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jamjtv: I updated Martin's branch here: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/maas/cpu_mem_tag_constraints/+merge/12686306:47
jamcan you look at it?06:47
jamI'd like to get it landed today, so that we can set up the rules for diogo to test it.06:47
jambbiab, grocery run.06:49
jtvjam: thanks for clarifying that mapping...  The InvalidConstraint error looks a bit confusing in that it doesn't distinguish between "unknown tag" and "unusable value for tag."06:55
jtvImagine you're using this and you get an error: "Invalid 'architecture' constraint: armhf/nintendo"06:56
jtvYou'd be driving yourself mad figuring out what the problem is with Nintendo ARM support.06:56
jtvBut the error might actually be trying to tell you that you mis-spelled "arch" in the first place.06:57
jtvMaybe this would work best with separate error classes: UnknownConstraint and BadConstraintValue.06:58
jammgz: morning08:30
jamwhere's w7z ?08:31
jamrvba: so, I can do a make run and see where I end up. I know I was missing 'maas-provision' at one point.08:57
jamI don't quite see how that would  be related, but it was something I installed.08:57
rvbajam: shouldn't be needed, the dev instance should use bin/maas-provision.08:58
jamrvba: k, it is listed in HACKING as something you need to install.08:58
jamI'm getting a failure for 'rndc'08:58
jamconnect failed:
jamand now it runs...08:59
rvbarvba: Failing tasks should not be a problem really. Let me see what If I can get everything to work with trunk…08:59
jamI see a lot of failures in the celery log, but those *aren't* IOError unhandled exceptions trying to read a file.09:00
rvbaThe dns server takes a few seconds to come up so some of the tasks fail, then are retried, then they work.09:00
jamso I have a feeling 'captured exception' vs 'unhandled exception' was what was killing the celery working and breaking the startup.09:00
jamSo I still have failures, but it fails in a way that I can use it.09:01
jamrvba: so thank you for scaring my machine into working09:02
rvbajam: does the web interface work now? (
jamrvba: localhost:5240 works now, yes09:04
jamallenap: is there a way to figure out what is generating "bin/maascli: error: u'name'" ?09:11
jam(I wonder if the issue is something is meant to be sent as 'name' but it is labeled 'tag_name' somewhere else)09:12
allenapjam: In src/maascli/__init__.py, raise instead where it catches StandardError, might help. otp right now.09:12
jamallenap: essentially, things seem broken when trying to access Node or Tag apis, because the URL has a sub-component.  For example, I would expect to do: bin/maascli api maas tag tag-name read rather than bin/maascli tag read tag-name. Because the URL is GET api/1.0/tags/tag-name/09:15
mgzokay, am back now09:16
jamhi mgz, mumble?09:16
mgzjam: lets09:21
jamjtv: so you didn't actually vote on my MP, we can just put your code in there and do it, is that enough to land it?09:36
jtvjam: not enough, no.  Wanted to hear your answers first!09:37
jtvIf it's a problem to address them today, we can negotiate a more lenient sentence.09:37
jamjtv: well, the immediate thing is getting something that can be QA'd09:37
jamwhich needs something to land09:38
jamI don't particularly mind module vs class09:38
jtvThe class thing is a valid technique, but since it contains nasty bits that are out of the ordinary it does need to be made clear.  In this case, it doesn't provide any convenience at all, so the cleverness seems out of place.09:40
jtvIf you want to keep it the way it is, please document how those private methods fit in.09:42
jammgz: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/maas/tag-name-api/+merge/12689709:46
mgzjuju.errors.ConstraintError: Bad 'maas-tags' constraint 'speedy': tag 'speedy' does not exist10:18
jammgz: as in it now works?10:31
mgzjam: indeed10:35
jammgz: I seem to have broken whatever code you had that turned InvalidConstraint into a NOT_FOUND (though we really want BAD_REQUEST, right?)10:36
mgzyou probably just want to flip the expectation in the test10:38
