cjwatsonMeh, every time I'm working this late I get tempted to kill my nightly backups so that I can have some I/O.00:26
smoseranyone else able to help with that?00:38
smoserthe access denied issue?00:39
smoserwell, i'm out for the night.00:45
smoserif anyone else has their api keys and wants to follow bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/+junk/jenkins2isotracker/ to post results for ec2, they could do that.00:45
smoserthe values you need are:00:45
smoserserial=20120925; release=quantal; mstone='Quantal Beta 2'; url='https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/All%20Quantal/job/quantal-server-ec2/18/'00:46
highvoltageskaet: should beta2 tech overview include the notes from beta1?01:00
highvoltagestgraber: I added that 2 items we discussed earlier and removed the obvious ones from the packages list (from the conflicts list in edubuntu-live), there's not really a lot but the list should probably be even shorter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2#Edubuntu01:10
ScottKhighvoltage: You want the tech overview to be readable for someone upgrading from Precise, so it should cover everything from that angle.02:46
stgrabersmoser: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/api ?02:48
stgrabersmoser: /user is blocked as it's not relevant when using SSO (that page would usually let you change your password and other details that we get from SSO)02:49
stgraberI have a few bug reports to try and make that part a bit better (ideally, without having to patch Drupal's code...)02:49
skaetDaviey, we're still missing some of the Ubuntu Server test results on the iso tracker,  can you look into getting them run and the results added to the tracker?05:51
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Davieyskaet: yep!07:29
slangasekseb128: ^^ something for you07:41
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slangasekseb128: testing it should be as simple as building and installing the package and logging back in07:43
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knomeskaet, i've updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 - sorry for being late for that.09:27
knomeskaet, it also looks like there's problems with reporting our post-installation/desktop tests to the tracker, and we don't have any tests for those because of that; but, i'm signing off both images09:28
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cjwatsonogra_: any luck with testing flash-kernel?10:20
ogra_running since a while10:24
ogra_even with local mirror it takes ages ...10:24
ogra_(i had hoped paul had done it, butu doesnt seem like)10:25
ogra_cjwatson, debian-installer-utils uploaded to proposed for bug 102890511:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1028905 in debian-installer-utils "cdrom-detect in quantal omap4 hangs trying to look for install media on an extended partition" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102890511:25
ogra_cjwatson, and my netinstall just asks me about UTC clock settings (so it passed flash-kernel-installer)11:26
ogra_yup and rebooted just fine11:27
cjwatsonOK, great.  I'll copy flash-kernel now then.11:29
cjwatsonNot sure there's much point using -proposed for debian-installer-utils, since it doesn't have arch skew problems and it needs a d-i rebuild anyway.11:29
cjwatsonBut I can review it there anyway ...11:30
* smartboyhw hopes that scott-work will show up today to say that Ubuntu Studio beta 2 is ready:P11:30
knomesmartboyhw, since you've been monitoring how it comes up and scott not, how do you think he'd know better than you?11:31
ogra_cjwatson, well, i thought i'd rather drive safe and take proposed before anyone shouts that i broke a policy or so :)11:32
* smartboyhw thinks that he does NOT have sign-off rights:P11:32
ogra_we are still frozen after all :)11:32
knomesmartboyhw, if scott doesn't turn up, then you probably have to make the decision :P11:33
smartboyhwknome: Ooh:P11:34
cjwatsonogra_: Oh, I spotted a mistake11:34
cjwatsonogra_: You need a $ at the end of that regexp11:34
cjwatsonIn practice I don't see any partition types we care about that would be mishandled due to that, but I'd rather be safe11:35
cjwatsonSo I'll reject that for now, please fix and reupload :)11:35
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cjwatsonLooks fine otherwise11:36
ogra_should i force overwrite the debcommit or just add the change on top in the branch ?11:36
cjwatsonEither; just make sure the tag is accurate11:36
ogra_cjwatson, bah, there isnt a tag for your last upload it seems11:39
cjwatsonHuh, that's odd11:39
cjwatsonIs now11:39
ogra_hmm, i cant do a push --overwrite it seems11:45
cjwatsonunbind first11:46
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/Devel/branches/debian-installer-utils$ bzr unbind11:46
ogra_bzr: ERROR: Local branch is not bound11:46
* ogra_ wonders if thats another fallout of two factor auth ... i have nothing but probs with it11:47
ogra_though i can push normally ... (complains about diverged branches indeed) just not with --overwrite11:48
ogra_ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host11:48
* ogra_ scratches head11:48
ogra_oh, wait11:48
ogra_hmm, no11:49
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/Devel/branches/debian-installer-utils$ bzr push lp:~ogra/ubuntu/quantal/debian-installer-utils/ubuntu11:53
cjwatsonyou could try uncommitting from the remote branch instead11:53
ogra_ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host11:53
ogra_ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying11:53
ogra_if i only could11:53
ogra_i cant even push to my own account now it seems11:53
cjwatsontry killing off any stray bzr and ssh processes11:53
smartboyhwskaet: Signoff of Beta 2 starting in er like 7 minutes?11:54
ogra_none there11:54
knomesmartboyhw, ending.11:54
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/Devel/branches/debian-installer-utils$ bzr uncommit lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/debian-installer-utils/ubuntu/11:55
ogra_ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host11:55
ogra_uncommitting remotely has the same issue11:55
ogra_i have a pending reboot from yesterdays upgrade, lets see if rebooting helps probably11:56
cjwatsonYou'll have to ask #launchpad (public) or #launchpad-ops (internal)11:56
* smartboyhw finds out that #launchpad-ops has no one there11:57
cjwatsonogra_: Somebody else is reporting a similar problem on -ops, so it may not be just you11:57
cjwatsonogra_: Try again no11:58
ogra_cjwatson, heh, ok, at least i did my reboot for the new kernel now :)12:02
ogra_yippie, all good :)12:04
ogra_and re-uploaded12:06
smoserstgraber, sorry for being a dolt. i had clicked on api too. i just saw the "Intrdocution" and assumed it was just doc.12:16
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skaetDaviey,  plars - any ETA on when those missing server tests will be complete?13:40
plarsskaet: hggdh ran what he could of the maas tests yesterday, but I don't think he has everything he needs to run all of them. My understanding is that someone from server team normally does this? Same for iscsi13:41
skaetRiddell,  the Kubuntu images for powerpc and amd64+mac don't have results -  are they likely to get some in next little bit, or remove them from list for beta 2?13:42
skaetDaviey, ^  ??13:43
jibelskaet, plars https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/QuantalBeta2TestReport13:43
Riddellskaet: I'm happy enough for them to be removed13:44
skaetRiddell, ok,  doing.13:44
skaetthanks jibel13:44
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skaetvanhoof, infinity, plars - the netboot images look like they still need some testing -  what's the outlook on them?13:51
skaetknome,  thanks for the update.  If there are post install issues,  please mentiong them in the TechnicalOverview/Beta2.   Marking your images ready now too.13:53
ogra_skaet, a fix for arm netboot is in the archive, but would require a d-i rebuild, not sure what colin plans here13:53
