ianp_Does anyone here work with Java apps?  seems like there are packages for things like jboss and activemq, but they are all hooked up to (have dependencies on) the open source JDK rather than Oracles00:23
ianp_do people in the real world actually use openjdk for these apps?00:23
ianp_or can i ignore the fact that things like gcj are dependencies of them?00:24
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smoserkirkland, ping00:37
smoserbigjools, was having issues copy and pasting within byobu.00:38
smoserit was about to get ugly, so i figured i'd ask you00:38
bigjoolso/ kirkland00:38
SpamapSianp_: thats because oracle's JDK is not re-distributable00:43
ffunengaHello everyone, I have an idea about a webpage where people would publish things they want to sell or rent but the problem is in the insert into of the database00:49
ffunengahow is this type of thing normally solved? do I have to approve every post? or I record the IPs of the last 5 mins and only let users post from 5 to 5 mins?00:50
SpamapSffunenga: there are a TON of systems and that is often how those sites differentiate themselves00:55
ffunengaSpamapS: can you point me to one please?01:07
sarnoldcraigslist and ebay spring to mind quickly ;)01:08
ffunengasarnold: no... I'm talking about the system to prevent database flooding01:14
ffunengaor equivalent types of attack01:14
ffunengais the last 5 minutes the best idea?01:16
sarnoldffunenga: trivially vulnerable to spammers who write once every six minutes01:17
sarnoldor have access to botnet of thousands..01:17
SpamapSffunenga: the point is, this is how websites make their money01:41
SpamapSffunenga: so its not likely that you'll find many ready-made systems for this01:41
SpamapSffunenga: check out fail2ban and mod_security01:42
patdk-lapthose also combined with a few tricks and a catchapa01:47
patdk-lapI really like reverse catchpa's (should figure out how to spell that again, it always confuses me, just like they do to me)01:48
sarnold.. where they force _you_ to scribble a word illegibly? :)01:48
patdk-lapwhere you add extra form boxs that should NOT be filled in01:49
sarnoldah! hehe01:49
ffunengaSpamapS: Thanks, mod_security seems to be promising01:55
ffunengapatdk-lap: didn't think about captchas, nice one. What "few tricks" are you talking about?01:56
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LeChacal2hello all, question. I want to make a script watch for a file to appear and then execute some commends when the file appears. What is the best route for this? A crontab every minute was my first idea but wondering if there is something better.02:49
sarnoldLeChacal2: apt-cache show incron02:49
sarnoldit'll use the inotify mechanism to only poke your program when a watched file / directory is actually modified -- saving gobs of drive, CPU, heat and power02:50
patdk-lapthat doesn't sound very safe02:50
patdk-lapcan't use sudo?02:51
patdk-laprunning whatever happens to be in the file02:51
sarnold"execute some commands when the file appears" ... not "execute the commands in the file" :)02:52
patdk-lapah, ok02:52
sarnoldgood paranoia though. I like that.02:52
LeChacal2looking at incron seems like I still have to have a script running all the time waiting for incron feedback02:52
LeChacal2yes the file would be empty and the script would read the title of the file to know what to do02:53
sarnoldLeChacal2: it'd be something like /path/to/directory/ IN_CLOSE_WRITE,IN_MOVED_TO,IN_MODIFIED /path/to/script $#02:55
LeChacal2sarnold, hmm I didn't look close enough at incron I guess, thank you, I will read more on it02:57
sarnoldLeChacal2: the incron program would be running all the time, yes, but it would be _asleep_ until the kernel alerts it to a new or modified file. Then it would execute your script. If you get 10 new files per minute, this might take more disk and cpu, but significantly faster response time. if you go ten minutes between files, this will take one tenth the disk and cpu, and be _significantly_ better response time.02:57
LeChacal2sarnold: this would just be a "backdoor" remote access system for excuting commends on a server so it would be like once in a bluemoon so not worried about the cpu/disk usage02:59
sarnoldLeChacal2: then absolutely incron :)03:00
sarnold.. and be careful of patdk-lap's warning! executing things found in random files can be bad for your health03:00
LeChacal2yes i got that, the script would something like, look for file named shutdown in folder than shutdown the server not look in this folder and run the commends in the file03:01
pentagonAnyone use mutt?03:29
sarnoldpentagon: yes03:32
pentagonsarnold: I have postfix going now how do I configure mutt to grab i's mail.03:33
sarnoldpentagon: is postfix doing local delivery? does it go to /var/spool/mail/pentagon?03:33
sarnoldfor your .muttrc, you'll set spoolfile=/path/to/spool/file and then set folder=/path/to/other/folders -- if you're using procmail to split mail into folders before delivery03:35
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pentagonsarnold: I am just trying to keep it simple. Is it ok to change sudo postconf -e 'home_mailbox = Maildir/' to sudo postconf -e 'home_mailbox = Mail/'03:52
