_schism_evening all00:45
_schism_I have a stupid question. coming back to lubuntu after going to some other distros and im in the live installer and have a stupid question. I chose the custom intall type and now I am at the select the device screen. if I remember correctly sda is where I want the bootloader to go correct?00:46
wxlmost likely01:04
wxldo you have other choices?01:04
Guest910285746does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 beta?01:43
Unit193sudo do-release-upgrade -d  is generally the way to do it, just remember that it is still in beta.01:43
Guest910285746thanks a lot01:45
LuvLinuxOSwhat is the best route to post my qa test results?02:01
LuvLinuxOSmailing list or bug report?02:02
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: right in the test02:02
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: you make an account and your results get logged there02:03
LuvLinuxOSi have a launchpad account02:04
Unit193Uses Ubuntu/Launchpad SSO.02:04
LuvLinuxOSholstein I know that I am new but can you be more specific02:05
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: when you do a test.. you "start" the test case.. there are things to fill out there02:06
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: AFAIK, it uses LP like Unit193 says02:06
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: i would just go there and try and log some information02:07
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: you'll be asked to log in.. try the LP account02:07
holsteinLuvLinuxOS: thats where to put that information... anywhere else and it will get lost and not count02:08
LuvLinuxOSthanks what is the entire hyperlink02:08
holsteinhttp://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/ is where i would start02:10
LuvLinuxOSthx holstein and Unit19302:11
Unit193Sure thing.02:11
charly__Hi, I need french help for Lubuntu please07:55
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:56
AzelphurIs it possible to connect to a wifi network without having a password request?08:03
LubuntuPoweredso, i am still having issues with the desktop running lubuntu OS not receiving the full speed of my internet service08:04
LubuntuPoweredanyone able to help resolve it will get $x.xx into their paypal account08:04
LubuntuPoweredthat is in USD08:05
LubuntuPoweredi will reveal one of the numbers to help inspire potential talents for my mission08:05
kanliotwireless behind a router? LubuntuPowered08:06
kanlioti would ask on the forum theres stuff you can try like turning off ipv608:07
LubuntuPoweredi don't know how that would affect anything08:08
kanliotno it actually works for some people08:09
LubuntuPoweredok, tried it08:11
LubuntuPoweredno affect it seems08:12
faLUCEhi, every time, after booting and accessing to the desktop, a popup with "system error" appears. Then I click to "no" and continue using the OS normally. Is there a way to avoid this popup?10:23
bioterrorsystem error sounds nice10:40
silverarrowshould be investigated10:47
silverarrowon every bootup?10:47
kanliotapport can ignore errors if you tell it 210:48
silverarrowthere are always tons of errors I think10:48
silverarrowthey don`t always apply to the running system10:49
faLUCEkanliot: how an I make it ignore?11:11
faLUCE] <faLUCE> kanliot: how an I make it ignore?11:19
kanliotfaLUCE, when the dialog show it might have something liek "show this error next time"11:41
sb1980how do i need to configure alsa so that processes using the audio output don't block each other?11:54
sb1980jackd: Audio device hw:0 cannot be acquired12:08
sb1980i already tried pulseaudio but this causes even more problems12:27
sb1980there must be some way to get this workign?12:27
bioterrormy friend told me to use windows with my guitar recording and drum projects :D12:28
zleapi am sure there is a guitar tab program for linux12:29
bioterrorI think there was12:30
Guest910285746hello. I am doing a distro upgrade and I got this message: Replace customized configuration file? '/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades'17:04
Guest910285746replace it?17:05
Guest910285746ok, thanks17:05
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FarinetHi, may be there is somewhere out here who could help me on this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12266827#post1226682720:38
Unit193Farinet: /usr/share/lubuntu/openbox/menu.xml would that be what you're looking for?20:51
