bigjoolsand other packaging bits00:00
bigjoolsI'll try again00:00
smoserwhat upstart file?00:01
smoseryou're talking about that change?00:01
smoserthe file is not being written at all00:02
smoserthat change there would have no affect on it being written.00:02
bigjoolsplease wait00:02
smoser(and just random bit of information,00:02
smosersh -c 'echo -n foo > /tmp/bar; read a < /tmp/bar; echo $?;'00:02
smoserthat does return '1'.00:03
smoserif you dont have a trailing new line00:03
smoserits annoying.00:03
bigjoolsthat would explain a lot00:03
bigjoolssigh, it's now impossible to use mouse select on konsole when byobu is running00:04
smoserits dirty magic, that00:04
smosersomehow tmux actually has "mouse support"00:04
smoseri was confused by this once too.00:04
smoserits doing something magic with your mouse00:05
bigjoolsit seems to be when the clock ticks over each second00:05
bigjoolsthe selection is reset00:05
smoserwell, byobu-config00:05
smoserand you can turn the clock off00:05
smoseror highlight faster00:05
bigjoolsI need more bandwidth00:06
smoser(use canonistack)00:06
bigjoolscan't do that with my test hardware here00:06
smoseri'm seeing the "No boot images have beeen registered yet" error on maas again.00:06
bigjoolsI suspect because the celery stuff is not working00:06
smoser(although i successfully booted off of said unregistered image and enlisted00:07
bigjoolsthere were some major routing changes00:07
bigjoolsand there was fallot00:07
smoserbigjools, i suppose you're lamenting the ephemeral images00:08
smoserwhen you mention bandwidth00:08
bigjoolsno, quantal updates00:08
smoserwell, can't really hep you there.00:08
bigjoolsI already run a caching proxy00:08
smoserbut i was just thinking i should write mirro utility00:08
bigjoolswhich doesn't help on the first run :)00:08
smoser(the maas.ubuntu.com/ only comes over https, so squid sucks)00:09
bigjoolsand.... pulseaudio... ffs00:09
smoserbut it'd be pretty easy to right a mirror of it.00:09
smoserwell, you probably can't report a bug on it because glib updated yesterday and your out of date.00:09
bigjoolsok I am going to spin up a canonistack and install from scratch00:11
smoserbigjools, just as another variable to play with, there are now daily images of both quantal and precise that "should work" (they've tested as working for me).00:11
smoseri'm sure you've seen that script i use00:11
smoseri dont run it as a script00:11
smoserbut i just copy and paste bits together00:11
smoserhey, i'm just laying.00:12
smoseri just registered a node00:12
smosercommissioned it00:12
smosernow on its node page i see "start node" grayed out00:12
smoserah. needed to add a key.00:13
bigjoolswhich quantal image is best?00:13
bigjoolsjust use latest I guess00:14
roaksoaxbigjools: Do you happen to know what else is needed to save a setting? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1229537/00:14
smoseris there 2?00:14
smoserdaily is what i meant.00:14
bigjoolsroaksoax: I think that should work00:15
roaksoaxbigjools: it doesn't :(00:15
bigjoolsyour label should say series not release :)00:15
smoseralright. i'm out for the night.00:15
bigjoolscheers smoser00:15
bigjoolsroaksoax: ummm00:16
bigjoolsroaksoax: I'm not sure, sorry.  Django is full of traps and I hate it.  I'd need to ask rvb00:27
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah i was planning to ask him00:29
bigjoolsgah byobu00:30
bigjoolscan't mouse select even with its clock off00:30
bigjoolsroaksoax: I can't install maas on a clean canonistack instance, it's blowing up at the db config stage saying there's no pg clusters00:31
bigjoolsand when the debconf message appears it goes over the whole screen obscuring the error underneath >:(00:32
roaksoaxbigjools: pastebin?00:35
bigjoolsroaksoax: any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/122955800:35
roaksoaxbigjools: is postgresql installed and running?00:36
smoserbigjools, i told you. its magic with your mouse.00:36
bigjoolsroaksoax: installed but not running00:36
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
bigjoolssmoser: it is :/00:36
smoserthe solution is to use the shift key.00:36
smoser(note, i wasn't just holding out, i didn't remember. i think i asked kirkland once)00:37
bigjoolssmoser: not working doing that either00:37
bigjoolsroaksoax: so installing postgresql on its own doesn't set up a cluster and it's not running afterwards00:44
roaksoaxbigjools: to me it looks that postgresql is not running00:51
bigjoolsroaksoax: it's not - I had to manually create a cluster00:51
bigjoolsthen everything works00:51
roaksoaxbigjools: ah! so maybe there's an issue with postgrsql package?00:52
bigjoolseasy to re-create00:52
* bigjools debugs non-working dhcp00:52
roaksoaxbigjools: it doesn't look like postgresql actually. The last package was uploaded long time ago: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/postgresql-9.1/9.1.5-200:53
roaksoaxdbconfig-common hasn't been updated either00:54
bigjoolssomething odd is going in00:54
roaksoaxso there's some other reason00:54
roaksoaxmaybe fire up another instance, update, upgrade00:54
roaksoaxand try again?00:54
bigjoolsI just started a new quantal instance, sudo apt-get install maas00:54
bigjoolsand it does it00:54
bigjoolsroaksoax: there's another bug in that installing maas-dhcp doesn't terminate the existing dhcp00:55
bigjoolsor prevent it running at all00:55
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah I saw the report but haven't been able to take care of any packaging related activities today00:56
roaksoaxbigjools: btw.. we need a way to disbale dhcp from the command line, i/e maas-provision disbale-dhcp00:56
bigjoolsroaksoax: ok00:57
roaksoaxso that when maas-dhcp is recmoved, or reconfigured to not have it enabled, it does not stay up and running00:57
bigjoolsroaksoax: we're going to change it so the maas-dhcp package doesn't configure dhcp at all, just installs packages00:57
bigjoolsit's really screwing up things with the way we want to configure dhcp otherwise00:57
roaksoaxbigjools: that's fine too00:58
roaksoaxit would makes things simpler00:58
roaksoaxbigjools: i also saw that issue once03:13
roaksoaxdidn't see it again though03:13
bigjoolsroaksoax: the rabbit one?03:13
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah03:13
bigjoolshi jam03:17
bigjoolshi jtv I mean03:17
jtvHi bigjools03:17
jtvBeing greeted is so much better as a way to start your day than a corrupted filesystem.03:17
jtvWhat a shame the corrupted filesystem was here first!03:17
jtvWell, it's fixed now.  But I used to get this as a recurring problem, so it doesn't bode well.03:18
