hdpbI'm having an issue with lightdm (i think) and the live-usb version of betas 1+2 drawing backgrounds. Restarting lightdm via CTRL+ALT+F1 seems to fix the issue.01:09
hdpbI see a few bugs on lightdm failures, but no follow ups. Anyone experiencing similar?01:12
XVampireXHow would I go about adding pidgin to messaging menu?01:53
XVampireXand smuxi01:53
DaekdroomI think someone is already working on porting Pidgin's plugin to the new messaging menu.01:55
trismXVampireX: yeah, bug 104025901:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1040259 in smuxi (Ubuntu Quantal) "FFE: libmessaging-menu transitions for quantal" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104025901:55
XVampireXso no solution for now01:57
trismXVampireX: for pidgin you can enable the status icon and whitelist it01:58
trismXVampireX: as a workaround for the moment01:58
XVampireXhow do I whitelist it?01:58
trismXVampireX: add Pidgin to the list in com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist (with gsettings/dconf-editor)01:59
XVampireXthe P is capital in there also?02:00
trismXVampireX: the p is capital in my settings but I don't know that it matters02:01
XVampireXnow just to logout/login02:02
XVampireXthat did it pretty much, for now02:04
XVampireXI like the new theme changes02:04
XVampireXEspecially for some of the tab types02:04
bjsniderjbicha, getting constant tracker errors if i install gnome-documents02:50
jbichaI don't know, maybe tracker needs to do its indexing thing first or something03:19
ryaxnbfglrx fixed has already been applied03:43
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pdtpatrickfglrx : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable03:57
pdtpatrickQuestion - anyone run into this problem? http://pastie.org/4833371   … fglrx : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable03:57
ryaxnbpdtpatrick, supposedly the latest fglrx patch fixes it04:04
pdtpatrickryaxnb:  any link please ?04:05
ryaxnbit's failed to build on i38604:05
ryaxnbbut built on amd6404:05
ryaxnbso... the i386 build is still buggy04:05
myk_robinsonevening, all04:05
ryaxnbprobably a matter of time before they build it for i38604:05
ryaxnbor you could use amd64 OS04:05
ryaxnbthis is relevant fix04:06
ryaxnb    - Make it possible to set the xserver ABIs in debian/substvars.04:06
ryaxnbit was just patched in the latest revision04:06
pdtpatrickim using amd6404:06
ryaxnbmake sure you've got versoin 2.9.00004:06
ryaxnbapt-get update and stuff04:06
ryaxnbthe 2.8.x version was current as of 12 hours ago, and is out fo dated04:07
pdtpatrickOkay - going to try now04:07
bjsnideror just don't use it04:08
ryaxnbit supports 5xxx cards and later04:09
ryaxnbon the 7xxx series, the current radeon driver is not very usable04:09
ryaxnbit will be later04:09
bjsnideri'm not sure fglrx is very usable either04:09
ryaxnbbut right now the radeon driver works well on 6xxx or earlier04:10
bjsnidervery well, from what i understand04:10
bjsniderbetter for everyday use than fglrx04:10
bjsniderand it's not even close04:10
ryaxnbyep, but 7xxx not so much04:11
ryaxnbof course, this tends to change with each release04:11
ryaxnbthe radeon driver adds support for each new ATI card incrementaly04:11
pdtpatrickryaxnb:  http://pastie.org/483345104:18
ryaxnbpdtpatrick, you're using hte installer package?04:19
ryaxnbnot compiling yourselfs?04:19
ryaxnbnamely fglrx-installer04:19
myk_robinsonjust installed Beta 2, using default options. I normally manually partition my drive, but i let this one do everything as if i didnt know what i was doing. Any caveats to an "all-in-one" partition?04:19
ryaxnbwhat card ytou have04:25
ryaxnbif you have a pre-5000 card fglrx doesn't work in quantal04:34
ryaxnband the fix is to use xorg-ati driver04:34
ryaxnbif that driver doesn't work you are officially outta luck04:35
ryaxnbas AMD has decided the open source driver is reliable enough there's no need for fglrx for those older cards04:35
ryaxnbthose are also the cards with the most reliable xorg support04:36
ryaxnbcurrently the 7xxx series has no 3d support at all04:36
ryaxnbwhich should be fixed at some point04:36
juzeralii am experiencing login problems with 12.1005:06
konquiHi, Kubuntu 12.10 user here. Those using Ubuntu  12.10 how does it perform compared to 12.04 on less than stellar hardware e.g 1.6Ghz Intel GMA 950?06:30
lapionanyone know where I can find more information regarding the delay of the beta 2 release for x86 and amd64 platforms ?06:50
