ianliuMy messaging menu indicator is gone... Any hints on how I can put it back?01:17
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jbichaianliu: do you have ubuntu-desktop installed?01:33
ianliujbicha: yes, I upgraded from 12.04 long ago, at Alpha phases. I guess after some updates, my messaging menu is gone. All seems to be installed: indicator-messages, libmessaging-menu.01:35
jbichaianliu: do you have empathy installed? are you using a different theme?01:41
ianliujbicha: I did removed empathy some days ago, but installed now to see if this was causing the problem. My theme is Radiance01:42
ianliujbicha: although I've changed the icon theme to Faenza01:43
jbichatry changing the theme back to Ambiance or Radiance to see if that fixes the problem01:43
jbichado you use Gwibber?01:44
ianliujbicha: changed themes, no luck. Maybe I should logout/login? I will try that, brb01:45
ianliujbicha: ohh, it appeared again! I guess it was empathy (or any app that uses messaging menu). I've removed them all since I don't use them, but I would like to test the integration with websites01:47
jbichaa new feature in 12.10 is that the messaging menu will go away if you don't have any messaging apps01:49
jbichaI've not found webapps to be that useful yet; maybe I'm not using it right01:49
wilee-nileeHello channel, so with gnome 3 the bottom panel looks like this any news with this. http://imagebin.org/22996602:19
bjsnideri think that's normal sir02:23
wilee-nileebjsnider, Should be clear has been on all other setups and about 1/4 in vertical height02:25
wilee-nileein size02:25
jbichawilee-nilee: http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.6/users-message-tray.html02:26
bjsnidergnome users = things must never change02:27
wilee-nileeAh I wondered if it was a cough development. ;)02:27
wilee-nileethe whole screen moves, kind of disconcerting oh well.02:27
jbichapeople complained that the message try covered up what they were working on02:28
wilee-nileejbicha, Yeah that was a irratant I have the cairo-dock on the bottom it moves up with the showing of the tray, it will be better I suspect.02:29
BebopSteveHELP I'm drunk and I'm not sure if I'm qualified to be using my ubuntu system without fucking shit up as root, but oh wait I03:08
BebopStevehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/192283/how-do-i-restore-previous-launcher-icons-in-docky THIS03:08
BebopSteveagain with the wrong window03:09
BebopSteveI am really sorry, mischat03:09
BebopSteveI need to close this because I don't use betas often03:09
gnomefreakanyone else notice the following command no longer works.07:00
gnomefreakgconftool-2 --set "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" --type string "menu:maximize,minimize,close"07:00
gnomefreaki tried changing metacity to unity compiz act... nothing works07:00
frybyeHi any ideas for fixing problem with deb's like google-earth and acroread which produce fault report with "bad package?"07:23
frybyedeleting packages and re-download does nothing..07:24
frybyeis there a net split or something - no dialogue here...?07:42
gnomefreakno no netsplit but seeing as it isnt yet 4am here others may still be a sleep or just afk07:44
frybyein berlin here 9:46h but you have a point...07:47
frybyegnomefreak: are you using 12.10 - any issues with installing from deb's?07:50
gnomefreakfrybye: i am using 12.10 and so far i havent had anyy issuers with apt or dpkg07:59
frybyeyou don't use the software center...?08:01
frybyeI guess under the hood that also uses same code or..?08:02
gnomefreakfrybye: i cant stand the software center08:05
X-tonichi, is 12.10 expected to have lightdm equivalent of gdm 3.6 lock screen?08:39
vega-hasn't that been already in many releases..11:08
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BluesKajHey all11:16
X-tonicu mean the unity-greeter?11:20
X-tonicwhat i mean is the gdm redisgned lock screen which shows time, notification, volume access, network info in the lock screen. I did browse launchpad but i got nothing11:21
X-tonicis there an equivalent for 12.10?11:22
vega-oh, no idea11:22
whitmanWhich package should I report a bug against when I don't know which it is? One of my monitors is corrupted on the login screen and after login, the only way to fix is to disable the monitor in the display settings and re-enable.  Previously worked fine 12.04.12:17
Milos_SDI'm trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 beta, but I have i little problem15:27
Milos_SDupgrade manager does it's thing to change repositories, but then I get this error: Unable to get exclusive lock when doing upgrade15:28
Milos_SDI don't have apt, dpkg or synaptic running ..15:28
genii-aroundAre you using sudo?15:39
genii-aroundOr rather... what command are you using15:39
Milos_SD"update-manger -d" from dash run command15:40
Milos_SDand then I click Upgrade to 12.10 ...15:40
philinuxthats the right way15:40
genii-aroundMilos_SD: Put sudo in front15:40
