Jordan_Umrojas6996: WAV is not the same as WMA. Also, that theme is incredibly confusing.00:00
myersgI got ubuntu to work!00:01
myersgI changed the kernel version to an older one00:01
Guddu_Each time when i am connected to a Ubuntu Machine via SSH, that machine cannot be restarted neither someone who is logged in can log out. What could be the issue?00:05
DJHenjindoes anyone here have experience troubleshooting FTP servers on ubuntu 12.0400:10
blackshirtdjhenjin, what the problem was happened? And what ftp server you are using now?00:11
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Jordan_Umrojas6996: CDA "files" aren't real. They're Windows's way of presenting audio CD tracks (which aren't actually "files" as there is no filesystem).00:12
DJHenjini cannot connect to the FTP server at all, filezilla is sending user and pass and i get the 220 welcome to vsFTPD server managed by EHCP00:12
Jordan_Umrojas6996: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc_Audio_track00:12
blackshirtwhat the error said?00:13
DJHenjinpastie of interaction log in filezilla http://pastebin.com/0rY7FSRE00:13
DJHenjinive even tried SFTP with no avail00:14
Jordan_Umrojas6996: A .WAV file is a file which contains a direct copy of the PCM data from  CD (though .wav files are also used in areas completely unrelated to audio CDs).00:14
blackshirtwait a minute00:14
ring2DJHenjin, have you checked the response? libgcc_s.so.1 must be installed for pthread_cancel to work00:16
DJHenjini have checked it but thats where im stumped00:16
DJHenjini dont know what that means exactly00:18
ring2DJHenjin, i'd check in which package libgcc_s.so.1 is. then make sure, the package is installed. f.e. apt-file search libgcc_s.so.100:18
DJHenjini did the apt-file search but i dont get any results wth00:20
ring2DJHenjin, then you mistyped something00:21
DJHenjinokay yeah now ive got a bunch of results00:21
DJHenjinall the packages it listed have a local path to libgcc_s.so.100:22
ring2DJHenjin, the output shows, which package would have the file you searched for in which place. all of the packages are not installed00:23
DJHenjinwell theres a whole bunch of packages listed, how the heck do i choose which one to use00:24
jen__tricks on getting photoshop onto linux? Because ya know, linux should be so awesome there MUST be a way to do it00:24
ring2jen__, check out gimp00:25
HoNgOuRucan I code directly in the terminal ? example  "for var in 1 2 3 4 5 .. N do echo "hello world!" done ?00:26
jribHoNgOuRu: yup00:26
HoNgOuRuthrow me an example00:26
jribHoNgOuRu: for var in 1 2 3 4 5; do echo "hello world!"; done00:26
HoNgOuRucopy that00:26
jribHoNgOuRu: if you need more help with the syntax, see ubottu's links as well as #bash and their topic there00:27
HoNgOuRujrib,  yeah !!!00:27
jrib!cli > HoNgOuRu00:27
ubottuHoNgOuRu, please see my private message00:27
jen__ring2, no I can't stand gimp. I need PS00:27
HoNgOuRuthank you00:27
DJHenjinlibgcc1 which has libgcc_s.so.1 is already installed and up to date00:27
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ring2DJHenjin, maybe not only the client but also the server needs that package installed.00:29
DJHenjinthis is on the server00:29
DJHenjini havent had any issues with the client before so i am trying to figure out why its not working on the server end00:30
adricanyone willing to help me figure out how to compile/install the Terminus font for Xubuntu?00:31
mrojas6996but I say the truth!00:31
mrojas6996my CD is original, have music original in CDA format00:31
jribadric: terminus is packaged in the repositories.  Use your favorite package manager00:32
adricdidn't know that. thanks.00:32
DJHenjinim 99.999% positive its a server side issue00:33
ring2DJHenjin, sorry, i have no clue then. have you tried googling the error message?00:33
mrojas6996and my Lubuntu read the CDA files from my CD like WAV00:33
ring2jen__, you could try to make it work with wine00:33
DJHenjini have tried googling about a millioin things00:33
DJHenjinsoftware firewall isnt blocking, i cant even use FTP with a net2ftp install on the server itself00:35
HaltingStateI just restarted and now my desktop icons are huge; wtf00:36
HaltingStatethey are like 2" wide00:36
HaltingStatehow do i fix the size of my desktop icons; wtf00:36
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blackshirti'm back00:36
ring2DJHenjin, sounds like something is borked00:37
DJHenjini need this FTP issue resolved because i am in the process of transferring servers and i need to be able to finish00:37
DJHenjinis there a vsFTPD IRC channel00:37
blackshirtdjhenjin, are working on server now?00:37
DJHenjinblackshirt could you please rephrase00:38
blackshirtdjhenjin,have you try to connect with other client?00:38
RMB2ftp blows00:38
Ben64DJHenjin: you can't use rsync or something similar?00:38
blackshirtdjhenjin, sorry,are you working on server now?00:38
RMB2what the crap are you using it for00:39
DJHenjini am logged into shell on the new server right this second00:39
DJHenjinRMB2 its a web hosting server, FTP is neccesary for clients to upload their sites00:40
RMB2let me guess telnet?00:40
DJHenjinusing protocol 200:40
RMB2ok then use sftp00:41
RMB2ftp is from the 60's00:41
DJHenjini cannot connect using SFTP either00:42
Ben64if you can ssh you can sftp00:42
DJHenjinben64 I CANNOT connect using SFTP either00:42
Ben64yes, capital letters make it better00:42
RMB2hes right, never mind00:42
capitantylerhello, I am using the radeon driver fro an ATI radeon 5400. After install, everyone works well, except that the cooler doesn't stop and my machive is overheating as time passes. I would like reccomendations to configure the driver please. I am using ubuntu 12.0400:44
RMB2you are damn lucky it works at all00:44
DJHenjingoodbye guys i connected on sftp00:45
SolarisBoyDJHenjin: http://askubuntu.com/questions/126625/libgcc-s-so-1-must-be-installed-for-pthread-cancel-to-work have you checked that out?00:45
SolarisBoyoh heh00:45
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sacrebleuis there a less restrictive form of rbash or an alternative?00:49
babe1993ciao a tutti!|!00:49
sacrebleuI want the user to be able to create directories within their home dir00:49
ubottubabe1993: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:49
sacrebleuwas that directed at me?00:49
user_this shit sucks00:50
SolarisBoysacrebleu: is the user specifically using rbash or bash -r?00:51
sacrebleuSolarisBoy: they are the same?  user is using rbash00:52
IdleOneuser_: Please watch the language and to avoid unwanted high lights you might want to change your nick to some word that is less commonly used.00:52
SolarisBoysacrebleu: possibly updating his shell to simply bash will work?00:52
SolarisBoychsh -s /bin/bash (as user)00:52
sacrebleuSolarisBoy: but I'm afraid he'll traverse the directories and delete things00:52
sacrebleuwhat is chsh -s etc00:52
SolarisBoysacrebleu: traverse what directories? things above his $HOME? or below?00:53
sacrebleuabove $HOME00:53
sacrebleui think some of the web stuff is world readable00:53
sacrebleu and writeable00:53
SolarisBoyyou can chroot00:53
sacrebleu chroot?00:54
SolarisBoyyes - its like a sandbox in which the user only has access to that location00:54
sacrebleuis this used in place of rbash?00:54
SolarisBoyso then he thinks / is $HOME or wheverever you chroot him too00:54
SolarisBoysacrebleu: afaik no - possibly wouldn't need it in that case00:55
sacrebleui'm cornfused by chroots --help00:55
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sacrebleuit says On most systems, chroot contexts do not stack properly and chrooted programs with sufficient privileges may perform a second chroot to break out00:56
SolarisBoyare you users that complex?00:56
SolarisBoydought it00:56
sacrebleuno but he's so uncomplicated he might experiment00:56
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SolarisBoywell honestly - he needs to have a talk with the sec dev or something00:57
sacrebleuhow exactly would you use chroot to do this for a user?00:57
SolarisBoyhow does he access the system?00:57
phunyguy__can anyone tell me if/when samsung galaxy S3 phone will be supported under Ubuntu?00:59
SolarisBoylooking for a how to00:59
DominciiHi all01:01
Dominciihaving some problems with Steam on Wine01:01
SolarisBoysacrebleu: you can read over this for guidance - it seems a little outdated - i believe the jailkit thing works01:02
SolarisBoythey also mention why not to use rbash01:02
SolarisBoyyou can manually do it but its likely better to use some automation tool to do the steps properly01:03
Shazer[2]I'm trying to install Chrome, I downloaded the 64bit .deb,  but I'm not sure what to do next.01:03
ampdDomincii: try PlayOnLinux?01:03
SolarisBoyShazer[2]: sudo dpkg -i <filename>01:04
furryShazer[2], sudo dpkg -i deb.file.here.deb01:04
SolarisBoyyep - assuming its in your current directory else use full path - or cd to the location first01:04
RedFaunanyone know how to boot a system *without* mounting a root fs?01:05
Shazer[2]Thanks furry and SolarisBoy01:06
phunyguy__RedFaun, use a LiveCD?01:06
blackshirtredfaun, what you mean?01:07
RedFaunphunyguy, I need to run a command on a non mounted *root* fs  (as in btrfstune)01:08
phunyguy__RedFaun, I dont follow, why cant you use a LiveCD?01:09
blackshirtchroot it01:09
SolarisBoyRedFaun: you can use a live cd and chroot into the root01:09
* SolarisBoy how redundant was that =(01:09
RedFaunI need to run the command on the / partition and the boot into it01:10
SolarisBoyRedFaun: so when you have the live CD loaded on the box with root FS in question there, try a sudo fdisk -l and you should also see the hard drives, and you should be able to mount it - and from there you can chroot into it - (as it's a root fs) and you can run commands that will affect that root01:10
RedFaunI need to run the command on the / partition and then* boot into it01:10
SolarisBoyRedFaun: ^^01:10
RedFaunSolarisBoy, Reading you comments   thanks01:11
SolarisBoyRedFaun: you will need to mount a couple of extra devices in the chroot for everything to work but it should be well documented on the web AFAIK it needs a dev device which you can mount --bind in the chroot location to make it work01:11
blackshirtredfaun, exactly i'm confused what do you need... Some advices have been given01:11
blackshirthello battlefield01:12
battlefieldmy pc01:12
battlefielda HP G42-270la01:12
battlefieldhave a problem01:12
battlefieldwhit the wifi01:13
tomtomtomwhy update manager always slow and staying at 5k ?01:13
SolarisBoytomtomtom: do you have network issues?01:13
tomtomtomi'm able to watch video smooth but not able to update01:13
SolarisBoytomtomtom: are you killing bandwidth? what type of connection are you on?01:14
blackshirtbattlefield, what the wifi chips on your laptop?01:14
SolarisBoytwo bandwidth intensive things _may_ fight in the right situations..01:14
battlefieldi use ubuntu, my pc is disconnecting to internet very times, the router is good and perfect, the pc dont conect to i off my pc01:14
tomtomtomwhat i meant was the connection allow me to watch movie but01:15
battlefieldi hace a hp g42-270la01:15
SolarisBoybattlefield: are you sure it's not your Internet Service Provider?01:15
leaftwigHow do I generate & compile ASM code?01:15
RedFaunseems the solution is for me to rebuild my initrd with the command included!01:15
tomtomtomit won't update even if nothing else is using the internet01:15
RedFaunthanks anyway peeps01:16
battlefieldyes guy, because, there is other pc and dont have the problem01:16
dominic_msg mmnicolas hey01:16
SolarisBoyleaftwig: generate with a text editor you can run with nasm i believe01:16
OerHekstomtomtom, find your fastest mirror > http://askubuntu.com/questions/39922/how-do-you-select-the-fastest-mirror-from-the-command-line01:17
SolarisBoytomtomtom: do you see any error or just a rate of 5k steady?01:17
SolarisBoybattlefield: how do you define the drop? what are the symptoms?01:17
denebeimHas anyone had any luck ripping the avengers dvd that came out yesterday?  vlc is barfing on it, xbmc is really jerky for me.01:17
SolarisBoyhave you tested dns/ip during those times battlefield ?01:17
battlefieldsolaris boy01:18
tomtomtomI wont dare to go change other source that would take foreveer just to download the list01:18
SolarisBoybattlefield: you should check that - to ensure - and also ensure if the issue is local or externally01:18
battlefieldfor example, i am in facebook, suddendly dont charge the page01:18
SolarisBoybattlefield: also check your logs (dmesg, messages) and check your ifconfig counters for errors01:19
SolarisBoybattlefield: i've seen that happen..01:19
SolarisBoywith the internet working01:19
denebeimas far as that goes is there a better channel anyone can suggest for this question?01:19
battlefieldand say who there is internet01:19
battlefieldand i try re conect but i dont cant01:19
SolarisBoyyou need to check your logs and things i asked =)01:20
SolarisBoyif there is an issue reconnecting over and over wont fix it01:20
battlefieldSolarisBoy: i dont know how do this01:20
the-ermI'm running htop and I have a command "(unlinkd)" running what is it?01:20
sacrebleuSolarisBoy what jailkit01:20
SolarisBoybattlefield: use grep to check logs for a string - like "network" or "eth" etc etc.. and for the other stuff you can just use ifconfig -a | you will see counter sections - and in turn you will see error sections -01:21
battlefieldSolarisBoy:  you speack spanish?01:21
SolarisBoysacrebleu: what is jailkit? an automation tool for chrooting user01:21
SolarisBoybattlefield: no01:22
sacrebleuhow cna i determine if ISPConfig is installed01:22
SolarisBoysacrebleu: dpkg -l '*ispconfig*'01:23
SolarisBoyif thats is indeed what you looking for01:23
SolarisBoyyou will see installed packages begin with "ii"01:23
battlefieldSolarisBoy: i use terminal01:23
SolarisBoybattlefield: nice me too01:23
battlefield<SolarisBoy> i must use terminal for this?01:24
Guddu_Each time when i am connected to a Ubuntu Machine via SSH, that machine cannot be restarted neither someone who is logged in can log out. What could be the issue?01:24
Guddu_Please guide01:24
SolarisBoybattlefield: no indeed not - but it would be faster for me atleast... - you can use the gui version of text editors and viewers01:24
liznevadasigh? why do you make me log into ubuntu domain? uh battlefield01:24
SolarisBoyand you can if you do use network-manager use the little network-manager widget thingy in the top tool box - if i recall correctly it shows ifconfig -a graphically01:25
liznevadaanyway, the princess is on another channel01:26
freyI'm very interested to know if any of you know how to make your currently installed Ubuntu copied/converted to be bootable from a USB key, do you know how to do that?01:26
battlefieldi am a few noob on linux01:26
SolarisBoythats ok01:26
SolarisBoyyou can do either way thats comfy for you - thats whats cool about linux01:26
liznevadajust go to #ubuntu-es01:26
battlefieldnetwork-manager is a program?01:26
jrrI know this will be unpopular, but how can I disable unity's menubars?01:27
jrrI've successfully moved menubars to each application window like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/10481/how-do-i-disable-the-global-application-menu01:27
SolarisBoybattlefield: correct - it manages network connections and such - i believe ubuntu defalts to using it still so if you didn't turn it off - it's probably running01:27
jrrI want the now-useless gray bar at the top to go away01:27
SolarisBoythe little icon on the top that changes with your connection is what you would wnt to click (if this applies to you)01:27
SolarisBoybattlefield: just do ifconfig -a the errors aren't shown there now that i actually checked01:28
SolarisBoybattlefield: open a terminal and type ifconfig -a thats it and .. you will want to look at it a few times, specifically for error counts rising01:28
SolarisBoyif not - thats probably a non issue - then you can check elsewher01:29
ldleworkHi. I'm using Ubuntu and I used to have networking over ethernet, and actually it somehow worked today, but here at home it does not work. When I plug the ethernet in, I get no IP assigned, route -n shows no routes, I can't restart networking, sudo dhclient just returns silently, pinging anything just returns network unreachable. Wireless works fine but I don't have a wireless router at home. :(01:29
battlefieldno error01:30
battlefieldyes guy01:30
ldleworkAny *guesses* at my problem would be highly appreciated.01:30
battlefield¿use metwork-manager?=01:30
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
liznevadalets check if Solaris patience is enough to not become angry with battlefield questions01:30
SolarisBoyldlework: do you have a layer 2 link on the wired interface?01:30
* liznevada runs01:30
ldleworkSolarisBoy, how do I check that?01:31
SolarisBoywith mii-tool or ethool - miitool is deprecated but probably installed so you can use that01:31
SolarisBoyit will give a non OK message on bad links or weird ones, like wireless01:31
ldleworkSolarisBoy, yes, miitool reports a link01:31
SolarisBoyok cool that was my 2 cents01:31
SolarisBoyldlework: do you have a better description of your network? and then i've seen weird boxes where wifi and ethernet dont work at the same time01:32
ldleworkSolarisBoy, I'm plugged right into the cable modem01:32
ldleworkIn order to test, I'm going to have to disconnect from here, etc01:32
SolarisBoyldlework: so wait.01:33
SolarisBoyldlework: right now your plugged into the modem and online?01:33
ldleworkOn a Windows machine, correct.01:33
SolarisBoyoh - and did it ever work on ubuntu?01:33
ldleworkNot at this location, but my ethernet has been foobar for a while. Like I said, it magically and inexplicably worked today at work.01:34
SolarisBoyyou may need to reboot your modem - some of them dont like new macs01:34
SolarisBoyyea try to do that..01:34
SolarisBoyreboot the cable modem before unplugging and plugging something new in01:34
ldleworkalright then.01:34
* ldlework will be back. 01:34
* SolarisBoy lets see how patient he is if this doesn't work01:34
SolarisBoybrb going to smoke01:34
battlefieldi came back01:35
battlefield¿what do whit my problem? ¿you know?01:35
liznevadaok, since im here monitoring battlefield activity, i want to ask something, theres any version of ubuntu with the regular Gnome3 Shell DE ?01:35
SolarisBoybattlefield: have you checked the logs yet?01:36
SolarisBoyhave you checked the ip configs on each system on your network? primarily a working and non working? have you rebooted the router?01:36
SolarisBoyi said how already01:36
SolarisBoyill be back01:36
SolarisBoyscroll up01:36
battlefieldrebooted my router , yes01:37
battlefieldliznevada is my friend, she knows me01:37
liznevadai aint your friend.01:37
battlefieldElizabeth please01:38
battlefieldpor favor pony01:38
battlefield¿porqué dice que no es mi amiga?01:38
liznevadashhh keep the language01:38
* SolarisBoy lost01:38
iFlipHas anyone heard of FDC Servers? I saw an IP address related to them listed in my NETSTAT --TCP output01:39
battlefieldok, i still speaking english01:39
iFlipThey had an ESTABLISHED connection on port 44301:39
SolarisBoyiFlip: do you run https?01:39
SolarisBoyclient connections can show in netstat as well is why i ask01:39
SolarisBoyyes battlefield ?01:40
iFlipno, only internally on SABNZBD on port and SickBeard01:40
battlefield¿intall network.manager?01:40
SolarisBoyiFlip: is the port 443 on the left or right hand side01:40
iFlipI have port forwarding blocked to those two applications01:40
SolarisBoybattlefield: no01:40
iFlipright side01:40
SolarisBoyiFlip: that means your connecting to that web page from somewhere AFAIK01:40
battlefieldfucking pc01:41
trippy_1Meh my internet is flakey.01:41
trippy_1Hello, I am having an issue with the text being distorted with Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Optiplex GX240 and GX540. I've updated all the drivers, but the graphics and text still appear to look fuzzy to a point where you cannot read it. I've looked in the forums and I have seen people have experienced similar issues, but I cannot find a solution. Has anyone experienced this issue or can lend some01:41
SolarisBoyx.x.x.x:port x.x.x.x:port (left is you)01:41
IdleOne!language | battlefield01:41
ubottubattlefield: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:41
iFlipDoes Ubuntu use "FDC Servers" to manage repositories?01:41
iFlippossibly? maybe thats why it's on port 44301:41
ldleworkSolarisBoy, I installed network-config, it showed eth0 as inactive, I turned it on and hit test.01:42
ldleworkHere I am.01:42
SolarisBoyiFlip: sorry i probably said that messed up - if it's the right most socket (ip/port) then it's you connecting to someone01:42
* ldlework shrugs.01:42
battlefieldif i dont have errors in ifconfig01:42
battlefield¿why have a problem?01:42
SolarisBoybattlefield: check the other things please that was one thing -01:42
iFlipSo if it's 10.10.xx.xx HTTPS then I was trying to connect to them01:42
SolarisBoybattlefield: because thats looking at one type of errors on the line not really anything else01:42
SolarisBoyso if you dont have line errors you dont have line errors - look at other things - like dns, bad ISP , etc01:43
Guddu_Please help01:43
Guddu_Each time when i am connected to a Ubuntu Machine via SSH, that machine cannot be restarted neither someone who is logged in can log out. What could be the issue?01:43
Guddu_Please guide01:43
battlefield¿yuo have the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? SolarisBoy01:43
iFlipSolarisBoy: Well if I did netstat --tcp --numeric it would show --  10.10..xx.xx:60137
SolarisBoyiFlip: no.01:44
SolarisBoyiFlip: the entry is like so [tcp        0      0     ESTABLISHED 1000       1005860     2543/chromium-browser] for example -01:44
liznevadamhh, battlefield niether ¡ nor ¿ exist on english01:44
bazhang!behelpful | liznevada01:44
ubottuliznevada: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.01:44
SolarisBoyit means you are connecting to them, your ephermeral port 46372 to their port 5222 in my case01:45
WeThePeopleso if i delete WinXP from my (dual boot with ubuntu) comp. will that mess up the boot sequence or the MBR or GRUB ??01:45
SolarisBoyiFlip: i like -pone --tcp this way you see what process is holding the socket and it makes more sense01:45
battlefieldi believe who yes01:45
battlefieldsolaris ¿what is your ubuntu version?01:46
SolarisBoylatest LTS01:46
trippy_1So any of you have experienced issues with installing Ubuntu on the Optiplex GX540 or GX220?01:46
liznevadabazhang but, but, its true!01:46
iFlipSolarisBoy: mine shows this (tcp        0      1         SYN_SENT)  It shows SYN_SENT cause I set my router to reject the packets so now it wont synch01:46
bazhangliznevada, its not helpful, so stop it01:46
SolarisBoyiFlip: makes sense01:46
SolarisBoyare you sure you want to do that?01:47
battlefieldooooooo, liznevada01:47
liznevadaok, ok, my lips are sealed01:47
iFlipSo that means I am sending requests to
SolarisBoyiFlip: correcto01:47
iFlipSolarisBoy: that makes sense now, I've been freaking out watching WireShark like a hawk LOL - it's the simple things in life01:48
SolarisBoylols i know you had fun =)01:48
SolarisBoyiFlip: i learned a lot watching tcpdump over the years01:49
SolarisBoyill tell you - hard learning but pays off01:49
iFlipSolarisBoy: it's like forgetting a semicolon on C01:49
SolarisBoyor a silly tab on python?01:49
battlefieldi have installed network-manager01:50
SolarisBoylols i think i end up there like once a week - doing some deep investigation and some dude walks over like - oh heres the answer.. and just invalidates my day01:50
* SolarisBoy sigh01:50
battlefieldi don knew01:50
SolarisBoybattlefield: why did you do that? i recall saying no01:50
battlefieldooohh, ok, excuseme guy01:50
iFlipSolarisBoy - you like Network Manager?01:50
SolarisBoynetwork manager isn't what you need you need to investigate the issue - have you checked the log with grep or gedit or whatever comforts you?01:50
SolarisBoyiFlip: not really but i leave it on because other things break if not - like ubuntu one01:51
iFlipahhh. I'm running such a lighweight version of Ubuntu I don't utilize most things like that01:51
iFlipI installed Lucid LAMP01:52
SolarisBoyyea im fooling myself - paying for music sync but my music is on a iscsi drive - so that means ubuntu one wont sync it (smdh)01:52
battlefieldsomeone can help me? i am a noob in linux01:52
Hatoriiflip, okey what the problems?01:52
SolarisBoyiFlip: i may just do arch again01:52
iFlipHatori - SolarisBoy pointed out my flaws.. :)01:53
SolarisBoy12.04 has indeed introduced weirdness - but well see01:53
iFlipHatori: all better now01:53
* SolarisBoy really going to smoke now01:53
SolarisBoybattlefield: we need you to help us by providing real answers from the system your in front of01:53
SolarisBoythats how you will get helped by getting serious01:53
battlefieldwait me01:54
battlefieldan i will tell the problem01:54
battlefieldim colombian, and i not01:54
battlefieldvery on englisg01:54
battlefieldenglish, excuseme01:54
SolarisBoybattlefield: quick tip - before you continue.01:54
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SolarisBoytry to use more words on one line01:55
trippy_1Hi can any of you guys help me out with my graphics issue? It's really important...01:55
SolarisBoyim not a op or anything but i know they will prbly tell you soon anyway so. save the troubles01:55
SolarisBoyput as much as you can on one line battlefield - it helps people actually pay attn01:55
battlefieldwait me01:56
IdleOnebattlefield: You are being helped in #ubuntu-es, focus on that channel.01:56
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naryfaHi, can anyone tell me how to start gnome-power-manager? I installed it in xubuntu and when I type gnome-power-manager, I get "command not found"01:58
battlefieldi have HP G42-270la, i have problem is the Wi-Fi, a moment's notice is disconnected if, in the status bar appears connected, but it is impossible to attempt to reconnect, I have to re start it for you reconnect the router is not because no one in my house has that problem, I suspect it is hardware damage01:58
battlefieldsolaris, this01:58
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battlefieldthis is my problem guys01:59
coreymanI have windows7 install disk and I want to create a windows 7 boot partition from ubuntu how can I do that?02:00
IdleOneSolarisBoy: in  #ubuntu-es he stated that he is using the windows drivers for his wifi card via wine.02:00
battlefieldi try this and cant install02:01
battlefield¿solaris has gone?02:01
battlefieldi have WiFi Ralink 802.11 b/g/n, i believe, i not sure02:02
iFlipbattelfield - SolarisBoy may have gone to smoke02:03
battlefieldbad luck Brayan02:03
battlefieldmy name is Brayan XD02:03
SolarisBoybattlefield: ok i see now thanks for the explanation02:04
jenhas anyone gotten photoshop on ubuntu or would like to help me get it onto ubuntu? No I will not use gimp.02:04
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SolarisBoyIdleOne: thanks as well02:04
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battlefieldi believe i have  a WiFi Ralink 802.11 b/g/n02:05
gry_fuzzylumpkinz tried wine ?02:05
iFlipjen - good luck with that...02:05
fuzzylumpkinzgry, it has tricks you have to do and I don't understand02:05
gry_ask ?02:05
SolarisBoybattlefield: are you familiar with posting info to pasties?02:06
fuzzylumpkinzwell I have ps just sitting in my home folder, the little purple diamond lol....and I have tried to add extra things onto the system32 folder for windows so it will work, but it still just tries to install it and quits02:06
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SolarisBoybattlefield: once you get familiar please post output of 'lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net'02:06
SolarisBoyokay i think i see your issue battlefield02:08
trippy_1Hello can anyone help me with a graphics problem I am having with Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Optiplex GX540? The text is very distorted and cuzzy. I've updated all the drivers, but this does not slove the issue.02:08
SolarisBoyit seems to be related to hw encryption - what type of encryption (if any) are you using on the wireless net?02:08
battlefieldIntel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset SMBus Controller02:09
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SolarisBoybattlefield: uhh02:09
battlefieldSolarisBoy: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8191SEvA Wireless LAN Controller02:10
SolarisBoybattlefield: post the entire output to pastie at this URL please http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:10
SolarisBoyoh ok thank you02:10
SolarisBoybattlefield: is it true that you are using a windows driver?02:11
veryyesterday i cleared up my desk. and today ubuntu fails to detect my monitor. could this be related?02:12
battlefieldi downloaded02:12
battlefieldthe windows driver02:12
SolarisBoymaybe its disconnected or ajar?02:12
SolarisBoybattlefield: everyone else appears to be using a kernel built in module rt2800pci02:13
battlefieldbut the driver dont serves whit wine02:13
SolarisBoyrtl8192se this is the driver your usin02:13
battlefield¿the driver is impaired?02:14
pznany ubuntu hardware compatibility information for this notebook? http://us.getac.com/products/notebook/s400/features02:15
SolarisBoybattlefield: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198004902:15
SolarisBoybattlefield: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200397202:15
verySolarisBoy, hmm.. the monitor works actually. but in the monitor preferences it's displayed as "Unknown" so i cannot select the higher resolutions.02:15
SolarisBoyvery: strange - how is it connected? hdmi?02:16
iFlippzn: that's a garbage tough book. we use those at our organization and they are 50/50 on performance02:16
battlefieldlolololololol XD02:16
Shazer[2]hey guys02:16
Shazer[2]I'm trying to use the ftp command in terminal02:16
Shazer[2]so I downloaded the file I need to put to my webhost02:16
Shazer[2]How do I locate it?02:17
Shazer[2]put <file>02:17
Shazer[2]is what I'm trying to do02:17
pzniFlip, you mean that is not worth the price? what are 50/50? I'm not a native english speaker02:17
FloodBot1Shazer[2]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:17
SolarisBoyShazer[2]: its where you started the ftp command at02:17
jonohey folks02:17
SolarisBoyShazer[2]: you can also do !ls to confirm AFAIK02:17
Shazer[2]SolarisBoy, thank you! :D02:17
SolarisBoyShazer[2]: yw02:17
jonodid you all see the 24-hour marathon the Canonical community team is doing?02:17
iFlippzn: they are not worth the price or effort of using. 50/50 means they work only half the time.02:17
battlefieldSolarisBoy, for what are this pages?02:17
SolarisBoylike my eyes02:17
SolarisBoybattlefield: reading on the problem02:17
verySolarisBoy, vga. but until yesterday it worked. it displayed the correct monitor name and resolutions.02:18
pzniFlip, weird... some notebook that only work half the time!!! half of the time it does not turn on???02:18
SolarisBoyvery have you done any upgrades?02:18
battlefieldSolarisBoy,  i do wha say this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2003972?02:19
SolarisBoybattlefield: read it please02:19
verySolarisBoy, there are automatic upgrades everyday. i'm not sure which were yesterday.02:19
battlefieldi will this02:19
winstonebookdoes anybody know minecraft here02:19
winstonebooki guess you should02:19
verySolarisBoy, software upgrades.02:19
iFlippzn: They turn on just fine, but they are constantly havig issues with wireless fidelity. They become slow and seem to not process with the same power and quickness within months of using.02:19
battlefieldbecase is 9 pm in colombia XD02:19
SolarisBoyvery: i see - what graphics driver did you do?02:19
SolarisBoygrr *use02:20
iFlippzn: we use ours with SmartCard authentication over WiFi and it just never seems to be seamless.02:20
pzniFlip, ok, got it. do you recommend some notebook for daily use at direct sunlight in places around 40~50celcius?02:20
iFlippzn: I would recommend looking into GD-Itronix02:22
NChiefso now I finally got dts/dd passtrough in xbmc with my usb sound card(spdif).. but now all other audo comes through my defualt speakers.. how do I change default soundcard? :P02:22
verySolarisBoy, i'm not sure. and i'm not sure where to look for it. i'm using an integrated intel controller.02:22
winstonebookwho you talking to02:22
SolarisBoyvery ahh so no special drivers then02:22
iFlippazn: They offer the best GPS, Outdoor Display, and wireless controllers. Great design too.02:23
iFlippzn: They offer the best GPS, Outdoor Display, and wireless controllers. Great design too.02:23
battlefieldSolarisBoy,  look02:23
somsip!ask | winstonebook02:23
ubottuwinstonebook: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:23
verySolarisBoy, i'm not sure if i made changes to xorg.conf when i started to use the monitor months ago. maybe it got overwritten somehow if i did.02:23
SolarisBoyvery: very possible02:24
pzniFlip, thanks for your recommendation. I'll google for it02:24
iFlippzn: your welcome02:25
SolarisBoyvery: that is sounding more like it - if you had something custom and your update wiped it - then it makes sense that xorg set your monitor up with some defaults non optimal size/res settings02:25
SolarisBoyvery: possibly ubuntu made a backup when that occured?02:25
battlefieldi will go to study02:25
SolarisBoyokies battlefield have a good one sir02:26
justusgood morning02:26
perrI WAS A BANKER02:26
battlefieldi do who say on une of yuor pages02:26
perrFAMILY MAN02:26
FloodBot1perr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:26
battlefieldand i will wait02:26
battlefieldif the pc will disconnect02:26
winstonebookdoes anybody know minecraft02:26
SolarisBoybattlefield: dont just do the stuff - look into whats being said - they are saying either they had to upgrade the driver or add a setting in the driver configuration to get it working02:27
justusgot a little problem here: Server using Ubuntu 12.04, I don't know a valid username yet I have physical access to it, I would deeply regret calling up the guy who HAS the user account, i got a ssh key valid for a root login, but I don't know the ip adress02:27
zordonhi mather02:27
SolarisBoyone guy says that he updated the driver in windows - and rebooted into ubuntu - and it worked again02:27
SolarisBoyexcuse me he updated the card firmware..02:27
zordonhaaa claro02:27
winstonebookwell well that was good solarisboy02:27
justusand for some reason it is not reachable on the IP Adress where it SHOULD be reachable02:27
justusanyone has any suggestions on how to find out the ip adress or gain access to the server in any way?02:27
=== kreid is now known as backslash
iFlipAre you physically on the network of the server02:28
perrAM I A MAD MAN02:28
winstonebookI still use Ubuntu 10.0402:28
FloodBot1perr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:28
iFlipjustus: Are you physically on the network of the server02:28
justusiFlip: I think so, the setup is a bit weird, I'm connected to a WLan that is connected to the switch02:28
iFlipjustus: didn't mean to flood you - didn't know if you saw my intention of directing to you02:29
zordonque pasa con el que esta solo??02:29
justusiFlip: I did, I have highlighting setup correctly ;)02:29
zordonque te escuchas el indio vieja?02:29
justusiFlip: give me a minute, I'll hook up this laptop to the network via cable02:29
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:30
iFlipjustus: so you're on the same LAN as the server you want to SSH into - you are connected to the LNA via WiFi02:30
fuzzylumpkinzmy brain hurts02:30
winstonebookwell mine too02:30
SolarisBoygood night/morning02:30
winstonebookits night here02:30
justusiFlip: Strike that, I am now physically connected via ethernet cable to the network02:30
fuzzylumpkinzwhat is the difference between playonlinux and wine?02:30
designbybeckSo I know it is normally advised for newbies and most peoples workflow to NOT upgrade and to stay on an LTS.... but how much of that is "guidelines" anyway?02:31
SolarisBoythe icon?02:31
fuzzylumpkinzI just want PS...i mean really x-x02:31
winstonebookI like wine but let me find out what is playonlinux02:31
winstonebooki see now what you mean02:31
iFlipjustus: have you tried arp -a02:31
SolarisBoy-an would actually show the IP's also so u dont have to go resolve the name  again =)02:32
justusiFlip: I see the router and a "noname" but I can't ping the noname02:32