skaetcjwatson,   ^  release note,  and make available shortly after?13:53
* ogra_ wouldnt mind to skip them given the fix will be inthe next build anyway13:54
cjwatsonNo, it does not require a d-i rebuild13:54
cjwatsonflash-kernel is not in the initrd13:54
cjwatsonIt should be available for netboot installations now13:54
ogra_ugh, soryy, i mixed up the two fixes :)13:54
cjwatsonThus I don't see a need to release note13:54
ogra_sorry, sorry13:55
skaetok.   thanks cjwatson, ogra_13:55
popeyskaet, i have a new UIFe for you :S https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-shopping/+bug/105690113:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056901 in unity-lens-shopping "[UIFe] Display category emblems on results" [High,In progress]13:55
popey(you need to look at the far right end of the orange price strip to see the change (which eluded me initially))13:56
skaetLaney,  can you review the new incoming from popey?   my bandwidth right now is focusing on getting beta 2 ready and figuring out what we'll ship or not.13:59
popeythanks skaet, sorry to lay more on you..14:00
* skaet keeps up her pinging :P14:01
* smartboyhw is seriously wondering why scott-work hasn't said a word since he came:P14:02
skaetRiddell,  one of the missing netboot tests, is installing Kubuntu - has anyone tried that yet?14:02
ogra_smartboyhw, if someones client conncts that doesnt necessary mean there is a person attached to it ;)14:03
Riddellskaet: fooey didn't notice that, I can give it a go14:04
skaetsmartboyhw,  scott-work - are there more results about to be posted for ubuntu-studio?14:04
skaetthanks Riddell14:04
smartboyhwskaet, don't think so......14:04
smartboyhwWe don't have that much testers:P14:04
skaetsmartboyhw,  then probably we won't ship this time around.   Manditory tests should be completed.14:05
smartboyhwskaet, that is real difficult......14:05
smartboyhwThen we won't have any builds to ship, we just don't have enough testers to complete ALL of them14:05
plarsskaet: for netboot, you are referring to the kubuntu and xubuntu netboot tests?14:07
skaetplars,  yes,  Riddell says he'll handle kubuntu,  and if that's ok,  then we'll assume xubuntu likely is.14:07
smartboyhwskaet, I will just go and run the tests now14:07
skaetsmartboyhw,  ok.    I'll hold off on the decision to ship/not from my perspective as long as can.14:08
skaetbut we won't be holding up the release for it.14:09
smartboyhwskaet, OK14:09
skaetballoons,  can you fix http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/238/builds/24227/testcases for quantal?  upgrading from lucid doesn't make sense as a test for quantal.   (Daviey,  sound out if you disagree)14:14
Laneypopey: is it entirely necessary?14:15
Laneythe tweaks don't seen to be stopping.14:15
balloonsskaet, ohh.. I thought we fixed that14:16
balloonsohh.. server14:16
popeyLaney, It certainly improves the user experience. I'd imagine people are going to appreciate pre-filtering amazon results they may click on by these visual cues.14:16
skaetyup, server14:16
balloonsgive me a few14:17
LaneyI should hope that you think all changes improve the user experience :-)14:17
smartboyhwskaet, can you give me an approximate time for us to complete the testcases before you call it off?14:18
Laneyjbicha: tell me what you think about the prospect of another shopping lens uife ;-)14:19
jbichaLaney: what do they want this time?14:19
Laneyto add 'emblems' to the amazon results14:19
Laneywhich indicate the category it came from14:19
skaetsmartboyhw,  you've got at least an hour,   was expecting the results in by 1200 UTC so we wouldn't be doing this dance.  Beyond that variable.14:20
smartboyhwskaet, thanks14:20
stgraberskaet: Edubuntu should be all good, we have ISO and upgrade test results, tech overview was done by highvoltage and the bug listed in the release notes is still relevant. We won't have a blog post for beta2, so just link to http://www.edubuntu.org as usual.14:21
Davieyskaet: no eta yet14:21
jbichaLaney: well we don't have screenshots of the shopping lenses, but it'd be nice if the UI stopped changing for the ubuntu-manual guys & such14:21
LaneyYes. And it would be nice if the exceptions stopped coming and sucking up the release, doc and translation team's time14:24
Laneyjbicha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-shopping/+bug/105690114:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056901 in unity-lens-shopping "[UIFe] Display category emblems on results" [High,In progress]14:24
* Laney wonders how far the word 'exception' can be stretched14:25
skaetDaviey,  ack.    you're on critical path for release timing now.14:25
* smartboyhw too14:25
stgraberLaney: for unity-lens-shopping it's surely not an exception ;) every single upload of that source were past FF/UIF...14:26
ScottKRight.  That's the problem.  For certain teams they operate (for whatever reasons - not always in there control) as if exception was normal.14:27
ScottKLaney: You can always say no and see if sabdfl really wants it.14:27
Laneythere's this one too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-shopping/+bug/105568414:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055684 in unity-lens-shopping "[FFE] Use music lens details page for music store results" [High,In progress]14:27
Davieyskaet: woot!14:27
jbichaI bet we're going to get more of these exceptions next week too14:28
skaetthanks stgraber, highvoltage - appreciate Edubuntu being ready to go by 1200 UTC.14:28
Laneyskaet: I think we should start turning these requests down14:29
xnoxskaet: Daviey is all dressed up for beta2 =) or is it the London OpenStack meeting.... not sure now14:29
* xnox live from the office14:29
ScottKskaet: I think it's time to start saying no on non-essential U/I changes (I think the online search privacy change and the https change are essential - none of the rest are).14:29
highvoltageskaet: :)14:30
smartboyhwStudio amd64 ready to go, download i386 ISO ETA 4-8 minutes14:31
stgraberI'd argue that bug 1055684 should be fixed as it definitely looks like a bug to the user (http://cloudfront.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/unity-shopping-preview.jpg)14:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055684 in unity-lens-shopping "[FFE] Use music lens details page for music store results" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105568414:31
stgraberhowever I agree that the rest of the visual tweaks can certainly wait till R14:31
highvoltagewhy can't you just make people who land late features take responsibility for them? like, if you want to introduce a UI change 2 weeks after UI freeze you should be the one taking screensots of it in 63 (or how many it is these days) languages14:32
highvoltage(I guess that's maybe somewhat harsh)14:32
skaetLaney, ScottK - please add your comments to the bugs in question,  and I'll do my homework enough for an opinion as soon as we get this Beta2 out the door.   I'm agreeing its gotten way too late for tweaks, but don't want to comment further until I actually can focus and read them.14:32
Laneystgraber: feel free to take it on (in fact, please do)14:33
tumbleweedstgraber: or just consider it to be still too buggy for release, and remove it14:33
popeythanks for the consideration14:33
jbichatumbleweed: :)14:34
tumbleweedno really, I don't know why we aren't considering that as an option. It's a totally real and useful one14:34
Laneyno it's not a real one14:34
Laneyit's out of the release team's hands, so to speak14:35
stgrabertumbleweed: I'd be happy with that option if it wasn't for the whole getting sabdfl'ed and ending up with more changes than we're talking about at the moment...14:35
stgraberconsidering the changes independently we can at least hope to postpone some of them...14:36
tumbleweedyeah, it sounds like it's mostly there (And I don't recall seeing explicit sabdfling, but assumed it was behind the scenes somewhere)14:37
jbichaLaney: I believe the Release Team does have that authority14:37
ScottKWe certainly do.14:37
