elfyknome: where are people supposed to put results for the post install and desktop tests when they've archived them already :(06:52
astraljavaelfy: If you haven't already, I suggest asking on -testing, there is possibly a bug with the testcases for post-installation and desktop cases, install tests seem to be fine.07:37
elfyyea 07:37
astraljavaBut yeah I agree this is a big issue, time is scarce.07:38
elfyI saw it happen as well :(07:39
elfyone minute it was there, next poof - gone 07:39
astraljavaDamn, that's not supposed to happen.07:40
elfyI was http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/238/builds/24259/testcases/1434/results - reloaded page for some reason - archived 07:41
elfywell I asked in -testing 07:41
elfyat least I did do the tests lol 07:41
astraljavaNoticed, thanks. Interested to see what is the cause for that.07:41
elfyyea - bit mad really, and I understand the testcases now as well - the install ones are common - just the other two are specific07:43
knomeelfy, archived? hmm..09:14
knomeelfy, you have now access to xubuntu.org/wp-admin09:23
elfythanks knome 09:34
elfyif you need to know, those tests all went archived sometime between 6:15UTC and 6:35UTC09:36
knomewell, i signed off the images anyway09:36
elfyindeed :/09:36
elfyk - I did actually test them - so everything except autoresize has been tested at least once09:37
elfy2 of the bugs I saw - I assume to be either as planned, something that's not xubuntu - the only real bug I saw was the dupe partitions09:37
astraljavaelfy: smartboyhw: knome: 'Twas in the ancient times, upon the distant lands of Ubuntu Studio, that ubuntu-utah-devel@lists.u.c was softly whispered into the cool evening breeze. It fell upon me to deliver this secret onto thee. Heed my words, and seize the day. Or something...10:51
* smartboyhw doesn't understand astraljava's poem sorry:P10:51
astraljavaAnd no, I haven't been drinking.10:51
astraljavaThat much, anyway.10:51
* elfy wonders what that's all about 10:53
* smartboyhw thinks it is about QA:P10:53
elfyreally? 10:53
knomeelfy, automated testing10:53
knomeelfy, we should look at that for R10:54
* smartboyhw does not understand what IS automated testing sorry10:54
astraljavahttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-q-ubuntu-automation-test-harness, https://launchpad.net/utah mainly talk about it.10:54
elfyso this utah is not Utah - as in some state in America10:54
astraljavaNot really. It used to be UATH, but that was too close to being funny, they made it funnier.10:55
astraljavaIt'll improve your testing perfomance immensily, if setup correctly. Granted, I'm not fully aware of how well it'd work for Studio or Xubuntu, but it's worth a shot. Gema is the gal to talk to.10:56
* smartboyhw knows gema since she just talked to him two days agoP10:56
elfyI can follow that up if necessary - I'll have a spare machine soon as well that I can dedicate - but I need to have a proper read of that 11:00
pleia2I did 3 tests on tuesday night, but they aren't seeming to be counted on the tracker (they are in user stats for beta2 though)16:00
pleia2anyway, it looked good :)16:00
* pleia2 late2theparty16:01
SkippersBosswhat party ??16:18
SkippersBossi should have known16:22
astraljavaOh sorry, wrong channel.16:23
davmor2astraljava: when ever a site starts ISIT  the answer is almost always NO!!!16:24
astraljavaWell, not for 14.3% of time...16:24
pleia2the beta2 party ;)16:24
elfyknome - Duplicated partitions might be shown at Thunar sidebar - and they'll be on the desktop too if they are there17:01
knomeelfy, mh17:01
elfyok - if I could have I would have :)17:02
knomeyeah i know17:03
pleia2haz beta219:44
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
pleia2put on twitter and g+19:48
Unit193xubuntu-default settings: http://pastebin.com/vtgiimPy notifi-daemon rather than xfce, and some other odd ones.22:27

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