winstonebookget minecraft for free!02:32
twitchie!info playonlinux | winstonebook02:32
ubottuwinstonebook: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.0.14-1 (precise), package size 2031 kB, installed size 3594 kB02:32
fuzzylumpkinzi just want photoshop and I want to know if it works on playonlinux02:32
SolarisBoyis noname in state disconnected? justus ?02:33
winstonebookit will and wine too02:33
Asargreetings... am looking for a desktop applet for the lunar phase. Can anybody recommend 1?02:33
iFlipdoes the (noname) have an ip associated?02:33
bttfwhast the best logmein alternative for ubuntu? i just want to be able to remotely access my PC through port 8002:33
SolarisBoybttf: VNC02:33
Asarfuzzylumpkinz, try GIMP... it's a great program for linux02:33
fuzzylumpkinzno gimp02:33
SolarisBoyAND ITS FREE02:33
AsarGIMP is a great program :) Am very pleased with it02:34
AsarVery easy to use as well02:34
SolarisBoy<-- same02:34
verySolarisBoy, the last modification of xorg.conf was in june. probably that's a good thing. something else has to be the problem.02:34
SolarisBoyphotoshop is the gimp with a thousand dollar pricetag02:34
AsarSolarisBoy, do you know of a good LunarPhase applet for Linux?02:34
twitchiegimp > PS02:34
iFlipjustus: if you can see the router - what kind is it?02:35
SolarisBoyAsar: hmm good question - nopes that would be cool02:35
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: I taught Photoshop for 6+ years.. and used it for longer..... because I can't justify the price of Photoshop for Taxpayers.... I use GIMP now02:35
justuscan anyone read this?02:35
verygimp is great.02:35
designbybeckand I enjoy it more than Photoshop these days02:35
AsarSolarisBoy, figured with your name you might know of 102:35
iFlipjustus: yes we can read02:35
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: do you have any examples of what you are doing with Photoshop currently?02:35
SolarisBoyohh im not that fancy02:36
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I use mypaint and Im getting tired of it02:36
SolarisBoyjust boring ol SOL (os)02:36
designbybeckMyPaint is great!!!02:36
iFlipjustus: what kind of router is running the net02:36
SolarisBoynot anything cool like planet surfing.02:36
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, and I couldn't figure out how to get just line/paint brushes onto gimp, it was all vector crap02:36
designbybeckhave you tried Krita fuzzylumpkinz02:36
SolarisBoygimp is not all vector02:36
justustest, does it work again?02:36
SolarisBoyonly the path tool and a couple of other things02:36
SolarisBoyothe than that it's all raster02:36
designbybeckhave you tried Paint Shop for GIMP?02:37
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, krita makes me confused02:37
iFlipjustus: your text is displaying02:37
justusiFlip: sorry, I screwed up the internet connection, did you write anything after 04:32:50?02:37
OerHeksfuzzylumpkinz, check darktable > http://www.darktable.org/  & ppa https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release-plus02:37
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, no i have never heard of it02:37
designbybeckyes for vector i use Inkscape02:37
iFlipjustus: I was asking what kind of router is running your net02:37
designbybeckI think they have Paint shop for 2.8 GIMP now02:37
jagginesstrism, hi02:37
designbybeckbasically taking things from mypaint and the like and mixing it with GIMP02:37
SolarisBoydesignbybeck: paint studio?02:37
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, i have 2.6 gimp02:38
SolarisBoy2.8 is sweet02:38
iFlipjustus: Linksys - Netgear - D-Link (I hope not D-Link) - etc02:38
designbybeckah yes SolarisBoy is correct GPS02:38
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  you really need 2.8!!!02:38
designbybeckGIMP 2.8 many more features02:38
justusiFlip: some fritz box is running in the router position, the network is driven by a 28 port  HP switch02:38
SolarisBoybooku more features02:39
SolarisBoyand they updated a lot of plugins to work through layers02:39
designbybeckFor my photography workflow I use Darktable02:39
OerHeksgimp 2.8 will be available in ubuntu QQ 12.1002:39
designbybeckthen take it to gimp 2.8 for other editing and compositing02:39
fuzzylumpkinzI just draw and do digital painting02:39
iFlipjustus: a fritz box, I'm not familiar with that. What do you mean... Also, the HP switch, is that a managed switch?02:39
fuzzylumpkinzI don't edit photo's02:39
verythe only problem i have with gimp is that i'm unable to resize/rotate layers correctly.02:40
SolarisBoyis that a layer 3 switch?02:40
designbybeckah just drawing...gotcha... yeah I can't draw! LOL02:40
SolarisBoythey fixed that very in 2.802:40
designbybecki do photography and such02:40
iFlipfuzzylumpkinz: I don't edit photos either - I take em right the first time lol02:40
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  have you tried Pencil02:40
SolarisBoyalso a lot of the default settings people dont put correctly so the sized are always skewed02:41
SolarisBoylike disabling dot for dot etc02:41
designbybeckbasic drawing with animation?02:41
justusiFlip: I believe the problem could be located in my local network settings02:41
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I have pencil02:41
designbybeckand fuzzylumpkinz are you familiar with David Revoy02:41
very2.8? nice, thank you. i'll try that. currently still using 2.602:41
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, the lines are crap02:41
battlefieldi put this comand02:41
battlefieldsudo service Network-manager start02:41
designbybeckyes very give it a go02:41
fuzzylumpkinzand i can't upload the animations to DA02:41
battlefieldterminal ask me the password02:41
SolarisBoybattlefield: this isn't it im afraid02:41
justusiFlip: basically the IP Adress of the server should be either or, the latter I can't find, the first is unreachable, I'll fix that part next02:42
SolarisBoybattlefield: that would be your password02:42
veryi thought it would update automatically.02:42
designbybeckand fuzzylumpkinz here is David Revoy's work in case you haven't seen it: http://www.davidrevoy.com/2-portfolio.html02:42
SolarisBoykk time to lay down02:42
iFlipjustus: how can you have a server with two DISTINCTIVELY different subnet masks?02:42
designbybeckand speaking of which, in case you Ubuntuheads haven't seen Blenders Moive yet "Tears of Steel" you should check it out. Ubuntu was used as the OS and has a shout out in the Credits02:43
justusiFlip: note the either/or, I'm not sure what it was set to the last time it was running02:43
designbybeckvery do you have the ppa added02:43
fuzzylumpkinzyeap I suck xD02:43
designbybeckif not I would suggest adding the 2.8ppa and then you'll be golden! ;)02:43
iFlipjustus: Well, you should know immediately by checking your IP address. Whatever the first three numbers are tells you what subnet your on02:43
designbybecklol that is what I feel like fuzzylumpkinz02:44
iFlipjustus: If your server is on a different subnet than your own, you will NEVER access it via any protocol02:44
verydesignbybeck no ppa.02:44
justusiFlip: couldn't I change my subnetmask/ip?02:44
designbybecki can't draw! but I do this with Ubuntu and GIMP Inkscape Darktable: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.206454294846.130469.500284846&type=3&l=be12e6b91e02:44
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, it still gives me 2.6 from ubuntu software center02:45
designbybeckvery: any reason you aren't using a ppa?02:45
SolarisBoyiFlip: it's possible afaik02:45
SolarisBoy2 nics or even on an alias02:45
SolarisBoynot that it's sensible like that but it would work02:45
SolarisBoyassuming they are classful02:45
SolarisBoyfuzzylumpkinz: did you run apt-get update after adding ppa?02:45
FloodBot1SolarisBoy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
designbybeckafter you followed the ppa directionsf or GIMP 2.8 fuzzylumpkinz?02:45
designbybeckyes what SolarisBoy said02:45
iFlipNot unless you someone how manage to setup an AD_HOC, which is doubtful right now. If the server is set for DHCP then are in the clear.02:45
SolarisBoyoh i thought i was flooding?02:45
fuzzylumpkinzshould I just go fetch it from the interwebs then?02:45
iFlipjustus: set you computer to DHCP and you should both land on the same subnet02:45
rgenitoi'm following these instructions... and it says i need to install build-essentials, but aptitude tells me "unable to locate build-essentials" ... eeps!02:45
verydesignbybeck, i just installed ubuntu and installed gimp with the software center. i didn't knew this was a bad idea.02:45
fuzzylumpkinzI deleted gimp 2.602:45
rgenitohow do i help apt locate that package? =|02:45
fuzzylumpkinznow I want 2.802:46
SolarisBoyclumbsy ops02:46
justusiFlip: ok, back where I was initially, setting my own IP Adress on eth0 to and then trying to ping the server didn't help either02:46
SolarisBoyjustus: did this work at one point with out changing settings?02:46
justusiFlip: Which means, I got a keyboard, a login screen, and zero ideas on how to find out and/or change the ip adress of the server02:46
rgenitohalllp ;(02:47
iFlipjustus: is the server set for DHCP02:47
designbybeckyes you should remove it... USC doesn't keep up with new changes and features very02:47
justusSolarisBoy: last time I was involved the server was standing where it is right now, but I had to retrieve it from storage and I got no idea what hapened in the time since I last saw it02:47
iFlipjustus: or is static assigned?02:47
SolarisBoyi see02:47
justusiFlip: sadly I forgot my crystal ball ^^02:47
SolarisBoyjustus: if you have access to the server you can check02:48
iFlipjustus: so you don't remember how the server handles connecting to a LAN...02:48
iFlipDHCP or static02:48
ramprasadgkwhere can i find gparted partition editor on my xubuntu live cd ot lubuntu installed m/c02:48
SolarisBoylord forbid they do vlans...02:48
justusiFlip: I do remember how the server was SUPPOSED to handle network connections, it doesn't agree on that with me however ^^02:49
designbybeckvery: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gimp02:49
SolarisBoyword ^^02:49
iFlipjustus: my suggestion would be to connect the server to a simple router and check the DHCP tables02:49
jshriverGreetings, anyone know how to add a second spool for postfix or how the spool works02:49
ramprasadgkwhere can i find gparted partition editor on my xubuntu live cd or on a lubuntu installed m/c02:49
veryokay.. /dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found02:50
justusiFlip: that has the minor setback of not having a simple router around to test it with :(02:50
iFlipjustus: other option, try setting your IP to 10.0.0.xx  or 192.168.178.xx  but make sure you leave the gateway blank and the subnet mask to
jshriverram: when in doubt  "whereis gparted" or "dpkg -L gparted | grep bin"02:50
iFlipjustus, plug directly into the machine, bypass a switch or router02:51
verydesignbybeck so i guess they don't have it for lucid.02:51
ramprasadgkduring installation where can i find the same02:51
iFlipjustus: that is if you had the server on a Class C subnet prior02:51
designbybeckwhat kinda specs you  have very?02:51
fuzzylumpkinzokayokayokayokay here is where I am stuck02:51
designbybeckyour system very02:51
designbybeckwhat you go fuzzylumpkinz02:52
enav1hello i want to install android in virtual box but android got a long list of images which one i should download02:52
justusiFlip: I allready tried the manual IP/Subnet and got nowhere02:52
verydesignbybeck i am running ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook.02:52
fuzzylumpkinzwhen I am installing this photoshop from wine, do I put,....Z:\home\jen\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Extended Edition that as the destination folder or something else02:52
iFlipjustus: did you plug directly02:52
=== joker_ is now known as folorn
folorngood evening folks :)02:52
designbybecklol doh! I'm not helping with that fuzzylumpkinz :P I don't know anything about that02:53
iFlipjustus: you can't log into this machine at all BTW02:53
designbybeckvery: if you can't get 2.8 try the ppas for 2.7.4 i think it was02:53
designbybecki am pretty sure i had that running on my netbook02:53
iFlipjustus: i mean like a normal login02:53
justusiFlip: if I had some kind of user credentials I could, I have physical access  by way of keyboard and monitor after all02:54
folornif someone with xchat has some time for a quick question could ya lemme know please.02:54
verydesignbybeck, i don't thin my netbook is the problem. it's just that they don't have it compiled for 10.04. i will try 2.7.4 if 2.8 doesn't work.02:54
iFlipjustus: do you have a user/pass for SSH log02:54
folornI'm haveing a small issue.02:54
_madshey everyone.   How do I restore my default audio settings?  Everything was fine before I open the "mixer" -> "switches" tab -> uncheck "headphones" box.   Now I cant hear a thing02:54
justusiFlip: I could a) wait 3 hours and then ask the guy who has the credentials or b) call him now and wake him up in the middle of the night02:54
wilee-nileefolorn, If you do not decribe it we cannot help you. ;)02:55
fuzzylumpkinzokay im gettin mad....I keep getting gimp 2.602:55
verydesignbybeck, they only have gimp compiled for oneiric, precise and quantal.02:55
veryi'll just try to compile it myself.02:55
ramprasadgkwhere can i find gparted partition editor on my xubuntu live cd or on a lubuntu installed m/c02:55
iFlipjustus: ahh - the best way to find out in the position your in is if the server is set for DHCP then you can find the ip and gain access through the routing tables of the router.02:55
designbybecki would think you could still find a .deb or something very02:56
designbybeckwhy not upgrade distros?02:56
enav1hello i want to install android in virtual box but android got a long list of images which one i should download http://code.google.com/p/android-x86/downloads/list02:56
justusiFlip: Ah, my skills of deduction just gave me the IP Adress the server was supposed to have (
folorni need to know how to join a new server02:56
folorncan't remember its been so long since I've been on here :) sorry.02:57
tioxI recently bought a Netgear Push2TV Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) adapter, and I am wondering if there is some way I can have it work in Ubuntu.02:57
iFlipjustus: you got the address now??02:57
designbybeckvery i'm running a Dell Netbook 10 with Ubuntu and Kubuntu 12.0402:57
justusiFlip: which basically means "something is screwed up seriously, so forget about getting onto this machine any time before you wake up the guy who did the screwing part"02:57
usr13folorn: What do you need to do?02:57
justusiFlip: nah, just the one it was supposed to have, the fact that it doesn't doesn't bode well for my task02:58
chris92hey there... can anyone tell me if there is a WUBI version that works with the 12.04.1 releases?02:58
tioxdesignbybeck: Unrelated, but I found a way to retrieve the contents of their recovery partition to restore their copy of Microsoft Windows whenever Windows bites it so hard you can;t do it conventionally.02:58
iFlipjustus: well, good luck I can understand your furstration02:58
usr13chris92: Sure you don't wanna do a real Ubuntu install?02:58
veryi think i had problems installing a higher ubuntu version designbybeck. but maybe it's possible now. i think i'll just try to upgrade today. :)02:58
folorni just wanna join a new sever usr1302:58
justusiFlip: Actually, the server os is on a usb stick *think*02:58
usr13folorn: to ________________?02:58
folornlike i got the addy just forgot how02:58
chris92the problem is, the notebook I want to install it on has a broken CD drive02:58
folornum 1sec02:58
justusiFlip: could I somehow find out what happens by debugging the files?02:59
usr13folorn: ifconfig02:59
folornirc.windfyre.net 666702:59
chris92and doesnt support boot from usb02:59
veryokay. thank you very much. see you later.02:59
designbybeckhmmm tiox I'm not sure of that? I haven't used Windows in a very long time... and the times I have helped people dual boot everything has gone ok02:59
tioxchris92: Can you remove the hard drive from inside the unit?02:59
usr13folorn: Sorry, but I'm not understanding what your question is.02:59
iFlipjustus: as long as it was logging02:59
designbybeckvery, juts back up your data first as always02:59
iFlipjustus: I don't see why not02:59
designbybeckbest to do a full clean install for a fresh start02:59
folorni wanna join that server irc.windfyre.net 666702:59
tioxdesignbybeck: Can we speak some in PM? Else our discussion will be noise in here.03:00
designbybeckbut i've had recent upgrades go just fine03:00
_madshey everyone, how do I restore my audio settings to factory on ubuntu?03:00
justusiFlip: Waaaaaait a minute, I have ubuntu on my laptop, shouldn't I be able to edit the password file?03:00
folornbut can't remember how to do so with this client again.03:00
designbybeckyeah hit me  up tiox03:00
verybacking up data. that's a good advice.03:00
chris92tiox: probably, but its a 6 yr old notebook. dont think i have the needed adapters for the pc then03:00
designbybeckalso a Disclamer most of us helping others give ;)03:00
Stanley00folorn: you can use /server command ;)03:00
usr13folorn: Oh, ok. /server irc.windfyre.net03:00
iFlipjustus: you could use vim to get file03:00
folornhah thanks guys :)03:01
hatsaresillyHello, I would like to set up two computers which can communicate using a dial up modem. These systems will not have an internet connection, just dial each other directly. Is there a way to do this in Ubuntu?03:01
fuzzylumpkinzhow the heck do I just get GIMP 2.8????03:01
fuzzylumpkinzit always brings me back to gimp 2.603:02
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, and how do you get the paint doo-hicky on it?03:02
usr13hatsaresilly: How far apart are they? (How about just a crossover cable, (many times faster).03:02
hatsaresillyacross state lines03:02
iFlipjustus: or even better, create a new user and join it to the main group03:02
usr13hatsaresilly: Oh, ok.  Well, I dono.  Never done that before, but, I suppose you'll have to set one up as a server and the other as client.03:03
justusiFlip: In what logfile should I look for the ip adress?03:03
hatsaresillyYeah, I wouldn't use a dial up modem unless it was my only option. :(03:04
chris92tiox: i could try to put the hard drive in an older computer, just have to check if its sata already or still IDE... that would solve the problem - but i dont really want to have to do that03:04
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gimp03:04
Stanley00fuzzylumpkinz: you can use a ppa for gimp 2.803:05
fuzzylumpkinzwait wait one at a time xD first, i need gimp 2.8, what is the command? sudo apt-get gimp 2.8?03:05
designbybecki normally always run ppa's instead of USC builds03:05
fuzzylumpkinzbecause if I do sudo apt get gimp, it just takes me back to 2.603:06
justusiFlip: ouch, eth0 seems to have some error, dmesg shows that it's down :(03:06
designbybeckyes you might have some bugs here and there.... but remember OSS uses... "Release Early, Release Often!"03:06
iFlipjustus: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces03:06
xanguafuzzylumpkinz: a ppa is a third party repository hosted on launchpad, remember that you use a third party repository on your own risk designbybeck03:06
designbybeckand report your bugs....it's what makes the world go 'round03:06
tioxWell chris, the idea here is to use the drive on a different PC and make an installation partition on it.03:06
designbybeckyes fuzzylumpkinz what xangua say... very important! Ubuntu is only as secure as to what you trust to let in it03:07
designbybeckalways remember that03:07
justusiFlip: ok, that is one weird interfaces file, gimme a sec03:07
tioxSo when you boot from hard disk, you're really booting into the installer. Then from there you can make another partition (hopefully) without having to unmount SDA.03:07
designbybeckI do my research on the ppa's I use... and chat with the developers to a level I am comfrotable with their ppa03:07
tioxThat, or you use another PC with the hard drive connected via USb in a USB boot-capable machine...03:08
* stillandstorm waves03:08
iFlipjustus: check to make sure auto lo iface lo inte looback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp03:08
usr13hatsaresilly: http://www.aboutdebian.com/modems.htm03:08
tiox...Hey, is there any way chris could network boot with Intel PXE and then run do some fancy tech-fu to install Ubuntu through there?03:08
tioxand then do*03:08
hatsaresillythanks usr13, that may be helpful.03:09
justusiFlip: please tell me that this is bullshit and how I can fix it ^^03:09
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, so I do all of those in order?03:09
iFlipjustus: mine looks very different - I LACP BOND 4 enabled on my eth0 - eth103:09
designbybeckyou can copy and paste that whole line in your terminal and perss enter03:10
designbybeckput in your pass word .... say "y" when asked03:10
designbybeckyou're good to go!03:10
fuzzylumpkinzyeah still gave me 2.603:10
iFlipjustus: is the interfaces conf destroyed?03:10
fuzzylumpkinzim still on oneiric ocelot if that matters any03:10
jagginessiFlip, ifdownup is not the default for networking..03:10
designbybeckthe && passes the command to the next, but will stop if there is an error with the previous command..... if you did a ; between the commands it would just keep running with or with out an error03:10
justusiFlip: have you had a look at the pastebin?03:11
designbybeckI learned that yesterday from the #xubuntu room ;)03:11
jagginessiFlip, NetworkManager replaces ifdownup.. he should be using the nmcli commands03:11
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I did them seperate and it still gave me 2.6...am I just stuck with it for now?03:11
iFlipjustus: ifup should be established03:11
* jagginess says not to rely on /etc/network/interfaces as NetworkManager/.conf is the default network configurator-- it isnt ifdownup03:11
=== pico is now known as Guest18063
rgenitoanyone know of a way to make an encrypted tar file? :D03:11
chris92tiox: well, I'll try my best tomorrow, if nothing helps i can pretty much throw this notebook away03:12
usr13hatsaresilly: http://www.aboutdebian.com/modems.htm  and http://www.trinityos.com/LINUX/TrinityOS/cHTML/TrinityOS-c-42.html03:12
justusgreat, my touchpad is frozen again *sigh*03:12
rgenitojustus, aww man, sorry to hear that :(03:12
designbybeckdo you have anything else open? USC ? Synaptic?03:13
usr13reade: Sure.  tar czv Documents.tgz Documents/*03:13
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  ^^03:13
tioxchris92: I sent you a PM.03:13
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, what?03:13
veryjustus, do you use a thinkpad?03:13
justusrgenito: well it is a royal pain in the posterior, and it happens quite often... I really wonder wether that bug ever will be fixed03:13
xanguadesignbybeck: you just gave fuzzylumpkinz a ppa that has no packages for oneiric03:13
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  so in the term, you put in the first line... sudo apt-add.......03:13
fuzzylumpkinzi have like skype and all that crap open03:13
justusvery: no samsung nc1003:13
designbybeckdoh! Guess I should have asked that first xangua sorry fuzzylumpkinz03:14
rgenitousr13, i'm talking about encryption tho -_- not just compression03:14
rgenitothis looks like a pretty good solution:http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2008/07/working-with-tar-with-encryption.html03:14
fuzzylumpkinzso what do I do?03:14
rgenitowhoops: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2008/07/working-with-tar-with-encryption.html03:14
justusbut don't get me started on those little annoyances, cause I have one that tops everything03:14
usr13rgenito: Yea, I see.  I dono03:14
designbybeckxangua: do you have a solution?03:14
designbybeckis the 2.7+ still available for Oneiric?03:15
rgenitousr13, check out that link...looks pretty useful :)03:15
justusif I change the brightness of my display to any value besides maximum, minimum or minimum+1 the brightness goes through all the other steps in the direction I made the first step and only stops at the extreme setting03:15
justusso I got a laptop I can only set to maximum or minimum brightness03:15
iFlipjustus: NetworkManager conf file should read03:15
justusif I hit the brightness adjusting hotkeys during the phase of transition it begins jumping wildly around in the brightness settings03:16
usr13rgenito: Yea, that looks good03:16
justusif I had epilepsy it would be a very dangerous thing indeed ^^03:16
justusiFlip: uhm, which file should that be ^^03:16
mnewtonI want to play a sound on my speakers even if my headphones are plugged in. How do I do this in a bash script?03:17
mnewtonI want to play a sound on my speakers even if my headphones are plugged in. How do I do this in a bash script?03:17
iFlipjustus: nm-system-settings.conf03:18
mnewtonI'm messing with /usr/bin/amixer -D pulse set Master 1+ unmute03:18
mnewtonsry for repost03:18
justusiFlip: where do I find that?03:18
fuzzylumpkinzso how do I get to thepaint do hicky on gimp then?03:18
iFlipjustus: the second line should read03:18
iFlipjustus: sudo vi /etc/NetworkManeged/nm-system-settings.conf03:18
iFlipjustus: sudo vi /etc/NetworkManaged/nm-system-settings.conf <-- had a typo03:19
justusiFlip: the file is identical03:20
mnewtonHow do i switch output device03:20
justusiFlip: please excuse me for a minute I have to fix this touchpad bug03:20
iFlipjustus: how did the /etc/network/interfaces file look?03:20
designbybecksorry fuzzylumpkinz i'm not sure on that one, I always stay current/cutting edge with the builds and releases.... mainly so I can be ahead of the curve to help others out.... But i forget others can't upgrade for what ever reason as fast03:21
usr13mnewton: Use the Display Adapter's cofig menu.03:21
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: I do know that GPS was pretty well polished for gimp 2.603:21
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, so I cannot get gimp 2.8 and the painty what not?03:21
designbybeckso just do a search on google for "gimp GPS" and see what you get03:21
designbybeckGimp Paint Studio03:21
designbybeckCan you upgrade your distro to Ubuntu 12.04 fuzzylumpkinz?03:22
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I doubt it03:22
usr13mnewton: Fir instance:  NVIDIA X Server Settings03:22
fuzzylumpkinzmy internet is so slow its more than likely it will break03:22
designbybeckwhy not fuzzylumpkinz03:23
fuzzylumpkinzand I don't want to re-do my whole damn computer again03:23
mnewtonusr13, no, I want it cli03:23
mnewtonI think i have to mess withSpeaker Playback Switch03:24
mnewtonin amixer03:24
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, so not likely03:24
designbybeckI do mine every six months pretty much ;)03:25
designbybeckwhat about a dual boot fuzzylumpkinz03:25
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I don't know how to dualboot03:25
designbybeckdo a clean Ubuntu 12.04 to play with the cutting edge stuff and the other one for fall bac fuzzylumpkinz03:25
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
designbybeckso you have a clean install and only the one OS on your system fuzzylumpkinz03:25
usr13mnewton: xrandr03:26
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I dont know how to do it and Im not confident enough to do it03:26
designbybeckok fair enough03:26
designbybeckyou could practice in a VM as well03:26
designbybeckjust trying to point out things to help you get comfortable with Linux installs and such03:26
designbybecki find myself these days doing 1-3 installs or trials a week with random distros and random computer types03:27
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, that always breaks on me03:27
justusaaaaand again something that didn't quite work out as planned03:27
designbybeckhow much ram in your system fuzzylumpkinz03:27
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, i have no idea03:27
usr13fuzzylumpkinz: free03:27
designbybeck...what usr13 said ;)03:28
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: how long have you been using Linux?03:28
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, a couple years03:28
justusiFlip: I think I'll give it up at this point.03:28
designbybeckah, we gotta get your feet...wetter ;)03:28
designbybeckopen a terminal window03:28
justusiFlip: thanks for your help, even though it didn't work out at the end03:28
iFlipjustus: np - hope you get it figured out03:28
designbybecktype "free -m" without ""03:29
fuzzylumpkinzI just cant remember all the commands and stuff03:29
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: free -m03:29
justusiFlip: it is leadpipe solvable, if you know what I mean :D03:29
designbybeckshould give you your Free RAM in Megabyes03:29
fuzzylumpkinztotal, 3773, used 3518, free 25503:29
designbybeckso if that is MB you have 4GB on your system03:30
designbybeckthat is good!03:30
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, how do I free up more03:30
designbybeckyou don't need to free up more03:31
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, okay03:31
designbybeckIt's a Linux Thing ;) but we'll not go there now..... you have enough RAM03:31
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, okay03:31
designbybecknext fuzzylumpkinz in the term.... "df -h"03:31
designbybeckThis will show you Disk Space in a Human readable format03:31
fuzzylumpkinzuhh lemme get a pastebin03:32
Captain_Clawwhere are the font settings in ubuntu 12.04?03:32
usr13fuzzylumpkinz: less /proc/meminfo03:32
designbybeckdang usr13 go easy on him! :P03:33
designbybecki hadn't used that one myself03:33
fuzzylumpkinzher lol03:33
designbybeckdoh... my apologize ma'am03:34
fuzzylumpkinzthaz okay03:34
hvqhi, when I press alt+tab in ubuntu, I can see the windows in current workspace and they are grouped, how can I make each window a separate icon?03:34
designbybeckand fuzzylumpkinz consider using http://pasteall.org or http://paste.ubuntu.com .... as those are buy the OSS community and at least don't have ads ;)03:34
usr13designbybeck: I thought free showed kb  not mb03:34
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, I dont mind them03:35
designbybeckusr13:  if you do "free -m" it will show MB03:35
Captain_Clawfont settings in ubuntu 12.04 gnome -- how do I change it?  anyone?03:35
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: fyi you can "man" any command to learn about it... man is Manual Pages... aka Help file03:36
fuzzylumpkinzso what exactly am I doing?03:36
designbybeck...so "man free" will tell you how to use free03:36
usr13designbybeck: Oh, I didn't see the -m03:36
designbybecki was just trying to get a feel for what your system is03:36
designbybeckso fuzzylumpkinz what kinda VM were you using? VirtualBox or VMPlayer03:37
fuzzylumpkinzI feel violated :tehe:03:37
fuzzylumpkinzVB yes03:37
fuzzylumpkinzI had XP in it, and it would break all the time03:37
designbybeckok and were you able to create the actual virtual machine03:37
designbybeckwell yes it is Windows XP afterall :P03:37
fuzzylumpkinzno i mean it wouldnt let me get in it after a whil03:38
designbybeckok so did you ever try to boot up a Ubuntu ISO in it?03:38
designbybeckSo try it... go to http://ubuntu.com and the download area03:38
designbybeckdownload Ubuntu 12.04 32bit .iso03:38
designbybeckI think I have about 20 .iso from random projects03:39
=== groupcat_ is now known as groupcat
designbybeckah one sec fuzzylumpkinz I do see from you df -h03:39
designbybeckyour Hard Drive is full03:39
fuzzylumpkinzoh is it?03:40
designbybeck...fuller...than would like to have for VM03:40
fuzzylumpkinzso what do I do now?03:40
designbybeckusr13:  did you see her pastebin df -h file03:40
apgany idea of other remastersys-like apps that run on ubuntu?03:40
rkhshmI would like to start looking into the linux kernel . I'm currently on opensolaris and do kernel work there. I would like to start contributing to linux as well.. Can anyone give me pointers on where to start looking? the IRC channel where the kernel folks hangout and stuff like that ?03:40
designbybeckand why is it installed on sda3 hmmmm03:40
fuzzylumpkinzuhm does anyone want me to use teamviewer?03:40
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  do you still have the xp VM03:41
fuzzylumpkinzoh lawd03:41
fuzzylumpkinzwell things are kinda messed up and Im not sure what is what03:41
designbybeckah yes teamviewer would alow others to get on your system and help you out03:41
fuzzylumpkinzlike I have a backup folder someone made for me kmv1 something, tehe, but I have no idea how to use it and such03:42
=== jmad980 is now known as Guest65831
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz: do you have an external drive? or something you can back up your files to....just in case03:43
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, no i do not03:43
designbybecki know you said you don't want to redo your ssytem03:43
designbybeckdropbox? ubuntu one?03:43
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, i have no flash or cd's03:43
fuzzylumpkinzuhh ubuntu one maybe03:44
designbybeckyou should have 5GB for free with UO03:44
designbybeckI am just wondering about your harddrive03:44
fuzzylumpkinzi will make one03:44
designbybeckit seems full, but also seems you might have more space somewhre else maybe03:44
=== stillandstorm is now known as slowlyfadingsun
designbybeckwho set this up for you? fuzzylumpkinz was it a clean install? do you have GRUB when you first turn on the system?03:45
fuzzylumpkinzGrub? my friend ken did, he is KM0201 on here03:46
fuzzylumpkinzlol do you just want to teamv?03:46
designbybeckwell when you first turn on the computer, most of the time there is a GRUB Bootloader that lets you pick03:47
fuzzylumpkinzoh no03:47
designbybeckbefore you get to the desktop03:47
fuzzylumpkinzit just brings me into-oh wait a second03:47
designbybeckHmm where is Ken now! LOL03:47
fuzzylumpkinzI have a 215 gb files as devices03:47
designbybeckfuzzylumpkinz:  where do you see this?03:48
fuzzylumpkinzon the home button, then at the very top and it has a grey 'pause' button kinda03:48
designbybeckhmm.. home button? the Ubuntu Logo "Dash" button onthe top left?03:49
fuzzylumpkinzlmao it looks like a house, and its orange03:49
designbybeckoh yes you aer on oreinic?03:49
designbybeckdang I need someoen else responding now who knows more about older distros03:50
Shazer[2]can I unzip a tar via ftp?03:50
designbybeckbut the fact you see 200gb that has to mean you have more space somewhere03:50
designbybeckShazer[2]:  not sure about "ftp" but have you tried Filezilla?03:51
fuzzylumpkinzhow do I find out?03:51
designbybeckok fuzzylumpkinz can you open your file browser?03:51
designbybeckmight be Home Places03:51
fuzzylumpkinzokay I have a ubuntu103:51
designbybeckOr Places>Home03:51
fuzzylumpkinzwhat is a file browser?03:51
fuzzylumpkinzor hidden files?03:51
fuzzylumpkinzoh file system03:52
designbybeckShazer[2]: Filezilla hasome good features...not sure if that. but i haven't used ftp IN A WHILe but filezilla was good for that03:52
designbybeckok fuzzylumpkinz so I'm thinking you have your ubuntu file system with only 30gb and then you have another file systemwith 200gb03:53
=== christian is now known as Guest62022
designbybeckwhen you open that 200gb what does it show?03:53
Shazer[2]designedbybeck, installing now.03:54
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, okay yeah probably03:54
designbybeckbut what does it say fuzzylumpkinz03:55
fuzzylumpkinzim not sure how to find this?03:55
fuzzylumpkinzit just has a bunch of folders03:56
blackshirtI'm back03:56
designbybeckwhat do they say fuzzylumpkinz03:56
fuzzylumpkinzbin, boot, cdrom, etc....03:57
WeThePeoplewhen i boot to ubuntu from dual boot menu the screen flashes and then a gui comes up and says "ubuntu is running in low graphics mode. your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly. you will need to configure these yourself. then i click 'ok' and the screen flickers some more and a gui comes up and says "stand by one minute while display restarts" but doesnt. then i click 'ok' and then i restart03:57
WeThePeople from there cuz it loads the boot screen and gets stuck there. i can type but i cant pull up a tty. and when the screen flickers i can see 'ntp.conf'03:57
vicatcuhi all, can someone tell me how to start tftpd on ubuntu 12.04?03:58
