earthling_What do you guys think of the Amazon Ubuntu Search controversy?07:01
wilee-nileeearthling_, YOu want #ubuntu-offtopic for chat. ;)07:04
earthling_well, I don't think its offtopic, but maybe there is a channel for talking about development somewhere07:05
wilee-nileeearthling_, Do waht you like this is a support channel, that is not support, frankly I was trying to help I really don't care.07:06
earthling_#ubuntu-devel  I found07:06
earthling_well I think you should care, but other channel is better07:09
earthling_for discussing it07:09
baron1412 hi I've problem with unknown chipset for airmon-ng  with Ubuntu10:06
baron1412Ubuntu 1210:06
baron1412is there anyone can help me.??10:06
nettotany ideas where to start learning python for ubuntu?11:08
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duanedesignHope all iswell and everyone is having a great day15:03
anthiecan i please ask something about ubuntu 12.04 wireless connection?18:48
anthiemy connection every now and then hangs... i have to remove my wireless adapter and put it back in18:49
anthiein order to make my internet work...18:49
anthiewhat do i have to do?18:50
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Akiva-WorkI have this installed on wubi, and ubuntu is running slow in the same way as my xp was running slow. Is this due to the filesystem (ntfs - Its a work computer I found in the corner) perhaps not being defragmented, or that I do not have any dedicated graphics? What is slow is that there is a pause before I do any new task, lasting about 5 seconds. The computer has 2 gigs of ram, and is a core 2 duo. Any ideas?20:39
Akiva-WorkPlease PM me, im in the warehouse :P20:39
Akiva-Workno one :(20:46
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, Wubi will run slower then a partitioned install, hardware can be a affect as well20:46
Akiva-Workshould it paus 5 seconds though20:46
Akiva-Workthats what gets me20:46
Akiva-Workwhen I open a new task20:47
Akiva-Workfor example20:47
Akiva-Workhitting the dash20:47
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, I would download a cd and see how it runs20:47
Akiva-Workyah, currently backing up my windows20:47
Akiva-Workwill see how it runs on a cd,20:48
wilee-nileewubi is basically a try out app for later doing a full install20:48
wilee-nileethis a 32 or 64 bit version?20:49
Akiva-WorkI threw a 64 bit version on, ia64, because of the core 2 duo20:50
Akiva-Workthat was correct, no?20:50
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, I believe the 64 bit uses more ram etc, you might check how its using the resourceds by instaling htop.20:51
Akiva-Worknever heard of htop20:51
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, It is a command line tool that shows processes and can be used for variuos tasks20:52
Akiva-Workmy ram did not look particularly fast, but system monitor showed I had allot of it20:52
Akiva-Workhow do I know if I am using the 2d version of unity?20:54
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, I believe in the 2d the left side panel can not be resized with the right click on the desktop at the background choices.20:56
wilee-nileeother indicators, but I am not sure really20:56
Akiva-Workgeez, just switching tabs on this causes lag20:58
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, If no one else answers here after awile you might try #ubuntu there are more people there.20:58
Akiva-Workthey didnt answer :(20:59
wilee-nileeAkiva-Work, You have to be patient is all.21:00
Akiva-WorkWith this machine, tell me about it :S21:00
wilee-nileeI need to restart I just installed a spell check I'm on windows right now.21:01
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ciara8bubblesis there a pastebin plugin available for pidgin?21:32
biggalanthi all21:57
biggalantI am having a critical problem, sometimes the screen gets stuck21:57
biggalantand nothing works, not ctrl+alt+F1, nor ctrl+alt+del21:58
ciara8bubblesDoes anyone know how to turn off the feature in Ubuntu 12.04 that causes a window to maximise when you drag it over the top panel/bar23:18
wilee-nileeciara8bubbles, If you don't push it up against it hard showing the outline of the resize it wont resize23:21
wilee-nileea more subtle move in otherwords23:22
ciara8bubbleswilee-nilee;  Ok makes sense.  It's what I've been doing normally up until now but I was just wondering if there was a way to completely switch it off?23:22
wilee-nileeciara8bubbles, probably I don't know it though, if so it is probably in the compizconfig settings manager, but compiz is a bit of a tricky tool as far as it needing a compiz restart at times to get it to work correctly.23:25
ciara8bubblesok great :) Thank you so much for your help ... I'll go have a look there23:26

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