phillwwxl: until silverarrow can confirm what he is seeing, I cannot ask the release team to look at the seed files.00:03
wxlthat's the wall i ran into, phillw00:03
phillwthat and the fact I have nagged the living daylights out of them on areas where I'm a n00b, I don't want to push my luck before I have gotten the answers to what they will ask me :)00:04
phillwBring back Julien :D00:05
kanliotgo to sleep phillw00:06
phillwI'm not sure if he will laugh or cry in desperation at my attempts to have a 'technical' conversation with the -release team... It certainly has been a steep learning curve!00:06
phillwkanliot: I'm planning that... a long one.. for week after 12.10 is released.00:07
kanliotPPC is for the macs00:08
kanliotthere. i said it00:08
phillwkanliot: which like so much other well working hardware has been tossed aside in the rush for profits and for people to be forced to buy NEW stuff :P00:09
kanlioti remember back in the day, you had to spend $3000 to get a horrible computer that would be outdated in 1 year00:10
phillwkanliot: and now it only takes 3 months... it's called progress.00:11
kanliotpc's are cheaper than they have ever been00:12
phillwthere are blade servers happily running 10.04, and will do for years to come.00:12
kanlioti only wish you were as happy as your blade servers00:12
kanliotcheer up pal!00:12
wxlnow it's phones00:12
wxlcarriers/mfgrs want to push the latest/greatest00:13
phillwI don't have any, but I have in the past chatted to at least one guy who has them at his school, he was so grateful that lubuntu came along in the nick of time. The school could not afford new kit (not 1st world country), and lubuntu 'made a difference'.00:13
wxlthey don't want users of old phones to get the latest updates that are being developed00:14
wxlother machines with ubuntu and with the same little converter? if so,yeah, that's not to be expected00:15
phillwthey're out of luck with me... i was gutted... after over 12 years loyal service my Nokia 3330 finally expired.00:15
kanliothere in the USA they will spend thousands on new hardware, but refuse to give teachers or librarians a $.05 raise00:15
wxltry other ports?00:15
wxloops sorry wrong channel AGQAIN00:15
wxli hope they push ics up to my lg lucid00:15
phillwkanliot: I decided to be adventurous and bought a http://www.mobile-phones-uk.org.uk/nokia-6021.htm00:19
phillwnot quite as bomb proof as the 3330, but a darn nice fone for what I need it for :)00:19
kanlioti remember how upset you got when i said i burnt up my rasperry pi00:20
wxlhow the hell did you do that?!00:20
wxlgood god, man, what's wrong with you?!00:20
kanliotyou were convinced that i denied some kid out there an education by destroying my pi00:21
phillwkanliot: how did you manage to that?00:24
kanliotwell the hard drive was the loudest thing in the room, so i put it in a styrofoam box.  and it overheated to at least 60 C, at which point the pi died, but it turned out that the drive was fine, just a worthless power supply00:26
kanliotthe drive is still too loud, or it would be turned on now00:26
phillwhmm, maybe a quieter hard drive is on your Christmas list?00:27
wxlthose little rubber condom things do wonders00:27
kanliotor i can just run debian in a vm, and pretend i'm hacking on the pi00:27
phillwnot quite the same as actually hacking the pi though!00:28
phillwI'm still bemused as to why Canonical decided not to support it. but, that's life!00:29
kanlioti find the pi annoying because if it's slow scrolling speed00:29
kanliotit's really quite slow00:29
phillwkanliot: then you never actually used a ZX80?00:29
kanliotslower than my C6400:29
kanliotand slower than an apple II00:30
phillwshipped with insufficent RAM to display a whole page in terminal!00:30
phillwbenonsoftware: I thought you meant that.. kanliot killed his :/00:30
phillwkanliot: benonsoftware's PI has just arrived.00:31
kanliotremember lulinuxos?   he posted on lubuntu-users asking to join00:32
phillwMy 1st was an Atari 800XL00:32
kanlioti got him to build his wiki page, a tremendous sucess IMHO00:32
kanliotLuvLinuxOS, you there?00:32
phillwkanliot: yeah, I did see the scroll back. always good to have a newcomer00:32
phillwUnderControl: hiyas... kanliot managed to kill his R-PI00:33
wxlhttp://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?platform[]=ZX%20Spectrum enjoy!00:33
wxlalso good ones here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zx+spectrum+demo&oq=zx+spectrum+demo&gs_l=youtube.3..0l3.5348.6874.0.7042.
