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bubbaI am testing xubuntu01:33
naryfaHi, can anyone tell me how to start gnome-power-manager in xfce? Is that even possible?01:54
ramprasadgkwhere can i find gparted partition editor on my xubuntu live cd or on a lubuntu installed m/c02:49
slimjimflimhi, i just tried installing with the latest xubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso on a 32bit system and every time i get "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error and will now reboot"02:53
ramprasadgklooks like yout CD is corrupt02:53
ramprasadgkreburn disc image02:54
slimjimflimya probly02:54
slimjimflimi can see the mounted filesystem after it fails even, so that would make sense02:54
slimjimflimis there a way to check the disk from the livecd?02:55
ramprasadgkyes while partitioning02:55
slimjimflimer i mean the cd02:55
ramprasadgkonce you boot using ur livecd directly choose partitioning to view02:57
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LiamGreetings. I can't seem to get my ethernet (wired) to work on Xubuntu 11.10. I tried using a cable (fibre broadband, not ADSL) directly into the computer which I use on my stationary, AND I've tried dragging it through a router. Non works. Do someone have a clue?03:30
holsteinLiam: after the router is the ticket.. are you sure its working? does *any* computer connect from the router?03:31
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xubuntu612losing display on xubuntu 12.0403:37
holsteinlosing? in what way? maybe the hardware is going bad?03:38
xubuntu612new install of xubuntu 12.04 - first i lost the ability to change rotation and dpi settings - then i inadvertently clicked on a setting which made the video disappear ( black screen ) - now when i try to log in it gives black screen unless i change something at the session login page03:42
holsteinxubuntu612: what do you change that allows you to loging?03:43
xubuntu612i get the option of xcfe or xubuntu - selecting a different one from the previously used usually gets me the display back again03:44
holsteinxubuntu612: ok.. so you change some "setting" that breaks your desktop session, and you are able to choose the other and login.. correct?03:45
xubuntu612usually yes03:46
holsteinxubuntu612: you can boot the live CD if you'd like to really try and see what settings are "breaking" things03:46
MrBushidoanybody know any issues that cause the installer not to actually work? my friend is currently struggling to install any forum of linux ubuntu/xubuntu/mint/etc03:46
xubuntu612it doesn't always work - sometimes i have to resort to recovery mode and use the repair finction03:47
LiamMy wired connection works properly now. Allthough, I cannot in the name of Mother earth get the wireless to work.03:47
MrBushidohe managed to get getting a try(hd0,1) error saying something about wubildr or something on one try03:47
holsteinMrBushido: bad hard drive.. or memory... or the internet used to download the installer discs.. i would check md5 sums03:47
LiamI have the right drivers, I followed a guide on how to install b43fwcutter and everything seems right, but is there some way to SCAN for WiFi networks?03:48
LiamIn terminal it says my Network Interface are disabled though.03:48
LiamSorry for interfering lads.03:48
holsteinxubuntu612: that would repair a broken config as well. i would load up the live CD... play around there, and learn how to stop breaking your desktop session03:48
holsteinLiam: theres an icon by the time... should show available wifi networks03:49
holsteinLiam: sometimes, i have found i need to reboot to get those broadcom drivers to load03:49
Liamholstein: Well, it's the Network Manager isn't it? (two arrows). When I pop it open I have 5 sub categorys: Wired, Wireless, Mobile BB, VPN and DSL.03:50
MrBushidoholstein: would a hdd related issue stop the live environment from loading off a usb stick too?03:50
LiamWhere is the "scanner"?03:50
holsteinLiam: its usually just there in the list.. i would reboot if you havent, and go from there..03:50
LiamI just rebooted. I will try again.03:50
holsteinLiam: lspci will list the card, and you can check the broadcom wiki pages03:50
xubuntu612ok I'll have another play but can you tell me how to get at the dpi and rotation settings?03:51
Liamholstein: How was it to kill and restart the Network Manager? I had to hardreboot last time.03:51
holsteinxubuntu612: i use arandr.. but i dont typically change the rotation...03:51
holsteinxubuntu612: the included tool usually works fine.. if you have hardware that is not well supported, it might just be a challenge03:52
holsteinxubuntu612: you can always put an xorg.conf file in place and specify what you like manually...03:52
holsteinLiam: hardboot?03:53