designbybeckand fuzzylumpkinz this is on the 200gb file system ?03:58
vicatcui'm trying to follow these instructions03:58
fuzzylumpkinzoh no03:58
vicatcubut this line oesn't work: sudo /etc/init.d/xinetd start03:58
designbybeckWeThePeople: have you tried nomodeset?03:59
=== zippo^ is now known as erkan^
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, on the backup it says, backup for virtual (my XP i had) lost and found, TEST, and virtual machne03:59
WeThePeopledesignbybeck, no03:59
designbybeckodd.... but what about the 200gb?03:59
designbybeckyou can hit GRUB at bootup WeThePeople03:59
fuzzylumpkinzidk but I just have the 215 under devices, then I have the rest of my computer04:00
xanguavicatcu: you are following a guide from 2006 ¿04:00
XabsterI canceled the update manager on a fresh install, now it says there are no updates... it was less than 10% done with about 90 updates or so - how do i re-start the updates?04:00
WeThePeopledesignbybeck, idk what that means04:00
vicatcuxangua: i realize that, that's why i'm here asking for help - do you know where I can get more up to date instructions?04:00
designbybeckso if you click on the 215 fuzzylumpkinz what does it show04:00
blackshirtXabster: usually, you can run apt-get update to update apt databases04:00
blackshirtvicatcu: what you mean with ?04:01
designbybeckWeThePeople:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-to-set-nomodeset-for-installation04:01
vicatcublackshirt: just trying to get a tftp server running (i.e. tftpd04:01
fuzzylumpkinzthose things I told you, four orange folders, backup for virtual, lost an found, test, and virtual machine04:01
Xabsterblackshirt, that didn't help04:01
designbybeckwhat distro are you using WeThePeople?04:01
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, those things I told you, four orange folders, backup for virtual, lost an found, test, and virtual machine04:02
designbybeckhmm that is odd fuzzylumpkinz because that sounds like you should have more space than you do04:02
designbybeckor than df -h showed04:02
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, hunh idk04:02
designbybeckwe need to ask Ken! LOL04:02
WeThePeopledesignbybeck, so the menu where i select what kernel i want is the grub menu.. 10.0404:02
designbybeckcorrect WeThePeople04:03
blackshirtvicatcu: what are you have been doing to make it works ?04:03
vicatcushould i be using tftpd-hpa instead of just tftpd?04:03
designbybeckah yes... seems 11.10 and before I had these kinda problems04:03
designbybeckso maybe nomodeset will let you get in. and then you'll have to install other video drivers maybe?04:03
WeThePeopledesignbybeck, yes i can this takes place after i select newest kernel04:04
vicatcublackshirt: trying instructions i find on the web - thinking about trying this one next: http://www.mmweg.rwth-aachen.de/~philipp.michalschik/wordpress/getting-tftp-to-run-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise/04:04
designbybeckbut  fuzzylumpkinz and WeThePeople I have to head out for the night (for me) Good luck and keep asking in here, hopefully someone else can pick up where i left off04:04
fuzzylumpkinzdesignbybeck, okay thank you very much anyways04:04
blackshirtvicatcu: I have read it, so, exactly what the problems happen to you ?04:05
vicatcucouldn't get it to start04:05
blackshirtvicatcu: what the messages/syslog says ?04:06
blackshirtvicatcu: you should describe more detail04:06
vicatcublackshirt: yes sorry you're right... i'm going to try the newer instructions first and i'll get back if still having trouble04:07
blackshirtvicatcu: greats04:07
geekyogiI'm using ubuntu 10.04, I wish to upgrade to 12.04. But I would like to confirm if it's possible to roll back to 10.04 if I have some issues with it.04:07
aeon-ltdgeekyogi: not easily04:08
blackshirtgeekyogi: I don't think downgrade was recommended04:08
geekyogi@blackshirt, Thanks for confirming.04:08
aeon-ltdgeekyogi: to 'roll back' you'd have to have a separate /home and keep all configs from previous versions of applications. then reinstall completely04:09
blackshirtgeekyogi: its trully hard to rollback if you not have experiences on them :D04:09
geekyogi@aeon-ltd, with re-install you mean, installing 10.04 again ?04:10
roklpi just install fedora 17 on ubuntu .Intially , i d'nt get start ubuntu becuase of grub loader but after installing loader i get my ubuntu back but lost my fedora .Can any one save me !04:10
aeon-ltdgeekyogi: yes, there is no real rollback method04:11
geekyogiI can save all the .config file, and bring back 10.04 to the same state, but it's just too much of task involved, time consuming.. so decided not to upgrade until April 2013, when the support for 10.04 ends..04:11
Xabsterhow do i uninstall the software updates that i have installed so far?04:12
=== che is now known as Guest54682
geekyogi@aeon-lth @blackshirt Thanks a lot guys!04:12
Xabstergeekyogi, i'm a windows kinda guy normally but couldn't you make an image of the entire OS-drive and save it on an external disk?04:12
Xabsterand restore the image if stuff goes bad04:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:13
geekyogi@xabster, Yes it is possible, but just too much time involved to make the image / snapshot and transfer it,. I'd prefer to wait until the support for 10.04 is obsolete..04:14
Xabsterwhat is off topic?04:15
Guest54682with gnome-terminal is there a way to change what key issues a SIGINT by default its shift+ctl+c if you assign ctl+c as copy paste. I added a .Xmodmap and changed let crl with the super button im wondering if i can get super+c to issues SIGINT...04:15
geekyogi@Guest54682 :Keyboard Preferences -> Layouts -> Options on ubuntu 10.04, will help you set the key maps easily...04:16
geekyogi@Guest54682, although it's system-wide04:17
Guest54682same on 12.04?04:17
geekyogi@Guest54682, yes, checkout for options on Keyboard preferences..04:17
FloodBot1fresh_fm: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:18
Guest54682i'll take a look04:18
lotuspsychje!ru | fresh_fm04:19
fresh_fmim russia Sakhalin04:19
ubottufresh_fm: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:19
vicatcuok so now I think I have tftpd-hpa running, but i can't seem to download from it... the server doesn't send back any responses at all to the client04:20
vicatcuafter a read request04:20
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest14793
devslashdoes anyone here run an ubuntu server ?04:24
somsip!anyone | devslash04:24
ubottudevslash: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:24
devslashi just asked04:24
andrewacltdevslash, yes04:25
devslashIm interested in setting up a headless dedicated ubuntu server. As far as specs go, Im looking at 3.0 GHZ or higher, at least 4 GB of RAM and ideally 4TB of storage04:25
devslashI've been looking at my options with different computers04:25
lotuspsychje!server | devslash04:26
ubottudevslash: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:26
devslashthats now what I'm asking04:26
ramprasadgk1Hi all04:28
Xabster12.04: i canceled software updates (about 10% done with ~90 updates) right after boot on a fresh install -- rebooted, now update manager says 0 updates available04:28
AscavasaionI am running Lubuntu 11.10.  I installed the Samsung Unified driver and my printer/scanner combo worked perfectly.  Bot the printing and the scanning.  I shut down and started the machine a day or so later and the printer part still works but the scanner does not.  I am trying to scan using Simple Scan.  lsusb shows that the printer/scanner is there.04:28
lotuspsychjedeslash: you might wanna check out !security too04:28
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:28
andrewacltXabster, from a console sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade04:29
lotuspsychjeXabster:maybe it installed correclty afterall04:29
somsipXabster: try apt-get clean, then update again04:29
devslashlotuspsychje: what id really like to know is if someone can recommend a site where i can get a system to run a linux server matching those specs04:29
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:29
lotuspsychjedevslash:i would not worry for your specs mate...it will run fine and stable04:29
andrewacltdevslash, dedicated or vps? I use rackspace, but linode is also good, you also have aws04:29
ramprasadgk1rightclick to paste04:30
devslashandrewaclt: not sure whats the difference ?04:30
lotuspsychjedevslash: you can also ask in ##hardware if your specs are good to go for ubuntu04:30
andrewacltdevslash, there is slight variation in price, admin interfaces for managing things like dns. Also 4tb of storage might be easier with one host or another04:31
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:31
andrewacltramprasadgk1, what is quickedit?04:31
devslashandrewaclt: no i want to run my own server04:31
andrewacltdevslash, Do you mean you want to run a server under your desk? Or you want to run one remotely?04:32
ramprasadgk1andrewaclt : quickedit means highlight to copy and right click to paste04:32
devslashandrewaclt: from my home04:32
andrewacltdevslash, you're asking where is a good place to buy hardware?04:32
devslashno I'm asking about what is a good server for my needs04:33
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:34
oldskool_Hey I am trying to find a irc channel for virt-manager anyone know of one?04:35
pmp6nlShoot, if I run ubuntu and just installed a program that runs on kde -- did I just download all of the kde files04:36
andrewacltramprasadgk1, http://standards.freedesktop.org/clipboards-spec/clipboards-latest.txt04:36
andrewacltramprasadgk1, does that describe the problem you're having?04:36
NordomI have a text file with japanese written in it, all the Japanese appears as boxes with numbers in them. How can I make gedit display the proper characters?04:36
lotuspsychje!alis | oldskool_04:37
ubottuoldskool_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:37
Xabsterandrewaclt, somsip: i tried that04:37
piecemkr@Nordom I think you must install proper font and maybe change coding of the document but not sure as I don't ever tried it.04:38
Nordomfont is installed, wondering on the encoding bit04:38
oldskool_lotuspsychje: Thx but I am looking for a irc channel that for support of virt-manager04:38
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:did you even read the trigger? you can search channels on freenode with 'virt-manager'04:39
ramprasadgk1andrewaclt NO04:39
ramprasadgk1i know those things04:39
piecemkrNordom: mess with it a little maybe04:39
ramprasadgk1but i just want right click to work as paste thats all i care04:40
Nordomfound the solution: open file inside gedit then select the unicode before u open text file04:40
awc737i can not figure out where my openjdk folder is04:40
awc737spring source installer is asking me for it04:40
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:41
awc737inside /usr/lib/jvm, there are 6 java folders, ive tried each one, and each one inside it04:41
awc737inside /usr/lib/jvm, there are 6 java folders, ive tried each one, and each one inside it04:41
oldskool_lotuspsychje: Yeah nada04:42
oldskool_lotuspsychje: Alias blows04:42
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:42
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:stay polite mate...you even know if theres such a channel?04:42
oldskool_I don't think on freenode04:42
oldskool_I am trying to figure out where they host their irc channe04:43
oldskool_lotuspsychje: and mate im ALWAYS polite and ALWAYS sarcastic :P04:43
lotuspsychje!info virt-manager04:43
ubottuvirt-manager (source: virt-manager): desktop application for managing virtual machines. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.1-1ubuntu5.1 (precise), package size 341 kB, installed size 2996 kB04:43
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:man virt-manager04:44
oldskool_they list their irc channel ect in man pages?04:44
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:44
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:why not asking your problem here its a supported package...omg04:45
lotuspsychje!patience | ramprasadgk104:45
ubotturamprasadgk1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:45
AscavasaionFirst used Linux in about 1992, and I see it still does not have a cooking-clue about scanning.04:45
oldskool_!patience | rampasadgk104:46
ubotturampasadgk1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:46
oldskool_!patience | lotuspsychje04:46
ubottulotuspsychje: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:46
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:stop flooding the bots04:46
oldskool_I know, i know slap me arond04:46
lotuspsychjeAscavasaion:define 'scanning'04:47
piecemkrI've got some question maybe not particiulary Ubuntu related but still. Gimmie some cool things to do with VPS04:47
lotuspsychje!vpn | piecemkr04:47
ubottupiecemkr: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN04:47
piecemkrVPS not VPN04:48
lotuspsychjeoh my bad04:48
ramprasadgk1does anyone have a solution to enable quickedit like in windows in XTERM/ konsole04:48
oldskool_Oh lotuspsychje can I do please? :)04:48
Ascavasaionlotuspsychje: Scanning images through USB scanner.  lsusb detects the printer/scanner combo, and it usedto work.  I then never touched the computer for two days and when I returned lsusb still detects the scanner/printer, but scanning software syats there is no scanner.04:48
oldskool_epic fail04:48
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:the bot already hates you04:49
=== luist_ is now known as luist
oldskool_lotuspsychje: So they will include info such as irc channels in the man pages?04:49
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:many times when someone asks a related channel, they got trouble...so why not ask your trouble here04:50
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:and if its just for a chitchat, goto #ubuntu-offtopic04:50
somsipramprasadgk1: what is quickedit? What do you want to do in xterm?04:51
=== ninwa is now known as jbleau
oldskool_Well I am using kvm and virt-manager on my headless vm server.... I have two phsical hd's and one is partitioned into sections that I want my vm's to run on so they are not running on the same drive that is running the actual vm server.... does that make sense?04:52
oldskool_lotuspsychje: you ever use mightnight commander?04:52
lotuspsychjenow where talking...that wasnt so hard right04:52
oldskool_midnight* rather04:53
oldskool_I always feel so dirty and used when I ask questions in the main channel...04:54
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:is your question if it makes sense splitting your hd in 2 partitions?04:54
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:for what purpose would you split hd half?04:55
oldskool_No what I mean is this... Won't i loose performance if I am running a vm server and vm's on the same hd because they are both using the same spindle? Wouldn't it more efficent if I have my vm's on a seperate drive ?04:55
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:i think that would be recommended to run seperate drives yes, but other factors play04:56
oldskool_Which comes to my real question... I want to point to this other drive to create my vm's on but can't seem to find a method to do this...04:56
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:ssd drives run fantastic for vm's04:56
rkhshmanyone would be interested in helping me get through understanding what it takes to become a linux contributor?04:56
rkhshm(in the kernel space?)04:57
oldskool_I have server grade hd's...04:57
oldskool_I wanted to get ssd's04:57
rkhshmi have lots of experience with building kernels for solaris now i want to lay my hands on linux.. anyone here?04:57
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:try ##hardware for best performance layout for your needs04:57
oldskool_but others said not to as they are still unreliable04:57
somsiprkhshm: try http://kernelnewbies.org/04:57
cfhowlettrkhshm: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4576332/i-want-to-contribute-to-the-linux-kernel04:57
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:many stable and fast ssd's out there these days04:58
oldskool_I do have sda3 support too04:58
oldskool_sata 3 rather04:58
fernioldskool_: create a new storage pool with virt-manager and relocate the vms disk image there04:58
oldskool_ferni: So I can just relocate the image there?04:59
oldskool_lotuspsychje: I knew I should have bought the ssd05:00
oldskool_lotuspsychje: *rage*05:00
fernioldskool_: if you have the vm disk images as a image file its just remove that drive from vm and relocate it (you might need to refresh storage pools) and then add the image back from the new pool05:00
rkhshmcfhowlett: can i build 3.6 from 3.2.0(currently running on ubuntu 12.04)05:00
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:i run precise 12.04.1 64bit on ssd, goes rocket fast and stable, never had any data loss Ever! and its an old ssd05:00
cfhowlettrkhshm: sorry, unable to assist with kernel issues.  Stay in channel and ask again.05:01
rkhshmcfhowlett: ok thanks05:01
lotuspsychje!kernel | rkhshm05:02
ubotturkhshm: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)05:02
oldskool_ferni: You mean if I allocated it? I did not allocate the space I just created a image... So I located the image and move it to a temp folder than create a storage pool with the 2nd hard drive and copy the image onto that drive?05:02
ferniive had data losses with ssd because they break.. actually in recent years i've encountered a lot more failing ssd than norman drives05:02
lotuspsychjeferni:on what brand and ubuntu version?05:03
oldskool_ferni: That's what I have been told too05:03
blackshirtrkhshm: do you have deepth understanding on assembly, C programming, on how kernel works together ?05:03
oldskool_ferni: and since this was a server running a business didn't want the trouble05:03
rkhshmblackshirt: yes05:03
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:many servers use ssd layouts 2x 300gig ssd on even ubuntu servers05:04
oldskool_lotuspsychje: really?  I wanted to add sas drives... just too expensive :(05:04
fernilotuspsychje: I dont think its ubuntu related that a drive fails05:05
lotuspsychjeferni:most important is the brand..05:05
oldskool_lotuspsychje: What JoeBlowBestSSD's aren't a good choice to use?05:05
lotuspsychjeferni:but ubuntu runs faster on ssd then windows05:05
fernioldskool_: yeas, just copy the file to new location, where the new storage pool is05:05
lotuspsychje!ot | oldskool_05:06
ubottuoldskool_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:06
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:or aks in ##hardware for best ssd for the moment05:06
rkhshmblackshirt: is there a place where i can browse the codes? (Like opengrok) ?05:06
oldskool_lotuspsychje: You just sicked your bots on me!05:07
somsiprkhshm: download the source for the kernel you want to05:07
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:this is an ubuntu support channel mate....05:07
somsiprkhshm: what to browse05:07
blackshirtrkhshm: yes, but I'm forget05:07
fernilotuspsychje: yes seems that some brands are not so good.. havent really tested speed on ubuntu vs win.. but with ssd ubuntu is really fast, i was like wow05:07
oldskool_lotuspsychje: *mumbling under breath*.... fine! I didn't wanna talk here anyhow *hairflip*05:07
oldskool_ferni: Like "whoa" dude ;)05:08
lotuspsychjelets keep ontopic guys05:08
oldskool_Ubuntu rocks!05:08
oldskool_How does ubuntu differ from slackware?05:09
rkhshmsomsip: i currently have this worry.. My build system is running 3.2.0 now can i clone/build 3.5.4 (provided i have all build tools?). or do i need to keep updating to maintain a 1:1 relation with the kernel i'm building and the kernel on my build system?05:09
lotuspsychje!poll | oldskool_05:09
ubottuoldskool_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:09
paulus68_lotuspsychje: die jeugd van tegenwoordig05:10
lotuspsychjepm paulus :p05:10
oldskool_lotuspsychje: OMG there is even a static response for that!05:10
WeThePeoplewhen i boot to ubuntu from dual boot menu the screen flashes and then a gui comes up and says "ubuntu is running in low graphics mode. your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly. you will need to configure these yourself. then i click 'ok' and the screen flickers some more and a gui comes up and says "stand by one minute while display restarts" but doesnt. then i click 'ok' and then i restart05:10
WeThePeople<WeThePeople>  from there cuz it loads the boot screen and gets stuck there. i can type but i cant pull up a tty. and when the screen flickers i can see 'ntp.conf'05:10
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:theres static for just about anything...you should see the trigger list05:10
WeThePeopleits a Xorg prob\05:10
oldskool_lotuspsychje: how do I find the trigger list05:11
paulus68_oldskool_: there is a reply for just about everything05:11
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:i forgot lol05:11
lotuspsychje!triggers > lotuspsychje05:12
oldskool_!triggers > oldschool_05:12
oldskool_how can you hide your ip other than vpns?05:13
somsiprkhshm: you need to ask a kernel expert. I'd be guessing05:13
oldskool_I am so loving this chat client05:13
lotuspsychje!info macchanger | oldskool_05:14
ubottuoldskool_: macchanger (source: macchanger): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.5.0-9 (precise), package size 162 kB, installed size 532 kB (Only available for linux-any)05:14
paulus68_oldskool_: you can use a proxy or tor05:14
paulus68_!Tor |oldskool_05:14
ubottuoldskool_: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl05:14
oldskool_when I try to use tor it kicks me off05:14
oldskool_bans me for using a tor ip05:15
WeThePeopleoldskool_, sudo ifconfig macchanger -r (dev) ie eth0 wlan005:15
oldskool_that just changes my nic's mac... how would that hide my ip?05:15
WeThePeopleoldskool, socks505:16
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:not hide, change ip05:16
oldskool_I change my wan side ip by changing my router's mac or cloning it whatever they wanna call it ...05:17
oldskool_that what you guys mean?05:17
WeThePeopleoldskool_, wan??05:17
oldskool_yeah my wan side ip is what show's here not my lan ip05:18
oldskool_if I changed my mac addy on my nic on the computer will just change my lan ip05:18
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:like WeThePeople says, use socks5 proxies05:18
oldskool_plus I use static ips05:18
oldskool_like tor?05:18
lotuspsychjeoldskool_:i think to use macchanger you need dynamic ip05:19
oldskool_yeah dhcp would only work05:19
oldskool_but that is lan side anynow05:19
oldskool_and I didn't want to change my wan ip I can do that when I want... I wanna hide it05:19
oldskool_without using a vpn05:20
WeThePeopleonly change05:20
oldskool_I wanted to use tor but they keep banning me because its a tor ip...05:20
WeThePeopleoldskool_, whos ban you05:20
oldskool_when i connnect via tor05:20
WeThePeopleoldskool_, why?05:21
tsimpson!tor-sasl | oldskool_05:21
ubottuoldskool_: freenode blocks connections from Tor users on its regular servers. Users registered with nickserv can connect to freenode's Tor hidden service instead; see http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor for instructions. For help, ask in #freenode.05:21
sulaimanone of my daily cronjobs failed to run today, where can I find logs for any errors?05:21
paulus68_oldskool_: http://www.catonmat.net/blog/linux-socks5-proxy/05:21
oldskool_I think you can use tor but you have to jump through hoops to authenticate yourself if you use a tor exit05:22
oldskool_tsimpson: See.. thank you very much05:23
paulus68_oldskool_: if you have an old spare pc you can set it up as server and install a proxy server on it is also an option05:25
oldskool_I have limited space and would much rather utilize tor05:26
oldskool_paulus68_: thanks for the advice tho :)05:26
oldskool_how do I reg nickserv again its been years since i used irc...05:27
Lasivianok, 11.04, and the screen blanks out after awhile like there is a screensaver installed, but I cannot find any hint of screensaver settings, or a running process for one05:27
lotuspsychje!nickserv | oldskool_05:27
Calinouwhy do you even use a screensaver?05:27
lotuspsychje!register | oldskool_05:27
ubottuoldskool_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:27
Calinouoldskool_: /ns help -- /ns register password email05:27
LasivianCalinou: clean install, trying to shut it off05:27
Calinouscreen blanks out when you don't touch your keyboard/mouse for a while, this is intended, if it does for any other reason, then your graphics driver has an issue05:28
LasivianCalinou: right, I want it to not do that, but I can;t figure out where that setting is hiding :)05:29
shantornLasivian, look under brightness and lock under preferances05:29
wilee-nileeoldskool_, People do use tor you just have to look for the instructions on doing it. You can join freenode and get a free mask after a short period if needed.05:29
Calinoushantorn: remember, he's on 11.04, highly likely he's on gnome 2 :P05:29
shantornstill might be under settings05:30
shantornbut ok hadnt considered that05:30
shantornthanks for the pointer05:30
wilee-nileeoldskool_,If you donate to freenode you can get a mask immediatly pretty much.05:30
Calinouor ask in #freenode05:30
Calinouit works the same way, no need to "support" them05:30
Lasivianshantorn: ahh, brightness, would not have thought of that, thanks05:30
=== oldskool_ is now known as HardKoreMofo
CalinouLasivian: energy management usually goes with brightness and screen locking :)05:31
Lasivianyeah, makes sense, NOW! lol05:31
patrickodI'm having serious audio skipping issues with PulseAudio on 12.04 with Intel Hardware05:33
patrickodI've had no luck tracking down a solution05:33
patrickodare there any known fixes ?05:33
Calinoupatrickod: what software are you using when it happens?05:33
Calinouthe default audio server is ALSA, remember...05:33
wilee-nileepatrickod, Have you tried making another account and seeing if this is replicated or using a live cd, this is an upgrade right?05:34
=== branant_ is now known as branant
patrickodCalinou, it's not software dependent, anything from chrome, rythmbox, VLC and Spotify suffer from this05:35
patrickodwilee-nilee, this is a fresh install of 12.0405:35
patrickodabout a month old05:35
patrickodfully updated05:35
wilee-nileepatrickod, Has it always done this or after trying to tweak the setup?05:35
patrickodwilee-nilee, it has always done this05:35
jasI have a problem regrading installation in ubuntu 12.0405:36
patrickodwilee-nilee, it's a on-board soundcard. nothing fancy in terms of hardware05:36
jasI am getting an error05:36
cfhowlettjas: what error?05:36
Calinoupatrickod: file format has been known to cause issues sometimes, so software could be relevant05:36
jasE: Unable to parse package file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/linux.dropbox.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_i18n_Index (1)05:36
jasplz help me05:36
cfhowlettjas:  did you md5sum check?05:36
patrickodCalinou, I've tried with multiple different types of media and all have this issue05:36
ubottujas:: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:37
Shazer[2]I'm having a problem installing teamviewer.05:37
Calinoujas: so you're trying to install dropbox? maybe there is no precise package05:37
wilee-nileepatrickod, I'm just checking the obvious things, I would check if this happens in the two ways I asked a new account which can be removed and a live cd.05:37
jasNow how  to solve the problem?05:37
Shazer[2]This is my problem that I am having, can I get any assistance?05:38
cfhowlettjas: first: did you md5sum check to ensure a good iso?05:38
sulaimanhow can I view log files through command line?05:38
jaswhat is this?md5sum05:38
HardKoreMofowhat channels do all the hot geek girls hang out in?05:38
CalinouHardKoreMofo: not here, try #freenode05:38
somsipShazer[2]: "sudo apt-get install -f" might do the trick05:39
HardKoreMofoCalinou: Any excuse to get ride of me huh? :P05:39
shantornShazer[2], it looks like you have some dependancy issues05:39
CalinouHardKoreMofo: yes05:39
HardKoreMofoCalinou: LMFAO05:39
shantornyou will have to install those packaes in software manager then retry teamviewer05:39
cfhowlettjas: yeah you checked??05:39
Shazer[2]Alright, thanks. :)05:39
wilee-nileeHardKoreMofo, no but welcome to my ignore lit and probably other users as well.05:40
HardKoreMofoCalinou: Great the bots hate me and now the ops too :P05:40
jasI am not getting you05:40
jasWhat should I do?05:40
cfhowlettjas: read the link I sent you05:40
ubottujas, please see my private message05:41
somsipcfhowlett: trailing colon?05:41
ishaq_Hi guys.. I have a problem with skype installation on ubuntu 12.0405:41
jasWhere I could see yoyr message05:41
cfhowlettsomsip: yeah i just caught that...05:41
aneekhi friends05:41
somsipcfhowlett: lagggg05:41
ubottujas: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:41
* Calinou welcomes the skype user, and readies his solution #-105:41
wilee-nileeishaq_, What is the problem?05:41
aneeki m working as system engineer in a company05:41
ishaq_it says  : The following packages have unmet dependencies:05:41
ishaq_ skype : Depends: skype-bin05:41
aneeki having basic knowledge of linux and ubuntu05:42
wilee-nileeishaq_, Are you loading it from the repo's?05:42
Calinoudon't ask to ask, just ask05:42
aneekany ubunut expert can join me to learning ubuntu and doing tricks05:42
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aneekon my ubuntu server05:42
aneekvia remote05:42
ishaq_yeah, i've even tried that, same error..05:43
cfhowlettaneek: see #ubuntuserver channel05:43
ishaq_thanks for responding..05:43
aneekcfowlett ok05:43
wilee-nilee!info skype05:43
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in precise05:43
ishaq_yes so, is there any way??05:44
aneekwhat i need a company that can help me to learn linux05:44
cfhowlettIshaq: skype has a ppa05:44
ishaq_ok.. need to add a repo?05:44
cfhowlettIshaq: yep.  looking in my sources.list now.05:45
ishaq_thank you..05:45
xangua!partner | cfhowlett ishaq_05:45
ubottucfhowlett ishaq_: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »05:45
HardKoreMofooff to bed...ciao ciao everyone :)05:45
HardKoreMofothanks for the help and ideas :)05:45
wilee-nileeishaq_, This site suggests a direct download, I don't use it so I'm not sure. http://www.unixmen.com/howto-install-skype-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/05:45
jasI am using ubunru 12.0405:46
jiltdilWhich filesystem to create swap?05:46
ishaq_thanks ubottu, i'll try that05:46
Calinoulinux-swap, jiltdil05:46
Calinouisn't that obvious?05:46
ishaq_<wilee-nilee>, thanks, i'll check that..05:46
Calinouwilee-nilee: /me facepalms05:47
jiltdilCalinou,  ans is there any way to use raw partition as swap?05:47
Calinoubetter torrent then!05:47
Calinoujiltdil: yes; select it and format as linux-swap05:47
wilee-nileeCalinou, I'm not sure your refrence but good for you.05:47
jiltdilCalinou, I mean to say that without formating is there any way05:47
aneekmy ubuntu is running slow , it takes long time for showing desktop screen05:47
aneekcan any one help me for this05:48
tsimpsonjiltdil: it needs to be marked as swap, it's not really formatted, just marked05:48
Calinoujiltdil: not really; you might use a swap file too05:48
excervohello guys, what's the best ubuntu software for downloading youtube videos? I use miro but it sucks05:48
Calinouremember, nothing forces you to have a swap05:48
jiltdiltsimpson, Calinou  can ext type can be swap?05:48
aneekany-one can help me for the issue "ubuntu slow working "05:49
Calinoujiltdil: using a swap file which you can create later, yes05:49
xangua!anyone | aneek05:49
ubottuaneek: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:49
Calinouaneek: what is your graphics card? try using unity 2D instead of unity05:49
tsimpsonjiltdil: you can't have swap and ext, but you can create a file (on ext) and use it as swap with the mkswap command05:49
aneekintel calinou05:50
aneek256 gh05:50
jiltdiltsimpson,  Calinou  Thanks my doubt cleared :)05:50
ishaq_excervo_, use firefox addons.05:50
Calinouaneek: well then, most intel GPUs are slow05:50
jasI hav a problem05:50
Calinou256 ghz? no.05:50
jasregarding ubuntu 12.0405:51
jasI am getting an error05:51
excervoishaq thanks i'll check that05:51
aneekcalinou it was working fine since 2 days i am having this issue05:51
jasE: Unable to parse package file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/linux.dropbox.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_i18n_Index (1)05:51
aneekso i don't think it is hardware issue05:51
jasplease help me05:51
cfhowlettjas: I suspect your iso is corrupted.  perform the md5sum check to verify05:51
ubottujas, please see my private message05:52
jashow t verify it05:52
ubottujas: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:52
jashow to see private message05:52
cfhowlettjas: read the link.  follow the instructions05:52
aneekubottu can u help me in that05:52
ubottuaneek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:52
aneeklolz ubottu05:52
aneekany one is there can take credit to be linux expert by giving me answer05:53
jasI am ubable to understand the above linl05:54
jasI am using ubuntu 12.0405:54
crackerjackzwhen i try to boot from the ubuntu live cd the x server fails to start (i can press alt ctrl f2 to get a shell - just no desktop environment) the graphics card is an ati radeon x85005:54
crackerjackzany ideas?05:54
cfhowlettjas what is your native language?05:54
crackerjackzi want to install ubuntu on said computer05:55
wilee-nilee!nomodeset > crackerjackz05:55
ubottucrackerjackz, please see my private message05:55
aneekhow to run ubuntu fast friends !05:55
jasplease help me05:55
cfhowlettjas what is your native language?05:56
wilee-nileecrackerjackz, YOu might check the md5sum if nomodeset does not get you in, or a alternative cd to install if needed.05:56
aneekjas tusi know ubuntu05:56
aneekjas then can u tell me my ubuntu os working slow05:57
aneekoodii wat lagi pandi h05:57
aneekany idea how solve it05:58
aneekmy desktop working slow since 2 days05:58
somsipaneek: post your dmesg output to pastebin05:58
aneeki m using ubuntu os05:58
somsipaneek: and your /var/log/apt/history.log if you say this has only started to happen recently05:59
aneeksomsip could u tell me how shuld i do this05:59
somsip!pastebin | aneek05:59
ubottuaneek: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:59
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crackerjackzwilee-nilee, its attempting to boot with nomodeset now, i have a feeling it's going to do the same thing... it's an older cd though ubuntu 10.10 - could that be it? should i try 12.04? i only have one blank cd though wilee-nilee06:01
wilee-nileecrackerjackz, Well 10.10 is end of life not worth using, try a 12.0406:01
aneekthanks somsip ,06:02
aneekbut any one can give me remote help via teamviewer06:03
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Calinoucrackerjackz: more recent versions have better drivers06:05
Calinouquit being a gnome 2 fanboy (remember, 11.04 has gnome 2 too)06:05
Calinoudon't want unity? use lubuntu or xubuntu06:05
Calinouthese are pretty much good alternatives to gnome 206:05
kundanreason for fsck linux-utils 2.me19.1 during boot ti06:06
rkhshmdoes bugzilla not report all open bugs in a particular module ?06:06
rkhshmFor example i want to see if there are any filesystem bugs06:06
rkhshmhow do i search for it?06:07
rkhshmbugzilla asks me to enter the "words" field at any cost..06:07
crackerjackzCalinou, what is the difference between ubuntu and lubuntu?06:07
kundanhow to see file system bug06:07
rkhshmkundan: what?06:07
dgxhey guys, has someone tried ubuntu as an win app? i guess there aren't any risks to the winOS?06:08
kundan@rkshm i am getting fsck linux-utils 2.19.1 during boot time06:08
cfhowlettdgx: you mean wubi?06:08
crackerjackzdgx, you mean running ubuntu in a virtual machine on windows?06:09
dgxno, without VM06:09
dgxusing the 2nd option: install as windows application(inside windows)06:09
crackerjackzdgx, well you can partition the hard drive and install both linux and windows - but you can only boot into one or the other06:09
cfhowlettdgx: that is wubi.06:09
crackerjackzdgx, wubi06:09
dgxoh i see06:09
dgxso, using this method, does it hold any risks for windows, because im in the office, can't take chances :)06:10