UnderControlKanliot how did you manage that? O.O00:35
kanliotwell the hard drive was the loudest thing in the room, so i put it in a styrofoam box.  and it overheated to at least 60 C, at which point the pi died, but it turned out that the drive was fine, just a worthless power supply00:36
kanliotthe pi actually survived, even though i almost tossed it out, i figured it couldn't be the PSU, since it was only a day old, bought new online00:37
UnderControlKanliot it uses a micro USB for charging, right?00:38
kanlioti bought the cheapest one00:38
phillwkanliot: for your hard-dive, get hold of one of these .. http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/120738767650?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&adtype=pla It does SATA, IDE, PATA, 3.5" disk drives, DVD-RW devices etc. I love mine and others who've bought them also speak highly of them. Matters not if it is a 5.25" clunking olde worlde IDE hard disk, or the new 2.5" laptop SATA drives.... Just connect it up!00:41
UnderControlKanliot cool, I'm getting that today00:41
phillwUnderControl: don't buy the cheapest one :P00:42
wxli got one of the newertech ones00:42
UnderControlPhillw yeah :P00:42
wxlclearly more expensive00:43
wxlmaybe i got ripped off who knows00:43
UnderControlKanliot I got my RPi one hour ago00:43
phillwwxl: it is the newwer version, I guess as it is USB 300:44
wxlyeah that's kind of nice tho i have no machine that can make use of it (yet)00:45
phillwwhich Is why I bought the usb 2 one :P00:46
phillwmost likely why the price now is a lot lower than what I paid 18 months ago!00:47
phillwBut, I have two of them & am very happy :)00:47
* UnderControl wonders what the first project for his RPi should be.00:48
phillwyikes!... nearly 2am... I was heading to bed at mid night!... catch all you good folks later :)00:48
UnderControlSee ya Phillw00:48
UnderControlI'm heading out to buy some things for my RPi, see everyone later.00:54
noskcajis it possible to do the ppc testing in a virtual machine?02:24
jmarsdennoskcaj: Yes, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/PPC%26Mac64 (I have not tried this!)04:41
LuvLinuxOSHi All06:04
LuvLinuxOSsup kanliot06:27
kanliotdoing major changes to the wiki06:27
kanliotcould use help checking links06:27
kanliotor just looking for major bugs06:27
LuvLinuxOSwhat type of help06:27
kanliotjust click on things, see if it takes you to the wrong place06:28
kanliothold on 10 mins06:28
LuvLinuxOSno problem06:30
kanliotyou don't have a 12.10 box do you?06:31
kanliotor a 12.10 vm?06:31
LuvLinuxOSno but I can get one going06:31
kanliot1 thing at a time i guess06:32
kanliotim bad that way06:32
LuvLinuxOSthat is cool though06:32
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elfymorning - trying to put results against Xubuntu Beta2 on the tracker - the Desktop and Post - installation tests are both marked as archive - nowhere for people to put their results07:40
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knomeballoons, hey!09:17
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smartboyhwgema: Can I PM you?10:59
gemasmartboyhw: it depends on what PM means :P11:00
astraljavaPrime Ministress.11:01
gemaastraljava: x)11:01
smartboyhwgema: er "/query'11:01
smartboyhwastraljava, XD11:01
gemasmartboyhw: sure11:01
gemaastraljava: I like to be prime ministressed x)11:01
astraljavaI know you do. :)11:02
gemaelfy: are you going to UDS?11:16
elfygema: nope - wish I was or could have11:16
gemaelfy: ok, because I was going to sign you up for some utah training11:16
gemaelfy: I am going to organise some runs after UDS if you are interested11:17
elfyand hi gema - just been shown the utah stuff - was confused till I realised it wasn't a LoCo somewhere :)11:17
elfygema: yep I will be interested indeed11:17
gemaelfy: hi, nice to meet you :D11:17
gemaelfy: so they idea is : we are moving our current automated tests to utah and are planning to be running them like that after uds11:17
gemathat means that there will be public runlists that you can use to run the same tests we are running for ubuntu11:17
gemaanywhere if utah can run11:18
