sveinseDoes Ubuntu/Debian have any mechanism for deferring some action after next reboot and not more than once?07:44
ogra_janimo, kernel build failed :(08:03
ogra_(it seems to use Werror ?!?)08:04
ogra_oh, only -Werror=maybe-uninitialized08:08
ogra_janimo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247107/ i guess we should drop all these hardcoded -Werrors ;)08:35
janimoogra_, I am on it. I built using 4.6 and worked fine :(09:01
janimo4.7 is pickier09:01
janimoI cross-built on precise forgetting there may be toolchain issues if uploading to quantal09:02
janimoI hate it when I need to bump the ABI with no .deb available and have to do the manual creation of those files and dirs09:02
janimoogra_, lots of Werrors in the tegra kernel btw. I'd keep them there thougg but I'll pay more attention when testing the build09:03
hrwhttp://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2012/09/28/lets-take-a-look-at-arm-boards-again/ - opinions?09:13
bizulkhi ! has the ubuntu-arm been installed on commercial device lie : archos 32,43 or other omap based mobile devices09:15
ogra_janimo, well, according to ppisati thats not usual in kernel builds09:16
LetoThe2ndhrw: opinion: 500 - Internal Server Error09:16
ogra_janimo, i would drop them, in case anyone rebuilds with an exotic toolchain09:16
janimoogra_, probably makes sense. No idea. Don't these catch actual bugs as in userspace code?09:17
janimoOr enforce some coding conventions. Some are really picky I agree.09:17
ogra_usually warnings arent errors :)09:17
LetoThe2ndbizulk: should be doable. archos even offers an "open" bootloader.09:17
ogra_and kernel builds always spill warnings09:17
LetoThe2ndbizulk: there also are positive reports, but no "1-2-3 click here, done" guide.09:18
* ogra_ hugs ppisati for the fixing of bug 104585509:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1045855 in linux-ti-omap4 "usb keyboard doesn't work during installation of ubuntu-server on panda" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104585509:20
ogra_was the udeb actually missing ?09:20
ogra_hrw, "Error establishing a database connection" over here09:22
suihkulokkiit's available on planet.linaro.org tho09:23
ogra_yeah, i read it on my tablet during the coffeebreak i just had ... there it worked fine09:24
ogra_using the link from g+ though09:25
suihkulokkihrw: you should mention on that the A10 is not only lacking in mainline kernel, but also no public documentation either09:25
ogra_there is09:25
ogra_(me is just fighting with some 100% chinese PDFs)09:26
suihkulokki...from the dark alleys of the internets09:26
ogra_ugh, no idea anymore, its for the script.bin stuff though ... butu googling definitely got me other pdfs too09:26
hrwsuihkulokki: add comment?09:26
ogra_if you want that one i can push it somewhere09:27
hrwonce I get mysql working again09:27
suihkulokkiogra_: doesn't count as public docs.. more like leaked docs.09:27
ogra_heh, ok09:27
ogra_yeah, might be leaked ....09:27
ogra_their way of doing their own devicetree type of thing is really annoying09:28
LetoThe2ndhrw: i know that its not really in the dev board scene already, but what about all that marvell stuff?09:28
ogra_once there are armadaxp boards that workstation thing should be possible09:29
LetoThe2ndi mean, they pretty much always have the desired sata.09:29
LetoThe2ndits just that the widely available stuff from them is still armv6/armv509:29
ogra_the armadaxp's i have seen even take normal dram09:29
ogra_xp is v709:30
suihkulokkino gpu or even framebuffer on armadaxp09:30
LetoThe2ndogra_: is there already an affordable kit?09:30
ogra_quad core 1.2GHz09:30
ogra_suihkulokki, PCI slots ;)09:30
LetoThe2ndsuihkulokki: what would i need that for?09:30
ogra_LetoThe2nd, i only saw pre-prod09:30
LetoThe2ndogra_: ok, so my assumption "not yet" still holds true.09:31
ogra_but there should be some buyable ones soon09:31
suihkulokkiogra_: need x86 emulation for those :)09:31
LetoThe2ndi mean, all those cheap qnap mini nas things make nice hackable things after all.09:31
ogra_suihkulokki, do i ? i thought the server boards with AXP on them will have them by default09:32
suihkulokkiogra_: you are aware how video cards are initialized?09:32