jammgz: yep, that was enough, I was just confused by the traceback it showed for context.10:54
jamjtv: care to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/maas/cpu_mem_tag_constraints/+merge/126863 again?10:55
jamI have one more quick patch to line up the constraint name with the db field name10:57
jambut that should be small.10:57
jtvjam: done11:07
mgzallenap: forgive me for what I am about to do12:12
* allenap dons ceremonial robes12:13
mgzit's not that I don't respect your reviews, it's just the easiest way of landing the finished branch :)12:17
allenapmgz: I was just going through the queue, tidying up; I don't have any objection whatsoever to you landing that branch :)12:27
allenapMorning ahasenack :)12:28
ahasenackhi allenap12:28
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roaksoaxallenap: howdy13:33
roaksoaxallenap: any luck with the tftp stuff?13:33
allenaproaksoax: Hi three.13:33
allenaproaksoax: We talked about it this morning. The answer is: use http :) We don't have time to address that problem. I'm sorry about that.13:34
allenaproaksoax: We can revisit it after 12.10 if it's important.13:34
roaksoaxallenap: no worries :) HTTP was my approach too :)13:35
allenaproaksoax: Cool. Let me know if you need someone for fisticuffs with Daviey :)13:35
roaksoaxallenap: thanks but I think he will understand :)13:37
Davieyfisticuffs ?!13:41
DavieyI'm not that kinda man!13:41
Davieyat least buy me dinner first.13:41
allenapI think you misunderstood. Not /those/ kinds of cuffs Daviey. Keep those for the weekends.13:46
smoserhow do i configure maas-cli ?13:49
smoserallenap, ^13:50
allenapsmoser: Do you mean, how do you get started? maascli api login local http://localhost:5240/MAAS/api/1.0/ $CREDS13:52
allenapsmoser: Then: maasapi api local --help13:53
allenapsmoser: If you omit $CREDS, you'll be prompted for them. You can also specify them as an empty string for anon access only, or pipe them in.13:53
allenapsmoser: Sorry, specify them as - in order to pipe in.13:54
smoser$ maas-cli api list13:54
smosermaaslocal http://localhost/MAAS/api/1.0/ 8mnmG6X3Erxmw5SzGV:KFmZYJYsewXxD5RSjR:WKbZWmrt63hNQVXG7JzyjRtTRjkj3esK13:54
smoserprobably didn't want it to print my creds there.13:55
allenapsmoser: I'm guessing that machine isn't accessible from here :)13:55
smosertry them!13:55
smoseri suggest rooting the machine 'localhost' and destroying it!13:55
allenapHaha :)13:55
smoserallenap, so the first thing i wanted to do with my shiney new api client...13:58
smoserwas to upload some ssh keys13:58
smoseras i have to do that in the web ui , and that sucks.13:58
allenap... doesn't work?13:58
smosercan i do that?13:58
allenapI don't think so; matsubara filed a bug about it.13:58
smoserah. k.13:59
smosernext question13:59
smoserusing 'maas' (not 'maas-cli') how can i get a user's creds ?13:59
smoser(again to avoid going to web ui)13:59
allenapThis is the first proper client of the API, so not everything that's in the web is available in the API yet :-/13:59
allenaprvba: ^?13:59
smoserallenap, thats fine.14:00
smoseri'm just trying to work through a path that would be able to actually do something useful14:00
smoserwithout a human clicking buttons14:00
smoser(as much as i enjoy clicking buttons, i enjoy complaining more)14:01
rvbasmoser: there is the create_authorisation_token API method.14:01
allenaprvba: I guess that's a chicken and egg scenario.14:01
smoserrvba, i think you're missing my goal.14:01
smoseri added the user with 'maas createadmin'14:01
rvbaallenap: right :)14:01
smoser(or i suppose i can add a user somehow with 'maas' cli)14:02
smoseri want to then get (or create) credentials for that user14:02
rvbaRight, chicken and egg, as allenap said.14:02
allenapsmoser: You might be able to do: echo "SELECT ..." | maas dbshell14:02
smoserits not really chicken and egg.14:02
smoseri'm using hte 'maas' executable. so i have a suitable chicken.14:02
smoseri'll poke around in the db14:03
rvbaIndeed.  From the right angle, it looks like a chicken.14:03
smoserallenap, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247554/14:04
allenapmaas lay_eggs_dammit14:04
smosermaas dbshell stacktrace14:04