jtvProblem with the nvidia driver we suspect.03:21
bigjoolsroaksoax: still there?03:24
bigjoolsjtv: damn03:24
bigjoolsall ok now?03:24
jtvFor now, yes.03:24
bigjoolsroaksoax: in my maas-cluster-controller.postinst I am doing a db_get to get hold of the url to maas but only on configure/reconfig at the moment, but this means that in normal install/upgrade circumstances it doesn't ask for it and breaks the end config03:26
* roaksoax is her unfortunately03:26
bigjoolsI am hoping that I can ask for it in installation as well without violating any rules03:26
bigjoolsroaksoax: :)03:26
roaksoaxbigjools: uhmmmm03:27
bigjoolsjeeepers, Australia has bug butterflies03:27
* roaksoax is doing homework again :)03:27
roaksoaxlet me see03:28
roaksoaxbigjools: right, so there's something wrong there03:29
bigjoolsroaksoax: what are the rules on using db_get?03:29
roaksoaxbigjools: let me look for an example03:30
bigjoolscan't ask during upgrades IIRC03:30
roaksoaxbigjools: remember, it is not an upgrade03:30
roaksoaxbigjools: it is a new install03:30
roaksoaxbigjools: so it *will* have to ask03:30
bigjoolsroaksoax: that's not true03:30
bigjoolsthe new maas pulls it in03:30
bigjoolsseed cloud case03:31
roaksoaxbigjools: so if it pulls it in, what are you trying to achieve with a db_get ?03:31
bigjoolsroaksoax: in other circumstances it is a stand-alone app running somewhere else03:31
bigjoolsit has to ask03:31
bigjoolsbut in the seed-cloud case I am wondering if we can just pull the URL out of maas's dbconfig03:32
roaksoaxbigjools: hold on hold on03:32
* bigjools holds03:32
roaksoaxbigjools: so 1. i install maas-cluster-controller and I should receibe a question asking me to input the maas-url ? (this maas-url is the region controller?)03:33
bigjoolsroaksoax: yes03:33
bigjoolsand yes03:33
roaksoaxbigjools: ok, so what's seed cloud again?03:33
bigjoolsroaksoax: the original 12.04 package03:33
bigjoolsmaas becomes a virtual package and pulls in region & cluster03:34
roaksoaxbigjools: right, so the workflow is that every time maas-cluster-controller is installed for the first time, it should request the admin the URL right?03:34
bigjoolsroaksoax: yup03:34
bigjoolsroaksoax: also03:35
roaksoaxbigjools: ok so an upgrade from previous maas is the same case03:35
bigjoolsit needs to ascertain it on upgrade from old maas03:35
roaksoaxbigjools: right, so we can grab that from celeryconfig03:36
bigjoolswhich is maas/default-maas-url03:36
roaksoaxbigjools: rigth, so hold on03:36
* bigjools holds on03:36
roaksoaxbigjools: normally.... eveyr time maas-cluster-controller is installed for the first time it should ask for the URL03:36
bigjoolsevery time except when upgrading from the 12.04 maas :)03:36
roaksoaxit doesn't matter if we are upgrading from 'maas' to  maas-{region,cluster}-controller03:37
roaksoaxthe package is installed for the first time03:37
roaksoaxso it *should* ask for it, don't you think?03:38
bigjoolsso when someone with maas installed on 12.04 upgrades to 12.10, I thought it was bad to ask questions03:38
roaksoaxi don't know to what extend it is bad... but TBH.. we are not free from not asking them03:38
bigjoolsI think we are though, because it will be in maas/default-maas-url03:39
roaksoaxbigjools: i mean... I recall having had to answer questions of this sort before03:39
roaksoax bigjools you could ask debconf db for the value, sure03:39
bigjoolsso if I can work out that we're upgrading from old maas...03:39
bigjoolsI don;t know how to work that out03:39
roaksoaxbigjools: we could, I don't know whether is a sane thing to do though03:39
roaksoaxin the way of policy compliant03:40
roaksoaxas in quering debconf db for another's package db03:40
bigjoolsperhaps grep celeryconfig then03:40
roaksoaxbigjools: that's not all03:40
roaksoaxbigjools: consider that if we still all-in-one MAAS server from the CD installer, we should not ask that question03:41
* bigjools 's head explodes03:41
roaksoaxbigjools: so looking at celery might be agood idea, but what happens if cluster-controller gets installed *before* region-controller03:42
bigjoolsif celeryconfig is not there, we're not upgrading so we have to ask03:42
roaksoaxbigjools: right, but what if we don't know it?03:42
roaksoaxbigjools: as in the administrator doens't know it03:43
bigjoolsthere's the $64m question03:43
roaksoaxbigjools: i'll have to think about that though03:43
roaksoaxbigjools: but anyways, the db_get and stuff03:44
roaksoaxbigjools: see at maas-dhcp.config that will show you how the question is asked03:44
roaksoaxbigjools: basically, the .config should ask the questions03:44
roaksoaxdb_input high maas-dhcp/maas-dhcp-range || true db_go03:44
roaksoaxdb_input high maas-dhcp/maas-dhcp-range || true db_go03:44
roaksoaxdb_input etc etc03:44
roaksoaxand in .postinst03:45
roaksoaxdb_get should be used to obtain the value03:45
bigjoolsI already do this03:45
bigjoolsbut only on configure03:45
bigjoolsor reconfigure03:45
bigjoolsit doesn't seem to get called on install03:45
roaksoaxbigjools: so look at region-controller.postinst for what I do in reconfigure03:46
bigjoolsI am missing a .config!03:46
roaksoaxto set the new value03:46
bigjoolsroaksoax: I still think this is a problem03:48
bigjoolsfor dist upgrades03:49
roaksoaxwe'll have to get them tested very well03:49
roaksoaxwe not only have to consider dist-upgrade,s but also CD installs03:49
bigjoolsin maas.config it avoids asking questions on install03:49
roaksoaxbigjools: that's a hack for dbconfig-common03:50
bigjoolsI don't know how to detect all these conditions03:50
roaksoaxbigjools: bigjools and to not ask for default-maas-url, becuase we were "attempting" to determine it automatically03:50
roaksoaxso maas.postinst was a special case because they didn't want dbconfig-common questions being shown on install03:51
roaksoaxnor ask for the IP MAAS used03:51
roaksoaxso we made a first attempt to determine it03:51
roaksoaxthat is why often times03:51
roaksoaxwe have to run a reconfigure03:51
roaksoaxto set the IP of the internal network or network that is connected to the clients03:51
roaksoaxbigjools: we cannot just do that on cluster-controller because is a completely different case03:52
roaksoaxunfortunately :(03:52
bigjoolslook, I'll set it up now so it asks questions so I am unblocked, we can fix it later03:52
bigjoolsIt's almost in a usable state nw03:53
roaksoaxi'll play with it tomorrow03:53
bigjoolswell it installed03:53
bigjoolsthat's a start :)03:53
bigjoolsI just have this config proboem03:53
roaksoaxbigjools: hehe, well you got the easy part03:53