sarnoldpentagon: probably; I don't know postfix as well as I should, though.03:52
sarnoldand you'll want to ignore my advice about spoolfile if you're using maildir :) I forget how that works too, but I seem to remember it was easier than I xpected.03:53
pentagonsarnold: How do I initialise spoofiles or maildirs? Doesn't seem to say anything on the help page.03:56
sarnoldpentagon: spool file, just touch the file and check the permissions03:57
sarnoldMaildir, eh.... get procmail or postfix or mutt to do it? :)03:57
pentagonI am looking for a .muttrc in the home but do not find it. sarnold03:58
pentagonWhere would the docs be stored?03:59
sarnoldpentagon: it won't be there by default; you'll need to create one to suit your needs03:59
sarnoldpentagon: man muttrc03:59
devslashIm interested in setting up a headless dedicated ubuntu server. As far as specs go, Im looking at 3.0 GHZ or higher, at least 4 GB of RAM and ideally 4TB of storage. I've been looking at my options with different computers. does anyone have a recommendation as to what kind of system will work well for my needs04:27
AaronMickDeeWhat do you mean what kind of system? Ubuntu Server is probably one of the more documented OS's04:32
AaronMickDeeand probably the most supported.04:32
AaronMickDeeOh, you mean what hardware?04:33
AaronMickDeeDepends what you plan on doing with the server. You said 4tb so I'm going to assume a media server?04:33
AaronMickDeeOr rather, file server?04:33
AaronMickDeeAh. OK :) Well...04:33
AaronMickDee3.0Ghz could be overkill.04:33
devslashok thats not set in stone04:34
AaronMickDeeIf you aren't transcoding, then most of the IO would be Hard Drive related, and not CPU.04:34
AaronMickDeeMy media server (Ubuntu Server, 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, 1 raid5, and 2 raid0's) runs top notch for a media server connected to a few XBMC clients. runs very little CPU.04:35
AaronMickDeeI run transmission on it, but mostly used as a NAS. Very little CPU usage is going on.04:35
AaronMickDeeIt's all mostly hard drive usage that's happening, so as long as you get some decent disks, you should be fine on a barebones system.04:35
AaronMickDee1gz or more, 2gb of ram or more and you should be perfectly fine.04:36
devslashanything i need to keep in mind as far as hardware goes04:36
darksidesimmonshey guys hows it going tonight? any apache guru's have some mod rewrite questions with magenta04:36
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AaronMickDeedevslash: not really. make sure to get a gigabit ethernet card, and a gigabit ethernet router, and if you are using a switch, make sure its gigabit. home media centers will stall out and buffer a bit on 10/100 megabit connections.04:37
devslashhow do i know if my router is gigabit04:38
AaronMickDeeare you connected directly via a wire on your home computer?04:38
AaronMickDeeas in, the computer your on right now. is it wired or wireless to the router?04:38
devslashi currently have an older laptop as my server04:38
devslashwhich is connected via an ethernet cable04:38
devslashI'm not on that computer now04:38
AaronMickDeethe computer you are on RIGHT now. is it wired or wireless?04:38
AaronMickDeewindows or linux?04:39
devslashlinux (Ubuntu)04:39
AaronMickDeeconnect wired04:39
AaronMickDeeif you can,04:39
devslashlike i said my existing server is connected via ethernet04:40
AaronMickDeelog into it via SSH04:40
AaronMickDeeand run this command: ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed04:40
sarnolddevslash: if you install 'ethtool' you'll be able to use it to determine if your NIC has negotiated gigabit or not with your switch04:40
AaronMickDeeif its 10 or 100, no good. if its 1000 your good.04:40
AaronMickDeeshouldn't ubuntu have ethtool installed default? i don't ever remember running it on my server but i do have it.04:41
devslashalso, i am going to be switching ISPs soon and will be using my apple router (yea  Iknow they aren't the best) as my router with my cable modem04:41
devslashthats with my current DSL modem. my router might be gigabit.04:42
AaronMickDeeit wouldn't matter. it would only show the link speed between server->router04:42
AaronMickDeenot server->modem. its the link speed.04:42
AaronMickDeei'd suggest buying a gigabit switch or upgrading to gigabit router.04:42
devslashcurrently I'm using my dsl modems' router capability for wifi04:43
AaronMickDeeah ok.04:43
devslashbut I'm switching to cable04:43
AaronMickDeeanything on your network will only run at 100mb, even if its capable of gigabit. you'll get a max speed of about 12 megabytes per second. as with gigabit you'll hit 125 megabytes per second.04:43
devslashthe iso I'm signing up with is giving me a modem that doesn't have wifi capabilities so i am going to switch to my airport extreme router04:43
devslasherr isp04:44
AaronMickDeeYou could, if your feeling dangerous, is get a switch with jumbo frames support (or if your router supports jumbo frames), and turn them on with every device within your network. your speeds could theoretically increase quite a bit with large file transfers (aka movies).04:45
devslashi think thats beyond what i know how to do04:45
AaronMickDeedevslash: k. well, make sure to get gigabit speeds for a media server.04:46