allenapWe don't ship the test code in packages.14:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1058126 in MAAS "maas dhshell stacktraces in package" [Undecided,New]14:06
smoseri'll open a bug for "please give me some creds!"14:06
rvbasmoser: we could create a command for that but to give you a workaround, you can pipe http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247565/ in ./bin/maas shell.14:10
smosercan a user change their password via api?14:10
smoserweb login password14:11
rvbaBut there is a *changepassword* command.14:12
rvbaBut no API method yet, sorry.14:12
allenapSo it can't be done remotely.14:12
rvbaNo. it cannot be done remotely.14:13
roaksoaxallenap: do you mind, think is correct that I install the squashfs image at the same place where the tftp image are available, and then make it available through tftp?14:19
smoseris there a way to make maas shell not interactive ?14:20
allenapsmoser: I've been trying that... and it seems not :-/14:23
allenaproaksoax: Erm, for expediency, okay. Otherwise I'd say it's not the right place.14:23
roaksoaxallenap: so I guess i'd have to modify maas-provision install-pxe-image to support a --image="squashfs" method then?14:24
smoserwhy is it that we're not going over http with this ?14:26
allenaproaksoax: That command is for a kernel and initrd image, rather than a root filesystem, but for 12.10 I think it's okay to piggyback on it without change, and just serve the whole tftp tree over http too.14:26
roaksoaxsmoser: we are going through http14:26
smoserah. ok.14:26
roaksoaxallenap: ok14:26
smoserthen can we make a different command instead?14:26
smosera generic one, that just says "make this file avialable at this path"14:27
roaksoaxyes I think that would be better instead14:27
smoseri'm not sure what i think about it really.14:27
allenapsmoser: Yeah, we could. install-pxe-image is basically that command, except in name, so I think it's okay for 12.10, unless you think it's just storing up pain?14:28
smoserwell i reallythink you should not put the stuff int eh same path as tftp14:28
allenapWhat's downloading the squashfs image from the archive?14:28
allenapsmoser: I agree, perhaps I don't feel as strongly, but if we can avoid extra work that would be good too :)14:29
smoserand i thikn that install-pxe-image's arcane behavior of deleting data is generally unsuitable14:29
roaksoaxok there's an issue with maas-import-pxe-files14:30
smoserits not *terrible* as an internal tool, but its *not* an internal tool14:30
smosererrr... wait . ignore that last comment.14:31
roaksoaxwhen we call maas-import-pxe-files with RELEASES="precise quantal", then maas-import-ephemerals dies in quantal, causing maas-import-pxe-files to die as well14:31
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^14:32
roaksoaxallenap: ^14:33
allenaproaksoax: How does it die?14:34
roaksoaxallenap: so maas-import-ephemerals exits becuase there's no quantal image right? so if you put something to be done after that, it won't be executed14:35
roaksoaxallenap: so if i enable RELEASE="precise quantal" for import_pxe_files config file14:36
roaksoaxallenap: when it runs maas-import-ephemerals it dies with: failed to get https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/query/quantal/ephemeral/released-dl.current.txt14:36
roaksoaxremote query of https://maas.ubuntu.com/images failed14:36
roaksoaxand then maas-import-pxe-files stops there and does not continue14:36
roaksoaxso if I add the maas-import-squashfs execution, then it wont be executed due to maas-import-ephemerals failed making maas-import-pxe-files terminate14:37
roaksoaxrvba: in the templating system, can we test for the existance of files in particular locations?14:37
smoserroaksoax, known issue14:37
smoser echo "STREAM=daily" | sudo tee -a /etc/maas/import_ephemerals14:38
smoserthere are no released quantal ephemerals14:38
roaksoaxrvba: what I wanna do is test whether the squashfs image exists in the directory, if it doesn't then don't make the intsaller try to use it14:38