LiamHolding the powerkey since I got a blackscreen because of "quick splash". Changed it to "nomodeset" and it worked.03:53
holsteinLiam: i typically just install that driver that i think both you and i are assuming you need... then i try the device and restart if needed03:53
LiamBut the Network Manager hangs, and doesn't restart when I hardreboot.03:53
xubuntu612strange thing is when I first installed all the display options were available and they all worked fine . Now the only option I get is to change the resolutuon (ie 640x480 etc etc )03:53
holsteinxubuntu612: maybe an update broke the display drivers03:54
holsteinxubuntu612: you could tell us what hardware you have.. or you could try booting an earlier kernel03:54
holsteinLiam: i would run lspci in the terminal.. i would cross reference the wifi chipset at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:55
xubuntu612its a gigabyte x64 mboard with onboard intel graphics - output id hdmi only03:56
LiamI got the BCM430603:56
holsteinxubuntu612: i woule expect issues with hdmi graphics..i would try the older kernel listed if there is one, and consider a custom xorg.conf.. i might load up a puppy linux live CD to aid with creating the xorg.conf03:57
holsteinLiam: i would try the others... udo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer03:58
holsteinsudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer03:58
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Liamholstein I will try it out, thank you.03:59
holsteinLiam: it'll "just work".. you wont have to do anything.. when you get the proper drivers, the wifi access points'll just show up there in the network manager04:00
LiamAh, I see. Thanks holstein!04:01
Liam__holstein: It worked! Thanks alot lad.04:05
xubuntu612OK thanks holstein - i'll need to d/l puppy and put it on a sd card. We cant get cd drives anymore ( well only the few PATA drives that are left in the shops and my board will only take SATA04:05
xubuntu612also - any idea how i can downgrade the kernel04:06
well_laid_lawnthe older kernel should still be in the repos04:09
holsteinxubuntu612: i would just boot the older kernel to test.. you can downgrade in the package manager of your choice04:25
holsteinxubuntu612: you dont need puppy to create an xorg.conf file, i just find it easier.. gives me a starting place04:31
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badkittyhelp! any one know why an Evo n610c laptop runs super slow on xubuntu and not on kubuntu?05:17
redderhsi thought xfce would be more efficient than kde..05:19
redderhsyour specs look like you should be able to handle xubuntu fine, but maybe you should wait till someone else comes around to chime in and give some insight, or better yet, maybe try posting on the forums.05:20
redderhsyour comparisons are on actual installs, not live cd right?05:21
well_laid_lawnalso check top in terminal to see if something is using lots of cpu05:30
redderhsMenu>System>Task Manager If you're not familiar with Terminal05:31
unheedingi'm trying to centre the bottom panel05:50
unheedingi've set the seperators on both sides to expand, but it still aligns to the left05:50
unheedingfound it05:52
unheedingokay i didn't ifnd it05:54
unheedingokay i found it06:05
fatpuddingHey, are there any one that have trouble with xpdf after the latest sys updates ? :)07:12
Sysiyou could try some other pdf viewer and/or report a bug07:13
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fatpuddingother works, but like xpdf, yes maybe i should07:15
fatpuddingremoved the old one and compiled a new version, xpdf back on track07:26
foobArrrhow do I cange window decorations, when using compiz with xfce? gconf-editor?07:36
well_laid_lawnfoobArrr: I think you need emerald for that tho I haven't used compiz for a while07:38
foobArrrgconf-editor -> apps -> metacity -> general -> theme does the trick, but I have to know the name of the theme there.07:38
well_laid_lawnthere is #compiz07:38
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz07:39
foobArrrwell_laid_lawn: isn't emerald deprecated?07:39
well_laid_lawnit is resurrected afaik07:39
foobArrrtried emerald some time ago, anyway. kept crashing. :/07:39
foobArrrbut thanks07:39
well_laid_lawnand metacity is not in xubuntu07:40
well_laid_lawnnor gconf07:40
cousteauNvidia card.  The (X)ubuntu splash doesn't show up until the graphic env is completely loaded (so it only displays for a second or so).  Any solution?07:52
cousteau(a text-based loader, for example)07:52
confreyhi everybody08:00
confreyjust installed xubuntu 64bit, I'd use unetbootin, but id doesn't work saying anything in terminal, what's missing?08:01
toraxconfrey: I had many problems installing from usb key. Things you can try is to format the usb key and try again08:04
