stlsaintlol shaft00:16
stlsaintthafreak: toughmudder.com00:16
jrgiffordpaultag: so stable, testing or sid?00:27
jrgiffordnope, not going to OLF. wasn't able to schedule it this time. :\00:27
paultagjrgifford: I (personally) encurage use of unstable for a few reasons00:27
paultagjrgifford: but testing is perfectly OK00:28
paultagI run experimental >:)00:28
paultag(sekret distro)00:28
jrgiffordpaultag: sweet. torrenting the iso now, time to get me a copy of sid. :D00:28
paultagjrgifford: if you need some help, or want to contribute there too, let me know!00:28
jrgiffordi need a OS that runs on my laptop that serves as a glorfied virtualbox hypervisor. :P00:29
paultagah, cool :)00:29
jrgiffordand debian seems to fit the bill.00:29
paultagthere's some newfangled php front-end, btw00:29
paultagso you can put it on a server and kick up machines via the web00:29
paultagbut that sounds like it's outside of what you're trying to do :)00:30
jrgiffordif i'm going to do that, then i'll just use esxi00:30
jrgiffordand yes. :)00:30
paultagbut look! http://phpvirtualbox.googlecode.com/svn/wiki/images/phpvbsm.png00:30
* paultag gets back to learning clojure00:30
jrgiffordi know. ;P00:31
jrgiffordpaultag: i'd assume the best way to get debian testing for a laptop would be to download the netinst iso, right?00:37
paultagjrgifford: yep00:37
paultagand from there, you can upgrade to sid, if you wish00:37
jrgiffordthat way i'm not really limited by the stuff on the cd, and i can at least attempt to get drivers for my trackpad. ;P00:38
paultagwhich machine?00:38
jrgiffordthinkpad t6100:38
paultagworks OTB00:38
paultagthinkpads are well supported, considering most every DD I know has one00:38
jrgiffordsweet. didn't in fedora rawhide last week. ;P00:38
paultagand esp the T600:38
paultagerm, T6100:38
paultagthat's like the AK-47 of laptops00:39
jrgiffordawesome. thanks for the help.00:39
jrgiffordhahah, yeah. the joke at work is you can murder someone with it, and use it to write your confession afterwards. :D00:39
paultaghahaha yep :)00:39
paultagproud [BI really want the X1-Carbon00:40
paultagbah, fucking irssi00:40
paultagbut the power adapt -- no love.00:41
jrgiffordthe X1 looks sweeetttt.00:43
jrgiffordhadn't thought about the power adapter00:43
paultagI've got about 5 of them00:44
paultagand it's really nice to not carry them around00:44
jrgiffordyeah, three of the guys at work have various thinkpads00:44
jrgiffordif i forget my charger, i know i can just borrow theirs for an hour, and then send it back to them, and i can make it through the day.00:44
jrgiffordand vice versa.00:44
paultagand I was planning my future condo's power situation by bundling USB hubs, CAT6 and a ThinkPad power guy in about 4 tables, with one for each seat00:44
jrgiffordhahah. :D00:45
paultagit makes my life suck so much less00:45
paultagGOOG has that setup going, and it's great00:45
paultag(without USB)00:45
jrgiffordi can imagine.00:45
paultagjust drop into a conf' room and plug in00:45
paultagbut alas00:45
paultagthe X1-Carbon00:45
paultaghow I hate tee00:45
paultagbrb shower00:46
jrgiffordso you're saying the X series power adapter is different from the t*?00:46
paultagjrgifford: I assume so00:46
paultagjrgifford: consider the barrel is about 2x larger then the width of the machine00:46
paultagnot to mention it looks square from the photos00:46
paultagbrb shower00:46
jrgiffordk, cya in a bit00:47
jrgiffordwell, part 1 has been fun01:11
jrgiffordhad to get into busybox and chroot my way into /target01:11
jrgiffordtasksel was acting odd01:11
jrgiffordugh. i think i'll just need to stick with my 10.04 install for my glofified hypervisor. :\01:17
jrgiffordneed to run through the install a few times in a VM before I do it in the hardware.01:17
paultagjrgifford: what the fuck01:18
paultagRE: 21:11 <+jrgifford> had to get into busybox and chroot my way into /target01:18
paultagnever once had to do that01:18
paultagoh because of tasksel01:18
jrgiffordpaultag: i'll figure it out, just don't have time to spend more time today. :P01:18
paultagwhat was it doing?01:18
jrgiffordwas telling me i had unmet dependencies01:18
paultagyeah, I mean, if Ubuntu works01:18
paultagjrgifford: o.O01:18
paultagjrgifford: please write down the error and report it01:18
jrgiffordchrooted, selected the same packages, and it worked01:19
paultagjrgifford: it's a big problem, we're frozen, shit like that shouldn't happen01:19
jrgiffordi think i was running off an outdated mirror01:19
jrgiffordhangon, let me try a different one01:20
paultag(but that would explain the issue)01:20
paultagstale mirrors are the bane of everyone's setups right now, you should use http.debian.net01:20
paultagit's legit.01:20
paultagautomagically finds the fastest mirror01:20
jrgiffordyeah, i was using an outdated mirror01:22
jrgiffordlovely. ;P01:22
paultaghttp.d.n rocks01:22
* jrgifford will keep that in mind01:22
* canthus13 yawns.01:22
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gilbert_paultag: what's the plan 4 saturday?21:53
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