gemayou don't even need jenkins for the scheduling, you could use cron11:18
gemaelfy: it's still work in progress, but we are aiming at getting there by UDS11:18
gemaelfy: we can provision bare metal and VMs already, now we are working on ARM provisioning11:19
elfyright - will there be a session at uds that I can pad into ?11:19
gemaelfy: we are going to be running several training sessions if I can get them scheduled11:19
elfygema: nice - so theoretically I could set it up to do xubuntu and arm testing ? is that the case11:19
gemaelfy: I could ask for one of them to be recorded if that helps11:19
gemaelfy: we are not there yet, but working towards it, yet11:20
elfygema: that would be good11:20
gemaelfy: the test cases we have are very simple for now, but they are the smoke testing we are using for ubuntu11:20
gemawhich the very list installs a preseeded system and boots and runs some stuff11:20
gemaelfy: then you could add more scripts if you wanted to test more11:21
gemathat's up to you11:21
gemaelfy: and we could use them too :o)11:21
gemaI will keep elfy and smartboyhw in my list of people interested on running utah soon11:22
elfyk - cheers - I'm elfy just about everywhere, LP etc11:22
gemaelfy: ack11:22
gemaelfy: for those of you who cannot attend UDS we'll run some hangout sessions to get you guys up to speed11:23
gemathe more different setups we run the tests on, the more bugs we'll flesh out, it's a win/win11:23
gemasmartboyhw: thanks for your PM :P11:25
gemaastraljava: see? I am learning the jargon now!11:25
astraljavaHeheh. I'm not sure whether that's good or not. I liked my version better.11:26
smartboyhwastraljava, oh is it?:P11:27
astraljavasmartboyhw: You'd be amazed how far flattery will get you. :D11:27
elfythat would be good gema - anything that has information will be good :)11:27
* gema gives astraljava some utah vouchers11:28
smartboyhwastraljava, I need to look the word flattery in th dictitoinary LOL11:28
astraljavaWhee! See?11:28
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* smartboyhw thinks that it is time for astraljava to update his wiki:P11:38
astraljavaErr... I don't seem to have any.11:44
smartboyhwastraljava, I found your wiki :P11:44
* smartboyhw found it when doing a members page for testcase admins11:44
knomeastraljava, wikipage :P11:45
astraljavaYeah, well I didn't find it. :)11:47
knomeastraljava, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/astraljava11:47
astraljavaAhh... I somehow figured it was under my actual name.11:48
smartboyhwastraljava, :)11:59
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smartboyhwEmergency call: Anyone want to help test the Ubuntu Studio i386 and amd64 builds?14:10
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patdk-wkhmm, I'm going miss another testing cycle16:12
patdk-wkgetting ready to leave on a week vacation soon today16:12
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balloonspatdk-wk, ahh.. we'll be here when you get16:35
balloonsback.. there will still be the final iso. no worries! :-p16:35
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wxlafter all that complaining and whining about oversized isos and misbehaving openfirmware preventing usb boots, i finally get some dvd+rws and the ppc daily won't even get to x or a terminal. sheesh. :)17:01
balloonswxl, I believe phillw has an answer for that17:03
balloonsthe ppc currently is waiting a kernel or x fix.. I believe the fix is coming via kernel17:04
wxlballoons: i saw his email about some upcoming changes17:04
balloonsregardless, there is a workaround17:04
balloonsyou need to pass boot parms17:04
balloonsit should boot fine then17:04
wxloh? i must have missed that17:04
wxlyou aren't at all aware of where i would find that information are you?17:05
wxljust point me in the right direction and i'll search for it17:05
balloonsthe lubuntu mailing list hAS IT17:06
balloonsin the discussion threads17:06
balloonsif you can't find it, I'll look17:06
balloonswxl, ^^17:07
wxlah old info17:08
wxlyeah i see the cross reference on qa17:09