confreytorax: doesn't work anything, neither window apperas08:05
Sysiconfrey: did you install unetbootin from repositories?08:05
confreyno, from site08:07
Sysitry with one installed the normal way08:10
confreyok, I did it and works now, thanks08:12
david__can someone help me with a problem I am having with mailmerge in libreoffice?08:54
Unit193I'd personally try the libreoffice channel, maybe more that have used the function.08:56
david__i did08:57
david__not help whatsoever08:57
david__they didn't even answer my question08:57
redderhsI don't know to the extent of what you're trying to do nor do I have experience with libreoffice but hopefully this link might help you: http://ask.libreoffice.org/question/589/mail-merge/09:04
david__thank you09:04
redderhsYou're welcome. Good luck! If the libre channel is completely idle, everyone may be asleep so give them some time to get back to you09:05
recon_lapbit annoying, BBC radio 6 wont play in rhythmbox on my new computer but works find on my old one, aggh , no good music !!09:13
cousteaurecon_lap, you on the UK?09:14
Sysiare you missing gstreamer plugins09:14
cousteauif not, maybe they are IP-blocking you...  they do that with videos09:14
recon_lapcousteau: no, but the radio is not geolocked, was getting gstreamer dependency errors when rhythmbox tried to auto install the codex, so I used synaptic. now I just get crash reports :(09:16
recon_laptry it out http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r6_aaclca.pls09:17
cousteauI don't listen to xenophobic broadcasting companies09:19
recon_lapaggh, bloody newstalk is depressing me ;)09:19
recon_lapcousteau: your loss, one of the best radio station around09:19
cousteau...I don't listen to news either09:19
cousteau(PS: just in case you're wondering, the "xenophobic" thing is because I'm still mad from the time they didn't allow me to watch a video because I wasn't British or living on the UK)09:20
Sysirecon_lap: log out and back in09:21
recon_lapSysi: did you change anything, cause I've logged in and out already09:22
recon_lapthe message https://gist.github.com/3793097 from rhythmbox cml09:27
apm1what version are the intel x.org drivers in xubuntu 12.04.1 ?10:55
recon_lapapm1: apt-cache policy x.org11:06
apm1recon_lap,  thanks man :)11:07
apm1recon_lap, actually my new thinkpad with an intel integrated gpu is arriving tomorrow so i am just excited :)11:09
recon_lapapm1: know the feeling, nothing like satisfying hardware lust. must say getting a second 22 inch monitor was a good move, so much room !!!11:11
apm1i heard with intel GMA graphics (mine is a first gen core i7) use only the default open source/free software drivers ? no need to install anything extra except what comes in the generic kernel with xubuntu 12.04.111:12
apm1recon_lap, 2*22" monitors  programmer or graphics designer or gamer?11:13
recon_lapapm1: programmer, and the Intel HD drivers are open source as far as i know.11:18
recon_lapapm1: and it's just a 22 and a 15.611:18
apm1recon_lap, what editor and what language my fellow code master11:19
apm1recon_lap, but do the opensource intel drivers already come with the generic kernel ?11:20
recon_lapapm1: well I'v got the HD 4000 and it's using the standard drives, no property ones available11:21
apm1recon_lap, and my question about the editor and language ?11:22
apm1well never mind will ask you later , gotta go for now :(11:26
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chris92hey there... can anyone tell me where I can find a netboot.tar.gz for xubuntu? im only finding those for ubuntu :/13:43
TheSheepchris92: isn't it the same?13:43
chris92not sure ^^13:43
TheSheepchris92: just install ubuntu-server and then add xubuntu-desktop to it13:43
chris92thesheep: thanks!13:44
chris92TheSheep: are you there?14:36
maji cant get adobe flash to work on xubuntu 12.04.1 on an older laptop, both web and software centre versions i tryed15:18
krishongall versions of 12.04 are not meant for older hardware15:20
TheSheepkrishong: really?15:20
TheSheepkrishong: what are they meant for?15:20
krishongi've installed ubuntu and xubuntu on a not so old computer and they both come to a crawl15:22
recon_lapmaj : why not tell use the make and model of laptop15:22
krishongeverytime i play video on my xubuntu box, the screen tears and the video stops playing.....any sugestions?15:26
bazhangwhat video card15:27
recon_lapkrishong: make and model of laptop?15:27
maji hope flash dies soon, so the world will be forced to find alternatives..15:27
holsteini wouldnt have any issues running 10.04 on older hardware if it worked better15:28
krishongintel built in video card15:28
recon_lapmaj: installing flash blocker plugin in firefox is a good start15:28
majlemme try that15:28