roaksoaxseparating is much easier than packaging from scratch :)03:53
bigjoolsI've never made a package before03:53
roaksoaxi suffered hard when i first packaged maas :)03:54
bigjoolsyeah well I cobbled up the first revision of packaging too, because I just used a tool to do it :)03:54
roaksoaxwell that's how you learn03:54
bigjoolswhose name I forget03:54
roaksoaxhands on experience03:54
roaksoaxi'm off03:54
bigjoolsgood night, and thanks roaksoax03:55
roaksoaxhave a good rest of the day03:55
bigjoolsyeah, lunchtime is here03:55
hazmatwhat does maas do if an api user asks for a non precise/quantal series?04:34
jamjtv: why is the nvidia driver corrupting your filesystem ?04:38
jtvjam: I don't know if it is.  But the last time I had regular filesystem corruption on this system, William had the same problem at the same time using the same driver.  Plus we know the problems with nvidia...04:40
hazmatroaksoax, fwiw merged the branch, and fixed the broken test04:41
lifelessjtv: do you suffer machine lockups ?04:43
jamhuwshimi: I'd like to chat with you quickly about the UI changes for hardware constraints. We've done most of the backend stuff, but I'm not 100% sure where to put the frontend changes.04:43
huwshimijam: Sure04:44
jtvlifeless: no, no lockups.  I suspect memory corruption just hitting the filesystem because the filesystem keeps so much data in memory.04:45
jtvLots of crashes, of course, and no unity.04:45
jtvBut that may be normal unrelated beta fare.04:45
lifelessmachine crashes ?04:45
lifelessspontaneous reboots/OOPSes ?04:45
huwshimijam: Hangout/irc?04:47
jamhuwshimi: well, IRC is fine for me, but we could do hangout, too.04:48
huwshimijam: IRC is fine.04:48
jamhuwshimi: so I think the basic idea is to expose: cpu_count/mem/arch/tags to the Node page itself04:49
jamat least as a first step04:49
huwshimijam: Yup.04:50
jamhuwshimi: so what do I actually edit on my end to make sure that stuff gets exposed for you.04:50
jamis it updating the 'views' or the 'forms' or the HTML template code? (All of the above?)04:51
roaksoaxhazmat cool thanks04:52
roaksoaxallenap: around already┬┐04:52
huwshimijam: You'll need to expose the hardware info in NodeView (src/maasserver/views/nodes.py)04:52
huwshimi(I think that's the right place)04:53
huwshimijam: I can then expose them on the html side04:53
jamhuwshimi: k04:54
huwshimijam: I'm not sure about the specific implementation, but it will be something along the lines of adding the data to the context for rendering (I'm  not sure how familiar you are with Django).04:55
jamhuwshimi: not very, but I'm pretty good at 'google: django XXX' :)04:56
huwshimijam: You can test it by outputting the same variable names somewhere in the template (with {{ var_name }})04:56
bigjoolsroaksoax: allenap only went to bed an hour ago :)04:57
roaksoaxheh :)04:58
bigjoolsroaksoax: got the dbconf working for now04:58
huwshimijam: Also, somewhere there will be a place to test the view is returning the correct data.04:58
bigjoolsneeds fixing for upgrade + CD install cases but it's a starty04:58
roaksoaxalright illntest tomorrow04:58
bigjoolstypos R us today04:58
huwshimijam: Ah, src/maasserver/tests/test_views_nodes.py and you can test the client response contains the vars04:59
jamhuwshimi: thanks05:00
jtvlifeless: not experiencing reboots, no.  Individual programs crash.05:01
lifelessjtv: ah, how annoying05:03
lifelessjtv: anything in dmesg ?05:03
jtvWhat sort of thing are you thinking of?05:03
jtv(I also had to switch to KDE for the duration, so a poor comparison base)05:04
lifelessyou sometimes get warnings on bad memory reads05:04
lifelessor crashes in kernel threads05:04
jtvThe last time I had the FS corruption problem I did a full memory check.  Showed no problems.05:04
jtvNothing in dmesg that jumps out at me.05:05
jtvI'll have a closer look on my next few crashes.05:06
jtvbigjools: how about I remove the uuid option from start-cluster-controller but add the uuid generation/loading in a separate branch?05:10
bigjoolsjtv: sounds good05:10
bigjoolssorry I missed your reply to the MP, I'm not checking email religiously ATM05:12
bigjoolsjtv: python-netifaces!!!!05:13
bigjoolsjtv: we should check with rbasak that it works on arm05:14
jambigjools: mgz and I won't make it to the standup today. He is on a train going to London, and I have to go pick up my son from school (it is an early-out day).05:53
bigjoolsok thanks for letting me know05:53
jamWe are essentially polishing the Tag api a bit, I'm looking to expose the new fields for the HTML, and working up a list of things for Diogo to test.05:54
jamI'm also personally running into 'make run' doesn't work on my Quantal VM05:54
bigjoolsDiogo is going to be a busy man05:54
bigjoolswhat's happening?05:54
jamWell, a lot of our testing can be automated, I think. Which is meant to be done as part of the Jenkins w/ packages, right?05:54
jambigjools: well, something starts up, but then I get proxy errors if I try to connect to the web ui.05:55
jamI'm also wondering if it is related to my other rabbit failures.05:55
jamI can connect to port 5240, but 5243 (?) is failing to respond05:55
bigjoolsI've had this before05:56
jam'bin/test.maas' is failing a Rabbit test, and hanging on another one.05:56
jamand 'make run' doesn't seem to be bringing up a service, but it is hard to sort through the chatter to figure out what is actually wrong.05:57
jtvjam: manually starting the regular rabbit service didn't work?05:57
jamjtv: it is already running05:57
jamrestarting it didn't help05:57
jamJust now I did uninstall and re-install the rabbitmq-server, but it still failed in the test suite.05:58
jtvjam: did you try ctrl-C'ing the test to see the traceback?05:58
jamjtv: I can get that, (which is how I know it is a rabbit test)05:59
jamI can paste it for you.05:59
jamIn 'ps' I do see a beam.smp process running as a child of the test runner.05:59
jamjtv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1229812/06:00
bigjools5243 is longpoll isn;t it?06:02
jamjtv, bigjools: It looks like I'm getting a 'logs/webapp/current' message which is lockfile.LockTimeout06:03
jamSo maybe there is a stale lockfile somewhere?06:03
jamwhere would that be?06:03
bigjoolsin /run06:03
jtvOh, the /run/maas.*06:03
jamjtv: no files named ./run/maas06:03
jamonly named exists there06:03
bigjoolsno .06:04
bigjools /06:04
jtvThey have a tendency to stick around, don't they?06:04
bigjoolsdatabase one sometimes does for me06:04
jambigjools: /run is owned by root, and there is no '/run/maas' directory06:04
jamare we supposed to be doing 'sudo make run' ?06:04