AaronMickDeeotherwise you'll run into a lot of bottlenecking.04:46
devslashso if i connect to a gigabit router thats connected via ethernet to a plain old cable modem, would there be any kind of bottleneck between the modem and router ?04:47
sarnoldyou wouldn't care; the modem <-> ISP link is going to be way slower than even 10004:48
devslashmaybe this is a dumb question but does gigabit require different ethernet cable04:52
sarnolda bit04:52
sarnoldcat 5e is minimum required for gigE, but most people deployed that for 100 anyhow04:53
pentagondevslash: it is because of the twists in the wire similar to pots same reason DSL gets a lot of line noise04:54
devslashoh i see04:54
pentagoncat5e just has more twists so more copper more expensive04:54
pentagonsarnold: im getting RCPT rejected when trying to receive mail from the outside I take it this is because my hostname is set different locally than my isp assigns me, any suggestions?04:56
sarnoldpentagon: eh? I thought RCPT was used when you were _sending_ mail ...04:56
sarnoldit's been years since I've done SMTP by hand, but I thuoght it was MAIL TO:  followed by RCPT FROM....04:57
sarnoldi'm too tired to be giving smtp advice. :) sorry pentagon.04:57
pentagonI assume it's short for recipient, when it is showing in the mail.log as rejected.04:57
sarnoldcan you copy-paste the whole line? that'll mean more to someone...04:59
sarnold(like I said, tired, maybe not me.)04:59
devslash_AaronMickDee: hey05:03
devslash_i plugged in my airport extreme and went into a utility app that tells you about the hardware. i noticed that for ethernet (I connected my laptop to my AE via ethernet cable) it shows Media Subtype:1000baseT. that means its gigabit right ?05:04
devslash_is anyone that i was talking to a few minutes ago still here ?05:06
pentagondevslash_: I am.05:06
devslash_that is gigabit right ?05:07
sarnolddevslash_: yay :)05:07
devslash_i wonder if its causing any bottlenecks with my existing server at 100MB/s05:08
lifelessdevslash_: so 100MB/s is 800Mbps, or flatlined gigabit ethernet.05:09
devslash_vs gigabit that is 8000Mbps ?05:10
sarnold1000Mbps --> ~120 MBps05:11
sarnoldit's a bit confusing :)05:11
sarnold100 is megabit per second; 1000 is megabyte per second05:11
devslash_when i do ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed it return "100Mb/s"05:11
sarnoldlike I said, sleepy :)05:11
pentagonThe average user has no use for gigabit.05:12
sarnoldthat's 100 megabit05:12
devslash_but for my purposes I'm running a streaming file server essentially05:12
sarnoldthat'll get you roughly 12 megabytes per second traffic05:12
pentagonEver seen the movie matrix ?05:12
pentagonWell the more bandwidth the more resolution the matrix gets, so how will you know reality ?05:13
devslash_I'm streaming music files so nothing especially big. i know that my slow internet speeds are 1 factor which I'm fixing by upgrading yo a faster internet plan05:13
sarnolddevslash_: and you'll probably love cable over your dsl. all dsl users I know aren't real happy. my cable _flies_. (Not like South Korea or Sweden fast, but good for the US fast.)05:14
devslash_you know how fast my fucking dshell is ? 3MB/s05:14
devslash_the new one is a bit faster at 1005:14
devslash_sarnold: how fast is your plan ?05:15
pentagonSee the bottleneck?05:16
pentagonGigabit router to run a 3MB/s connection.05:16
devslash_so do you think my slow isp speeds are the biggest bottleneck ?05:16
devslash_or the 100Mbps or both05:16
sarnolddevslash_: I routinely get 2MB/s downloads from ubuntu, torrents sometimes slightly more.05:17
lifelesssarnold: 1000Mbps -> 125MBps :P - caps matters > but you won't /get/ 125MBps most of the time, you generally max out 80% or so of the links nominal capacity05:17
sarnoldlifeless: in fact, I've never gotten more than 80MBps on this, I assume it's the cheap-ass switches we bought. :)05:18
sarnoldthough it might also be the cheap-ass 5e we used.05:18
devslash_since I'm running a file server serving music files (mp3s so most files are nominally small) do you think my isp or 100Mbps is causing a bottleneck05:18
sarnolddevslash_: depends what you're doing :) downloaded torrents off the internet, definitely the ISP.05:19
devslash_most of what i use it for is streaming media files , music05:19
sarnolddevslash_: streaming four movies from your NAS to your xboxes, playstations, iphones, and laptops, that's all local.05:19
devslash_i stream over the internet05:19
devslash_thats what i thought. that should be fixed soon05:20
devslash_once i get 10Mbps that not be an issue05:20
devslash_that won't be a issue05:20
pentagonWelcome to the matrix, enjoy your STAY.05:24
pentagonTomorrow verizon wireless cmos eyes will be swarming you like sentinels.05:25
pentagonI had to beg my isp to give me a lower bandwidth.05:28
pentagonEh, its working but not as well as I would liek.05:42
pentagonSeems I have to put in my hostname manually for destinations since I have a generic locqal hostname.05:42
pentagonCrypticSquared: nice nick06:04
CrypticSquaredum... thanks?06:06
three18tiwtf does `grep -q` do? the man page says "do not write to STDOUt, exit immediately with zero status if the match is found" that would mean to me that if I don't find the string, return true.  I'm trying to decode this bash code in my rc.local of a new VM I've purchased.  http://paste.scsys.co.uk/20854107:03
