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Shazer[2]How do I install Chrome?01:03
Shazer[2]I downloaded the .deb?01:03
Shazer[2]But I'm not sure how to install...01:03
dogmatic69just open a terminal, 'sudo apt-get install google-chrome'01:08
dogmatic69might need to add the ppa first ppa:chromium-daily/stable01:12
dogmatic69or just use software centre01:12
ali1234what? no01:16
ali1234you install chrome by going to the chrome website and downloading the deb file for it01:16
ali1234it sets you up with the correct repositories and everything01:16
ali1234chromium isn't the same thing as chrome01:16
ali1234and google-chrome isn't in the default repositories01:17
ali1234oh, once you downloaded the .deb you just double click it01:17
christelgood morning06:06
popeyAlanBell, do you still have one of my usb3 hard disks?07:33
popeyor did I ever get that back?07:33
AlanBellpopey: still have it07:33
popeyneed to grab that at some point07:34
AlanBellwell no disk, just enclosure and a USB stick07:34
popeyoh, i thought it had a disk in, my mistake07:34
AlanBellat home today?07:34
AlanBellok, I am out and about, if time allows I might pop by with it07:34
popeyooh that would be lovely, come in for tea!07:35
* popey puts some clothes on07:35
popeymore for that list directhex ^ :)07:37
popeyhttp://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/beta-late-than-never-3/ :)07:42
AlanBellits all games games games07:46
diploIt's all good AlanBell :)07:49
knightwisehey maxp07:59
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)08:21
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brobostigongood morning everyone.08:33
andylockranhey all09:03
andylockrananyone know why file_get_contents($url) on php would have suddenly started failing (debian lenny :s) - need a way to test it09:04
andylockrangrumpy ;(09:09
andylockranI've got a fairly broken php problem09:10
andylockranthat works on most of my servers09:10
ali1234why add \n?09:10
andylockranali1234: formatting..09:10
andylockranali1234: just so it looks prettier09:11
andylockranbut it's broken on a debian lenny server that is running the site where the code is used09:11
ali1234oh right echo09:11
ali1234 just woke up. i dunno09:11
andylockranit has been working up until recently, but very unsure as to why it would have stopped working09:11
andylockranaccording to a strace, it does the DNS lookup fine (which was my first concern) and all looks hunkey dorey09:12
ali1234do you have all the right settings?09:12
andylockranyeah, allow_url_fopen09:12
andylockranis set to On in php.ini - and in the phpinfo() for both php.ini for apache and for cli09:13
andylockranmgdm: you about?09:13
kirrusandylockran: have you tried wgetting said file, as the webserver user, and making sure that works?09:17
kirrussometimes http is firewalled09:17
kirrusandylockran: also, check the apache error log / php error messages?09:17
andylockranwget is working09:18
andylockranand I can't see any errors in the logs09:19
andylockranI've got E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE on09:19
bittin^workhaha somone is queueing outside the Apple Store here and waiting for iPhone 5 =D09:52
pinky-bittin^work, where's "here?"09:53
bittin^workTäby, Stockholm09:54
bittin^workthe only apple store in Sweden09:54
pinky-ok ty09:54
matttwhat's so funny about queueing for an iphone?  :)09:55
popeylife is too short to queue for a phone09:56
bittin^workmattt, that person has fricking 520km to queue for a phone :p09:56
bittin^workhas gone 520km i mean09:56
matttpopey: fully agree, doesn't stop thousands from doing it tho10:00
popeysure, people are idiots10:00
mattti don't even like queueing for food10:01
bittin^workif you go 520km to the only Apple store in the country to queue you dont have much to do :D10:01
matttbittin^work: yeah, i work with a guy who supposedly camped out for a phone10:01
mattti gave up on understanding people years ago10:01
pinky-it's all about the Bling10:02
pinky-I'm an old hippy and refuse to buy anything related10:04
pinky-I've still got a Sont Ericsson from 10 years a go:)10:06
bittin^worki got an ZTE Skate, cheap android phone is not that hip10:06
pinky-does me just fine10:06
davmor2Morning all10:06
bittin^workand iam out of podcasts to listen to :(10:07
