dscasselI'm just poking the bear. :)00:00
IdleOnedscassel: I know and this bear should be poked.00:00
IdleOnebesides we've had music and movie recommendations and it wasn't an issue. I really believe the search results will get better as this feature is improved.00:01
BobJonkman1Like so many things online, people don't necessarily know what they're agreeing to when they click that "I Agree with these TOS" button.  And then they're surprized when their "private" info shows up in odd places00:02
dscasselSometimes I think sabdfl tries to find something every release he can use to troll Slashdot. -_-;00:02
IdleOneNo press is bad press...00:02
BobJonkman1(dscassel and I are missing out on an Internet Democracy Cafe panel discussion, just a few kms down the road)00:02
dscasselI suppose. It'd be nice if there was one nice, calm, orderly release with some cool new features and no ridiculous controversy.00:03
IdleOneanyway, that was all I had to say on that00:03
dscasselNot that the ridiculous controversy is all sabdfl's fault, of course.00:03
BobJonkman1dscassel: nobody would notice, and THAT would be cause for controversy00:04
IdleOneI think the controversy was started over some FUD and people ran with it.00:04
dscasselANyway, I guess we'll officially call this meeting closed. But we're still here until 9. :)00:05
dscasselUbuntu Hour! Wooo!00:05
IdleOnehave a coffee/beer for me :)00:05
dscasselIdleOne: Oh yeah, totally.  But it was pretty inevitable FUD.00:05
BobJonkman1Oh, did anyone find a Montreal hackerspace for johanbr?00:05
BobJonkman1He needs to have some 3d printing done00:06
dscasselThe Montreal hackerspace is Foulab.00:06
IdleOneI searched a little didn't find any, might want to pop in #ubuntu-qc and ask00:06
dscasselPretty tiny, but they do cool stuff.00:07
dscasselI met them at Maker Faire Toronto00:07
dscasselOh yeah! SoOnCon is this weekend! http://sooncon.ca/00:07
dscasselIt's in Guelph. Not much in the way of ubuntu, but still awesome.00:08
dscasseljohanbr: Foulab. http://foulab.org/00:08
bregmahey guys, sorry I missed the meeting, had Cubs until a half hour ago.....00:29
BobJonkman1NP.  It's all in the log.  http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/09/26/%23ubuntu-ca.html#t23:1000:30
BobJonkman1I'll get around to doing minutes eventually, hopefully before the next meeting00:30
bregmaif anyone is concerned about the new "treat yourself" feature in the dash, I can assure you no personally identifying information is ever sent across the wire00:31
bregmaexcept maybe your IP address, but that's because that's how TCP/IP works00:32
mcpherrinIs there a way to disable the shit where my menus on gtk apps get yanked out of the app in Unity?00:38
mcpherrinI would opt to just not use unity normally, but I don't have root to install something reasonable on this computer.00:38
mcpherrinah, UBUNTU_MENUPROXY environment variable does it.00:43
azend<dscassel> It's in Guelph. Not much in the way of ubuntu, but still awesome.02:44
azendIf you can occupy an hour I can hook you up :)02:44
azendYou could talk about how unity rocks! :P02:48
azendControversial topics are great for conferences02:49
mcpherrinUnity is a great half-finished prototype of a good UI :p03:00
* genii-around gets back and checks backscroll04:05
BobJonkmanHi genii-around: Any more coffee in that pot?04:07
=== BobJonkman changed the topic of #ubuntu-ca to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Canada LocoTeam channel | http://www.ubuntu-ca.org/ | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam | Forum: http://canada.ubuntuforums.org/ | S.V.P utilisez #ubuntu-qc pour soutien en fran├žais | Channel logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Meeting info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings | Next meeting Thursday, 25 October 4:00pm PDT, 7:00pm EDT, 8:30pm
BobJonkmanChanging the "regular" date for the IRC meeting again, again.  Just too much other stuff happening in KW to avoid conflicts04:09
* genii-around slides BobJonkman a coffee04:10
BobJonkmanAhhh...  Now I can be up all night.04:10
* mcpherrin could use a coffee too ;)04:15
* genii-around slides mcpherrin a coffee on the sly04:16
BobJonkmanmcpherrin: Darcy and I left Ubuntu Hour early - hope you didn't come by after we were gone...04:18
mcpherrinBobJonkman: Nah, I have work to do04:18
mcpherrinAlso meetpoint took FOREVER to serve me04:18
BobJonkman:)  Hence the coffee04:18
BobJonkman...and there goes the coffee...04:23
=== MagicFab is now known as Guest87389

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