konquilapion: It was delayed? I am using the install media here06:54
lapionI can only find non intel dists on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/12.10/beta-2/07:15
tsimpsonlapion: look at http://releases.ubuntu.com/ not cdimage07:16
konquilapion: I'm using the Kubuntu media so maybe it has problems.07:17
konquilapion: But http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/238/builds shows the ubuntu build as ready07:17
tsimpsonkubuntu is on cdimage, but ubuntu is on releases07:17
konquilapion: I think you want release.ubuntu.com07:18
lapioncorrect releases it is..07:18
konquilapion: Or you can use the iso.qa.ubuntu.com link07:18
lapionkonqui, I am only installing it on a scratch system.07:19
lapionbeta 2 is the same as september 26th release07:20
lapionand I was delaying the install of september 26th edition due to the impending beta07:22
lapionSometimes when the system wakes up from a "Suspend" it returns with a black screen.07:28
lapiontsimpson, the disc has a minor mistake.07:48
tsimpsonlapion: what's that then?07:49
lapiontsimpson, look in .disk/info07:51
lapionit says Alpha i386 (20120905.2)07:52
lapiontsimpson, and I have verified against checksums.....07:58
tsimpsonlapion: I see Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" - Beta i386 (20120926)08:18
NimeshNeemawhat is the release date for 12.10 final ?08:46
tsimpson!schedule | NimeshNeema08:51
ubottuNimeshNeema: A schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule08:51
NimeshNeemathanks tsimpson08:51
lapiontsimpson, problem was related to user rigts issues .. and local..08:52
kram_hello, i am trying to upgrade to 12.10 with starting update-manager by "update-manager -d" unfortunately update-manager wont show me a new version available09:18
mvokram_: you probably need to edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ( or use software-properties) and switch from lts->normal09:24
kram_indeed u are right09:28
kram_weird thing is, ubuntu changed that by itself after upgrading to 12.0409:28
kram_An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:09:32
kram_The package 'unity' is marked for removal but it is in the  removal blacklist.09:32
kram_not possible atm it seems09:32
BluesKajHowdy all11:29
Captain_Protondoes anyone else have a problem with the message notifier crash/disappear  on login.12:09
Captain_Protonmorning :)12:12
myk_robinsonI installed a few of the wallpaper packs, but they don't show up in the wallpaper chooser, not can I find the location of the wallpapers.. Am I missing something obvious?12:12
Captain_Protonmyk_robinson, you can add them. by click the plus in the wallpaper then adding them12:13
myk_robinsonthat's the weird part, I cant seem to locate them.  I installed the Ubuntu Studio Wallpaper package and a couple others.12:13
Captain_Protonmyk_robinson, check /usr/share/background12:14
myk_robinsonThink i just located the Ubuntu Studio wallpapers in /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops    WHo would have thought to look there....12:14
Captain_Protonmyk_robinson, lol12:14
Captain_Protonhey you have a problem with the message notifier crash/disappear  on login12:15
myk_robinsonit'd be nice if one installs a wallpaper pack from the Ubuntu Software Center, that the newly installed wallpapers would automatically show up as choices in the desktop preferences dialog. No new user (or seasoned, for that matter) would ever think to dig around like that looking for pictures... At least with Synaptic instead of the software center, it tells the location of files installed12:15
myk_robinsonnegative on the crash12:15
myk_robinsonI have had a couple with Nautilus that i filed bug reports on last night, but I chose to ignore future crashes. it may be the same one you're having12:16
Captain_Protondo you know what the package name per chance12:16
Daekdroommyk_robinson, Ubuntu Studio uses xfce4, which I think has a different location for wallpapers by default.12:17
myk_robinsonCaptain_Proton: in that instance, it was actually nautilus. I had a few crash notifications on Ubuntu Software Center this morning as well.12:18
myk_robinsonDaekdroom: I found the papers, thank you. Think I'll just get something nice from deviantart and add it the old fashioned way. not sure why I even care, its not like I actually look at the desktop that often12:19
