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mark06quite frank question, is Launchpad/Canonical/Ubuntu deteriorating?02:27
spmhttp://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/loaded-question :-)02:29
mark06you mean the answer would not be frank as well from official representatives?02:30
spmmark06: are you honestly trying to play bingo with that list of fallacies and cross them all off?02:32
mark06ah from the example is like I want that?02:32
mark06no, I just thought that was for me02:32
mark06honestly I would feel quite sad if things are not going so well02:33
mark06I just received an email today about deactivation of hg import (well explained), and I remember I feel Ubuntu hasn't been so great since some time, but maybe it's just a feeling02:34
wgrantHg imports are being discontinued because bzr-hg isn't up to the standard of the other imports02:35
wgrantThere's a total of 43 hg imports that work, and hundreds that don't02:35
mark06I also saw some project saying it was moving to github...02:35
mark06I understand the reasons, I feel fine... I honestly hope things get better, Launchpad even without wikis is far superior than github imho02:37
mark06and ubuntu made linux more popular, and bzr is nice02:38
mark06I also saw an outdated why bzr over hg page, all this together made me wonder this... I sincerely can't get this dvcs flamewar...02:39
mark06the hg folks said on a response page that Linus mentioned hg as the only alternative worth attention other than his git... so funny this Linuseligion02:43
mark06ah sorry this is not my blog :(02:45
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pef_Hi! I'm trying to merge an (apparently autogenerated?) launchpad account into my main one07:41
pef_because I want to use the register the email address as mine07:41
pef_so I go through the merge process07:42
pef_but when I click on the link in the email, I get an Oops ...07:42
wgrantpef_: What's the OOPS ID?07:42
pef_I tried it twice, here's one of them:  OOPS-e2f5d3b6769c012de049daf4a60c094107:42
wgrantLet's see...07:44
pef_but I never registered a patrick-farrell-imperial account (as far as I can remember)07:46
pef_I have no idea how it came about, to be honest07:46
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/~patrick-farrell-imperial says it was used as the uploader or maintainer of an Ubuntu package, but with the name "The ICOM team"07:47
wgrantLooks like that package was synced from Debian07:47
pef_I do make packages for our group07:48
pef_but I'm pretty sure none of them ever got into Debian07:48
pef_I would have noticed07:48
wgrantAh, maybe someone uploaded it to a PPA and that page is lying07:49
wgrantAnyway, you've run into a bug. If you ask a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion an admin can sort the merge out for you manually.07:49
pef_you couldn't just add patrick.farrell@imperial.ac.uk to the email addresses for pefarrell, could you?07:50
pef_that's my actual goal (so that I can send an email to a list)07:50
wgrantNo, but if you ask the question I can have that account merged in a few minutes.07:52
wgrantBug #105794707:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1057947 in Launchpad itself "LocationError: (None, 'name') when merging an account with a NEW email address" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105794707:52
pef_thanks for launchpad, by the way, we love it07:53
wgrantpef_: The merge is queued, should be finished in a couple of minutes.07:58
pef_great, thanks07:59
wgrantpef_: That's done. You'll now need to confirm the email address at https://launchpad.net/~/+editemails, and that should be that.08:01
pef_great, all done08:02
wgrantIndeed, looks good08:02
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geserwgrant: have you an idea what this logs tries to tell me? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/117613235/upload_4158616_log.txt08:32
wgrantgeser: Looks like a connectivity glitch when talking the librarian :/08:33
wgrantA retry will work08:33
geserah, ok. I guess it's not worth doing a retry as it's from the archive rebuild08:34
lifelessmgz: btw wherever you found the bot source code that handles oops links08:45
wgrantIt needs the OOPS- prefix?08:46
lifelessmgz: it currently chews off the OOPS- prefix in generating the URL, it shouldn't.08:46
lifelessmgz: there is backwards compat code to permit that, but I'd like to eventually ditch that.08:46
tsimpsonlifeless: what should the format be, exactly?08:50
lifelesstsimpson: https://oops.canonical.com/oops/?oopsid=OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb918 is the canonical url for the oops =OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb91808:53
lifelessbah, miscopied the =08:53
lifelesstsimpson: https://oops.canonical.com/oops/?oopsid=OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb918 is the canonical url for the oops OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb91808:53
lifelessthe OOPS regex lp uses is OOPS-.*\>08:53
tsimpsonso I just need to keep the OOPS- part, ok08:54
maxbWouldn't that regex match the string "OOPS-foo bar baz quux" ?08:54
lifelessmaxb: no, because \> matches end of word, in non-greedy08:55
lifelesstsimpson: yes, I think so08:55