bittin^workheard Ubuntu Uk Podcast S05E16 and Droidnation #40 this morning10:07
pinky-I'm normally housebound so I don't need maps10:07
matttbittin^work: i've not listened, but the food fight ones seem good10:07
matttbittin^work: http://foodfightshow.org/index.html10:08
popeybittin^work, pcpro? tuxradar?10:08
popeyI like those two10:08
pinky-when's the next ubuntu audio.cast due?10:09
bittin^workpopey, never heard any of those10:11
bittin^workbut my spotify got some music and its lunch now anyways, so think i will be fine10:12
czajkowskiAlanBell: care to start making bets on my trip to ireland next week to see if the airports strike!10:12
xnoxczajkowski: it will not strike, instead the runway will be flooded.10:16
czajkowskixnox: nah we can deal with floods no bother, it's ireand we're used to the rain10:16
czajkowskithe striking and snow tends to muck up my travel10:16
xnoxfair enough =)10:17
xnoxI like how in norway they clean the whole runway from 2 feet of snow in less than 9 minutes for a plane to take off.10:17
matttxnox: here it takes 2 weeks10:17
matttexcept we're only talking 2 inches10:17
czajkowskixnox: read this first - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/12/21/crazy-few-days/10:18
xnoxmattt: do they melt it with cups of tea?10:18
czajkowskixnox: then http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/12/22/taim-sa-bhaile/10:18
czajkowskixnox: you going to the open stack meet up later on today ?10:20
pinky-yup my cellphone is 10 years old and I don't have a facebook account, maybe I'm on my own in my own World.. but I like it10:23
pinky-only thing I do regular is upgrade my pc's10:25
mungojerryand poo, and use irc?10:26
pinky-plus lots of coffee10:26
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pinky-I've been using irc for over 20-odd years and my spelling is no better, there's no hope for some of us10:29
xnoxczajkowski: well. I will pop into the office for installer meeting. But I don't think I will be staying for openstack as I have London Volleyball Association Referee meeting to attend at 7pm up north in zone 2.10:31
Laneyzone 2, that's practically the countryside right?!10:37
davmor2czajkowski: prod morning10:45
gordi hear you have to bring your passport for zone 210:45
davmor2gord: are you back?10:46
* popey tickles gord10:48
popeydrat, I had a question for gord and I can't remember it now10:48
gordbut i walked up a mountain again today so i'm not moving from my hotel room bed for a few hours10:48
davmor2gord: isn't it like insane o'clock in the night there?10:49
gordnope, nearly 810:49
davmor2gord: oh well that's not so bad10:50
gordhad a pizza with potato on it last night, it was the best pizza ever, gonna make it myself when i get home10:51
mgdmandylockran: pong?11:04
diploAfternoon guys, I remember someone in here saying they have set up an internal messenger service probably on xmpp ?11:17
mgdmIn the past I have used Openfire and ejabberd to do that11:18
mgdmboth work OPenfire is quite big and heavy and Java-y though11:18
mgdmejabberd's config is a little quirky, too11:18
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diploJust looking at Openfire actually, so at least that's a good start11:18
mgdmso it's swings and roundabouts :)11:18
MattJXMPP \o/11:18
mgdmnot seen that in a while, MattJ :)11:19
bittin^workXMPP o/11:19
diploOn a secondary point my boss has just raised, integrating on into our php erp application11:19
diploUse same backgrounds I guess11:19
mgdmOpenfire is good at tying into other stuff, though you might need a plugin for both apps to do it11:20
diploOK, that's doable.. will delve deeper thanks11:20
MattJOnly thing I would be wary of with Openfire is their security flaw history11:20
mgdmthe advantage of XMPP stuff is you can use loads of clients to access it11:20
diploAll internal stuff anyhoo, but will also look into that11:21
MattJKeep it firewalled as much as you can if you go with it, especially the admin web interface it has11:21
bittin^worki only used ejabberd but was a while ago i was playing with that stuff11:21
mgdmthat's good advice for any network service11:22
MattJmgdm, plenty of network services are run public-facing on the internet, I would never personally allow Openfire that privilege11:23
MattJA while back they had a bug that allowed any user to change any other user's password (including the admin's)11:23
