* Aaron|laptop wonders why his 12.04 installer hangs at "installing system 67%"00:22
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endless1239hello all01:23
endless1239I am interesting in becoming doing kubuntu packaging, which guide would be best to read pertaining to doing so01:25
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Daz646_Hello, would anyone mind telling me the difference between opengl and xrender?01:52
DaemonFC[21:52] <Daz646_> Hello, would anyone mind telling me the difference between opengl and xrender?02:29
DaemonFCOpenGL is a 3d graphics API and XRender is just a way to do compositing and antialiasing, and is rendered by whatever 2d acceleration is provided by the display driver02:29
DaemonFCxrender compositing is limited to effects that are not "3d" and it's usually much slower, unless your graphics driver is crap, and then it might be a little faster than OpenGL ;)02:30
DaemonFCit's mostly useful for old hardware that doesn't support OpenGL shaders or ancient Nvidia/AMD proprietary graphics drivers which had rendering problems with OpenGL (I'm not aware that either do, as long as it's a recent driver bundle)02:32
DaemonFCyou should use whichever is faster in your particular case, but for most people that's OpenGL02:32
DaemonFCif you use kwin with xrender, you'll lose effects like wobbly windows and the "magic lamp"02:33
Daz646_DaemonFC: Thank-you for the information. Seems like opengl is the right think for me to stick to :D.02:34
DaemonFCyep :)02:34
Daz646_DaemonFC: Been a nice new experience using kubuntu, i accidentally ruined my windows instalation and was unable to get it back. Had i known how nice linux is i would have purposely got rid of windows a long time ago.02:36
DaemonFCthe hardest part about getting rid of Windows is that the sticker never wants to come off02:37
Daz646_lol, well i have learned more about computers using linux in one week then i have windows in 10 years.02:39
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konquiHi how should you configure a google account in KDE 4.9.1 using the new google resource for akondani?06:23
konquiedit: akonadi06:31
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kbroulikjust saw in the quental beta 2 release notes that print-manager is now included. does this mean it is available in the repositories or is is shipped as replacement for the current kde-config-printer thing?07:44
KvaksRecently, I've been finding /usr/bin/X using 100% CPU and slowing down my system. After a reboot it's fine for a while, until it happens again.08:29
KvaksAny idea how to go about finding the source of the problem?08:29
rethuswhich programms in kubuntu Programms which are installed out of the box in kubuntu use MySQL by default?08:39
rethusakonadi does?!08:39
azbarcearethus: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/Akonadi#Why_not_use_MySQL.2FEmbedded.3F08:40
rethus azbarcea: seems to be outdated information... i think mysql still support INNODB08:41
rethusi'm wrong?08:42
rethusbut the next question on this page help me08:42
rethusbackground: i create a tiny small kubuntu-installation. and i need to put the mysql-database to external HDD08:42
rethusnow i ask myself, if kubuntu start08:43
rethusand don't find a external disk, what happend with all those programms who need mysql08:43
rethusbut the second answer on your page say, akonadi starts its own mysql-server. so ... akonadi is not installed by now ... but if the user use the "Clock" Dashlet, akonadi will be used... and cause of this i ask here to find out, what happen, if i set the data-dir in my.conf to external disk, and this disk is not mounted on startup08:45
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lordievaderrethus: Assuming mysql/akonadi doesn't cache things, all of the requests to the database will fail.08:49
lordievaderrethus: Or at least that would seem logical to me.08:49
rethuslordievader: i think akonadi has its own internal mysql-server08:50
rethusso akonadi will start it, if needed, i think08:50
lordievaderrethus: It does.08:50
rethusvery well08:51
lordievaderrethus: But if you configure it that it too places it data external, it will fail if the data cannot be found.08:51