crackerjackzdgx, personally i'd just install the live cd - i ran into some problems with wubi06:10
dgxthe other option ofcourse is to use VM06:10
cfhowlettdgx: for the record, wubi is for testing ubuntu...not a permanent installation solution.  so sayeth wubi developers06:10
cfhowlettdgx: for zero risk, make an ubuntu usb stick/cd and boot that or use virtualbox06:10
crackerjackzso what are the biggest differences between ubuntu and lubuntu?06:10
cfhowlettcrackerjackz: desktop managers are different.  ubuntu is ubuntu.06:11
dgxi will go with the VM case, because im a dev and need to safe files, thanks06:11
crackerjackzcfhowlett, i see, so the only difference is the D.E?06:11
cfhowlettcrackerjackz: some of the default packages are different as well.06:11
somsipcrackerjackz: ubuntu uses unity by default, lubuntu uses LXDE06:11
wilee-nileecrackerjackz, lubuntu is a lighter desktop.06:11
kundandoes anyone will tell me why i am getting fsck linux-utils 2.19.1 during booting the systwm06:11
cfhowlettcrackerjackz: as somsip correctly stated, lubuntu, like xubuntu, is a "lightweight" distro requiring fewer system resources.  Perfect for older and lower spec machines.06:12
crackerjackzcfhowlett, somsip wilee-nilee  i only have one cd though - i wanna make sure what ever i use works with this ati radeon x850 graphics card06:13
crackerjackzonly have one blank cd*06:13
tyfaustI am looking for Linux music playing software that can play mp3s from a user defined selection. The selection will be individual folders or mp3s assigned numerical values that go into a pool for a random generator to pick from. Where-ever the random generator picks it plays that song or a random song from that folder. Example: song1.mp3 is assigned value 100, song2.mp3 is assigned value 500,...06:13
tyfaust...folder1 is assigned value 400; this would give a 10% change of playing song1.mp3, 50% change of playing song2.mp3, and 40% change of playing something from folder1. Is there any Linux music software that currently exists that can play songs using this random-user-defined method?06:13
cfhowlettcrackerjackz: so boot the live cd and test it.06:13
crackerjackzcfhowlett, no i mean.. i only have 1 blank cd - i wanna make sure the distro i pick is compatible with my hardware06:14
cfhowlettcrackerjackz:  ever consider the usb boot option?06:14
kundandoes anyone will tell me why i am getting fsck linux-utils 2.19.1 during booting the system06:15
crackerjackzlubuntu sounds enticing seeing as how it only has an intel pentium 4 and 768 mb of RAM - i'm not too sure it'll boot from USB, it's old...06:15
crackerjackz@ cfhowlett06:15
wilee-nileecrackerjackz, This wiki claims that card works.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver#Unsupported06:15
JamezQI woulden't try to run ubuntu on something that old, crackerjackz06:16
crackerjackzwilee-nilee, ty06:16
cfhowlettcrackerjackz: yep.  you can install lubuntu and then install XFCE (or vice versa) and select the alternate desktop environment at login06:16
xanguacrackerjackz: lubuntu is amied for low resources... doesn't mean you can not use it with certain hardware06:16
JamezQSo Lubuntu and xubuntu might give a much better experiance.06:16
timfrostkundan: that message indicates that an automatic file system check, and that the fsck version is from  linux-utils 2.19.106:17
kundantimfrost: booting is taking a lot of time and screen blinks during the boot time06:18
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crackerjackzxangua, so you think lubuntu is my safest bet?06:19
=== gary_ is now known as game16
timfrostkundan: if you haven't had a crash, you *might* be OK to cancel the file system check (automatic checks happen  based on time or number of mounts), but it is usually wisest to let them run06:21
kundantimfrost: then it show  /dev/sda7 :clean  269959/269632 file 1596769/10499840 block06:22
timfrostkundan: that indicates successful completion of the check of that filesystem with no errors.  You get one for each file system06:23
kundantimfrost: ya i am getting for each file system06:24
kundantimfrost: but why the screen blinks during the boot06:25
Calinou<crackerjackz> dgx, well you can partition the hard drive and install both linux and windows - but you can only boot into one or the other06:26
Calinounot advisable on UEFI06:26
Calinou<JamezQ> I woulden't try to run ubuntu on something that old, crackerjackz06:27
Calinouhave fun running debian and complaining about firmware then06:27
Calinoudgx: unified extensible firmware interface, something invented by m$ for more vendor locks06:27
timfrostkundan: blinks could be video-related.  You might get better answers about that if you tell us which ubuntu release and video card details06:28
dgxVM for the win then :)06:28
crackerjackzCalinou, so you're saying don't run lubuntu on something that old? intel pentium 4, 768 mb ddr ram06:28
Calinoucrackerjackz: should work06:30
Calinoudgx: it can be quite slow, and you're still running windows anyway06:30
bzbhow do i setup ubuntu to run fsck after reboot automatically06:30
Calinouwhy would you do that?06:30
Calinouit does that every 25 boots06:30
ArchyArcibolt              ------06:31
ArchyArcibolt                       ( Ubuntu Rocks!)06:31
ArchyArcibolt           ~gnuu.    O  ------06:31
xanguacrackerjackz: lubuntu will do fine, so will xubuntu; you can also use regular Ubuntu as you get the minimal resource requirements06:31
ArchyArcibolt          uGNUGNu   o06:31
ArchyArcibolt         @g~nu~~gNu06:31
bzbcalinou: how do i get it to invoke fsck after a reboot?06:31
FloodBot1ArchyArcibolt: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:31
ArchyArcibolt         G/@||@) N|06:31
crackerjackzxangua, i see i see said the blind man. thank you06:31
dgxCalinou: 4gb ram, and celeron 3400 2.60 x2 cpu should be okay :?06:31
kundantimfrost: I am using ubuntu 11.10 and vga is Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller  another vga is AMD Radeon HD 6600M Series06:32
bzbcalinou: i need to run fsck because my system just suffered a crash and i want to make sure my disks are ok06:32
cfhowlettdgx: try it.  xubuntu or lubuntu are meant for machines like yours.06:33
Surlent777hi; I seem to be suffering from a very strange bug in that on my desktop I seem to have all the Oxygen packages installed, and yet Oxygen isn't listed as a selectable widget set in KDE's systemsettings. Same thing for QtCurve. Any idea what might be wrong?06:33
JamezQbzb: it seems you can force a fsck on the next reboot using "sudo touch /forcefsck", then rebooting.06:34
JamezQSource: http://jamesmcdonald.id.au/it-tips/gnu-linux/ubuntu-disk-stuff06:35
Calinoudgx: yes06:36
e66in ubuntu how do I know how a package is configured (the ./configure line) ?06:37
Calinoucfhowlett: both work just fine on recent computers, people tend to forget that06:37
bzbjamezQ: thanks. i'll give it a try06:37
lotuspsychje!make | e6606:37
ubottue66: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:37
Calinoue66: not everything uses ./configure06:37
Calinoupre-build outdated packages first* FTFY06:37
e66lotuspsychje: I know how to make.06:38
cfhowlettCalinou: noted.06:38
lotuspsychjee66:the url shows the configure line aswell06:38
e66Calinou: what do you mean by "pre-built outdated packages first* FTFY" ?06:40
JamezQHe is implying that packages in the pre-build repo's are out of date06:41
writehey, does anybody know how to help me in configuring my AMD, Radeon 6290 driver in ubuntu? I have an Asus 1015bx netbook, and i feel it is not properly installed or something, since even movies in VLC tend to get laggy when there is more action06:41
e66I have a package "example". I can install it by apt-get install example. I want to know how this "example" package is configured. It has a configure file when I download usig "apt-get source example"06:41
somsipe66: it's got some sort of package wrapper that explains to apt-get how to install it06:42
somsipe66: this is possibly more than you wanted to know, but the details wil be in here somewhere https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete06:43
e66Thanks for the link06:43
JamezQWell, here is something e66: apt-cache show <package name>06:43
JamezQSadly I don't see things like ./configure flags, but it's something along your ally06:44
somsipJamezQ: ooo - good one06:44
e66JamezQ: no configure there!!06:45
e66it has a dependency list06:46
JamezQe66: Yea, I know :/ I am looking for one that will show flags06:46
Surlent777this is insane. Oxygen and QtCurve seem to be configured and placed identically to the themes that DO show up, like CDE and Skulpture06:46
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:48
Calinoue66: because 99% of the time, reason of compiling is outdated packages :P06:48
timfrostkundan: I can't help, as my system is 12.04 with nVidia graphics06:49
JamezQSorry e66, It doesn't seem there is a simple apt-cache or dkpg tool to show ./configure options used when building. However You can get the source of it and look in debian/rules, and that will show the commands used to generate the package.06:49
JamezQIncluding any flags used for compiling and ./configure options06:49
e66Some people also configure for optimization06:49
JamezQmore info at :http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPackageConfiguration06:49
e66Calinou:  Some people also configure for optimization06:50
JamezQMaybe you can make a script to automatically pull the info from a package, but I didn't see one06:50
e66JamezQ:  I am currently reading debian/rules file06:50
e66It has some rules called common config. But I am not sure what else will be patched with it.06:51
kundantimfrost: thanks for ur help06:52
chamunksis it possible to batch remove .fileext from a group of files?06:52
Surlent777mv *.txt * perhaps?06:53
geirhachamunks: for file in ./*.ext; do mv -i "$file" "${file%.*}"; done06:54
chamunksSurlent777, hmm06:54
somsipchamunks: you need something like find . -type f -name *.fileext -exec rm {} \;, but DOUBLE CHECK THAT06:54
cfhowlett_buki_: greetings06:54
geirhachamunks: Oh, remove the file or the filename extension?06:55
chamunksgeirha, that looks about right06:55
somsipchamunks: ah - I misunderstood...06:55
chamunksI have a series of files that were "Loaded" into a program at one point and during that process it added *.Loaded after the actual fileext06:55
chamunksI want to remove .loaded from those files its like 400+06:56
chamunksdoing that manually would be a pain.06:56
JamezQwell e66, that's as far as I can help. Ubuntu isn't really a super compile to max optimize distro, so packages for it will be compiled with support for as much possible to work with everyone. I doubt it will be that interesting.06:56
chamunksgeirha, ^06:58
rabbi1how can i change the background color of calendar popup in 12.04 (gnome 3)06:59
geirhachamunks: If they're all in the same dir, then that for-loop should work after replacing .ext with .Loaded06:59
chamunksgeirha, ok awesome now to get my nas back online so that I can perform that operation.07:00
Surlent777just tested it and mine; my idea is a dud, but geirha's thing works perfectly07:00
timfrostgeirha: will that work if a file has more than one '.' char?  I use the basename command to get the new filename, so using chamunks '.Loaded' : for f in *.Loaded;do  ff=`basename "$f" .Loaded`;  mv "$f" "$ff";done07:02
Surlent777the one he gave worked on test files I named test.txt.loaded and test2.avi.loaded; I just replaced the .ext part with .loaded and it turned them into test.txt and test2.avi07:03
geirhatimfrost: Yes, ${var%.*} removes the shortest part matching .* from the end. %% gives you a greedy version07:04
JamezQI always forget the special ${var%} and ## stuff in bash07:04
geirhatimfrost: One could also write  ${file%.Loaded}07:04
timfrostgeirha: OK.  too much time working in dumb shells07:05
JamezQor echo |sed s/\(.*\).Loaded/\1/07:06
geirhatimfrost: All POSIX compliant shells have the % and # PEs.07:06
timfrostgeirha: as I said- too much time programming in the original Bourne shell :(07:08
chamunksok i got that working again07:08
geirhatimfrost: Ah, yes. That's painful :/07:08
chamunksgeirha, "for file in ./*.loaded ; do mv -i "$file" "${file%.*}" ; done"  Returns Missing }.07:12
fatpuddingHey, are there any one that have trouble with xpdf after the latest sys updates ? :)07:13
geirhachamunks: Sounds like you're not using bash then07:13
chamunksfair enough I'll mount that share locally somehow and do it on my local box with bash.07:14
JamezQwell, mine worked without bash...07:14
geirhachamunks: or any other posix shell for that matter. So possibly you have some c-shell derivate or the bourne shell07:14
chamunksim ssh'd into a nas4free (freebsd) box from my ubuntu box.07:16
chamunksit was because i was in su07:16
geirhachamunks: If I remember correctly, freebsd's default login shell is tcsh. See if it has bash or ash and use that07:17
geirhaor ksh07:17
chamunkswhat would the command be for that.07:18
chamunksit has all of those via the webgui07:18
geirhachamunks: just run   bash07:18
JamezQjust $ bash , if it's installed07:19
geirhachamunks: if the prompt changes, good, you're in bash, and the for-loop should work.07:19
chamunksworked flawlessly on the test directory07:19
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JamezQHello imax_07:24
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devios_dell vostro 1700.  network manager sees my wireless network, but can't seem to get connected. Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02). driving me crazy. would someone please help me resolve?07:34
Nx0Hi Ubuntuers!07:41
Nx0What's up Here?!07:42
JamezQNot much07:42
JamezQUsing ubuntu, having fun. Welcome to the irc.07:43
JamezQaha! Another user of "Tanks".07:43
devios_id be having a lot more fun if my wireless was working :-(07:44
Kartagisis there a way to apply date settings without logging out/in?07:44
Nx0sorry, i want said Thanks07:45
JamezQOh, well, I use "Tanks" volentarily.07:45
JamezQdevios_: What is happening, exactly07:46
Nx0well... What can do here?07:46
JamezQKartagis: What are you trying to change, for something like timezone, I have never had to logout07:46
JamezQNx0: Mostly people come here to ask questions and help people07:46
devios_when i try to connect to my wireless network, it looks like it tries to connect, gets connected, and immediately disconnects07:46
JamezQNx0: For general talking, there is of course #ubuntu-offtopic07:46
devios_dell vostro 1700.  network manager sees my wireless network, but can't seem to get connected. Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02). driving me crazy. would someone please help me resolve?07:47
devios_http://pastebin.com/H0hT1HfJ - here's what i see in my kern.log when the above happens07:49
JamezQWell, this looks like a similar problem to yours, I don't know off the top of my head how to diagnose myself.07:49
Nx0Check the wireless adapter07:49
Nx0because, if your laptop was connected, its work!07:53
llortwhy is ubuntu so much worse than debian? why don't you make it better than debian? debian has much less headache and much more awesome.07:55
blackshirtllort : that's depends08:00
confreyjust installed xubuntu 64bit, I'd use unetbootin, but id doesn't work saying anything in terminal, what's missing?08:01
confreyhi everybody, excuse me08:02
writedoes anyone knows how to handle radeon open source drivers? stufflike this ?08:03
JamezQconfrey: I did not understand what you said, honestly. Are you saying unetbootin isn't working?08:03
ActionParsnipconfrey: if Xubuntu is installed, why do you need unetbootin?08:04
confreyfor testing others08:04
ActionParsnipconfrey: does the system have web access?08:05
devios__http://pastebin.com/pbEZ9T7f - more on my network woes - network manager sees the wireless network, and when i connect, it seems to authenticate, then disconnect. driving me CRAZY08:05
ActionParsnipdevios__: if you scan for networks, are there lots of SSIDs on the same channel?08:05
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confreyActionParsnip: what's web access? I'm on internet now08:06
ActionParsnipconfrey: web == internet08:06
ActionParsnipconfrey: run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install unetbootin     and the application will install08:06
devios__ActionParsnip: how can i tell if they are on same channel, and if it works in windoze, shouldn't it work in linux (Even if they are all on the same channel?)08:06
confreyActionParsnip: of course, I'm on xubuntu now08:06
ActionParsnipconfrey: 'of course' what? I assume nothing08:06
confreyI downloaded it by its site08:07
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ActionParsnipdevios__: sudo iwlist scan | egrep  'ESSID|Channel'08:08
ActionParsnipconfrey: you don't need the site. The application is in theofficil repos, so can be installed with apt-get or software centre08:08
JamezQoh does iwlist scan do it? I thought you needed iwlist <device> scan08:08
ActionParsnipdevios__: you'll see the SSID and channel, if lots of networks are on the same channel it kills connections08:08
confreyActionParsnip: ok and excuse me, I didn't want to be discorteus08:09
ActionParsnipJamezQ: without the device it will use all network devices available (I haven't been told the name, so I cannot use it)08:09
ActionParsnipconfrey: you weren't :). It's all good08:09
JamezQWell, today I learned something new, thanks AP08:09
ActionParsnipJamezQ: never a bad thing :)08:10
devios__ActionParsnip: thanks!  there's not a lot of networks on the same channel, but again, i do not have any problems with wireless connectivity when i have vista loaded on this machine - why would it be a problem in linux and not windows?08:10
lodderhaving an issue with sabnzbdplus: ** (sabnzbdplus:2742): WARNING **: Opdrachtregel âdbus-launch --autolaunch=e50dff05faa894be9378912000000005 --binary-syntax --close-stderrâ eindigde met exit-status 1: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.\n08:10
lodderI can't seem to be find the issue, any pointers?08:11
ActionParsnipdevios__: if you run  sudo lshw -C network      what is the product line and driver for the wireless device (I bet its some centrino garbage)08:11
brophati read through about installing ubuntu with the windows installer, but nowhere does it mention about having to resize the windows partition.08:13
brophatdoes it just assume you want half and half?08:14
ActionParsnipbrophat: depends what the OS is for.08:14
ActionParsnipbrophat: for basic use, you'll need about 15Gb-20Gb and be fine08:14
devios__ActionParsnip: Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)08:14
ActionParsnipbrophat: if you use Windiows7, it can resize it's own NTFS08:15
devios__ActionParsnip: and yes im on centrino garbage vostro 1700 dell08:15
ActionParsnipdevios__: what wifi driver module?08:15
foo357Hello, there are some software I need to install from source, and I am a bist lost at how the different software "know of" eachother.08:15
JamezQfoo357: Do you mean dependencies?08:15
foo357JamezQ: yes08:16
brophatActionParsnip I am talking about installing ubuntu when you are in windows08:16
ActionParsnipdevios__: in the bottom text you will see:  driver=08:16
tsimpsonbrophat: the windows installer (wubi) creates a file, inside the windows filesystem, which it uses as a kind of virtual disk. you don't have to partition anything08:16
ActionParsnipbrophat: oh, using wubi?08:16
JamezQfoo357: The package management system, in ubuntu's case deb. Handles that itself.08:16
ActionParsnipbrophat: wubi uses a file on your NTFS, you don't have to resize NTFS to use wubi08:16
JamezQfoo357: Basically each .deb file has a list of other packages it requires08:16
devios__ActionParsnip: driver=iwl394508:16
JamezQfoo357: And so when installing it to your system, the package mangager will find those and install those first08:17
brophatis that any good?08:17
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JamezQfoo357: If you are installing from source, you generally need to handle dependencies on your own08:17
brophatI think I would want ubuntu to have its own partition, but I don't know why08:17
brophatwhat do you guys think?08:17
foo357yes and how do I do that JamezQ08:17
JamezQfoo357: But it's not so bad, usually ./configure gives vital information about what is missing08:17
ActionParsnipdevios__: run:  echo "'s not so bad, usually ./configure gives vital information abo08:17
ActionParsnipdevios__: wait08:17
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Sarawarawhen i try to install ubuntu from a flash drive (hitting F12, selecting boot from usb), windows just wants to start up (telling me i have the choice between repair and normal)08:18
ActionParsnipdevios__: echo "options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945.conf08:18
Sarawaraand goodmorning btw08:18
ActionParsnipdevios__: sudo modprobe -r iwl3945; sleep 4; sudo modprobe iwl394508:18
njrhello iam installing kate on ubuntu 11.10 and keep getting the error "The following packages have unmet dependencies: Depends: libkateinterfaces4 (>= 4:4.6.90) but it is not going to be installed"08:19
ActionParsnipnjr: are there any bugs reported?08:19
ActionParsnipnjr: are you installing Kate on a Gnome desktop based Ubuntu or are you running Kubuntu?08:20
brophatActionParsnip so forget about wubi. If i just want to set up dual boot, then I can first resize the windows partition in windows 7, to say fill on ly half the disk, then use the ubuntu disk to install ubuntu on the other half of the disk?08:20
njrit just says at the end "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."08:20
devios__ActionParsnip: ran both cmds - same behavior when i try to connect08:20
ActionParsnipbrophat: sure, you can resize to free up space and you can then install to the freed space08:21
njrActionParsnip yes08:21
brophatActionParsnip rock on!08:21
auronandace!checkinstall | foo35708:21
ubottufoo357: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!08:21
ActionParsnipdevios__: ok, try: echo "options iwl3945 11n_disable=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945.conf08:22
ActionParsnipdevios__: sudo modprbe -r iwl3945; sleep 4; sudo modprobe iwl394508:23
brophatwhen is the next ubuntu version coming out?08:23
devios__ActionParsnip: FATAL: Error inserting iwl3945 (/lib/modules/2.6.32-5-686/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl3945.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)08:24
JamezQbrophat: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/ubuntu-13-04-release-date-announced08:24
geirhabrophat: 12.10 comes out year 2012, month 10. It's in the release number08:24
devios__ActionParsnip: iwl3945: Unknown parameter `11n_disable'08:24
JamezQbrophat: so, April 25th they think, but it may change08:24
brophatdamn it is jumping from 12.04 right to 13.04?08:24
JamezQoh lol nvm08:25
JamezQbrophat: haha, sorry, that was a mistake08:25
brophatok hahaah08:25
JamezQbrophat: let me get the right article08:25
geirha!quantal | brophat08:25
ubottubrophat: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+108:25
njrActionParsnip : yes this is just Ubuntu with the gnome desktop not Kubuntu08:26
JamezQThere you go08:26
JamezQOctober 18th they think08:26
JamezQso, pretty darn close08:26
JamezQBeta 2 should be out today actually08:26
JamezQlater today08:26
brophatif i could get microsoft office 2010 to run on ubuntu I would have no reason to dual boot08:27
JamezQbrophat: More then likely, Libre Office supports all functions of Microsoft Office you are using08:27
brophatJamezQ nah, I want to learn excel08:27
brophatand other stuff to make corporations happy08:28
JamezQLibreOffice also has an excel compatible spreadsheet program, however, if you really need *exactly* MS office08:28
brophatcorportations don't want to hear libre hahaha08:28
JamezQYou can use a VM, dualboot, or install CrossOver08:28
brophatJamezQ I heard when you do all that stuff micro office still runs like crap08:29
amirouche*still* :)08:29
devios__man this sucks08:30
JamezQYea, but again, all your knowledge you learn with LO spreadsheets should be applicable on MS excel.08:30
JamezQSo you can learn and use there, and then make sure it works on excel08:30
JamezQthen you can know it on both, and say you know excel08:30
brophatJamezQ corpers want to hear you talk macro08:30
brophatJamezQ corpers want to hear you talkin VB macros08:30
ActionParsnipnjr: seems wierd to want to install all the deps for kate, just for a text editor is all.08:31
ActionParsnipdevios__: gah, then delete the file you made, I suggest yuo switch wireless channels08:31
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ActionParsnipdevios__: could also try disabling ipv6 too with the boot option: ipv6.disable=108:31
ActionParsnipdevios: ^08:31
brophatwhat should I use to install ubuntu once i got my windows installed and repartitioned. Live CD?08:33
JamezQbrophat: Yes.08:33
deviosActionParsnip: just changed channel08:34
deviosActionParsnip: same nonsense08:34
geirhabrophat: Leave unpartitioned space on your harddrive and the Ubuntu installer will add the partitions it needs there08:34
ActionParsnipdevios: tried the ipv6 disable?08:35
ActionParsnipdevios: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc08:35
brophathttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop you go there and it does not download Live CD08:35
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Precise, and help keeping the servers' load low!08:35
brophatit downloads something else08:35
deviosActionParsnip: Squeeze08:35
geirhabrophat: the desktop cd is a live cd08:36
ActionParsnipdevios: debian isn't supported here08:36
ActionParsnipdevios: ask in #debian08:36
brophathmm ok. why does it recommend 32 bit/08:36
deviosActionParsnip: i didn't see what you said about ipv608:36
ActionParsnipdevios: ask in #debian08:36
JamezQbrophat: Because most applications are still written for 32 bit in mind08:36
brophatis the 64 bit ubuntu buggy?08:36
JamezQbrophat: No, it's not.08:36
JamezQbrophat: In fact, I suggest 64, I think they will change that text soon.08:37
JamezQbrophat: Since they have finished all the muti-arch stuff,08:37
brophatthey way they say it they make it sound like the 64 bit version is still in beta or something08:37
deviosActionParsnip: thx anyway, i guess08:37
Azzle-Dazzleis there a way of making a particular application run a script / command at every start ?08:37
JamezQNo, it's just the safest possible, that used to be more true. Some app's broke with 6408:37
JamezQBut nowadays, more people use 64 bit then 3208:38
JamezQSo you are safe08:38
brophatok they should clarify that08:38
brophatthey should say why they recommend 32 bit08:38
JamezQAzzle-Dazzle: Yes, there are many ways. Do you want them to start a login? Or at bootup? or periodically08:38
brophatto me it sounds like they are saying that their 64 bit version sucks08:39
JamezQThe ways to do this are : Startup applications settings, init scripts, or cron jobs.08:39
Azzle-Dazzlewell JamezQ the thing is: PS3 Media server errors everytime I start it, The only fix I know of is to run this via terminal: mount -o remount,rw,nosuid,nodev -t tmpfs tmp /tmp    So, I would like to make PS3 media server automatically run that command every time i start it up08:40
JamezQbrophat: No, they are pretty much exactly the same. 64 is a big faster and in general applications for it are slightly larger08:40
brophatJamezQ and 64 bit can use all of my 6 gigs of ram08:40
JamezQbrophat: 32 can actually do that aswell08:41
JamezQbrophat: Using something called a PAE kernel08:41
brophatok well with 64 bit I don't need that hahaha08:41
JamezQAzzle-Dazzle: That sounds like something you may be able to fix instead of hacking it to make it work.08:41
JamezQAzzle-Dazzle: What does your /etc/fstab look like?08:42
Azzle-DazzleJamezQ I Have tried everything to fix this issue, Ive spent countless hours and I just dont know how to fix it lol08:42
Azzle-Dazzleerm gimme 1 sec ill have a look08:42
JamezQpastebin when you do post it08:42
Azzle-Dazzlehttp://pastebin.com/gRe84UBS Here you go !08:43
hpj_i'm encountering a weired problem: even though i've enabled the root account, and can in fact log in as root via ssh, "su -" still gets me "authentication failure"08:45
JamezQokay, why not replace your /tmp line with: tmpfs /tmp tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev 0 008:45
hpj_this is 12.04 on a vps, i'm thinking maybe something is wrong with the os template?08:46
JamezQSince that is your effective switch, having those settings at the start should make that work at the start08:46
JamezQso, try it08:46
Azzle-DazzleOk I will give that a try now JamezQ08:46
ActionParsniphpj_: there is no root password. Run:  sudo -i   instead and use your own password08:47
ActionParsniphpj_: nothing wrong at all08:47
hpj_ActionParsnip: there *is* a root password since i've set one08:48
ActionParsniphpj_: once you are done, run:  exit   and you will be user again08:48
somsipAzzle-Dazzle: check your permissions. My tmpfs is mounted as defaults,mode=1777,size=2g08:48
hpj_as i've said, i *can* log in using root via ssh08:48
ActionParsniphpj_: doesn't SSH block root logins, setting one is not advised or needed08:48
hpj_i know all that08:49
hpj_i normally disable root login via ssh08:49
BenHurhi, i use ubuntu 10.04. xsane does not recognize my scanner, but in ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 it does. How can i get the xsane from ubuntu 12.04?08:49
hpj_but because i'm having this problem, i've enabled it temporarily, just for testing08:49
Azzle-DazzleIve no idea how to do that somsip, But I think JamezQ has solved my issue :) It hasnt errored when I opened it up !08:49
hpj_fact is, i *can* log in as root via ssh08:49
Azzle-Dazzleill reboot and double check !08:50
hpj_which means the password is working08:50
ActionParsniphpj_: you can use:  sudo -i   and you will be root.08:50
ActionParsniphpj_: i'd check /etc/ssh/sshd_config08:50
somsipAzzle-Dazzle: well, you'd edit the /etc/fstab and replace defaults,noexec,nosuid on the tmpfs line with what I pasted, but no matter if you're fixed08:50
hpj_i want to know why su doesn't work08:50
excervohello guys how can i secure my ubuntu from ettercap?08:50
hpj_ActionParsnip: once again, it has nothing to do with sshd_config08:50
hpj_i know this seems to be the common problem with su that all ubuntu newbees have08:51
hpj_but my case is different08:51
ActionParsniphpj_: do you actually get connected via ssh, but then cannot su to root? Is that the issue?08:51
somsipAzzle-Dazzle: though not necessarily with the same 'size' param...anyway08:51
hpj_ActionParsnip: ok, let me explain again:08:51
hpj_i *can* do this: connect via ssh, login as root, and do stuff as root08:52
hpj_as the very same time, ii *cannot* do this: connect via ssh, login as a regular user, then execute "su -"08:53
puzzleledI'm puzzled by the U.S. Presidential Elections08:53
JamezQhpj_ and you want to not be able to ssh as root?08:53
puzzleledThe USA touts itself as a shining beacon of democracy08:53
hpj_i want to be able to do "su -"08:53
rudivsis Catalyst Control Center (amdcccle) installed by default on 12.04?08:53
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puzzleledBut Why are the US traditional media not covering Presidential Candidates Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson?08:54
somsip!ot | puzzleled08:54
ubottupuzzleled: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:54
ActionParsniphpj_: tried:  su root08:54
hpj_the ssh thing i've got under control, i know how to activate and deactivate root login via ssh, and i know when to deactivate it (always, unless i'm testing some login problem, which is now)08:54
puzzleledWhy are the US traditional media acting like they are censoring some Presidential Candidates?08:54
gordonjcphpj_: yeah, you shouldn't let people log in as root ;-)08:54
gordonjcpnot even yourself08:54
puzzleledI'm very puzzled by that since the USA touts itself as a shining beacon of democracy08:55
hpj_ActionParsnip: yeah, that gets me the same "authentication failure"08:55
gordonjcp!ot | puzzleled08:55
ubottupuzzleled: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:55
Azzle-DazzleFull reboot and it worked !! You would not believe the amount of time I have spent trying to fix this, All it took was one simple change ! Thanks!08:55
vividi was going to say....but somehow...i just knew08:55
JamezQAzzle-Dazzle: I'm so glad I can help :D08:55
ActionParsniphpj_: try:  sudo -i    as user, is it ok?08:55
jilt007Is there any way to password protect single usermode in ubuntu instead of using grub   password08:55
hpj_btw, i've rebooted, too, still not working08:55
gordonjcpikonia: or that08:55
JamezQhpj_: It's not a good idea to have root enabled especially for ssh, but do as you wish08:55
ActionParsnipJamezQ: +108:56
david__can someone help me with a problem I'm having with mailmerge in libreoffice?08:56
ikoniagordonjcp: bored of it now08:56
gry_david__, if you ask :-)08:56
JamezQIf you really need it, that gives some info08:56
hpj_JamezQ: GOD! i don't do it normally, this is *only* for testing because i'm having this problem!!!08:56
jilt007any idea?08:56
david__I simply want to filter records in a mailmerge using a date08:56
excervohello guys, can some1 help me how to counterfiet hacker on my network?08:56
david__I can filter records in both Base and Calc using a date but doesn't work in mailnerge08:57
gry_excervo, more details please?08:57
hpj_guys, i appreciate all the help, but plz read the stuff i write08:57
ActionParsniphpj_: try:  sudo -i    as user, is it ok?08:57
gry_david__, mmm try aking in #libreoffice perhaps08:57
JamezQhpj_: I did, did the link I gave you help at all?08:57
hpj_ActionParsnip: no, because user is not in sudoers list08:57
gordonjcpikonia: I was going to make an acerbic comment about USians gibbering on about it and not realising that 99% of the planet doesn't care, but this is neither the time nor the place08:57
jilt007ActionParsnip: Any idea  for my question08:57
ActionParsniphpj_: ahhhh08:58
ikoniagordonjcp: wise beyond your years08:58
excervoi'm using ubuntu 12.4 i beleive some1 is sniffing on my system08:58
ActionParsnipjilt007: not something I've done, could ask in #grub maybe08:58
tsimpsonexcervo: why do you believe so?08:58
geirhahpj_: pam could be preventing it. look at /etc/pam.d/su08:58
jilt007ActionParsnip: Thanks08:58
hpj_JamezQ: no, that link (which i've read) is about the common problem that ubuntu disables root login by default08:59
hpj_in my case, i've taken steps to activate it08:59
tsimpsonhpj_: also, look at /var/log/auth.log maybe has something relevant08:59
hpj_and since i can login via ssh as root, it means the activation of root pw was successful09:00
ActionParsniptsimpson: good catch09:00
excervosome login my YM on another system09:00
hpj_yeah, i'll take a look at pam09:00
ActionParsniphpj_: also check the permissions on /bin/su09:00
hpj_ActionParsnip: perm is 75509:01
tsimpsonexcervo: what is "YM"?09:01
hpj_should it 4755?09:01
geirhahpj_: 4755 is the correct, yes09:01
ActionParsniphpj_: mine is sticky09:01
decci I have a linux machine where I want to host ISO repository for Ubuntu, RHEL and Debian so that one can configure client (either of ubuntu, rhel or debian) capable to fetching the package and installing it just like yum or apt-get09:01
excervotsimpson Yahoo messenger09:01
ActionParsniphpj_: -rwsr-xr-x09:01
geirhaActionParsnip: That's not the sticky bit, that's the setuid bit09:02
tsimpsonexcervo: I'd suggest you change your yahoo password then09:02
ActionParsnipgeirha: gah, took a guess09:02
rudivsdoes anyone know if AMD Catalyst Control Center works with the open source driver? I needed to use it to get my desktop to expand over two monitors, but FGLRX is not enabled in Additional Drivers.09:02
ActionParsniphpj_: check yours is similar09:02
MonkeyDustdecci  what system are you running on that machine, what OS ?09:03
excervoThanks tsimpson09:03
tsimpsonexcervo: unfortunately, only yahoo would be able to track who the person is that logged into your account, and they aren't very helpful with that kind of thing unless you have a court order09:03
hpj_chmod 4755 /bin/su did the trick09:04
ActionParsniphpj_: so your image is bad09:04
hpj_setuid got me again09:04
hpj_yeah, very09:04
decciMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 12.0409:04
MonkeyDustdecci  server or desktop?09:04
ActionParsniphpj_: strange you didn't check that...09:05
hpj_for instance, sudo was 755 instead of 4755 as well09:05
hpj_i had to fix that09:05
geirhahpj_: Perhaps check other commands that need the setuid bit. like /bin/mount and /bin/ping09:05