mgdmwell, obviously11:23
bittin^workmgdm, yea i like that with xmpp and aim11:24
bittin^workthat you can be logged in at alot of computers11:24
mgdmbut my point was that if you're running *any* service, regardless of what it is or its security history, that doesn't need to be public then don't make it11:24
bittin^workbut all my friends only uses facebook chat or skype nowdays or irc :p11:24
bittin^workim kinda died :o11:24
MattJHow anyone uses Skype I don't know11:26
pinky-I used to have a 4 digit icq number before until it was hacked by someone from Turkey11:34
mungojerrypinky-, i'll give you a 1-digit number on another service nobody else uses either :P11:35
mungojerryyou have have number 2 on blobby messaging service11:36
bittin^workhahahahhaa: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/388780_411092718945985_1467634616_n.jpg11:39
pinky-imo Skype is used a lot because of webcam conference and group chat, I suppose the same reason why Video Conference sites like BlogTV are popular nowadays, seems people like function12:13
brobostigonand google+'s hangouts.12:14
popey<3 ICQ12:15
bittin^workpopey, added u on icq :D12:17
livingdaylightI heard there were power regression issues with kernel 3.5 vs 3.4?12:17
pinky-in the old days it was possible to collect all "warez" and not miss anything, so I tended to try ALL new software.. there is so much nowadays that's not possible.. plus I've had a couple of bad experiences and prefer my privicy now so I've stopped joining every new service.. I don't even have a google+ account12:17
livingdaylightWould you say unity is optimized for the laptop? What DE or distro would you recommend for laptop?12:18
pinky-I hit my head in the 90's and been in that era ever since:)12:33
pinky-there's no help for me12:34
* mattt hands pinky- a 2400 bps modem12:35
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)12:35
* pinky- dials Demon12:35
pinky-good afternoon bigcalm12:35
bigcalmAre we having a nostalgia kick?12:35
pinky-yeah lol12:36
bittin^worktelnet antidote.hopto.org with http://www.paradroid.net/cgterm/ for the modern C= 64 BBS experience12:36
* bigcalm pauses with some dust force12:36
livingdaylightis this ubuntu-uk channel?12:40
bittin^workit might be12:40
livingdaylight#ubuntu-nwo ?12:41
bigcalmThat was fun12:48
bigcalmNow back to making more crud12:48
davmor2bigcalm: ah come on your code isn't that bad :P12:55
* popey wonders why Laney felt the need to send me a Boyzone track via Spotify12:55
bittin^workBoyzone i forgot about them lol =<12:56
xnoxthere is a box of 11.10 CDs.... using one as a coaster =)12:56
davmor2popey: he thought you needed camping up and romancing before he asked you to sing YMCA I can only assume he doesn't know it just takes alcohol and a karaoke machine12:58
davmor2AlanBell: minisipserver just got published13:24
* popey wonders when/if AlanBell is coming over for tea13:27
diploWasn't that happening a few hours ago :p13:45
bigcalmdavmor2: know what the status is of Vessel being published in the USC?14:07
popeycan't see that word without thinking of Star Trek.. "Wessel"14:09
bigcalmdavmor2: ah, the devs are dragging their heals http://support.humblebundle.com/customer/portal/articles/744388-vessel-for-mac-and-linux-alpha14:09
bigcalmpopey: heh14:09
bigcalmMight give in and play it via steam on gameos14:10
bigcalm(at some point)14:10
bigcalmpopey: where are your unclear wessels?14:20
mungojerrydiplo, i might have to stop using cinnamon :(14:29
diploI already have14:34
diploWas having way to many issues, my only issue with unity is the dash speed and just wish it acted more like do14:35
mgdmpopey: we got a telly in here yesterday with voice control, which resulted in a bit of a 'hello computer?' scene for a while14:35
bigcalmBack to the CRUD14:44
mungojerrydiplo, main issue is lockups during i/o and runing out of memory, causing bad performance. works great on my laptop thought, but my desktop PC is usually up for weeks at a time and running 50 chrome tabs etc14:47
mungojerrygnome2 never complained14:47
mungojerryunity, gnome3 weren't great either, but haven't used unity since january/feb14:47
diploI think i/o was my issue, also with lock ups]14:48
mungojerrydidn't report bug since i didn't know how to troubleshoot it14:53