Captain_Protonmyk_robinson, sorry I meant the package name for the message notifier thing12:19
myk_robinsonahhh. Negative12:19
myk_robinsonyou mean the crash notification?12:19
myk_robinsonI think its "apport" if thats what you mean12:20
Captain_ProtonI wanted to see if I can start it in the term and see why it crashing12:20
myk_robinsonThis version of Empathy seems a bit flaky :( Guess I see why my kid uses X-chat. Ugly, but stable12:25
Captain_Protonyours have a problem staying connect to google?12:27
myk_robinsoni'm just using it for IRC, at the moment.12:27
myk_robinsonThe main window says I'm offline, but I obviously am not12:27
myk_robinsonMy alias will not stick either12:27
myk_robinsonI always liekd Pidgin, not sure why they ditched it as a default. Could always install it, i suppose. Just trying things out without customizing to see whta the "default" experience is like12:28
myk_robinsonfirst thing that bothered me about the "default" experience is the single partition..12:29
myk_robinsonBut thanks to LVM, I was able to resize everything (from a live cd) without having to reinstall/reformat12:29
myk_robinsonGranted a new user would likely not know or care about old school partitioning schemes12:30
myk_robinsonAlways like to have a /home partition12:30
myk_robinsonCaptain_Proton: you mentioned Google. Does this work with G+ yet?12:30
Captain_ProtonIf I remember right the main programmer for Pidgin left the project and said it is a dead.12:31
Captain_Protongtalk does and g+ work in gwibber12:31
myk_robinsonYou on G+, I assume?12:32
myk_robinsonAlways looking to expand my circle, look me up.. Just take away the underscore and you'll find me12:32
Captain_ProtonI find facebook so boring12:32
myk_robinsonI'll be the little brown man with the guitar in hand12:32
Captain_Protonmyk_robinson, jcook.linux12:33
myk_robinsoni agree about Fbook. Too much drama... Really like the hangouts on G+12:34
myk_robinsoni also like the fact that I can have discussions with people of opposing viewpoints without it turning into a bloodbath12:34
myk_robinsonlooks like i may very well be the ONLY myk robinson on G+12:36
Captain_ProtonIf you are not follow this guy Albert Martin he post some really good stuff if you are in to world news and corporate greed storys12:38
myk_robinsonLooks like good stuff. I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist for the sake of entertainment12:39
Captain_Protonhehe me too12:40
Captain_Protonanyone know how to reset unity in this new release?12:40
Captain_Protonunity --reset does not work anymore12:40
myk_robinsonare you doing it as your normal user account, or with sudo?12:41
DaekdroomCaptain_Proton, system settings panel > Appearance > Behaviour tab > Restore default behaviour12:41
myk_robinsoneven better12:41
Daekdroommyk_robinson, that command never needed sudo12:41
DaekdroomIt was deprecated in Unity 6.612:41
myk_robinsonright, thats what i was checking for12:41
Captain_ProtonDaekdroom, thx12:42
myk_robinsonHonestly, i guess I don't see a lot of difference between 12.04 and 12.1012:42
myk_robinsonJust with all the hype at webupd8 and omgubuntu, i was expecting more12:43
myk_robinsonNot bad, mind you12:43
myk_robinsonI'm definitely not liking the speed of the widow minimize.. Guess the only way to "fix" that is with CCSM?12:43
Captain_Protonwell let me log out and back in see if I fixed it12:48
Captain_ProtonWell I found my problem. Faenza icon theme, I guess they have not updated it to include the message icons.13:01
anantDoes quantal run inside VirtualBox? For me, Compiz crashes every time on bootup.14:57
Captain_Protonanant, did you enable 3d on the guest15:00
anantCaptain_Proton: How do I do that? I installed guest additions though.15:02
anantCaptain_Proton: ah sorry ... found out how to do that ... will do now .. thx15:03
krosonHello, is anybody able to use the new fglrx from the repositories in ubuntu 12.10?15:23
krosonAnd is it possible to disable compiz in ubuntu 12.10?15:25
anantCaptain_Proton: Same problem :(15:28
Captain_Protonanant, hmm are you running it with windows15:29
anantfrom precise15:30
Captain_Protonanant, do you have a the latest VirtualBox?15:31
krosonCaptain_Proton anant does any of you know if i can disable compiz in the new ubuntu?15:31
Captain_Protonkroson, Unity is made using compiz if you remove/disable compiz you remove/disable unity15:33
anantCaptain_Proton: v4.1.12 .. the latest released on sep 13 is v4.22 .. so you suggest I upgrade it?15:34