bigjoolswhat's going on06:05
jtvNot /run/maas/, as I recall, but /run/maas.*06:05
jamjtv: ls /run/ma* no such file or directory06:06
jtv/run/lock maybe?06:06
jtvThat's a directory.06:06
jamjtv: lots of /run/lock/maas* files06:06
jamjust nuke those?06:06
bigjoolsah that's it :)06:06
jtvBetter make sure their associated processes are dead.06:06
jamjtv: no python processes running that are 'maas' related.06:07
jtvDoesn't have to be python IIRC.06:08
jtvThe files contain pids, don't they?06:08
jamhowever, I still get 'Service Temporarily Unavailable' on localhost 524006:08
bigjoolsjtv: have we got a quick way of seeing if a string matches an enum value?06:08
jtvbigjools: map_enum06:08
jamjtv: well those files don't exist anymore now... :)06:08
jtvYou turn the enum into a dict, then see if the string is in there.06:08
jamjtv: and looking at it now that they exist again, they are all 0 length files.06:08
jamno pids06:08
jtvErm.  Haven't had these problems for a while so don't recall which processes they were.  :(06:08
jtvTry ps -ef | grep maas06:09
jtv(The "maas" is often in surprising places IIRC, such as the path for the executable; you're not looking for executables called maas)06:09
jamjtv: only postgres and my editor06:10
jtvSee any named running?06:11
jamjtv: no, because the install recommended disabling named as part of installing bind06:11
jam(I can run it in my vm, though)06:12
jtvJust checking -- it's one of those processes I found myself killing a lot when I had lock-file problems.06:14
jamjtv: now I have named running, startup still seems to be not working properly: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1229823/06:14
jamNote that the lock file that seems to be going stale is "maasserver.start_up.lock'06:15
jamI see that there *is* such a process06:15
jtvMaybe it's not stale, just blocked...  What were we supposed to be running on 5423?06:15
jam(because that file has the same inode as link-vm.MainThread-29249)06:16
jamwhich is an existing pid06:16
jtvHmm... the API I guess.  I thought that'd be on 5240.06:17
jtvjam: I guess apache could be implicated then.06:18
jamjtv: ./logs/webapp/current still has a timeout trying to grab the FileLock. However, I see that the file exists on disk, and if I delete it, I still get a failure.06:19
jtvSounds as if the lingering lock is a symptom, not the cause.06:20
jtvIn other words, maybe it's not stale, just blocked on something.06:20
jamjtv: my immediate thought is that the timeout passed to LockTimeout is being misinterpreted. The docs say it is 'seconds', but what if it is 'milliseconds'06:22
jamhmmm... the code looks to be using time.timeout, which seems like it would be fine.06:23
jamsorry, time.time() which definitely should be seconds.06:23
jtvjam: any luck with that timeout?  I'm guessing you're experimenting with it.06:32
jtvAnd by the way, no idea whatsoever whether it matters here, but I believe timestamp granularity in ext3 seems to be one second.  So your filesystem _might_ be one of those little things to check.06:33
jtvbigjools: I'm hoping to write a cluster controller's uuid to a file in /var/lib/maas, but then we'll have to deal with distribution once we start worrying about cluster HA.06:34
bigjoolsjtv: let's cross that when we come to it06:35
jtvAll for that.  Thanks.06:35
jamjtv: well it isn't doing a stat on the fs. what is weird is that it appears to be creating the unique name, hard linking it to the lock file it wants, and then failing with a timeout after it all was successful06:35
jtvWhat is "it" by the way?06:35
jamjtv: lockfile.FileLock seems to be raising the LockTimeout exception, even though it managed to really acquire the lock.06:39
jamjtv: however, that is a falsity, because nothing is actually writing to logs/webapp/current, it must be stale data.06:40
jtvWeird clock skew problem?06:40
jam(I nuked the files, and started again)06:40
jtvOr is it doing some post-lock check that's failing, but not showing up in strace?06:40
jamI do see an error in 'managed-keys-zone ./IN: loading from master file failed: file not found'06:40
jtvjam: hunch... could you have a look at your syslog to see if apparmor is throwing a spanner in the works?06:41
jtvjam: oh, on an unrelated topic -- we have a "make lint" target similar to launchpad, except it doesn't care whether changes are committed or not.  Please spread the word that it should be run religiously!06:43
jamjtv: named complaining that the socket is already in use?06:43
jamjtv: yeah, I've been trying to do so06:43
jtvjam: hnyargh... we've run into that06:43
jtvThis is a fresh trunk, not a PPA build, right?06:43
jamjtv: well, my branch, but yeah 'trunk-ish'06:44
jtvGood enough06:44
jamjtv: stracing the 'runserver' pid is showing it blocked on recv(6,06:44
jamthat sounds like it is listening06:44
jamjtv: any way to debug what filehandle '6' is?06:45
jtvAny idea where that fd goes?06:45
jamjtv: localhost:58371 which seems to be an ampq?06:46
jamTCP localhost:58371->localhost:amqp (ESTABLISHED)06:47
jamjtv: so it looks like that is waiting for ampq to tell it to do something, but it isn't getting anything06:48
jamwhich sounds related to 'rabbit is br0ken on this machine'06:48
jtvfunny thing is, it's a synchronous exchange.06:49
jtvYou'd expect that to break if there were a serious problem with rabbit.06:50
jamI saw 2 beam processes running, and service stop rabbitmq killed only one of them, and caused a traceback in the terminal06:51
jtvmaybe one ate the other one's message06:52
jamIf rabbitmq-server is stopped06:52
jamthen I get a socket.error tracebakc in 'write_full_dns_config'06:53
jamwhich seems to be the thing wanting to talk to rabbit06:53
jtvwrite_full_dns_config?  Isn't that one we replaced?06:57
* jtv checks06:57
jtvah no, I'm thinking of dhcp config.06:57
jamjtv: so from what I can tell, the service is hanging on startup trying to tell rabbit to write the dns configuration, and waiting for rabbit to respond.06:57
jamif I don't have rabbimq-server running, webapp crashes immediately.06:58
jamIf I do have it running, it is hung in 'recv()'06:58
jtvTrying to get a confirmation from rabbit that it's got the message, I guess06:58
jtv(The synchronous exchange I described earlier was from the traceback you pasted, in the rabbit test.  May not be exactly the same situation.)06:59
jtvAny logs from rabbit?06:59
jam"accepting AMQP connection ..."07:00
jambut nothing else.07:00
jamthough it accepts an awful lot of them.07:00
jam'disk free space limit now exceeded' ?07:01
jamI have 800MB free, but it seems to have a warning at 1GB?07:01