recon_lapkrishong: just tell us the make and model, we promise we wont make fun ;)15:29
majrecon_lap:thats just to block macromedia flash? not to play youtube flash?15:30
krishongintel 82845g15:30
recon_lapmaj: it blocks all flash, you have to click on what you want to see15:30
holsteini might try forcing the vesa driver15:30
recon_lapmaj: works great, trust me :)15:31
recon_lapmaj: it just stop flash loading until you click on it, stops all those annoying flash ads. on you tube you just have to click on the flank you want to see.15:32
krishongoh, yeah, i don't dare try to play flash....'cause it just hangs15:33
krishongfunny thing is i have none of these issues under windows xp15:34
holsteinkrishong: the drivers are different.. if you'd like to ask intel for a proper driver like they provided windows xp 10 years ago, feel free.. but they likely didnt make a "new" driver for windows 8 for that hardware15:35
holsteinkrishong: sometimes i try the vesa driver in situations like that15:35
xubuntu687hello =) i would like to know, if i can get access to my w-lan card just by updating?! the strange thing is, that i can connect through my 3G-usb-dongle but not able to connect through eth0, or scsi.. lspci tells me that the card is: 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 43) 02:00.1 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 1fb7 (rev 43) 02:00.2 Netw15:36
krishongunder ubuntu 10.10 things work ok....but with 12.04, totally different story15:38
apm1who's on 10.10 these days ;)15:38
krishongwent to the intel site, they said they do provide a driver to the open source community15:38
recon_lapkrishong:  seems whats happening is that the intel 82845g card and it's generation is weird when it comes to advanced features which are getting used more and more.15:39
krishong....i was hoping things would be smoother under xubuntu, since it's supposed to be "light weight"15:40
holsteinxubuntu687: you can always try a live CD and see if a newer kernel supports your device15:41
krishongi am really trying to get some windows 95 speed on a unix kernel with my box15:41
holsteinkrishong: typically, intel is well supported.. but what im saying is, its not constructive to compare XP support15:42
recon_lapkrishong: it's not the weight of the new versions, it's the crappyness of intel graphic chips15:42
xubuntu687holstein: allready installed xubuntu 12.04.1 =)15:42
holsteinkrishong: if it were me, i would try the vesa driver and take the intel driver out of the equation15:42
holsteinxubuntu687: what "upating" are you refering to?15:43
holsteinxubuntu687: a different kernel could provide hardware support... or break it15:43
krishongthere's nothing wrong with the chips as i said things work fine with xp and my box is still fast with xp15:43
holsteinkrishong: xp is quite old though... it would be more fair to compare ubuntu 12.04 and windows 715:44
holsteinkrishong: still, you can try the vesa driver to takt the driver out of the equation completely15:44
krishonghow do i install the vesa driver?15:45
xubuntu687holstein: the one's the system is suggesting to download.. the thing is, that my internet speed for my usb has been cut down, so i can surf with smth like 20 kb.. a 50 MB update is a huge thing for me then.. with W-Lan that would be a farce.. as said, eth0 (cable) would also help me..15:46
holsteinkrishong: i usually try testing with a live CD.. something like puppy linux.. you can just specify the vesa driver in a custom xorg.conf. or try an *buntu live cd witn safe graphics mode... "nomodeset"15:47
holsteinkrishong: the vesa driver, and the intel driver you are using are both (as well as many others) already "in" the kernel15:47
holsteinkrishong: i would troubleshoot with the graphics driver in mind.. could be you can blacklist a module, or install a backport and all is well... i would want to try a 10.04 based version live15:48
recon_lapxubuntu687: if it a laptop go looking for a free hotspot ?15:49
krishongxubuntu puts the drivers in the kernel....instead of having an external module for it?15:49
holsteinkrishong: linux has the drivers in the kernel.. xubuntu and all the other ubuntu versions utilizes the linux kernel15:50
holsteinkrishong: you can always make your own kernel if you'd prefer altering this setup15:50
xubuntu687recon_lap: that's the point.. i can't activate my w-lan, due to a lack of drivers as I quess..15:51
holsteinxubuntu687: im not following the qutestion... if its "should i upgrade my machine even though its a pain", it might be worth the hassle, but theres really no way to know for sure til you do it15:51
recon_lapxubuntu687: then try follow this guide and fix you wlan15:52
holsteinxubuntu687: if it were me, i would take that line from lspci and search online.. try and get an idea of what it takes to support that wifi device15:52