rethusthats ok, cause the default-mysql datastorage will be on external disk, and only for saving web-projects.08:51
rethusi only afraid, that akonadi could crash the system, if mysql-datastorage is not available08:52
rethusso my nice vbox-development-enviroment will still work :)08:52
lordievaderrethus: It has no reason to crash, I suppose. Unless it is set to use the MySQL external DB.08:54
rethusgreat, realy great08:54
rethusare ther internal process on default kubuntu-installation who need apache?08:54
lordievaderrethus: A standard install of Kubuntu does not need Apache.08:55
EvpokHi there09:13
lordievaderHey Evpok, how are you?09:14
EvpokFine, thank you.09:14
EvpokNot much talking in this chan09:14
EvpokI guess you are all busy persons :)09:15
lordievaderEvpok: It is a support channel, not many people need support it seems.09:17
EvpokWell, I could use some09:18
lordievader!ask | Evpok09:18
ubottuEvpok: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:18
EvpokDo you know of a convenient way to upgrade fonts installed directly from files (ie not with a package, but from a .ttf file) ?09:19
EvpokI mean, I could un-install, re-install them09:20
EvpokBut it's a bit tedious09:20
lordievaderEvpok: Not a clue. I never install fonts (or remove them, for that matter).09:21
lordievaderEvpok: Hopefully someone else will come along who can answer your question.09:24
EvpokI hope so, thank you anyway.09:25
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ocamlWhy is my kdevelop always crash?  ubuntu12.04  xubuntu10:18
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yoga`I just did a sudo apt-get upgrade, then reboot...10:51
yoga`but cannot get kdm login.10:51
lordievaderyoga`: What do you get? A black screen?10:52
yoga`it jump to the first console login.10:52
lordievaderyoga`: What happens when you run the command: sudo service kdm start ?10:53
yoga`lordievader: I am not booting using kubutu now.  so I cannot run sudo service kdm now, do you want me to do that and come back.10:54
yoga`lordievader: I need to reboot to do that.10:54
lordievaderyoga`: Ahh, I see. Do you happen to have a secondary pc?10:55
yoga`lordievader: I get a kdm process running, if I run ps aux | grep kdm10:55
yoga`lordievader: no I am using the same laptop.10:55
lordievaderyoga`: Hmm, do you get your kdm login when you press ctrl+alt+f7 (or f8/f9)?10:57
yoga`lordievader: No. I ctrl+alt+f7, it just bring me back to console 7, it has some console out put, like [starting] ... , it suppose to be my kdm login, but it just an output console I cannot do anything with it, ctl+f1 takes me back to console 1.11:00
lordievaderyoga`: And f8? Or f9? If it is running it should be somewhere there.11:00
yoga`I had not try that, but f7 used to be my xdm windows.11:01
yoga`I mean kdm.11:01
lordievaderyoga`: It usually is, but sometimes it gets moved.11:02
yoga`lordievader: but when I reboot, I didnot get the kdm login window, but jump to f1.11:03
yoga`lordievader: if I get move, I might still get the kdm login.  It seems that kdm is crash.11:04
yoga`lordievader: do you want me to reboot, and try f8 or f9?11:05
lordievaderyoga`: Allright, try restarting kdm then. sudo service kdm stop; sudo service kdm start11:05
yoga`lordievader: ok.  I'll try that and I'll be back.11:06
yoga`lordievader: no luck. I try f8, f9, not working, I sudo service kdm stop, sudo service kdm start, and I even lost f7.11:18
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lordievaderyoga`: So just a black screen then? Does "sudo service kdm start" give any error?11:20
yoga`lordievader: when I am on f1, key ctl+f7 has no effect, still stay on f1. sudo service kdm start give no error, and produce a new kdm process.11:22
Peace-ctrl alt f7 yoga`11:23
lordievaderyoga`: You need ctrl+alt+f711:24
lordievaderHey Peace-, how are you?11:24
Peace-fine lordievader11:24
yoga`lordievader: ctrl+f7 will do if I am on console. If I am on X windows, I need Ctrl+alt+f1 to got to console, right?11:25
lordievaderyoga`: For as far as I know you allways need ctrl+alt, let me check.11:26
lordievaderyoga`: Yes, ctrl+f7 doesn't work, ctrl+alt+f7 does work, though X is running in F8 for me...11:27
mkuettleryoga`: On the console alt+F<number> works for me11:27