LetoThe2ndopenrd ultimate has long had pci anyways.09:33
ogra_suihkulokki, something you should be able to fake in a driver, no ?09:33
hrwLetoThe2nd: openrd is armv509:33
LetoThe2ndhrw: exactly what i said above.09:33
LetoThe2ndi just mean that pci on arm is not very far away.09:34
LetoThe2nddon't know if marvell is still so bi***ing about documentation, though09:35
suihkulokkiogra_: sure, but someone needs to write the code to do so first09:35
LetoThe2ndhuh, *write* code?09:37
LetoThe2ndwhy can't we just *download* the codes?09:37
LetoThe2ndsomeone please send me the exact steps!09:37
hrwok, works again09:41
bizulkI would like to thanks tu arm-ubuntu community for the DSP integration on OMAP, I'm working on this for 4 Weeks. And finally got the video working on 12.04 (thanks for Robert CN scripts that make a got stuff for downloading a clean kernel image with dsp support). I was going onto this conclusion : "Everybody knows what it is, knows somebody that seen it working, but neved seen it himself neither how to make it works"09:49
ogra_bizulk, did you file the bug as i asked you, so ppisati can put it iun the official kernel ?09:50
bizulkno still not. I may do it know09:51
bizulkwhere shall I post it ?09:51
ogra_on the bugtracker url i gave you last time :)09:51
ogra_8there is a "report a bug" button on the right09:52
bizulkogra_:ok I do it know09:52
ogra_thanks, give us the bugnumber here afterwards09:53
bizulkAre we talking about the /proc/config.gz missing file, or the tidspbridge stuff ?09:53
bizulkor both09:53
ogra_config.gz isnt a bug09:54
ogra_(we ship the config as text file already)09:54
bizulkthat's what I was thinking09:54
ogra_well, i told you last time that its on purpose ... didnt change yet  since ;)09:55
bizulkI expect the answer to be : this is not a but as gstreamer does not embbed the gst-dsp plugin on the dist09:55
ogra_well, if the kernel option can be turned on without issues ... even though we dont have the dsp package you shouldnt need t5o recompile your kernel to use it if possible09:56
dholbachhey hey09:56
ogra_welcome to the club dholbach09:56
dholbachI was wondering if we had some good instructions somewhere to get 12.10 on the Mele A1000 :)09:57
ogra_no, but there are community people somewhere with images and install instructions09:57
LetoThe2ndmiele a1000? a dishwasher?09:57
ogra_i'm trying to get an imager for the zatab working before UDS, the a100 shouldnt be to hard to support from that09:58
dholbachLetoThe2nd, no, I'm afraid not - http://dx.com/p/mele-a2000-1080p-android-2-3-network-multi-media-player-w-sata-usb-hdmi-lan-vga-wifi-4gb-131566 :)09:58
LetoThe2nddholbach: ah dammit09:58
dholbachLetoThe2nd, a dishwasher might make a more interesting news story, I agree :)09:58
bizulkogra_: you're right, recompile it on the omap would be a real pain09:58
LetoThe2ndlooks nice though. but yet another allwinner.09:58
ogra_allwinner isnt that bad ...09:59
ogra_that it is a8 is bad :)09:59
LetoThe2ndogra_: hehehe09:59
ogra_the same CPU with dual core would be awesome09:59
dholbachthanks ogra_ - I'll try that out09:59
bizulkogra_: my god this site signing in process is a big armor10:00
LetoThe2ndgiven the price tag it might be a nice sidekick device indeed.10:00
ogra_yeah, the zatab i have here has massive issues though ...10:00
LetoThe2ndogra_: like hdmi not working? ;)10:00
ogra_apps often hang in android10:01
ogra_due to the CPU being maxed out10:01
LetoThe2nddholbach: do you know how all that storage/interface things are glued to the cpu?10:01
ogra_badly :)10:01
dholbachLetoThe2nd, I'm afraid I don't10:01
LetoThe2ndall usb, i guess.10:02
* ogra_ tries to get the MMC to work on his zatab kernel since over a week now 10:02
hrwogra_: Allwinner A15 will be dualcore A7 iirc10:02
ogra_usb works fien so i can run an ubuntu rootfs ... but i cant convince the kernel to keep the MMC powered on once it booted10:02
ogra_hrw, yeah ... will be ... :)10:02
hrwogra_: anyway I keep away from anything in mainline kernel (or on a way to it)10:03
ogra_not in mainline you mean ?10:03
hrwyes ;)10:04
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bizulkogra_: my bug no must be : 105802210:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1058022 in linux "no tidspbridge support in kernel." [Undecided,New]10:18