three18tiit looks like if "some conditional" it dumps the SMBIOS that contains the VNC password and resets it for toor:<passwd>07:04
three18tithis conditional runs every time I reboot my VM since it's in /etc/rc.local...07:06
three18ti /etc/issues says I can delete the toor user, and I don't think chpasswd works on non existent users, so I -think- it sets the toor password back to whatever matches the specific handle in the SMBIOS07:07
pentagonWe can remember it for you wholesale.07:22
pentagonI figured out who the we is.07:22
pentagonWhat is the difference just close you eyes and do whatever you want.07:23
pentagonCan't tell the difference.07:23
sorenthree18ti: "grep -q" returns true if it finds what it's looking for and false if not.07:38
sorenthree18ti: Just like "grep" (without -q). It just doesn't output the matching lines.07:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1057289 in nova (main) "Ubuntu cloud archive missing nova-novncproxy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105728908:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057290 in nova (main) "Ubuntu cloud archive missing swift-plugin-s3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105729008:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057303 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.10 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105730308:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057347 in apache2 (main) "a2ensite suggest files which do not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105734708:12
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three18tisoren, cool thanks.08:44
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_rubenwhat would be a nice place for a script to set irq affinities for nics? init script hooked to the net-device-up signal or so?10:38
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RoyK_ruben: in /etc/networks/interfaces, 'up /run/this/script', perhaps?10:49
_rubenguess that would do as well yeah10:50
_rubenthe pinning of nic queues to specific cores did fix the uneven distribution btw :)10:51
RoyKhow did you do that?10:52
patdk-lapI thought that is why /usr/sbin/irqbalance was made10:53
_rubenpatdk-lap: irqbalance didn't manage to create an equal balance, cpu0 was getting the majority of the workload10:53
_rubenor perhaps it'd even out better under higher loads, who knows10:54
_rubenwith irqbalance cpu0 would be 6+% si, and the others around 1% si10:54
patdk-lapthat is a good thing :)10:54
patdk-lapunless the cpu is too loaded, it's better to load up one core10:55
patdk-lapand keep the other cores lower10:55
patdk-lapthen you can use turbo boost or whatever they call it10:55
_rubenRoyK: i used the printf snippets from http://www.metaflows.com/technology/10-gbps-pf_ring-2/ as an example basically10:55
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_rubenpatdk-lap: well, the total (si) load dropped as well, even tho i was afraid the opposite would happen10:56
RoyK_ruben: but patdk-lap's got a point. cpu cache is used far more efficiently if only one core is active10:57
RoyKyou may even save power by clocking down the others10:58
_rubeni dont pay the power bill ;)10:58
RoyKit's even good for the environment ;)11:00
patdk-lapyou will sleep better at night :)11:00
_rubenonce the load increases significantly on these boxes, i might revisit this stuff11:00
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tcp_cungkr1nkany nody here? :D11:10
tcp_cungkr1nkany body here? :D11:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:10
alex88hi guys, last night my server went down for an unknown reason, if it was a kernel panic, does it leave any trace? just to know if it was a kp or a power outage or similar11:10
tcp_cungkr1nkhi,  my application with google maps API work fine on private IP, but the problem when accesed form public  IP. must have a configuration on ubuntu server?11:12
greppytcp_cungkr1nk: when I was messing with gmaps apis a few years ago, your api key was tied to the hostname and url, I don't know if they still do that.11:16
tcp_cungkr1nkgreppy i'm not set the hostname and url on my gmap api key11:17
_rubenhmm .. seems irqbalance.org is down .. wondered if there was any details on if/how its behaviour depends on overal load11:18
_rubenah, ipv6+ssl appears to be broken for irqbalance.org11:36
daniel_-anyone can tell me how I can set mysql to restart automatically on server restart? :)11:50
daniel_-I have to restart mysqld manually on my vps everytime my provider updates their root server11:52
daniel_-'service mysql start' to /etc/rc.local ?11:56
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jdrabdaniel_-: afaik mysql starts automaticaly12:13
jdrabif not: sudo update-rc.d mysql defaults12:14
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daniel_-jdrab: thx12:39
daniel_-my ubuntu server hangs on apt-get update -> "Unpacking replacement dpkg" is taking forever. any suggestions?12:41
smoserjibel, qatracker fix:13:02
smoserjust a logic error if --append is not given.13:02
briggztheres a config file for port allowance right?13:34
