highvoltagestgraber: ^^^ didn't you once run across this issue as well?00:44
stgraberyeah, it's a weird case where the fallback doesn't kick in00:45
stgrabermanually choosing 2d should do the trick for now00:45
highvoltageTheProf: do you happen to know if it used to work with unity-3d or 2d before? you could choose unity 2d from the session manager to check00:51
TheProfI did not try to change the session -- this was a clean installation of 12.04 and I didn't change the setting in lts.conf or from the login scren00:52
highvoltageaccording to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/946484 that has been fixed, are all the updates installed?01:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946484 in ltsp (Ubuntu) "Precise LTSP chooses 3D session but only 2D works" [Undecided,Fix released]01:14
stgraberthere are still a few weird cases where that fix may fail, I don't remember the bug number but I linked it to the beta2 release notes01:15
highvoltageI wish we could've just black listed unity 3d completely somehow from ldm, it's not obvious at first to people what this problem is, I think many will just give up.01:18
highvoltageTheProf: I suppose the best thing you can do currently is have an lts.conf file that contains:01:19
highvoltage   LDM_SESSION=”gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d”01:19
highvoltageat least that will give you the 'right' unity on thin clients01:19
highvoltagestgraber: do you think it's worth while release noting for the final 12.10 release that people may have to update their lts.conf files since unity 2d is going away?01:20
TheProfhighvoltage: thank you for the suggestion - I will do so.01:22
TheProfOops. Looks like I already had LDM_SESSION=”gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d” in my lts.conf01:25
TheProfSpecifically in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/amd64/lts.conf01:25
highvoltageand the lts.conf file contains a [default] section, right? (it doesn't work without it)01:25
stgraberhighvoltage: might be a god idea yeah01:29
TheProfyes it is the first item under [default]01:30
mikubuntuever since i added edubuntu packages to my system, i have to input my wireless password everytime i boot up -- is this a known issue?13:52
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mikubuntuever since i added edubuntu packages to my system, i have to input my wireless password everytime i boot up -- is this a known issue?15:01
highvoltagemikubuntu: have you changed your login password recently?15:02
mikubuntunope, and the same thing happened to a friend who did a new install of edubuntu ... mine i added the packages on top of ubuntu existing laptop15:04
mikubuntuand it's not my 'login' password, but the pass key for the wireless network15:05
mikubuntuthe 10 digit key15:06
mikubuntudoes the same thing if theres a power outage, i have to put the key in again15:06
highvoltagemikubuntu: the wifi password is stored in a keyring, which is typically unlocked by your login password, so there's a link.15:09
stgraberhighvoltage: no longer true15:09
highvoltagemikubuntu: it's not a known issue, feel free to file a bug about it and add an edubuntu tag15:09
highvoltagestgraber: ah ok15:10
stgraberhighvoltage: wireless passswords are stored system wide in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/15:10
mikubuntufor some reason, it doesn't persist anywhere15:10
mikubuntuis there a fast way to navigate to that file? or you just have to follow the path step by step?15:11
mikubuntuout of curiosity15:11
alkisgHey, Ubuntu Gnome beta is out... maybe that will be a very good workaround to the "we're ignoring countries with multiple keyboard layouts" lightdm issues... and I guess it already has gnome-fallback preinstalled!15:43
highvoltagealkisg: edubuntu also has fallback pre-installed. so the ubuntu gnome desktop is going to use gdm by default?16:46
alkisghighvoltage: yes, afaik it won't even have lightdm installed16:48
alkisg(lightdm is what breaks the keyboard layout for many countries, yet noone seems to care about it...)16:48
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tyhi everyone19:45
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Guest67771Last weekend I installed edubuntu 12.04 on a server and connected two Terminals.   The school would like to connect up to 18 terminals to the server,  They have limited about of space i was looking at the asus e system which has a intel duel core atom processor and comes with a vesa mount (mout on back of monitor).  Will this support a k-8 school for several years?  The network is new and so cabline is cat 6 switch is a 24 port19:54
highvoltagehey Guest6777119:56
highvoltageyour line cut off at "6 switch is a 24 port...19:57
Guest67771cat 6 cabling, 24 port switch cisco switch, sever is AMD 8 core with 32 gig RAM.19:58
Guest67771thanks highvoltage19:58
highvoltageGuest67771: how do they plan on using them? those machines typically work well with LTSP, and intel hardware is usually well supported.19:58
highvoltageGuest67771: I would just recommend running some apps locally to save network bandwidth. running a web browser and video player as local app works really well19:59
Guest67771It will be a ltsp setup, to teach kids computing fundementals and programs with the Edubuntu package19:59
highvoltageGuest67771: ok. it's also really good to have lots of bandwidth between your server and switch, having 2x gigabit connections from your server to the switch is usually a good idea20:01
Guest67771OK, we currently have two nic, 1 to outside and second to the switch.  should we change and combine the two nic for 2x and have outlink to the world through the switch?20:03
Guest67771thanks highvoltage,  will the asus ee box 1033 with 2 gig ram be sufficient to run some local apps as you described?20:05
highvoltageit's still a good idea to have a seperate nic to outside of the ltsp network20:05
highvoltageso if it's possible, I would probably look at adding another nic to the server. but 1x gigabit should also be enough for 18 machines20:05
Guest67771understand,  we can keep the setup the way it is and purchase a second nic when the sytem expands.20:06
highvoltage(2x would give some performance increase under network load)20:06
highvoltageyep, that sounds good20:06
highvoltageGuest67771: at the office where I work we have a few atoms with 1GB RAM and they run local apps quite well20:06
highvoltageGuest67771: you can browse flash sites comfortably and watch youtube and videos as well20:07
Guest67771ok -  to both20:07
Guest67771can the server stream same video to all systems?20:08
highvoltagewith some configuration, yes20:08
Guest67771highvoltage,  is there a good link on setting up the .conf files for the ltsp.  the first one we did, brought everyone from the servers gui20:08
highvoltageGuest67771: there's an ltsp manual that is afaik reasonably complete, it covers local apps and performance tuning (the default setup gives you lower performance with better security, but you can figure out and choose which is more important in your environment)20:09
highvoltageGuest67771: #ltsp is also a very friendly place with good ltsp help20:10
Guest67771ok,  highvoltage.    Thanks, this should get me started.  you've been a tremendous help today.   keep up the good work20:11
highvoltageGuest67771: thanks! also consider adding your setup to http://edubuntu.org/deployments :)20:12
Guest67771ok -  goodbye for now :)20:13

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