ogra_bizulk, thnaks a lot10:18
bizulkho great stuff this bot. I dream to install such stuff in my office.10:18
bizulk(lunch time now)10:19
ogra_bizulk, oh, i was hoping you would state the exact options that need to be enabled in the bug so ppisati doesnt need to dig around10:27
ogra_bizulk, the page you linked to isnt helpful for finding that option10:28
ppisatibizulk: i'll take a look10:57
ogra_marvin24, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247332/ ... not sure whats up with your package cache, but squeak-vm is available for me on all armhf platforms11:27
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marvin24ogra_: marvin24?11:40
ogra_oh, i mixed you up11:40
bizulkogra_: I'll post the config file11:46
ogra_ppisati, ^^^11:46
ppisatiogra_: you mean squeak-vm or the config file? :)11:51
ogra_the config file, unless you want to add smalltalk support to the kernel now :)11:51
ppisatibizulk: add the config diff to the lp bug you just created11:53
janimoogra_, I have uploaded a new ac100 package, I hope it gets through soon and actually builds this time12:19
dokoogra_, would you mind looking at the libaio ftbfs? it crashes the buildd machines ...12:19
ogra_lets bribe infinity ;)+12:19
ogra_doko, i dont see it on http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/12:20
marvin24janimo: hey, thanks12:20
dokoogra_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libaio/+bug/105808112:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1058081 in libaio "libaio ftbfs on armel/armhf" [High,Confirmed]12:21
ogra_hmm,. the build seems to work just fine ... but these tests even make my sabre cpu start glowing12:29
dokothere's a bug report about an invalid test case too12:30
ogra_ho can something that builds in 5 seconds take so long for its selftests, tsk12:31
ogra_doko, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247430/12:33
ogra_no issues12:33
ogra_doko, where is the ftbfs buildlog so i can compare the two ?12:38
dokoogra_, there is none. buildd dies12:38
ogra_i can imagine, these tests are really evil12:39
ogra_i have no panda set up for building atm, but will try on a panda as soon as i have one ready12:39
ogra_doko, the debian/rules file has an uption to pass "nocheck", will anone kill me if i just disable the tests on arm for now ?12:42
highvoltagedoes this boot ubuntu? http://www.hardkernel.com/renewal_2011/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G13399932893112:43
dokoogra_, or fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libaio/+bug/60766512:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 607665 in libaio "Invalid test case on ARM" [Medium,Confirmed]12:43
ogra_doko, well, that doesnt kill the build12:43
dokoogra_, with a precise kernel?12:44
ogra_we dont have any recent kernel for mx612:45
ogra_(or better: more recent)12:45
ogra_thats all quantal12:45
ogra_the failed tests doesnt stop the build for me12:46
ogra_and in fact that bit scrolls really fast ... it takes like 10 min for the tests before and after12:47
ogra_and i think thats where the buildd is falling over ...12:47
bizulkI added to the tidspbridge bug the config file, and particular option in comments12:49
ogra_great, thanks :)12:50
bizulkI bug is now in triaged state and used the apport-collect tool. Nothing more is needed from me for now ?13:02
ogra_yeah, should be fine13:03
janimodoko, libaio seems to build for me on ac100/quantal13:32
janimono build logs from the crashing machines?13:32
ogra_janimo, apparently not13:32
janimoI wonder if it's a kernel issue13:32
dokono. I could give it back, and you could poll the build log while the build is running ...13:32
ogra_just waiting for my quantal panda to finish13:32
ogra_looks pretty good yet13:33
janimoalthough I am suspecting something weird. my build took a few imnutes13:33
janimowhereas LP shows 8 hours for previous builds13:33
ogra_janimo, the build or the tests ?13:33
janimodebuild -us uc13:33
ogra_my build (even on a panda with a really slow USB key) is done in under a minute13:33
ogra_oh, i just use dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b13:34
ogra_in the souorce tree13:34
ogra_the tests take between 10 and 30min though13:34
