endless1239hello all01:27
endless1239I am interesting in becoming doing kubuntu packaging, which guide would be best to read pertaining that01:27
c2taruncan anyone please tell me how to checkout/fetch a project using its git URL inside Kdevelop4? 02:57
pktI noticed that in ubiquity kde frontend some strings are not translatable07:26
pkte.g., in PartAuto.py07:26
pktI think I can fix those, but I need some guidance in what to do with the ones in .ui files07:27
pkthow are the strings in .ui files in ubiquity becoming translatable?07:27
Riddellpkt: I think there's a route that goes over all the strings and translates them08:51
pktRiddell: there is "debconf updatepo" if you mean this08:52
pktbut I 'm asking something different. How do strings in .ui files become translatable08:53
pktin python code I see get_string() used08:53
pktbut in the .ui files what is the equivalent?08:53
Riddellshould be in translate_pages() and translate_widgets() in kde_ui.py08:54
Riddelltext = self.get_string(name, lang, prefix)08:55
Riddell"name" is the widgetName which matches the name of the string needed in debconf08:55
Riddellbut there's a bunch of special cases there for various widgets which don't do that08:55
pkthmm I see, maybe this is the problem then08:56
pktat least this gives me a starting point :)08:56
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apachelogger!find media9.sty10:45
ubottuFile media9.sty found in texlive-latex-extra10:46
pktok so it seems that one case the reason for untranslatable strings is that get_string() needs to be defined11:05
pktand in others it is just missing debconf templates11:05
Riddelldoes it not work at all there?11:05
pktyes, pyflakes says it is undefined11:05
pktwhen I copy&pasted the implementation it works11:06
pkt(I mean when I copied the implementation of get_string() to this file it works)11:06
Riddellsurely it would cause a bracktrace if it was undefined11:06
pktit wasn't being ran11:06
pktfor this reason11:06
pktit was commented out11:06
pktthus the strings stayed untranslatable11:07
pktyou can check yourself in ubiquity/frontend/kde_components/PartAuto.py11:07
pktthe versions with get_string() are commented out and have a TODO on top11:07
pktthese are 2 of the 5 untranslatable strings11:08
pktthe other 3 were just missing templates I think11:08
pktI will test it in a few minutes11:08
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BluesKajHowdy all11:29
shadeslayerhi Riddell11:30
shadeslayerand everyone 11:30
Riddellshadeslayer: feeling better?11:36
shadeslayera bit, my eyes still hurt from looking at the screen :P11:37
* shadeslayer wil most likely be back to work till tomorrow11:38
BluesKajok guys , can you settle a small debate , ...is kde 4.9.1 in the regular repos now  or does it still require the backports?11:47
shadeslayerstill requires backports for Precise11:47
shadeslayerIt will never make it into the archives because we only release bug fix updates for precise11:47
konquishadeslayer: Can you look at my problem in 12.10 while shutting down that I mentioned in #kubuntu, against which package should I report that bug?11:49
konquiWhen sutting down from menu , the screen gets blurred, if I click somewhere the blur vanishes and I can use the system as if no shutdown was done, however if I press enter while the screen is blurred it shutsdown.11:49
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shadeslayerkonqui: I believe that the shutdown dialog is not shown11:55
shadeslayerare you using some 3rd party plasma theme?11:56
konquishadeslayer: No I'm using air of course11:56
shadeslayerkonqui: this should appear ideally ( different theme ) : http://i.imgur.com/FZo95.png11:57
shadeslayercan you check if kde-workspace is installed?11:57
konquishadeslayer: Its installed, I got the dialogue on 4.9.1 on precise. I installed quantal beta 2, all updates and only vlc, google-chrome and aptitude installed.11:59
shadeslayerthat's ... odd11:59
konquiAnd also, I have customised lightdm and changed its background in system settings if that could be related12:02
