mfischI didn't even know we had an IRC channel!02:38
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MagicFab___joey o/17:24
joeyMagicFab___: aloha!17:24
joeyoh you are in town already?17:25
MagicFab___FunnyLookinHat, o/17:25
MagicFab___joey, sure17:25
joeywell in town = Denver. I'm an hour north17:25
MagicFab___yes, Denver/Aurora :)17:25
MagicFab___joey, what ar eyou up to these days?17:26
MagicFab___I noticed the new "IT Risk and Compliance.." position :) nice.17:27
joeyyeah I came back in off rotation from Linaro17:29
joeyatm I'm improving security items17:29
joeyand just getting a handle on what we have for Legal17:29
MagicFab___is anyone else than FunnyLookinHat  admin for the team at loco.ubuntu.com? We need to add tomorrow's Hour there :)17:31
MagicFab___yummy, legal.17:31
MagicFab___-> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1444/detail/ I am trying to see if I can add the event myself17:32
joeyMagicFab___: it appears I can17:33
MagicFab___joey, it looks like you could add the event there17:33
joey18:00 to  ?17:34
MagicFab___I'd say 18 to 21,17:34
MagicFab___knowing that the "core' is the first hour :)17:34
joeyk, I'm doing it now in case anyone else stumbles on us here17:34
joeyfab, http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/coloradoteam/1997/detail/17:37
MagicFab___woah, that was faster than in my team :)17:41
FunnyLookinHatI'm here.17:45
FunnyLookinHatOh it's just you...17:45
* FunnyLookinHat goes back to code.17:46
MagicFab___ /kick code17:48
GarheadeHello all18:34
MagicFab___FunnyLookinHat, this is exactly what I told you about yesterday: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=675320:26
FunnyLookinHatMagicFab___, oh this is cool!20:31

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