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah I know, but my point being is that maas-import-pxe-files should not stop when maas-import-ephemerals has stopped14:39
roaksoaxsmoser: so maas-import-pxe-files should continue to do everything else that it was supposed to do14:39
roaksoaxbut it doesn't14:39
allenaproaksoax: The call out to maas-import-ephemerals (in the import_ephemeral_images function) could be || echo "Importing ephemerals from ... failed" >&2 so that it doesn't cause everything to stop. Is that reasonable?14:39
smoserroaksoax, i consider that arguable.14:40
smoserit should most definitely error if something errored.14:40
smosergoing down a sour path and pretending life is fine is notuseful14:40
roaksoaxsmoser: indeed. but for example, if I were to add the function for maas-import-squashfs after the maas-import-ephemerals, then becuase the latter failed, maas-import-squashfs function won't be executed14:41
smoserif the package installation fails that will also not happen14:41
smosershould we make dpkg just ignore failure?14:41
roaksoaxallenap: i think so yes, it should error as smoser mentioned14:41
smoseri think the behavior is correct right now. if something fails, generally, it should exit.14:42
roaksoaxsmoser: i'm not saying that we should ignore that error, I'm saying that because commissioning image is not available in the release we want, it means that we will fail to download the squashfs image that we know exists14:42
rvbaroaksoax: I think it would be better to create a variable that will be True or False depending on the existence of the files and pass that to the template.14:43
smoserthis is a development release issue only, roaksoax14:43
smoserand it is easily fixable14:43
smoseri can make a quantal daily based on the beta-2, test it, and call it "released"14:43
roaksoaxrvba: where do we do that?14:43
smoserin fact, i probably *should* do that.14:43
rvbaroaksoax: src/maasserver/preseed.py:get_preseed_context.  Simply create a utility method like "def is_squashfs_image_present" (or something) and then add that to the context in get_preseed_context.14:45
rvbaroaksoax: also, please don't forget to review Julian's branch (https://code.launchpad.net/~julian-edwards/maas/add-maas-cluster-packaging/+merge/125427).  It's fairly critical for us to get this landed asap.14:46
roaksoaxsmoser: so the thing is that we can't globally say "import release X,Y,Z" and fail because scriptX doesn't make use of release Y.14:47
roaksoaxsmoser: as in, the maas-import-squashfs only supports quantal and up14:47
roaksoaxsmoser: and maas-import-ephemerals only supports precise for now14:47
smoserroaksoax, well, a.) you can actually configure that seperatly (as shown above in /etc/maas/import_ephemerals)14:48
smoserb.) i'm not sure that i agree with that statement anyway.14:48
smoserif something is busted, it shoudl fail14:48
roaksoaxrvba: i'm aware14:48
smoserif config says "import squashfs for precise" then it should fial trying to do that.14:48
rvbaroaksoax: All right :). Thanks.14:49
roaksoaxrvba: there's things to test such as precise upgrades, quantal upgrades after the split is in place, etc etc14:49
rvbaYep, lots of testing and fixing.14:49
allenaproaksoax: smoser's right; we shouldn't ignore errors too broadly. I'd say, if the query_remote in maas-import-ephemerals returns HTTP 404, then (and only then) can we continue.14:49
roaksoaxsmoser: right, exactly, should fail to import precise, but should not fail to import quantal14:49
roaksoaxsmoser: so it should say: "failed to import precise, not existant\n successfully imported quantal"14:50
smoserit should exit non-zero14:50
smoserwhich is probably going to cause any automation based on it to fail14:50
smoserin which case the problem has to be fixed *right now*14:50
smoserso you might as well fix it.14:50
roaksoaxsmoser: the problem is not on maas-import-ephemerals14:50
roaksoaxsmoser: the problem is in maas-import-pxe-files14:50
smoserfix the problem. do not ignore the errors.14:51
smoseri realize you're basically arguing that you want 'make -i' (just go as far as you can)14:51
smoserwhich is not entirely unreasonable.14:51
smoserbut i dont think it *really* buys you anything here.14:51