Laneyit's already a sabdfled feature14:38
ScottKtumbleweed: sabfling only counts if it's explicit and on the record.14:38
ogra_so why do you complain14:38
ogra_nothing to discuss if it was sabdlfied14:38
* smartboyhw is now rushing to get the i386 studio testing completed.......14:39
ScottKI've seen Mark rip someone's head off for trying "Mark told me it had to go in" on the release team.14:39
highvoltageScottK: right, that was passed by the CC a while ago, but I haven't actually seen any bugs or docs for any sabdflifications14:39
ogra_well, but the sabdfl override is a real thing that was defined in ubuntu from day one, if it is used it should simply be noted as that14:39
ScottKogra_: Yes, but he has to actually do it explicitly.14:40
ogra_and everyone (including sabdfl) should just move on and accept the policy14:40
ogra_else it is pointless to have it14:40
phillwskaet: lubuntu won't release beta2 ppc, too many gremlins. Others are okay to throw out in the wild :)14:40
Laneyregardless of that, all of these later requests are certainly within our jurisdiction14:40
ScottKCertainly.  I have my opinion about it, but I don't argue it's the policy and he has the authority.14:40
ScottKLaney: Precisely.14:40
skaetthanks phillw,   was wondering about those ppc images.14:41
ScottKBTW, I put NACK comments on the two bugs.14:41
ogra_phillw, oh, btw, do you plan to have a lubuntu slideshow ?14:41
ScottKI didn't mark the wontfix (although I could have) because skaet said she wanted to look at them later.14:41
ogra_looks a bit odd with all the ubuntu advertising14:41
jbichathe sabdfl override isn't really documented in the usual places, like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess is it?14:41
phillwwe#re hoping for a kernel fix which re: bug 104351814:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 1043518 in linux "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351814:41
scott-workskaet: how soon do the remaining tests for studio need to be done? btw, i saw your email earlier but work is busy, busy these days14:41
ogra_(especially since none of the apps is installed)14:42
smartboyhwscott-work, I am doing the i386 tests, at most 20 minutes to be completed14:42
* scott-work picked up more responsibilitys (but no extra pay) when my boss was removed14:42
smartboyhwscott-work, LOL14:42
ogra_jbicha, no, its somewheer documented wheer the term is also exoplained14:42
tumbleweedjbicha: a sabdfl override is usually a comment from him on the FFe bug, acking it (in my experience)14:42
skaetscott-work,  we're waiting on Daviey now at this point,  so if you can get them done before then,  you should be good.   smartboyhw is working on them.14:42
phillwogra_: afaik, one is being done. I can go poke the ML as I'm not sure who is doing it.14:42
ogra_ah, cool14:42
ogra_phillw, apart from that, great work, lubuntu gave me a nice new home for the ac100 :)14:43
highvoltageogra_: sabdfl and the CC did agree that all sabdfl decisions has to be logged somewhere to avoid people randomly claiming that something was an sabdfl request (and other problems)14:43
ogra_highvoltage, ah, so it has been handled14:43
cjwatsonphillw: You understand that that kernel fix only affects nvidia systems, right?14:43
scott-workthank you smartboyhw and skaet14:43
cjwatsonJust in case you'd related it to the Radeon bug cluster somehow.14:44
skaetscott-work,  can you take a pass at TechnicalOverview/Beta2 page and make sure any new features/key fixes for Ubuntu Studio have been added.14:46
scott-worki will do that in about an hour, skaet14:47
skaetthanks scott-work14:49
ScottKjbicha: Mark can sabdfl anything in the project.  It's not just about freeze exceptions.14:50
ScottKstgraber: Re 1055684 - It looks like we collided.  I get your point, but I think we need to draw a line in the sand on non-critical U/I tweaks.14:51
phillwcjwatson: yes, for the liveCD only nvidea is affected, so there would be no need to mess with nomodeset etc.14:51
smartboyhwskaet scott-work testing finished results passed marked in ISO Tracker ALL READY14:52
skaetthanks smartboyhw14:52
smartboyhwNP skaet14:52
cjwatsonphillw: Right, except many of the powerpc bugs were about radeon.  Just want to make sure there's no false hope here.14:53
skaetutlemming,  there are 3 cloud images with no results.   Is there an ETA for those?14:55
phillwcjwatson: that is possibly another kernel issue, or maybe fixable by x-org. Oncee the B2's are out of the way I'll go see what the consensus is between the two teams :)14:55
smartboyhwthanks skaet for marking it ready:P14:55
cjwatsonphillw: *nod*14:56
skaetcjwatson,  thanks for the tweaks to the TechnicalOverview earlier.    Are there any more that need to be added from the foundation team perspective?15:05
cjwatsonI didn't have anything at this point15:06
skaetarosales, smoser - do you have any info on those 3 cloud images without test results - should they ship or not?15:06
smoserutlemming, ^15:07
skaetok thanks cjwatson.15:07
smoserhe's getting them i think15:07
skaetsmoser, ok - just hadn't heard back from my earlier ping to him, so wasn't sure if he was on it or not.15:07
chrisccoulsoncan someone please reject the firefox upload in quantal-proposed?15:13
popeyLaney, I have updated the bug, it may not have been clear initially, the emblems are already in Ubuntu, this bug fixes an inconsistency between the music/video lenses and the dash.15:13
Laneypopey: ScottK took it over.15:14
Laneychrisccoulson: yeah15:14
popeyok, ScottK ^^ :)15:14
Laneykaboom, it falls down15:14
balloonsskaet, so the server upgrades are "fixed".. they are pointing at the desktop upgrade case though. .it seems we don't have a different server upgrade case15:14
balloonsI'm sure Daviey and I can come up with any minor tweaks and create one15:15
ScottKpopey: skaet is going to review the FFe's in question after Beta 2 is out and make a final decision.  To me it seems non-critical and I think it's too late for non-critical.15:15
popeynoted ScottK, thanks15:15
skaetballoons,  can you work with Daviey then after this release is out to get an appropriate test case in there.   (Since he's a member of release team, and has a vested interest in Ubuntu Server)15:15
balloonsskaet, yes of course.. it's status quo. the legacy cases also pointed at the desktop upgrade case15:16
skaets/release/beta2 release/15:16
smartboyhwIt seems like there is goign to be a ninth member of testcase admins team then:P (aka Daviey)15:16
balloonssmartboyhw, Daviey is a member of the release team.. He has super cow powers15:17
smartboyhwSuper cow:)15:17
cjwatsonsmartboyhw: apt-get moo15:18
skaetrelease team members and flavor leads,   could I ask you all to take a read through the current test cases on the iso tracker and make sure they make sense from your perspective.   Goal here is to make sure the set of manditory test cases is truly manditory,  and we're not including manual testing that doesn't add value.  Similarily,   if there are areas where we should be adding test coverage,  please add the test15:18
skaet cases (I'm thinking of earlier comments from knome).15:18
utlemmingskaet, arosales: Beta2 Cloud images are all tested -- results look good.15:18
smartboyhwWhy is everybody apt-get moo at me?15:18
utlemmingskaet, arosales: the cloud images can be marked ready15:19
skaetthanks utlemming15:19
cjwatsonskaet: Let me know when you think we can start flushing the upload queue due to being past the point of no return15:22
cjwatsonI'd like to do that under supervision so that I can make sure the timeout-avoidance code works15:22
skaetcjwatson, will do.   Just waiting for Daviey to let us know about the missing tests from Ubuntu Server.15:23
* cjwatson accepts some unseeded things in the meantime15:25
cjwatson(xorg-server wasn't me)15:25
cjwatsonOh, it also apparently wasn't actually accepted.  OK15:25
* stgraber really needs to figure out what's going on with queuebot when queues are too long...15:26
xnoxqueuebot has became a practical joker like that AI super computer in I, Robot.15:26