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BluesKajHowdy all11:29
Peace-BluesKaj: hi11:30
lordievaderHey BluesKaj11:30
BluesKajho lordievader11:30
* Peace- should work someday to plasma panels collection11:30
yoga`lordievader: what could be mess up by apt-get update for kdm?11:32
BluesKajhi Peace-11:33
lordievaderyoga`: What I suspect is that the problem has to do with a kernel update.11:34
BluesKajI guess lightdm is the default DM now , even on 12.04 , if you installed KDE 4.9.111:37
yoga`BluesKaj: will I get KDE 4.9.1 if I do a sudo apt-get upgrade?11:39
konquiHi When using k-menu to shutdown in 12.10, the screen gets blurred and no shutdown button appears, however if I press enter or wait for timeout it shuts down.11:39
konquiSame with restart etc11:39
lordievaderBluesKaj: Even for Kubuntu?11:39
BluesKajyoga`, dist-upgrade11:39
yoga`BluesKaj: I just did a apt-get upgrade.11:40
konquiyoga`: You need the backports ppa too on 12.0411:40
konquiyoga`: You should run a dist-upgrade as well then just to be safe11:41
BluesKajyes 12.10 , lordievader , I installed 4.9.1 from the backports a few weeks ago11:41
lordievaderBluesKaj: Kdm is being abadoned for LightDM? How strange.11:41
konquiBluesKaj: If you are on 12.10, do you have the same issue as me when shutting down using the menu11:41
BluesKajkonqui, I was informed it's in the regular repos now , there seems to be some confusion over this11:41
Smurphywell - kdm does not support the finger scanner :}11:42
yoga`konqui: so my kde problem after apt-get upgrade, is not being the fact that lightdm default.11:42
BluesKajkonqui, that it won't shutdown , just stalls ands does nothing , if thatr's your issue , then yes11:42
konquiBluesKaj: 4.8.5 is in the regular repos (precise updates) 4.9.1 is in the backports ppa11:43
lordievaderyoga`: What kind of GFX card do you have?11:43
BluesKajkonqui, eben sudo halt in the cli doesn't shut it down on 12 .1011:43
Peace-lordievader: well lighdm is  the default in kubuntu but not in other distro :D11:44
konquiBluesKaj: It doesn't stall, the button is invisible, if you press "enter" it shutsdown11:44
lordievaderPeace-: I see.11:44
BluesKajkonqui, , nope that's not the same behaviour I have11:45
yoga`lordievader: How can I do the kernel down-grade?11:46
konquiBluesKaj: For me, the screen gets blurred, if I click somewhere the blur vanishes and I can use the system as if no shutdown was done, however if I press enter while the screen is blurred it shutsdown11:46
lordievaderyoga`: The older kernels are still available, at least one down. But could you answer my question?11:46
konquiIf I have to report a bug on the shutdown issue, it should be against which package?11:47
yoga`lordievader: I am sorry, what question?11:48
lordievaderyoga`: What GFX card you have?11:48
yoga`lordievader: you mean graphic card?11:49
lordievaderyoga`: Yes.11:49
BluesKajok , the devels say that precise still requires the backports for KDE 4.9.1  ...well that settles the falsehoods I've been hearing11:49
SmurphyHmmm... My NetBook took 10 Minutes t update to 4.8.5 :} Nice :)11:49
yoga`lordievader: I am using a laptop, it's "Mobile Intel® GL40 Express Chipset"11:51
lordievaderyoga`: How odd, that should work...11:52
BluesKajyoga`, run,  lspci | grep VGA , just to be sure11:53
SmurphyAnybody tested the new 12.04 beta ?11:55
yoga`lordievader: ok, I'll reboot, and try that and come back again.11:55
SmurphyHow does it upgrade on a netbook ??? :}11:55
BluesKajSmurphy, 12.10 beta ? yes I'm running it atm11:56
SmurphyWill test it my netbook. 4GB Ram, QuadCore N2800 1.8GHz Atom CPU :)11:57
SmurphyCould be fun. Would be interesting to know if they fixed the multiple screens on that one.11:57
SmurphyHmm. Can't find the kubuntu release upgrade tool. Anyone can tell me where to find it ? Which package to install ?12:04
BluesKajSmurphy, how do you want to upgrade ?12:05
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Smurphyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades/Kubuntu - That way.12:06
yoga`lordievader: lspci | grep VGA. I get something along the line, Intel Corp. Mobile 4 Video Integrated Controller, does it meant VGA is working?12:06
yoga`lordievader: The kernel can find the VGA?12:07