FarinetUnit193: Isn't that the menu that shows up when you rightclick on the desktop? If so it's not, what i'm looking for. My problem is the application menu topic in the panel where shows up the programs under the super topics like Office, Graphics, Audio/Video, Accessories ecc. ecc.20:54
NotLarryok, not the place to get lubuntu help, got it:)21:46
wxlNotLarry: ?21:47
Unit193!ask | NotLarry21:47
ubottuNotLarry: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:47
wxlhe didn't ask to ask, Unit19321:47
wxlhe didn't say a darn thing21:47
wxlthat's different!21:47
Unit193wxl: ESP it, darn it!21:47
* wxl tries real hard21:48
* wxl is still trying21:48
wxli see… a mouse!21:48
wxlnow what could it mean?21:48
wxlin any case, NotLarry, we're just having fun here while we wait to help you. you have to initiate it, though!21:48
NotLarrystill googling it, thanks.21:49
wxlyou're googling what to ask? :)21:49
krosonHello, which one is the superior interface, and why? Xfce or LXDE? Thank you!22:37
wxlkroson: which is the superior fruit, and why? apples or bananas?22:38
Unit193!crosspost | kroson22:38
ubottukroson: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.22:38
wxlalso don't ask for an objective answer to a subjective question. :/22:39
krosonwxl: i didn't say you had to give and objective answer, your opinion should be just fine22:40
wxlthat wasn't entirely clear22:40
wxli prefer lxde over any other desktop environment because it's lightweight and simple. i don't need frills. they slow me down. yet, it's full featured enough that i don't find myself wishing for things, nor feeling like i'm cursing my family members or friends by suggesting it to them.22:41
krosonwxl: wonderful, thank you :)22:42
wxlkroson: also better use of system resources; it can work where xfce can't (on old or limited hardware)22:43
wxli don't dislike xfce, though22:43
wxli have stronger and less complimentary feelings about unity, but i digress22:43
krosonwxl: may i also know your problems with xfce?22:46
wxli don't have problems with it per se22:48
wxli just have found on limited hardware, it doens't do as good of a job22:49
wxlit's got some extra fanciness, which i don't need22:49
wxllxde is like goldilocks and the three bears: just right22:49
NotLarryI can not get my video to play full screen with Gnome mplayer, lubuntu 12.04, kernel 3.2.0-31-generic with an acer one AO751h (gma500_gfx).23:18
NotLarryI swear this was working. Lent my kid my netbook and he put windows 7 on it, I reinstall lubuntu and it no workie23:19
wxlwhat exactly happens?23:23
wxlNotLarry: ↑23:23
NotLarrywith nothing selected in Video Output  I get a regular window where the video plays.  Fullscreening it leaves the same video size playing with a black fullscreen behind it (an artifact may remain int he background)23:25
NotLarryDoubleing the screen size leaves it the same size23:25
NotLarryActually if I turn off Video Harware support I can get a full screen but of course, software driven (crawled).23:26
wxlso the size of the video never changes23:32
wxli have 12.04 and i don't have this problem at all23:32
wxlbut i don't have that hardware23:32
NotLarry Not while hardware support is on in preferences23:32
wxlYour video output may be set to x11. Change the video output in mplayer preferences to xv. ???23:33
wxli see another reference that suggests x11 (opengl) and not x11 (shm)23:34
wxli see another reference specific to the hardware suggesting adding -va vaapi -vo vaapi to command line switches23:37
wxlNotLarry: let me know if that gets you anywhere23:37
NotLarrycommand line options for mplayer23:39
wxlyou should be able to tweak that in gnome-mplayer preferences23:42
wxlremember it's only a front end23:42
wxlEdit → Preferences → MPlayer → Extra Options to MPlayer23:43
wxlit also looks like an option in output too23:44
wxlat least in 12.1023:44
NotLarrysorry, talking to myself out loud:)23:47
wxlbut did it work? :)23:50
NotLarryoh, no, not yet.23:51
NotLarryreading mplayer man page23:51
wxli suspect the issue has something to do with that hardware23:51
wxlit's quite possible that some always-used or default option has changed either between lubuntu versions or gnome-mplayer versions23:52
NotLarryYeah, I could swear this is the same lubuntu I had installed.23:52
wxlbut gnome-mplayer versions could have changed23:53
NotLarrycould be.23:53
wxlthere has been at least one update http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/precise/universe/base/gnome-mplayer23:54

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