jcastro_no seriously this is awesome what you guys did00:00
jcastro_it's not obvious now, but your pain basically will make it so any django app can be deployed easily.00:00
akgranerjono et al ...totally digging the 24 hours Horseman Marathon...cool idea - can't wait to tune into the hangout...:-)00:13
cjohnstonim waiting to see which passes out first00:14
akgranerwhat did I miss the part about a drinking game?  /me rereads the posts00:14
jonoakgraner, :-)00:41
IdleOnei guess this means you are all taking that Friday off00:53
mhall119if by "off" you mean working 6-9 hours, then yes00:56
IdleOneexactly what I meant00:57
jonojcastro_, around?01:59
jcastro_going to bed in a bit though01:59
jonojcastro_, np, want me to review the deck and leave comments?02:00
jcastro_yes please02:00
jcastro_also I've pushed the docs here02:00
jonojcastro_, cool02:01
jonowill leave feedback and then you can respond to it tomorrow02:01
jonounfortunately I have another call at 7am before that one?02:01
jonobut I can talk over IRC02:01
jonojust my mgmt call02:01
jcastro_sure, I'll just figure it out02:01
jonothat link looks good02:01
jonothanks, pal02:01
jcastro_I did something strange where I commited and it generated it like 5 minutes later02:02
jcastro_so basically I caught the cronjob right on time02:02
JoseeAntonioRjono: hey, I'll be available at 10UTC, would you like me to help you with the opening part? I can be there for around and hour, then leave for school, and get back to it later02:03
jonoJoseeAntonioR, I think jcastro_ can help take care of it for me02:08
jonoor mhall11902:08
JoseeAntonioRnp, then02:08
jonoalright folks02:16
jonoanyone want to rustle up a donation?02:17
jonothat is the place you can make it02:17
snap-lBTW: Metalheads: http://metalinjection.fm is streaming CC-licensed music selected by me02:53
snap-lfor one more hour02:53
JoseeAntonioRjono: would you like me to do cross post your original post to the fridge?02:57
marcoceppihazmat: I want to be able to specify which ssh secret key to use during SSH operations03:25
hazmatmarcoceppi,  and the configuration option in environments.yaml is insufficient?03:26
hazmatmarcoceppi, the env only has one key, so what's the utility of passing it  on the cli?03:26
hazmatmarcoceppi, every time you want to use the env, you'd have to remember to pass the cli option to it.03:27
hazmatthat's why its an option as part of the env definition03:28
hazmatin the configuration file03:28
jonoJoseeAntonioR, yes please!04:24
JoseeAntonioRjono: ok, pending review.04:25
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR04:50
dholbachgood morning07:04
dholbachTotal sum of donations: £ 302.9509:12
dholbachnot too bad09:12
dholbachfor a couple of hours :)09:12
bkerensadholbach: is it upfront or just if you finish? like a relay for life type thing09:17
dholbachbkerensa, I'm not sure I understand09:18
bkerensadholbach: so in the U.S. we have a lot of charity events based on duration or length where people bid a donation by how long they thing you will go09:20
bkerensaso Relay for Life is one where people walk in circles for days09:20
bkerensaand people bid by how many miles or days they think you will go09:21
dholbachwe will all do 24h09:21
bkerensaSo $25 for 50 miles etc09:21
dholbachpeople who fall asleep earlier will have to endure lifelong ridicule09:21
dholbachmaybe I should start taking donations for reviewed patches :-P09:22
bkerensadholbach: I will tip in btc09:23
dholbachit will be lots of fun09:24
bkerensa0.002btc per patch approved09:24
czajkowskihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1995/detail/  is now up and running09:25
bkerensaok time to flip the switch ta ta09:25
czajkowskihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-R/PublicTransit  Danish loco got that updated last night for us09:30
dpmyeah, we will do 24h or will die on air09:32
czajkowskior lack of air :) take your pick09:33
dholbachTotal sum of donations: £ 602.9509:51
dpmthe secondary goal is still for us to kick jono's ass in terms of donations09:52
dholbachthere's still time :)09:55
jcastro_there went my lead!12:35
jcastro_dholbach, nice work!12:35
dholbachjcastro_, have a look at the donations pages and see who did it :)12:37
dholbachah no, I hadn't seen the newest donations yet12:38