Smurphybut I can't find the upgrade stuff ..12:07
EvpokSmurphy: Have you tried directly via do-release-upgrade? kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade is just a convenient wrapper12:07
SmurphyEvpok: Nope. I'll try it.12:08
BluesKajSmurphy, well , if you follow the instructions in the first part , then do , sudo do-release-upgrade -d in the terminal12:08
Smurphyweird - he doesn't take it (do-release-upgrade)  tells me there is no upgrade avail.12:08
SmurphyHe is trying -d :)12:09
BluesKajdon't forget the -d for development upgrade12:09
tsimpsonSmurphy: what do you mean you can't find it?12:09
Smurphysignature issue ...12:09
EvpokSmurphy: do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d for the devel version12:09
EvpokYou need to activate normal release and perhaps proposes updates in the software source manager12:10
SmurphyDid. He gives me a key issue.12:11
Smurphypgp key issue ...12:11
Smurphygive me 2 minutes -> install openssh server in netbook - to get the right message over her.12:12
Smurphyauthenticate 'quantal.tar.gz' against 'quantal.tar.gz.gpg'12:13
Smurphyexception from gpg: GnuPG exited non-zero, with code 212:13
EvpokNow that's weird12:14
SmurphyI need to trust key 437D05B512:14
Smurphygpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!12:14
EvpokSmurphy: Have you done something nasty with you /etc/apt/*.gpg ?12:17
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Peace-Smurphy: gpg error nowardev google12:18
Smurphynope. It seems corrupt. Dleted the content and reimporting the keys.12:18
Peace-Smurphy: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/gpg-error-fix-it/12:18
BluesKajSmurphy, , best to remove any ppas in your sources.list12:19
ladkiwidoes it exist a french kde chanel ?12:19
Evpokladkiwi: #kde-fr12:19
ladkiwiok thanks12:19
Smurphyyes - well - I live in france :}12:19
SmurphyBut - I still can't get it.12:19
EvpokSo that's three of us :)12:20
SmurphyHow do I trust the keys again ???12:20
Peace-Smurphy: kdesudo software- PRESS TAB12:21
Peace-remove the ppa and re-add it12:21
BluesKajSmurphy, , best to remove any ppas in your sources.list , if you want to upgrade to 12.10 beta12:21
ladkiwiWhat does kde activity do when you stop an activity ? Is it the same as the hibernate option ?12:21
EvpokYeah, the upgrade will do it anyway12:21
Peace-ladkiwi: well it's like hibernate all  the applications in taht activity12:21
Peace-ladkiwi: so you can create activity for example edit video :  dolphin kdenlive12:22
ladkiwibut If I stop an activity and then shut down the computer, all is lost or KDE store this in memory ?12:22
BluesKajEvpok, not alkways , I had a problem , with a forgotten ppa , that had to be removed manually12:22
Peace-ladkiwi: try it it should NOT12:23
ladkiwiPeace-, :)12:23
Smurphyremoved ppa and medibuntu.12:23
SmurphyWill see what it does.12:23
Smurphygpg: Good signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"12:23
Smurphygpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!12:24
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts12:24
SmurphyThis is actually the system I have installed last month 12.04.1 LTS level. Nothing fancy configured or so12:24
SmurphyPeace-: won' t help ...12:24
ladkiwiPeace-, If so it is a wonderfull function, but I suppose that you cannot keep open a lot of application without loosing fluidity or performances12:25
ladkiwiPeace-, do you use this ?12:25
Peace-ladkiwi: actualli i guess activities when are stopped don't take ram12:25
konquiWhat is the best viewer (no need for editor) for docx files that will not cause loss of formatting12:25
Peace-or cpu power12:25
Peace-konqui: well you can use libre office or calligra suite12:26
Peace-someone says calligra is better , i mean to keep formatting12:26
ladkiwikonqui, or if you do not need editing, ask peaple to send you pdf !12:26
konquilibreoffice does a garbage job it seems on many documents expecially when they use MS office styling features12:26
konquiladkiwi: I like pdf's but in some cases its better not to tell people to send you a pdf12:27
EvpokSmurphy: paste.kde.org could you give us the wole output of `sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d` ?12:27
Smurphyreloading - and telling it to not use the french servers ...12:27