anantv4.1.22 that is15:34
Captain_Protonanant, yes they added alot of display stuff15:35
anantCaptain_Proton: Okay, I'll try that.15:36
krosonCaptain_Proton: can the new shopping lens be disabled?15:39
bazhangkroson, removed completely15:44
bazhang!adlens | kroson15:44
ubottukroson: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping.15:44
krosonbazhang: is ubuntu 12.10 already stable?15:48
bazhangkroson, no15:49
anantIs it possible to have a "wine scope" for the applications lens? This will expose many .exe programs I sometimes use.15:59
krosonis ubuntu having new icons for 12.10 release?16:03
Daekdroomkroson, nope16:06
krosonDaekdroom: so the current design is the final one?16:06
DaekdroomWe're way past UI Freeze. Exceptions could happen, but I don't think a new icon theme is possible at this moment (specially because I haven't read anything about one being worked on).16:07
GycklarnSo this is where the cool kids hang out17:01
DaekdroomNope, that is #ubuntu-offtopic17:03
GycklarnThen consider me Miles Davis.17:05
wilee-nileethat makes me kinda blue17:05
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.17:07
varikonniemiisn't the topic out of date?17:23
varikonniemishould read beta217:24
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penguin42varikonniemi: you are right, nowe you just need to find someone who is awake who can change it17:31
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=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1, the channel for discussion of pre-release versions of Ubuntu. The next version of Ubuntu will be 12.10 with development codename Quantal Quetzal. | Beta 2 Released http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/quantal/beta2
MadEchidnaso is unity a laggy mess in both betas or is it just me >_>21:05
MadEchidnajust did a fresh install and five minutes after logging in, everything slowed to a barely usable crawl21:05
GycklarnWhile it's far from flawless, I haven't had the same issue, MadEchidna21:06
MadEchidnaI wish I had at least some idea what to do for troubleshooting21:06
GycklarnIf all else fails, install cinnamon 8]21:09
MadEchidnaI had the same issue on beta one, both clean installs21:09
MadEchidnaI just don't get it21:09
MadEchidnait's not like I have obscure hardware21:09
* MadEchidna ** WinSys ** Client: HexChat 2.9.1 (x64) ** OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium ** CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz (1.00 GHz) ** RAM: 6068 MB Total (3309 MB Free) ** VGA: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series ** Uptime: 0.33 Hours **21:10
IdleOneMadEchidna: Did you get the graphics driver installed?21:13
MadEchidnano, do you know of a way to get a driver for my card that works with 12.10?21:13
MadEchidnaI looked in to it a couple days ago and all I could find was the embedded linux version of catalyst21:13
MadEchidnaand that doesn't support hardly anytyhing21:13
GycklarnIdleOne, You're the one I always almost send my IdleRPG credentials to!21:14
IdleOneWell that is surely going to affect performance. Sorry i don't know how to help you with that though.21:14
MadEchidnathe open source driver works fine for the first few minutes21:14
MadEchidnathe window animations were fluid and all that21:14
IdleOneGycklarn: if you knew how many passwords I get lol. Good thing I am an honest person and don't abuse it.21:14
DaekdroomMadEchidna, IdleOne Today I noticed that I'm being offered to install the Catalyst driver for my HD5450, so I suppose we have an updated fglrx for non-embedded cards too21:29
MadEchidnaI didn't run beta two more than a few minutes21:30
MadEchidnaI'll see if I can get it to show up when I get home21:30
Daekdroomhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/2:9.000-0ubuntu2 apparently it failed to build in i386...21:34
penguin42Unity+llvmpipe in a vm is starting to be reasonably responsive, still flaky as hell though22:28
varikonniemii have still serious problem with ubuntu beta2. When it boots from usb it goes all corrupted just before login sound23:01
varikonniemiblack and white bars with rgb pixels lit at random23:01
penguin42I'd guess a graphics driver problem - what graphics card?23:02
varikonniemiit is running 12.04 ATM, never had this before. HAve had the corruption thing though, but it usually just flicker for a split second23:02