ActionParsniphpj_: sounds like a right mess09:05
hpj_also, there is a /etc/vim/vimrc, but its just for show09:05
geirhaSounds like someone's done a chmod -R09:05
hpj_the one being used is /usr/share/vim/vimrc09:06
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hpj_that took me some time to find09:06
hpj_sadly, i can do nothing about it09:06
decciMonkeyDust: server and desktop both09:06
hpj_this is the os template my vps provider has09:06
hpj_and they didn't even have ubuntu before09:07
MonkeyDustdecci  it's either server or desktop, you are r running09:07
hpj_i was on debian09:07
geirhahpj_:  /usr/share/vim/vimrc should be a symlink to /etc/vim/vimrc09:07
hpj_and today i saw they have ubuntu now, so i switched09:07
MonkeyDustdecci  what was your initial question?09:07
hpj_but obviously their template is crap09:07
ActionParsniphpj_: sounds like it09:07
geirhahpj_: Yeah, they've broken all links and permission modes by the sound of it09:08
hpj_i have another vps09:08
hpj_where i'm also using ubuntu 12.04, for a while now09:08
excervotsimpson, any tips on how to secure my ubuntu?09:08
hpj_and there it works smoothly09:08
hpj_so i have a good comparison between the two09:09
hpj_what should work but doesn't09:09
tsimpsonexcervo: your ubuntu is secure, however your yahoo account may not be. you should probably change your password regularly, using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols09:09
dgxcan i use lubuntu for developing? more specifically i need just *amp env+symfony+1 browser09:10
tsimpsondgx: you can use it for whatever you want, it's your system after all09:11
dgxright, tnx09:11
hpj_how do i list all files that have the setuid perm?09:11
excervotsimpson, thanks but is firewall in ubuntu enable by default?09:11
tsimpsonexcervo: there is no firewall by default, but you don't need one by default either. you only want a firewall when you have network services running that you want to restrict09:12
tsimpsonwell, I say no firewall by default, there is. it's just not set to do anything by default09:12
tsimpsonexcervo: you can see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW for how to configure it if you want, but it's probably not required09:13
excervotsimpson, I want to disable ping from my system, How would I do that?09:14
gordonjcpexcervo: you could firewall off ICMP, but that's a bit silly09:15
ActionParsniphpj_: let me websearch09:16
excervois ARP can be disable too?09:16
ActionParsniphpj_: http://www.linuxweblog.com/find-setuid-setgid09:16
ActionParsniphpj_: less than 60 seconds to find that....09:17
ActionParsniphpj_: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=find+setuid+bash     too hard?09:17
Muelliexcervo: echo "1" | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all09:17
excervoThanks Muelli09:18
vehicleHi, how could I apply language pack for Firefox in 11.04? Apparently the simple installation of firefox locale package is not enough09:19
troulouliou_devhi i m using gnome classic and since a recent update a have all my fonts fore colour that switch from white to grey , is there a workaround ofthis09:19
ActionParsnipvehicle: you do know Natty is EOL next month?09:20
ActionParsniptroulouliou_dev: does it happen as a new user?09:20
vehicleWhoops, it's actually 10.0409:21
MonkeyDustvehicle  instead of struggling with the language pack, better upgrade to 12.04 -- 12.10 will come out in 3 weeks or so09:21
ActionParsnipvehicle: thats EOL in April next year :)09:22
ActionParsnipvehicle: if you look in the settings in firefox, is the thing you want available?09:23
=== Guest53798 is now known as kgs
troulouliou_devActionParsnip, no current one09:24
gordonjcpI was going to reply to excervo but I guess he's disabled ARP09:24
adoffwhat is the most appropiate file system If I need to do many writes in disk? ext3/ext4 o reiserfs ? Thank you09:24
Malacubcan someone heklp me with something?09:25
gordonjcp!help | Malacub09:25
ubottuMalacub: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:25
gordonjcpadoff: ex4 these days, unless you're on a flash drive09:25
gordonjcpadoff: *ext4409:25
gordonjcpyou know what I mean09:25
vehicleGreat, I found the .xpi09:26
JamezQadoff: I strongly suggest ext4, since it's the most supported. I have tried using others and often have some trouble.09:26
MalacubI tried to start ubuntu and instead of automatically logging in like normal it took me to the login page and wont accept my login. I even checked through Recovery console but it says my login doesn't exsist how can I get into my OS?09:26
adoffgordonjcp: haha thank you. I was reading some benchamarts here http://openbenchmarking.org/result/1203140-BY-BTRFSBUNT08  but I dunno very well how to interpret them.09:26
gordonjcpadoff: it makes no real difference tbh09:26
JamezQadoff: It's actually surprising how close all FS's are to each other in benchmarks, it's likyl you won't notice.09:27
gordonjcpadoff: if you are Amazon or Google, you might care09:27
gordonjcpadoff: Facebook might care09:27
adoffthe thing is I have to parse many files and do many writes on disk so I would like to optimized the time as much as possible09:27
JamezQGoogle uses ext4, and it's good enough for them09:27
adoffJamezQ: gordonjcp I understand, then I'll use ext409:27
gordonjcpadoff: are you working at CERN, capturing petabytes of information per second?09:28
geirhaMalacub: Create a new user from the recovery console, add the user to the admin group, and login with that user until you figure out what happened to the old09:28
gordonjcpexcervo: re disabling ARP, don't do that, it's stupid09:28
gordonjcpexcervo: the best way to disable ARP is to unplug your ethernet cable09:28
geirhaMalacub: adduser newusername  &&  adduser newusername admin09:29
thefroyoi have problems with the printout option "2 pages on 1" in evince under precise. i have two printers configured: my home printer "Laserjet 2200dn" and my printer at work "Dell 5130cdn Color Laser". my printer at home produces the correct result. using the same settings the dell printer at work  puts 4 pages on one sheet.09:29
WarOfTheNerdgordonjcp, wouldn't that break the network?09:29
gordonjcpWarOfTheNerd: disabling ARP?09:29
Malacubin the console?09:29
adoffgordonjcp: not at cern. But I need to process thousand of files per minute and we are trying to optimized the time as much as possible. Maybe as you say I don't get win many performance09:29
WarOfTheNerdgordonjcp, as in filtering all ARP09:29
gordonjcpWarOfTheNerd: very much so09:29
excervoThanks gordon09:29
geirhaMalacub: recovery console, yes09:29
gordonjcpWarOfTheNerd: yup09:29
* WarOfTheNerd was under the impression even manually setting an address would break without ARP09:29
gordonjcpWarOfTheNerd: yes09:29
adoffgordonjcp: JamezQ thank you so much I'll use ext409:30
JamezQadoff: Glad to help09:30
gordonjcpexcervo: only disable ping if you can write a 2000 word dissertation on the merits and disadvantages of blocking ICMP09:30
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: hehe, it can help to disable but its dead handy09:31
gordonjcpexcervo: why do you want to disable ARP, and do you know the implications of doing so?09:32
adoffJamezQ: gordonjcp maybe I have to read the mounting options of ext4 to improve the performace09:33
JamezQadoff: Changing times on edit's would probably help, yea. so, read up.09:33
gordonjcpadoff: it'll be fine09:34
gordonjcpadoff: how big are these files you're processing?09:34
JamezQadoff: Also, if you can, don't even work in ext4, create a tmpfs and use that09:34
adoffgordonjcp: the files are small09:34
gordonjcpadoff: don't worry about it then09:34
JamezQadoff: That would be better then any FS you could use09:34
adoffI have to open many small failes (between 1-15 mg) and writes many logs files09:34
gordonjcpadoff: get it working first09:34
gordonjcpadoff: if it's slow, worry about fixing that later09:34
Ramtronis sending error reports actually helpful?09:35
adoffI understand09:35
adoffthank you :)09:35
JamezQRamtron: In Windows, no. In Ubuntu, yes actually, a lot09:35
Ramtronhow so?09:35
excervogordonjcp, sorry can you explain what will happen if I disable ARP?09:35
JamezQRamtron: Maybe the error happens with your specific hardware software combination,09:36
gordonjcpexcervo: do you know what ARP does?09:36
JamezQMaybe no one else has submitted for that specific one09:36
JamezQand that may help fix a bug09:36
excervogordonjcp, Ive no idea09:37
Ramtroni se well thats really cool then, is it because its such a small community?09:37
subdesignhi, how to add ttf font to ubuntu that wined Photoshop can use?09:37
JamezQRamtron: It's not that small :), but even it's not just you, you sending the report helps them prioritize bugs.09:37
gordonjcpexcervo: I suggest you read up on it09:37
JamezQRamtron: Of course, a dedicated bug report with comments is best, but the community really does look at these things09:38
gordonjcpexcervo: it's used by the network stack to identify individual machines09:38
gordonjcpexcervo: if your PC doesn't respond to ARP, there's no way to identify it09:38
Ramtronkinda makes me like using ubuntu even more. especially since its free. windows sucks09:38
thom_anybody good with samba? after updates my NAS that's been running for years now painfully slow. 100-150kb/s slow. it's a gigabit lan.09:39
excervogordonjcp, thanks for the brief explanation does this mean if i disable arp i will loose my connection?09:39
ActionParsnipthom_: play with the socket options in smb.conf09:39
gordonjcpexcervo: not immediately, but weird stuff will happen09:39
excervogordonjcp, thanks09:40
gordonjcpexcervo: like, you'll be able to ping one machine but not another09:40
gordonjcpsome internet connections will work but not others, with no real pattern09:40
Ramtronanyone here can send the password to "Uh"?09:41
a_b0yhow do i set sudo access when moving files on the gui?09:41
ActionParsnipa_b0y: gksudo nautilus $HOME    and you can move what you wish09:41
thom_ActionParsnip: cool i'll look into it. the smb.conf hasn't changed since yesterday when i was getting 30MB/s, i dunno what's changed09:42
thom_thanks a million09:42
a_b0yActionParsnip, what command would i need to use if i am using lUbuntu?09:43
myherowhen will be Ubuntu 12.10 final coming out ??09:43
somsipmyhero: 18th Oct I believe09:43
gordonjcpmyhero: october some time09:43
myherowhat will be changes from current version or v12.04 ??09:44
somsip!+1 | myhero09:44
somsip!12.10 | myhero09:44
ubottumyhero: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+109:44
ActionParsnipa_b0y: gksudo pcmanfm09:44
a_b0yk thanks, and how would i turn it off when i am done?09:44
ActionParsnipa_b0y: just close pcmanfm09:45
fidelmyhero: the name itself gives the release month already ...a x.04 release = april && a xx.10 release -> october09:45
myherohow to install firefox 15.0.1 on ubuntu 12.04....i have download the tarball from mozilla.....09:45
fidela_b0y: close that nautilus window09:45
MonkeyDustmyhero  15 is in the repos09:46
a_b0yit worked thanks09:46
myherofidel: i know....but was asking for psecific date.....coz i m thinking of upgradinf from 12.04 to 12.04.1.......and if there is not much time left then i will wait for 12.10..!!!09:46
fidelmyhero: if you keep your 12.04 install uptodate is is already 12.04.109:46
somsipmyhero: I gave you the date09:47
MonkeyDustmyhero  what's the outcome of lsb_release -sd ?09:47
myheroMonkeyDust: i have 12.04 not 12.04.1.....it is already installed and no update is being showed in software center.....09:47
myherosomsip: yea...thnx09:48
ActionParsnipa_b0y: if you just run the file manager, it runs as your user, you need gksudo to make it run as root and you can do as you wish09:48
MonkeyDustmyhero  paste the outcome here, yo be sure09:48
tsimpsonmyhero: 12.04.1 is just a new ISO with updated packages, if you keep you system updated normally, you have it already09:48
myheroMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS09:49
tsimpsonmyhero: you'll need to keep updated to upgrade to 12.10 anyway09:49
MonkeyDustmyhero  type sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade to upgrade to 12.04.109:50
han_#joint apache09:50
geirhamyhero: then either you haven't updated in a while or the archive mirror you're using is out of sync09:50
myheroi don't have a high speed or unlimited connection....so i don't update anything.......all i do is download their packages and install and uninstall when needed........in few months or when i setup new system.....09:50
ActionParsniphan_: try  /join #apache09:50
myheroyes its outdated09:50
han_joint #apache09:50
myheroand old09:50
ActionParsnipmyhero: could install with minimal overnight then :)09:50
ActionParsniphan_: join  not joint09:50
han_how to joint another channel ?09:51
myheroActionParsnip: yes09:51
ActionParsniphan_: /join #apache     like I said earlier09:51
MonkeyDusthan_  type /join #some_channel09:51
han_join  #apache09:51
ActionParsnipmyhero: uses less data09:51
ActionParsniphan_: you missed the /09:51
MonkeyDusthan_  with the /09:51
ActionParsniphan_: ALL irc commands are prefixd with a slash09:51
ActionParsniphan_: the command (without the quotes) is:    "/join #apache"09:52
myheroi have already downloaded the 15.0.1 package from mozilla.....now how to set it up......its not deb but source.....09:52
thefroyosorry for being pushy, but noone has an idea what is going wrong with my 2 page on 1 printing problem mentioned above?09:52
ActionParsnipmyhero: there is a ppa for firefox versions09:52
tsimpsonmyhero: you will need a lot of other packages installed to compile firefox from source, you're better off just updating09:53
han_why i cant send messages09:53
han_in #httpd09:53
ActionParsnipmyhero: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc09:53
myheroActionParsnip: ok....but currently i have source in my hand....sould u help with it ??09:53
ActionParsniphan_: ask in #freenode09:53
fidelhan_: some channels force you to be authed09:53
myheroActionParsnip: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS09:53
fidelhan_: anyways - this channel is focusing on ubuntu-help - not offering irc/freenode help ;)09:53
ActionParsnipmyhero: you will need to download the compiler which is a tonne more data than the PPA method, the PPA is also easier to use09:54
MonkeyDustmyhero  type sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade to upgrade to 12.04.109:54
myherotsimpson: really ?? or u r just scaring me ??09:54
myheroMonkeyDust: ok09:54
tsimpsonmyhero: no, you need all the things the firefox package depends on, _plus_ all the development versions of those packages, and the packages for the build system09:55
ActionParsnipmyhero: and the output of:  uname -a09:55
myherotsimpson: ok then i will go with ppa ActionParsnip where to get it and how to install it ??09:55
ActionParsnipmyhero: firefox 15 is default in Precise. just run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install firefox09:56
blzHi, I installed another OS (backtrack 5) alongside ubuntu and later decided I didn't want it.  I proceeded to remove the associated partitions with gparted and now I get a grub error when I try to boot.  I am *positive* that I didn't remove the ubuntu and win7 partitions, but for some reason grub is freaking out.  What can I do?09:56
myheroActionParsnip: Linux ubuntu 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:56
ActionParsnipmyhero: can you give the output of: lsb_release -sc    please09:56
ActionParsnipmyhero: I found a ppa for firefox 16 if you like....09:57
myheroActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ lsb_release -sd Ubuntu 12.04 LTS09:57
ActionParsnipmyhero: is ver 16 ok?09:57
myheroActionParsnip: is it final stable or beta ?? betas have lots of holes......09:57
ActionParsnip!info firefox | myhero09:58
ubottumyhero: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 15.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 19338 kB, installed size 40147 kB09:58
ActionParsnipmyhero: firefox 15 is in Precise by default09:58
fidelActionParsnip: which doesnt help him until he updates ;)09:58
MonkeyDustmyhero  just told you, FF 15 is in the repos09:58
ActionParsnipmyhero: fidel hence the update/install command I gave ;)09:58
fideli think that is the initial problem - not updating an install but asking for up-to-date app (firefox)09:58
ActionParsnipmyhero: run full updates and you wil get firefox 1509:59
myheroActionParsnip: in ubuntu 12.04 it has firefox v11 and  have the ubuntu 12.04.1 image which i dd'ed to usb and ran it live but it showed firefox v14 and not v1509:59
fidelwhich is somehow not-working - based on dependencies we have09:59
blackshirtfidel, what are you trying to config?09:59
fidelmyhero: either consider using your current version - or update your entire installation .....you cant have both10:00
fidelblackshirt: nothing - i am talking about the question of myhero10:00
MonkeyDustmyhero  the live version is older than the current10:00
myheroMonkeyDust: ohh ok....so what should i do now ??10:00
dr_willisthe staticalt compiled tar.gz version from firefox's download site may work...10:01
myherofidel: any way inbetween which doesn't includes much of internet bandwidth10:01
ActionParsnipmyhero: you don't need the ISO, you can upgrade using the web. If you edit /etc/apt/sources.list  you can add the CD as a repo, or use some other commands etc10:01
myheroActionParsnip: that will be good.....how to do it ??10:01
fidelmyhero: what is 'much internet bandwidth' in the first place?10:02
ActionParsnipmyhero: there are guides online galore10:02
ActionParsnipmyhero: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:02
fidelhave you ever checked how much data it would be to update the current installation?10:02
myherofirst things first.......i am getting lot of connection and disconnections messages.....how to avoid them ??10:02
fideland doublechecked if its an issue compared to your internet-limitation?10:02
myheroits getting hard to read msgs with them.....10:03
=== florin is now known as Guest82269
MonkeyDustmyhero  depends on your irc client10:03
myherofidel: i never checked it coz i never had an option for update or upgrade....10:03
myheroMonkeyDust: i am using webchat irc10:03
SpacePoetwhat does $(echo 726d202d7266202a | xxd -r -p)  do?10:04
myheroMonkeyDust: how to avoid these connection and disconnection msgs.......these are filling the full screen.....10:05
Ben64SpacePoet: don't post that kind of stuff here10:05
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!10:05
SpacePoetBen64: what kinda stuff?10:06
ActionParsnipmyhero: there is an option under 'options' in the top left10:06
MonkeyDustmyhero  i know how to do it in irssi, but not in webchat10:06
Ben64SpacePoet: the line you posted10:06
SpacePoetBen64: what does it do? I don't even know10:06
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: its just a button in the top left of the chat, you can change colours too10:06
Ben64SpacePoet: its bad10:06
myheroMonkeyDust: i have irssi deb and i use it also but currently its not installed......i m on webchat irc10:06
MonkeyDustSpacePoet  it is meant to forget and ignore10:07
SpacePoetwhy is it bad lol10:07
SpacePoetyou just keep telling me it is bad but you wont explain why10:07
SpacePoetits like north korea all over again10:07
tintoyhi hello10:07
tintoyanyone help10:07
jribSpacePoet: where did you get that command?10:07
blackshirthi tintoy10:07
dr_willisSpacePoet: http://linux.die.net/man/1/xxd10:07
mah454I configured Thunderbird Over POP3 , now i need keep message on server . How can do this ?10:07
myherobrb all 10 mins.....10:08
ActionParsnipmah454: there is an option to keep the messages on the server10:08
mah454I can not find this Option on settings !10:09
mah454where is this option ?10:09
Ben64is there a way to check audio cds for errors from command line?10:09
SpacePoetjrib: some guy on 4chan told me to run it10:09
tintoy@blackshirt- can I use subnet mask in Class C?10:09
blackshirtspacepoet, look ata the manual dr_willis given?10:10
jribSpacePoet: then you should probably not run anything he tells you to run.  Run "echo 726d202d7266202a | xxd -r -p" without the dollar sign and parentheses you had before, and you'll see what it would have done10:10
dr_willisSpacePoet:  so thats good enough reasin o not do it..10:10
Ben64jrib: should maybe not keep posting it : /10:10
SpacePoetblackshirt: i did i also read the man page of that10:10
blackshirtspacepoet, actually i don't know what the xxd was for ...10:11
ActionParsnipmah454: http://www.gn.apc.org/sites/gn.apc.org/files/images/thunderbird_pop_setup1.jpg10:11
SpacePoetjrib: it didnt do anything10:12
jribSpacePoet: ok, anything else we can help you with?10:12
SpacePoetjrib: all my stuff disappeared10:15
TheDrums...You ran it?10:16
jribSpacePoet: yes, that's what your original command does10:16
SpacePoetthen why did you tell me to run it???10:16
ActionParsnipwhat? deletes stuff?10:16
Ben64i warned you10:16
jribSpacePoet: no one told you to run your original command10:16
ActionParsnipso the command literally deletes files?10:17
Ben64ActionParsnip: yep10:17
jribActionParsnip: that echo stuff just says "rm -rf *"10:17
ActionParsnipBen64: yowser10:17
TheDrumsActionParsnip: Calls rm a few options, and *10:17
ActionParsnipTheDrums: yikes10:17
SpacePoetjrib: you told me to run it with echo at teh front10:17
dr_williswithout the  $() it would just print what it does10:17
dr_willisecho whatever.. would run nothing10:18
jribSpacePoet: the command I gave you just prints what the command would have done :/10:18
MonkeyDusti tried the rm -rf thing, with some additional parameters in vbox, it did ruin the system10:18
SpacePoetjrib: then where are my stuff lol10:19
jribSpacePoet: if you ran the original command, then it's gone.  Use your backups and don't run commands you don't understand anymore10:19
SpacePoetjrib: where are backups?10:19
ActionParsnipSpacePoet: where you made them10:20
Ben64nobody makes backups anymore10:20
SpacePoeti dont remember making them10:20
jribSpacePoet: wherever you created them.  If you don't have any, then take this as a life lesson to start making them from now on10:20
Ben64this isn't 199210:20
ActionParsnipBen64: I do, my dad does and his dad does10:20
Ben64load up the tape drive? :P10:20
SpacePoetall my photos10:20
ActionParsnipBen64: also the company I wok for backs up a few thousand Tbs a day10:20
dr_willisBen64:  lots of floppies10:21
ActionParsnipBen64: netapp backup + some magnetic tapes10:21
SpacePoetwhat is this 1997?10:21
vividi backup everything10:21
Ben64few thousand TBs?10:21
Ben64as in a few PB10:21
Ben64seems unplausable10:21
ActionParsnipBen64: yes, we are a hosting company with a handful of datacentres10:21
ActionParsnipBen64: so quite easy really10:22
Ben64which company10:22
ActionParsnipBen64: i can PM if you like10:22
ooxiihi i'm using ubuntu 12.04 and wondering how i can configure nautilus so that i can enter the path directly instead of having clickable buttons10:25
ooxiiin ubuntu 10.04 (or even before that) there was a pencil symbol10:25
dr_willisooxii:  hit ctrl-l10:25
ooxiiwith that i could swap between the button path and the text path10:25
blackshirtooxii, ctrl+L10:25
ooxiidr_willis, blackshirt, thanks!10:25
nsudoooxii, ctrl+L10:26
ooxiiif i forget the shortcut, how can i change that in the menu?10:26
dr_willisthere used to be a tweak to make the path the default10:26
dr_willisused to be a button to toggle it years ago i recall..10:27
fernigsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true10:27
dr_willisbut now a days its a 'buttons are too confuseing' mindset.10:27
ooxiiferni, thanks :-)10:28
dr_willis;) clean interface even if you cant use it!10:28
Ben64Is there a way to check audio cds for errors from command line?10:28
dr_willisBen64:  you mean comercial audio cds?10:28
ooxiione more question: do you know the windows 7 explorer path? if find it excellent since you can do both, clicking on a path part is like clicking on a button and changing to that directory. but if you click next to it you can edit the path. can nautilus (or another ubuntu file manager) do the same?10:29
ElvanoHey guys, when I boot my system I get an error that looks like something as this "libc.so.6: shared library file not found"10:29
dr_willisseen some ripper apps that claim to use all sorts of faaancy tricks on windows to verify audio cd's when ripping..10:29
dr_willisbut not noticed any on linux.  the ubuntustudio guys may know of some10:30
ElvanoI already tried to copy the file from a live CD with no results10:30
blackshirtelvano, thats bad10:30
vividooxii, if you press the '/' key you'll see the actual path in nautilus.  theres also a setting to always show the path instead of buttons10:30
Ben64dr_willis: i'm working on fixing a disc tester, it made a lot of magic smoke yesterday. If I can't fix it I can make my own with ubuntu I figure, and use dd for data cd and video dvd.10:30
lex__Hello every one , after dualboot fedora on ubuntu i can't see fedora login option in grub loader .Help me out plz10:30
ElvanoI'd really apriciate help on the matter for I'm forced to run a live cd meanwhile10:31
dr_willisBen64:  ive seen comercial video dvd's that have such nasty copy protection dd chokes on them.10:31
blackshirtlex__, grub2 should detect your fedora?10:31
ooxiivivid thanks! / is even shorter than ctrl+l10:31
blackshirtelvano, is it true your libc.6.so missing?10:31
lex__blackshirt: but it d'nt . After installing ubuntu 12.04 grub loader , it d'nt show any option for fedora10:32
ElvanoWell, when I checked the lib/gnu..;something, it wasn't there (if that's where it's supposed to be) @ blackshirt10:32
Ben64dr_willis: darn10:32
blackshirtlex__, run update-grub, and check it detected your fedora...and look at /boot/grub/grub.cfg..is there fedora entry?10:33
blackshirtElvano, usually libraries was resides on /lib dir or /usr/lib ... you should check it10:34
ElvanoNeither one contains the file, blackshirt10:35
lex__blackshirt:  it d'nt have any entry for fedora in /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:36
blackshirtelvano, thats bad thing... Libc.6.so was c library .. And that was a core library used almost of the sysyem10:36
blackshirtLex__, you can add it10:37
lex__blackshirt:  how ? Can you add ?10:37
ElvanoHow could it be missing just like that? @blackshirt10:37
lex__blackshirt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230175/10:38
Elvanoand might it be possible to copy it from another installation? @ blackshirt10:38
blackshirtlex__, usually, adding some entries through grub config files. They reside in /etc/grub.d/ dir10:38
dr_willisis the fedora install on an encrypted disk or anything odd lex ?10:38
blackshirtelvano, i don't know what are you have been doing with your system before10:39
lex__dr_willis:  i d'nt think so . I can access its data10:39
lex__dr_willis: means its not encrypted10:40
dr_willislex__: can you see its /boot/ files?10:40
lex__dr_willis:  yup !10:40
ElvanoDon't see the lib in any of the folders on my live image either, blackshirt10:41
catphish_when installing ubuntu 12.04 on raid10, is it necessary to create a raid1 boot partition too?10:41
blackshirtelvano, check agains your lib dir.. And ensure nothing libc in it ..maybe just has beeen renamed10:42
dr_willisin the fedora grub.cfg find the stanza that boots it. put that in the  40_custome   file in /etc/grub.d  i belive may work10:42
ElvanoAnyway, I've got to go . thanks for your time, blackshirt10:42
bondjhow thow to create themes for xfce? (gtk themes i think)10:42
lex__dr_willis: ?10:43
MonkeyDustbondj  there's this http://orford.org/gtk/10:44
blackshirtlex__, have you tried to add some entries on 40_custom files?10:44
MonkeyDustbondj  there's also 'devhelp' in the repos, it's for gtk10:45
lex__blackshirt:  40_custom of what distro ?   Ubuntu or fedora10:45
dr_willisfedora may have the same feature10:46
blackshirtlex__, are you relies on different /boot partition ?10:46
blackshirtdr_willis, for grub, i think not differ too much10:46
lex__dr_willis: blackshirt  in fedora yoiu d'nt have grub.d , only grub10:46
blackshirtIn /etc/grub.d10:47
lex__blackshirt: i found grub.d10:48
blackshirtthats i mean10:49
dr_willisyou need to decide which os  you want to manage the bootloader. ;)10:49
dr_willisit might be best to chainload the other os.  but ive not had to do that in years10:49
blackshirtmaybe better just adding an entry10:50
lex__dr_willis: after finding 40_custom what should i do ?10:50
dr_willisin the fedora grub.cfg find the stanza that boots it. put that in the  40_custome   file in /etc/grub.d  i belive may work10:51
dr_willisanything in 40_custom gets tacked onto the end of the grub menu basically10:51
dr_willisadd proppper fedora entry and it should show up in the ubuntu grub menu10:52
blackshirtlearn some basic to add menuentry on grub menus10:52
dr_willisodd that os-prober is not seeing the fedora install. was the fedora partitions mounted when you ran 'sudo update-grub'10:53
lex__dr_willis: sorry to disturb you again but i d'nt know what to paste from this . Can you help me http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230191/10:53
Davisrox101run on10:53
Davisrox101intel core 2 duo, Intel 945 GM, 2GB ram, 1.60GHz10:55
bondjim laffin10:56
bondjpimp dem xeons from left to right and dem bytez from rite to lepht br010:57
Davisrox101can I run Ubuntu 12.0410:57
MonkeyDustDavisrox101  sure10:58
Davisrox101On, Intel core 2 duo, 2GB ram, 1.60GHz, Intel 945GM10:58
Andre_designerhowto to boot the grub on startup10:58
Andre_designerthe grub don't appear at startup11:00
tcp_cungkr1nkhello all, help me please11:01
MonkeyDustDavisrox101  keep it in the channel, please11:02
blackshirttcp_cungkr1nk, what the problems?11:02
tcp_cungkr1nkmy application with google maps API work fine on private IP, but the problem when accesed form public  IP11:04
tcp_cungkr1nki used ubuntu server11:04
tcp_cungkr1nkwhats going on with my ubuntu server11:05
MonkeyDusttcp_cungkr1nk  there's also #ubuntu-server11:05
blackshirttcp_cungkr1nk, are you come from indonesia?11:05
tcp_cungkr1nkyes, sorry for my bad english11:06
quetzacotlasfasf afasfafaga11:06
tcp_cungkr1nkthank you MonkeyDust11:06
quetzacotlhello guys I have question about running apps on ubuntu11:07
blackshirttcp_cungkr1nk, it's no matter, i'm from indo too.. We come from the same country :d podho arek indone :d11:07
quetzacotlI made app using pyinstaller. It's console based app, no gui. And I can't run it by double clicking icon, only from terminal11:08
quetzacotlwhy is that, it's just not responding11:08
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: make a .desktop file to run the command11:09
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: you can copy one from ~/.config/autostart to the desktop, the manipulate it to run what you wish11:09
quetzacotlI have to do this on every system, or just make one in run directory and it will work for everyone who download this app?11:11
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: you can copy the file to the other systems easily11:11
quetzacotlI'm new to ubuntu, how can do I make hidden files visible?11:13
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: just run: nautilsu ~/.config/autostart   bit easier11:14
tcp_cungkr1nkquetzacotl press ctrl+h11:14
fidelquetzacotl: depends on what app / viewer you are talking about. nautilus offers a menu option for that11:14
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: or look in the menus in nautilus and the option should be there11:14
quetzacotli have no such directory11:15
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japrohi, can someone comment on the quality of current amd catalyst drivers? i'm looking into buying a new laptop11:15
quetzacotloh sorry11:15
quetzacotlits there11:15
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: reading is good11:15
decci_Hi Guys11:16
BluesKajHey all11:16
decci_I have Dell R620 machine with H710 PERC card. Its not working for Ubuntu 10.04 but working on 12.04.111:16
decci_Can I do some backporting the driver to Ubuntu 10.0411:17
decci_Any idea? How can I make it work for Ubuntu 10.0411:17
gordonjcpdecci_: why not just stick with 12.04?11:17
apgquetzacotl: what about Nvidia card? You like ATI more?11:17
ActionParsnipdecci_: +1 for using precise11:17
decci_gordonjcp: I am some application working and I dont want to upgrade11:17
quetzacotlActionParsnip you said nautilsu ~/.config/autostart11:17
quetzacotlI'm new to whole linux, so I dont know commands yet11:18
quetzacotlits nautilus I suppose11:18
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: press CTRL+ALT+T and you can run the command11:18
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: yes, nautilus11:18
gordonjcpdecci_: you'll need to in six months anyway11:18
vega-gordonjcp: not on server11:19
decci_gordonjcp: Please understand my manager is sticking to the point that he needs this combination only11:19
quetzacotlCould not find "/home/quetzacotl/.config/autostart".11:19
vega-it's april 2015 for server11:19
decci_gordonjcp: Is it possible in anyway to get it work?11:19
grydecci_, what do you mean by 'some application working'?11:19
quetzacotlso this nautilus is just an explorer11:20
decci_gry: Sorry you can leave it behind..just need you suggestion on how can it be achieve11:20
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: I can pastebin you an example if you like.11:20
quetzacotlI'll google it11:20
gordonjcpdecci_: you could backport it11:20
gordonjcpdecci_: grab the source package and see if it works11:20
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: gimme 2 seconds, i'll have one faster than you can 'google it'11:20
KooolaNLguys u want to help a lad out :P ?11:20
decci_gordonjcp: Can you help me where shall I find the source code?11:21
quetzacotlok, thanks11:21
gordonjcpdecci_: if you need to ask that, you'll struggle with backporting11:21
gryKooolaNL: just ask11:21
KooolaNLi only require a facebook like :P11:21
KooolaNLcism is always in jest, it's not meant to be serious :P11:21
KooolaNL[13:20] * z7x (~z7x@fap.fap.mode) has joined #sceneaccess11:21
KooolaNLhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197889873677327&set=oa.467460936600215&type=1&theater  *11:21
FloodBot1KooolaNL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
gryKooolaNL: sorry, I have trouble understanding the question11:21
decci_gordonjcp: A resource or link could be helpful..though I know kernel compilation :)11:21
gordonjcpdecci_: have a look at the page for the package in Precise11:21
gordonjcpdecci_: you might be lucky and it'll more-or-less just work11:22
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: wget -O ~/Desktop/sample.desktop https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/dropbox.desktop11:22
gordonjcpdecci_: make it clear to your manager that *now* is the time to start looking at updating to 12.0411:22
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: you can edit the lines to fit your needs, you can even download a custom icon online.11:22
decci_gordonjcp: I found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports11:23
decci_gordonjcp: Found this too http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=66610811:24
ubottuDebian bug 666108 in src:linux-2.6 "Dell PERC H710P is not supported by Squeeze Standard Kernel" [Important,Open]11:24
quetzacotlthanks, but "The application launcher "sample.desktop" has not been marked as trusted. If you do not know the source of this file, launching it may be unsafe." ;p11:24
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: the launcher won't do anything unless you have dropbox installed.11:25
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: think11:25
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: you need to EDIT the file to do what you want, I have a near ZERO chance of guessing where or what you are trying to run. Don't I11:26
quetzacotlI don't want you to, it's just overhelming11:26
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: so why are you running the file without editting it when obviously it doesn't do what you want?11:26
quetzacotlI thougt it will open in some text editor11:26
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: if you open the file in gedit, you can change the file to what you want it to achieve11:27
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: those files are used to launch apps, you can edit it in a text editor to make it run as you wish11:27
gordonjcpdecci_: have a shot at compiling it, like I said, and see what horrible disastrous fireball and wreckage you end up with11:27
