hallino1Hello world!19:05
hallino1cjohnston: ping19:05
cjohnstonhallino1: ^19:25
hallino1cjohnston: sorry for the disturb.. If i want to collaborate with ubuntu-website what I have to do? I have already lp and email (ubuntu-it member) Thanks :)19:26
cjohnstonhallino1: what in specific are you looking to do19:27
hallino1cjohnston: mhmm in what community need19:36
hallino1cjohnston: i prefer help in website19:37
cjohnstonwhat experience do you have19:37
hallino1cjohnston: php-html5-css3, jquery, postgresql, mysql and now i'm learning python and django.. They're easy (not too much the second)19:41
cjohnstonwell, most of the active work that is done is in django19:41
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hallino1It's fantastic cjohnston.. So I can learn fast :)19:54
cjohnstonwell.. launchpad.net/summit would be somewhere to start looking19:55
hallino1That sir.. Very helpful cjohnston20:04
hallino1cjohnston: Mhmm I really like django and I hope to be helpful to community :)20:23
cjohnstonlet me know if you need help setting up the environment.. if you check out summit-dev.readthedocs.org it should get you going though20:38
cjohnstonor, and this is preferred, but mhall11920:38
mhall119please don't but me, it's rude20:41
hallino1Thanks for the support.. If i will have some problem and I can't resolve it by myself.. I will send you :)20:47
hallino1Good night all!20:56
cjohnstonmhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/the-star-is-rising/+merge/12681421:54

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