krishongso if the driver in the kernel doesn't with your graphics card then you're screwed!15:52
holsteinkrishong: you can blacklist the kernel driver, as i mentioned above15:52
holsteinkrishong: if it were me, i would try the vesa driver.. and i would try some 10.04 version live... if the device was supported well in a past kernel, typically it can be supported now easy enough15:53
holsteinkrishong: the kernel is constanly updated and upgraded and cant keep "legacy" device support around all the time, though that support can always be added back in15:54
krishongas i said in the 10.10 version i have no problem15:54
krishongbut legacy support is all what linux is about15:55
holsteinkrishong: cool.. so its pretty safe to assume you can find a way to support the device in 12.04.. though, i would have no issues running 10.04 on that hardware15:55
recon_lapkrishong: since when is legacy support all that linux is about??15:55
holsteinkrishong: "linux" is a kernel.. and you can build it with whatever support you choose.. mostly, its about providing out of the box support for kernel hardware however15:56
holsteinfor current hardware**15:56
holsteinkrishong: first thing i would do is search the forums for a post trying to find a user with that hardware trying to use 12.04...15:56
krishongthis is why i am using xubuntu since it's lighter than ubuntu.......12.04 is lighter under xubuntu than it is under ubuntu as i've experienced15:57
bazhangthat card is just not very good15:57
holsteinkrishong: xubuntu *is* ubuntu.. same kernel.. you are interested in XFCE15:58
bazhangno amount of "lightness" will erase that fact15:58
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holsteinyup.. the hardware support will be likely very similar with all linux's using modern kernels15:58
holsteinagain, i would have no issues running 10.04 on that hardware15:58
recon_lapcrappy graphics cards are crappy graphics, no amount of good software will make them work15:58
bazhangI have that exact card in a thinkpad.  the video is a LOT less clear than an Nvidia recent generation15:59
xubuntu687holstein & recon_lap: thxs! i will bookmark the "troubleshooting page", do the update however long it might take and search online for what it takes to make the card work..15:59
holsteinxubuntu687: wont hurt to search around before, just in case its easier to make the card work before upgrading16:00
krishongi know that xubuntu is ubuntu with xfce and ubuntu is ubuntu with unity16:01
recon_lapxubuntu687: just fix the card first, no reason to do the full update first16:01
recon_lapkrishong: why dont you stay with 10.04?16:02
krishongthe interface sucks16:03
holsteinkrishong: you can add XFCE to ubuntu... or use xubuntu 10.0416:03
xubuntu687ok.. tried that but got stuck with a lot of tech-info, i just didn't quite understand what was meant and how to proceed. started yesterday with that and today after a bit more than 3h thought i could need some help16:03
krishongjust like the interface in 10.10 sucks.....i don't want to see a menu scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen16:03
holsteinkrishong: "sucks" i a matter of opinion... you can ask something like "how do i change the menu configuration".. or just use XFCE in 10.0416:04
krishonganyone know if the linuxmint folks also use kernels with built-in video drivers?16:10
bazhang!mintsupport | krishong16:11
ubottukrishong: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:11
bazhangkrishong, go ask them16:11
holsteinkrishong: the kernels are all linux.. its quite typical for kernels to be modular.. for most folks its a "feature"... blacklisting your kernel module is not a big deal.. though,, i would take the path of least resistance and just run 10.04 if it were me16:12
holsteinkrishong: running a stock distro more in line with the age of the machine might just be easier16:13
holsteinim sure you would find the same isssues if you were trying to install windows 7 or 816:13
krishongwindows 7 is not just about the graphics it's also about ram16:14
bazhangkrishong, lets stick to xubuntu support please16:15
krishongi am using xubuntu to keep things moving fast on my machine16:15
xubuntu687@all: thxs for your suggestions. will leave and see if i can get the needed drivers by searching for them through google =)16:17
recon_lapnp xubuntu687 : come back and ask if you get stuck16:17
krishongcan the vesa drivers be installed through synaptic?16:18
holsteinkrishong: the vesa driver are already install and part of the kernel.. you can specify them using a custom xorg.conf file..16:20
holsteinkrishong: there is a xubuntu 10.04 version... or you can install ubuntu 10.04 and use XFCE16:20
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libhow do i install ffmpeg on xubuntu?16:43