shadeslayerkonqui: can you logout, switch to a tty, mv .kde .kde_bak , login and try shutting down12:02
shadeslayer( the mighty google suggests it might be a config issue )12:03
konquiHmm I'll try12:03
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1058058] webkit ftbfs on armel and armhf @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1058058 (by Matthias Klose)12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1058058 in webkit (Ubuntu) "webkit ftbfs on armel and armhf" [High,Confirmed]12:05
shadeslayerhmm ... who's coming to UDS from the US?12:08
konquishadeslayer: Same issue12:09
konquiBut I just noticed that I see the dialog if desktop effects are turned off12:10
konquiNow tried with desktop effects on and logout effect off and it works. Strange as it worked on 12.04 with 4.9.112:12
shadeslayerMartin might have a idea12:13
shadeslayerbut he's not around12:13
shadeslayerkonqui: #kwin would be the best place since it's a kwin component12:15
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int_uaWhat's the debug package for /usr/bin/plasma-desktop ?  I have it crashed but cannot find the debug package. I'm using Kubuntu Backports PPA14:03
tsimpsonint_ua: should be kde-workspace-dbg14:04
int_uatsimpson: Thanks, looks like the right one. 870 Mb... =(14:06
tsimpsonyeah, it's more than just the plasma debugging stuff14:09
shadeslayermost likely pulls in qt dbg and what not14:20
int_uayeah, it is14:21
tsimpsonit may be >800MB, but just think of those lovely full stack traces! :)14:22
shadeslayerIn the end, it's going to be worth ut14:23
int_ualet's hope so :)14:24
int_uaBTW, it's reproducible. If anyone has xchat, try minimizing it to tray multiple time really fast14:25
kubotuint_ua meant: "BTW, it's reproducible. If anyone has xchat, try minimizing it to tray multiple times really fast"14:25
int_uaxchat and Kubuntu Backport PPA anyone?14:28
shadeslayerdo I *have* to install xchat :(14:30
int_uatsimpson, shadeslayer: Nope, /usr/bin/plasma-desktop still don't have the debug symbols14:31
int_uabut a lot of other libs disappeared from the list14:31
int_uaoh, and the second one is /usr/lib/kde4/plasma_applet_menubar.so14:32
int_uaso I guess we'll need xchat + menubar + Backports14:32
tsimpsonI don't think there are any debugging symbols for plasma-widget-menubar14:34
* int_ua is sad14:36
int_uaSo what should I do, tsimpson?14:36
tsimpsonget the best trace you can for now I suppose14:38
tsimpsoneither that, or grab the source and compile yourself, without stripping14:38
shadeslayerint_ua: should I be minimizing to the systray?14:39
micahgthere are debugging symbols for that, you need the ddebs.u.c repository14:39
tsimpsonmicahg: doesn't work with PPAs14:39
micahgah, yeah, right14:39
shadeslayerworks just fine on Neon btw14:40
int_uayes, to the systray, clicking on the icon in the systray14:40
shadeslayeryeah, working fine 14:40
shadeslayerProject Neon :)14:40
ubottuProject Neon provides set of daily builds of KDE and releated modules | See https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/ProjectNeon | More support in #project-neon14:40
shadeslayerWe're so awesome we now have a factoid? Cool!14:40
int_uaHow unstable is it?14:40
shadeslayerint_ua: it's basically packages from git14:41
shadeslayerinstalled to /opt/project-neon14:41
shadeslayersee the link :)14:41
int_uaso it's like nitroglycerine14:41
tsimpsondangerous, sure. but so much FUN to play with!14:42
int_uaok, trying to report with current backtrace14:42
shadeslayeractually, tbh, I've never had a crash with Neon14:42
shadeslayerunless I screwed my code :P14:42
int_uaI have to leave, is this channel logged?14:45
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:45
int_uathanks again14:46
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1053166] 4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu1 ftbfs on armel/armhf @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1053166 (by Matthias Klose)15:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1053166 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Quantal) "4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu1 ftbfs on armel/armhf" [High,Fix released]15:22