rbasakrvba: when I try doing a schemamigration --auto, I get a bunch of extra changes. I take it this is a problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247643/14:53
roaksoaxsmoser: ok so for example, lets consider this case. import_pxe_files says RELEASES="precise quantal". So currently, we are making the assumption that there's Ephemerals and Squashfs images available because all scripts source import_pxe_files14:53
rvbarbasak: these are the changes from migration 29 and 30.  they should not be there.14:53
rvbarbasak: make sure you distclean your env and create the migrations again.14:54
rbasakrvba: will do, thanks14:54
roaksoaxsmoser: however, the problme is that squashfs only supports quantal and Up, and ephemerals only has precise available.14:54
smosera.) change /etc/maas/import_ephemerals to have RELEASES="precise"14:54
smoserb.) add some configuration explicitly for SQUASHFS and turn it off by default for < quantal14:55
smoserbut if the user configures that on, then you need to fail14:55
roaksoaxsmoser: so as a user, comes an runs maas-import-pxe-files and finds itself with a failing import14:55
smoserie, if they say "oh look i'll install squashfs for precise by adding that line here"14:55
smoserthen you should fail when it does that.14:55
smosernot ignore and go on14:55
smoseri'm saying the user will not find a failing import14:56
smoserunless they change something, explicitly asking for a configuration that does not work.14:56
roaksoaxi give up14:56
smoseri really dont care all that much.14:57
smoserbut ignoring the errors is wrong14:57
smoserthe default shoudl be to work correctly.14:57
smoserwe need to fix the defaults (or release a 'released' of ephemeral for quantal. i will do that now)14:57
roaksoaxagain, i'm NOT ignoring errors14:57
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roaksoaxi'm NOT suggesting to ignore errors14:58
smoseryou said: "we are making the assumption that there's Ephemerals and Squashfs images available because all scripts source import_pxe_files"14:59
roaksoaxmaas-import-pxe-files calls maas-import-ephemerals, if the latter failed, good, it failed, that shouldn't stop maas-import-pxe-files from continuing because the fail is not in maas-import-pxe-files, it is in maas-import-epehemrals14:59
smoseri'm saying "that assumption is your problem"14:59
rbasakrvba: so after distclean, schemamigration --auto says that nothing has changed, presumably because my code was already post-schema-change15:00
rbasakrvba: I'm a bit worried about screwing this up. Do I need to revert the schema change, run syncdb, reapply the schema change and then run schemamigration --auto?15:00
rbasakrvba: or is there another way?15:00
smosermaas-import-ephemerals is part of maas-import-pxe-files .15:01
smoserits no less part of that than adding tftp files15:01
rvbarbasak: South should compare the state it has in the last migration file, compare it with the state of the model, and identify the migrations to be done.15:01
smoser$ grep EPHEM /etc/maas/import_pxe_files15:01
rvbarbasak: let me have a look at that branch.15:01
rbasakrvba: there was a merge conflict merging trunk. Shall I push the dropping of the migration files and the trunk merge?15:01
rvbarbasak: yes please.15:02
roaksoaxsmoser: oyu are the expert, you know best15:02
roaksoaxi give up15:02
rbasakrvba: done15:02
rvbarbasak: migration seems all right to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247675/15:11
rvbarbasak: it was created simply by running: './bin/maas schemamigration maasserver --auto change'. Then you need to create the other migration by hand of course since it's not a schema change.15:18
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rbasakrvba: I'm running make distclean, then make, then bin/maas schemamigration maasserver --auto change, and I get "Nothing seems to have changed."15:23
rbasakrvba: never mind15:23
rbasakrvba: I think distclean was missing something15:24
rbasakrvba: I ran rsync -a --delete from a different checkout of the branch, and using that it worked15:24
rvbarbasak: it would be good to know what is was missing so that I could fix this.15:24
