* smartboyhw wonders can Beta 2 be marked ready10:17
astraljavaWere there any testers?10:25
smartboyhwastraljava, well there is one (me) on amd64 and another volunteer for i386...10:27
astraljavaHow were the results? Were the required tests successful?10:28
smartboyhwastraljava, successful:D (Though actually we can handle 1 of the 4 testcases) and I think it can be marked ready....Not much new on beta 2 anyway10:28
astraljavaYeah, if there were no alarming issues found while testing, I suppose it's only for the better to get it out there for wider testing. Beta-2 is usually very tempting already for the bigger masses.10:44
* smartboyhw thinks it is true and now waits for scott-work to appear.10:45
knomeastraljava, are you calling me fat?10:46
astraljavaknome: When have I ever not?10:46
astraljavasmartboyhw: Are you familiar with ubuntu-utah-devel@lists.u.c?10:46
smartboyhwastraljava, er no:P10:47
* knome listens too.10:47
astraljavaSeeing that you're now more interested about test cases, automation should be the obvious next step.10:47
smartboyhwlen-dt you here? Would you like to help test the i386 iso? Only one guy is not enough:P10:47
astraljavaknome: I was planning to mention this to elfy as well.10:48
astraljavaBut do you wanna?10:48
* smartboyhw rather wants astraljava to talk about it in #xubuntu-devel so everyone can listen:P10:48
knomeastraljava, you should10:48
astraljavaI don't have time for longer chat, and I don't really know about it that much. But it was certainly on my mind when I wanted to develop our QA processes.10:49
knomeyep, sounds like a natural next step10:49
* smartboyhw thought that testcases are about those in the ISO QA Tracker:P10:49
smartboyhwWelcome scott-work :)13:34
smartboyhwscott-work, are you going to sign off the image?;)13:38
astraljavaseb128 | I'm sorry but it's just not realistic to expect me or whoever upload glib and gtk to be responsive for ever years old unmaintained universe source13:40
astraljavasome of our packages won't probably be around much longer... ^^13:40
smartboyhwastraljava, sad news then13:40
smartboyhwtesters here? Please test the i386 build, not all of the mandatory  tests are not being run and skaet is saying that we may just not go and release it. ailo, len-dt astraljava if you can do help14:07
* smartboyhw will do the amd64 one14:07
scott-worksmartboyhw: i will be doing it, i had thought i already had14:15
smartboyhwscott-work, no now skaet said no one is doing the mandatory testcases and no Beta 2 if no test14:15
scott-worki may log on, but the is generally a formality when i have people at my desk needing help, messages on my phone, and email waiting to be answered...all related to work14:16
scott-workright, how many tests are left and how much time do we have left?14:16
astraljavaI'll see if I can test i386 when I get home, but it won't happen very soon, ETA in about 2 hours or so.14:17
smartboyhwscott-work, tests: i386 auto-resize and manual partitioning14:17
smartboyhwtime: dunno14:17
smartboyhwamd64 one left I will do it14:18
smartboyhwtime: 1 hour at least14:21
scott-worksince my boss was fired (which was really an ill conceived insertion between me and the VP of engineering) i have been much, much more busy with work14:44
smartboyhwscott-work, oh ok14:44
scott-worki don't like this...i don't like it at all14:44
scott-workpartly because it detracts from other things, but also because it's stupid14:45
scott-worki say stupid because there are problems that i shouldn't have to address14:45
scott-workso i'm working on a developing a framework here at work that should eliminate (or at least mitigate) their interference with me and my department14:46
scott-worki _had_ planned on minimizing my efforts with studio for this cycle in order to work on producing some content, i haven't even had time to really do that :(14:46
scott-worki'm quite frustrated and pissed about it14:46
smartboyhwOH no14:46
smartboyhwOK test finished yay!14:53
micahgastraljava: what's the problem with glib?14:53
micahgis this for the rebuild failures?14:54
smartboyhwImages ready guys:)14:55
astraljavamicahg: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/09/27/%23ubuntu-devel.txt, from 12:54 onwards, party includes doko & seb128. Specifically our package libgstreamermm-0.10-2 is affected.15:48
smartboyhwBye all:)15:56
micahgastraljava: right, I'll try to tackle those rebuild failures next month (although, idk if I'll get it in time for final freeze)16:11
micahgdoko and seb128 had a similar exchange last cycle16:11
astraljavaYou could kinda tell from this one that it wasn't the first. :)16:19

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