janimoogra_, I uploaded a new ac100 kernel last night, it is waiting for approval07:00
hrwwhich version of kernel you guys use on ac100?12:27
ogra_i think .1012:28
janimohrw, 3.1.10 from nvidia12:28
janimohrw, they have various 3.1 based branches with heavy churn among them inside arch/arm/mach-tegra and related drivers/12:28
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janimoinfinity, around? Can you let the newest ac100 kernel upload through? thanks13:44
* ogra_ guesses we'll have to wait until the freeze is lifted13:45
ogra_or did you push to -proposed ?13:45
janimoogra_, no, plain archives. Forgot about -proposed13:52
janimoor rather I never really knew what the current approval/freeze process had become13:53
janimoif it is more automated due to -proposed being a queue which is flushed after freeze I'll remember it for next time :)13:53
janimoso universe is frozen not because it could affect images but because it can tie up builders?13:54
ogra_well, the pieces that are on the images that you dont want in the archive during a freeze (i.e. that you dont want to distrub the image testing with) should go to proposed13:56
janimoogra_, oh forgot that universe bits go to images. Anyway I usually do not upload the kernel meta so it can be tested without being automatically upgraded to immediately14:29
ogra_and the freeze should eb gone real soon now14:30
ogra_hmm ..15:01
ogra_i wonder if i should spend some hours on the weekend with that15:02
xnoxogra_: is this page http://www.ubuntu.com/download/arm correct?15:07
ogra_looks ok, yes15:08
ogra_we should probably make the desktop link less arch specific at some point15:09
xnoxogra_: any updates to "supported" platforms list?15:14
ogra_omap4 ...15:14
ogra_thats is15:14
ogra_for the server side, ask the server guys :)15:15
xnoxwhat about AC100 ?15:15
xnoxos is that community?15:15
phhhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/ it's there15:16
phhjust not documented15:16
ogra_and not canonical supported15:16
ogra_yeah, its community15:16
ogra_everything on desktop is community but the panda15:17
ogra_same for server plus highbank and armadaxp15:17
ogra_i think15:17
hrweven when it was done by canonical people15:18
ogra_hrw, "spare time work" :)15:19
bizulkHello world ! I've just install ubuntu precise on beagleboard xM, followed the step to install and test DSP acceleration. But /etc/init.d/dsp start result  in FATAL : module tidspbrdidge not found. Shall I compile kernel and the module by myself of is there a way to directly download it ?15:44
ogra_"followed the step to install and test DSP acceleration" > did you find that on an ubuntu wiki ?15:45
ogra_well, talk to the people maintaining that wiki15:46
* ogra_ doesnt think the ubuntu kernel has any DSP support, our omap3 kernel is plain mainline15:47
bizulkogra_: 3.2.0 kernel has  if compiled for it.  but I can't even check it as the /proc/config.gz is missing.15:48
ogra_it is in /boot15:48
ogra_(as for all ubuntu kernels, no matter what arch)15:48
bizulkoh yes your're right and... well the tidspbridge is not set15:50
bizulkmaybe in the repo there a compiled kernel supported for it. I don't want to mix ubunt stuff with things I get from the net you known15:51
RoyKbizulk: you can turn on /proc/config.gz in the kernel config before you build it, but afaik ubuntu doesn't do that by default15:51
ogra_right, since we ship it as a textfile in /boot already15:52
ogra_bizulk, if its in mainline already and just needs enabling, file a bug and point ppisati to it15:53
ogra_flipping an existing config option is surely possible15:53
bizulkRobertCNelson is the one that write the wiki. Whi is ppisati ?15:54
ogra_ppisati, is the ubuntu kernel maintainer for arm kernels15:56
ogra_he is the master of the configs :)15:56
bizulkok. Maybe I shall before upgrade since I see in the package list some kernel stuffs...15:57
ogra_sure, but dont expect that the option was switched one or so :)15:58
sveinseWhat can I do to speed up apt-get dist-upgrade? I'm running on omap3 with sdcard system, and dist-upgrading from natty to precise takes 40minutes!16:42
ogra_only 40 mins 116:42
hrwsveinse: only 40 minutes?16:43
sveinseok, I think I'm in the wrong school :P   Management wont accept this, and 10 minutes would be more like it16:44
ogra_you must have a really fast card or a really small system16:44