* smartboyhw wonders what happened to the Ubuntu Desktop upgrade amd64 not marked ready15:33
skaetsmartboyhw,  oversite.  fixing15:35
stgraberpatched queuebot to actually check for the record status instead of assuming that !rejected == accepted and have it discard the data it receives from LP if the package status don't make sense15:35
stgraberhopefully that should fix the problems or at least let me figure out what's going on15:36
cjwatsongreat, thanks15:36
smartboyhwskaet, please explain what is oversite to me;P15:41
cjwatsontypo for oversight15:42
cjwatson(which may help non-native speakers)15:43
plarsskaet: not sure if someone is already on it, but I'm trying to work out the iscsi tests15:43
skaetplars,  thanks.  Daviey,  if someone else is already doing the ISCSI tests,  please let plars know.15:43
skaetsorry smartboyhw,  my bad.15:44
plarsDaviey: even if not, it would still be helpful to have someone else looking at it too, as I've just now installed iscsitarget on a local machine to try to muck through it15:44
infinityGood morning.15:45
smartboyhwHello infinity15:45
skaethello infinity,   do we ship powerpc server image or not?15:47
skaetit doesn't have all its tests done,  but its common code with the rest that seems fairly well tested.15:48
infinityskaet: All its tests aren't really necessary for an unsupported port, IMO, as long as someone's tested that the ISO works at all.15:49
infinityskaet: And it looks like someone's tested that it boots and installs, and those passed, so that's enough for me.15:49
skaetinfinity,  ok,  can you work with balloons after beta2 is out to get the set of manditory test cases adjusted to what is truly manditory.15:49
skaetfor the final release,  all manditory will need to be run,  as well as all run once.15:50
phillwskaet: the issues we're seeing with ppc seem to be 'X' related (even though kernel driven), as server is CLI it should be immune from them?15:50
skaetphillw,  yes,  so I assume, and why its likely ok to ship.15:51
infinityphillw: Your X issues are video card specific too, are they not?  It's not "all PPC hardware".15:51
phillwinfinity: provided you do not have radeon or nvidea cards, you are okay... Which I thinks covers all the apple PPC's ;(15:52
infinityphillw: Oh, I thought it was only one or the other that was broken.15:52
phillwthe nvidea issue is now fix commited (it also affects other distros and archs).15:53
infinityphillw: Also, radeon on my PPC machine is fine in quantal (assuming I don't use radeonfb, but what was a known bug)15:53
phillwinfinity: no such look for us!15:53
phillwas the dust settles I'll ask some one who knows about kernels to take a look at the proposed kernel fix before I go and ask the kernel team. It would be useful if I actually understood what I was asking for :D15:54
rtgskaet, should the netboot images have been rebuilt since Sept 22 ? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/15:58
skaetrtg,  no api change was the word when it was asked earlier this week.15:59
* ogra_ doesnt think there was a d-i upload since the 22nd15:59
cjwatsonIndeed.  We'll do one after beta15:59
rtgok, but the kernel in d-i still has the linker problem that we sorted out with doko16:00
ScottKphillw: Understanding leads to questions.  Often it's better just not to know.16:02
cjwatsonrtg: Hm, I didn't see any visible effects from it ... wasn't that a total boot failure?16:03
rtgcjwatson, not always, often it was just an annoyance about graphics mode selction16:03
phillwScottK: he he, then someone who understands what is a written proposed solution would need to look at it to see the feasability of it (I think that there are two ways forward that have been suggested).16:04
rtgcjwatson, ogasawara: I'm bumping the kernel ABI so that we're sure to rebuild d-i after the beta release.16:04
ScottKphillw: Yes, but "I don't really understand enough about this to have an informed opinion, would you please look at it and tell me what you think?" can be a nice work shifting device.16:05
ScottKLet's not get into how I know that.16:05
phillwthanks for the tip :)16:05
cjwatsonrtg: I thought we got that fix.  It stopped bugging me on boot.16:06
infinityrtg: I rebuilt for that fix.16:06
infinityrtg: Anyhow, no need for artificial ABI bumps, there will be d-i uploads right after beta.16:07
rtginfinity, I'm checking for when that fix went in. I just updated my cobbler installation and experienced the grpahics selection bug, which is why I checked the last date on the ISO16:08
ScottKI approved the privacy change FFe.16:08
infinityrtg: Well, the fix was fixed a few different ways/times.  Maybe I didn't rebuild for the last one where you fixed the struct.16:08
infinityrtg: Let me see.16:08
rtgso, the netboot ISO should have that fix.16:09
infinityrtg: Indeed it should.16:09
rtghmm, wtf16:10
infinityrtg: Maybe you have an outdated ISO?16:11
infinityrtg: Or maybe the bug just hates you. :/16:11
rtginfinity, its possible both reasons are afflicting me. gimme a bit to figure it out16:12
infinityrtg: Alternately, no one accidentally reverted 14.18 in a later release, did they?16:14
infinityrtg: (We've long since rebuilt to pick up -15.*-)16:14
rtginfinity, nope, I just checked. The 'used' attribute is still present in the source code.16:15
infinityKay, well the kernel used for d-i right now would be 15.22, so all it's missing is the i915 backlight reverts.16:15
infinityWhich is likely irksome to some, but shouldn't be cause your bug to come back. :/16:16
rtginfinity, I'll know as soon as the machine I'm installing is done. then I can check what kernel its using.16:16
infinityrtg: Checking after installation might be less helpful than hitting a terminal right now and looking. :P16:16
infinityrtg: Since it's the kernel baked into the installer that you're curious about, not what it plans to install, no?16:17
rtginfinity, the colors are so messed up that I can't read it on another console.16:17
infinityOh.  Lolz.16:17
infinityI'd suggest serial, but x86 kit with serial is the computing unicorn these days.16:17
rtgjust so happens this machine is old enough that it still has serial, but thats kind of a last resort16:18
skaetinfinity,  all the test results are in now,  and they look basically ready to start the pre-publishing off.16:21
infinityBasically ready is such a comforting noun phrase.16:22
cjwatsonWhoa, we forgot to do early pre-publishing again16:22
cjwatsonI meant to check on that16:22
skaetcjwatson,  ack.16:22
plarsDaviey: I can't seem to get the iscsi tests to work, but it's highly likely it's something in my setup as I don't have a known-working environment for this, is there someone from your team that could take a look?16:27
balloonsplars, I don't know if there's anything different in this one: http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/225/builds/16299/testcases/1337/results16:35
balloonsit's been verified to work however16:35
ogra_1337 ?16:35
jibelplars, jamespage can help you with iscsi16:35
plarshmm, I may have just found the problem... I have something on my network that is causing a problem I think16:38
plarslet me start this over and try again16:38
infinityPre-publishing is syncing to mirrors.16:39
jamespagejibel, I'm trying but my laptop keeps overheating16:40
Davieyplars: jamespage is doing the iscsi stuff right now16:40
plarsDaviey: ok, I may keep going with it at least on the unauthenticated mode to see if I can get it working - thanks!16:41
skaetinfinity,  ack. thanks.16:41
Davieyplars: cool!16:41
jamespageDaviey, jibel, plars: seeing an issue with iscsi root16:47
jamespagegrub appears, but initramfs fails to find the iscsi device so no /dev/by-uuid16:47
jamespagethat was for authenticated16:48
jamespageI'll try unauthed as well now16:48
plarsogra_: have you tried netboot install since the flash-kernel update?16:52
ogra_plars, i commented on the bug (and closed it too)16:52
plarsogra_: oh, I didn't see the message I guess... I'll go look, but I just finished an attempt, and confirmed I have the new f-k and I'm getting "/dev/mmcblk0p1 is not a block device" still16:53