Smurphysecs... just updating :}12:28
Smurphythat was it. The package downlaodd from the french servers failed.12:29
Smurphypffff ...12:29
Smurphycan' t load KDE (no module named kde). You sure about that ???12:30
EvpokOh, never mind, that should just be the gui12:30
qw[Russian]hi, everybody12:31
qw[Russian]I have a question: I would like to create a dating site on a free hosting prompt please if know the such?12:31
EvpokIf it fails, remove the -f kde, you'll have an ugly GTK interface, that's all12:31
SmurphyNo he does something ... :}12:31
SmurphyNa - I Want MY KDE ! :}12:32
Smurphywith KDE since 1.0 where I made the french Translation (What A mess hahahahaha).12:32
yoga`How do I do some kind of reinstall kdm from a flash start, as it'12:33
OerHeksqw[Russian], join #ubuntu-server for hosting you free datingsite yourself.12:33
lordievaderqw[Russian]: This is a Kubuntu-support channel, in what way does your question relate to kubuntu?12:33
yoga`as kde is not working after I apt-get upgrade.12:33
Smurphystarting upgrade :) let's see what that does :)12:33
EvpokSmurphy: Iirc I didn't have a cute Qt interface, either.12:33
EvpokSmurphy: You may want to have a walk during the update. Took about 5h for me.12:35
SmurphyWill see. The download is at 50% - got a fast line. But my netbook has 4GB of Ram (Upgraded it myself).12:38
SmurphyEvpok: which interface are you using now for IRC ?12:44
yoga`My whole Kubuntu / file system is in one disk partition, can I re-install Kubuntu and also keep my /home ?12:44
SmurphyI'm still hoked on my server using ssh/screen and running irssi inside screen.12:45
EvpokSmurphy: Quassel, nothing's better12:45
Smurphyirssi through ssh/screen - I can access it from everywhere around the world.12:45
SmurphyTouch ?12:46
Smurphywhat is it ?12:46
tsimpsonyou do know quassel has a core/client configuration too12:46
lordievaderyoga`: You can but it involves some work.12:47
EvpokSmurphy: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/touch%C3%A9?r=75&src=ref&ch=dic12:47
SmurphyEvpok: Thx. I live in france, and by chance, I am quite fluent in french too :}12:48
SmurphyI did see a: Touch? - not a Touche ('e).12:48
EvpokAnd can't you X-forward Quassel anyway?12:48
lordievaderyoga`: You take a live-cd, you make a new partition next to the previous two. This new partition will be /home. You move/copy your current /home to the new partition and you reinstall the system afterwards.12:48
EvpokSmurphy: Aaah. Unicode issues with irssi? ;)12:49
Smurphyyes - but because I start it in UTF-8 mode.12:49
EvpokSmurphy: should work, then12:51
yoga`lordievader: but I still want to fix the kdm first.12:51
SmurphyDownload complete ... Installation started ...12:51
lordievader:source /home/lordievader/.byobu/profile13:01
lordievaderWhoops XD13:01
BluesKajon the W7 drive , just making sure xchat2 is still working with the znc bouncer13:04
lordievader:source /home/lordievader/.byobu/profile13:08
lordievaderByobu should put that button next to next/previous window...13:08
Smurphylol - the upgrade process has thrown me out of my X session ... but it seems to continue.13:25
qw[Russian]help me please13:26
qw[Russian]help me install rar please13:27
Jokahapt-get install unrar13:27
Jokahi think13:27
lordievaderBelieve that was the command, yes.13:28
SmurphyHmm. Because it kill my X Session, and continues - I could not see the request of the app to actually remove KDE...13:28
Smurphyhad to terminate it with a kill command :} from under the hood.13:29
BluesKajqw[Russian], install unp , it decompresses any compressed files13:29
BluesKaj!info unp13:30
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7 (precise), package size 13 kB, installed size 124 kB13:30
Jokahnut 2da ma sweet!!!13:31
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qw[Russian]and who to me can archive time and for to archive in zip13:41
yoga`lordievader: I try lightdm. I get a login screen, but when I try to log in through kde(default),I get "Could not use dbus, try to use qdbus", any idea?13:42
yoga`lordievader: I do sudo service lightdm start13:42
lordievaderyoga`: Phew, I get a feeling that reinstalling the system is easier.13:42