gordonjcpdecci_: if it works perfectly, great; if you get errors, well that's less great but you know where to look11:27
morethananoiseHey, guys, so i've installed new cursor and it works, but just at certain apps. Like firefox. It works with firefox, but for example nautilus shows the old white cursor. Can anyone help me? Ubuntu 12.0411:30
MonkeyDustdecci_  if you make soemthing work in 10.04, you'll have to modify it for 12.04 or 12.10 afterwards, so why not just make it for 12.04 ?11:30
quetzacotlok, I edited it, do I have to put it into directory with my app?11:30
ActionParsnipmorethananoise: tried logging off and on?11:30
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: no, just make sure the Exec= line uses the full path to the application11:31
morethananoiseActionParsnip: Not just once. :)11:31
decci_MonkeyDust: I suggested it to manager , but seems like he wants to do what he likes to do.I have no alternative now.11:31
bibi23hi, I've added 'MYVAR=VALUE' at the end of my ~/.bashrc file and logged out / logged in, but it's not taken in account when I run commands, but when I do 'MYVAR=VALUE mycommand' it's taken in account, do you know why?11:32
grybibi23: use `export MYVAR='value'`11:33
blackshirtbibi23, export it11:34
quetzacotlActionParsnip so now I can run this app by clicking on this file? but I can't run it simply by clicking on app icon?11:34
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: the file you have will run the binary you pointed it to11:35
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: when you double click iy11:35
quetzacotlthis is application that I want users to download from web and just like any app11:35
bibi23fry: thx, it worked!11:35
bibi23gry: thx, it worked!11:35
quetzacotlI'm confused, but thanks for help and patience11:36
dr_willisnormally in linux you dont  download apps from the web. :0 thats a windows 'standard'11:36
quetzacotldr_willis so how u get them, I know I can from repo11:36
dr_willisyou use the package manager tools to download/install apps.11:36
dr_willisits like the original 'app market' sort of idea11:37
quetzacotlbut how can I put my app to repo11:37
dr_willisyou can make your own ppa.11:37
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:37
quetzacotlbut for example my python ide, sublime text11:38
dr_willisor make your own .debs that you download then install via the package tools11:38
quetzacotlI downloaded it from web11:38
quetzacotloand im just running it like in windows11:38
crizis^quetzacotl, web8 has repository for sublime text11:38
quetzacotlso I was missing whole concept11:39
dr_willisyou can get 'tar.gz' or other binaries you extract and run.  but thats uncommon on ubuntu11:39
crizis^quetzacotl, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/sublime-text-20-stable-released-ppa.html see this page11:39
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: if you double click the file you made on desktop, it will run the app11:39
quetzacotlActionParsnip, yes but it means that every user would have to make that file11:40
dr_willisquetzacotl:  this is why you make a .deb they install11:40
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: not if you move it to /usr/share/applications  then all users will see it and it will appear in dash11:40
dr_willisit could include that file11:40
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: obviously give it a nice icon so its recognisable :)11:40
decci_Any idea if anyone have backported the PERC h710p on 10.04?11:41
quetzacotlmy brain is going to blow up, too much information ;p11:41
decci_I explored but couldnt find it for ubuntu...for debian its there11:41
quetzacotlbut I'll try11:41
ActionParsnipdecci_: you could report a bug and it may happen11:41
dr_willisdecci_:  may be ppa's for it also11:41
crizis^quetzacotl, sublime text 2 howto/oneliner: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sublime-text11:42
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: I suggest you change it's filename from dropbox.desktop too, if you install dropbox it will overwrite your efforts11:42
quetzacotlit's sample.desktop11:42
dr_willisMyUberApp.desktop  ;)11:43
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: thats cool, may want to call it something slighty more meaningful11:43
quetzacotlyes, of course, I know that at least, now I'm just testing how to make app :)11:43
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: did you give it a nice icon too?11:44
quetzacotlI will11:44
quetzacotlwhen it comes to the point I have to distribute it11:44
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: do you mean between users on the same PC, or multiple PCs?11:45
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: you wil need to copy it between11:46
milaniHi. I tried to install oracle java using apt-get install. but it fails to download it11:46
milaniI can not remove nor install it.11:46
milaniwhat should I do:(11:46
ActionParsnipquetzacotl: copy it to /usr/share/applications and it will be accessible to all users on that system you put it on11:47
ActionParsnipmilani: do you mean oracle-java7-installer ?11:47
decci_ActionParsnip: I wish Ubuntu has the same http://kmuto.jp/debian/d-i/11:48
decci_ActionParsnip: This has Linux 3.x which supports the PERC cards11:48
milaniOracle JDK 7 is NOT installed.11:48
milanidpkg: error while cleaning up:11:48
milani subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 111:48
milaniErrors were encountered while processing:11:48
milani oracle-java7-installer11:48
milaniE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:48
FloodBot1milani: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
ActionParsnipdecci_: yes note the Use at your own risk part....11:48
BluesKaj!paste | milani11:49
quetzacotlActionParsnip, btw, I made also app with GUI (using pyqt), and it is running just by double clicking app file, I didn't have to make this desktop file11:49
ubottumilani: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:49
decci_ActionParsnip: No issue11:49
milaniok ok I got it.11:49
ActionParsnipmilani: http://pastie.org/482919811:49
milaniActionParsnip, done. thx.11:50
ActionParsnipmilani: crazy what searching the web a little does :)11:50
milaniI did search the web.11:51
ActionParsnipmilani: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=oracle+java+installer+remove   is all I used, 5th result11:51
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ubottudddddddd: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:52
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hanazuki_upgrade to 12.04 but can't use right-click to change icons ?11:57
grekkosusing `service` to start mysql does not seem to run the mysqld_safe script, is there a way I can change this?12:03
cousteauI just tried pressing dead-acute followed by c on an Ubuntu machine, and got the same result as here in Xubuntu:  instead of getting a c with acute (ć), I got a c with cedilla (ç)12:05
Cipher-0I'm working in a prebuilt Ubuntu 10.04 server CLI instance in a VM. The keyboard appears to be set for en-uk; how do I set it to en-us and make it stick? (also, I am still a linux n00b but I'm trying to get better :) )12:08
joruCipher-0: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration12:10
Cipher-0Thank you!12:11
* Cipher-0 adds it to the copious notes.12:11
joruhope it works12:11
ActionParsnipCipher-0: edit /etc/default/keyboard12:11
* cousteau wonders who had the bright idea of making ´+letter = áéíóúýŕśǵḱĺḿńṕẃźç12:15
cousteaulike, if a combination for ç is really needed, I would have rather used `+c than ´+c (which in older versions was just a ć)12:16
gordonjcpcousteau: , + c surely?12:17
cousteaugordonjcp, well, ´ is a deadkey, , isn't12:17
cousteaubut when using compose, sure, compose-,-c makes more sense than compose-'-c for ç12:18
jribcousteau: usually , + c is ç12:18
cousteaumy point is, in older versions, hitting the dead-acute key followed by c, or the sequence [compose ' c], triggered a ć12:19
* dr_willis is amazed his irc client can show all of those.12:19
cousteau(which is nice for me because I know some serbian people)12:19
jribcousteau: mine still does that (compose ' c = ć), what layout are you using?12:20
morsnowski早安, 爸爸12:20
morsnowskieven that works :)12:20
cousteaujrib, actually I'm not sure what does compose do here...  don't have a compose key12:20
jribcousteau: ok, I don't use ` as deadkey :P12:20
cousteaujrib, any way I can quickly convert my CapsLock/ScrollLock key on a Compose one?12:20
cousteau(using Xubuntu and the Alt-Shift trick doesn't seem to work here)12:21
AscavasaionI tried to do a sudo apt-get remove samba so that I can install samba4 and I got this output once it began processing ... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230294/12:21
jribcousteau: see if any of the options in usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/compose look good to you, then you can use setxkbmap -option OPTION_HERE  to use it12:22
jribcousteau: so for example, I use « xmodmap -option 'compose:menu' ».  Uh, yeah sorry.  I meant "xmodmap" and not "setxkbpmap" apparently :)12:23
jribcousteau: actually, now that I check, you can do it with both commands12:23
cousteauxmodmap, that was it!12:24
jribcousteau: in my ~/.xsession I have "setxkbmap -layout us -variant dvorak -option 'ctrl:nocaps,compose:menu,grp:shifts_toggle'", but in my history I see xmodmap being used so umm I think I've confused you enough now :P  (and have to go)12:24
jribcousteau: I don't know about the use of ` as a dead key.  But at least with compose, you can use ~/.Xcompose to create your own combinations; if you just google "xcompose", you'll see lots of examples12:26
cousteauso...   xmodmap keysym CapsLock = Compose   or something like that?12:26
litsahello.I have a problem with grub2.Grub boot ok , background theme is ok , menu ok.When i choose an option , screen goes black and i should press again a key to go on.What config should i change in the /etc/default/grub?12:27
jribcousteau: uh, yeah.  Something like that.  I would just use « setxkbmap -option 'compose:caps' »12:27
* cousteau uses `setxkbmap -option 'compose:caps'`, it's super-effective12:28
cousteaujrib, checked.  Compose ' c -> ç12:29
jribcousteau: must be your layout12:29
* sjerk22 likes that12:29
AdvoWorkyou know you can do sudo update-rc.d -f whatever stop 2 3 4 5 .  can i stop for all run levels without specifying?12:29
cousteaunot exactly layout, more like locale or something, right?12:29
=== sjerk22 is now known as ScriptJerk
jribcousteau: yes, locale is more appropriate.  I see my compose options in /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose .  You should be able to just modify yours using ~/.Xcompose though12:30
cousteaulayout only controls which char/event is associated to each key, not how compose or deadkey sequences work12:30
jribcousteau: and actually I see dead keys defined in that file too12:30
jribcousteau: yes, you are right12:30
kontinuityhi all12:30
KjetilKMy MythBuntu box is having some problems, sometimes, at seemingly random places, the playback just stops. I'm wondering if there is a hardware or software problem.12:30
kontinuityis there a ec2 branch of precise kernel just as lucid has one?12:30
KjetilKMy dmesg says http://pastebin.com/Lb4FC57S12:30
cousteauok.  I think the best way to go would be to make my own /usr/share/X11/locale/*/Compose12:31
blipbliplitsa: you might have better luck at #grub12:31
KjetilKand smartctl says http://pastebin.com/xdGggnXx12:31
jribcousteau: well, you should be able to just use ~/.Xcompose in your HOME12:31
KjetilKis it that my HDD is about to die...?12:31
cousteaujrib, oh, so that overrides the /usr/share/X11/locale/$LANG/Compose one12:31
Cipher-0Seems /etc/default/keyboard doesn't exist and keyboard-configuration isn't installed?12:32
litsathanks blipblip12:32
jribcousteau: it should, yes.  Assuming it gets loaded ;)  I don't actually use one, but it's supposed to work like that.  There's even mention of it in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey12:32
dr_willisKjetilK:  ive found hard drives to be the weakest link in all my hardware these days. more hd failures then all other failures.12:32
jribCipher-0: you should say your ubuntu version12:33
KjetilKdr_willis, yeah, I have only had one disc failure before, but it sounds like it is the biggest problem12:33
ActionParsnipCipher-0: are you running an X server?12:33
Cipher-010.04 server - but it's an opsview-core appliance. No X installed (or really wanted. :) )12:34
TMShey, I have monitor0 and 1 connected to primary video card PCI:1:0:0 with split view working nicely. I have monitor2 connected to secondary video card PCI:4:0:0. I'd like to have split view stretched to monitor2 too. is there something wrong with my xorg config? I might be going config blind, but can someone point me in the right direction? amdcccle tool is not able to set it up12:34
KjetilKso, yes, it seems that something is wrong with the HDD, so I guess the biggest issue is whether I should just buy a new HDD or if it can be rescued...12:34
TMShttp://people.opera.com/toksnes/tmp/xorg.conf http://people.opera.com/toksnes/tmp/xorg.0.log12:34
ActionParsnipCipher-0: http://krisreeves.com/things-that-should-be-easy/permanently-change-keyboard-layout-on-ubuntu-server-11-10/12:34
kontinuityhow do I recompile the 12.04 kernel on EC2?12:35
kontinuitythere is no ec2 branch for the precise kernel12:35
Cipher-0Thanksm ActionParsnip - that worked.12:40
ActionParsnipCipher-0: all I did was:https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+server+change+keyboard12:41
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cousteaujrib, well, ~/.Xcompose didn't work12:44
AscavasaionCan someone help me with this apt-get error "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"12:45
cousteaualso tried copying /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose (which seems ok according to its content) to /usr/share/X11/locale/es_ES.UTF-8/Compose12:45
cousteauAscavasaion, no12:45
cousteauAscavasaion, scroll up and find the actual error message12:45
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Ascavasaioncousteau: "start: Job failed to start"12:46
cousteauok, that sounds better...  something else?12:46
cousteaucould you paste the whole output on paste.ubuntu.com?12:46
Ascavasaioncousteau: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230338/12:48
usr13Ascavasaion: sudo apt-get -f install;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade12:52
Azzle-Dazzledoes anyone know of an app or an easy way to change the governor ? and make it stick even after reboots ?12:52
Ascavasaionusr13: Okay, did that, now trying to sudo apt-get install samba4 again.12:54
Ascavasaionusr13: Nope, never worked.12:55
VlanXhey there12:55
usr13Ascavasaion: sudo apt-get autoremove12:56
VlanXcould anyone help me understanding how to use variables, if commands and so on with expect?12:56
VlanXa tutorial would be greatr12:56
MonkeyDustVlanX  http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/12:57
Ascavasaionusr13: Nope... does this... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230356/12:58
Pazziehi all, i have a small thing with samba, i created a share with samba and no i want to open it on my windows system but it keeps asking me for a username and password, and i dont want that12:58
ActionParsnipPazzie: map a network drive and and you can specify username and password there12:59
psychotropicPazzie: how did you set the permissions on the shared folder?12:59
usr13Ascavasaion: lsp_release -a   #What version of ubuntu do you have?12:59
PazzieActionParsnip: i dont want to use a user name and pass12:59
usr13Ascavasaion: typo, it's  lsb_release -a12:59
Pazziepsychotropic: yes i did chown nobody.nogroup on the folder12:59
ActionParsnipPazzie: I'm not aware how to do it that way, maybe others can advise12:59
Pazziepsychotropic: i will make a pastebin for you gimme a sec13:00
excervoPazzie, yu can automount it with username and password remembered13:00
ActionParsnipPazzie: make sure you give everybody read, write and execute permissions13:00
VlanXMonkeyDust: thanks=)13:01
Pazzieexcervo: that is not what i want, i want to keep it very simple (since i am the only person using it) i dont want to use a username and pass13:01
usr13Ascavasaion: Are you 12.04 ?  or...?  (What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?)13:01
k4m3h4t3somebody can help me?13:01
Ascavasaionusr13: 11.10 Oneric13:02
usr13Ascavasaion: sudo apt-get purge samba413:02
excervoPazzie, where is samba shared located?13:02
Ascavasaionusr13: I have tried that a couple of times already.  The purge statement.13:02
hungryhubbyjust check this13:03
Pazzieexcervo: hold on i will make a pastbin for you so you will understand it better13:03
hungryhubbyiam unable to connect 2 ubuntu 2 wired network...13:03
hungryhubbyusing natty13:03
hungryhubbyinternet works fine in windows 713:03
k4m3h4t3somebody can help me?13:04
usr13Ascavasaion: sudo apt-get install samba  (Is that the command you are using to install?)13:04
hungryhubbyalso wired connection under network showing wrong MAC address when i change it to its actual mac address,its getting grayed13:04
k4m3h4t3http://ompldr.org/vZm5xdw/Selection_002.png <<< my desktop ubuntu error. can help me13:04
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:05
Ascavasaionusr13: No, sudo apt-get install samba413:05
Pazzieexcervo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230372/13:05
excervohungryhubby, whats d output of ifconfig?13:06
usr13Ascavasaion: Let's go back to where you said, "Nope, never worked."  What did you mean by that?  What exactly never worked?13:06
hungryhubbyhere http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230368/13:06
hungryhubbynetwork seems disabled any help13:06
Ascavasaionusr13: You said I must do this... sudo apt-get -f install;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade  I did it, and then when I tried to install samba again it gave the same error.13:07
usr13Ascavasaion: In other words, when you did this command: "sudo apt-get -f install;sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade"  #Did you get errors?13:07
usr13Ascavasaion: Try just samba   sudo apt-get install samba13:08
LorSamPau_whungryhubby, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149083313:08
Ascavasaionusr13: Okay, let me try that then.13:08
Ascavasaionusr13: It worked... says that Samba is the newest version.13:09
Ascavasaionusr13: But, is samba 4 not better than samba 2.x?13:10
hungryhubbyis there any application/package 2 reconfigure my network13:10
hungryhubbyplease tell me what 2 to .....what all o/p of commands you ppl need 2 solve my problem13:11
MonkeyDusthungryhubby  reconfigure what exactly?13:11
usr13Ascavasaion: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=863313:11
ubottubugzilla.samba.org bug 8633 in Other "Samba4 Installation and configuration Error on Ubuntu 11.10" [Critical,Resolved: invalid]13:11
hungryhubbywired network13:11
usr13Ascavasaion: apt-cache policy samba13:12
hungryhubbymac address is showing incorrectly13:12
fidel!details > hungryhubby13:12
ubottuhungryhubby, please see my private message13:12
MonkeyDusthungryhubby  start from the beginning, what were you doing and what went wrong?13:12
entropy-lol @ hungryhubby13:13
entropy-that nick is funny13:13
Ascavasaionusr13: Yes done that, and now?13:14
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hungryhubbylets see,i had no wired connection in past now i have got a wired internet connection,i used 2 connect with mobile phone.now my wired ethernet device isnt showing up,i only see a device inside wired but with incorrect MAC address when i correct it 2 as shown in win 7,it is getting grayed13:14
usr13Ascavasaion: I don't know, what I've shown you is all I know about this issue.  It is possible that you first have to uninstall or purge samba, (but I'd think that installing samba4 would do that automatically... BUT, usually, only one version is available, (look at the output of "apt-cache policy samba4" and you see that they are both available probably), so I'm a bit confused.13:15
hungryhubbyiam using ubuntu natty 11.0413:15
MonkeyDusthungryhubby  don't use '2' when you mean 'to' or 'too', please, it's confusing13:16
hungryhubbyi always meant "to"13:17
Ascavasaionusr13: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230390/  Think I have hit that bug.13:17
MonkeyDustthen type 'to'13:17
excervohungryhubby, do you mean there is no eth device?13:18
usr13Ascavasaion: Did you try to purge samba ?13:18
Ascavasaionusr13: Yes.13:18
hungryhubbyi have ethernet device but i didnt use in the past13:19
Pazzieexcervo: are you still here?13:19
usr13Ascavasaion: Ok, well, just use samba for now?13:20
xwalkI'm trying to find a way to backup home directory files from my desktop to a remote local server so that I can sync my laptop to the server every day to keep data conformed between the three machines. Rsync seems a little too much to handle that kind of thing. Is there any other appropriate alternative?13:21
Ascavasaionusr13: Will do, than you for your help.  Much appreciated.13:21
MonkeyDustxwalk  still, rsync is the fastest and easiest way13:21
excervoPazzie, do u want to access samba folder without credentials?13:22
bootbootxwalk, what do you mean "Sexist bullshit"13:22
bootbootxwalk, what do you mean "too much to handle that kind of thing"13:22
Pazzieexcervo: yes like this: http://www.debuntu.org/guest-file-sharing-with-samba13:22
hungryhubbycan this cmd help " rfkill list all" then " rfkill list unblock all"13:22
hungryhubbyremember iam using wired connection13:23
xwalkbootboot: That was my way of saying I'm getting terribly lost in the man pages for something I wanted to set up quickly.13:23
bootbootxwalk i see, but there are also good online resources on how to use it to do exactly what you need13:23
MonkeyDustxwalk  there's 'lucky backup', a GUI for rsync, there's also grsync13:23
Pazzieexcervo: nevermind i have solved it allready13:24
Pazzieexcervo: thnx anyway13:24
hungryhubbyare they any special privileages to root than administrator(my account is admin) since iam the only user.13:24
excervoPazzie,is this solves the problem guest account = nobody?13:25
Pazzieexcervo: no i had to do security = share instead of user that was the trick13:26
excervoPazzie, ok thanks13:26
Pazzieexcervo: now i can access the data on my unbuntu system without credentials (since its my private network)13:28
Pazzieexcervo: and because i am lazy offcourse ;)13:28
excervoPazzie, that was a good idea13:30
Pazzieexcervo: thnx13:32
Pazzieexcervo: now i can copy my data, because i want to change from windows media server to ubuntu media server (because i think it will preform even better then my windows system does, with less resources13:34
excervoPazzie, you're right linux is faster13:40
bondji run xfce + compiz13:41
bondjhow to disable xfce's wallpaper? i want to use compiz13:41
ActionParsnipbondj: does xfce draw the wallpaper?13:41
chris92hey there... can anyone tell me where I can find a netboot.tar.gz for xubuntu? im only finding those for ubuntu :/13:42
bondjActionParsnip, yes13:42
dr_willisi thought netboot booted whatever image the netboot server was hosting13:43
SkeiMorning, all. I'm trying to edit the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold value from 95 down to something more reasonable, but I'm getting Permission Denied, even with sudo. Any suggestions ?13:43
dr_willisso you want  A xfce netboot image?13:43
ActionParsnipbondj: maybe xfconf-query has the config13:43
Hatorichris92,what you mean with netboot.tar.gz13:44
ActionParsnipbondj: sure it's not nautilus http://linux.chrissweeney.co.uk/topic.php?t=6513:44
AscavasaionHowcome I can access but not localhost?  I thought they were one and the same.13:46
usr13Ascavasaion: Depends on what is in /etc/hosts13:46
Hatoriascavasaion, usually refers to localhost name13:47
usr13Ascavasaion: grep localhost /etc/hosts13:47
Ascavasaionhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230448/  <== my /etc/hosts files13:48
Hatorihello mah454_13:48
usr13Ascavasaion: What problem are you having?13:48
mah454_Can scripting python language in QT creator ?13:49
Ascavasaionusr13: The initial reason I tried to change from samba 2.x to 4. hehehehe  smb://localhost/ does not work, but smb:// does.  I cannot access samba shares on this Lubuntu machine from remote Ubuntu machines.13:49
usr13Ascavasaion: Seeing the /etc/hosts file you showed us, localhost should indeed resolve to  But what does that have to do with remote machines?13:50
mdeboardHi, I just installed samba on my Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit server (EC2 instance). I was following (blindly, stupidly) the instructions here http://www.sitepoint.com/ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise-pangolin-file-sharing-with-samba/ under the "Configuring Winbind" section, and rebooted my server. Now, I cannot SSH to the server. Did I do something dumb?13:50
Anomie21Trying to burn an .iso and brasero has been stuck at 84% for the past hour, can't eject, any other options?13:51
Hatorilocalhost was for local system, you should access it with other address or by hostname13:51
k4m3h4t3my connection is bad :(13:51
e66I have this error. dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libboost1.48-dev_1.48.0-3_amd64.deb (--unpack):13:51
e66full log can be found on http://pastie.org/482967313:51
usr13Ascavasaion: Are you using swat ?13:51
Hatorie66...remove that files and retry agains13:52
usr13Ascavasaion: You may just have a problem with your samba config.  BUT, are you using an IP address or host name when trying to access from remote PCs?13:53
uyhello im uy im on a Q: nedding a A:13:53
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usr13Ascavasaion: Do you have problems with  MS Windows machines connecting to it?13:54
ubottuAbarth2: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:54
mdeboardAnyone have any insight on how/if/why editing nsswitch.conf will make my server refuse SSH connections (but not ping/http)13:54
Hatoriwew,good night k4m3h4t313:54
mdeboardOh actually ping isn't responding.13:54
uyhtaccess ubuntu server block incoming traffic customize isbn 3166 uy-mo??13:54
uyubuntu server13:55
mdeboardbut HTTP does respond, god did I bork SSH? :|13:55
Pici!es | uy13:55
ubottuuy: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:55
nsudowhere can i find smb.conf13:56
cousteaudid someone mention me?  was afk13:56
k4m3h4t3http://ompldr.org/vZm5xdw/Selection_002.png <<<my ubuntu 12.04 error can help me13:56
mdeboardnsudo: /etc/samba/smb.conf13:56
ActionParsnipmdeboard: try nmap to scan the host13:56
dj_whoI have problem with python imports. I have /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/lib/floatcanvas but when i Import from wx.lib.floatcanvas FloatCanvas i'm getting : ImportError: No module named lib.floatcanvas13:56
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mdeboardActionParsnip: Mmk, installing atm13:56
dj_whowhat is wrong?13:56
k4m3h4t3wah ada kang blackshirt13:57
mdeboardnsudo: Also you can run `sudo find / -name "<filename>"` to find a file13:57
ActionParsnipk4m3h4t3: try pressing ALT+F2 and run:  compiz --replace13:57
usr13Ascavasaion: Are you sure you wouldn't rather use  nfs ?13:57
ActionParsnipmdeboard: or use -iname to make it case (i)nsensitive :)13:57
k4m3h4t3ActionParsnip and then?13:57
uysage thx13:58
ActionParsnipk4m3h4t3: it will reload the WM and hopefully be ok13:58
mdeboardActionParsnip: yikes, https://gist.github.com/11bb815c442de4c63c00 I screwed something up.13:58
cousteaumdeboard, that might take forever, though13:58
usr13Ascavasaion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo13:58
mdeboardcousteau: It ran pretty quickly, see my gist above13:58
ActionParsnipmdeboard: seems so13:58
cousteauwell, not much...  but quite a lot13:58
Ascavasaionusr13: Wife uses Windows 7 on her laptop.13:58
jalexandruHi what do I need to do to ssh to a specific port, usually is ssh root@192...   I've tried ssh root@192...:2020 but is not working13:58
cousteaumdeboard, oh13:58
cousteaumaybe my HDD is slow13:58
cousteauor FS13:58
thebananafishssh -l root13:58
usr13Ascavasaion: pastebinit /etc/samba/smb.conf13:59
usr13Ascavasaion: Dies the Windows 7 machine find it ok?13:59
k4m3h4t3why can be so?13:59
ActionParsnipjalexandru: if you read:  man ssh  you will see how you change the port number it connects to13:59
blackshirthello k4m3h4t3 :D :D13:59
k4m3h4t3hala kang blackshirt14:00
thebananafishssh -l root blah.com -p696914:00
k4m3h4t3ubu nya error kang14:00
blackshirt:D :D14:00
thebananafish*-p 696914:00
k4m3h4t3ada disni jg toh14:00
ActionParsnipjalexandru: trying to guess will probably make it not work, reading the man pages TELLS you how to do it14:00
k4m3h4t3ActionParsnip why can be so?14:00
ActionParsnipk4m3h4t3: how do you mean?14:01
Ascavasaionusr13: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1230476/14:01
k4m3h4t3in error my ubuntu14:01
usr13Ascavasaion: Dies the Windows 7 machine find it ok?14:01
Ascavasaionusr13: Have not tried it... thought Windows can only connect to Linux using Samba.14:01
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mdeboardWell this is just freaking great.14:02
jalexandruActionParsnip: you want to say that the irc channel for ubuntu is not for support? and that the man pages are?14:03
e66hatori: I removed the file. but nothing happens. it just redownloads the file14:03
usr13Ascavasaion: When you try to connect to it, are you using an IP address?   ...Or are you trying to use a hostname?14:03
Ascavasaionusr13: IP14:04
blackshirte66, so, what happens next ?14:04
k4m3h4t3i wiil try.14:04
litsaHello.Which plugin does this e-radio need for mozilla-firefox http://tvradio.ert.gr/radio/liveradio/kosmos.asp ?14:04
k4m3h4t3i must restart my pc14:04
blackshirtk4m3h4t3: good :D14:04
e66blackshirt: I removed the file. but nothing happens. it just redownloads the file and same error appears14:04
k4m3h4t3wait a moment, i'll be back14:04
blackshirte66: can you pastebin your error ?14:04
e66blackshirt:  I think I did that already on my first comment.14:05
ActionParsnipjalexandru: you are using a command and its not failing and there is a man page for commands, why have you not checked that first?14:05
e66blackshirt: here it is http://pastie.org/482967314:05
blackshirte66: i just changing my host, sorry14:05
Ascavasaionusr13: I thought it was a firewall problem, so I enabled access on ports 137,138,139, and 445.14:05
blackshirte66: wait a minute14:06
jalexandruActionParsnip: I've checked that first .... but it was telling me something about a "-L" parameter that was able to send the port ... really now ... it's only a parameter that I needed ... I didn't want to know how ssh works....14:07
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jalexandruActionParsnip: if you ask for bread at a shop ... do you want the seller to give you the history of the bread???14:07
ActionParsnipjalexandru: but the syntax of the command is already there for you, the history of bread when buying bread is completely different14:08
ActionParsnipjalexandru: you aren't after the history of SSH, that would be comparable14:08
John_Doejoin #snort14:08
blackshirte66: i think i'm on bad connections, i can't open your link given14:09
e66blackshirt:  huh?14:10
usr13Ascavasaion: You enabled ports on the router?14:10
MonkeyDuste66  did you sudo apt-get update, first14:11
e66MonkeyDust: yes14:11
e66i did it many times.14:12
Ascavasaionusr13: Um, nope.14:12
usr13Ascavasaion: Then how?14:12
blackshirte66: but, i think your link maybe down..i can acces the other site14:12
jalexandruActionParsnip: thing is that ... I was after ssh -p 2020 root@192...   didn't found it in the man pages that has way too much info only for this ... that's way I've turned to irc .... sorry, I know I don't sound very pleasant ... I really enjoyed your help (it made me move my ass and get the info I needed :) )14:12
MonkeyDustblackshirt  i just opened e66's link14:12
Ascavasaionusr13: it is a small home network... no conenctions from outside world14:12
e66blackshirt: pastie is down?14:12
e66blackshirt:  here is pastebin.ca link http://pastebin.ca/221522214:13
nsudohow can i share readonly shares??14:13
blackshirte66: wait a second14:13
mdeboardAnyone have any idea how editing nsswitch.conf and/or installing samba could possibly have closed the port I'm using for SSH? Ascavasaion I ran `nmask -v <ip> -p <ssh port>` and it showed that it's closed, just fyi14:13
usr13Ascavasaion: So how [exactly] did you "enable on ports 137,138,139, and 445"?14:13
blackshirte66: i can open your pastebin14:14
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
usr13Ascavasaion: Did you use ufw ?14:14
blackshirte66: are you using mixed sources.list14:15
usr13Ascavasaion: Let me preface this firewall discussion with the statement that Ubuntu blocks nothing by default.14:16
blackshirte66: are you using mixed sources.list ?14:16
Ascavasaionusr13: In Firestarter firewall tool.14:16
MonkeyDuste66  type sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url here14:17
usr13Ascavasaion: So you were running firestarter before attempting to use samba?14:17
Ascavasaionusr13: YEs.14:17
usr13Ascavasaion: If it is a home network with no connections from outside, you should not have needed to use a firewall. But you did, so be it.  As long as you have not blocked the necessary ports, ok.14:19
e66blackshirt: mixed source list mean?14:19
usr13Ascavasaion: You could use nmap to check.  Just run nmap from one of the other PCs and see if you have access.14:19
MonkeyDuste66  type sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url here14:20
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e66MonkeyDust:  here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230525/14:20
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
blackshirte66, your pastebin says, there are two version of libboost available ...14:21
usr13Ascavasaion: closed means that there is no service listening, filtered means it is blocked.14:21
e66I see there are three versions. 1.40, 1.46.1, 1.48.014:21
e66blackshirt: But its normal as i see many packages have many versions in the repo. It should be okay.14:22
usr13Ascavasaion: closed means that there is no service listening, filtered means it is blocked, open means that it is not blocked and that a service is listening behind that port.14:22
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MonkeyDuste66  i'm worried about mixed 32bit and 64bit sources / packages14:23
blackshirte66, okey, that was just be a problem (relative problem for new user) if trying to install the same file, look at this line : rying to overwrite '/usr/share/boostbook/dtd/1.1/boostbook.dtd', which is also in package libboost1.40-dev 1.40.0-4ubuntu414:23
e66blackshirt:  enter dpkg -l '*libcurl*' in your command prompt. you'll see how many versions are in repo. there should be 314:24
e66So I dont think multiple version is a problem.14:24
e66MonkeyDust: how can that happen? I install libs from repo and compile source. never install a binary out of repo.14:25
MonkeyDuste66  like Hit http://deb.playonlinux.com precise/main i386 Packages14:26
chris92hey, can someone help me with a pxe install?14:26
MonkeyDuste66  and Hit http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main i386 Packages14:26
e66MonkeyDust: I also see Hit http://mirrors.ispros.com.bd precise/main i386 Packages14:28
e66I think its the default behavior.14:28
halI am using ubuntu 12.04. A strange thing is happening in Nautilus. When I create a file or folder in a directory, I am not able to delete it (the "move to rubbish bin" option is greyed out). I can delete it from the command line, but just not using nautilus. Does anyone have any suggestions please?14:29
k4m3h4t3ActionParsnip : your tips can't be work. finaly i uninstall all  compiz14:30
e66MonkeyDust: `ls /var/cache/apt/archives/ -1 | grep -i 386` also does not  output anything14:30
MonkeyDusthal  hit the delete key, happens here, too14:30
usr13Ascavasaion: Did you check yet?   i.e. From another PC;  nmap -p 139 192.168.1.x  #where 192.168.1.x is the samba server14:31
halMonkeyDust: yes you are right! Ugh, what is going on with this release of ubuntu? there are so many annoyances :/14:32
usr13Ascavasaion: If it says open, you are good, filtered, it is blocked by firewall, or closed, means that samba is not listening.14:32
halMonkeyDust: thank you very much for your help. Thank goodness you are here! ;)14:32
Ascavasaionusr13: Just installing nmap. then will try.14:33
Ascavasaionusr13: It says 139/tcp closed netbios-ssn14:34
