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NivexI think I just became the prime seeder on the Xubuntu beta2 torrent20:40
NivexI've been sustaining 4.5MB/sec since I joined the torrent with the full copy20:43
Nivex<3 my Linode :)20:43
vrazerYour ISP must hate you20:43
NivexI get 200MB/month and I rarely come close.20:43
Nivexand they throttle to 6.25MB/sec, so I'm not coming close to my cap20:44
Nivexha! my home machine just finally peered with my Linode for the best dl speed20:45
vrazerMy congratulations. My ISP would never let me do what you're doing right now.20:46
vrazerNor would my router.20:46
vrazerNor would my wireless card.20:46
Nivexthat's why I do it on my VPS21:08
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