yoga`lordievader: after that message I get bounce back to the lightdm login screen.13:43
lordievaderyoga`: In other words, I have no idea...13:43
yoga`lordievader: I get so many setup on my Kubuntu already.13:44
lordievaderyoga`: What?13:44
yoga`lordievader: I install a lot of packages.13:44
yoga`lordievader: reinstall will get me redo that again.13:45
lordievaderyoga`: I see. Try Google or the Ubuntu-forums.org.13:45
yoga`lordievader: thank's anyway.13:47
lordievaderyoga`: No problem.13:47
Smurphyupgrade crashed X ... it stopped. Just killed the Quantel process, and continued remotely.13:53
twinaxehallo.kann mir jemand mit einer netwerkfrage helfen?13:55
twinaxeenglish: hello, can someone help me with a question about network connections?13:56
Evpok!ask twinaxe13:57
hateballforgot the |13:57
Evpok!ask | twinaxe13:57
ubottutwinaxe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:57
Evpokhateball: thanks13:57
int_uaWhat's the debug package for /usr/bin/plasma-desktop ?13:58
int_uaI have it crashed but cannot find the debug package. I'm using Kubuntu Backports PPA13:58
twinaxeok, when i connect to  my DSL connection i cant access my fritzbox. i also can not access my other windows pc through realvnc. when i connect through the standard cable network connection i can access the fritzbox as well as the other pc through vnc viewer. so my question is why can`t i access the devices through my DSL connection?13:59
lordievadertwinaxe: There is a german channel if you rather talk in german: #kubnutu-de14:01
twinaxethanks for the tipp. but if someone can answer here it`s also ok :)14:01
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.14:02
lordievadertwinaxe: Does the DSL connection have it's own subnet?14:03
EvpokWhat do you mean "access", "connecting to the local network" or "tcp/ssh/whatever the box when you are already connected"14:03
twinaxei can`t connect to neither fritzbox nor through vnc to the other pc. on the fritzbox i get 500 error in the browser, when i tried realvnc to connect to my other pc it showed me something with error 10114:06
twinaxein the meantime i de-installed realvnc because i thought maybe it has to do witht he software.but with krdc i also can access the other pc when im14:07
lordievadertwinaxe: Can you answer my question?14:08
twinaxesorry, didn`t see the question14:09
lordievadertwinaxe: If the DSL connection has it's own subnet.14:09
genii-aroundProbably need port forwarding on the dsl router.14:09
twinaxeno, in the connection manager i just filled my connection details, that`s all14:09
lordievadertwinaxe: So both connection have the same network settings?14:10
twinaxe_then there is a difference in the IPv4 address settings and i think this could be the reason for it. because in the standard cable connection there is it set to automatic - DHCP and in my DSL connection it`s set to automatic - DSL14:15
twinaxe_then there is a difference in the IPv4 address settings and i think this could be the reason for it. because in the standard cable connection there is it set to automatic - DHCP and in my DSL connection it`s set to automatic - DSL14:19
Smurphyhash -r14:22
Smurphyls -las14:22
Smurphysorry - wrong windows ;)14:22
Smurphyrofl :)14:22
SmurphyTesting reboot of netbook ...14:25
SmurphyHmmm. can' t start X, neither with current or backup kernel ...14:32
Smurphy:} in VESA mode BTW ... :}14:32
genii-aroundSmurphy: Possibly your last session was in a resolution that the VESA driver cannot do.14:33
Smurphygenii-around: Nope. it's a netbook with haswell chip.14:34
SmurphyJust upgraded from 12.04.1 to 12.10 :}14:34
Smurphyls -l14:36
genii-aroundAh, yes, Phoronix is reporting that the drivers will probably be in the 3.7 kernel.14:36
Smurphygrmph. ALways wrong window :}14:36
SmurphyBut it core dumps in VESA mode. Kernel 3.5.014:36
genii-aroundYeah, not good.14:37
Smurphyrebooting. Let's see what it does :}14:38
Smurphylol. Loading the gma550X driver.14:41
genii-aroundFrom the intel-gfx mailing list it looks like they are basing the Haswell driver on i91514:44
Smurphywhat' s the name again for the applicaion installing the close source drivers ?14:46
genii-aroundSmurphy: jockey-kde14:46
Smurphythx. Will remote executre it...14:47
lordievaderHey scarface, how are you?14:47