briggzwhat would everyone recommend for DNS Server?13:42
* andygraybeal awaits a response too :)13:47
briggzwhat was your question andygraybeal?13:48
andygraybealbriggz, i'm awaiting a r3esponse to your question also ;)13:48
andygraybealabout the dns :)13:48
andygraybealhave you looked at bind?13:49
briggzI'm setting up a server for a intro to linux class13:50
briggznot really, ive heard of it, but also heard it's complicated to setup13:50
andygraybealyea, i need a lifevest.13:50
briggzI was going to go with that originally but I thought other people might have other ideas of fairly decent secure alturnatives.13:51
briggzis that what your currently playing around with?13:51
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andygraybealwell.... i cheat and i use dns interface from openhosting and rackspace ... plus i've been messing with zentyal14:01
kontinuityhi all14:01
andygraybealbriggz, --*14:01
andygraybealerrr... --^14:02
kontinuityis it possible to recompile the 12.04 kernel in ec2?14:02
kontinuitythere is no ec2 branch on the precise kernel as there is on lucid14:02
Davieysmoser: hey, can you make sure https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 is good please?14:23
smoserk. reading.14:24
Davieyadd anything awesome. :)14:24
Davieysmoser: Do you have the script for updating the iso tracker from jenkins testing?14:32
smoseri use this http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jibel/+junk/qatracker/14:33
smoserfrom lp:~smoser/+junk/jenkins2isotracker/14:33
smoser(ec2 is alrady done now. and utlemming has set it up to be more automatic on that too)14:33
smosernote, there is a bug in qatracker14:34
smoserbasically you have to pass --append14:34
smoserjibel, ^14:34
smoserfix bug with14:34
kontinuityhi how can I recompile precise kernel on ec2?14:35
Davieysmoser: if you have it already setup, can you run it for the iso tests?14:35
Davieysmoser: i'll discuss with jamespage about trying to automate this14:35
smoserwhere are results, daviey?14:36
Davieysmoser: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/ISO%20Testing%20Dashboard/ ?14:37
smoserhm.. ok14:38
smoserDaviey, i can't automate this at all, but i'll see if can't one time populate14:48
Davieysmoser: Why can't it be automated ?14:49
smoseri'm not doing it now14:50
Davieyoh sure, i get that!14:50
DavieyI mean, going forwards.. i wondered if jenkins could JFDI?14:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1057573 in socat (universe) "Socat depends on libreadline5 and fails to link properly." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105757315:01
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jibelsmoser, I pushed the script to lp:~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/qatracker-tools15:11
zulwhy the hell are we still subscribed to socat?15:11
jibelsmoser, feel free to submit LPs15:11
zuladam_g: ping awake yet?15:12
smoserjibel, you can't submit MP on junk branch15:13
xnoxDaviey: maybe you'd like to talk with website people about server/cloud pages for 12.10 and whether you want to push lts/cloud-archive/quantal and in which combinations.15:17
xnoxDaviey: also I gave them heads up that there probably will be just "ubuntu server" (64 bit) and not "32 bit / 64 bit" variants.15:18
metap0dHi everyone, I just set up Ubuntu server and installed vsftpd on the system. I am trying to create user accounts on the system with no access to the shell but it seems when I attempt this  they lose the ability to connect to FTP as well. Here is the command I researched/built: useradd -d /home/user1 -s /sbin/nologin -G ftp user115:21
ogra_xnox, unless you want to point to arm server too from there :)15:21
metap0dAny ideas?15:21
xnoxogra_: hmm... http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop doesn't have any links to ARM, but the server one does... and it goes to "arm for desktop & server"15:22
ogra_yeah, desktop is only a reference image while server is an actual product for arm15:23
jibelsmoser, you can propose a merge against ~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/qatracker-tools isn't it ? it is not a junk branch15:25
smoseri was just using that15:26
smoseri didn't know there was another.15:26
jibelsmoser, ah,ok, it's obsolete now, I moved everything to a more 'official' branch15:26
jibel[17:11] <jibel> smoser, I pushed the script to lp:~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/qatracker-tools15:26
jibelmodulo utc+215:27
Davieyxnox: urgently?15:27
xnoxDaviey: between now and release day.15:28
xnoxDaviey: I think beta2 is more urgent right now =)15:28
roaksoaxDaviey: could you look at the upload of maas-enlist i just made pleasE?15:28
Davieyroaksoax: for b2?15:28
xnoxDaviey: skaet is waiting on you for b2.15:28
Davieyxnox: yeah15:29
skaetDaviey,  yeah,  we're missing manditory server testing results and its critical path for releaseing the images15:29
Davieysmoser: Did you post everything which jenkins covered?15:30
roaksoaxDaviey: no not necessary for b215:31
Davieythank goodness :)15:31
smoserDaviey, no. i'm working on it.15:34
smoserits aPITA15:34
=== n0ts_off is now known as n0ts
Davieysmoser: ugh15:39
Davieysorry, i thought it would be easy15:39
smoseri was trying to at least model15:39