ogra_on real iron ?16:53
ogra_i tested in a vm16:54
plarsogra_: yes, on my iron-panda16:54
plarsogra_: I don't need a newer netboot image or anything right? it's pulling it from the archive not from the image16:55
cjwatsonplars: that's right16:55
cjwatsonit's possible there's a similar symptom a little further down16:55
* cjwatson will let ogra_ analyse it though :)16:56
ogra_yeah, i'll try an omap4 install now16:56
plarsand if I go to a shell, I still see only /dev/mmcblk0 (no p1)16:56
ogra_might be that there is a difference vs omap316:56
ogra_plars, erm, which image did you use ?16:56
ogra_smells like you just used the fat partition16:57
plarsI did16:57
plarsbecause I needed serial16:57
plarsyeah, I was just thinking... I'm not sure that one includes partitioning16:57
ogra_right, you want the .gz image still16:57
ogra_-fat is actually only the content of the first partition16:58
plarsogra_: so this image won't work then, need to just modify the other one instead?16:58
ogra_now dont ask me why we publish that16:58
ogra_NCommander created that16:58
plarsbut that was my next question!16:58
ogra_i'll happily remove it16:58
plarswell, that's a relief actually16:58
infinityWe should probably stop publishing the partition images.  Or include a nice README.16:58
ogra_(i ran into the same issue before btw)16:58
cjwatsonhttp://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal/main/installer-armhf/current/images/MANIFEST has a one-line description of each image, but fails to mention the -fat ones ...16:59
cjwatsonev: You can't use the same version in both quantal and precise-proposed.17:01
cjwatsonev: Perhaps you want -0ubuntu3.1 in precise-proposed (in which case remember to tweak the Breaks/Replaces).17:01
evargh, okay17:01
evyeah, I had that before but it seemed messy17:01
evwill do17:01
* cjwatson rejects17:01
plarsogra_: what might be even nicer is to just have a preEnv.txt for both normal, and serial install boot on the boot partition17:03
plarsogra_: perhaps with a README saying to just swap it out for the serial one if you need/want to do serial installs17:03
ogra_plars, we do ...17:03
plarsogra_: oh?17:03
ogra_oh, perhaps not in the netinst image17:03
skaetinfinity,  which of the pre-publishing steps in Release minus a couple of hours in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaProcess are done now?17:03
plarsogra_: ah, right, I think I saw that on server, but it's not on netinst17:04
infinityThe netboot images are actually different (different modules, etc)17:04
ogra_all others have preEnv.txt and preEnv.txt-serial17:04
infinityIt's not just a config thing.17:04
ogra_plars, though generally i was thinking about dropping -serial ... it is so easy to edit the file now17:04
infinityskaet: None, since "minus a couple of hours" refers to publishing, not pre-publishing.17:05
ogra_so people wanting serial can easily add console=ttyF0017:05
plarsogra_: but it's also easy to leave it, and probably saves you from the occasional "what do I add to make it work with serial installs" question17:06
infinityYeah, I see no reason to drop the serial netboot image.17:06
ogra_infinity, not the serial image17:06
skaetinfinity minus a couple of hours of publishing,  is pre-publishing to me.  :P17:06
ogra_i was talking about preEnv.txt-serial17:06
infinityogra_: Oh, yeah.  Well, that's a nice hint.17:06
plars+1 for dropping the serial image, +1 for adding preEnv.txt-serial17:06
skaetinfinity,  please let me know which of the steps are done,  or which are still needed.17:07
ogra_plars, ok: i'll do tht over the next days17:07
infinityskaet: I only just pre-published, I'll jump on the "minus a couple of hours" stuff now.17:07
* ogra_ puts on hos TODO17:07
skaetinfinity,  ack.   please post as they get done, so we can stay in sync.17:08
infinityogra_: -1 to dropping the serial image and consolodating with fb.  It makes my life harder. :P17:08
ogra_infinity, in what way ?17:08
infinityogra_: Because I'd now need to edit an image to boot serial?17:08
ogra_hmm, k17:09
infinitySeems like a step backward when it's no maintenance headache to provide both for netboot.17:09
plarsinfinity: just like you do for -server? :)17:09
ogra_so we'll keep serial and fb images but drop fat17:09
skaetinfinity,  #7 is done.17:09
infinityplars: For server, it makes sense, cause shipping two enormous images is silly.17:09
plarsright, it should be the full image if you're really serious about keeping it17:09
Davieyskaet: There is an iscsi issue, where booting isn't working as expected.  jamespage has confidently seen it, and seems plars is also experiencing woe.17:12
Davieyrelease notes will be updated17:12
Davieyit is not a beta release blocker17:12
skaetDaviey,  understood.17:12
DavieyI need to go afk.. We should be good to go. :)17:13
* ogra_ never got that iscsi hype ... nbd is so much easier :P17:13
plarsjamespage: doesn't seem to be working for me under unauthenticated either17:15
plarserror: no such device: (uuid)17:15
jamespageplars, yeah - same problem then17:16
jamespageplars, iscsistart: No target ... as well?17:16
jamespageplars, bug 105763517:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 1057635 in ubuntu "initramfs does not use iscsiroot device presented by ipxe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105763517:17
plarsjamespage: no, I don't see that, but I did see something odd after making a stupid mistake17:18
plarsjamespage: I assumed I would need to install grub to a local drive17:18
plarsjamespage: so I erased my local drive and created a single empty partition on it at install time just to make sure it was initialized (but I didn't use the partition for anything)17:18
plarsjamespage: when it got to the stage of asking where to stick the bootloader, the default was sdb (my iscsi target), and I pressed enter instead of changing it17:19
plarsso... it didn't boot17:19
plarsbut I went into rescue, and tried to rewrite grub but it seemed sda was still empty, uninitialized, no partition...17:20
* Daviey goes afk17:20
plarsI init'd it manually, and wrote grub to it after mounting root on /dev/sdb117:20
plarsand it didn't complain, but it didn't boot17:20
plarsonly error was the "error: no such device" one17:20
plarsjamespage: ^17:20
jamespageplars, I use this branch for scirpted testing using ipxe17:27
jamespagehave to go afk now17:27
plarsthanks, I'll take a look17:28
infinityOh lovely, we haven't spit out a source CD since the 6th.  Why isn't that cronned? :/17:39
skaetinfinity,  feel free to add it so we don't see the issue next time.17:42
infinitySure, once I sort out how to coax cdimage into producing a source CD set.17:43
infinityLa la la, making source CDs.  Do dee dooo...17:58
knomewill http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/ have the beta images too?18:00
infinityknome: They'll show up in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/quantal/ when I'm done.18:01
knomeinfinity, ok, so there's no single url where you can *always* get the latest iso?18:01
infinityknome: Well, for what definition of "latest"?18:01
infinityknome: The URL you gave is always the latest built.18:01
knomeso, the beta images will show up in that url too?18:02
infinityknome: The URL I gave points to milestones.18:02
knomebut not the one i posted?18:02
infinityknome: daily = daily, releases = releases.  Seems fairly straightforward. ;)18:02
knomeyeah, just checking.18:03
skaetknome,   http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/12.10/beta-2/  will have the Xubuntu beta 2 images18:03
knomeskaet, yeah, i was just wondering if the beta images show up in the daily directory.18:04
skaetthe current images in daily right now,  will become the beta-2 images and persist,  while we go back to adding fresh updates to dailies from now until final freeze.18:04
cjwatsonI've never cronned it because it seems like a lot to spit out all the time, and we want it to be done basically after we've finished with all the respins we're going to do18:12