usr13Ascavasaion: Looks like samba is not running.14:34
halMonkeyDust: ah, I have just found that the menu item is simply greyed, but not disabled. It still works regardless of the colour14:35
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Ascavasaionusr13: HAHA!14:35
MASTERPIECEhow to make usb flash boot with windows 7 in ubuntu ?14:35
cfhowlettMasterOfDisaster: unetbootin14:36
MonkeyDustMASTERPIECE  you want a bootable win7 ?14:36
MASTERPIECEbut  with my  usb flash14:36
MonkeyDustMASTERPIECE  better aks in ##windows14:36
MASTERPIECEhow to make bootable usb flash with ubuntu14:37
lduroshello folks! I would like Ubuntu to boot with text information (like debian) instead of having the splash screen at boot time. How can I do that? Thanks14:37
cfhowlettMasterOfDisaster: UNETBOOTIN is the tool you want14:37
MonkeyDustMASTERPIECE  but i'm not sure you can make windows bootable from flash14:38
MASTERPIECEwindows 714:38
chris92can anyone of you help me with some problems I encounter during an install via PXE?14:38
dtcrshrMASTERPIECE: go for yumi14:38
ldurosI still want lightdm or whatever to kick in, just I want to see the services starting texts etc at boot time instead of the dots and ubuntu logo14:38
cfhowlettlduros: alternate installer or hit F6 during bootup - at least I tihnk it's f614:38
lduroscfhowlett: but I already installed ubuntu.14:39
MonkeyDustlduros  try alt-tab to see the text during the dots14:39
ldurosMonkeyDust: but is there a way to make this permanent?14:39
MonkeyDust!text | lduros you mean this?14:39
ubottulduros you mean this?: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:39
ldurosubottu: MonkeyDust I guess so14:40
ubottulduros: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:40
AdvoWorkdoes update-rc.d -f whatever remove literally remove all the links in the various run level locations, could this be acheived by manually removing the links?14:41
jribAdvoWork: yes.  Note that not all services are controlled by that now (in fact, most have been switched over to upstart)14:42
Wilson2BHi all14:46
Wilson2BUnity has really been giving me hell for the last two weeks.. Im now using 2D mode .  Unity  is having refresh problems all the time. The top App Menu disapears and the launcher on side blacks out. I can hover over those areas and see a menu. When I open terminal and type unity, I get a bunch of errors.. Could I post the results for someone to give some advise ?14:46
ActionParsnipWilson2B: which video chip?14:52
AdvoWorkjrib, this is on quite an old server unfortunately, so i could literally go to the directory, ie: /etc/rc2.d/S01test-> /etc/init.d/test   and remove the S01test ? and when i'm ready for it to work on boot, just do update-rc.d whatever defaults(which i assume will recreate) ?14:53
jribAdvoWork: if you want to, sure. How old are we talking about?  I think almost all of the supported ubuntus use upstart at this point.  If you really are managing sysv-init scripts, then I'd recommend using sysv-rc-conf instead of manipulating the links with update-rc.d14:55
jrib(or directly)14:55
kupcsikHi, I'm using ubuntu 12.04.1. I'd like to overclock my i5-3570k. I do it in bios and 4.5Ghz +0.1V works well in windows, but in ubuntu the maximum recognized frequency is 3.4Ghz, that means not even the turbo boost works, what could be the problem?14:56
e66So I have a broken package system!14:57
michielbrinkwindows have it wrong :P14:57
jrib!details | e6614:58
ubottue66: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:58
AdvoWorkjrib, its a server i'm trying to re bring alive(6.06 lol!!!!)15:00
jribAdvoWork: :x15:00
e66jrib:  I discussed it with it already. But I give you again.  This is the error http://pastie.org/4829673# and this is the apt-get update log http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230525/15:00
dr_willisthats scary15:00
Wilson2BActionParsnip: Intel GMU 3150, Intel Atom Dual core 1.515:01
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e66jrib: Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit. I wanted to install libboost-regex1.48{.0,-dev} packages. Then I got an unmet dependency.15:01
jribe66: apt-cache poliyc libboost1.40-dev libboost1.48-dev15:02
jribe66: apt-cache policy libboost1.40-dev libboost1.48-dev  # dumb rubberdome keyboard15:02
dr_willishmm i cant get either of those paset urls working. may be my isp. error 405 bad gateway15:02
e66jrib:  I understand15:03
fudgeyHi guys, I wonder if anyone could help me with a display issue in Ubuntu 12.0415:04
bazhangfudgey, ask the channel and see15:04
e66jrib:  see http://pastie.org/483003815:05
CTLwmfudgey: whats the problem with your display?15:05
e66Ubuntu paste is having problem right now!15:05
fudgeyI installed ubuntu recently, but graphic were really poor. added acpi=force to the grub, but now when it boots up the screen says frequency out of range when Xorg loads15:05
jribe66: ibboost1.40-dev isn't in any of your current repositories (you should probably just remove it)15:06
MonkeyDuste66  disable that ispros source, see if it makes a difference15:06
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e66jrib: but package system is broken now so I can not install/uninstall anything. Let me try again15:08
c2tarunhi, can anybody please tell me how to change the values of energy star? (xset +dpms) Here is something that I want to increase Standby: 33    Suspend: 49    Off: 6615:08
jribc2tarun: xset dpms X Y Z   (in seconds)15:08
e66MonkeyDust: how can i change that? It was setup automatically15:09
c2tarunjrib: hmm.. that was simple, so stupid of me :( thanks a lot15:09
fudgeyno one know anything I can try?15:10
OerHeksfudgey, undo that, and see in dash > additional drivers if there is a driver available for your videocard.15:13
=== Kartrohm_afk is now known as Kartrohm
MonkeyDuste66  setup what, do you mean?15:13
fudgeyit's a standard intel video card15:13
e66jrib: MonkeyDust: I think I have solved it by removing from synaptic.15:13
dr_willisgrub has video mode settings to change uf the grub menu is using an out if range mode.15:14
e66Synaptic removed around 21 packages. All are  libboost packages15:14
=== garymc_ is now known as garymc
e66MonkeyDust: by setup I meant the mirror was chosen during installation. I never changed it. Now I have found it.15:15
fudgeyIt's not the grub menu, i've tried uncommenting the grub gfx line in the grub file, but no change15:16
maji cant get adobe flash to work on xubuntu 12.04.1 on an older laptop, both web and software centre versions i tryed15:16
MechdaveG'day all, can anyone point me in the right direction here. I have got gmtp working with my SGS2 but rhythmbox still won't mount the SGS2 as a music player. Anyone have any ideas? Google is just returning bug reports with no resolutions :(15:17
dr_willisfudgey:  You did rerun 'sudo update-grub'   after changeing the lines?15:18
_0x783czarDoes anyone here know how to disable the dynamic MOTD in ubuntu 12.04?  I just want to be able to put my motd in the /etc/motd file.15:18
dr_willis_0x783czar:  theres a service that updates it i belive.   not sure of its name15:19
dr_willis_0x783czar:  look in /etc/init15:19
[snake]would it be possible to make a free(or almost free), and open source type of rosetta stone program that is just as good if not better?15:20
_0x783czardr_willis: I'm not seeing anything in there.15:20
jrib_0x783czar: man update-motd15:20
dr_willisim on my phone so cant look. ;)15:21
fudgeyis there a way i can change the default graphics mode for xorg without having a xorg.conf file?15:21
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ActionParsnip[snake]: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113783415:22
zomb13can anyone help me with a boot problem i am having with dual booting windows XP and Ubuntu precise?....when  the dual boot options come up i can not see them , says video mode not supported, I am using a 32 hd AOC  tv as a monitor through the vga port and my MB has onboard Nvidia graphics15:22
ActionParsnipfudgey: xrandr maybe15:22
MonkeyDust_0x783czar  there are plenty how to's, here's one http://gcarrier.fr/blog/2012/04/18/tweak-the-motd-under-ubuntu-precise/15:22
dr_williszomb13:  you mean the grub menu is not seen. but the system does eventually boot  to the login screen?15:23
zomb13yes if i let it go it will eventually boot to Ubuntu, but i can not see the options to boot to windows15:24
_0x783czarMonkeyDust: ah, perfect, I was googling everywhere to find something like this.  I'll give it a shot.15:24
maji cant get adobe flash to work on xubuntu 12.04.1 on an older laptop, both web and software centre versions i tryed15:24
dr_williszomb13:  grub settings in /etc/default/grub has a video res, or a 'text' type menu that should work15:24
wavelightplease tell me what is your opinion about Untangle, have anyone use it ?15:25
wavelightit is based on Debian15:25
pinoavilaciao a tutti ..!15:25
dr_williswavelight:  never heard of it. so id say dont  bother15:25
ubottupinoavila: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:25
bazhang!ot | wavelight15:25
ubottuwavelight: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:25
zomb13thank you will try now15:26
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aguaditobest usenet downloader?15:27
ActionParsnipaguadito: there is no single best for any situation15:27
dr_willis!best > aguadito15:27
ubottuaguadito, please see my private message15:27
majaguadito: NNTPGrab all the way15:28
ActionParsnipaguadito: all you will get is opinion, none are outright best or the others would die out as nobody would use them15:28
aguaditoi just want a good software to download stuff from usenet15:28
aguaditomaj - thanks15:28
dr_willistotally depends on the details...15:28
dr_willisand your needs.15:28
ActionParsnipaguadito: what is the best colour of the rainbow?15:28
dr_willisActionParsnip:  Puce!15:29
ActionParsnipaguadito: its the same basis and equally none-sensical, none are best, people just like different colours for whatever reason15:29
aguaditoactionparsnip - i love orange personally15:29
ActionParsnipaguadito: same with software15:29
maji cant get adobe flash to work on xubuntu 12.04.1 on an older laptop, both web and software centre versions i tryed15:30
adnanei love red color15:30
aguaditodr_willis - my needs are to download things from usenet, automatically extract .rars, maybe even stream on the go?15:30
ActionParsnipmaj: can you pastebin the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'15:30
majaguadito:you might wanna download spotlite for ubuntu aswell15:30
ActionParsnipmaj: use http://pastie.org or similar. Thanks15:30
zomb13dr_willis : ok do i  set grfxmode to 640x480 or do I Uncomment to disable graphical terminal (grub-pc only)15:31
dr_williszomb13:  either may work.  disable the graphical terminal should always work15:32
dr_williszomb13:  be sure to 'sudo update-grub'15:32
zomb13thnx ...back after reboot...i hope :-)15:32
majActionParsnip:i installed xubuntu-restricted-extras aswell15:33
eduardo_has anyone had a problem where your dhcpcd client would get an incorrect ip address?15:33
eduardo_like it supposed to be 192.168.1.something and you get
ActionParsnipmaj: sudo dpkg -P flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get --purge remove adobe-flash-properties-gtk adobe-flashplugin; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin15:34
ActionParsnipmaj: close all browsers and restart them, should be ok15:34
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einonmHi, When using the email client mutt on 12.04, I cannot connect to an IMAP server  (SASL connection error). I've tracked this down to be because my hostname is not set, even though /etc/hostname is ok, 'hostname -f' returns 'Name or service unknown'. Using sudo also reports 'sudo: unable to resolve host'.  'hostname -s' however returns the valid hostname...any ideas?15:36
majActionParsnip:closed firefox after, opened youtube but no video15:37
VlanXhow can i read with expect the result of a command executed via an ssh session?15:37
ActionParsnipmaj: have you tried other browsers?15:37
majActionParsnip:not yet lemme try15:38
AdvoWorkif adding entries to iptables, will these survive a reboot?15:39
mikehoyIs there a way to prevent CTRL+SHIFT+) to stop opening vertical clones of my console? also CTRL+SHIFT+( does it horizontally. I've checked the settings and googled around, this happened since I installed a new keyboard15:39
fudgeyActionParsnip: xrandr just gives me an error: `can't open display'15:39
usr13_AdvoWork: No15:39
mikehoyor maybe it is better asked are those keybindings supposed to behave that way15:40
AdvoWorkusr13_, oh15:40
mikehoycan anyone verify?15:40
AdvoWorkusr13_, is there a way to do this then?15:40
usr13_AdvoWork: You have to put them into a firewall script, if you have one, if not create one.15:40
usr13_AdvoWork: How are you adding these new rules?  From cli?15:40
AdvoWorkusr13_, and is this still using iptables?15:40
AdvoWorkusr13_, im literally doing this: http://pastebin.com/y2S9YMcw15:41
AdvoWorkusr13_, and yeah its from terminal15:41
usr13_AdvoWork:  WHen you do it from the command line, it is good for that session only.15:41
AdvoWorkusr13_, argh, thats not good then, i need it to survive a reboot(one or more reboots)15:42
TheLordOfTimeis there an easy way to remote desktop with an Lubuntu system on my local network with little to no additional configuration needed?15:42
jribAdvoWork: see !iptables factoid for several options (including the iptables-persistent package)15:42
usr13_AdvoWork: You can just add the commands to  /etc/rc.local  #Above the line that says "exit 0"15:44
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usr13_AdvoWork: Or, as jrib suggests .....15:44
majActionParsnip:google chrome says cant load shockwave flash15:44
ActionParsnipmaj: chrome has it's own flash, if you uninstall all flash packages15:45
majActionParsnip:maybe try reboot after all it installed?15:45
majman its about time someone invent a decent flash alternative15:47
auronandacemaj: its about time flash died15:48
majauronandace:agree on that1, tryed html5 aswell but its not many better..15:48
usr13_AdvoWork: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo  #Halfway down the page you'll see "Saving iptables"15:49
zomb13dr_willis : thank you worked perfectly15:49
majleme try a reboot15:49
dr_willismaj:  i use the flash downloader tools, or a flash-replacer extension to watch videos in vlc15:49
dr_williszomb13:  some tvs cant do all the video modes. common problem15:49
majdr_willis:lemme try that15:50
zomb13dr_willis yup i figured that was the problem, just had no ide how to fix it.15:50
AdvoWorkusr13_, ok, so if i do that, when i no longer need iptables, do iptables -F to flush it, then do another save?15:50
fusion27I just set up an Ubuntu 12.04 server, need to stick a vanilla MySQL server on it.  Thought sudo tasksel would do the quick & ez install but only see PosteGres on there15:51
c2tarunhe jrib, something is resetting my energy star, setting. Do you have any idea whtat that might be?15:51
=== diecast is now known as diecastarts
jribc2tarun: are you rebooting?15:51
fusion27what's your quick and ez install ?15:51
c2tarunjrib: nope15:51
jribc2tarun: so just after a few minutes, the output of "xset q" changes?15:52
fusion27This is Java server so I'm reluctant to bring up a LAMP server15:52
usr13_AdvoWork: Read the lower half of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo  #From "Saving iptables" on down.  Then make your decision(s).15:52
c2tarunjrib: yeah15:52
jribc2tarun: what environment do you run in?  Default ubuntu with unity?15:52
fusion27just follow this guide ?https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/mysql.html15:52
c2tarunjrib: I use KDE on Ubuntuv12.0415:53
majdr_willis:got an url on the firefox addon?15:53
c2tarunjrib: is it possible that I it is because I have two desktop environment?15:53
usr13_AdvoWork: And no, it does not say that you no longer need iptables.15:53
jribc2tarun: hmm.  I don't know.  I guess there's some kde daemon.  I think kde uses dconf, check dconf-editor for something relevant.  Also, aren't those settings exposed in the gui somewhere?  Maybe easier to just modify there15:54
jribc2tarun: did you load both of them?15:54
c2tarunjrib: what do mean by both of them? I can start only one at a time right?15:54
jribc2tarun: you could start another instance of X and load both.  But, I was actually asking if you had logged into both (log into one, log out, log into the other)15:55
c2tarunjrib: nope, actually I haven't logged into unity for months15:55
jribc2tarun: maybe someone in #kubuntu knows.  But my strategy would be to check running daemons for anything obvious, check dconf, see if it happens when you load a different environment15:56
eduardo_how do I start wpa_supplicant in system tray?15:57
MonkeyDusteduardo_  guess you don't, it's something you add in /etc/networks15:58
AdvoWorkusr13_, just fyi, i tried the rc.local thing, it doesn't survive a reboot for some reason15:59
usr13_AdvoWork: ls -l /etc/rc.local  #Show me15:59
usr13_AdvoWork: pastebinit /etc/rc.local  #Send resulting URL16:00
majdr_willis:u got greasemonkey installed?16:00
c2tarunjrib: well I have hell lot of daemons running, but none of them is dconf.16:01
javier_wtf??? xd16:02
jribc2tarun: nah, I just mean to look for daemons that look like they have to do with power settings.  Dconf was unrelated16:02
_mis_tere_hello frnds16:02
c2tarunjrib: ohh...16:02
AdvoWorkusr13_, ok sec16:02
jribc2tarun: and these settings may actually be exposed through the gui; but I haven't used kde in a long time16:03
_mis_tere_whois _mis_tere_16:04
usr13__mis_tere_: preface that with /16:05
AdvoWorkusr13_, sorry for delay: http://pastebin.com/nHQFW37n16:06
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=== florin is now known as Guest1506
mjuszczakQuick question.  I installed skype and for some reason, it took *forever*. After looking at dpkg.log, I found this:16:09
mjuszczakhttp://pastebin.com/hLCyangv (I filtered out "status installed" only)16:09
mjuszczakdoes skype really have that many dependencies or did I do something wrong?16:10
MuNk`anyone know if there is a third party mod/addon/package to allow MAAS to work for IA64 machines?16:10
ClientAliveReally stupid question: In gnome tweak tool, how do you tell whether a button is on or off? I'm confused about which way it goes.16:10
f00dMonstaClientAlive: for me... It glows when it's *on*16:12
ActionParsnipmjuszczak: if you run 64bit ubuntu, yes16:13
ActionParsnipmjuszczak: its still the 32bit app, so you install a tonne of 32bit packages as deps16:13
mjuszczakahhh, okay.  Yes, I run 64 bit ubuntu.16:14
AdvoWorkusr13_, urgh, even doing all my iptables stuff, then doing iptables-save and then rebooting, still loses all the stuff16:14
ClientAlivef00dMonsta: So if I can see the letters/ word "off" then it means the button is on?16:14
ActionParsnipmjuszczak: thats why, until skype (microsoft) kick out a real 64bit client, you will get this16:14
truexfan81i noticed that about skype too, but didn't care enough to ask why lol16:14
usr13_AdvoWork: What are you expecting to accomplish with the rules you have?16:14
f00dMonstaClientAlive: for me... I see "On" and it's "glowing" orange16:15
f00dMonstaClientAlive: and when I see Off, it's grey16:15
AdvoWorkusr13_, block all incoming/outgoing traffic for the email server, the rules work as ive tested them, but i need to apply them, test them, reboot(do something else) and then remove them, i can't get past the reboot bit16:15
erictr1ckwhat is the difference between rub-compass and libcompass-ruby1.8 in the repos?16:16
deadmunderictr1ck: not sure,  maybe aptitude show rub-compass   says something different that aptitude show libcompass-ruby1.816:17
usr13_AdvoWork: Are you sure it's not working?    Have you checked from another PC?16:17
ClientAlivef00dMonsta: Mine is is shaped like two rectangles side by side, up against each other. I can One side says off one side says on but you can only see the word on one side or the other. If you can see "off" on the right side then the left side is solid white. (and vice versa). I can toggle by clicking only one side or I can click one side then the other - to switch it. It's ver confusing to me.16:17
ClientAlivef00dMonsta: so you don't know if its on when you can see the word "on" or when that side of the rectangle is solid white.16:18
usr13_AdvoWork: There is only one line there that will do anything: iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -m multiport --dport 25,80,110,143,443,993,995 -j REJECT16:18
AdvoWorkusr13_, well, i could access the emails erver via the web interface, and i couldnt after iptables, also sending email from the mail server worked, until i added those rules, then it didn16:19
usr13_AdvoWork: Probably the only one you need.  But check to see if any of those ports are filtered.16:19
f00dMonstaClientAlive: FOr me, seeing "ON" means it's ON16:19
AdvoWorkusr13_, will do thanks, any suggestions about getting past the reboot bit ? as the rules go when I do16:19
ClientAlivef00dMonsta: great. thank you.16:19
f00dMonstaWhy do I dislike aptitude? Seems like lots of people like it :x16:20
_mis_tere_anyone tell me how i change the size of unity icons in ubuntu 12.04?16:20
ActionParsnipf00dMonsta: personal taste. I like apt-fast personally :)16:20
bazhang!aptitude | f00dMonsta16:20
ubottuf00dMonsta: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.16:20
mjuszczakActionParsnip: ahhh okay :) Thanks!16:20
erictr1ckdeadmund, aptitude show ruby-compass.. provides libcompass-ruby1.8 and replaces libcompass-ruby1.8. not exatcly sure what that would mean though.16:21
usr13_AdvoWork: From another PC test with nmap i.e. nmap -p 25 192.168.1.x16:21
mjuszczakDoes anyone use skype-wrapper?16:21
truexfan81whats that do?16:21
mjuszczakMakes skype work nicely with ubuntu 12.0416:22
mjuszczakyou can minimize it, etc.16:22
deadmunderictr1ck: Not sure, a fork or something similar?  Sounds to me like you should install ruby-compass16:22
mjuszczakbut it's a 3rd party ppa so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it (is it safe, etc.)16:22
ActionParsnipmjuszczak: sits in the system tray for me, minimises nice16:22
usr13_AdvoWork:  Did you replace YOUR_CLIENT_IP   and  LOCAL_IP  with actual IP addresses?16:23
usr13_AdvoWork: If not, those rules will not work.16:23
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afab1how can I get the boot menu in 12.04 in order to get the kernel menu?16:25
afab1(holding the shift key does not work)16:26
Calinouhold shift at boot16:26
Calinoudo it at boot, just after the vendor's logo appears16:26
afab1which vendor, the MOBO's?16:26
* Calinou facepalms16:26
BluesKajaka the bios screen , afab116:26
ActionParsnipCalinou: hold it as soon as the system post beeps16:27
Calinounot all computers beep on boot16:27
Calinoumost laptops do not16:27
BluesKajafab1, the screen that shows you computer maker's name  , usually16:28
daftykinsor the EPA / energy star / awardBIOS / phoenixBIOS logos16:29
heraclessorry it was a accident16:29
designbybeckSo have you seen those decals people put over their glowing part of the apple logo on a mac? Any were you can get one what is a Ubuntu Sticker that will allow the Ubuntu Logo to glow?16:31
usr13_designbybeck: I don't know but sounds cool.16:32
adami1097I am trying to install lamp-server16:33
adami1097but I get this error16:33
adami1097tasksel: aptitude failed (100)16:33
ActionParsnipCalinou: well, you get the idea, just after the post screen vanishes16:33
* Calinou applauses designbybeck who managed to install ubuntu on a mac16:33
Calinoudeserves nobel prize of vendor lock breaking16:34
designbybeckno no... I don't have one Calinou just saw someone talking about Ubutnu on a Mac, and I'd rather advertise for Ubuntu if I did ever go that route, because I wouldn't run OSX16:34
adami1097Unable to set password for the MySQL "root" user                          │16:34
adami1097 │                                                                           │16:34
adami1097 │ An error occurred while setting the password for the MySQL                │16:34
adami1097 │ administrative user. This may have happened because the account already   │16:34
FloodBot1adami1097: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:34
adami1097 │ has a password, or because of a communication problem with the MySQL      │16:34
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: then why pay for an overpriced mac, you can get the same horsepower (if not more) with a cheaper system16:35
CalinouActionParsnip: +116:35
designbybeckI agree ActionParsnip16:35
adami1097Please help me with this error16:35
ActionParsnipadami1097: use a pastebin to show it and we can help16:35
designbybeckI did end up going with a desktop!... i'm excited to see Ubuntu run on it!16:36
VlanXanyone expert with "expect" ?  please i'm having some troubles  :|16:36
adami1097I also cannot set my password for mysqkl16:36
adami1097tasksel: aptitude failed (100)16:36
jribVlanX: you should just ask your question; and I'd suggest also including why you are using expect (i.e. what you actually want to accomplish)16:37
adami1097the mysql error is16:37
jribadami1097: please don't use your enter key as punctuation.  And use a pastebin to show us your error.  Also, how did you try to install lamp exactly (what command did you use)?16:37
f00dMonstadoes firefox and thunderbird eat memory for any of you guys?16:38
VlanXjrib: i've made a script with expect to retrieve the content of a router's configuration via SSH, but now i'd like to store the output on a file16:38
adami1097Thats the mysql pass error16:38
adami1097the command I did for it was16:38
adami1097sudo tasksel install lamp-server16:39
jribadami1097: you're still using enter as punctation16:39
adami1097please can you tell me how to fix this?16:39
jribadami1097: maybe you already had mysql installed and that's why a password could not be set.  Is that the case?16:39
adami1097Mysql is not installed16:40
mbalmerthat is good already ;)16:40
jribadami1097: can you pastebin what makes you say that?16:40
adami1097I know as it never installed.16:40
adami1097Always got that error.16:40
fusion27working with an ubuntu server on Amazon Web Services16:41
fusion27IP associated, created a new Linux user, just tried to login with ssh user@ip16:41
fusion27got a Permission denied (publickey)16:41
jribadami1097: dpkg -l '*mysql*'16:41
fusion27is there a way to not require a key and to prompt the user for auth?16:41
MonkeyDustVlanX  | tee blah stores to a file named blah16:42
MonkeyDustVlanX  that is a pipe and then tee blah16:42
maj!info vlc-shares16:42
ubottuPackage vlc-shares does not exist in precise16:42
jribfusion27: check your /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:42
chris92hey there... finally got ubuntu on my notebook and now I have a problem with the b43 wireless driver. I can connect to my WLAN network but cant get any internet connection established. any ideasß16:42
adami1097That is my output.16:43
jribadami1097: mysql package *is* installed16:44
adami1097do I need lamp server?16:44
jribadami1097: lamp just means linux, apache, mysql, and (usually) php.  Mysql is one component of lamp16:45
adami1097ok so how do I install lamp?16:45
jribadami1097: you do however need to (re)set your mysql root password16:45
oratedHi! What is the difference between <sudo sh> and <sudo su> ?16:45
adami1097How do I reset it?16:45
jriborated: they're both wrong in different ways :x16:45
jriborated: use "sudo -i" if you really need a root shell16:46
Calinoualways use sudo16:46
MonkeyDustorated  but you don't seem to know what you're doing, so better not use it16:46
Calinousudo -i and logging in as root are not advisable16:46
jribadami1097: you could probably just purge what you have installed and start over.  That may be easier for you.  Alternatively, see mysql's documentation on resetting mysql passwords: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset16:47
fusion27tx jrib16:47
jribfusion27: no problem16:47
adami1097jrib I just want to install the rest in lamp server16:47
chris92hey there... finally got ubuntu on my notebook and now I have a problem with the b43 wireless driver. I can connect to my WLAN network but cant get any internet connection established. any ideas?16:47
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:48
jribadami1097: you probably want to have access to your mysql database too...16:48
afab1is it normal to have a printer (usb) and get alternative add / remove messages from udevadm monitor --kernel ?16:48
oratedMonkeyDust: Speculate. I've seen tutorials where for accessing/interacting with /sys/* sudo sh is used and in other places sudo su is used16:48
ActionParsnipchris92: can you ping the router's internal IP?16:48
pansenI did chown www-data /var/www -R and chown www-data /var/www -R and adduser sonja www-data, but i still cannot change/delete files in /var/www. Why?16:48
chris92ActionParsnip: nope16:48
jribadami1097: I just told you16:48
ActionParsnipchris92: does the interface have an IP address?16:48
chris92ActionParsnip: yes16:49
jribpansen: log in again with sonja16:49
adami1097but I can't change my pass16:49
ActionParsnipchris92: ok, did you set it as static IP yourself?16:49
jribadami1097: I just told you 2 ways to remedy that.16:49
pansenjrib: i rebooted...16:49
jribpansen: output of "groups sonja"?16:49
adami1097I don't want to purge16:49
chris92ActionParsnip: what do you mean? The interface was always reachable thru the router's ip adress16:50
jribadami1097: then use my other suggestion16:50
adami1097I just want to install lamp serever16:50
MonkeyDustorated  better don't mess with sudo and /sys/ if you don't really know what you're doing16:50
adami1097what is that16:50
pansenjrib sonja : sonja adm cdrom sudo dip www-data plugdev lpadmin sambashare16:50
jribadami1097: you could probably just purge what you have installed and start over.  That may be easier for you.  Alternatively, see mysql's documentation on resetting mysql passwords: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset16:50
adami1097I can't16:50
ActionParsnipchris92: did yu manually set teh IP address on the wireless interface on the client system instead of using DHCP?16:50
pansenjrib: inside www-data: -rw-rw-r--  1 www-data www-data  652 Sep 27 18:31 qr-codes.php16:50
jribadami1097: you can't what exactly?16:50
adami1097change it16:50
chris92ActionParsnip: no I let it assign an IP adress via DHCP16:50
jribadami1097: why not?...16:51
adami1097i'll pastebin the error16:51
VlanXMonkeyDust: sorry do you mean  expect | tee file.text  ?16:51
jribpansen: and what command do you try?16:51
MartellHello, I want to run windows XP on my virtualbox, but if i attached a usb flashdisk, how do I open it on the virtualbox ?16:51
pansenjrib mv mv qr-codes.php adasd16:51
jribMartell: #vbox can help you with that16:51
pansenjrib mv qr-codes.php adasd16:52
jribpansen: ls -ld /var/www/16:52
Martelljrib: thanks hun16:52
MonkeyDustVlanX  i'm not familiar with expect, but i do know you can pipe any outcome to a file, using the command tee16:52
chris92ActionParsnip: also the connection details says "Connection speed: 5Mb/s - i think thats a bit low, although I'm literally 1.5m away from my router16:52
pansenjrib: drwxr-xr-x 3 www-data www-data 4096 Sep 27 18:34 /var/www/16:52
jribpansen: www-data group doesn't have write permission16:52
MonkeyDustVlanX  [some very long and complex command] | tee blah16:52
goddardahh man i dont even have to worry about the gnome overall menu16:52
goddardthey added it to gnome 3.616:52
pansenjrib: on the dir, but on the file!16:53
jribpansen: make sure you really want that by the way.  You are giving your webserver write access to your files (really you only need this for things like wikis for example)16:53
ActionParsnipchris92: cool, what is the output of:  ip route show default | grep default | awk {'print $3'}16:53
jribpansen: yes16:53
adami1097jrib why that error16:53
pansenif have a php code which writes qr-codes... so it needs write permissions16:54
pansenbut i can use a subfolder for that16:54
chris92ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230737/16:54
jribadami1097: did you stop mysql before doing that?16:54
=== Azzle-Dazzle is now known as iphonesucks
jribadami1097: I don't know then16:55
ActionParsnipchris92: so you have 2 connections to the same subnet?16:55
adami1097can I just change it  without those16:55
VlanXMonkeyDust: even the outcome of an ssh session from a remote machine?16:56
afab1is it normal to have a printer (usb) and get alternative add / remove messages from udevadm monitor --kernel ?16:56
adami1097root@zxdhfdai:/usr/local#    mysql -u root16:56
adami1097ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)16:56
adami1097That is a little error I also get16:56
chris92ActionParsnip: it only should be one connection, as I dont have any LAN cable attached atm16:56
MonkeyDustVlanX  try it, i'll try too16:56
rohncan anyone tell me how to get full hardware accilaration in cedar trail16:56
jribadami1097: what's your "free -m" output look like?16:57
ActionParsnipchris92: ok run:  ip addr     what is output please?16:57
rohni'm just installed 12.0416:57
rohnand installed all cedarview drivers also16:57
adami1097             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached16:58
adami1097Mem:           256        165         90          0          0          016:58
adami1097-/+ buffers/cache:        165         9016:58
adami1097Swap:            0          0          016:58
jribadami1097: you know better than to paste in the channel16:58
adami1097So 90 free16:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:58
ActionParsnipadami1097: yes16:58
rohnbut when i want to start gnome3 it gose to fallback16:58
chris92ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/123074416:58
ActionParsnipadami1097: 256Mb total, 165Mb used16:58
adami1097so what do I do \16:58
jribadami1097: well 90 is less than 128, so my guess is that is why16:59
adami1097why 128?16:59
MonkeyDustVlanX  tried it, didn't work over ssh16:59
jribadami1097: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230733/16:59
ActionParsnipchris92: yes, you have a wired connection with the same IP range as the wireless. This causes routing issues16:59
usr13_ActionParsnip: Why does adami1097 have 0 swap?16:59
ActionParsnipusr13_: must not have set one up17:00
chris92ActionParsnip: okay, and how do I solve that?17:00
VlanXMonkeyDust: yeah... so is there any chance even changing interpreter?17:00
smallfoot-what means FFe?17:00
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adami1097jrib but I have mysql installed17:00
MonkeyDustVlanX  forget what i said17:00
pansenjrib: thx17:00
jribadami1097: yes...?17:00
Picismallfoot-: feature freeze exception. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess17:00
VlanXMonkeyDust: you can actually?17:00
ActionParsnipchris92: you can run:  sudo ifdown eth0    and it should stop17:00
oratedMonkeyDust: When sudo -i should be used, when sudo -su and when sudo -sh?17:00
adami1097so why is it 128M?17:00
VlanXMonkeyDust: it returns an error here17:00
usr13_ActionParsnip: Not a very good way to run a linux system, but, well I dono, just never did it.17:00
MonkeyDustVlanX  no, but my remote pc has debian, no tee there17:00
jribadami1097: that's probably what it's setup to use by default.  I'm only guessing from the error you have pastebinned17:01
ActionParsnipusr13_: true specially with 256mb ram17:01
chris92actionparsnip: thanks man =) it worked. i just wonder why it was still active, there was no lan cable attached anymore17:01
VlanXMonkeyDust: oh wait, you mean the remote host must have tee right?17:01
usr13_ActionParsnip: I usually double the RAM amount for swap17:01
VlanXMonkeyDust: it's a cisco so it should have it17:02
ActionParsnipchris92: seems to be a Quanta Computer Inc ethernet chip17:02
VlanXlets see17:02
usr13_ActionParsnip: ... maybe overkill but I like to have plenty.17:02
ActionParsnipchris92: the routing had 2 paths to the same subnet so it causes routing to fail, one of the oldest bugs going17:02
chris92actionparsnip: okay, thanks again, works perfectly fine now! :)17:03
ActionParsnipusr13_: 1.1 x RAM for 2Gb RAM or more here17:03
adami1097Why do I need to change the pass?17:03
usr13_ActionParsnip: thx info.17:03
MonkeyDustVlanX  try    ls | tee username@192.......:/home/username/blah    (change where needed)17:03
ActionParsnipchris92: if you only use the wifi, you can disable the ethernet in bios :)17:03