bazhang!find ffmpeg16:44
ubottuFound: cmus-plugin-ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora, ffmpegthumbnailer, ffmpegthumbnailer-dbg, gmerlin-encoders-ffmpeg, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-dbg, kffmpegthumbnailer, libffmpegthumbnailer-dev, libffmpegthumbnailer4 (and 15 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ffmpeg&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all16:44
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libhow can i downgrade conky 1.8.1 to 1.8.0?17:03
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qwackozehow to open folder as root please ?18:05
qwackozemust delete some log files to regain minimal disk space, thanks18:06
holstein!sudo | qwackoze18:07
ubottuqwackoze: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:07
holsteinsudo rm /path/to/file or whatever you are trying to do18:08
qwackozeok...thanks...so open a terminal in the folder and go from there18:08
holsteinqwackoze: i would just open the terminal, and use sudo to do what needs to be done as root18:09
qwackozethen would the location for log be...sudo edit /var/log/filename18:10
qwackozeor the files that I want to delete18:10
qwackozeI meant18:10
qwackozesudo rm  /var/log/filename18:11
holsteinqwackoze: whatever the path is to the particular file you are trying to remove18:13
bricothi guys, I have succesfully connected 2 different A2DP (bluetooth) devices via blueman. But unfortunately it is totally random, if I see them as sinks in pulse-audio.18:54
bricotSometimes I see none of them, sometimes one or the other. Never both. If I see them, I can play successfully audio. Has anybody a clue what's wrong?18:55
bricotI'm using 12.04 btw.18:57
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holsteinbricot: you look in pavucontrol ?19:12
bricotyes. I also tried pacmd. list-sinks shows the same as pavucontrol.19:16
holsteinbricot: i would see that one is showing, then connect the othere device19:16
holsteinbricot: i dont have 2 bt audio devices to test with19:16
bricotI removed both now and started with one of them. Pairing works. Connecting to sink works. Blueman seems to do it right. But I can't find it in pa.19:21
bricotAfter this I did a 'sudo killall pulseaudio' and now this sink shows up.19:22
bricotAnd the music plays well on this device...19:23
holsteinbricot: you can check aplay -l19:24
bricotThis just shows the builtin hardware devices (also 2 cards).19:27
holsteinbricot: i just dont have problematic BT hardware to test with... nor an extra device to try and "break" it19:29
holsteinbricot: have you refered to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup /19:29
bricotI checked it. BT seems fine. Why do I need a 'sudo killall pulseaudio' before I see the sink in pavucontrol?19:46
bricotIs it possible to connect one source to two sinks simultaneously?21:05
xubuntu545can someone help me21:26
baizon!ask xubuntu54521:30
baizon!ask | xubuntu54521:30
ubottuxubuntu545: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:30
xubuntu369hi all.. need help before i throw this laptop with xubuntu out of the window..21:33
redderhsdont throw it out, give it to me =]21:33
xubuntu369give me ur adress, u can have it..21:34
redderhsState your question xubuntu36921:34
xubuntu369redderhs: ok.. pls give me some time to tipe it down21:35
redderhsTake your time.21:35
xubuntu369ok.. took a deep breath.. here it goes: i have an old ibm t20 and two scsi-cards. one is only wifi, the other wifi & 3G. learned about lspci, got the output and searched on google. installed ndiswrapper-common ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 - and followed the instructions adapting them to my .inf files. the output of lspci for the one with 3G is21:43
xubuntu36902:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 43) 02:00.1 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 1fb7 (rev 43) 02:00.2 Network controller: Option N.V. Qualcomm MSM6275 UMTS chip21:43
xubuntu369for the one with only w-lan 02:00.0 Network controller: Texas Instruments ACX 100 22Mbps Wireless Interface21:43
xubuntu369ps: sorry, i just overreacted..21:44
redderhswhich one isn't working? I may not be able to provide an answer for your situation but there are 106 other people in the room that may know the answer.21:45
xubuntu369both don't..21:46
xubuntu369don't bother about which one i can make work.. one is enough..21:47
xubuntu369also my ethernet is not working.. here my full lspci21:47
xubuntu36900:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX Host bridge (rev 03) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX AGP bridge (rev 03) 00:02.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1450 (rev 03) 00:02.1 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1450 (rev 03) 00:03.0 Communication controller: LSI Corporation L56xM+S [Mars-2] WinModem 56k (rev 01) 00:05.0 Multimedia audio controller: Cirrus Logic C21:48