rbasakrvba: it's gone now :-/15:25
rbasakrvba: would you mind checking if https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/maas/subarch-model/+merge/126712 looks good to you now please?15:47
rvbarbasak: sure15:47
roaksoaxrvba: so like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247761/15:52
rvbarbasak: the migrations looks fine to me… but I get 2 failures when I run the test suite: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247762/15:53
rbasakrvba: ah. That'll be caused by me merging trunk. I should have ran tests again after that, sorry.15:54
rvbarbasak: no problem.15:54
rvbaroaksoax: looks ok but: a) you can return directly os.path.exists(..) (no need for the "if" statement) and b) "TFTPROOT/node.architecture/generic/node.distro_series/install/filesystem.squashfs" will need to be fixed of course :).15:56
rbasakroaksoax: do we need a precise task for bug 1056816?15:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1056816 in maas-enlist (Ubuntu) "maas-enlist does not post subarch" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105681615:57
roaksoaxrvba: yeah! alright I will have a MP for monday cause I have yet to test that.15:57
roaksoaxrbasak: yes we do15:57
rvbaroaksoax: cool.15:58
rbasakroaksoax: could you create one for me please? I can only nominate.15:58
roaksoaxrbasak: sure15:58
rbasakrvba: I've pushed a fix to those two tests. I get one other error. Did you see this too? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247800/16:12
rvbarbasak: looks like it's a warning, not an error. jtv ^, I think you've seen that problem already right?16:13
jtvHuh what?16:13
rbasakjtv: Exception socket.error: (107, 'Transport endpoint is not connected') in <bound method TCPTransport.__del__ of <amqplib.client_0_8.transport.TCPTransport object at 0x8834c10>> ignored16:13
jtvTest noise.16:13
jtvYeah, I had that at one point but I killed it.16:14
rbasakrvba: I'll merge my branch in then16:14
jtvIt happened when I ran the full test suite, but not when I ran _any_ individual test.16:14
rbasakrvba: unless you object...16:14
jtvWell wait a moment...16:14
* rbasak hopes he hasn't missed anything16:14
jtvWe don't want that test noise in trunk.16:14
rbasakThis is probably the riskiest thing I've landed so far, but I'm not sure what else I can check16:14
jtvLet me see if I can remember what happened.16:14
* rbasak waits16:15
mgzlooks like a shutdown race16:15
rvbarbasak: I think that branch is fine now.  Let's see if jtv can help with the test noise.16:15
mgz__del__ methods are fun, just print rather than propogate exceptions16:15
jtvMy hypothesis was that I caused something like a celery connection to be set up that exited immediately, after which the cleanup failed.16:15
jtvSo the problem may be that you're touching a real-world resource in testing.16:17
jtvCelery/rabbit-related resource.16:17
jtvDoes it happen somewhere during shutdown of one chapter of the test suite, or setup of the other?16:18
rbasakjtv: it's in http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247800/16:22
rvbajtv: branch approved but with comments.16:23
jtvrbasak: yes, that's very similar16:24
jtvI'd look for places where you may have brought tests in contact with celery, e.g. by introducing a celery task invocation.16:26
jtvThe error will happen, most of the time, if you run the maasserver tests plus any portion of our test suite right after it.16:27
jtvI think that you may need a celery fixture on any test case that may end up triggering a task.delay call.16:27
roaksoaxrvba: btw... how do I get the tftp root. Config.objects.get_ etc etc?16:30
rvbaroaksoax: no, the config in pserv is managed differently, see src/provisioningserver/boot_images.py but basically, you can do from provisioningserver.config import Config / Config.load_from_cache()['tftp']['root'].16:34
rvbaI'd like allenap to confirm that if possible? (^)16:34
roaksoaxallenap: ^^16:34
allenaproaksoax: That looks about right.16:35
roaksoaxawesome thanks :)16:35
rbasakjtv: I don't understand what I could have changed that caused this. All the tests I've touched haven't changed in what they do16:36