bigcalmmgdm: what's your preferred method of deployment for PHP projects?15:08
mgdmbigcalm: we have our own mechanism that we're just about to move to Capistrano15:09
bigcalmmgdm: ta. Boss is mumbling something about a new deployment method and Capistrano was also mentioned15:10
bigcalmNot a fan of working with Ruby/Rails, but oh well15:11
mgdmCapistrano is not Rails :)15:11
mgdmand ruby's not that bad15:12
popeydamned with faint praise15:15
bigcalmpopey: we get that with PHP _all the time_15:15
mgdmbear in mind I'm from Scotland, where 'not bad' is approximately equal to 'pretty good'15:18
christelwhat an amazing day15:22
* bigcalm tickles christel15:25
christelbeen filming at black hangar all day15:28
matttwho's going to openstack meetup tonight?15:31
matttthink i see a few of you reg'd15:31
popeymgdm, haha, when I used to teach courses for SAP, we had a score card which had loads of questions about the course, you could score it   ---  --  -  0  +  ++  +++, which amounts to 1 through 7.. scotts people _always_ put 0 down the middle15:31
popeywhich amounts to 4 out of 7, which is _awful_, target was 6.3/715:32
bigcalmCan one eat too much Rennie?15:47
mgdmif you start foaming at the mouth, that's too much15:49
bigcalmOr a sign of rabies15:49
daubersbigcalm: If you eat 2 metric tonnes of it, I suspect that might be too much15:51
bigcalmImperial tons are okay though I guess15:51
daubersbigcalm: Like the dollar, they're not worth much these days...15:55
davmor2bigcalm: still waiting for the app15:56
bigcalmdavmor2: looks like humble indie bundle are as well15:57
davmor2bigcalm: yeah there were some bug that we and the bundle guys discovered on different platforms so we are all waiting for it15:57
bigcalmI see15:59
mattti've used fabric for some deployment-related tasks16:08
matttmay be worth looking at in conjunction w/ capistrano16:09
bigcalmRochard does look like fun. Might install it later16:09
davmor2bigcalm: torchlight is nice shame about the fullscreen not working correctly but other than that it's great16:10
bigcalmdavmor2: I'm not good at controlling lots of things at once16:10
daftykinsah back in the UK after 2 months of travels away16:17
daftykinsta ^_^16:17
bigcalmdaftykins: what drew you back to this dump?16:18
daftykinsjust the rock i have to hop on before getting back to Guernsey really ;)16:19
daftykinswent to a wedding of a friends over in Australia, then road-tripped the US from west coast to east coast16:19
daftykinsflying back from New York via Iceland on Tuesday16:19
MartijnVdShad/having a good time? :)16:19
daftykinsyeah not bad thanks :) hot weather nearly killed me though XD16:20
daftykinsa while back now, we drove through Death Valley national park - 47 deg C in the shade16:20
MartijnVdSSet aircon to "north pole"16:21
daftykinsif only - unfortunately i got to use it rarely as my two friends enjoyed the warmth quite unreasonably16:21
daftykinsbut ah well, all done now :)16:21
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bigcalmHow the flipityflop did it get to be nearly 6pm?16:53
Laneytime passed at one second per second16:55
davmor2bigcalm: did you blink16:55
bigcalmdavmor2: this is possible. Sometimes my blinks can take hours to complete16:56
davmor2bigcalm: and is there a 6foot stone angel somewhere nearby16:56
bigcalmdavmor2: that would send me back in time16:56
bigcalmOr just kill me16:56
davmor2bigcalm: ah no it just transfers you in time that particular one sent them back :P16:57
davmor2I keep hearing and seeing adverts for "killing them softly" (film) and thinking with his song (Fugee stylee)17:01
daftykinstellin' mah whole life, with his words...17:11
davmor2daftykins: 1 time.......17:11
daftykinscan't believe Red Dwarf is coming back17:12
AlanBellhttp://www.flossuk.org/Events/Unconference2012?action=show&redirect=unconf2012 people might want to ponder this (day after Ubuntu release)18:52
AlanBellerr, no. 18th is the release18:54
AzelphurElonex webbook with Ubuntu 12.04, display corruption, any ideas?19:23
AlanBelloh my19:23
penguin42Azelphur: define corruption19:23
* AlanBell knows about corruption on the webbook19:23
Azelphurpenguin42: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrm9kjtpcpzymxb/2012-09-27%2020.24.03.jpg?m19:25
AzelphurAlanBell: know how to fix it?19:25
