holsteindarn... i missed talking FloatingGoat out of that honer03:06
Unit193Never heard of, only players in the family are sis and mom (2 out of 5 ;) )03:12
len-dtholstein, the one Hohner guitar I have (The Jack) , Has fret placement problems.. the intonation moves all the way up the fretboard... back and forth. It is fine at fret 12 and open, but G is way sharp for example.03:36
len-dtA is better... you get the idea.03:37
holsteinyeah, honer is not great quality for strings...03:37
holsteini think there is better value out there03:37
holsteinlen-dt: how's it sound otherwise? decent?03:37
drupinmy usb install was freez when running local server and google chrome....  system info here http://jsbin.com/isiguk/1/07:29
holsteindrupin: at a glance, i would start looking into the via chip support.. maybe forcing vesa15:22
holsteindrupin: i would take the USB stick to another machine to test that the install is working fine15:22
hypnocatwhen i do an "apt-get update", i see a bunch of messages like:17:48
hypnocatW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/multiverse i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-updates_multiverse_binary-i386_Packages)17:48
hypnocatW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems17:48
hypnocatbut when i re-run "apt-get update", i get the same warnings17:49
hypnocatany suggestions on how i could fix this?17:49
holsteinhypnocat: first thing i would check is PPA's that have been added18:06
holstein2nd thing i would do is check out http://askubuntu.com/questions/183007/duplicate-sources-list-entries18:07
holsteinsudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/precise-partner.* is suggested, and seems apppropriate18:07
hypnocathow do i check what PPA's have been added?  and what are PPA's?18:09
holsteinhypnocat: if you didnt add any, then there likely arent any18:12
holstein!ppa | hypnocat18:12
ubottuhypnocat: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:12
holsteinusually breakages occure due to adding those18:12
hypnocati didn't add anything18:12
holsteinhypnocat: that link i gave should explain how to deal with your issue18:12
hypnocati get the above errors when running "apt-get update" from the ubuntu studio livecd as soon as it's booted18:12
hypnocatwithout making any changes tothe system18:13
holsteinhypnocat: i wouldnt run apt-get update18:13
holsteinnot on the live CD18:13
holsteini would do minimal package management from the live CD.. though that link should explain how to deal with what you are experiencing18:14
hypnocatalright, thank you18:14
holsteinim not saying you shouldnt install things in the live environment.. but you will have issues18:15
holsteini mean, what if you update the package list? and you need to install a bunch of libs?18:15
holsteinor update the kernel?18:15
holsteinat some point you might hit something that requires a reboot18:15
holsteinthe live environment is just that.. and should really be used mostly "as-is" or as testing18:15
holsteinif you want a live USB stick, i say, just go ahead and install.. do a normal installation to the stic putting grub on it18:16
holsteinyou can also do your own live CD18:16
hypnocatwell, i just wanted to get the latest versions of the various apps that are available18:19
holsteinhypnocat: sure, but every time?18:19
hypnocatevery time i use the livcd, sure18:19
holsteinhypnocat: i wouldnt bother just for the live CD.. not everytime its booted up18:19
hypnocati don't do it often, mind you18:20
holsteinthat could be a big upload each time18:20
hypnocatbut sometimes i need to use the livcd, and then it'd be nice to have the newest apps18:20
hypnocatit's not that big a download18:20
holsteinbest case scenario, you spend 20 to 30 minutes getting new apps that dont require a reboot18:20
holsteinhypnocat: it'll get bigger as the packages get older18:20
hypnocattrue.. but then there'll be a new version of ubuntu studio18:20
holsteinhypnocat: you can always try the dailies18:21
holsteinhypnocat: i will use the LTS18:21
hypnocatwhat's LTS?18:21
holsteinthough i will test the 12.10 and others18:21
holsteinhypnocat: long term support18:21
hypnocati'm using 12.04.1 now18:21
holsteinim still using ubuntustudio 10.04 on my studio rig18:21
holsteinthought i test the other versions as time permits18:22
holsteinjust as you want the latest packages, i just want things to work18:22
hypnocati haer you18:22
holsteini will move to 12.04 though18:22
hypnocati'd like the newest stuff.. but when it doesn't work, i'll settle for older stuff that does18:22
holsteinstill, just make your own live CD>. or just install to USB... i wouldnt expect big system upgrades to work well on the live CD18:23
holsteini mean, maybe you want to try a different jack version.. or a particular app upgrade.. still, there wont be big changes in the 12.04 version18:23
holsteinthose updates are mostly frozen to just security upgrades or whatever18:23
holsteinrunning apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on a live 12.04 cd wont get you the latest and greatest.. it'll just get you the updates to the current versions18:24
holsteinfixes mostly18:24
holsteini would just download a daily every now and then18:24
holsteinthat will be the most current versions mostly18:27
holsteineven some of those will be older than the most newest available18:27
holsteinardour is a great example18:28
holsteinwe are shipping an older version that just has fixes... and the ardour team is working on 3.x18:28
holsteinyou wont see 3.x in ubuntustudio for a while... til its stable18:28
holsteinyou can apt-get update all day in any live ubuntu cd and never get anything ardour has produced recently18:29
hypnocati see18:31
hypnocathmm.. i think i may have run in to a small problem while trying to install libjack-dev..18:40
hypnocatmy fault18:47
hypnocati didn't realize that ubuntu-studio was using libjack-jackd218:47
hypnocatand that i therefore needed to install libjack-jackd2-dev, not libjack-dev18:47
hypnocatinstalling libjack-jackd2-dev worked18:48
joebarHi people , i've got a question , is it possible to use two audio driver at the same time ?19:41
ailojoebar: By audio driver, do you actually mean sound system?19:44
ailojoebar: You can use PA, jack and alsa all at the same time19:44
ailoDepending on how you do it19:44
ailoYou can always use them with different cards, at the same time19:45
ailoPA can be connected to jack19:45
ailoWhen PA is connected to jack, PA is not using any audio card, so you can have both PA and jack running on one card19:45
joebarno I mean , when I use wine with the ASIO driver , I can't hear any other sound from anywhere , I mean , if I use my audio production program , I can't hear sounds from video or media player19:48
joebarso I'm asking if it is possible to run two drivers at the same time and if not , is there a driver that I could use for both aplications19:50
joebarnvm i figured it out20:06
joebartnx anyway20:06
len-dthypnocat, holstein, the message about two sets of PPAs is normal when running a live ISO. This is because the DVD/ISO has a second set or copy of some of the things. This normally goes away after the install and reboot to disk. Otherwise it seems not to affect anything.21:52
len-dtholstein, The hohner "Jack" seems to be a cheaply made instrument. It is neck though and headless.21:53
len-dtI replaced the bridge pickup right off because one of the cheap plastic mount tabs was broken... I put an S/D in. The two neck PUs are ok sounding though. The bridge is a cheap knockoff of the steinberger that I could never get to stay in tune, so I have made it as solid as I can... no more whammy.21:56
len-dtbasically, if I had money, I would replace it.... if I was playing it for gigs, I would replace it even if I couldn't afford it. It is ok for playing around with and for gigging... with lots of patience to make sure it stays at one temperature as that affects tuning too.21:59

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