jamjtv: ugh. celeryd has a traceback of 'IOError(ENOENT)' trying to read the DHCP_LEASES_FILE07:11
jamI have the feeling  the celery worker is dying trying to check if the file is current.07:11
jamso it isn't responding07:12
jamand the main thread is then just hung waiting for it to return.07:12
jtvIt should be trying to parse that file when it gets the right task.07:12
jtvAnd we have it set to keep retrying, don't we?07:12
jtvWe never really decided how to deal with that sort of thing.07:13
jtvI mean, we decided to set the jobs to keep retrying, but no clear rule for how/when to give up.07:13
jamjtv: from what I can tell, it is trying to load the file, and then process updates and re-write the file07:15
jambut the file doesn't exist07:15
jamso it just dies trying to load it.07:15
jtvWe don't rewrite the leases file as such... dhcpd does that.07:15
jamwell, I also don't even have a /var/lib/maas directory07:15
jamso something isn't creating it.07:15
jamhmm.. I did not have 'maas-provisioining' installed.07:17
jamstill no /var/lib/maas07:17
* jam off to go get my son.07:27
rbasakbigjools, jtv: what do I need to test works on ARM?07:28
bigjoolscan anyone run lint on quantal?07:29
jtvbigjools: we had some lint earlier, but lint worked07:29
bigjoolsrbasak: python-netifaces package07:29
jtvrbasak: a python package... hang on...07:29
jtvah yes that07:29
bigjoolswould make jtv happy I reckon07:29
bigjoolsjtv: I get this:07:30
bigjoolsImportError: /home/ed/canonical/maas/sandbox/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/parser.so: undefined symbol: _PyNode_SizeOf07:30
bigjoolsmake: *** [lint] Error 12307:30
jtvI think I had something like that a few days back but "make distclean build" fixed it.07:31
jtvIt works for me in trunk.07:32
bigjoolsdistclean.... weep07:32
jtv"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"07:33
bigjoolsthat fixed it.  Stale .so/.pyc file I suppose07:34
=== rvba is now known as Guest78352
rbasakbigjools, jtv: python-netifaces (out of pypi using easy_install) appears to work fine on armhf/highbank: https://pastebin.canonical.com/75431/08:29
jtvrbasak: thanks!  But... out of pypi?  Not the package?08:30
rbasakI didn't see a package08:30
rbasakOK I see it now08:30
rbasakMy hacked ARM MAAS install doesn't set up sources.list right :-/08:30
rbasakNow...where's easy_uninstall?08:31
* rbasak finds rm -Rf08:31
jtvExecuse me while I go through 2-factor auth...08:32
rbasakI have a yubikey on the side of my monitor08:32
rbasakThe hard part is the first factor because I don't know what my password is08:32
rbasakOK so from the package: https://pastebin.canonical.com/75432/08:33
jtv_rvba: you mentioned WORKER_UUID...  wouldn't CLUSTER_UUID make sense as a name for the UUID setting?09:10
_rvbajtv: yeah, CLUSTER_UUID is probably better.09:11
jtvI guess I'll have to set it both in the global and in the local config, and then postinst will override the latter.09:11
jtvI'm initializing it to None, not the empty string, to avoid any risk of mistaking the initial value for a proper uuid.09:12
jtv_rvba: I've been wondering... do we also need to write queue definitions in the celery config?09:18
_rvbajtv: no, the queues will be auto-created by celery.09:18
_rvba# Each cluster should have its own queue created automatically by Celery.09:18
_rvbajtv: ^09:18
=== _rvba is now known as rvba
jtvrvba: you did it!09:49
rvbajtv: yep :)09:49
* jtv applauds09:49
=== matsubara-afk is now known as matsubara
roaksoaxrvba: howdy13:19
rvbaroaksoax: Hi.13:19
roaksoaxrvba: so I was looking to add to the Settings page the commisioning_distro_series13:19
roaksoaxrvba: so i did, but i think i'm missing something13:20
roaksoaxrvba: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230392/13:20
roaksoaxallenap: howdy!13:20
roaksoaxallenap: there's an issue on the tftp server or so it seems...13:21
rvbaroaksoax: the 'initial' stuff should not be required I think, it will be picked up based on the config value.13:21
allenaproaksoax: I heard that tests were failing but haven't had a chance to look any further. Is that what you're thinking about?13:21
roaksoaxrvba: that's the thing, it doesn't seem to be picking it13:22
roaksoaxallenap: nope, let me show you a log13:22
rvbaroaksoax: I can do that change to the Settings page for you.13:22
roaksoaxrvba: sure! I just wanted to figure out how is it that the value gets updated (the config value) based on what's selected on the UI13:22
rvbaroaksoax: especially if that can free up your time so that you can make progress on the packaging stuff ;)13:23
rvbaroaksoax: I'm sorry to insist like this, but this is really critical for us.  We need it to be able to test and fix stuff.13:23
roaksoaxallenap: so the esceneario is simple. I added the squashfs image to the tftp path so that the installer can use it. However, this error appears: https://pastebin.canonical.com/75454/13:25
roaksoaxallenap: that's kinda critical btw :)13:25
roaksoaxrvba: hehe no worries, either way I'm still blocked on other stuff13:26
roaksoaxforgot to ask bigjools last night about the power settings update on commissionning13:27
rvbaroaksoax: ok, still, I'll do that change to the settings page.13:27
rvbaroaksoax: that's landed.13:27
rvbaroaksoax: the power settings update stuff I mean.13:27
roaksoaxrvba: nice! what's the rev?13:28
roaksoaxrvba: i see it13:28
roaksoaxrvba: any examples of how to send the data back?13:29
rvbaroaksoax: sure, just one sec.13:30
roaksoaxsmoser: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maas-maintainers/maas/trunk/revision/108913:30
rvbaroaksoax: you can have a look at test_signal_power_type_stores_params (src/metadataserver/tests/test_api.py) but it's simple: just send a jsonized version of the power parameter in the power_parameter param.13:31
roaksoaxrvba: awesome, thanks13:35
allenaproaksoax: The file is too big to be transferred over TFTP :-/13:36
roaksoaxallenap: right, but what's the size limit then?13:39
allenaproaksoax: The maximum file size is (blocksize * 2**16), blocksize defaults to 512 bytes but can be negotiated up to 1428 on ethernet, so 93585408 bytes, or ~89MB.13:41
allenapWith negotiation it's 32MB.13:41
allenaproaksoax: How big is the squashfs?13:42
allenapCan it be transferred via HTTP instead?13:42
roaksoaxallenap: then something is wrong13:44
roaksoaxubuntu@maas:/var/lib/maas/tftp/amd64/generic/quantal/install$ du filesystem.squashfs -B MB13:44
roaksoax64MB    filesystem.squashfs13:44
allenaproaksoax: It's not negotiating blksize then. That't not automatic; it's up to the client to request it.13:45
