brycehRAOF, http://ubuntu.5.n6.nabble.com/Minutes-from-the-Technical-Board-meeting-2012-09-17-td4992536.html00:47
brycehRAOF, I've just finished uploading the changes infinity asked for; theoretically it should all be ready for SRU review now, although he may need to push a couple buttons.00:48
RAOFbryceh: Either it's waiting for infinity to push some buttons, or he's already done the SRU review. It's not in the precise-proposed queue, at least.01:34
brycehI did get the Accepted emails for it going into precise-proposed01:40
brycehhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html shows the two experimental-304 packages there01:41
brycehfor nvidia-common and jockey those *just* got accepted so maybe the pending-sru.html page needs a little time to update01:42
RAOFYeah, they're all in -proposed. Have the -proposed packages been tested?01:45
brycehRAOF, not yet.  I'm EOD but will test them tomorrow.01:50
RAOFOk. They do need to be tested before promoting them to -updates ;)01:50
brycehyep, I know :-)01:50
brycehkids are at grandparent's tonight, and so wife wants a date01:51
RAOFSounds good!01:57
brycehhmm, found one bug already (but maybe local to jockey)02:05
brycehon a system with proposed already enabled, do apt-get update then try to launch jockey; jockey crashes with error on string "experimental-304"02:06
RAOFI thought you were going out? ☺02:17
RAOFHey, apropos nothing: do you have any insight as to when wine's dwrite will not be a huge pile of fail? Or, at least, when it'll render text in Steam? ☺06:54
mlankhorstNo idea, I just disable the dll as soon as possible..06:54
mlankhorstI don't really expect any time soon, though. Waiting on the new wine release though :-)06:58
mlankhorstWith a bit of luck this one won't break my dsound patch series in the series of commits done on the day of release..07:00
RAOFStill no joy on getting an upstream pulseaudio backend?07:09
mlankhorstRAOF: I gave up, I just help other distros that might want it now instead..07:17
mlankhorstalthough one of the people there expressed interest in my dsound rewriting07:23
mlankhorstthe part where I ripped out the crappy mixer, at least07:23
RAOFEveryone loves crappy mixers!07:23
mlankhorstit was mostly ripping out the mixer control code and starting over, it was still based on the old driver model, so it detected underruns as buffered < 0, even though it could no longer happen, other fun stuff too07:26
RAOFAh. Code rot.07:28
mlankhorstnah just maintainer not having a clue what that code did :-)07:28
RAOFSounds like code rot to me:)07:29
RAOFJust with an imperceptible smell!07:29
mlankhorstI mostly take http://repo.or.cz/w/wine/multimedia.git/shortlog and then convert it to a patch series07:29
RAOFHow did you go from winepulse v12 to winepulse v15 in one commit? :)07:31
brycehRAOF, turns out you can actually get a decent amount of testing done while waiting for your wife to get ready08:16
tjaaltonok lets see if vanilla 3.6rc7+dinq boots..08:24
tjaaltonoh yes08:26
tjaaltonsilly g-s-d sleep timer, it's actually 30s + the time you've set08:51
tjaaltonso it's 30s to determine that the machine is idle, and only then start the timer08:53
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: are you running amd64? got a kernel you could give a go..08:55
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~tjaalton/lp966744/09:01
chrisccoulsontjaalton, yeah, i can try that in a bit09:01
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: also one thing, does it matter how long the screen has been idle (blank)?09:02
chrisccoulsontjaalton, i'm not sure about that. i just use the default settings :)09:03
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: right, but if it hangs even if you try to wake it up right after it has blanked, then it's clear that the time spent while blank doesn't matter09:04
tjaaltonupload complete09:04
chrisccoulsontjaalton, ah, sorry, i misunderstood what you were asking09:04
tjaaltonyeah, you should be able to lower the sleep timer to one minute in order to speed up the testing :)09:05
