x409Did mythbuntu got all the feature of mythtv, I need to record 4 channel 24h/24 7day a week on my main server, and I have 6 Windows client over the network who need to acces to the video00:10
x409did it fits my need ?00:11
tgm4883x409, these 4 channels, are they security cameras?00:11
tgm4883(or other types of cameras)00:11
x409no, tv00:11
tgm4883x409, I suppose you could use it for that, although I'm not 100% sure the point that you are trying to do00:12
tgm4883there may be a much simpiler way to do it00:12
tgm4883maybe VLC+streaming?00:12
x409this is for radio station00:13
x409I need to record tv channel00:13
x409and the day after, they need to extract audio from the video to be play on air00:13
x409but, they need the video to know where is the good quote00:13
tgm4883why do you need to record 4 streams for 24 hours00:14
x409to record all the local news channel00:14
x409I will buy 4 tv tuner, this is not a problem, like Hauppauge PVR-15000:15
x409and i don't need a good resolution, something like 340x340 is OK00:16
x409the only thing i need is a full audio, no skipping frame00:16
tgm4883x409, you have 1 radio station?00:18
x409yes, in fact 200:18
tgm4883are you just putting the raw audio feed onto the radio?00:19
x409the client listend the video, and record the audio with Adobe Audition and put it in the radio system00:20
tgm4883x409, IMO, this sounds convoluted. But I suppose you could create 4 manual schedules to record 24 hours of stream and run it each day00:22
dmfreytgm4883, did you get to try out the latest version of the app?00:23
tgm4883dmfrey, I tried it a bit, but I haven't tested it too much00:24
dmfreymuch faster interface00:24
x409tgm4883, ok00:24
tgm4883IIRC, there are some things that still don't work too well until everything gets loaded00:24
tgm4883dmfrey, IIRC, going into recorded programs, works, but if you try to drill down you have to wait a bunch00:24
x409tgm4883, so there is no build in option in mythtv to record one channel 24 hours by day, 7 day a week ?00:25
dmfreybut it at least tells you it is downloading and to try back in a bit, right?00:25
tgm4883x409, it would be a manual schedule. But again, that isn't a very good use for a DVR00:25
tgm4883dmfrey, yea00:25
dmfreyok, good00:26
dmfreythe thing people were complaining about was that you couldn't do anything while all the data was downloading00:26
tgm4883yea, which is bad00:26
tgm4883now you can at least do some things, but I'm wondering if there isn't a better way to do that. Honestly I haven't looked at the code though (and haven't written java since college)00:27
dmfreyit used to download, parse and load the db00:27
tgm4883Providing a fast enough backend is present, I don't see why this can't fly00:27
dmfreynow it just downloads and stores the json in the external storage cache00:28
tgm4883how much data are we exactly downloading on startup?00:28
dmfreythen loads the json into an internal cache for use while using the screens00:28
dmfreythey load into the cache really fast, then subsequent hits in the cache are almost instantaneous00:29
dmfreyright now, it loads everything00:29
dmfreyas the day changes, it will load the next days program guide00:29
dmfreythe upcoming only gets updated once a day, based on the last modified timestamp of the json file in the fs00:30
dmfreythe recorded programs gets updated after the last modified date on the recorded json is an hour old00:30
dmfreyyou can always refresh manually the upcoming and recorded00:31
dmfreyit was asked to let you set the number of days of program guide you want to download00:31
dmfreyso will probably add that to the preferences00:31
tgm4883rather than download everything, would it be terrible to request it when needed?00:32
tgm4883well, a smaller amount00:32
dmfreybut, i agree, a fast enough backend should produce the data fast, but, what I have been finding, is that it takes a bit longer time to generate the data and transfer it over the wire00:33
dmfreycould do that, or just move the loading of the program guide to program guide screen, the recorded to the recording screen, etc.00:33
dmfreyalso limit the days to download00:33
dmfreymy thought behind this way was to make it as much like a frontend as possible00:34
dmfreyonce .26 is out, will be able to take advantage of etag to check if the network resource changed or not00:35
dmfreyas well as gzip compression00:35
tgm4883dmfrey, IMO, it might be better to only grab X hours of the guide. Keep that as minimal as possible. And work with upstream to flesh out the API00:35
tgm4883so when searching upcoming recordings or for a new schedule, it queries the backend for just that data00:36
dmfreyi will have to look into it00:38
tgm4883dmfrey, ok, just installed it on my wife's S300:39
dmfreyluckily the recorded and upcoming are really quick00:39
dmfreycool, not sure if I heard of anyone running it on one of them00:39
tgm4883I'm in that state where I can't see any of my episodes00:40
tgm4883I can see the shows, but can't drill down00:40
tgm4883oh, and it hangs while it downloads banners00:40
dmfreyyeah, shouldn't take too long, right?00:40