* penguin42 doesn't know the nivida stuff much, I don't know does the live cd have the nivida closed driver on or the open one?23:03
varikonniemii bet its nouveau-?=23:03
penguin42yeh, that would be my guess, can you file a bug23:04
varikonniemii was hoping for this to be fixed with the new kernel in beta2 but no23:04
varikonniemiif someone can help me through how i gather the info23:05
varikonniemii can get to the terminal by ctrl alt 123:05
varikonniemistartx brigns me a desktop23:05
penguin42I think if you can get a desktop then run ubuntu-bug xorg23:06
varikonniemifrom terminal?23:06
penguin42yes, it's easier if you can do it in a terminal in a desktop, then it will give you a web browser to enter details23:06
varikonniemibut i cannot interact with the desktop, it has not unity23:07
varikonniemiso i cannot launch things23:07
varikonniemitried stuff like tartx; unity but i cannot get both running at same time :/23:08
penguin42ok, hang on there is a bug thing somewhere for reporting testing of images - let me try and find it (jump in anyone who knows)23:08
varikonniemihmm, could i try gdm instead of startx ?23:10
penguin42varikonniemi: Maybe23:10
penguin42varikonniemi: OK, so the easiest way if you can get a console is to do   ubuntu-bug  xorg    and it'll give you a URL, if you open the URL on another machine you can fill the details in23:10
varikonniemii shall ry23:11
frybyeHi - when trying to install adobe reader or google earth from deb's I get a fault report that the installation packet is of poor quality and so no install - what now? (Bug has been reported - nothing come of it so far.)23:22
penguin42hmm never seen that before - what bug number?23:24
frybyehang on...23:24
penguin42when you say 'poor quality' is that the word it uses or is that a translation?23:25
frybyeI hope this is right.. I don't understand all this too well... the tlx is "schlechter qualität"23:28
penguin42bug 104414123:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1044141 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in __str__(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 29: ordinal not in range(128)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104414123:28
varikonniemipenguin42, ubuntu-bug does not give a web page23:29
varikonniemiit gives a raport you can view, send, save, etc23:29
varikonniemibut i cannot send it as it does not detect internet23:29
penguin42frybye: let me have a look23:32
penguin42varikonniemi: Ah, if you can't connect, then hmm there's not much you can do23:32
penguin42frybye: Are you sure that bug number is correct?23:34
penguin42frybye: Does it work if you try installing it with    dpkg -i   on the command line?23:35
frybyewell that seems to be the bug it connected to via the automated bug report system - not too sure though...23:46
frybyedo I just need to use dpkg -1 <packagename?>23:46
frybyesorry dpkg -i23:47
penguin42frybye: Do you have a downloaded .deb file or is this where you're just selecting it in software centre?23:48
frybyedownload deb - not in softw.c23:48
penguin42frybye: OK, so yeh just try   sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb23:48
penguin42frybye: That 1044141 looks like a software centre bug and thus seems different23:49
frybye yes but when double- clicking on the deb package it starts software center to install it - just trying with dpkg -i now..23:50
penguin42ah ok23:50
frybyeit says that it is replacing adobereader-deu 9.4.2. with AdbeRd9.4.2-1 .. seems to have worked no fault report - will check...23:51
penguin42frybye: If it is that bug then it sounds like the bug is to do with accented/top bit set characters23:52
frybyegreat - that did it - will try the same method with google earth.. the problem really does seem to be just in the software center...23:52
frybyesorry - that is above me...23:52
frybyebut like I said - the problem seems to be solved/worked around with the command line method..23:52
penguin42frybye: OK good, yes dpkg is the thing that software centre uses to actually install packages (and has been around for much longer)23:53
frybyeadobe reader is important to me cos it is needed to use drm protected media content at our local library interface...23:53
frybyeyeah - I am a war veteran with damaged memory.. so I often have to learn stuff agaian and again - thanks anyhows.. great23:54
penguin42frybye: no problem23:54
frybyebye for now...23:54

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