jtvrbasak: it may not be the tests16:36
jtvDid you change any code in maasserver?16:37
rbasakYes, but only in pure python stuff. Nothing that should hit any libraries any differently16:37
rbasakstring changes, a data migration, a schema migration, and creating a new QueryDict16:38
rbasakThat's it as far as I can see16:39
* rbasak has a hard stop in 20 minutes :-/16:39
rbasakYet I can't reproduce the problem in trunk but it is present in my branch AFAICT16:39
rbasakJust failed to reproduce on another run16:43
rbasakon my branch16:43
rbasakI'm going to assume that it's not an issue in my branch unless anyone objects16:43
rbasakI can't fathom how I could have introduced it16:43
jtvI guess you'll have to land it.  :/16:44
jtvrbasak: got an MP I could have a look at?16:46
rbasakjtv: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/maas/subarch-model/+merge/12671216:47
jtvThanks.  No promises.16:47
jtv(Nearly midnight)16:47
jtvrbasak: conflicts in the branch?  :(16:51
rbasakjtv: rev 1108?16:53
jtvNot showing a revision for some reason, but it's in the MP.16:53
rbasakjtv: aargh. I only merged trunk about an hour ago!16:54
jtvWelcome to the Agile world!16:54
jtvI introduced a new model in a similar time and was told that you had _two_ database migrations landing that had to go before mine.  :)16:54
rbasak...and I'd already had to redo those two migrations because a constraints related one had landed during my review16:56
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jtvWelcome to Saturday.17:00
* rbasak is waiting for tests to finish17:00
mgzmatsubara: is there anything else you need from us before you can try the tagging and constraint testing? jam sent an email with some general instructions to the list.17:00
matsubaramgz, I'll take a look later on today. I need to finish some other stuff17:01
rbasakjtv: merged trunk and pushed. Now on 110917:01
rbasakjtv: I need to go shortly. If you decide it's OK to land, could you please mark it approved please, so I don't come back on Monday to redo it all over again?17:02
mgzmatsubara: no problem, I'm just nearing EOD17:02
jtvI will.17:02
rbasakThank you!17:02
smoserreleased quantal ephemeral images at https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/query/quantal/ephemeral/17:05
smoseri'm working on right now testing the daily images of precise17:06
smoserso that we could mark them as released17:06
rbasakthanks jtv!17:09
jtvIt's landing.17:09
jtvEnjoy your weekend.17:10
roaksoaxrvba: still around? https://pastebin.canonical.com/75579/17:10
rvbaroaksoax: looking17:11
roaksoaxrvba: that's the latest package julian made available on experimental17:11
rvbaroaksoax: right, this has been fixed upstream this morning.17:11
roaksoaxrvba: alroight coo.17:11
roaksoaxalright cool17:11
rvbaroaksoax: revision 109817:12
roaksoaxrvba: alright, awesome thanks17:12
matsubararoaksoax, this /var/lib/dpkg/info/maas-cluster-controller.postinst: 25: local: not in a function is fixed by your recent fixes?17:17
roaksoaxmatsubara: yes, I'm gonna upload something now17:17
roaksoaxmatsubara: ok so I've uploaded, should build and yadah yadah in the next few mins :)17:22
matsubarathanks roaksoax17:23
matsubararoaksoax, are you dputting this directly into the ppa?17:23
roaksoaxmatsubara: yeah17:24
smoserrandom comment.17:35
smosermaas in quantal is a lot nicer than maas in precise.17:36
smoserso good work on that.17:36
smoseri was just trying to test ephemeral images that they're good for 12.04 and realizing it is much nicer over all17:36
jtvGlad to hear that, in the middle of the current rush to get anything working at all.  :)17:38
matsubararoaksoax, is the maas-dhcp working on that ppa?17:45
matsubaraany known issues, I mean17:45
matsubaralooks like it didn't write /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf17:46
roaksoaxmatsubara: maas-dhcp is only a virutal package that installs isc-dhcp-server17:47
roaksoaxand required files17:47
roaksoaxyou have to enable dhcp stuff differently now17:47
matsubararoaksoax, how? through the web-ui?17:50
roaksoaxmatsubara: maas-provision I believe17:50