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: also, does it hang with nothing else than the bare unity desktop running09:08
tjaaltonguess the compiz hanger is related to the blanking that follows the fadeout10:06
tjaaltondid 50 cycles with the timer she10:06
tjaalton*set so short that it didn't fade at all10:07
tjaaltonnow I have two machines, the other with the fadeout hung after maybe five cycles, the other doing ten just fine10:07
mlankhorstand then i broke things again somehow, :-(10:34
chrisccoulsontjaalton, hi, i tried that kernel and got the same hang :(10:35
chrisccoulsoni did notice that i don't get it if gnome-screensaver isn't running though10:35
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: ok, so try setting the idle timeout with dconf-editor10:36
tjaaltonset it to, say 510:37
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: I can reproduce it as well, but _only_ if I set the timer so low that the fadeout doesn't happen10:38
tjaaltonif I don't set..10:38
tjaaltonhmm right, with the timer set below 60 gnome-screensaver isn't running10:45
chrisccoulsontjaalton, i'm actually just about to test a build of gnome-screensaver with the fade disabled entirely10:48
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: ah, nice :)10:48
chrisccoulsontjaalton, hmm, it still happens with no fade11:12
mlankhorstjust realized lockdep was disabled, but it's not the cause things messed up :\11:13
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: ok11:13
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: yeah the fadeout just happens to come from g-s, noticed it afterwards that g-s wasn't running11:14
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: I don't get the issue if I turn off the dpms screen blanking in the settings12:30
mdeslaur(ie: Brightness and Lock/Turn screen off when inactive for: Never)12:30
tjaaltonmdeslaur: did I already ask you to try the other accelmethod on it? put http://pastebin.com/nb6zhmcE in xorg.conf, enable the timer and see if it hangs when the screen blanks13:01
tjaaltonsounds like there is a race in the uxa code of -intel13:01
tjaaltonwhich is why I can't for some reason reproduce it every time13:01
mdeslaurtjaalton: could you give me a complete xorg.conf?13:01
tjaaltonthat's it13:01
tjaaltonyou don't need anything else13:02
tjaaltoncurrently at 15 cycles myself, before it hung after six13:02
tjaaltonwell, needed 5-10 cycles13:04
mdeslaurtjaalton: ok, let me reboot and try it13:05
tjaaltonlogout is enough13:05
tjaaltonheh, glxgears starts spinning "faster" when the screen is off13:07
tjaaltonmdeslaur: verify that sna is working; 'grep SNA /var/log/Xorg.0.log'13:12
mdeslaurtjaalton: rebooted, closed lid, opened lid, screen was black with no backlight, and I couldn't even VT switch13:12
tjaaltonthat's new then :P13:12
mdeslaur(II) intel(0): SNA initialized with Ironlake backend13:12
tjaaltonno session running yet?13:13
mdeslaurtjaalton: yes, that's after logging in, sorry13:13
tjaaltoncan you log in remotely?13:13
mdeslaurtjaalton: I go for lunch in a couple of hours, I'll see if the dpms/screensaver causes it13:13
mdeslaurtjaalton: yes13:14
tjaaltonyou can speed it up by setting the timeout to one minute13:14
tjaaltonwhat's in dmesg?13:14
tjaaltonor X0rg.0.log tail13:14
mdeslaurtjaalton: I've rebooted, you want to know what's in there when it failed?13:14
tjaaltonyes, if possible13:15
tjaaltonor hmm13:15
tjaaltonmaybe not worth it13:15
tjaaltonlet's concentrate on this one13:15
tjaaltonthe original bug13:15
mdeslaurtjaalton: this is my Xorg.0.log.old file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230387/13:16
mdeslaurnothing interesting I think13:16
mdeslaurok, I'll leave it be for a couple of minutes and see if it does it13:16
tjaaltonok so it just failed to dpms on the display13:16
tjaaltonwhich is kinda expected, though should work on s&r13:17
tjaaltona vt change should revive it13:17
tjaaltonand does here13:17
