Jordan_UI was very close to telling mrojas6996 that we don't support Windows 95 after seeing those screenshots. I don't understand why anyone would do that.00:10
elkyJordan_U, often to trick family into not blaming ubuntu ;)00:29
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mneptokthe first thing i think of when i hear DPMS is the US firearms manufacturer. and yes, sometimes i want to shoot my monitor.15:09
bazhang<krishong> i am really trying to get some windows 95 speed on a unix kernel with my box15:42
bazhangoh yeah15:42
* genii-around tries to remember if thats the same guy who had some windows95 background when doing alt-tab16:10
bazhangadami seems to be caught in a recursive loop17:09
adami1097please remove it18:49
ikoniaadami1097: please stop18:49
ikoniaadami1097: I've just removed you from the #ubuntu channel18:49
adami1097lol I know18:49
ikoniaI removed you as the first line after I asked you not to type in caps was written in caps18:49
adami1097i'm sorry18:50
ikoniayou can come back tomorrow18:51
ikoniaI'm tired of messing around with you18:51
adami1097sorry but I need help18:53
adami1097I found out ircd deleted znc18:53
ikoniait didn't18:53
ikoniaI'm not wasting more time wiht you18:53
ikoniawith you18:53
ikoniaplease leave and come back tomorrow18:53
adami1097u don't have to18:53
ikoniano, but when I asked you to stop contacting me, you continued and starting pm'ing me also18:54
adami1097Please let me back to see if anyone can help18:54
ikoniadespite me asking you to wait 2 times for someone else18:54
adami1097I won't18:54
ikoniaand despite me having to kick you for not following a previous warning18:54
ikoniaso now - please wait it out and come back tomorrow18:54
adami1097I can't18:55
ikoniaok, the don't. Either way, we are done here18:55
adami1097Please let me back I won't contact u and i'm sorry18:55
ikoniayou had too many chances in a short period of time18:55
adami1097I didnt know18:55
ikoniadidn't know what ?18:56
adami1097I had got your messages after I asked last tim18:56
ikoniasorry, now I know you're telling lies18:56
ikoniawe are done. Bye18:56
ikoniaplease leave this channel18:56
adami1097I'M NOT18:56
ikoniayou are welcome back tomorrow18:56
adami1097I need this18:56
adami1097I won't bother u18:56
ikoniaadami1097: don't come back again before tomorrow18:56
adami1097please 1 last chance18:57
adami1097I know how to fix znc18:57
ikoniait won't change - so please leave. You're welcome back tomorrow18:57
adami1097ikonia plz19:10
IdleOneadami1097: May I PM you?19:10
adami1097about what?19:10
IdleOneI think I might be able to help you with your ZNC problem19:11
adami1097ok then19:11

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