marcoceppiThis stupid subway install has been posting messages I type in one room to this one13:10
marcoceppiI do apologize13:10
Sebastianbkerensa: Hi :) I wanted to ask whether you might help me again with the bachelor questionnaire?13:12
popeymarcoceppi, thanks for helping Mark out with his blog post!13:12
jcastro_bkerensa, tell me more about softlayer13:59
marcoceppipopey: my pleasure!14:48
jonodpm, mhall119 set up the hangout, my call is running over15:00
dpmmhall119, jono, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/5127112972fcd50c47253e3f1da43909477f581e?hl=en15:03
dholbachalmost 900 pounds - nuts15:03
popeyhow often does http://marathon.ubuntuonair.com/ update?16:13
dholbachpopey, every 5m or something16:20
dholbachpopey, but it should load automatically16:21
dholbachalright, just blogged about it myself :)16:21
dholbachbah, I'm too stupid to microblog, should've used the other hashtag16:26
dholbachok, better16:27
hggdhanybody knows bojce and and Uros1 from the Ubuntu Serbia LOCO team?17:17
SergioMeneseshggdh, I saw them in the reapproval meeting, two months ago. Do you need to get in touch with them?17:22
hggdhSergioMeneses: they applied for membership two weeks ago, but did not have any testimonials, and we could not match names & pictures from the application17:25
hggdhso I was wondering if someone from the community team could be so kind as to provide a testimonial that we can use17:26
SergioMeneseshggdh, I dont know them personally... I only know that they're the contacts of serbianteam17:27
SergioMeneseshggdh, I'm going to pm you17:27
SergioMeneseshggdh,  I hope that I've been helpful :) I'll see you soon17:39
dholbachand we're past 1000!17:41
dholbachTotal sum of donations: £ 1009.9517:41
elfythat's great :)17:44
dholbachjono, jcastro_, mhall119, balloons: this is lots of fun17:48
jonodholbach, indeed :-)17:50
akgraneryou guys are kicking !@#! Go y'all!17:51
dholbachtime to call it a day17:53
dholbachsee you all tomorrow :)17:53
balloonswoot! 1k17:59
jcastro_is ctrl-alt-t broken for anyone else?19:35
jcastro_in quantal19:35
mhall119jcastro_: I think that was changed a few weeks ago19:36
cjohnstonit just worked for me, updated as of this morning19:36
jcastro_oh, maybe I need to log out19:36
* mhall119 hugs czajkowski 21:15
mhall119czajkowski: does your significant other know where I can get a nice red fedora for a certain hat-loving child of mine?21:16
czajkowskiI could nick his :)21:17
mhall119adult sizes would probably fit21:17
mhall119not that I'd condone theft....21:17
czajkowskiwe also have one we got given from the redhat cloud day that is more of a summer version not full straw hat but sturdier21:17
czajkowskinot brushed velvet like the original one .21:18
mhall119I'd like to find one that matches their logo21:18
czajkowskiif you remind me closer to UDS will bring the summer version on they were handing them out to all of the delegates and I'm only looking to get rid of it21:18
mhall119I think he'd look good in it21:18
czajkowskimhall119: http://ubuntuone.com/3mk8lWiG5R1UxD0luDV9CJ21:22
czajkowskiI cant give away his real one really :)21:22
czajkowskihe even horders onto hiw RH training shirts and RH certified jackets21:22
mhall119czajkowski: that is a nice looking one though, and will work well in our Florida heat21:40
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: hey22:05
dakermhall119: sorry i can't help you, i don't have a credit card :)22:11
mhall119daker: no worries, a re-tweet or share would help just as much22:14
cjohnstonjono: how much do I have to donate to get my suggestion for the marathon?22:15
bkerensaafternoon guys and gals22:16
cjohnstonbkerensa: when you gonna learn django22:16
bkerensacjohnston: When the moon splits22:16
bkerensaits not on my todo list right now22:17
cjohnstongot plenty of work that you could do :-)22:18
akgranercjohnston, look at you trying to give work away  - I think you took lessons from my old boss :-P22:20
bkerensaOnly in Portland can you go to a cafe and they not have sugar22:34
bkerensathey offered stevia or honey :(22:34
bkerensacjohnston: http://www.onsetcomp.com/products/data-loggers/zw-00322:37
bkerensa^ do want22:37
czajkowskijono:  a tweet about http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1995/detail/  would be great :)23:37

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