Milos_SDI used that last 6 years :D15:40
philinuxyou dont need sudo it will ask for password when needed15:40
philinuxtry it from a terminal15:40
Milos_SDphilinux, you mean, to try to start update-manger -d from terminal, or to use terminal command for upgrade ?15:41
philinuxstart a terminal then use the command15:42
philinuxMilos_SD: any joy15:45
Milos_SDphilinux, half the way :)15:45
Milos_SDphilinux, now I get the error I know how to fix :D15:45
philinuxMilos_SD: what is the error?15:46
Milos_SDcan't calculate packages size or something like that15:46
Milos_SDI need to restore default xorg15:47
Milos_SDI have one from xorg-edgers15:47
philinuxMilos_SD: ah yes and I would disable all ppa's15:47
Milos_SDI guess I'll need to do a clean install ... it is a pain in the *** to restore default xserver without ppa-purge (it doesn't work on 64bit ubuntu)15:51
Milos_SDprossponing upgrade to the final release :)15:51
philinuxMilos_SD: ppa purge works on 64 bit I always thought15:52
DaekdroomI had trouble getting rid of xorg-edgers on x64 12.04 LTS when I wanted to upgrade to 12.1015:53
Milos_SDphilinux, it doesn't have good multiarch support15:53
DaekdroomI eventually was able to do it.15:53
DaekdroomYeah. The issue was exactly the multiarch support.15:53
Milos_SDso it wants to delete all system :D15:53
DaekdroomI solved it by removing all 32-bit packages, purging, then reinstalling them, then upgrading.15:53
Milos_SDDaekdroom, purging all 64bit packages from xorg-edgers?15:54
DaekdroomYou could try ppa-purge -i as well15:54
Daekdroom-i should make it use apt-get instead of aptitude. aptitude is what has trouble with multiarch.15:54
Milos_SDDaekdroom, the same problem :)15:56
philinuxMilos_SD: post a thread in here. There's a bunch of peeps use that ppa. http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=41616:03
penguin42anyone else using konsole - I'm finding the 'copy link address' isn't working17:30
djazzhow long is it to ubuntu 12.10 beta 2?17:33
penguin42djazz: ^17:36
penguin42ooh, today apparently17:36
djazzyeah i know..17:36
djazzbut its usually earlier, around 16-17. here its soon 20:0017:37
djazzi keep refreshing http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/17:37
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konquiHi the quantal beta 2 is installing and the x button to cancel scanning apt mirrors does not work; it continues refreshing represitories17:41
bjsniderpenguin42, you use kde man?17:45
penguin42it's very nice thank you :-)17:46
FilarHello, where can I find beta2 download? I can't find it in google.17:51
trismFilar: beta2 isn't officially out yet17:53
djazzbeta2 is out!17:54
trismlooks like beta1 to me17:55
Filarah, I saw these previews, and thought it's already out17:55
Filarthank you17:55
djazzthe torrent dont work..17:55
djazz"Downloading from 0 of 0 clients"17:55
Filardjazz: it's beta 117:56
djazztitle says Beta 2 and so does all files17:56
Filarapril fools?17:56
trismnot here17:56
Filardjazz: can you travel in time?17:58
djazzhm, the last modified times on the page, what timezone are those?17:58
djazzFilar: time is 19:58 here17:58
Filarsame here17:58
Filarbut perhaps you have a different timezone :P17:58
djazz"26-Sep-2012 06:46" for ubuntu-12.10-beta2-desktop-amd64.iso17:59
Filarstill beta1 here17:59
djazzthe iso link dont work?17:59
Filarwell, now it works17:59
Filarbut few minutes ago I had file not found on this server18:00
Filarand the page still indicates beta118:00
Filaror no, it does not18:00
Filarbut how did you have it a few minutes before us?18:01
djazzFilar: i got F5 skills18:01
FilarI was also trying F518:01
djazzbrb make ubuntu tea (well, tea in ubuntu mug)18:01
Filarw/o any result18:01
djazzdifferent server maybe?18:01
Filartrism, did you have the same situation as me?18:02
trismFilar: indeed, actually it still says beta1 for me18:03
Filartrism, so maybe try to chenge dns to
djazznow i see Beta 118:04
trismFilar: oh I don't really mind I am already on quantal18:04
djazznow beta 2, now beta 1 again18:04
yofel_the DNS would still be the same...18:04
penguin42hey that's the wonders of mirrors, let it propagate out18:05
PeterME_Hi, after I installed Beta 2 my wm doesn't seem to be working..18:07
FilarPeterME_: so you managed to download beta2 :)18:07
trismPeterME_: not working in what way?18:08
PeterME_I followed this guide while still running 12.04 to get rid of Unity and I think that might have messed something up18:08
PeterME_I followed this guide while still running 12.04 to get rid of Unity and18:08
PeterME_No borders on windows, no resizing buttons and unable to move windows around (kind of all related to each other)18:08
trismPeterME_: I would start with: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop;18:09
trismPeterME_: or actually you may want to try ubuntu-gnome-desktop18:10
PeterME_It says it's already in the newest version18:10
PeterME_Second one seems to do something18:11
