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xnoxmay I ask to invite ubottu to a new channel?23:30
Unit193What channel?23:31
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots list of bots, may technically be a clone.23:32
xnoxUnit193: well I just created one. I'd like to setup a commit bot in it, to try out and then potentially have that bot join other channels......23:42
xnoxUnit193: maybe I should be asking for bot features here instead, or are you ok with one more bot?23:43
xnoxbasically cia.vc IRC commit notification died and I'd like to start a bot to do RSS-to-IRC from launchpad / core ubuntu branches only as used by e.g. Ubuntu Installer team to co-ordinate work.23:44
Unit193xnox: I'm just a random user here trying to help, I don't have control over anything.  I know cia is working to get up and running as seen in #commits, but you may want an IRCC member.23:44
xnoxUnit193: ah. I see. Thanks for your help anyway =)23:45
Unit193Kubuntu-devel uses rbot with rss feature to announce new bugs, IIRC.  (And example)23:45
Unit193Bots have to be approved by the IRCC, but if it isn't spammy and it is helpful.... (And if the OPs for the channel like it)23:45
xnoxwell. I'll have it on the independant channel first.23:48
xnoxbut it'd be nice to have logs for demostration purposes.23:48
Unit193I have a logging client, but I don't exactly have access to irclogs.ubuntu.com.  For official they always want you to send it to rt@ubuntu.com23:51

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