AlanBellinstall hardy :)19:26
AlanBelljust looking for the project with the open drivers for it19:26
AlanBellAzelphur: what is it running at the moment?19:27
AzelphurAlanBell: broken ubuntu install apparently19:27
Azelphurso trying to fresh install19:27
penguin42oh, not a subtle problem then19:27
AlanBellit has a via C7 graphics card which is rubbish, and has rubbish open drivers19:28
AlanBellVIA did briefly let some binary drivers out that let the 3d stuff work which was good for a few weeks until a new kernel broke them and they never reappeared19:28
Azelphurthis sounds easy \o/19:29
AlanBellif you plug in an external monitor from bootup you might be able to get some stuff working, enough to get the openchrome drivers installed19:30
AlanBellI think we used a fixed xorg.conf to give hints about the display size as the edid lies19:30
AlanBellit might be that with just an xorg.conf specifying the resolution as 1024x600 then the corruption will go away19:31
AlanBellsample xorg.conf there, the important bit is Option "PanelSize" "1024x600"19:33
Azelphurcool, trying it19:34
AzelphurAlanBell: I think I need a default xorg.conf to get this to work19:50
Azelphurnot sure how to make a default one though19:50
AlanBellhow do you mean?19:51
AlanBellby default there isn't one19:51
AlanBellyou just create a text file in /etc/xorg.conf with the right stuff in it19:51
Azelphurbut I don't know what the right stuff is19:51
AlanBellhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1148184 comment 419:51
Azelphuron that thread he says he added that stuff to his xorg.conf, insinuating that there is more19:51
AlanBellpaste that in19:51
Azelphuris that the whole file?19:52
AlanBellno, that is sufficient19:52
AlanBellerr, looks like it needs Section before "Device"19:52
Azelphurand identifier is spelt wrong19:52
* hamitron still hates the lack of xorgconfig19:52
AzelphurI'm pretty sure I fixed those things :p19:52
AzelphuroO, skeleton configuration files19:55
hamitrondo what AB said first ofc19:55
hamitronhe is more clever than I19:55
AzelphurI did, it's not working :(19:56
AlanBelltrying to find the original stuff I wrote about it19:56
AzelphurI'm trying this on a livecd though, I created the xorg.conf and restarted lightdm19:56
Azelphurcool :D19:56
AlanBellgot rid of that domain some time ago, but the data should exist somewhere19:56
hamitrontook me over a year to get X working on my first install of linux19:59
AlanBellhttp://rblondon.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/elonex-webbook-screen-issue.html that one looks correct20:03
AlanBellthink I might have deleted all the webbookblog.com content20:03
AlanBellForcePanel might be important too20:04
Azelphurcool, ty :D20:05
AzelphurAlanBell: woo it works! \o/20:16
* Azelphur gives AlanBell 5 internets.20:16
AlanBellso what is that running now? Quantal?20:17
AlanBellactually you probably want to stop at precise with that one as there won't be 3d and it won't have the horsepower for decent llvmpipe performance20:18
ali1234or just don't install unity or gnome-shell20:18
ali1234and marvel at how fast everything runs20:19
AzelphurAlanBell: 12.0420:19
Azelphuryea, I'm tempted to say this might be a candidate for lubuntu20:19
Azelphuryea, I'll drop lubuntu on it20:21
AlanBellgo for it20:23
AlanBellgood point ali123420:23
penguin42Azelphur: Or try adding MATE (i.e. Gnome2)20:23
AzelphurI imagine lxde is faster than gnome220:24
ali1234not really20:24
* Azelphur shrugs20:24
AzelphurI have Lubuntu iso downloaded anyway so it's nice and easy20:24
AlanBellyou are not going to achieve "fast"20:25
Azelphurhehe indeed20:25
penguin42what's it's storage?20:25
AlanBellbut there are a number of things that are perfectly usable for modest requirements20:25
AlanBell80GB hdd20:25
AlanBelldo you have 1GB on it?20:25
penguin42sata or pata?20:26
AlanBellthe upgrade from 512 to 1GB is worth doing20:26
AlanBellsata even20:26
penguin42might be a worth a low end ssd, might make it usable20:26
Azelphurhehe, it's not my netbook20:26
Azelphurso someone else has to put up with the painful slowness ;)20:27
AlanBellI wouldn't bother with buying stuff for it, but a rummage around the bits box might produce a ram stick20:27
AlanBellit can only be upgraded to 1GB20:28
ali1234also MATE is completely redundant20:28