smoserwhat data we'd need and such15:39
Davieyskaet: we do have 100% mandatory15:39
smoserDaviey, http://pb.daviey.com/jGFS/15:44
smoserthats the maaping i have so far15:44
kontinuityany idea where I can get the ec2 12.04 kernel source?15:44
smoserkontinuity, its just the -virtual kernel (which is just the -server kernel)15:45
smoserso your question is generalized to15:45
smoser"where can i get ubuntu kernel source"15:45
skaetDaviey,  amd64+mac is missing 3 manditory results.15:45
kontinuitysmoser: thanks! I am trying to compile the ec2 kernel, any pointers? I am following this guide for now http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Amazon_EC2#Updating_Kernel_Timer_to_1000HZ15:46
smoserwell, 'git checkout --traac -b ec2' is no longer valid15:47
kontinuitybut as you mentioned the ec2 branch is no longer valid for Precise15:48
kontinuityso can I build from the main branch15:48
AlexOHey! I just remove my swap partition to resize another, then I recreated another patition for the swap but what do i have to do to tell my server where is my new swap partition?15:49
RoyKAlexO: mkswap on the partition and add it to /etc/fstab15:50
RoyKand remove the old one15:50
kontinuitysmoser: any clues?15:50
smoserkontinuity, yes. its just the '-server' kernel. so follow any instructions you see for that.15:51
kontinuitysmoser: awesome thanks15:52
AlexORoyK: Thanks ! Do I need to reboot?15:53
RoyKAlexO: no, just swapon -a15:53
AlexORoyK: Thanks again working just fine :)15:54
TheLordOfTimehow can i force apt-get to resolve the dependencies and install the deps for a given package?15:54
TheLordOfTimeits been being stupid for a while now, so...15:54
RoyKAlexO: I'd recommend using the swap partition's UUID in /etc/fstab - use blkid to find it15:54
AlexORoyK: When I did mkswao /dev/sda5 It return me the UUID15:55
RoyKAlexO: also, run swapon -s to make sure the old partition isn't hanging around, if it is, you may have to rebot15:55
RoyKAlexO: ah, ok15:55
RoyKAlexO: or at least, swapoff that one15:56
AlexORoyK: Ok Thanks :)15:56
RoyKAlexO: did you swapoff the old one before you repartitioned?15:57
AlexORoyK: Nope I used gparted(iso) to remove it and when I do a swapon -s I only have one swap partition listed15:57
RoyKif you removed the partition while running swap on it, it might have been a slight problem...15:58
AlexOYeah I guess ^15:58
hallynzul: ping on sponsoring bug 1054306 ?  (debdiff for augeas bugfix)16:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1054306 in netcf "ncftool list fails" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105430616:09
skaetDaviey,  is someone working on those last manditory test cases for amd64+mac or do you consider it good enough as is to ship?16:12
Davieyskaet: amd64+mac not a released item16:18
skaetDaviey,  can you either add it to the community set,  or remove it from the daily builds then.    Prefer to save testing focus for those that are then.16:19
skaetok, marking it as ready.16:19
skaetDaviey,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/TechnicalOverview/Beta2  <-- have you finished making your edits?16:24
zulhallyn: sure i can get it in a little bit16:30
hallynzul: thanks16:30
hallynstgraber: would there be any chance of getting augeas added to the server package list?16:30
zulhallyn:  need to upload openstack final first though16:31
hallynzul: np, i'ts not that urgent, long as it makes release :)16:31
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stgraberhallyn: I think the problem is that for some reason libvirt isn't in the ubuntu-server packageset, if it was, augeas would be pulled in automatically16:34
hallynstgraber: d'oh16:34
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rjuneI have "d-i tasksel/first multiselect edubuntu-desktop" in my preseed file, can someone give me some pointers as to why it isn't installing edubuntu-desktop?16:49
highvoltagerjune: hmm, that's how I have it in my preseed notes, perhaps something changed in d-i recently16:55
highvoltagerjune: which ubuntu version is that?16:55
rjuneI'm trying to install precise16:55
highvoltagehmm, that's how it's done in https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt too16:56
highvoltagestgraber: happen to have any insights on why that could happen? ^^^16:57
rjunehighvoltage, are you doing network installs?16:57
stgraberhighvoltage: do you have universe and multiverse enabled?16:58
briggzcan you guys see what I type?16:59
stgraberhighvoltage: oh, and the task is edubuntu-desktop-gnome btw :)16:59
sarnoldbriggz: pong16:59
stgraberhttp://www.stgraber.org/download/preseeds/weblive-edubuntu.seed is a working seed to install edubuntu (you probably want to change the password and drop the late_command though)16:59
briggzI joined another channel, it tells me it can't send to channel when I try to type a question17:00
rjunestgraber, thanks, what does the late command do?17:00
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RoyKbriggz: probably because you're not logged into nickserv17:01
stgraberrjune: download and call a script at the end of the install17:01
RoyKbriggz: but frankly, that's not an ubuntu question ;)17:01
briggzRoyK: I realize that, however, I'm able to repsond here aren't I?17:01