wxlhowever the symptoms people there are describing seem somewhat different than what i've got but i'll give it a shot17:09
balloonsk, gl17:09
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phillwhi wxl is the iso still oversized?18:34
wxloh i dunno phillw i just put it on a dvd+rw18:34
wxlit's well below that XD18:34
phillw_infinity was going to put them on a diet, but it did get a bit crazy the last few days of B2.18:35
* wxl shrugs18:35
wxli have to see if the video=ofonly thing will fix my woes18:35
wxli have a suspicion it won't18:35
wxlthe behavior i saw was unlike any other "video problems" i've had before18:36
phillwI've just spotted that Julien is back. No doubt he has to spend 3 days catching up with his emails.18:36
wxlso where are we at on this b43 thing?18:37
* wxl will point out that in booting last night, dmesg popped up b43 missing errors as i've been accustomed to in the past, which makes me really wonder18:37
phillwI'm awaiting to have a chat with Julien. It is most likely an oversight on the seed list.18:37
wxli did give a go at the 20120926 daily btw, not the beta218:37
phillwbut it needs him to confirm.18:38
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phillwwxl: the guy looking at bug 1043518 I'm hoping may look at the other issue for us. It does seem that trying to fix via 'X' may be a nightmare compared to a tweak to the kernel.18:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1043518 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351818:40
phillwit has been reported across other distros, but under different bug reports. I did have a go at herding them up for the kernel team.18:41
phillwthe ubiquity bug, is in fact a duplicate of 1043518 now as the ubiquity one has been corrected.18:42
phillwballoons: do you know who is QA liasion for Edubuntu?18:45
balloonsphillw, you can direct edubuntu stuff to stgraber..18:46
phillwstgraber: I'm not 100% on this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that bug 1011828 is in fact a manifestation of bug 1043518 - It has similar properties ... nvidea and a failure to display a screen on boot with the 12.10 kernel.18:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1011828 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "Session failed to load with 12.10 kernel on 12.04 test" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101182818:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1043518 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "live cd is unusable due to video degradation with the splash boot option enabled" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104351818:50
phillwstgraber: I can mark it as a dupe, with a note to the OP asking that he wait for the kernel fix to come out and retest if  you'd like.18:51
stgraberI don't see anything specific about Edubuntu in there, so I don't really care :)18:52
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phillwstgraber: look at "Upgrade Edubuntu amd64" http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/238/builds :D18:55
stgraberI know it's been reported while doing Edubuntu testing but the bug itself doesn't have anything specific to Edubuntu so I don't care18:56
stgraberit'd have happened just as well on clean Ubuntu18:56
phillwit has :)18:56
phillwagain reported completely differently (they blamed 'X'), I had that one looked at by the kernel guy and he was certain enough to say it was a dupe. I don't want to keep nagging him :P18:57
phillwI'd rather he spend the time fixing the bug than answering my questions :D18:58
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leadsledballoons, how much time left is there on Ubuntu 12.10 beta2 testing?20:17
balloonsleadsled, it's out20:20
balloonswell.. most everything is ready20:21
balloonslet me link you to release notes20:21
leadsledok, balloons thanks20:24
phillwballoons: you should have stayed on L-OT, just to have a giggle at the logs... two bash scripters are having a great time discussing the horrendous hacks they have written and honing down a script that will work for 13.04 :)20:26
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