AlanBelleven if you stick a 2GB stick in you will only get 1GB recognised20:28
ali1234gnome-panel still runs on gtk320:28
Azelphuryea, I'm just getting it up and running, I don't have any spare sticks for it :p20:31
Azelphurit'll be slow, but better than nothing20:31
ali1234i wonder who is maintaining that actually20:31
MartijnVdS\o jacobw20:35
jacobwhey, how's it going?20:35
AlanBellwhy can't we have party political broadcasts like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK7QfCEEiBs&feature=player_embedded20:36
MartijnVdSbecause you live in a sane country20:36
AlanBellthere is that20:37
MartijnVdSAnd you already have panel game shows :)20:38
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)20:41
jacobwGE bigcalm20:41
popeypip pip20:42
MartijnVdSpopey: trying CP/M again?20:42
MartijnVdSalias pip=cp20:47
penguin42wasn't it also similar to dd ?20:48
MartijnVdSwell cp is quite similar to dd ;)20:48
AlanBellon my phone I have google plus messenger or something, where is that in the web UI?20:59
bigcalmAlanBell: do you have the web UI open?21:01
bigcalmMessage sent21:01
AlanBellmy phone pings21:02
AlanBellno activity in the browser21:02
bigcalmBut nothing accessible via the web? Poop21:02
bigcalmMaybe it's a phone only thing21:02
AlanBellvery odd21:03
daubersAlanBell: just use empathy?21:15
daubersempathy does google chat21:16
daubers(which G+ messenger essentially is)21:16
AlanBellbut how come the chat thing on the right of G+ doesn't do anything much when it happens?21:17
daubersNo idea :)21:17
daubersbecuase it smells?21:18
AlanBellthat just shows online people too, not sure it relates to messenger21:18
ali1234because gtalk actually supports multiple instances properly21:24
ali1234if you are using g+ when someone chats to you, it will do something21:24
ali1234or if you start talking back to the person through the website etc21:24
ali1234it doesn't make every device you have go crazy when you are having a conversation21:24
AlanBellso the problem is that my phone is online too much?21:24
AlanBellI can't transfer a conversation from one device to another I think21:25
ali1234it's related to your status21:25
ali1234if you are marked "away" then it won't ping that device21:25
ali1234i think that's how it works21:25
ali1234also if you ignore thephone and start using g+ then it will send the messages out after a couple of minutes21:26
AlanBellI kind of find old messages on the phone occasionally because I am not looking for them there21:26
AlanBellnot really wanting to use that service at all really21:27
ali1234it's possibly also related to why you always pingpong online/offline 100 times and fill my indicator queue :)21:28
AlanBelloh, someone else told me that21:28
ali1234i've told you before :)21:28
AlanBellok, so how do I stop doing that?21:28
ali1234no idea21:28
AlanBelland why am I special?21:28
ali1234someone else does it too21:28
ali1234but i can't remember who it was21:28
AlanBellI just have the android G+ app21:28
AlanBellI have never intended to do anything with the messenger thing at all21:29
ali1234g+ uses the same chat as gmail21:29
ali1234which is also a stand alone app on android21:29
AlanBellI don't even know how to go offline on the mobile client, can't see any kind of status setting thing21:29
AlanBellwhat indicator queue do I fill up?21:31
ali1234you know, notify osd?21:31
AlanBelloh, from empathy notifications?21:31
ali1234from pidgin notifications21:31
ali1234i don't use empathy21:31
ali1234but yeah... every time someone goes away21:31
popeyi use the web io21:31
ali1234it shows a message for 5 seconds21:32
AlanBellwhat web UI?21:32
popeyin gmail and G+21:32
popeyi have both in separate tabs21:32
popeyso when someone pings me it generally pings both21:32
ali1234100 * 5 = nearly 10 minutes worth of notifications, because it's a queue and they all have same priority21:32
popeyi can choose to answer in either and it keeps both in sync which is neat21:32
ali1234that also blocks all other same priority notifications, essentially a denial of service attack :)21:32
AlanBellbut those look like a different list of people to what I have in the mobile client21:33
ali1234the list is a little bit weird but it is the same protocol21:33
popeyyes, its an option in G+21:33
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