sarnoldbriggz: you're not identified to nickserv; perhaps you need to register your nick and identify. (Some channels require that to try to cut down on spammers.) Or, perhaps the channel is moderated (+m) in which case only ops and voiced users can type17:01
rjunestgraber, do you have the sample script to be used for that too?17:01
RoyKbriggz: I don't think #ubuntu-server requires users to be logged in, some channels do17:02
stgraberrjune: not really17:02
sarnoldbriggz: /j #freenode -- hopefully someone there will be more familiar with the various rules :)17:02
briggzRoyK: actually it does, but that's ok17:02
briggzso heres is a ubuntu question17:02
RoyKbriggz: someone might have added more restrictions to that channel, then17:03
RoyK!ask | briggz17:03
ubottubriggz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:03
briggzWhere are html files defaultly stored for webserver Apache2?17:03
rjunestgraber,  so trial and error for me?17:03
briggzRoyK: Thanks17:03
stgraberrjune: well, as I said, if you just want to install Edubuntu, you don't need it, so just remove that line from the preseed17:04
RoyKbriggz: np, but it'd take you about 23 seconds of googling to find that if you're a slow googler17:04
rjunestgraber, I have a script we run after install. if I can get it to run automatically, makes our lives easier17:04
jamespageDaviey - bug 1057635 for the iscsiroot boot failure17:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1057635 in ubuntu "initramfs does not use iscsiroot device presented by ipxe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105763517:05
jamespageDaviey, just testing i386 to see if i has the same issue now17:06
jamespagesmoser, hey - around?17:12
smoseryou're going to make fun of my html scraping aren't you17:13
jamespagesmoser, nope - I have to go to the openstack meetup in london now - bug 1057635 needs adding to the beta-2 release notes17:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1057635 in ubuntu "initramfs does not use iscsiroot device presented by ipxe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105763517:14
jamespageany chance you can do the honours?17:14
jamespagemy description may not be that accurate....17:14
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koolhead17Daviey, i did it sir. :P17:25
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
rjunestgraber, thanks, I needed edubuntu-desktop-gnome, not edubuntu-desktop17:50
pentagonDoes the server use avahi for dhcp or another package ?18:02
rbasakpentagon: as a dhcp client? isc-dhcp-client18:09
rbasakpentagon: there's avahi-autoipd but I don't think that's used on server18:09
adam_gzul: ready18:17
zuladam_g: cool thanks18:17
adam_gzul: please check that that change is sane18:17
pentagonrbasak: Do you think it would be very hard to rip out avahi on a desktop system and install isc-dhcp-client ?18:18
zuladam_g: looks good to me18:19
rbasakpentagon: I think you're in the wrong channel! Try #ubuntu.18:19
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genii-aroundOdd. removing popularity-contest in 10.04 wants to also remove ubuntu-standard19:18
sarnoldgenii-around: note apt-cache show ubuntu-standard Depends: .. popularity-contest, ...19:27
genii-aroundSeems unusual, i thought popularity-contest was an optional package19:29
simosxmaybe it was marked like that at that time. In any case, popcon is off by default.19:30
pentagonPlease help.19:31
genii-aroundWell, this box is pretty old, went from 8.04-10.04  maybe the dependencies are messed up somehow19:32
pentagonusr13_: I understand hostname but I want it to function by default the way the server edition does.19:44
pentagonI posted in the wrong channel trying to scroll up and get that post.19:44
pentagonHow can I convert a desktop system to act the way a server edition does conscerning dhcp networking and the setting of hostname. #Ubuntu is of no help because I don't think they know how the server edition functions.19:46
ikoniapentagon: exactly the same way as a server19:50
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ikoniapentagon: install the needed packages to run the daemons you want and configure them19:51
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MACscrhow would i find out what method was used to install mysql on an ubuntu system? The debian-sys-maint user is missing and im trying to figure out why20:29
MACscrid also like to know what privs this user should have so i can recreate it20:39
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allohakpulseaudio auto detects bluetooth on 12.04 desktop, how do I get the same effect in 12.04 server?20:54
allohakI have bluez, alsa, pulseaudio, and i *think* all the relevant packages installed that let them talk to each other20:55
briggzhas anyone setup a DNS locally on a LAN?21:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #1057772 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso nuovo script post-removal ha restituito lo stato di errore 127" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105777221:15
MACscrHmm, i was told that running dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 should give me an option to recreate the debian-sys-maint user, but it just ended up resetting the root pass21:19