cjwatsonWhich is either difficult to automate or very expensive, depending on which approach you take :-)18:12
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, I think commented out in cron as a gentle reminder would be enough. :P18:12
infinitycjwatson: Especially if/when I move to automating a buch of that, and I need to remember WTF we're building. ;)18:13
cjwatsonYeah, might not be a bad plan, as long as it's marked so people don't uncomment it in bulk18:16
slangasekinfinity: hey, so in the end I've side-stepped systemd-logind; so I no longer have an FFe justification for kmod, should I reject it?18:20
slangasek(so it doesn't appear in the auto-flush)18:20
infinityslangasek: It wouldn't ayway, since it's in NEW.18:20
slangasekah right18:20
slangasekwell should I reject it anyway? :)18:20
infinityslangasek: But if you want to hold off until R, reject away.  I can fish it out of the queue and re-upload it in a few weeks. :P18:21
slangasekinfinity: also, pam-xdg-support has a pending FFe request for bug #894391 and is in NEW18:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 894391 in ubuntu "[FFe] support $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89439118:21
skaetinfinity,  where are we with publishing right now?18:21
infinityslangasek: I mean "cool, I'll check it in a little bit".18:22
* infinity coughs.18:22
slangasekinfinity: yes, I figure that's the best time to ask you whether my FFe is ok18:22
slangasekQUICK, ANSWER NOW18:22
infinityThere needs to be a unicode glyph for flipping the bird.18:22
skaetslangasek,  you taking lessons from PS?18:22
infinityskaet: Just produced and published some source ISOs, going through the manual verification bits.  Hold please.18:23
* infinity sheds a tear for the kmod reject.18:24
skaetahh.... there's gilir18:25
skaetgilir,  do you have any updates for:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2,   if not, could you remove the "TODO" with your name on it.18:26
gilirskaet, done, sorry for the delay18:30
skaetthanks gilir18:30
infinityskaet: Alright, cdimage mangling is all done, we should be ready to sync.18:31
infinityskaet: (So, 2 and 3 are done and verified)18:31
skaetinfinity,  ok,  I'm working on 4 then now.18:32
infinityskaet: Alright, I'll push to the mirrors nowish, then.18:32
skaetyeah,  I'll start checking the links as soon as you tell me should be good.18:33
infinityHrm, wait.18:33
infinitycjwatson: ^-- Did your rewriting make metalinks asplode?18:34
infinitycjwatson: I has no quantal metalinks at all (either individual ones, or the md5sums)18:36
infinityHrm, looks like someone other than me already ran sync-mirrors anyway. :P18:41
infinityEither that, or one took so long to get around to responding to the pre-publish push that it picked up beta-2 along the way.  Seems less likely.18:44
infinityBut releases.u.c has beta-2.18:45
* skaet goes to start checking the links18:45
infinityShould probably wait on checking until all the mirrors have stopped suckling on nusakan's port 873.18:45
TheDrumsWhy is it that lubuntu-12.10-beta2-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+ac100.tar.gz.zsync downloads lubuntu-12.10-beta2-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+ac100.tar (not gz, and is MUCH larger) ?18:46
infinityTheDrums: Bug, someone noted it yesterday, I think.18:46
infinityogra_: Didn't you have a fix for that? ---^18:47
TheDrumsHappened for beta1 as well, figured I should ask this round.18:47
ogra_infinity, no, cjwatson wanted to look at it18:47
infinityogra_: Ahh, I only caught half the conversation.18:47
ogra_infinity, i only had the same prob but wanted to finish beta testing so didnt care any further and used wget18:47
skaetinfinity,   64-bit Mac (AMD64) server install CD should be on cdimages,   not supported image per Daviey.18:48
infinityskaet: Oh.  That's irksome.  It's only supported for desktop?18:49
ogra_TheDrums, use wget for now (dunno, probably rsync would work too)18:49
skaetonly for server18:49
skaetdesktop is supported18:49
infinityskaet: Yes, that's what I just said. :P18:49
ogra_TheDrums, thanks a lot for reporting (and reminding me)18:49
skaetrather server not supported,   desktop supported.18:49
skaetread it wrong.18:49
infinityskaet: I'm all for ignoring that for beta-2, and publishing differently for release.  Manuall mangling it is annoying.18:49
infinityManually, too.18:49
skaetok.  Can we clean up the Desktop CD reference on the page to say Desktop Images?18:50
infinityWell, it's still an ISO, which is what we call a "CD" in the publishing scripts.18:51
skaetyeah but its misleading to refer to it as an ISO.18:51
skaetrather a CD18:51
infinityAnd is still more non-tech friendly, I suspect, for people burning to optical media (despite it not fitting on a CD).18:51
infinityCause no one knows what an "ISO" is.18:52
infinityBut maybe it's time to just drop the "CD" thing entirely, even for the images that do fit.18:52
* skaet nods18:52
TheDrumsogra_: Sure thing.18:54
skaetRiddell,  ScottK - we'll need to do the same thing for Kubuntu as well I think,  still referencing CD there too.18:55
skaetinfinity,  links work.   Can you confirm the torrents are operational?18:56
skaet(and if not,  go prod #is...)18:56
infinityWell, some of the torrents work...18:59
=== henrix is now known as henrix_
skaetand OMGUbuntu's pulled the usual pre-announce the release stunt.... :P19:08
infinityYeah, big shock there.19:09
infinityS'ok, it means the torrents will be well-seeded by the time your announce goes out. ;)19:09
phillwinfinity: is torrentflux a decent system to install as a seeder server, or do you have a better suggestion?19:16
infinityphillw: I'm pretty torrent ignorant, not the best person to ask.19:18
phillwany hints?19:19
* infinity taps his foot while magellanic finishes syncing.19:19
infinityphillw: Not so much, no.19:20
phillwskaet: do you know who looks after the torrent server for ubuntu?19:20
infinityphillw: #canonical-sysadmin, but you may find they're a bit busy to answer any questions right now.19:22
phillwinfinity: fine, I'll catch up with them tomorrow, I know just after a milestone release is a busy time!19:23
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Quantal Quetzal Beta 2 released! | Archive: Frozen for pre-release | http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-release | Quantal Quetzal Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | we accept payment in cash, check or birdseed | melior malum quod cognoscis
skaetinfinity,  release steps 1,2,3 done.  moving on to the rest.    Plan is to leave the archive frozen.    Don't flush the unapproved queue though until cjwatson is back online.   He wants to keep an eye on things.19:42
infinityskaet: Yeah, I've talked to him about it.19:42
infinityskaet: I'm still wrangling torrent messes.19:43
skaetinfinity,  oh,  thought it was good from your message earlier, or would have held off on announce.  :(19:43
infinityskaet: Probably not world-ending to push the announce while we sort this.19:44
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
skaetinfinity,  it was mailed already, since you said some of the torrents work.   raise a flag if theres a snag please.19:48
infinityskaet: I figured "some" implied "not all". ;)19:49
infinityskaet: Anyhow, there are only a few that are sad, and we're working through it. It's not like the torrents "work" very well right when we say they do anyway, since they have no peers. :P19:49
highvoltage" * Changes from the Ubuntu defaults for certain packages."19:59
highvoltagewho butchered the edubuntu release notes :-/19:59
highvoltage(ah perhaps they didn't)20:00
stgraberhighvoltage: yeah, the release announcement doesn't contain eveything from the tech overview20:00
highvoltagestgraber: indeed, I just realised that.20:01
infinitycjwatson: Is publish-release on your rewrite hitlist?20:20
infinitycjwatson: If so, it has a bug you won't want to replicate (multi-pass publishing cleans the torrent directory of the previous pass)20:21
infinitycjwatson: If not, we should fix that bug in the shell version. :P20:21
