
lifelessjcsackett: so for this18:37
lifelessjcsackett:  have a look a tthe sql statement log18:37
lifelessjcsackett: there are no long sql statements, but you can still infer interesting things18:37
jcsackettttx, ebergen: try now. ebergen was correct, i was misreading the timeout rules.18:53
jcsackettit now loads for me.18:53
ttxjcsackett: works now, awesome18:54
ttxThanks for the quick fix!18:54
ebergennow it works18:59
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cmars232ajax not working on launchpad... how come?20:19
lifelesscmars232: more details needed20:25
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cmars232lifeless: sorry.. when i click on the yellow edit links, they usually open an ajaxy popup. today they have mostly been loading a different edit page. for example, if i want to change the status of a bug20:27
cmars232lifeless: it's not consistent though, i've gotten the popups a few times, but not very often20:28
lifelessgive me an example of a page that isn't working for you please20:30
cmars232lifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ztrustee/+bug/103352720:32
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 1033527 not found20:32
cmars232lifeless: private project20:32
lifelessI won't be able to test there then I suspect20:33
cmars232let me see if a public one does it20:33
cmars232lifeless: public project doesn't have this problem20:33
cmars232lifeless: at least, not the one i own20:34
lifelessok, so its likely something specific to private projects20:34
lifelesscmars232: please file a bug20:34
lifelesscmars232: bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug20:35
cmars232lifeless: done, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/105775220:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1057752 in Launchpad itself "AJAX not working for private projects" [Undecided,New]20:40
beunoseems that in the case of merge proposals20:41
beunoyou can't set pre-req branches due to this20:41
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cody-somervilleIt seems it isn't all AJAX that is broken - just modal dialogues aren't working.21:03
cody-somervilleor at least certain ones21:06
cody-somervillenewer ones don't seem to be affected21:06
lifelessI'm going to guess that sinzui will be siccing wallyworld__ on it, but its only a guess.21:11
sinzuiI think privacy banner is the cause21:11
sinzuiI just dupe two bugs against the one I reported/experienced21:11
wallyworld__lifeless: why my fault? i found an issue yesterday with our js (not me) and put up a branch for review to fix it21:34
lifelesswallyworld__: I didn't say or suggest it was your fault.21:36
lifelesswallyworld__: you seem to get a lot of the js work in your squad, I was making an educated guess about who would be likely to be scheduled onto this issue.21:36
wallyworld__i should have included a :-)21:36
wallyworld__np, sorry21:36
wallyworld__i miss interpreted what siccing meant21:37
lifelessno worries21:37
lifelesssorry for the confusion21:37
wallyworld__np, i only just woke up, so my brain is still fuzzy21:37
wallyworld__although some might argue it never changes21:37
* wallyworld__ goes to buy a dictionary21:38
sinzuiwallyworld__ I think rich_h's changes to the privacy banner are the cause21:39
wallyworld__sinzui: yes, my branch fixed those21:39
wallyworld__landing now21:39
* sinzui awards wallyworld__ 5 gold stars ★★★★★21:46

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