allenaproaksoax: That's a *very* big file for TFTP. Is there any alternative?13:45
roaksoaxallenap: http..though we were trying to avoid using it13:46
roaksoaxdannf: ^^13:46
roaksoaxDaviey: ^^13:46
allenaproaksoax: If it helps, it's trivially easy to add an HTTP server alongside the TFTP server, in the same process, so serving the same files.13:46
roaksoaxallenap: yeah I already did :)13:47
roaksoaxallenap: but we were trying to avoid having to do that13:47
allenaproaksoax: I don't mean Apache or anything like that, I mean a few lines of Python to make the TFTP server also serve up the tree on HTTP. So, no extra packaging or anything.13:48
roaksoaxallenap: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230452/13:49
roaksoaxallenap: that's what I did13:49
roaksoaxallenap: what is your idea?13:50
allenaproaksoax: Right. That's part of the region controller. The TFTP server should be part of the cluster controller, though I'm not sure it is yet, because we don't have a story around mirroring /var/lib/maas/image/ to cluster controllers.13:51
roaksoaxallenap: i though all the tftp and preseeds where at the region controller13:52
allenaproaksoax: My idea would be to start an HTTP service in the twistd process that the TFTP server runs in, to save on duplicating config.13:52
roaksoaxallenap: right, but that would mean we would have to use a different port13:52
allenaproaksoax: Yeah, they are, but they shouldn't be. The TFTP server was always intended for the cluster controller.13:52
roaksoaxallenap: if we are running on all-in-one13:53
allenaproaksoax: Yeah, different port.13:53
roaksoaxallenap: right, but at the moment, where is it that the tftp files are?13:53
rvbaroaksoax: care to review? https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/improv-settings/+merge/12668913:55
allenaproaksoax: The TFTP server needs three things: static file tree (/var/lib/maas/tftp), templates (src/provisioningserver/pxe/config.*), and the URL for the region controller.13:55
roaksoaxrvba: whjy are you removing the distro_series from the the NodeForm?13:56
roaksoaxrvba: we still need that13:56
allenaproaksoax: Templates are in the package, and the URL is config; the first of those, the boot files, isn't mirrored to the clusters, so we have to run on the region controllers until we do.13:57
roaksoaxthat's a different series from the commissioning one and the one in settings13:57
rvbaroaksoax: ah, indeed.13:57
roaksoaxallenap: and when is that going to be done?13:57
allenaproaksoax: No time soon, and it doesn't solve the problem of moving the squashfs over the wire.13:58
roaksoaxallenap: right, so we also need to send something like: d-i    live-installer/net-image string http://{{server_host}}/MAAS/static/image/{{node.distro_series}}/{{node.architecture}}/quantal-server-amd64.squashfs13:59
roaksoaxon the preseed13:59
roaksoaxallenap: and if it is not going to be done anytime soon13:59
roaksoaxallenap: then i think we could avoid14:00
roaksoaxhaving twisted running an extra HTTP server14:00
allenaproaksoax: That snippet of Apache conf and that update to the preseed sound like things that can be done fairly quickly. I don't see a blocker for those.14:00
roaksoaxallenap: right, so when the cluster-controller servers the tftp itself14:01
roaksoaxi think we can look into the HTTP stuff14:01
roaksoaxbecuase either way, we need to tell the preseed *where* the HTTP files14:01
roaksoaxallenap: and the preseed wont be able to determine in what cluster controller are they, right?14:01
allenaproaksoax: Yeah. Twisted can run it, or we can run Apache or whatever.14:02
jtvmatsubara: hi -- I landed that new command for starting a cluster controller.  Once you have packaging r98 and trunk r1091, maybe you could try it?  I can't build packages at the moment for some reason.14:03
allenaproaksoax: The code that generates the preseed should know which node it's preparing it for, so it can look-up which cluster controller it should link to.14:03
smoserroaksoax, the signal thing looks reasonable.14:03
jtvAh, sending up power settings to the metadata signal call?14:03
smosersorry.. just reading above.14:04
smoserit would seem simpler to me to have maas run a http server14:04
smoserthan to bother configuring apache14:04
smoserthe only reason i'd be hesitant is that apache can deliver large files REAL FAST and at scale. i dont know how well simple python web server does for that.14:04
smoser(and i'd run the web server not on port 80)14:04
matsubarajtv, will do14:05
smoserif i was doing it from twisted. that just avoids conflict with anything else.14:05
rvbaroaksoax: field restored on NodeForm :)14:05
jtvmatsubara: thanks!  It should be just a matter of making sure that celery is not running, and then doing "maas-provision start-cluster-controller <maas-url>"14:05
matsubarajtv, do you get any error when you try to request a build?14:06
matsubarajtv, I just did and it seemed to work14:06
matsubaraI'm wondering if you're hitting the daily build limit14:07
jtvOh, I haven't tried requesting on in Launchpad.  Just locally from my own branches.14:07
matsubarajtv, ah ok14:07
roaksoaxallenap: ok, just tested downloading the image with tftp using a tftp-hpa server, and it worked like a charm14:08
roaksoaxallenap: so there's an issue on the tftp maas is running14:08
roaksoaxnot client side14:08
allenapsmoser: While we're restricted to running this from the region controller, let's use Apache.14:09
allenapAnd think again when that situation changes.14:09
allenaproaksoax: What did you download it with?14:09
roaksoaxrvba: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230497/14:10
roaksoaxallenap: 'tftp'14:10
rvbaroaksoax: arg, the format-import script failed me, fixed.14:11
allenaproaksoax: Okay (there are two packages that provide /usr/bin/tftp, but that doesn't really matter). Does the download fail using tftp against maas's tftp server?14:12
allenapOr was the failure from pxelinux or something?14:12
roaksoaxallenap: download fails agains maas tftp server, and download succeeds against tftp-hpa server14:13
roaksoaxallenap: the file i'm downloading is the squashfs image14:13
roaksoaxin both servers14:13
roaksoaxallenap: here's the file: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/quantal-server-amd64.squashfs14:14
roaksoaxthe one against the maas tftp server fails, the one against tftp-hpa succeeds14:14
allenaproaksoax: My guess is there's some option negotiation not happening. I'll see if I can debug it.14:15
roaksoaxallenap: cool thanks14:17
roaksoaxsmoser: ok so how can we extend maas-signal to send the power settings?14:19