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yofel_tsimpson: plasma-widget-menubar has debugging symbols in plasma-widget-menubar-dbgsym - read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash17:07
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ScottK!ninjas | 4.9.2 tarballs available.17:13
ubottu4.9.2 tarballs available.: Ninja Time! apachelogger, bulldog98, debfx, JontheEchidna, Lex79, maco, neversfelde, nhandler, Quintasan, rgreening, Riddell, ScottK, stalcup, txwikinger, yofel17:13
bulldog98_anything done for 4.9.2? 17:39
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QuintasanI just got back home from uni stuff17:40
Quintasanbulldog98: Feel free to take something. I'll make a tea and start something too17:40
yofel_do we have a known working version of the upload scripts?17:43
QuintasanDid we ever have upload scripts?17:44
* Quintasan never seen them17:44
yofel_you weren't around for a while ^^17:44
Riddellsearch debfx's kubuntu-automation17:44
debfxif it's not working it is certainly fixable17:44
yofel_debfx: the packages dropped kde-sc-dev-latest, so the deps need to be bumped individually17:45
yofel_I've got some script snippets somewhere that I used for the rebuild, give me a minute17:45
shadeslayerKDE 4.9.2? has that even been tagged yet?17:46
debfxshadeslayer: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-release-team&m=134885176923212&w=217:47
shadeslayerwait what17:48
yofel_is kde-packagers now officially deprecated? I only saw it as I'm on the release-team ML as well17:48
shadeslayerwhy was that not released to kde-packagers?17:48
yofel_and ignore it most of the time17:48
RiddellI guess the new guy who posted that doesn't even know about kde-packagers17:48
yofel_shadeslayer: upstream has the opinion that packagers are part of the release team, so should read their ML as well it seems17:49
shadeslayerthat's one more ML I get to subscribe to, yay17:49
yofel_what Riddell said probably too, new name to me at least17:49
shadeslayerwell .. I've worked with Torgny before17:49
shadeslayerhe setup build.kde.org to use my old laptop as a build save17:50
shadeslayerunfourtunately, it died17:50
debfxyofel_: so we need a hardcoded list of build-deps to bump? :/17:51
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yofel_debfx: well, it's the list that kde-sc-dev-latest had - i.e. the former yellow packages on our wiki. If you've got a better idea I'm open for suggestions17:52
* shadeslayer waves fist at KNotify17:52
yofel_I couldn't think of anything else that wouldn't produce false-positives17:52
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yofelwhich reminds me..17:53
debfxyofel_: right, having to keep these in sync is what I don't like17:53
bulldog98btw how to get that kubuntu-automation working?17:53
yofelI think we need to review the build-deps and check whether all actually have a versioned build-dep right now17:53
yofelsome packages just relied on kde-sc-dev-latest I believe17:53
debfxyeah, that's what it's for17:55
RiddellI should have added versioned build-dep wherever kde-sc-dev-latest was used17:55
debfxbulldog98: it's still a bit experimental, lack of documentation is one issue17:55
yofelI think you missed some things like libksane or so in some cases. Not sure, I just took a quick look at the control files when I was writing my rebuild script17:57
yofelalthough, those have good ABI management so shouldn't even break17:57
debfxwhat I'm worried about is stuff like #ifdef VERSION >= XZ17:59
yofelgood point17:59
bulldog98where is our packaging gone?18:01
bulldog98I can’t find kde4libs bzr branch18:01
yofellp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ ?18:01
Riddellit's called kdelibs18:02
yofeland use kbzr18:02
bulldog98ah right to long that I haven’t build a package18:02
Riddellbut it's best to do it en-masse18:03
bulldog98do we have a new automation for that?18:03
Riddellthrow them all into the ninjas PPA and wait for it to compile and use debfx's script to parse the output18:03