ogra_dist upgrading an SD based  system with a desktop installed i would rather measure in hours than in minutes16:46
sveinsesmall system, I guess. Card's about 3-4Mb/s in write speed. The sum of all debs are about 170megs16:46
ogra_how much of these 40min is download time ?16:47
sveinsenone, or out of scope of this. We deploy the debs in a container which the user puts on a USB device and puts in the device16:48
ogra_well, for a 3-4M/s device thats definitely pretty fast16:48
sveinseHmm, I'll say that to my project manager :P Speak with the guys in #ubuntu-arm. LOL16:49
ogra_i'm surprised the system is usable wrt app startup times on such a blockdev16:50
sveinseWell thats another issue. We have 40 secs from power to functional GUI. Also too long16:50
ogra_pretty good for such a device16:51
sveinseI did a bootchart, and its either cpu-bound or IO-bound. Plain busy all of the time16:51
ogra_unlikely that you can suqeeze more out of that16:51
sveinseyup. And I'm starting to feel that perhaps Ubuntu and a deb based distro wasn't the right thing for this little embedded thing16:53
ogra_well, ubuntu and debian are general purpose distros ...16:54
ogra_doing embedded with that is hard16:54
ogra_(ask the emdebian guys :) )16:54
sveinseBecause, coming back to my original question, there is nothing you can do with dpkg to speed it up? Some area to use tmpfs in, allow it to cache, anything?16:55
sveinseOh yeah, I know about this. Given my now soon to be two years of adopting cross compilation with debian packages16:57
ogra_well, i'm working on an actual embedded filesystem builder over here (spare time project) ...16:59
ogra_with luck it might m,ake 13.0416:59
sveinseTwo main reasons for picking Ubuntu btw: 1) Large base of pre-compiled apps, 2) armv7 support out of box, now armhf as well17:00
sveinseAnd 3) selecting a deb based distro, as deb is a great tool for distributing updates17:00
ogra_well, packaging systems are quite some overhead on embedded ...17:01
GrueMastersveinse: If you are using this for development, I recommend using a USB device for root.  Much faster than an SD (as much as 10x).  For final deployment, SD is ok, as minimal updates are required.17:03
sveinseGrueMaster: Point is that we have a couple of thousand units on the market with natty. We want to upgrade these to precise and the HW cannot boot from USB17:06
GrueMasterAh, field upgrade.  Actually, the way I did it was to use the SD for /boot and a usb drive for rootfs.  But in this case, not sure what to tell you.  Maybe script it to reboot to a console only (no X) runonce script that performs the update.  Less overhead that way.17:09
sveinse(Not intending to troll, but) Would you guys accept that your mobile phone or pad take 40 minutes to do an OTA upgrade?17:09
ogra_oh, wait update17:10
GrueMasterActaully, my Droid 2 Global did when it went from 2.2 to 2.3.17:10
GrueMasterAnd it is essentially the same HW as the BeagleXM.17:10
ogra_40min for an OTA update is fine imho17:10
GrueMasterSame with my Nook Color.17:10
ogra_as long as the device tells me in advance17:11
ogra_and lets me postpone until i have time to do the update17:11
GrueMasterYes.  User controlled upgrade.17:11
ogra_if it doesnt tell me "it takes a few munites" but then goes on for 4017:12
sveinseOh, I'm struggling with an interesting "feature" here. We've implemented a udev hook to look for upgrade files when an USB device is inserted.17:13
ogra_and whats your prob with it ?17:13
sveinseThat has worked fine very long, but now it fails miserable. What do you think happens to the processes started by udev when udev is upgraded ;)17:13
ogra_ah, yeah17:14
sveinseIt simply cuts the upgrade in the middle of everything. I mean, there are like four nested script and they are cut off like they never existed17:15
GrueMasterSounds like you should be doing a two-stage upgrade.  Stage one is triggered by udev ( copies run-once scripts over, deletes or moves triggering mechanism), stage two does the actual upgrade.17:17
sveinseYes, I was experimenting with using disown in bash to fork off the upgrade, but apparently its killed then. It probably still belongs to the same process group17:18
sveinseI'm going to try to use setsid. If that fails, then I'm going for a solution similar to GrueMaster's proposal17:18

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