infinityskaet: Torrents should all be happy now.20:23
skaetThanks infinity.  :020:24
* infinity decides it's time for a proper lunch before undoing all the beta bits on cdimage and turning dailies back on, etc.20:24
* skaet thinks its time for her lunch too....20:30
slangasekinfinity, skaet: congrats on the beta :)20:56
cjwatsoninfinity: that torrent business has annoyed me for ages, yes.  I noticed it for 12.04 I think but it was really painful to fix in shell21:21
cjwatsoninfinity: everything is on my hitlist, but particularly publish-release21:21
cjwatsoninfinity: did you figure out the metalink business?  I certainly hadn't intended to break that21:21
cjwatsonskaet: am I good to flush the queue at leisure?21:23
phillwcjwatson: whilst infinity and skaet return from lunch, could you answer me a question about including  * b43-fwcutter on an ISO? Lubuntu seem to have it on LiveCD, but not installation iso's....21:28
cjwatsonThat's controlled by your seeds21:28
phillwcjwatson: the question, I think, is are we 'allowed' to include it?21:29
cjwatsonUp to you21:29
phillwno copyright issues?21:29
cjwatsonNot AFAIK21:30
skaetcjwatson,  you're good to process them through now.    Keeping the archive frozen though.21:30
cjwatsonWe normally flush and unfreeze at about the same time.21:30
cjwatsonOr do you mean permanently until release?21:30
skaetUntil release21:30
phillwthanks, it really threw a guy out as his WiFi was working perfectly on LiveCD and he did an install and it went POOOF!!!21:30
skaetThere's a bit too much churn going on, and don't want to break the dailies between here and final freeze.21:31
cjwatsonskaet: Damn, that means I actually have to review everything then.21:31
cjwatsonCan you announce that, if you haven't already?21:32
skaetcjwatson.  Will do.   In ubuntu-release email ok?   or ubuntu-devel better?21:32
cjwatson-devel-announce, I think.  It's a pretty major change!21:32
iulianAre we keeping the archive frozen until release, i.e. final release?21:34
skaetcjwatson,  is it?   we kept it frozen after beta 2 in oneiric,  and it was frozen from 3 weeks out in precise as well.21:34
cjwatsonev: I'm afraid your activity-log-manager upload to quantal clashed with a different one already in the queue.  I accepted Didier's since it was there first; please rebase your change on top21:34
skaetiulian,   yes,  we're keeping it frozen until release.21:34
* skaet will go compose the email for devel-announce21:35
cjwatsonskaet: 3 weeks out in precise wasn't beta 2, though ...21:35
cjwatsonAt any rate it seems worth telling people.21:35
* iulian nods.21:36
iulianI thought we're going to unfreeze now.21:36
skaetagreed.   I put it in the channel headers when I announced beta 2 was out for #ubuntu-release and #ubuntu-devel,  but better to overcommunicate than under.21:36
skaetiulian,  fixes can be let in now,  but not without some review.21:36
cjwatsonI'll review the queue then.  Will take some time.21:37
skaetsee comment above from cjwatson on clashing. :/21:37
cjwatsonCan I accept my own if I know they're bug-fix-only?21:37
slangasekDo the gnome 3.6 ones need anything beyond a pro-forma review?  I could help with some of those21:38
stgraberI'm also around for reviews if you want to split21:38
skaetslangasek,  not unless Laney has something he's worried about.21:39
skaetthanks stgraber.21:39
* slangasek starts at 'gedit' for the moment21:39
cjwatsonI guess I probably ought not to review my own for the sake of form.21:39
cjwatsonResolving duplicates first.21:39
infinityAll of the stuff with version numbers that look suspiciously like 3.6.0* probably only need lightweight review, at best.21:41
infinityAnd that's where I had planned to start.21:42
slangasekthere look to be enough of them to go around21:42
infinityOh, and I can unreject gtkhtml4.0 now, and get its rdeps rebuilt.21:43
infinityOh, sweet mother of... I left all the torrents downloading while I was at lunch, cause I forgot to delete them all after testing.21:44
infinityI now have, uhm, a lot of beta2.21:44
cjwatson(Oh, and please particularly today tell me about any queue timeouts rather than just trying again.)21:46
infinitycjwatson: Oh, wait, are we reviewing but not accepting, so you can do a mass accept run?21:46
cjwatsonDoesn't matter.21:46
infinity(ignore the dpkg and gtkhtml I just accepted, if so)21:46
cjwatsonqueue does one request per accept anyway.21:46
infinitycjwatson: Kay, I just know you wanted to clear the queue.21:47
infinityAnd somehow lost focus on that with the talk of reviewing. :P21:47
cjwatsonI just wanted to be around.21:47
* iulian is going to do a few reviews and then bed.21:48
iuliancjwatson: Shall I start from the bottom and work my way up?21:49
cjwatsonAs you wish21:49
* infinity is really tempted to just batch accept 3.6.0*...21:49
cjwatsonThe odd collision won't kill us21:49
stgraberouch, why did I open the grub2 diff again? :)21:49
infinityWhich is what I would have done if the uploads had been a day earlier.21:49
iuliancjwatson: OK, great.21:49
dokodo I need somebody to formally review binutils and gcc-4.7 updates, or can I copy these with the pre-built binaries from the ubuntu-toolchain-r PPA?21:50
cjwatsonYou can copy them and they'll land in the queue, since we're still frozen21:50
cjwatsonWhoever accepted language-selector might want to accept the other one so that its bugs get closed.21:50
infinityNot that copies with binaries are remotely reviewable.21:50
infinityWithout tracing back through history.21:50
cjwatsonI'm reviewing nova and quantum, but need to go rescue a crying baby.21:51
infinityI'm just working bottom-up on gnome 3.621:51
infinitycjwatson: As for the publish-release torrent bug, isn't it already a solved problem with publish-release's publishing of images to simple/ and full/?  Surely, the same logic could apply, instead of just wiping the directory clean.21:54
infinitycjwatson: (But if it's being rewritten soon, I'd rather just make a mental note of the bug for release day and otherwise not waste time on it)21:54
cjwatsoninfinity: I think it was a bit more complicated than that, but I forget the detais22:03
infinitycjwatson: Fair enough.  And now that I'm aware of it, I don't much care either.22:03
cjwatsonwrap-and-sort: for when you want to annoy reviewers22:03
infinitycjwatson: Hunting it down was a bit surprising, s'all. :)22:03
infinitycjwatson: wrap-and-sort is great after the first application, mind you. :/22:04
infinitycjwatson: The diffs sure get more readable in subsequent uploads.22:04
cjwatsonNo doubt.  Just do it when I don't have to read the result. :-P22:04
* infinity goes to clean out -proposed, since he already reviewed most of those once.22:05
cjwatsonzul: Not grounds for rejection or anything, but this change in nova 2012.2-0ubuntu1:22:06
cjwatson+  * debian/control: Dont conflict with novnc. (LP: #1055505)22:06
cjwatsonzul: ... doesn't actually appear to be present in the diff.22:06
slangasekwhat, no scathing feedback on the mountall upload?  I'm disappointed22:09
xnoxslangasek: the tim of the upload in debian and sync was peculiar.22:11
infinityCan we give TheMuso a gold star for actually documenting changes in his uploads instead of the usual "New upstream release" that every other desktop uploader uses?22:11
slangasekxnox: was it?22:11
xnoxdoko: git ^^^^^ accepted above =/22:11
ScottKNote for the post-release release team feedback session at UDS: Finding out that the design for a new feature that's been requested to land post beta 2 has significantly changed via jono's blog post isn't really the best communication flow.22:12
stgraberbdmurray: ping22:12
xnoxslangasek: well it was morning here. So it must have not been a reasonable hour to fiddle with mountall.22:12
slangasekxnox: dude, those are the ONLY hours I fiddle with mountall22:12
infinityWhy is this starting to sound dirty?22:13
stgraberbdmurray: looks like your ubuntu-release-upgrader wasn't generated properly, it contains a lot of file removal: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/117539252/ubuntu-release-upgrader_1%3A0.180_1%3A0.181.diff.gz22:13