Riddellthat's what some part of kubuntu-automation did I think18:03
bulldog98Riddell: hm kgetsource isn’t working anymore and I don’t know why18:03
bulldog98Riddell: link to the script please18:04
Riddellshadeslayer did the 4.9.1 update so he should know all about it :)18:04
Riddelldebfx's stuff is in https://code.launchpad.net/~debfx/+junk/kubuntu-automation18:04
yofelanyone who does use the script please put some documentation on the ninja pad18:05
yofeldebfx: did you fix the version parsing?18:05
debfxyofel: I think so, testing right now18:05
yofelbulldog98: please wait until he's done ^18:06
shadeslayerI did the backport update18:06
debfxall the branches still have UNRELEASED in the changelog18:09
debfxapachelogger: ^18:09
bulldog98debfx: run sed over it?18:10
yofelhe'll still have to checkout all ~100 of them...18:10
yofeland if that wasn't enough, kdegames will add ~40 18:10
shadeslayerand I do believe that there's a high chance that some entries might not have been released18:12
shadeslayerso you'll have to be carefull with the sed18:12
yofeljust limit sed to the first line18:12
bulldog98btw why do I get Permission denied (publickey) after running python kdesc-package-names 4.9.218:13
bulldog98I mean I can ssh into that maschine18:13
ScottKprobably wrong username then.18:14
shadeslayeryofel: http://i.imgur.com/NXOGi.jpg18:14
debfxof course the date in the changelog is wrong too ...18:14
yofelshadeslayer: wannahave :D18:15
shadeslayeryofel: http://theprofoundprogrammer.com/store18:15
bulldog98ScottK: it’s sftp18:15
yofeldebfx: I personally am not particulary happy with the dch behaviour in quantal :(18:15
ScottKStill need the right username.18:15
shadeslayeryofel: only 10 USD xD18:15
shadeslayerplus 5 USD shipping I guess18:15
debfxyofel: has it changed?18:16
bulldog98shadeslayer: runtime error is also good18:16
debfxupdating the date before uploading a package seems useful to me18:16
yofeldebfx: simple 'dch' does not edit the date, you need to run 'dch -r' to "finalize" an entry which will update the date18:16
shadeslayerbulldog98: my favorite one is http://i.imgur.com/NYKQ8.jpg18:16
* yofel NEVER uses -r18:17
bulldog98hm ScottK how does debfx has to change that line subprocess.Popen(["sftp", "-b", "-", "ftpmaster.kde.org:/home/ftpubuntu/%s/%s/src/" % (stability, version)], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)18:17
bulldog98shadeslayer: good one18:17
yofelbulldog98: ftpubuntu@ftpmaster ?18:17
yofelor you'll need to set it in .ssh/config18:18
shadeslayerbulldog98: set your username in ~/.ssh/config18:18
shadeslayersomething like : Host bazaar.launchpad.net18:18
shadeslayer    User rohangarg18:18
debfxah yes I have all my usernames configured in the ssh config18:18
ScottKbulldog98: What they said.18:18
bulldog98debfx: please change that so nobody has to make configs^18:19
bulldog98ScottK: hm ok18:19
shadeslayeruh ... why?18:19
debfxsooo, anyone feels like syncing our branches with the archive? :)18:19
bulldog98shadeslayer: hm or at least document it :P18:19
shadeslayerdebfx: grunt work :(18:20
yofeldebfx: guess I could script something18:20
ScottKbulldog98: fix it in your .ssh/config.  It'll save you grief later.18:20
bulldog98ScottK: done18:20
shadeslayeror well ... something like pull-lp-source foobar; cp -aR foobar-4.9.1/debian foobar/18:20
shadeslayerbzr commit and bzr push :P18:21
yofelshadeslayer: I won't mind if you want to do it ;P18:21
yofelaand don't forget to tag18:22
debfxyeah except for packages where there are additional changes staged in the branch18:22
shadeslayerdebfx: that's what I'm concerned about18:22
shadeslayerare there any changes staged?18:22
debfxI don't know18:22
ScottKYou'll need to look at the diffs18:22
debfxwould be good to parse bzr status to make sure only the changelog is different18:23
bulldog98debfx: I have added a README for kubuntu-automation get it from lp:~bulldog98/+junk/kubuntu-automation18:24
yofelcould we maybe just make kubuntu-automation be owned by kubuntu-packagers?18:24
bulldog98or that18:24