redderhsFor ethernet atleast: have you tried the basic troubleshootings steps like making sure the cable is good and what not?21:49
xubuntu36900:05.0 Multimedia audio controller: Cirrus Logic CS 4614/22/24/30 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator] (rev 01) 00:07.0 Bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ISA (rev 02) 00:07.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 IDE (rev 01) 00:07.2 USB controller: Intel Corporation 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 USB (rev 01) 00:07.3 Bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ACPI (rev 03) 01:00.0 VGA compatible cont21:50
xubuntu369yes.. for ethernet everything should work.. although i just don't know if the card on the netbook itself is still working. i have to admit that i got this laptop with xp and didn't try it out but installed different distributions and xubuntu worked best. don't want to step back to windows..21:52
xubuntu369another computer conected to the cable had no probl. though21:53
xubuntu369so internet is there21:53
redderhswell I guess as long as ethernet was tested on XP then it should theoretically work on here.21:53
redderhsHopefully someone will be able to give you an idea of where to go about from here as I'm not really sure. If no one replies definitely bring this to the ubuntu forums.21:54
recon_lapxubuntu369: here is something to read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide21:55
recon_lapxubuntu369: you making any progress ?22:00
xubuntu369ok.. i'm going through this help-site.. nm-tool tells me that i'm connected with my 3G-USB-Stick, it says that it works22:02
recon_lapgood, we ruling out possible causes .22:04
xubuntu369well that's true, but that's not what i wanted to know.. the usb-stick was shortened and gives me a downloadrate of 17kb .. want to make an update of about 50 MB and would love to connect to wifi or through ethernet where i got 2MB donwloadrate..22:06
xubuntu369hey thanks for beeing there for me.. was about to go nuts here..22:06
redderhsnever give up on a problem like this, only brings more depth in knowledge with linux. I'm still learning myself (a newbie) but its totally worth it down the road.22:11
xubuntu369redderhs: thxs.. i allways stick to linux and since some years to ubuntu. because of me all my friends heard about linux and at least have one copy of knoppix, just in case something goes wrong and they need to safe theyr data ;)22:14
recon_lapxubuntu369: alway have a look for a howto guide or people who have experienced the same problem, very rare that you will be the first to hit a particular snag. get enough knowledge to ask a understandable question  and ask for help, normaly works22:14
xubuntu369lshw -C network shows that i have something that is deaktivated?22:14
recon_lapxubuntu369: do you know what pastebin is?22:15
recon_lapxubuntu369: https://gist.github.com/ , paste the output in there, then give use the line here and we can read it22:16
recon_laplin/link *22:16
xubuntu369think i read smth about it today.. but no, got no clue what it might be actually22:16
xubuntu369ok, pasted all the output i had during the last hour on my terminal there: git://gist.github.com/3796813.git22:25
xubuntu369thxs for the link, very usefull22:25
recon_lapxubuntu369: that link did not work :( might be to big !!22:32
recon_lapxubuntu369: did you create a private paste?22:33
xubuntu369nope, a public one.. but allready added more things to it.. hope this one works: git://gist.github.com/3796852.git22:34
xubuntu369ps: what is the max. size for that?!22:34
recon_lapxubuntu369: odd, read the button before you click , there are two, one for private , and one for public , click th public one22:36
recon_lapxubuntu369: try this one http://pastebin.mozilla.org/22:37
recon_lapxubuntu369: so how far did you get?22:40
xubuntu369recon_lap: made it public.. which line do you need? The public clone URL? git://gist.github.com/3796876.git22:41
xubuntu369did that work?22:43
recon_lapxubuntu369: no, not working for some reason22:43
recon_lapshould not start with "git:" ?22:43
recon_lapxubuntu369: just paste the output of ifconfig to start with22:44
recon_lapuse http://pastebin.mozilla.org/22:44
xubuntu369thxs for directions, helps me to get things done. hope that's the link: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/?dl=184661822:47
recon_lapxubuntu369: hmm, German text a bit strange. ok , I take it thats the dongle we seeing with a connection?22:52
xubuntu369to be sincere.. i really don't know what this output means..22:53