genii-aroundAFAIK there are no closed-source Intel drivers.14:47
lordievaderDoes qdbus support UTF-8?14:47
SmurphyDamn - I love linux. You can do all the bullsh*t windows never can ... :}14:48
scarfacefine thqnk you14:48
scarfacei so hqppy14:48
scarface;y first Kubunt14:48
scarfacemy firt system14:48
lordievaderscarface: Good for you!14:48
scarfaceit4s qzso;e14:48
scarfaceit4s awsome14:48
lordievaderscarface: Having keyboard problems?14:49
scarfacemy keyboare is on querty14:49
scarfacedont know how to chenge the setting4s but i am happy14:49
Smurphyhow can I disable a module ? It seems - it can't add the driver cedarview_gfx because it does not exist.14:50
lordievaderscarface: You use Dvorak or something? Look at System-Settings under Input -> keyboard.14:50
Smurphyhave top rebuild it with dkms14:50
scarfacethank you very mutch friend14:52
Smurphy!find cedarview14:54
ubottuFound: cedarview-drm, cedarview-graphics-drivers, libva-cedarview-vaapi-driver14:54
lordievaderscarface: No problem.14:56
Smurphywell - have to wait for the drivers to come. Nothing can be done now...14:58
scarfacegreat i 've chenget and now i am on french14:59
scarfaceeverything it's ok15:00
scarfacethanks againg15:00
ti_tux_Hi all ! With Libreoffice in kde (whatever distro) we have a libreoffice-kde package. Who is working on it ? Kubuntu or any kde dev or Libreoffice dev ?15:15
ikoniait's a meta package to install the libreoffice suite15:16
ti_tux_libreoffice-kde is not a meta package15:16
ti_tux_it installs some like libreoffice-style-oxygen15:17
ti_tux_but it contains some dynamic library for the integration in kde15:18
tsimpsonit's built from the libreoffice source as far as I can tell15:18
genii-aroundSmurphy: The xorg-edgers version appears to be 2.20.8 which should have some support15:22
SmurphyI guess in the next beta they will have something workable. That should be enough.15:25
SmurphyIf not - where can I find the xorg-edgers vesion ?15:25
genii-aroundSmurphy: They have a ppa at https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers with all sorts of dire warnings at the top ;-)15:27
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Smomacbook 2,1 occasionally when i suspend ubuntu and come back the screen is black or just the desktop background with no box to type in my password, the mouse is visible and able to be moved around, the mouse changes when you scroll over where the typing box should be, if you type in the password it signs in but its still only black or the desktop background, the mouse changes as you scroll over things though16:32
Smowhat do16:32
konquiSmo: WHat graphic card? Are kwin effects on?16:36
Smodont even know what kwin effects are16:37
Smobut ill look up the card16:37
Smohttp://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook/specs/macbook-core-2-duo-2.16-white-13-mid-2007-specs.html here16:39
Smosystem settings>general says that the graphics card is unknown16:40
Smosystem settings>general>graphics says "driver unknown experienc standard16:41
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konquiSmo: System Settings > Desktop effects16:46
konquiSmo: Turn off effects if they are on, then post output of "lspci"16:47
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Smothere is no desktop effects in system settings on 12.0416:55
Smonor are they under appearance16:55
Smolike in previous versions16:55
Smounity 2d?16:58
lordievaderSmo: This is the Kubuntu support channel so no Unity, for that go to the #ubuntu channel.17:07
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lelamalI've just installed Kubuntu on a netbook, and the minimise button in windows is missing. How do I configure the system to have it back, please?17:47
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Daskreechlelamal: apt-get install plasma-desktop17:52
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ti_tux_lelamal: go to systemsettings in workspace appearance module17:53
lelamalDaskreech: it's already installed17:55
lelamalti_tux_: I'm there, but can't see any related option17:55
Daskreechlelamal: then go to workspace and switch it to desktop from netbook17:55
Daskreechlelamal: alt+F2 -> workspace -> desktop17:55
lelamalDaskreech: it's already set to desktop17:56