bulldog98debfx: you changed the arguments of ['pull-ninjas-source', '-d', 'analitza', 'quantal'] it should be the other way around18:47
debfxwhy is that?18:49
debfxah, the version in kubuntu-dev-tools doesn't support -d yet?18:51
bulldog98sorry the -d is obsolete, cause it tells me: Usage: pull-ninjas-source <package name> <release name>18:52
bulldog98debfx: yep18:52
debfxbulldog98: ok, should be fixed now in dev-tools18:53
bulldog98hm also the tool complains if a path already exists like upload18:54
tsimpsonyofel: -dbgsym isn't generated for PPAs19:03
yofeltsimpson: plasma-widget-menubar isn't in any of our PPA's19:05
yofelso unless he uses a widget from somewhere else, he uses the archive package19:06
tsimpsonhmm, so you're right19:06
bulldog98Riddell: how many partitions have you tried to add for testing #1038522 ?19:18
bulldog98s/#/bug #/19:18
kubotubulldog98 meant: "Riddell: how many partitions have you tried to add for testing bug #1038522 ?"19:18
Riddellbulldog98: not enough I guess19:55
bulldog98hm for me it crashes with around 10 partitions19:55
Riddellyeah that's about what the bug reports say19:56
bulldog98Riddell: maybe you should free about 10G and create there partitions o mass20:06
genii-aroundI'm getting an odd thing with the task manager since yesterday. The left-most item on the tray will suddenly be overlaid onto the right-most item. The spot the left item used to occupy is blan but the same width as if it was still there. I was trying to get a screenshot but of course when I open ksnapshot for instance, they all rearrange on the bar again.20:29
yofelgenii-around: I was getting that since like KDE 4.6 - I think there's even a bug for it somewhere. Today I use the icon only taskmanager20:36
yofelgenii-around: kde bug 302905 at least, possibly others20:39
ubottuKDE bug 302905 in widget-taskbar "Task Manager Widget shows icons superimposed and in wrong locations" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30290520:39
yofelgenii-around: mine is kde bug 29059820:40
ubottuKDE bug 290598 in widget-taskbar "taskbar entries sometimes slide wrongly when an application is closed" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29059820:40
genii-aroundGuess I'll switch to the icon-only taskmanager too then. 20:41
zahigI've been having an issue with the netbook interface on Kubuntu 12.10.  Plasma Netbook crashes when I try to switch from Search and Launch to Page one.21:34
zahigHas anyone seen something similar?21:34
shadeslayerif you have a backtrace, please report it on bugs.kde.org21:35
shadeslayerif not, get one21:35
zahigI've failed to get a backtrace.  I'll try again to see if I can get it to fail with an error.21:45
shadeslayeryou most likely need the debug symbols :)21:47
zahigWhich packages do I need for the debug symbols?21:56
Quintasanshadeslayer: ping22:20
shadeslayerQuintasan: tired pong22:20
Quintasanshadeslayer: You've got an NVidia card?22:20
shadeslayerQuintasan: I have another laptop that has one22:21
Quintasanshadeslayer: quantal on it?22:21
shadeslayerbut not on my work machine22:21
shadeslayernah, Windows 722:21
Quintasancan't boot into x with nvidia driver22:21
Quintasannouveau is known to be broken and I can't reinstall straight to quantal22:21
* Quintasan goes back to trying22:22
shadeslayerwell .. uh ... dual graphics?22:22
shadeslayerQuintasan: use Precise22:25
shadeslayerquantal and X is horrible shit for me as well22:25
shadeslayerprecise is buttery smooth22:25
* yofel has quantal + nvidia running just fine22:33
yofelQuintasan: what's broken in nouveau this time?22:34
Quintasanyofel: Dunno, refuses to go to lightdm22:34
Quintasanwhines something about buffers22:34
Quintasanshould work on my gfx card22:34
Quintasanbut it doesnt22:34
yofelgreat -.-22:35
yofeltried nomodeset?22:35
zahigMy plasma netbook crash now reported to bugs.kde.org per shadeslayer's request. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30755323:02
ubottuKDE bug 307553 in plasma-netbook "Plasma Netbook crashes on switching Activity Pages" [Crash,Unconfirmed]23:02

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