tgm4883well that banner part doesn't. maybe 10 seconds00:41
tgm4883which is kinda a long time00:41
tgm4883but it's a bit weird to wait this long for episode info00:41
tgm4883I also have an enhancement request that will really help out first installs00:42
tgm4883you want that in a bug report or here?00:42
tgm4883oh there's some oddity too00:43
dmfreyyou can tell me about it, but it should go on github00:43
dmfreyi can add it00:43
tgm4883if I click on Home, and I don't have a home configured (or even if it can't reach it) it should automatically kick off a scan and add a found backend00:44
dmfreyi think with the banners, I will kick off a download and the next time you come into it display them then00:44
dmfreythat should speed up the interface00:44
dmfreyoh, that's a good idea00:44
tgm4883so while this "please try again later" thing is progress. I'm still seeing it almost 10 minutes after opening this00:45
tgm4883with no indication that anything is actually happening00:46
tgm4883banners in landscape mode look funny because they don't span the width of the screen00:47
tgm4883dmfrey, so if you plan on keeping the downloading of everything, you need some sort of progress bar00:48
tgm4883at this point, I have no idea whats going on and might have uninstalled this by now00:49
tgm4883it's kinda unresponsive, but I'll wait until it's finished loading everything to see if that is causing it00:49
dmfreyi wonder if it just didn't update local cache00:51
dmfreyit is probably done with recordings and upcoming00:51
tgm4883dmfrey, oh, it at least tells me that it was retreiving recording rules00:51
tgm4883if you can grab when the guide data ends, then you should make it so I can't progress past that point00:53
tgm4883i think it tells me that it's loading right nwo00:54
tgm4883also, I can't swipe left past midnight00:54
dmfreyi was thinking about that...that ViewPager would have 288 fragments in it then, if you download all 12 days of data available to the guide00:55
tgm4883either way, so I can't swipe to the next/previious day00:55
dmfreythere are buttons for next and previous day at the top of each page00:56
tgm4883dmfrey, yea I know there are buttons, but it's intuitive for me to just swipe to the right if it's 11:30PM00:56
tgm4883swipe to the right should just load next day00:57
tgm4883*If it would take me to 12:00 AM00:57
tgm4883not always :)00:57
tgm488320 minutes later, still can't watch recordings :/00:57
dmfreycan you look int /mnt/sdcard/Android/org.mytht/cache/programs on the fs?00:58
tgm4883hmm, maybe00:59
tgm4883is there a minimal files I can get to just use adb to get there?00:59
tgm4883otherwise I'll need to download something on the phone00:59
dmfreyastro should be able to do it01:00
tgm4883wait, it just loaded it01:01
dmfreyotherwise, you could do just the android sdk01:01
tgm4883it might be because I hit the refresh button a few minutes ago01:01
dmfreydon't need eclipse to do that, although the make a view that makes it easy01:01
tgm4883the two folders in the cache dir are program and programGuide01:05
dmfreyoops, i said programs above01:07
tgm4883there is a bunch of things in the program folder01:08
dmfreyok, so the cache isn't updating, so the files downloaded, but the cache wasn't notified01:09
tgm4883well it is now I think01:09
tgm4883I believe I have full functionality in the app now01:10
tgm4883although it's still sluggish01:10
tgm4883dmfrey, also, it would be nice if I could do something with the recordings other than watch them01:12
tgm4883such as delete/get info, etc01:12
dmfreywe are getting there01:12
dmfreyi actually want, when you click on it, to go to a details view, then you can play, delete, etc.01:13
dmfreysee all the artwork01:13
dmfreythat kind of stuff01:13
tgm4883dmfrey, are you keeping aspect ratio on the banners?01:14
tgm4883IDK if it's just me, but they look odd on my nexus 701:14
dmfreythe latest code has that fixed01:15
dmfreythey were too large for some displays at native resolution01:15
tgm4883also, should probably do something to check resolution and do h/w based on that01:15
tgm4883I think i'm on 9/2201:15
tgm4883although the about screen doesn't tell me ;)01:16
dmfreyyeah, there is code out there in git that fixed that01:16
dmfreyalso, added all the dashboard artwork, and changed name of the app to MythTV Android Frontend01:17
dmfreycode is going to be moving to a MythTV Clients organization under MythTV01:17
tgm4883I just saw the attempt at widescreen tablet support :)01:17
tgm4883gives me this very thin list of show titles on the right01:18
dmfreyyeah, that was a problem01:18
dmfreyi reverted all that back since some people had some issues with it01:19
tgm4883dmfrey, just a thought, rather than the previous/next dual pane approach, what if you threw up the coverart on the left pane01:19
tgm4883it would be skinnier leaving more space for show info01:19
tgm4883which brings me to.. Adding season/episode if available to the episodes01:20
dmfreycould you mock that up and send it to me?01:21
dmfreywhat do you mean?01:21
tgm4883which part01:21
tgm4883the left pane, or right pane01:21
dmfreyyour idea of what the two panes together should look like01:21