ispirtoI'm having kernel panic issues and I suspected the RAM, I've been running memtest for half an hour now and it's stuck on this screen: http://i.imgur.com/ELdaL.png Does this mean the sticks are faulty?17:03
chris92actionparsnip: well it depends, when I'm at home I normally use wifi, at university I need the ethernet adapter. I just used the ethernet adapter to get wifi running at home17:04
MonkeyDustVlanX  use 'ls' to test the syntax17:04
adami1097jrib what about 1   SET PASSWORD FOR root@'localhost' = PASSWORD('password');17:04
usr13_ispirto: How many RAM sticks do you have installed?17:05
ispirtousr13_, 217:05
usr13_ispirto: Take out the first one and test again.17:05
nsudoam not able to see my samba shares from windows 7 pls help17:05
jribadami1097: what about it?17:05
adami1097can I do that to update it?17:05
adami1097also jrib why do I have to change it17:06
jribadami1097: sure17:06
ActionParsnipnsudo: if you run:  smbtree   on the samba server, do you see shares?17:06
jribadami1097: if you want to have a mysql server where you don't know the root password, I suppose you can do that17:06
VlanXMonkeyDust: i think i did it, you've been very helpful thanks again :)17:06
chris92cya all17:06
nsudoActionParsnip as in??17:06
adami1097-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('17:07
adami1097jrib why do I even need to change it?17:07
jribadami1097: if you want to have a mysql server where you don't know the root password, I suppose you can do that17:07
adami1097do what?17:07
jribadami1097: if you want to have a mysql server where you don't know the root password, I suppose you can have a mysql server where you don't know the root password17:07
adami1097jrib u a bot?17:08
jribadami1097: nope17:08
Seveasadami1097, yes, a very advanced ai17:08
Seveasno common sense though17:08
Seveasoh oops, thought I was in -offtopic17:08
ActionParsnipnsudo: its a terminal command17:08
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adami1097jrib can I not just keep the password as it is17:08
jribadami1097: yes, but you don't know what it is!17:08
adami1097but what command can I do to actually change it?17:09
jribadami1097: well first you need to sort out your memory issues so mysql can actually start17:09
adami1097Well how17:09
jribadami1097: look at top and see what's using all your memory17:09
Seveasadami1097 to change the mysql root password, shut down mysql, start it up without networking and authentication, and then you can log in as root and change the password17:09
adami1097top where?17:09
jribSeveas: he's getting this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230733/17:10
adami1097jrib where?17:10
jribadami1097: "top" is a command17:10
Seveasjrib, oh17:10
MonkeyDustVlanX  how did you d o it?17:10
adami1097shall I paste the command?17:10
adami1097no outpuy17:10
Seveasadami1097, pastebin the output of 'free -m' and 'cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf'17:11
iqualfragilehey guys, the software-center-humbleindiebundle-redeem-page looks crappy17:11
adami1097seveas I did the frre -m one17:11
iqualfragilecan i do anything about it?17:11
Seveasjrib, that could either be 'all memory is gone' or 'innodb is configured stupidly'17:11
MonkeyDustiqualfragile  define 'crappy'17:11
adami1097http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230762/ top command17:11
jribSeveas: he has 90 of 256 mb free and no swap17:11
jribSeveas: yeah, I actually don't know what the error means; just made a guess17:12
=== itachi is now known as Guest35876
Seveasjrib, and he wants to run mysql )or anything for that matter...) on that?17:12
adami1097jrib thats the output17:12
Seveasadami1097, get more memory. 256mb was good enough 15 years ago17:12
adami1097why though17:12
Seveasjrib, here's the clue: 120927 20:53:23 InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 128.0M17:12
Seveasit tries to allocate 128MB, that won't ever happen with only 90mb free17:13
Guest35876hi all, I hav a problem at login prompt. When i enter the password and again its giving me the login prompt17:13
Guest35876can someone tell me whats the problem.17:13
adami1097seveas yeah but maybe there is something wasting memory17:13
SeveasGuest35876, you entered the wrong password :)17:13
ActionParsnipGuest35876: press CTRL+ALT+F1 and log in there, then run:  sudo apt-get clean17:13
* adami1097 may just delete unreal ircd17:13
Seveasadami1097, try this and pastebin it: top -b -n 117:14
ActionParsnipGuest35876: then press CTRL+ALT+F7 and try and log in17:14
Guest35876Seveas, i am able to login via console17:14
SeveasGuest35876, log in on the console and look at ~/.xsession-errors17:14
Seveasadami1097, something's screwy if syslog takes 100% cpu17:15
iqualfragilemonkeydust: crappy like http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=e818da017:15
Seveasadami1097, and you didn't paste all of the top -b -n1 output17:15
usr13_"640K ought to be enough for anybody."17:16
nsudoActionParsnip yes i can see17:16
adami1097I did17:16
Guest35876ActionParsnip, its not working17:16
Seveasadami1097, yeah it should take less than a %17:16
iqualfragileah, i got it: the title of jamestown is some characters too long17:16
bob_I have a problem with the dash not hiding on 12.4...17:16
nsudoActionParsnip yes i can see17:16
iqualfragileso it destroys the layout17:16
adami1097how do I fix that17:16
ActionParsnipnsudo: ok, can the windows system ping the server?17:16
iqualfragilethat should not happen17:16
anant_Has anyone been using Ubuntu Q inside VirtualBox? For me, Compiz crashes at bootup, and there's a blank screen (just the background wallpaper) thereafter ..17:16
Guest35876Seveas, where can i see17:16
Seveasadami1097, anyway, you need to get more memory, you're running far too muich for 256MB17:16
ActionParsnipGuest35876: can you log in as another user graphically?17:16
nsudoActionParsnip yes17:16
adami1097i'll see how much bluevm charge for extra17:16
Guest35876ActionParsnip, Guest is working17:17
ActionParsnipnsudo: if you map a network drive can you access the share?17:17
ActionParsnipGuest35876: cool, so we know it's your user17:17
nsudoActionParsnip lets c17:17
usr13_... above quote is from 198117:17
ActionParsnipGuest35876: in the CTRL+ALT+F1 promt, run:  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME       once you get the prompt back, reboot and attempt to log in17:18
nsudoActionParsnip YaY , Thanks Bro17:18
bob_ I have a problem with the dash not hiding on 12.4., Could anyone be so kind as to point me to an a solution?17:19
adami1097who uses bluevm17:19
tbaghi all17:20
Seveashello tbag17:20
ActionParsnipnsudo: sweet17:20
Guest35876ActionParsnip, i did, but its not working17:21
nsudoActionParsnip Though my sound is not still working bro17:21
Guest35876ActionParsnip, again getting the login prompt when i issue the passwd17:22
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Guest35876ActionParsnip, is there any other solution17:23
bob_I have a problem with the dash not hiding on 12.4...i tried too google a fix,,but nnothing seems to work as yet..17:26
nsudoActionParsnip can also browse the samba shares over the internet by forwarding my ports??17:26
nsudoActionParsnip if yes how?17:26
usr13_bob_: What?17:26
bob_lol,sorry,, i've not used irc in a long time,,17:27
usr13_bob_: "dash not hiding"?17:27
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bob_I yeahah,when i open a full scren app, the dash stays opend17:27
Guest35876Seveas, where can i send the output of xsession-error file17:28
usr13_bob_: http://www.ntlug.org/Articles/CustomizeUbuntu17:28
ActionParsnipnsudo: i don't suggest it but you can17:28
ActionParsnipnsudo: I recommend you install openssh-server and use sftp17:28
ActionParsnipnsudo: port forward port 22/TCP and you'll be ok17:29
adami1097How do I add more memory on BlueVM17:29
ActionParsnipadami1097: I'd contact the hosters17:29
adami1097I have17:30
SeveasGuest35876, it's in ~/.xsession-errors17:30
r00t_r0tHi. i have ubuntu installed via WUBI on a seperate partition i have a clonezilla NTFS clone of a working windows install. Now i want to knw if ts possible for me to replace my existing windows partioning which is FUBAR with my cloned image WITHOUT using a usb/CD17:30
usr13_bob_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts17:30
adami1097Seveas I have my own IRC server that I hardly use, if I was to delete that how can I make a backup so if I want to have it back I don't need to setup fully again?17:30
Guest35876Seveas, please check http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230802/17:31
bob_no good, when i open systrm settings, appearence, that ooption is not there?17:31
Guest35876i am receving this error17:31
djazzhm, how long is it to ubuntu 12.10 beta 2?17:31
MonkeyDustdjazz  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule17:32
djazzMonkeyDust: yes, today17:32
djazzbut the day is almost over17:32
robertzaccourHow do I change the color of the wallpaper within the home folder from white to something else? I'm using MATE17:32
bob_usr13  and the super key doesn't do it either17:32
ActionParsnipdjazz: ask in #ubuntu+117:32
usr13_bob_: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool17:32
usr13_bob_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124414/how-to-customize-window-borders-and-controls17:33
bob_<usr13>  and the super key doesn't do it either17:34
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Guest35876@seveas got any thing??17:35
robertzaccourWithin the home folder around the icons is a white background. How do I change that to a different color?17:35
usr13_bob_: http://www.howtogeek.com/112974/how-to-customize-ubuntu-with-ubuntu-tweak/17:36
robertzaccourIs it possible to change the wallpaper within the home folder from white to something else?17:37
usr13_bob_: This one is prolly  best:   http://www.howtogeek.com/112974/how-to-customize-ubuntu-with-ubuntu-tweak/17:37
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SeveasGuest35876, looks like nautilus crashes due to some samba issue17:38
usr13_robertzaccour: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124414/how-to-customize-window-borders-and-controls17:39
NostradamusXXLikonia, hey17:39
kravionhi, my processor supports vmx but doesnt show up in /proc/cpuinfo. using ubuntu livecd and checked that its present, i'm guessing its because i installed ubuntu with vmx disabled in the bios or because i just changed the motherboard, is there a way to refresh or do i have to reinstall the whole operating system?17:39
Guest35876Seveas, so wat should be the solution17:39
=== entropy- is now known as [NM]entropy
SeveasGuest35876, hmm no, all gtk apps crash. paste the entire file please17:40
Ascavasaion_I have hit a blank... ports on a router... tCP and what is the other one?  UDF???  Something like that.  Total blank now.17:40
NostradamusXXLikonia, your boyfriend told me i was going to find you here. Will you come to our party later? BRAD will be there, if you get what i mean girl.17:40
SeveasAscavasaion_, udp17:40
MonkeyDustdjazz  depends on the time zone you're in ;)17:40
Ascavasaion_Seveas: thank you!17:40
djazzMonkeyDust: its 19:40 here17:41
MonkeyDustdjazz  in alaska it's not yet 10 am17:41
usr13_Ascavasaion_: What is the problem?17:41
gordonjcpAscavasaion_: udp?17:41
Ascavasaion_usr13_: Same problem... ports.17:41
djazzMonkeyDust: the isos are usually public around 16-17 my time17:41
r00t_r0tHi. i have ubuntu installed via WUBI on a seperate partition i have a clonezilla NTFS clone of a working windows install. Now i want to knw if ts possible for me to replace my existing windows partioning which is FUBAR with my cloned image WITHOUT using a usb/CD17:41
usr13_Ascavasaion_: Do you have firewall rules blocking ports? Or is it your router?17:42
nshiellHi does anyone know about graphics drivers?17:42
gordonjcpkravion: if you enable VMX in the BIOS it should all be fine17:42
nshiellI have a serious problem on my pc17:42
Seveas!anyone | nshiell17:42
ubottunshiell: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:42
gordonjcpkravion: there's no difference between a VMX and non-VMX kernel17:42
gordonjcpkravion: or rather, the same kernel is used for both17:42
usr13_Ascavasaion_: iptables -L |pastebinit #Send resulting URL17:43
greenithi, i can't enable the nvidia drivers since a couple of days... it always says "error while trying to enable nvidia driver, see /var/log/jockey.log for details", what can i do?17:43
Ascavasaion_usr13_: I have done a apt-get remove firestarter now.  then I did a sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 445 -j ACCEPT for each of the ports, 137, 138, 139, and 445.17:43
SolowI just installed ubuntu n a virtual machine for a friend. I also installed openssh-server, but I can not ssh in his box. I'm getting a connection refused. Does anyone know what could be the cause?17:43
nshiellI have an Nvidia card and yesterday I ran an update and the whole X11 system is broken! command line only17:43
nshiellI got another hard drisk and live bootet ubuntu17:44
nshiellthe live boot worked without nvidia drivers17:44
ClientAlivedoes anyone know where the default directory for gnome 3 wallpapers is?17:44
usr13_Ascavasaion_:  Do you have any real reason to run a firewall?17:44
ClientAliveon ubuntu 12.0417:44
Ascavasaion_usr13_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230830/17:44
nshiellnow i have booted into ubuntu (new install) its not right again17:44
BaldFatSolow: So ssh into tjhe virtual machine or the virtual machine to you?17:44
SolowBaldFat: I want to ssh in the virtual machine.17:44
Ascavasaion_usr13_: No, old habit.17:45
r00t_r0tubuntu runs slower then my windows install. i have 2ghz p4? cpu and 750?mbs ram is this normal for a wubi install17:45
SolowBaldFat: Do I need to change the firewall settings or something?17:45
kraviongordonjcp: because i'm hitting some issues with xen, if enabling it in the bios solves the problem, then probably the problem is somewhere else and i'll need to google for it... thanks17:45
BaldFatusing virtualbox?17:45
usr13_Ascavasaion_: It appears that you do not have anything blocked, but just to make sure just clear all.  sudo  iptables -F17:45
gordonjcpkravion: xen won't work worth a toss if VMX is disabled17:46
ActionParsnipr00t_r0t: which video chip?17:46
BaldFatSolow: Virtualbox?17:46
nshiellhi can anyone help with Nvidia X11 issue?17:46
ActionParsnipnshiell: whats the issue?17:46
usr13_Ascavasaion_: After that, you know for sure that nothing is blocked.  Now you can proceede.  (Next question....?)17:46
SolowBaldFat: Yes.17:46
Ascavasaion_usr13_: Still will not connect :(17:46
BaldFatSolow: http://muffinresearch.co.uk/archives/2010/02/08/howto-ssh-into-virtualbox-3-linux-guests/17:47
Filarhello, where can I donwload 12.10 beta 2? I can't find it in google17:47
vaibhavkHi, I used compiz config settings manager to change my profile and now Unity will not work (Unity2D still works though). When using unity, all that happens now is my wallpaper shows up and nothing else. I tried switching to tty1 and doing sudo unity --reset, however nothing happened. I have no idea how to correct this :( ! Please help! Thanks17:47
SolowBaldFat: I'll read that thanks17:47
ActionParsnipFilar: ask in #ubuntu+117:47
vaibhavkbtw, on ccsm, I clicked "Reset to defaults"17:47
BaldFatSolow: so where did you get stuck?17:47
usr13_Ascavasaion_: ps aux |grep smbd |pastebinit17:47
SolowBaldFat: I didn't read it yet.17:48
SolowBaldFat: Going to read it now.17:48
BaldFatSolow: looks like you set it up so vm has eth1 and your ct uses eth017:48
Ascavasaion_usr13_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230839/17:49
DarkStar1hi all. I was told that on 14.04 that the shutdown command is broken. What's the alternate replacement command17:49
Guest35876Seveas, how can i update the file in paste.ubuntu.com . its 3k size17:49
DarkStar1not 14.0417:49
usr13_Ascavasaion_: sudo apt-get install samba17:49
bob_<usr13>  I have it installed already,, and nothing i can do on tht screen helps to close the dash either,,i think it may be a bug related to video drivers17:49
SeveasGuest35876, uhhh... same as any content17:50
gordonjcpDarkStar1: "broken" in what way?17:50
DarkStar1sudo shutdown -h now doesn't work. I actually need to put a time value for it to work17:51
nshiellI have a dual screen setup. I ran a "partial update" yesterday and my graphics stopped working correctly. I used the Nvidia proprietary drivers.17:52
DarkStar1same on reboot17:52
nshiellI ran ubuntu off the cd and running live the graphics work fine (no other drivers needed).17:52
nshiellI then installed ubuntu to another had disk and now the graphics dont work, no dual head, slow performance, should i try loading proprietary drivers again into my new install?17:52
nshiellPlz help17:52
=== asdfasdfasdfasdf is now known as Guest76284
DarkStar1and and the -h option doesn't poweroff the computer17:52
bob_i have Cairo Dock installed and even when i chose no Dash,, it is still there and still will not hide? what's up wit dat17:52
DarkStar1gordonjcp: scrap that reboot doesn17:53
nshiellbob_ log out then back in and select "cairo dock with unity pannel"17:54
DarkStar1t work on my remote server17:54
nshiellor something17:54
bob_okay i will nsheill17:54
ActionParsnipwhy do you need 2 docks?17:54
nshielli use cairo dock _instead_ of unity launcher17:55
nshiell(not knocking unity :) )17:55
bob_it worked great on 11.417:55
DarkStar1at least sudo reboot works……17:55
_0x783czarnshiell: I will gladly knock it :p17:55
* DarkStar1 Panics17:55
adami1097If I delete my irc server, how do I make a backup first17:55
nshiellthe pannel at the top I like17:55
nshielleasy to script with python too17:56
familiaBETA 2 is out! http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/17:56
nshiellwith cairo dock makes my pc like a mac, with the pannel at the top17:56
ActionParsnipfamilia: its also still offtopic here17:56
nshiellanyone had any thoughts on my problem?17:56
Guest35876Seveas, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1230858/17:57
bob____okay, i logged back on17:57
=== mike_ is now known as Guest25414
nshiellI have a dual screen setup. I ran a "partial update" yesterday and my graphics stopped working correctly. I used the Nvidia proprietary drivers.17:58
Guest35876ActionParsnip,  is there any other solution for me17:58
nshiellI ran ubuntu off the cd and running live the graphics work fine (no other drivers needed).17:58
nshiellI then installed ubuntu to another had disk and now the graphics dont work, no dual head, slow performance, should i try loading proprietary drivers again into my new install?17:58
nshiellPlz help17:58
ActionParsnipGuest35876: not sure personally, maybe others can advise17:59
nshiellGuest35876 whats your problem?17:59
Guest35876ActionParsnip, it didnt work after follow this " sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME"17:59
bob____logged back on with unity  and still dash will not hise??17:59
=== jesseFromYVR_ is now known as jesseFromYVR
Guest35876nshiell, I hav a problem at login prompt. When i enter the password and again its giving me the login prompt17:59
nshiellbob u logged out, then _before_ u log back in click on the dropdown, dont select gnome shell or unity select the cairo dock thing18:00
SeveasGuest35876, remove the .xsession-errors and log in again. The file will be recreated, please upload the new file18:00
Seveasthis one confuses me slightly18:00
nshiellGuest35876 i think there may be a temp file u might need to delete18:00
bob____yes i logged in with cario dock, unity shell, right?18:00
nshielldo u wanna run unity?18:01
bob____no,,i want to run cario dock with no dash18:01
GuntapilusIssue: i trying to download ubuntu desktop x64 from www.ubuntu.com18:01
Guntapilusfile seems to be corrupted18:02
nshiellso select that18:02
Guest35876Seveas, nshiell : deleting xsession-errors  & xsession-errors-old file18:02
ActionParsnipbob____: install xfce4 then log in to that and set cairo to run at login18:02
bob____i did and when i log on the dash is there!18:02
ActionParsnipbob____: not in xfce18:02
PeterME_Hi, I'm having a little trouble with my wm here..18:03
nshiellnot sure how to get help, i have posted twice in the forums, created one ubuntu bug report and asked 3 times here for my issue, am i nagging yet?18:03
nshiell*sorry for being rude*18:03
bob____i did and when i log on the dash is there! can not get rid of the %^&%&^ thing.18:04
=== thiago_ is now known as Guest7815
nshiellbob do u mean the launcher on the left?18:04
bob____yes,the dash panel18:04
Guest35876Seveas, deleted the file18:04
PeterME_Just install gnome-panel or gnome-shell18:05
LibertytraderHi, I have a Lenovo U310 and the Webcam audio isn't detected as an input, what information would be relevant for troubleshooting?18:05
nshiellthe dash is what u get when u press the windows (super) key18:05
PeterME_From the Software center18:05
nshielllog out and there is an option to select which enviroment shell u want18:05
nshiellgnome shell unity etc18:05
PeterME_I have an odd problem though18:05
bob____pressing super key does nothing but open the dash18:05
nshiellthere should be a cairo dock option (weas for me)18:05
Guest35876Seveas, restart it .. still i'm facing the same problem18:05
PeterME_After I followed this guide: http://superuser.com/questions/411850/after-installing-ubuntu-how-do-i-get-rid-of-unity-and-go-back-to-gnome to remove Unity18:05
Guest35876Seveas, and the new file not created18:06
PeterME_And now after upgrading to the 12.10 beta my WM doesn't appear to start any longer..18:06
bob____yes, there is a cario dock option in log on,,but the dash is still there,,that's the problem also does not hide18:06
ActionParsnipPeterME_: Quantal isn't supported here yet18:06
ActionParsnipPeterME_: ask in #ubuntu+118:06
SeveasGuest35876, oh, I did not expect that.18:06
PeterME_Oh, okay18:06
SeveasGuest35876, anything relevant in dmesg or /var/log/messages18:06
ActionParsnipPeterME_: Quantal is not ready and not stabel18:06
Guest35876Seveas, do you know the files which will create at login time18:07
nshiellcan anyone help with x11 + nvidia issue?18:07
ActionParsnipnshiell: what is the issue?18:08
nshiellI have a dual screen setup. I ran a "partial update" yesterday and my graphics stopped working correctly. I used the Nvidia proprietary drivers.18:08
nshiellI ran ubuntu off the cd and running live the graphics work fine (no other drivers needed).18:08
bob____okay...i think io am going to reinstll 11.4 12.4 blows...18:08
nshiellI then installed ubuntu to another had disk and now the graphics dont work, no dual head, slow performance, should i try loading proprietary drivers again into my new install?18:08
nshiellPlz help18:09
ActionParsnipnshiell: uninstall the driver for nvidia then reinstall it18:09
nshielldid my issue get posted into the forums?18:09
nshiellchat window18:09
FloodBot1nshiell: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:09
nshielli tried on my old ubuntu install, didn't work18:09
nshiellthing that i dont understand is how comes the graphics where ok when ruinning ubuntu off the cd?18:09
Guest35876Seveas, nothing fishy found18:10
nshielli had dual head _without_ drivers18:10
ActionParsnipnshiell: the open source drivers are in use on the liveCD, not the proprietary driver18:10
ramosAnyone here using a Webcam? If so what model do you recommend. I want to be able to access it from my smartphone?18:10
nshiellcan i get the opensource drivvers on my new ubuntu install?18:11
ActionParsnip!hcl | ramos18:11
ubotturamos: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:11
jribGuest35876: still here!?  You've checked df -h to make sure the /home partition isn't full?18:11
ActionParsnipnshiell: they are in a default install18:11
Elvano_When I boot my system I get the error he can't find the file libc.so.6. I've already tried copying the file back from an old clone, but without result. Can anyone help me on this, please?18:11
ActionParsnipElvano_: can you boot to root recovery mode18:11
nshiellactionparsnip so how comes my secondary monitor isnt working now and i have bad performance?18:12
Elvano_I can not, ActionParsnip18:12
ActionParsnipnshiell: you probably have half installed driver, remove the nvidia packages (not nvidia-common) then rinstall the nvidia-current package once they are all gone18:12
Guest35876jrib, i have 8GB free in ubuntu18:12
ActionParsnipElvano_: then you can boot to live CD and possibly chroot from that to help the system18:13
nshiellactionp this is a new install, i nuked my old install trying in vein to fix it18:13
adami1097How will I make a backup of my server18:13
jribGuest35876: if you have a separate partition for /home, it could be full and you'd still have 8gb free on another partition.  You should check df -h18:13
Elvano_Already running live CD, what's scrooting? @ ActionParsnip18:14
ActionParsnip!backup | adami109718:14
ubottuadami1097: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning18:14
JoostI tried merging mp3s, so I tried cat * >> combination.mp318:14
JoostIt worked like a charm18:14
JoostBut the ID3 tags seem messed..18:15
Guest35876jrib, i dont create separate partition for /home .18:15
Joostanyone have any better ideas to do that, so that other software is able to see the length properly? :p18:15
nshiellactionparsnip do u need propertary drivers for my nvidia card to work correctly on 1?18:15
ActionParsnipElvano_: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video   just replace 'bind' with '--bind' in the guide, once you run the chroot command the commands you run will be ran on the installed OS18:15
jribGuest35876: proceed then :)  Just a thought18:15
adami1097Now I  gotta remember the urnrealirc dir18:15
ActionParsnipnshiell: I believe the open drivers will work on 1 display18:15
Guest35876Seveas, any solution18:16
nshiellweird how i could get 2 displays working on the live cd about 2 hrs ago18:16
Guest35876jrib, do you know the files created at login time18:16
jribGuest35876: what about them?18:17
adami1097jrib what is the command to remove18:17
adami1097like rm -rf18:17
Elvano_Is it my Grub which is the problem, ActionParsnip?18:17
ActionParsnipnshiell: I don't use dual displays so can't really say, if it works then it works18:17
nshiellactionparsnip im worried that installing the proprietary drivers will break this install too18:17
RidDribHow to start my x graphic in ubuntu server?18:17
Guest35876i heard that "there r some file which are created at login time. if we delete those i can get by chance"18:18
nshiellits so frustrating when ubuntu breaks and no one knows what to do18:18
Guest35876jrib,  i heard that "there r some file which are created at login time. if we delete those i can get by chance"18:18
ActionParsnipnshiell: get the proprietary drivers out and see how it goes18:18
ActionParsnipnshiell: you can see what drivers are around with:  dpkg -l | grep nvidia18:18
nshielli usually goto the drivers app18:19
nshielland select the current one18:19
jribGuest35876: when you create a new user, can you login?18:19
ActionParsnipnshiell: use the command I gave and you can see the packages installed18:19
nshiellok 1min18:19
ActionParsnipnshiell: or run:  sudo apt-get --purge remove `dpkg -l | grep nvidia | grep -v nvidia-common | awk {'print $2'}`18:20
ActionParsnipnshiell: will remove the packages18:20
edorahello people i want adobe flash player for playing vid streams so can anyone of you know how to get debian package for that?18:20
ActionParsnip!flash  | edora18:20
ubottuedora: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash18:20
nshiellaction parsnip why do i need to remove pacages, this is a fresh install18:21
Guest35876jrib, yes i18:21
edoraoh thanks peps thanks a lot but it is taking time iam so hurry to do that hell18:21
Guest35876jrib, yes i'm able to login18:21
=== ianp_ is now known as ianp
adami1097HELP ME18:21
jrib!helpme | adami109718:22
ubottuadami1097: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude18:22
=== pete_ is now known as cbx33
edoraso can ii use gnash?18:22
jribGuest35876: well you can just create a directory called "dotfiles" move all the files that start with '.' in there.  You'll reset all your settings though18:22
adami1097jrib what is the rm-rf remove command?18:22
jribadami1097: to remove what?  rm -rf PATH    will remove PATH18:23
adami1097I needed to delete unrealircd18:23
theplanethow was it i upgrade to 10.10 before upgradimng to 12.xx18:23
theplanetim  on 10.4018:23
adami1097Now I gotta try seeing if I have enough ram18:24
Guest35876jrib, you mean i need to replace my old hidden files (effected user) with the new hidden files (new user) right?18:24
adami1097huh I have less18:24
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade18:24
jribGuest35876: nah, you can just move your oldusers dotfiles to some directory like ~/dotfiles and they'll be recreated automatically18:24
ClientAlivegnome 3 on my desktop is missing a lot of stuff. I don't have workspaces, I don't have a clock in the upper bar/ panel. What is missing for me to have that? Is there something I need to install?18:24
adami1097 3198 ircd18:25
Guest35876jrib, oh ok.18:25
adami1097in my top -b -n 118:25
adami1097how do I remove it18:25
pentagonwould be very hard to rip out avahi on a desktop system and  install isc-dhcp-client ?18:25
ClientAliveActually, it seems to be a different gnome 3 than the one on my lappy. This one, you can't remove the solitart game or a few other items or it will remove gnome completely.18:25
jribadami1097: you can use "stop SERVICE" where SERVICE is the name of the service responsible for the ircd :x18:26
adami1097stop: Unknown job: ircd18:26
adami1097I needed to delete it to free the ram18:26
wavelightok, thank you, I guess I need the ""plastic router ""18:27
adami1097ohh it didnt remove18:27
jribadami1097: what does this return: readlink -f $(which ircd)18:27
adami1097-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('18:28
jribadami1097: try again, more carefully18:28
ramosok anyone know what software exist out there for me to access my webcam via smartphone?18:28
Akiva-WorkQuestion: intalled ubuntu on wubi, and my computer is slow inthe sense that doing every new task, my computer freezes just for a second18:28
Akiva-Workthis was happening on windows as well18:29
bekksreadlink -f `which ircd` :)18:29
adami1097oot@zxdhfdai:~# readlink -f which ircd18:29
adami1097readlink: extra operand `ircd'18:29
adami1097Try `readlink --help' for more information.18:29
bekksNotice the ``18:29
jribadami1097: why are you changing the command18:29
adami1097cause the ( wasn't accepted18:29
jribadami1097: I would have said "oh right the ( should not be there"18:30
ClientAliveanyone on gnome 3?18:30
adami1097 /root/which ircd18:30
Elvano_When I ran the scroot command I got the same error but with a different library file "/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: libtinfo.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"  @ ActionParsnip18:30
ClientAlive gnome 3 on my desktop is missing a lot of stuff. I don't have workspaces, I don't have a clock in the upper bar/ panel. What is missing for me to have that? Is there something I need to install? Actually, it seems to be a different gnome 3 than the one on my lappy. This one, you can't remove the solitart game or a few other items or it will remove gnome completely.18:30
greenithelp, my nvidia drivers have disabled themselves and when i want to enable them, jockey says it has an error18:30
edoraone more que icannot able to copy video files from cd/dvd on ubuntu why?18:30
ianpClientAlive: I heard gnome 3 wasn't received very well... are you using stock gnome 3? you might try MATE or Cinnamon18:32
ianpI'm not very experienced honestly but i gathered that from reading the web lately18:32
ikoniaClientAlive: I'd advise you to ignore what ianp is saying18:32
edora<ClientAlive> by defsult they all are in gnome desktop do a fresh install18:32
ikoniaClientAlive: he's suggesting using totally unsuported software that is not designed for ubuntu, but borrowed from another ubuntu-style OS18:32
edora<ikonia> installing gnome shell from ubuntu official repo do fine job and better stability18:34
ikoniaedora: I didn't say it wouldn't but your statement does depend on the user liking gnome-shell18:34
snwhcan someone answer me the 32-bit vs 64-bit question for Ubuntu?18:34
snwhI've used both and don't particularly notice the difference -is using 64-bit beneficial18:34
Kara_M_Hi everyone.  I am on Ubuntu with the windows installer, using a gforce9800gt, when I log into Ubuntu I am getting a funky graphics problem, and I can't see anything to check for graphics drivers18:34
r00t_r0tubuntu runs slower then my windows install. i have 2ghz p4? cpu and 750?mbs ram is this normal for a wubi install18:34
ikoniar00t_r0t: it's probably your graphics card configuration18:34
edorayes and they are talking about that i think18:34
r00t_r0tikonia, how would i fix that?18:35
ikoniar00t_r0t: I personally don't like wubi installs, I don't believe they run well and (in my view only) should be avoided18:35
jribadami1097: yes?18:35
ikoniar00t_r0t: it depends on what video card you have and how well it's supported and your current setup18:35
adami1097jrib why can I still connect to my irc server when I have deleted unreal18:35
edora<ikonia> video card?18:35
ikoniaedora: yes, video card18:35
adami1097also why did my memory decrease18:36
edorawhat is role of that here?18:36
jribadami1097: you said yourself ircd is still running18:36
adami1097but how as I deleted the dir18:36
r00t_r0tikonia, i have no blank cds so i cant do a normal install. And all my money goes to my kid and wife,i cant aford to waste money on cd's/flash drives.18:36
ClientAliveikonia: edora: guys, it's cool. I thought abotu cinnamon and other variants but decided I'd rather have the stock gnome 3 and build up from there. What I really want is for it to be the same on both computers. One computer is 32 bit and the other is 64 (not sure if that makes a diff). I'm pretty sure I got a different gnome on the desktop though. I have tried reinstalling on the desktop but get the same result.18:36
ikoniaedora: what ?  user has asked why his machine appears slow, I've stated it's most likely a visual thing from his video card being poorly configured18:36
ikoniaedora: why are you asking what a "video" card has to do with thiat, it's pretty obvious18:36
edoraif  you have one as per required then nothing you need18:36
ikoniar00t_r0t: that's your choice,18:37
adami1097 3083 ircd      15   0  6604 2692 1248 S  0.0  1.0   0:02.64 ircd18:37
adami1097jrib ^18:37
ikoniar00t_r0t: I didn't ask for a life story or reason, you asked if this was common with wubi - I gave my opinion18:37
r00t_r0tikonia, do i detremine what video card im using and what can be done to fix it.18:37
mtl1Hi. Anyone around at all familiar with iscsi?18:37
adami1097do I need to reboot server?18:37
ikoniaedora: what ?18:37
r00t_r0tikonia, sorry,most people always tell me i should just buy some blank cd's or a usb.lol.18:37
jribadami1097: sure, reboot the server18:37
ikoniar00t_r0t: I don't care what you do, it's your machine, your call, no judgment18:38
edoraoh yes but it also depends what u configured on ubuntu18:38
adami1097I mean for it to dissapear?18:38
ikoniaedora: I suggest you stop talking if you are trying to say this about a video card18:38
jribadami1097: you don't need to, but that would make it disappear (assuming you've uninstalled it (which should have also made it disappear))18:38
adami1097jrib how18:38
edora<ikonia> yes you r rit but 760 of ram may be reason18:38
jribadami1097: how what?18:38
ikoniaClientAlive: no difference in desktop between 32/64bit18:38
ikoniaedora: what are you talking about ???18:39
adami1097How come top shows ircd still?18:39
adami1097jrib ^18:39
jribadami1097: I don't know.  How did you uninstall it?18:39
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
adami1097rm -rf /home/unreal18:39
jribadami1097: how do you start it normally?18:39
adami1097Start what?\18:40
ikoniathe daemon is just running in ram - just kill the process18:40
edora<ikonia> i am running ubuntu on intel atom 1.65 ghz and 1 gb of ram and it goes ok18:40
jribadami1097: ircd18:40
ClientAliveikonia:  ok. I think I have some Debian gnome 3 varaiation on this desktop; but, on the laptop is not that.18:40
ikoniaedora: I dont know why you are telling me this18:40
adami1097it's just started18:40
pentagonHow do I get a network assigned hostname do I need to rip out avahi and install isc-dhcp ?18:40
ikoniaClientAlive: are they both stock ubuntu 12.04 installs ?18:40
edora<ikonia> iam talking bout ram primary memory of sysytem