jbichadarkxst: I merged your build script changes00:32
jbichabut it's disabling logout in indicator-session; we don't want to do that00:32
darkxstjbicha, let me check, maybe  I put the wrong 15autologin in there00:39
darkxstonce I unbreak my system, due to your gdm mess up!00:40
jbichasorry about that :(00:41
darkxsthmm seems ok00:46
darkxstcan you check work-amd64/edit/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom/15autologin00:47
darkxstthe sed command should be commented out?00:48
jbichahere's what I did, but I didn't test it yet http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-gnome-dev/+junk/iso-build-script/revision/1800:49
darkxstthat sed you added will apply to installed system also, is that what you want?00:54
darkxstif logout is still disabled, then files didn't copy for some reason00:55
darkxstI have mostly been testing with update-initramfs, however I did do a full rebuild this morning and it worked fine00:56
jbichaI think that sed line should be in a casper script00:58
jbichaUnity does it directly in their packaging without a casper script, but for us, it would be one extra diff from Debian which I don't want00:59
darkxstdid you check the above file?01:01
jbichaI think it was the printf line, not the sed one01:03
darkxstoh, you meant classic?01:03
darkxstah, I forgot to do that one ;)01:04
darkxstjbicha, so you can put that sed command in 25adduser I suppose01:14
jbichaI wonder why pt language packs are still installed after install02:01
darkxstjbicha, I assume you removed them from the build script?02:41
jbichano, I don't see anything related in our build scripts; ubiquity is supposed to remove all language packs except for the chosen one02:47
jbichait worked in the Ubuntu image, just not my Ubuntu GNOME one02:47
darkxstits in livecd-chroot script02:47
darkxstes and pt language-packs02:47
darkxstI suppose ubiquity doesnt remove them since they are installed manually into the chroot?02:48
jbichathe other language packs are removed, it's just en and pt left02:52
darkxstSep 27 02:21:47 ubuntu install.py: keeping language packs for: en_US.UTF-803:27
darkxstbut then strangely it never trys to remove the pt packs :(03:27
jbichaso, my change isn't enough to get log out working from GNOME Classic03:29
jbichaanyway, I'm off to bed03:30
jbichaand we'll be releasing the beta later today-ish03:31
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymouth stuff in03:31
darkxstok,that  doesnt matter too much03:37
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymouth stuff in12:09
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymouth sstop12:09
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymouth sstart12:09
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymouth sstop12:09
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymoulightdm start12:09
jbichasorry I didn't get the plymoulightdm stop12:09
jbichayikes, there's this crazy black screen of death problem with my Intel graphics card after letting the computer sleep for too long12:11
=== darkxst_ is now known as darkxst
darkxstjbicha, btw I can't find anything in casper that disables the logout for classic12:46
darkxstand user switching is still a mess (only works the first switch)12:48
smartboyhwjbicha, is beta coming today?13:51
jbichasmartboyhw: yes, I think we've got the final build14:17
smartboyhwjbicha, yay14:18
jbichaI'm having trouble figuring out whether the torrent tracking is working16:41
jbichaI'm getting a bunch of connection failed errors16:42
ricotzjbicha, will try to get this one if the tracker works16:54
jbichaeveraldo: hi17:59
ricotzjbicha, is the amd64 torrent working?18:07
ricotzmeaning, it isn't working here (just noticed your mail)18:08
jbicharicotz: does the i386 work?18:08
ricotzone sec18:08
ricotzdoesnt work either18:09
ricotzi am only seeing one peer which is probably me18:10
jbichaso I could send you a direct link but I wish we could figure out how to get the torrents working before release18:15
everaldojbicha, hey!18:16
everaldojbicha, finally fix my internet, last days was really bad :-)18:17
everaldojbicha, build iso here18:17
ricotzjbicha, i see18:18
ricotzjbicha, do you have the torrent running yourself?18:19
jbichayes, but I'm getting connection errors18:20
jbichaI guess the trackers are working now18:48
jbichaI don't understand the crazy things :)18:49
ricotzjbicha, yeah there is one with 100% :)18:49
jbichawell there ought to be two with 100%18:52
everaldoalso here 0 peers connected :(19:34
everaldojbicha, 3 peers on amd64 and 0 on i38619:35

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