mdeslaurvt switching didn't work for me13:17
mdeslaurok, attempt #2 of not touching keyboard now :)13:18
mdeslaurtjaalton: same thing, dpms switches screen off, and I can't get it back on again, even with a vt switch13:25
mdeslaurso, I've turned SNA back off13:26
tjaaltongood move13:26
tjaaltonand thanks13:26
mdeslaurtjaalton: np13:27
tjaaltondidn't really confirm anything, it could be just as hung with sna or the backlight issue is "special" on your machine..13:28
mdeslauryep, could be a different issue13:29
mdeslaurI have an idea: the kernel and X should only be updated in the dev release if they manage to pass QA on all hardware in the canonical lab13:30
mdeslaur(we'll never get a new kernel or a new X again!)13:30
tjaaltonsolid idea :)13:32
mlankhorstWe could call it ms windows?13:33
mlankhorstOh wait, I know..13:34
mlankhorst"There is no problem in our code, it is an incompatbility between drivers and the version of the code you're running"13:35
mlankhorstdoes that sound good?13:36
mlankhorst"Please contact your manufacturer for updated drivers, we are sorry we could not be of more assistence"13:37
mlankhorstOk so I'm going to hell, at least it's warm here. :D13:37
mdeslaurI would be a lot simpler if canonical made hardware :P13:40
mlankhorstIn fact we shouldn't leave it at that, we should make our own users13:43
mdeslaurmlankhorst: sweet! We could probably get amazon to help :)13:45
tjaaltonI got three commits from ickle to try, will rebuild -intel and push it to the url for folks to try13:49
tjaaltonmdeslaur: about? I have a driver to test17:38
mdeslaurtjaalton: uh, yeah...not right now though17:39
tjaaltonI'll ask someone else then :)17:39
mdeslaurtjaalton: I'm in the middle of something, but if you give me a link, i can try it a little later17:39
tjaaltonthere are plenty of victims17:39
tjaaltonyeah I'll put it in http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~tjaalton/lp966744/17:40
mdeslaurtjaalton: ok, restarting with test driver now18:11
mdeslaurooh! lid close didn't reproduce!18:14
mdeslaurnow to test inactivity18:14
mdeslaurtjaalton: I think we may have a winner!18:16
* mdeslaur looks around for some wood18:16
tjaaltonjust don't knock it :)18:18
mdeslaurtjaalton: ok, I can't seem to be able to reproduce anymore...I'll continue running this test driver, and will let you know if it pops up again18:21
tjaaltonmdeslaur: great, thanks for testing18:22
tjaaltonI'll update the bug..18:22
mlankhorstshould I apply for core dev?18:27
Sarvattmlankhorst: i'm going to ask for an xorg package set here soon18:27
mlankhorstSarvatt: what do you need?18:27
Sarvatti mean you can do PPU for that instead, which might have a chance of getting accepted instead of core dev straight away :)18:28
mlankhorstah :p18:28
mlankhorstbut I need initramfs-tools and linux too18:28
Sarvattjust need to make up a list of all of the packages18:28
mlankhorstso dno, doesn't seem that useful18:28
mlankhorstespecially not if there will be the renamed versions soon as well18:28
Sarvattoh i dont think linux will happen, kernel team does that18:28
tjaaltonmlankhorst: yes please18:28
mlankhorstSarvatt: it's just I tend to work on some packages outside of xorg too when they get in the way, so I think just the set wouldn't make much sense, since it's so broad you effectively end up with the same18:29
Sarvattneed to fill out my info on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sarvatt/DeveloperApplication-PPU still, sheesh18:35
tjaaltonheh, my wife just hit the bug on my primary laptop which doesn't have the fix yet.. saved her work by forcing metacity from a vt18:48
mlankhorstis it just me or do I get really bad redraw bugs in quantal + unity?18:55
tjaaltonI haven't seen much19:00
mlankhorstthe windows themselves are fine, just the background doesn't get rendered19:03
mlankhorstI'll isolate it19:23
mlankhorsthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaartenLankhorst/DeveloperApplication btw19:25
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