maxb\> can change the greediness of the preceding * ?08:56
lifelessmaxb: no you can set greediness globally08:56
lifelessmaxb: I was being sloppy those08:57
lifelessmaxb: *though* - that isn't the exact regex we use08:57
lifelessmaxb: the exact one is phrase in terms of 0-9a-zA-Z kindof things08:58
tsimpsontesting OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb918 testing09:00
tsimpsonoh, forgot to reload09:00
tsimpsontesting OOPS-ddb3a4e6e473461ac93b92604efcb918 testing09:01
tsimpsonthere we go09:01
lifelesstsimpson: thanks!09:02
tsimpsonyou're welcome :)09:02
mgzlifeless: oops.*/oops/?oopsid=OOPS=* is the canonical form? that seems oopsy09:24
lifelessOOPS- not OOPS=09:26
mgzsorry, right.09:27
mgzso, I'm not sure it's clear you'll be looking at an oops when you visit that link ;)09:27
lifelesswell, its the right URL09:27
lifelessits the one oops-tools itself emits in its reports09:28
lifelessmgz: what makes it unclear ?09:30
mgzlifeless, it's too clear :D09:30
lifelessmgz: ah ok09:31
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ItaloPessoasomebody could help me? when I try upload a pack to a ppa i go this message Uploading linkorganizer_1.0.3.dsc: 125 Data connection already open, starting transfer13:28
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DarxusHow do I find out if the packaging for wayland / weston are in bzr on launchpad anywhere?17:41
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dobeyDarxus: are they in the ubuntu archive?17:56
Darxusdobey: Yes.18:31
Darxusbzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.BzrCommandError: deb-version not fully expanded: {debversion}+{git-commit}. Valid substitutions are: ['{time}', '{date}', '{revno:packaging}', '{revno}', '{svn-revno:packaging}', '{svn-revno}', '{git-commit:packaging}', '{git-commit}', '{latest-tag:packaging}', '{latest-tag}', '{debversion:packaging}', '{debversion}', '{debupstream-base:packaging}', '{debupstream-base}', '{debupstream:packaging}', '{debupstream}', ...18:31
Darxus... '{revdate:packaging}', '{revdate}', '{revtime:packaging}', '{revtime}']18:31
DarxusFrom https://launchpadlibrarian.net/117683014/buildlog.txt.gz18:31
DarxusIt says both "debversion" and "git-commit" are valid... why did that fail?18:31
yofelcan someone make sense of this FTBFS? https://launchpad.net/~scribus/+archive/ppa/+recipebuild/31560318:42
yofelall I see as error is "Abort"18:42
DarxusThis works:19:08
Darxus# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debversion}+{revno}19:08
DarxusThis fails:19:08
Darxus# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debversion}+{git-commit}19:08
Darxus"You have exceeded today's quota for ubuntu quantal."19:09
DarxusAny ideas why {git-commit} is failing for me?  Base branch is https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/wayland/master "This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://anongit.freedesktop.org/wayland/wayland."  So, it is imported via git....19:50
DarxusRecipe is https://code.launchpad.net/~darxus/+recipe/wayland-daily19:51
dobeyDarxus: i would avoid git-commit; it's basically completely useless as part of a version as it's not a constantly incrementing number. you could get a later git commit which sorts lower than an older one, for version comparison21:19
dobeyDarxus: for daily builds, i typically use {debupstream}+r{revno}-{revno:packaging} as the deb-version21:19
Darxusdobey: I plan to keep the date in there, but I'd like to be able to look up what commit a build came from to see if, for example, it's before or after a fix for some problem.21:21
dobeyyofel: scroll up. there's an issue with the libtiff dependencies; looks like it wants both libtiff4-dev and libtiff5-dev, which conflict21:21
dobeyDarxus: which is exactly why i use +r{revno}; git using only hashes for everything makes this much harder to do of course21:23
yofeldobey: meh, good catch, sorry for the noise and thanks!21:23
Darxusdobey: I don't see what you have against those hashes, they can be used to look up commits in the git logs.21:36
dobeyDarxus: i don't have anything against them; but they are just hashes. they don't translate well to other things, like displaying to a user21:36
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DarxusRight, but if what you want is to find out where that build falls in the git commit log, they're what you want.21:37
dobeyright, but putting them in the package's version identifier isn't really a good way to do that21:38
dobeyfor the reasons i already stated21:38
DarxusI agree including other things before it is important, but why not tack it on to the end?21:39
dobeywhy not just use the bzr revno, look at that revision in bzr, and it tells you the git commit id. it gives you the exact same information, and presents a more readable version to users21:41
Darxusdobey: Because it saves a step.  But good point.21:41
dobeyDarxus: it doesn't really matter, you're not looking at subcommits from a merge or anything, you're only looking at specific toplevel revisions in the main branch. you can look at the change in bzr to see what's wrong and just fix it in the git repo if you can, if necessary. which is what i do with rhythmbox for example21:43

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