stgraberbdmurray: I'll reject it to avoid getting another broken upgrader in the archive. If the diff is actually correct, let me know and I'll get it out of rejected.22:13
cjwatsonbdmurray,stgraber: use bzr bd -S not debuild -S22:14
stgraberright, otherwise the pre-build script doesn't run22:14
cjwatsonstgraber: in fact how about I reupload on his behalf that way :)22:14
stgrabercjwatson: feel free :)22:14
* infinity goes crosseyed at empathy's 2.6MB diff and goes to find a coffee.22:17
* xnox ponders if I should drink coffee at 11 pm..... I like coffee but also like sleep.22:17
iulianAh, had ceph in front of my eyes.22:18
stgraberme too :)22:18
* xnox was just suggested to add an empty file in the initramfs to satisfy mdadm check for running inside initramfs..... because of systemd *sigh*22:18
cjwatsontjaalton: what happened to debian/patches/nouveau-nva3-noaccel-info.patch in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu2?22:19
slangasekxnox: ... for Ubuntu?22:21
xnoxslangasek: linux-raid mailing list.... that patch is not in mdadm yet, but just got proposed. http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/InitrdInterface   /etc/initrd-release is the equivalent of /etc/os-release22:22
* slangasek snorts22:22
xnoxslangasek: to detect if systemd is running in the initrd or real machine, which also allows othere processes to check for that file and do special stuff..... or something.....22:23
slangasekI propose that we make /etc/initrd-release a symlink to /dev/zero22:24
slangasekin our initramfs22:24
slangasekin order to detect software which is misbehaving by using this file in Ubuntu22:24
cjwatsonstgraber: ^- that should be a tidied-up version of bdmurray's ubuntu-release-upgrader upload22:28
stgrabercjwatson: looking22:29
cjwatsonRejecting duplicate gnome-desktop322:33
cjwatsonstgraber: also: come on, grub2 isn't that hard ;-)22:34
iulianzul: Do you have an FFe for python-novaclient? It seems that not everything is a bug fix. commit 3dd0393fbb looks like a new feature.22:35
dokoklibc and libffado are ftbfs fixes22:36
cjwatsonaccepted libffado22:37
cjwatsonklibc is my own so somebody else should do it22:37
* iulian looks.22:38
stgraberaccepted grub2, bug 901600 could have been considered a feature but it's a really nice improvement that'll save us from a lot of other problems we had in the past, so if someone asks, I granted a FFe to that bit.22:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 901600 in grub2 "Allow /etc/default/grub overriding via /etc/default/grub.d/" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90160022:38
cjwatsonYou could look at it either way; I considered it a bug :-)22:39
iulianklibc accepted.22:40
dokoLaney, there is a qt4-x11 upload in unapproved without the -g/-gstabs change. maybe reject this one, and add one with it?22:42
cjwatsonI think I already accepted that qt4-x11.22:43
iulianYup - Unapproved: accepted qt4-x11 [source] (quantal-proposed) [4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu2]22:45
* cjwatson lands the final branch for bug 745799, since there seem to be no timeouts22:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 745799 in launchpad "DistroSeries:+queue Timeout accepting packages (bug structural subscriptions)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74579922:51
* iulian is off to bed.22:51
iulianNighty night.22:51
cjwatsonAnd plenty of successful async bug closures22:51
* skaet sent email out22:51
skaetinfinity,  I' ve re-enabled the daily crontab, and updated the iso tracker for Daily images.23:14
skaetwhen you get a chance,  can you or cjwatson, please turn on the auto discard again?23:14
* skaet notes that kubuntu alternates need to be removed from the crontab source for 12.10.23:16
infinityskaet: I'll do that, and unset OFFICIAL.23:20
stgraberinfinity: FYI I reverted etc/default-arches to get Edubuntu building on armhf again23:24
infinitystgraber: Just now?  Kay.23:24
cjwatsonI accidentally released unity-2d/oneiric a few days early (I didn't notice that it was less aged than unity-2d/precise).  Hopefully that won't cause any problems ...23:25
infinitycjwatson: unity needs to go with it, hard library dependency.23:26
infinitycjwatson: Quick, before the publisher runs. :P23:26
cjwatsonSeriously?  FFS.23:26
highvoltageheh, foundations people are funny.23:26
cjwatsonThanks for the heads-up23:26
cjwatsonIt's just a library rename so going early probably isn't a huge deal anyway.23:27
infinitycjwatson: Yeah, both were ready and verified, I was going to let them fester until Mondy on the off chance someone found a regression, but it seems unlikely.23:27
cjwatson(Well, unity is a bit more I think)23:28
cjwatsonunity/oneiric released now too.23:28
infinityunity was basically just the rename too.23:28
infinityIt just looks bigger because a patch moved from debian/ to upstream.23:28
xnoxIt's like me and slangasek. xnox: "I merged mumble, I hope it will not sabotage the team call." slangasek: "Dude, have you seen the pending debian tech committee dispute on mumble?! It's brakes the world."23:28
cjwatsonBTW I think I've reviewed everything in the queue I have the stomach for at the moment.23:32
infinitycjwatson: All good.  I'm going to do a few/bunch more before I have to shower and head out of the night.23:34
infinityAlso, I think I'm going to just leave OFFICIAL set to Beta until we move on to Release in a couple weeks.23:35
cjwatsonAbove grub2 is the amd64 binary requiring UEFI approval, in case anyone's confused by queuebot.23:35
infinityapw: Oh look, need a new lowlatency --^23:37
infinityapw: (You should sort out how to give me commit to that branch, and I'll do some of the bumps)23:37
skaetinfinity,  I was wondering about OFFICIAL a bit earlier,  and yeah,  not fussed at leaving it at Beta until we move to release, unless someone has a good reason why it shouldn't.23:39
cjwatsonRight.  ubiquity upload, then bed.23:41
ogasawarawhen someone has a moment, could I get that new kernel (and meta package) approved in the queue?23:41
slangasekfwiw I've looked at the glibmm2.4 in the queue and think I see a problem with it23:50
slangasekleaving it in the queue for now, taking to #ubuntu-devel for discussion with robert_ancell23:50
stgraberI'll take ubiquity23:52
cjwatsonLots of uninstallability right now due to atk1.0 arch skew23:52
cjwatsonI'll do a bit of rescoring for that23:52
infinityogasawara: I'm on the kernel.23:53
cjwatsonamd64 and armhf should clear themselves up shortly now that i386 has built23:53
infinityslangasek: Want to poke jdstrand for a security audit of your pam module in NEW?23:53
infinityOr, I suppose I can.23:54
infinityjdstrand: Care to audit slangasek's pam module in quantal/new?23:54
infinityjdstrand: I've given it an FFe exception pending review.23:54
infinitycjwatson: Hrm, the UEFI blob doesn't actually show in the queue, that's annoying.23:56
cjwatson         | * grub2_2.00-7ubuntu1_amd64.tar.gz Format: uefi23:56
infinitycjwatson: (Sorry, in the web UI)23:56
cjwatsonAh, that broken POS23:57
cjwatsonYou can't really review the blob anyway - the assurance is that the source diff isn't evil23:57
cjwatsonAnyway, it is in the web UI, just not labelled as uefi23:57
infinityAlso, were we going to land an i386 solution too, or are we assuming that all UEFI systems we care about will be amd64?23:57
cjwatsongrub2_2.00-7ubuntu1_amd64.tar.gz (250.1 KiB)23:57
cjwatsonMy levels of caring about i386 UEFI are very low23:58
cjwatsonAt some point somebody will probably make me care for Atom or something23:58
cjwatsonBut at the moment ... meh23:58
infinitycjwatson: oh, indeed, I misread that as the orig.  I think it's been one of those days.23:58
cjwatsonI won't claim the naming is intuitive.23:58
infinitycjwatson: Well, having uefi in the name, like translations.tar.gz, might be helpful.23:59
cjwatsonYeah.  I think that would need LP code changes.23:59

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