Daskreechsorry workspace -> workspace type -> desktop17:56
Daskreechlelamal: ok maybe I'd need a screenshot of your desktop to see what you are seeing17:56
ti_tux_lelamal: button configure decoration at the bottom !17:57
DaskreechThat would be my next suggestion too.17:57
lelamalti_tux_: yes, I've tried that, but there's no optioni to show the minimize button17:57
ti_tux_lelamal: Configure Button...17:58
lelamalDaskreech: ok, I'll try to take a screenshot17:58
ti_tux_it is the other button17:58
ti_tux_at right17:58
konquilelamal: Go to Workspace appearance, Window decorations, Configure buttons, click defaults, apply17:59
ti_tux_lelamal: and you drag and drop the minimise button17:59
konquiti_tux_: Clicking defaults is easier17:59
lelamalkonqui: clicking defaults did the trick!18:00
lelamalthank you all guys for the support!!!18:01
ti_tux_konqui: yes you are right18:01
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hanibanahi. I'm using kubuntu with last updates. The plasma-desktop process consumes 50 % of CPU in near one second intervals. Makes things slow. Any idea why should this happen?20:10
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lukasguten abend an alle, hoffe es geht euch allen gut20:16
Pici!de | lukas20:16
ubottulukas: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:16
figagoI need some help please21:41
figagoIs any body here  can help me ?21:43
figagoHELLOOOOOO !!!21:45
figagoEEHHOOOOO !!21:45
figagoIS ANY BODY HERE ?21:45
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figagoCAN  YOU HELP MEEE !!!!!!21:48
figagoIS ANY ONE HERE ???21:54
zahigWhat is your problem, figago?  Knowing whaat you need help with will allow others to better help you.21:59
figagoI made an upgrade to my Os ubuntu22:01
figagoto 12.0422:01
figagothe problem i lost the authentification pass22:02
ptomblinyou mean you forgot your password, or what?22:02
figagoit because of the upgrade i think22:03
ptomblinThen what did you lose?22:03
figagoit changed my keyboard22:03
figagoit was EN USA22:04
photonI'm creating a local mirror with debmirror from archive.ubuntu.org (note, not Kubuntu.org) and included the distro "precise". will this automatically also download all Kubuntu packages and can I use this local mirror from Kubuntu 12.04 like the "official" online mirror?22:04
figagonow it is AR22:04
figagoso i cant  log as administrator22:06
figagois there a solution for this headache22:07
zahigOpen up the settings22:09
zahigIn the hardware section is the input devices.  Click that.22:10
figagokey board ?22:10
zahigJust check change layout and change it to EN US and you should be good.22:11
figagoim loged as guest, if i leave  to log as admin  the layout  become arabic !!22:13
figagoi cannot access the admin session22:14
figagobecause of this problem22:14
figagoim loged as guest, if i leave  to log as admin  the layout  become arabic !!22:15
figagoi cannot access the admin session22:15
figagobecause of this problem22:15
zahig_I'm not familiar with that problem but maybe "sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales" and "sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data" could help.22:22
photonI'm creating a local mirror with debmirror from archive.ubuntu.org (note, not Kubuntu.org) and included the distro "precise". will this automatically also download all Kubuntu packages and can I use this local mirror from Kubuntu 12.04 like the "official" online mirror?22:47
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Guest63005can someone help me?22:52
szal!ask | Guest6300522:53
ubottuGuest63005: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:53
Guest63005i have a problem with my system i cant find muon, my lap turned off because the power battery down and now i try to find muon dont find it22:56
Guest63005can someone help me with this?22:56
Guest63005i cant download  anything too22:58
zahigphoton - all kubuntu packages are part of the ubuntu archives.  If you host an ubuntu archives mirror,  you will be mirroring the ubuntu, kubunt, xubuntu, and lubuntu packages.23:05
photonzahig: that's what I thought, thanks for confirming this.23:05
zahigphoton - you're welcome23:06
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