aquariusdpm, just as a data point, http://developer.android.com/guide/faq/commontasks.html is really useful. Also, the topic in here could do with updating ;)14:01
dpmaquarius, nice tip, thanks! I wonder if we could actually use the Askubuntu FAQs for those14:04
dpmre: the channel topic, I'm lacking op supercow powers, asking someone more powerful than me right now...14:04
aquariusdpm, could do; I have no policy suggestions here, just that it's a pretty cool little summary of "stuff you might want to do" along with "this is how you should do it" :)14:05
aquariusproblem with askubuntu faqs: when I ask the question "how do I add my app to the messaging menu", I want The Answer, not Fifteen Different Answers Discussing It :)14:05
dpmoooh if jcastro could hear you... :)14:06
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-app-devel to: http://developer.ubuntu.com | App development on Ubuntu: how to do it & how to make it better
dpmthere you go, new topic14:07
=== sagaci_ is now known as sagaci

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