dmfreywhat do you mean about the "Adding season/episode if available to the episodes"?01:22
tgm4883dmfrey, so I'm going to try to explain this rather than mock it up as it's kinda done01:24
tgm4883so when listing episodes, list them as "Title - SXXEXX"01:25
tgm4883and possibly sort them by season/episode01:25
tgm4883currently they are just listed by episode title01:25
dmfreyit is currently set to sort them by season/episode01:25
dmfreyhowever, i am finding that the services api is not always populating it01:25
dmfreyso that is blank01:26
tgm4883dmfrey, well it might not always be available?01:26
tgm4883so blank is fine if that is the case01:26
tgm4883as for the other pane01:26
tgm4883do you happen to use a current mythbuntu pane?01:26
tgm4883mythbuntu theme?01:26
dmfreyno, i currently have the steppe theme installed01:29
dmfreyoh, wait, i know what you mean01:29
dmfreythat would be really nice for a tablet01:31
dmfreyi struggle with some of the ui stuff, but I will see if Tom can produce a view for tablets that resembles that01:32
tgm4883keep up the good work. I'll keep testing when you need me to :)01:33
dmfreythanks, and please post your ideas to the github01:36
dmfreyissues list01:36
dmfreythese were great01:36
dmfreyi added the notifications while we were talking01:36
dmfreyso next release will have them01:37
rhpot1991dmfrey: mxplayer is streaming fine on my n703:01
rhpot1991kinda choppy though03:01
dmfreythat's good03:02
dmfreyi wonder why it is choppy03:03
dmfreyjust added notifications to the download services03:03
rhpot1991kinda reminds me of how it skips in the native player03:03
rhpot1991testing some now03:04
dmfreyso people will know they are doing something03:04
dmfreyhmm, sure it is using mx player?03:04
rhpot1991upping to 720p seems better03:04
rhpot1991still a little blocky though03:04
rhpot1991did you take the code out that makes it automagically go back to the recording screen?03:05
rhpot1991mine is welcoming me back to a white screen now03:05
rhpot1991and I have to hit an extra back03:05
dmfreyyeah, while back03:05
dmfreywe might e able to put that back in now03:05
rhpot1991never got to the bottom of why that broke your phone?03:05
dmfreythat might have been the internal player03:06
dmfreyfeel free to add that back in there03:06
dmfreyi will try it out03:06
dmfreytest it03:06
dmfreyon this phone03:06
rhpot1991hmmm native player looks about the same on here now03:07
rhpot1991new icons are looking nice too btw03:08
dmfreyyeah, i really like them03:09
dmfreyis the interface fast?03:09
rhpot1991besides the initial load of recordings I haven't had to wait03:10
rhpot1991hmmm didn't like it when I bumped the video bitrate for internal player03:11
rhpot1991dmfrey: can the recording rules save yet?03:14
rhpot1991I'm guessing no?03:14
dmfreycan only make active or inactive03:14
dmfreytom is still working on that interface03:14
dmfreyi can't quite seem to get the ui layout stuff to line up just right03:15
rhpot1991I see some text overlap03:15
dmfreywhere at?03:15
rhpot1991recording rules03:15
rhpot1991here I'll email03:15
rhpot1991in your gmail03:17
dmfreyah, see that, thanks03:17
dmfreythat on the nexus?03:17
rhpot1991on n703:17
dmfreyok, thanks03:18
rhpot1991I don't have latest on my gn don't think03:18
rhpot1991I'll push it on there tomorrow and verify03:18
dmfreybe sure to pull so you get the new stuff i did tonight03:18
rhpot1991dmfrey: I think we are ready for the market in a beta capacity03:18
rhpot1991interface and playback are both working well currently03:19
rhpot1991just sent you one more, notice the really large row03:20
dmfreyi think so too03:20
dmfreyhmm, i wonder why that is doing that03:20
rhpot1991not sure03:20
rhpot1991all my other upcomings are fine03:21
rhpot1991long text?03:21
rhpot1991loosk like it pushed the other stuff off screen03:21
rhpot1991maybe it tried to roll them or somethingt03:21
rhpot1991dmfrey: looks like channels in the guide are sorted by tuner or source first before channel number03:23
rhpot1991my locals are showing up before my cable card ones03:23
rhpot1991by design?03:23
dmfreycouldn't sort by number03:26
dmfreysince they usually have a _ in them03:26
breHi guys, I need help with setting up a tv tuner could anyone be of assistance?05:10
=== zcutlip_ is now known as zcutlip
zcutlipHello, I'm having basically this problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/1005224 and was wondering if there's any news or known workarounds?  There was a fair amount of discussion of it on the list in the april/may timeframe but not as much recently23:16
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #1005224 “Video frame buffering failed too many times” : Bugs : “mythtv” package : Ubuntu23:16
zcutlipWeirdly it only affects one of my 2 HD-PVRs, only live tv, and regardless whether the other is in use.23:18
zcutlipboth HD-PVRs have been updated to the latest firmware. 0x1e, I believe23:18
zcutlipI'm running Mythbuntu 12.04 and and tracking Mythbuntu's 0.25-fixes23:19
Patrickdkoh, that issue is easy to fix :)23:55
Patrickdkjust rewring a few seconds23:56

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