matsubarahmm the web-ui doesn't have a option anymore17:50
roaksoaxi can't see the options on the webUI anymore17:50
roaksoaxjtv: ^^17:51
matsubaraare we really making it extra hard to install MAAs17:51
jtvYou should still be able to configure dhcp through the UI.17:52
matsubarajtv, there's no option anymore in the web ui17:52
jtvrvba would be the person to ask -- he's had to make some changes tonight17:52
jtvThose IP fields are of a different type now, inside Django.17:53
jtvBecause the regular IPAddress field didn't support nulls.17:53
smosermatsubara, it worked for me earlier today from ppa17:53
matsubarajtv, which IP fields?17:54
matsubarajtv, the only IP fields I had to configure through the web ui before was the IPMI addresses17:54
roaksoaxjtv: there's no UI option for DNS nor DHCP17:54
jtvThe IP-address fields in a nodegroup's interfaces.17:54
roaksoaxthey are gone for quite some time now17:54
matsubarasmoser, I'm using a new package now17:54
smoserroaksoax, i'm on 12.04 maas.17:54
smoserand i boot for enlistment17:54
jtvroaksoax: is that related?17:54
smoserand it seems to sit forever on a blank-ish screen17:54
matsubarasmoser, I'm on the experimental package17:54
matsubarajtv, with the new package looks scheme, maas-dhcp is a suggested package and I'm not asked anymore if I want MAAS to be the dhcp server17:55
jtvI'm sorry, this is a bit more than I can process at this time of Saturday.  Can we take this in steps?17:56
roaksoaxjtv: 1. Install package from maas-maintainers/experimental17:57
roaksoax2. maas-dhcp installs only files17:57
roaksoaxhold on17:58
roaksoax2. maas-dhcp no longer configure the DHCP server18:00
roaksoax3. when you go to the WebUI Settings page, there's no obtions to enable DHCP18:00
jtvWell I'm not sure it'd be in the settings page.18:03
jtvI do think we have a 3-way switch somewhere (manage dhcp/dns, manage dhcp, manage neither) but DHCP management must now be enabled per cluster.18:04
smoserjtv, you have an idea maybe ?18:26
smoserrunning that does this:18:27
jtvNo...  haven't done much yaml parsing18:28
smoserwell, the point is its valid with yaml.load()18:29
smoserbut not with yaml.safe_load()18:29
jtvYes, and I have no idea what that means or why it is the case.  Sorry.18:32
roaksoaxDaviey: btw.. squashfs support is done. Needs to be merged which will happen next week18:34
Davieyroaksoax: i wonder if we can end the week with it merged?18:35
Davieyroaksoax: what sort of speed improvement did you see?18:35
roaksoaxDaviey: i haven't really compared18:36
roaksoaxDaviey: but installing the system from squashfs seems much faster than downloading everything18:37
roaksoaxand installing to disk18:37
Davieyok, thanks18:37
roaksoaxDaviey: and as to the merge... i need to fix/add tests18:38
roaksoaxDaviey: but since I wanna finish testing the packaging I might not have the time to do so18:38
Davieyah ok18:38
roaksoaxDaviey: ideally, I'd like to merge the packaging today18:38
roaksoaxso that we can upload next week18:38
roaksoaxi have yet to test precise upgrades18:38
roaksoaxto new packaging though18:39
roaksoaxbut the best way to do that is having it on the archives18:39
matsubararoaksoax, should I file bugs for the experimental package? (i.e. the dhcp issue with the new package scheme)18:59
matsubaranot sure if it's a packaging bug or upstream though...19:00
roaksoaxmatsubara: yes, but file them in upstream19:00
roaksoaxmatsubara: i'll merge it later today19:00
roaksoaxso monday all the autobuilds use the new packaging scheme19:00
jtvWell, that's it from me.  Good luck everyone, and good weekend!19:04
matsubarayou too jtv19:04
roaksoaxDaviey: ok so sqiuashfs installation is ahead by ~85 seconds19:09
Davieyroaksoax: total time?19:11
roaksoaxDaviey: so squaqshfs in my VM ~9.05 seconds19:11
roaksoaxDaviey: without squashfs ~10.30 minutors19:11
roaksoaxDaviey: so squaqshfs in my VM ~9.05 mins19:11
roaksoaxDaviey: without squashfs ~10.30 mins19:11
roaksoaxwicch means that my SSD has degraded performance by 200%19:12
roaksoaxiit iused to take 5 mins to install19:12
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