xubuntu369but if it shows the actual connection to internte, then yes it's the dongle22:54
xubuntu369sorry.. wanted to have it ready for my girlfriend, that's why it's in german.22:55
recon_lapok, I take it you want it to work with wireless ?22:55
recon_lapand not with the dongle22:56
xubuntu369that would be awesome! =) the dongle costs me a lot and is really slow..22:56
xubuntu369on the other hand, this pcmcia-card also has a 3G support.. if we can get it to word ;)22:57
recon_lapxubuntu369: do you have a second computer to use while we try fix the wifi22:57
xubuntu369yes, but you would have to wait a second till i get it on. sounds like we're about to fix things! =)22:58
recon_lapxubuntu369: paste the output of "sudo lshw -C network "23:02
xubuntu369recon_lap: can i put it in the same window?23:06
recon_lapxubuntu369: whatever works23:06
xubuntu369think that should be it: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/184666723:07
xubuntu022recon_lap: this is my second connection, as wished ;)23:09
recon_lapxubuntu022: describe the network cards? are they picmia, built in , dongles?23:12
recon_lapxubuntu022: can you remove any of them?23:15
recon_lapxubuntu369: you there?23:17
xubuntu369it's a pcmcia card. tried to get a picture or a link with a description.. but found nothing23:18
xubuntu369sorry for the delay23:19
recon_lapdont worry about pictures23:19
xubuntu369ok =)23:19
xubuntu369think lspci gives a quite good description of the card23:20
recon_lapxubuntu369: only one of them seem to be showing a driver23:21
xubuntu369how you mean?23:22
xubuntu369you mean i need further drivers in order to make it work?23:23
recon_lapi take it nozomi mean none ?23:24
xubuntu369nozomi? no that's not german..23:25
xubuntu369looks like the driver is actually called like that..23:27
xubuntu369as i speak 5 languages, i got some informations from this site in order to use some of the windows drivers: http://linux.collectiontricks.it/wiki/Installazione_di_Ndiswrapper_e_chiave_wi-fi_Netgear_WG111_v223:28
recon_lapxubuntu369: found this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man4/malo.4freebsd.html , does that laptop have a usb port?23:31
recon_lapI getting lazy , wireless dongles are cheap :)23:32
recon_lapbut that firmware patch look like a good bet to me23:33
recon_lapfits with the problem, I would expect ubuntu to know such an old card and recognize it. but a missing firmware patch would explain why it's not working23:34
xubuntu369... this site is too technical for me.. and my card is not listed there..23:36
xubuntu369but yes.. i can understand your point. how ever you really helped me out of my situation of freaking out.. i really was about to throw the whole thing out the window ;)23:37
xubuntu369how to proceed with the things on that site you just mentioned?23:38
recon_lapxubuntu369: I'd spend the 15euro on a wireless dongle , that card only does WEP security23:38
recon_lapxubuntu369: how old is this laptop, 10 years?23:39
xubuntu369oh.. ok..23:39
xubuntu369well.. about that, yes ;)23:40
xubuntu369but thanks to xubuntu it runs smoothly23:40
recon_lapxubuntu369: well I would think that those network cards will probably not work with your routers security. if that 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless card comes out I'd toss it.23:41
recon_lapthe firmware is probably an update for the BIOS of the laptop itself that fixes bugs23:43
xubuntu369i got a driver for that 88w8335 here http://media.cdn.ubuntu-de.org/forum/attachments/19/38/1888522-marvel_8335_X32.tar.gz23:46
xubuntu369but apparently it still doesn't work.. but while the laptop is old, this pcmcia-card is only about 3y old23:47
recon_lapnope, I'm wrong , it's a patch from openBSD23:47
xubuntu369how to apply the patch? downloaded it23:48
recon_laptrying to work that out now :)23:49
recon_lapthink you just "apt-get install <filename>" , and we go sailing into the twilight zone23:50
recon_laphmm, very unsure23:52
xubuntu369hey! that actually got it installing something.. =)23:54
xubuntu369nope.. the output was, that it could not find the file?! how come? i downloaded it...23:55
xubuntu369think it looks like i'll be still figuring it out tomorrow..23:56
recon_lapxubuntu369: think so. getting late.23:57
recon_lapxubuntu369: still, a 15euro dongle and you could be done :)23:58
xubuntu369as usual.. you know, i spend the last 3 days infront of this thing.. forgetting about time and getting to bed when all the others stood up at 7.. but today i just got the feeling that i'm consuming my live for nothing.. really thinking about your suggestion.. although this pcmcia card was worth something like 450 €, 3 years ago...23:59
xubuntu369but you might be right ;)23:59

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