allenaproaksoax: Yeah, it's getting 32MB then failing. I have to go out now, but I'll be back in ~1h.14:20
roaksoaxallenap: ok thanks14:20
smoserroaksoax, i can put that togetheri think.14:23
smosercan you get a json blob collected?14:23
jammgz: poke14:27
mgzjam: wiggle14:27
jammgz: how's London?14:28
jamwhen's the conference?14:28
jamMy one-hour trip to get my son turned into a 6-hour sojourn to Ikea with my wife, to pick out cabinets and curtains for the new house.14:29
mgzjam: not till 6:30, so, some hours yet14:29
jamSo I'm working late tonight.14:29
mgzikea is all-devouring14:29
jammgz: I think I have 2 branches for review, but it isn't terribly critical vs making sure we have testable stuff.14:30
jamOn the flip side, I couldn't get 'make run' to actually work here, because rabbit or DHCP is not playing along nicely.14:30
mgzso, I have a few things to fix in my pending branches but otherwise we're good I think14:30
jamSo I wasn't able to get to the point to audit for exposing stuff to the view, or to make sure the CLI worked how I expected.14:30
mgzI wonder what make run does here...14:30
mgzdjango.db.utils.DatabaseError: relation "maasserver_config" does not exist14:31
mgzLINE 1: ..._config"."name", "maasserver_config"."value" FROM "maasserve...14:31
mgzwell, apart from that it did things :D14:31
jammgz: read hacking, I think there is more stuff you need to install14:31
roaksoaxsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230560/ ok so we would need to integrate that... how do you think would be the best option?14:38
roaksoaxsmoser: integrate it in maas-signal, use it separately?14:38
smoseri'd planon having that invoke maas-signal14:38
smoserand we can modify maas-signal to handle "ipmi" "{json-blob}" or something14:39
roaksoaxsmoser: alrogitj, one thing that the script needs is to create a temp file to avoid all of those bmc-config --commit commands14:39
roaksoaxsmoser:right, so get_maas_power_settings returns that "IPMI" "json-blob"14:40
rbasakroaksoax and Daviey: please could you review my branches in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas-enlist/+bug/1056816 ? This needs to get SRU'd for ARM on MAAS to work.14:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1056816 in maas-enlist (Ubuntu) "maas-enlist does not post subarch" [Undecided,Triaged]14:41
roaksoaxsmoser: now, another thing, do you think we should do this "if Network is set to static, change it back to DHCP and wait for an IP"?14:41
smosernot without explicit instruction i would htink.14:43
roaksoaxsmoser: cause if it is static, we will set it to DHCP14:44
smoserright. i was just saying that htat seems like a recipe for breaking something :)14:45
smoserroaksoax, the maas team is in need of packaging help too, right?14:45
smoserdid you look at that?14:46
roaksoaxsmoser: i have been working with bigjools on the packaging14:46
roaksoaxsmoser: he did some more changes I have yet to test14:46
smoserok. good.14:46
roaksoaxrbasak: is the subarch stuff already in MAAS?14:48
rbasakroaksoax: not yet14:48
rbasakroaksoax: I need this in first before it can land in MAAS, since otherwise it'll break14:48
rbasakroaksoax: by putting this in first, MAAS just ignores the subarchitecture field and doesn't break14:48
roaksoaxrbasak: right, so I;d recommend this lands first in MAAS14:48
roaksoaxrbasak: because the fact that it will land in MAAS doesn'yt mean it will be released in Quantal14:49
rbasakroaksoax: no, that breaks maas14:49
roaksoaxat least not yet14:49
rbasakroaksoax: landing the mass-enlist change first doesn't break anything14:49
roaksoaxrbasak: indeed. I will merge this with upstream maas-enlist14:50
roaksoaxand upload from there14:50
roaksoaxSRU will have to wait though14:50
rbasakroaksoax: thanks!14:50
rbasakroaksoax: SRU will have to wait on what?14:51
roaksoaxrbasak: this is basically a new feature rather a bugfix because currently, there's no MAAS in quantal that this can be test against, hence not breaking enlistments from precise into quantal MAAS14:53
roaksoaxso we cannot SRU a feature14:54
roaksoaxwe can SRU a bugfix14:54
roaksoaxbug this bugfix has no way to test it, until we have MAAS in archives14:54
rbasakroaksoax: right, but for MAAS on ARM enablement this is required, since MAAS will be deploying precise. Unless we switch to using quantal ephemeral images?14:54
rbasakWe just need to make sure that precise MAAS isn't broken by this SRU14:54
jammgz: let me know if there is anything you need from me for review, etc14:55
mgzjam: maybe an eyeball on my current pending maas branch14:55
roaksoaxrbasak: right, but that means currently, it doesn'yt fix any enlistment process becuase there's no new MAAS in precise14:55
mgzapart from that I'm okay I think14:55
rbasakroaksoax: so what do you propose I do?14:55
roaksoaxrbasak: I'll push it to quantal, and wait until we have a new MAAS to SRU14:56
jammgz: link?14:56
roaksoaxrbasak: i'm pressuming that the MAAS for ARM enablement is going to the SRU too right?14:56
rbasakroaksoax: we can't have a new MAAS. I can't land the corresponding fix in MAAS without maas-enlist in precise updated14:56
rbasakroaksoax: so if you want to wait we're deadlocked14:56
roaksoaxrbasak: is not about me wanting to wait, its about that there's no test case14:57
rbasakroaksoax: the test case for the SRU only matters for released precise MAAS, surely?14:57
roaksoaxrbasak: we cannot say "install maas from archives, maas-enlist, things break"14:57
rbasakroaksoax: what else are you worried about the SRU breaking?14:57
roaksoaxrbasak: right, but SRU needs ttest cases proving that this *fixes* a bug in *precise*14:58
rbasakroaksoax: SRUs for enablements are permitted too14:58
rbasakroaksoax: I don't see any other option. You can't wait for support for this in MAAS trunk, since I can't land that since it'll break without the maas-enlist SRU in place.14:58
rbasakroaksoax: so I don't see what you're proposing14:59
roaksoaxrbasak: alright, so let's do this, I'll upload to quantal14:59
rbasakroaksoax: apart from being deadlocked and this never landing14:59
roaksoaxrbasak: and could you please prepare the SRU14:59
roaksoaxand I'll sponsor your upload14:59
rbasakroaksoax: SRU alreadyu prepared and linked in the bug14:59
roaksoaxthen it will be on the hands of someone over the release team14:59
rbasakI've already built a PPA and tested on that15:00
roaksoaxrbasak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates?action=show&redirect=SRU15:00
roaksoaxthat's what I mean by preparing an SRU15:00