trismPeterME_: oh so did you only install gnome-panel? (the first answer in that thread suggested removing a bunch of stuff that should have removed ubuntu-desktop)18:12
PeterME_I did remove all that stuff, but some of it may have been reinstalled during upgrades (either to 12.10 or by accident earlier)18:12
djazzwriting iso to usb.. :D18:13
trismPeterME_: which session are you using? (Gnome Classic I would guess, might try Gnome Classic (no effects), see if it is a compiz issue)18:15
PeterMEHmm, tried logging in and logging out18:15
PeterMEDidn't help much18:15
PeterME(After installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop)18:15
trismPeterME: yeah that probably won't help, I thought initially you may have been missing packages if ubuntu-desktop wasn't installed during the upgrade (but since you already had it that probably isn't it)18:16
trismPeterME: perhaps an issue with your user settings, if you were to create a new user, does their session look alright?18:17
PeterMEHold on, I'll check18:18
PeterME_Nope, didn't work18:19
trismPeterME_: hmm, notice any major errors in ~/.xsession-errors?18:20
trismPeterME_: sounds like something is crashing18:20
PeterME_(gnome-panel:15701): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accelerator_parse_with_keycode: assertion `accelerator != NULL' failed18:23
PeterME_Not sure what that is but it's the only one that seems, well, critical18:23
trismPeterME_: does the panel show up?18:24
PeterME_Yes, everything but window borders18:24
trismPeterME_: if gnome-panel is there and works then that probably isn't the issue18:24
trismPeterME_: is this Gnome Classic with compiz or Gnome Classic (no effects) with metacity?18:25
djazzthe computer froze during the writing of the usb18:25
djazzhad to reboot18:26
djazznever happened before18:26
djazzand omgubuntu has ofc already made a video about the new beta18:26
PeterME_I chose the Gnome Classic option, so I guess that's with compiz?18:26
djazzjoey is so fast18:26
trismPeterME_: might try the other one, maybe compiz is having issues18:27
trismPeterME_: is compiz-gnome installed?18:28
PeterME_There's a screenshot btw, just to make sure you understand the problem18:28
trismPeterME_: yeah that looks like compiz crashing18:28
trismPeterME_: any crash reports in /var/crash/?18:29
PeterME_Yup, compiz-gnome is installed18:29
PeterME_A couple18:29
PeterME_Hmm, one gnome-panel crsh18:29
PeterME_And a Nautilus crash..18:31
trismPeterME_: but no compiz crashes?18:31
PeterME_No, got one gnome-control-center crash18:32
PeterME_Hold on, I'll try Gnome Classic (No effects)18:32
trismnot really stuff you want to crash but nothing that should cause what you are seeing18:32
PeterMEWell, that works fine18:33
trismPeterME: yeah would definitely seem to be a compiz issue, can you pastebin your full ~/.xsession-errors?18:34
PeterMEBut all the Window buttons are back on the left hand side. Not a big problem though18:34
trismPeterME: after logging into the compiz session that is18:34
trismPeterME_: ah hah, I saw this earlier in the cycle, it is only loading core and ccp plugins18:37
trismPeterME_: thought it was fixed though18:37
PeterME_trism: hmm18:37
trismPeterME_: let me see if it works for me, one sec18:38
trismPeterME_: ah, not working here either18:38
trismjbicha: did a patch get dropped in gnome-session 3.6?18:39
PeterME_Guess I'll just use it without compiz for the time being18:39
trismI suppose I could look at the package and see18:39
jbichaPeterME_: do you have ubuntu-desktop installed?18:55
PeterME_Hmm, how to I get the close, minimize and maximize buttons over to the right hand side?19:00
prodnixHi all, Im lookin for help to get my passthrough ATI VGA card to work in ubuntu 12.10 guest. I have the device in lspci, i have the driver installed (fglrx) and used aticonfig to make a default xorg.conf but I am unable to get the card to work. Everytime I boot the machine i get the popup at boot sayin my devices could not be configured. Any help would be hugely appreciated19:13
trismjbicha: PeterME_ sorry gnome-session not to blame, looks like we don't have a default compiz profile anymore, bug 103675219:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036752 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "[quantal] [regression] Gnome Classic has no compiz plugins loaded" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103675219:14
PeterME_trism: okay, looking forward to a fix. Do you know how to move the close, minimize and maximize buttons to the right hand side by the way?19:23
trismPeterME_: something like: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout ":minimize,maximize,close"; maybe?19:32
PeterME_Worked like a charm, thanks19:34
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FernandoMiguelwe are getting to that point, aren't we ?20:28
FernandoMiguelfew updates, more or less stable system20:28

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