MACscrdid i miss something?21:19
sarnoldbriggz: check out powerdns; it is way easier to set up than bind.21:20
sarnoldbriggz: pdns-recursor can even serve up an /etc/passwd file if you want _simple_ :)21:20
briggzsarnold: Thanks, that's the kind of information I was looking for, I heard bind was very complex.21:22
allohakbriggz: try dnsmasq21:22
allohakbriggz: I run a small business network and use it for internal name resolution21:22
briggzWill either of those options be afftected if I buy a domain name in the future?21:23
allohakbriggz: another option is bind9, though it is a little more complicated21:23
sarnoldbriggz: no, you probably don't want to serve your world-wide DNS using internal machines anyhow21:24
sarnoldbriggz: your ISPs will probably be able to help you there21:25
briggzwhat I'm going to do it but the domain, then point to my ip21:25
briggzI don't need to setup internally really, just thought it might be neat to try, I'm going to more focus on a normal DNS setup21:26
drag0niusi'm running ubuntu server as a router, how would i set up DMZ with my gaming computer?21:32
drag0niusbasically i know which ports all services running on ubuntu server use, but i don't want to set up new rules every time i play new game21:32
drag0niusso i'd just forward everything that is not used on server to gaming comp21:33
sarnolddrag0nius: netstat -anp is a good starting point21:33
drag0niussetting up DMZ on gaming comp would be most convenient21:34
drag0niusso i would never have to care whether it's port forwarding problem or something else with setting up game server21:34
drag0niuswhat soft should i check for it?21:36
sarnolddrag0nius: perhaps the 'ufw' friendly-firewall tool can help you write the correct iptables rules21:37
sarnolddrag0nius: but as far as I know there is no single box to check to get done what you wish21:37
jdstrandufw could help, but it isn't as friendly as one could imagine for a router. though, 'man ufw-framework' has workable example of how to use the ufw framework on a router21:38
drag0niusDMZ is kinda first thing i cant find how to configure21:38
drag0niustried sneaking on Tomato, but looks like DMZ isnt set up with iptables21:40
sarnoldah, <3 tomato.21:41
drag0niuswish there would be some tomato-like overlay for ubuntu server XD21:41
sarnolddrag0nius: well, 'apt-cache search firewall' will show tools that may be able to help you some. 'shorewall' comes to mind as another potential helper, but I haven't used any of these things.21:42
briggzubuntu server has built in firewall right?21:46
sarnoldbriggz: yes. but writing rules is up to you. either you write them by hand, or you use the 'ufw' or another front-end to write rules.21:48
drag0niushmm i think dmz might not be exactly what im looking for21:50
jdstrandufw works very well for a bastion host (see 'man ufw' for usage and examples). it can work well for a routing firewall too, but you need to dig in a bit more (again, see 'man ufw-framework')21:51
drag0niuslooks like i want to have that server transparent except few services ports21:52
drag0niusso instead of connecting to server everything would connect to my comp by default21:53
drag0niusany ideas on what i'm actually looking for?21:54
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1053790 in glance (main) "Problem installing glance registry: ImportError: No module named setuptools.command" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105379021:57
drag0niusnobody? ;/22:13
SpamapSdrag0nius: I'm not sure I understand what you want22:21
drag0niusi want to expose computer i'm using to internet22:22
drag0niusso if i put external ip it would access my comp22:22
drag0niusexcept for some services im running on server22:22
drag0niusi know ports of all services running on server, but i dont know ports which are used by some games/programs im using22:23
drag0niusso i would use port forwarding to access server's resources22:24
drag0niusand everything else would go to specified internal ip22:24
drag0niusstill don't get what i want to achieve?22:25
drag0niusin routers it's achieved by setting up DMZ22:26
hallynsmb`: we're busy and all, but i thought the info in last comment of bug 1047531 is very interesting.  if it rings any bells, pls lemme know22:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1047531 in qemu-kvm "Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) guests can't boot on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) QEMU-KVM host" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104753122:37
xnoxanybody knows a good RSS to IRC bot?23:09
tsimpsonxnox: supybot, it comes with an RSS plugin23:15
xnoxtsimpson: thanks.23:15
drag0niusis there some upnp igd soft for ubuntu?23:38
ubottuTo stream media to other UPNP aware devices (such as the Xbox, PS3, or iRadio) you need a UPNP server. See !info mediatomb for information regarding the MediaTomb package23:38
drag0niusi need it for port forwarding23:39
RoyKgoogle it - iirc there are solutions for that23:40
sarnolddrag0nius: apt-cache search igd23:41
sarnolddrag0nius: looks like at least three programs and several libraries. :)23:42
drag0niusi guess such soft just "plain forwards" without any extras?23:49

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