rbasakI don't have an INtel machine to test with, but I can confirm that running curl int he same way that maas-enlist does with the architecture changed to i386 and subarchitecture generic does appear to enlist on precise packaged maas without any issues15:00
rbasakroaksoax: oh, as in in the bug?15:01
rbasakroaksoax: ok, no problem15:01
rbasakbug description I mean15:01
roaksoaxyeah :)15:01
rbasakroaksoax: is the package OK?15:01
mgzjam: <https://code.launchpad.net/~gz/maas/cpu_mem_tag_constraints/+merge/126502>15:01
roaksoaxrbasak: yeah it looks good. Note that archdetect corresponds to the one of the dpkg installed15:02
jammgz: ugh. looks like bigjools' change to subscribers means I'm not getting code review email at all now... :(15:03
mgzjam: I gave in and manually subscribed to the branch15:03
mgzwhich I think is working15:03
roaksoaxso if dpkg is i386 on a amd64 machine, it will be detected as i386. I don't know whether that affects your case15:03
rbasakI purposely skipped that case15:04
jammgz: I thought I was, but maybe I missed it somewhere. I'll try again.15:04
rbasakI'm using the same detection that was there before15:04
mgzjam: <https://code.launchpad.net/~maas-maintainers/maas/trunk/+edit-subscription>15:04
rbasakAnd assuming generic for amd64 and i38615:04
rbasak(rather than asking archdetect)15:04
rbasakroaksoax: ^^ does that sound OK to you?15:05
roaksoaxrbasak: right, I'm just making sure you don't jump into the same bug I did. That is enlistment with a i386 installer on a x86_64 machine always resulted in a i386 system enlistmed in MAAS because of archdetect. So In order to successfully detect amd64's i had to do somthing else15:05
jammgz: most classes I've seen in Maas override __unicode__ rather than __str__ is there a reason you did __str__ ?15:06
mgzit's truthful15:11
mgzexceptions get stringified in Python 215:11
mgzif you write a __unicode__ method on an exception subclass, you're liable to break worse in edge cases15:11
mgzthere have been at least three bugs across python versions with that15:12
jammgz: well, we only care about py2.7 for starters (there are some significant 2.6+isms in the code), and I'd rather be consistent with other exceptions in the module (if they use __str__ then go with it)15:13
mgzthey don't use anything15:13
jammgz: fun times, all google related addresses are failing for me right now. google/gmail/youtube/googleanalytics/...15:13
jammgz: filtered at the ipaddress it seems15:13
jamgoing to 74.125... is failing.15:13
mgzor has dubai blocked google completely? :D15:13
jamI can get a DNS lookup15:14
jamand I can use
jamI thought that was it, too.15:14
jamping is 35ms, but ping www.google.com is timeout15:14
jammgz: and now it works again.15:15
jamSomebody decided to play nice in the last 20 min.15:15
mgzsome google search result had an offensive picture... auto block all of google!15:15
jammgz: you can get lots of stuff from https://www.google.com :)15:16
jamThe cached results is apparently the favorite way to bypass the UAE firewall. :)15:16
jamoops, this isn't SSL IRC, I'll be see.... .gabaou aou15:16
roaksoaxrbasak: uploaded15:21
rbasakroaksoax: thank you!15:21
allenaprvba: How do I get South to rename a column? Or do I always have to refer back to the original via db_column?15:49
rvbaallenap: you can use something like db.rename_column() in the transition.15:50
rbasakmgz: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/maas/subarch-model/+merge/126712 - have I broken any constraint stuff? I haven't touched anything, but Node.architecture is now "arch/subarch".15:53
mgzrbasak: so, it looks like you've updated the constraint tests to require the form with "/generic" on the end15:55
mgzso, that's not broken, and can probably be improved in a followup branch15:56
rbasakmgz: ah. That rings a bell, but I don't find it in the diff!15:56
roaksoaxallenap: ok so it is becuase tftp server doesn not support extended mode (whatever that menas :)16:10
allenaproaksoax: I'll have to look that one up.16:11
roaksoaxallenap: http://ww2.unime.it/flr/tftpserver/tftp.html he problem is that some network devices (Cisco IOS devices are the most common and annoying case) don't support tftp extended mode though, so don't wonder when you are trying to transfer the latest IOS 12.4 image large 56 Mb to your Cisco router and the tftp transfer fails after 32 Mb have been transferred.16:11
roaksoaxso it is the same problem as those cisco IOS devices :)16:11
allenaproaksoax: Ah, there's a mention of block number wrap-around. I'll see if that makes a difference.16:12
roaksoaxallenap: yeah if the server doesn not send a block number for the client to ack then i ugess that's why it would only download the first 32mb16:14
allenaproaksoax: It's that the blocknum is limited to 2 bytes in headers.16:17
roaksoaxallenap: http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-head/2011-July/029443.html16:19
roaksoaxallenap: now that fix needs to be adapted for python-txtftp16:21
roaksoaxat least so it seems as a possible solution16:23
allenaproaksoax: I'll try and get that working.16:26
allenaproaksoax: Still, HTTP would be much better :)16:26
roaksoaxallenap: i don't mind, Daviey prefers it to be tftp though16:28
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rbasakroaksoax: do we also need an FFe for maas-enlist?16:49
roaksoaxrbasak: not if it is a bugfix, since we are treating it as one, we dont16:49
rbasakroaksoax: OK. Is there anything more I need to do?16:50
roaksoaxrbasak: no not for now :)16:51
rbasakOK thanks. Just checking!16:52
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roaksoaxallenap: any luck?17:32
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smoserroaksoax, this may or may not be useful (or work)21:14
smoser./mirror-query https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/ my.d -vv --checksum21:15
smoserthat should mirror maas-ephemeral locally21:15
smoserhmm.. bug21:18
roaksoaxsmoser: cool thanks21:20
roaksoaxsmoser: btw.. i'm seeing something wierd on the cacnonistack images21:21
roaksoaxsmoser: i'm on a root terminal21:21
roaksoaxand everytime I do sudo whatever21:21
roaksoaxit takes for ever21:21
smoseri opened an rt yesterday21:21
smoseryou can fix the sudo issue by putting your fqdn in /etc/hosts21:23
smoserbut it affects all lookups21:23
roaksoaxsmoser: cool thakns21:23
smoseri guess the other thing ot do is change /etc/resolv.conf21:23
smoserto not have that search in it.21:23
roaksoaxecho "#######################################################"21:50
roaksoaxecho "##### Starting maas-region-controller postinst ########"21:50

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