janimoI wonder why this is 8 hours then? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libaio/0.3.109-2ubuntu1/+build/296407513:34
janimomaybe some tests fail early and do not proceed here13:35
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ogra_might be13:35
ogra_in any case failing tests dont seem to stop the build anyway13:36
ogra_even the precise log has the failures13:36
ogra_so i bet we could as well disable them :)13:36
ogra_/bin/sh: 1: git: not found13:37
ogra_/bin/sh: 1: lsdiff: not found13:37
ogra_make[1]: git: Command not found13:37
janimoon LP/armhf I think the timeout of 8 hours or something similar kicked in. Or just some obscure bug. The build+tests are short13:37
janimoogra_, yes, it just checks whether it's in a git repo13:37
ogra_seems that log doesnt care at all if *anything* fails13:37
janimocan be ignored, it took just as little time with git installed13:37
janimoso maybe a lucid kernel or whatver the builders have is the issue13:38
ogra_but yeah, very likely13:38
ogra_the precise panda kernel wasnt particulary great13:40
ogra_(dieing on idle etc)13:40
ogra_wow, that 14.p test takes a century13:41
* ppisati goes out to run an errand, brb13:50
ogra_hmm, whatever that test does, it hits the disk realyl hard it seems13:50
ogra_was probably not a good idea ro try that build on my slowest USB key13:51
ogra_heh, so my panda has a load of 5 and the test eats up all memory14:01
ogra_i can imagine that might fail with anot 100% correct kernel14:02
ogra_*a not14:02
ogra_doko, libaio just finished on my quantal panda (fresh desktop install from wed.)14:13
ogra_so i would say its clearly the buildd kernel14:14
dokoplease leave a comment in the bug report14:14
ogra_will do14:14
ogra_done and buildlog attached for that one as well14:18
bizulkI have installed the xorg omapfb driver but Xorg doesn't seem to use it : sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-omap314:18
ogra_you might need an oxrg.conf, not sure14:18
ogra_that package comes from debian as is14:19
bizulkxvinfo --display :0.0: still returns 'no adaptors present14:19
bizulkWhere shalll be this file ? I don't remember14:20
ogra_in /etc/X1114:20
ogra_ubuntu doesnt use that file anymore by default so you might need to create it14:21
bizulkogra_: I'll check it14:21
ogra_probably the package ships an example14:21
bizulkno it has not :(14:22
bizulkwell the wiki presume that the driver is automatically loaded but I could not figure how without a Xorg.conf file14:25
ogra_check the log :)14:25
bizulkI did14:26
ogra_well, all i know about this package is that it has been removed in 12.1014:29
bizulkwhy ? does it mean that the Xorg video driver is not anymore part of it ?14:35
ogra_it is a hacked up xfbdev driver nobody maintains afaik14:36
ogra_and isnt compatible to abi 13 anymore14:36
bizulkDoes Angstrom not use it (or won't) neither.14:39
ogra_no idea14:39
ogra_we dont do much with oma3 here anymore14:39
ogra_but once angstrom updates to the current xorg abi they will likely have to port it if they use it14:40
janimoogra_, although interestingly it builds on ac100 quantal which has a 3.1 kernel14:41
janimopanda precise is 3.2 right?14:42
ogra_janimo, well, the precise panda kernel has issues14:42
ogra_we know it dies idling on some boards for example14:42
janimoare there any non-panda builders left?14:42
janimowhere are the slow crappy boards when you need them???14:42
ogra_but i would just propose to backport the quantal kernel and be done14:42
ogra_you could try on the porter box, i think that still runs a natty kernel14:43
janimoogra_, if you install the precise kernel in quantal it should fail if that is the cause right?14:43
janimoI think the porter box has long been dead14:44
ogra_no, i heard its back14:44
janimoat least I could not connect to scheat for a long time, so gave up14:44
janimook, did not check in the past two months I guess14:44
ogra_i didnt check at all, Daviey claimed its back on #ubuntu-devel14:45
ogra_and i trust Daviey blindly :)14:45
bizulkaie : it seems that Xorg didn't like my conf14:54
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ogra_janimo, linux-ac100 is in ... time for meta i guess15:53
janimoyes, but should need at least a test first15:53
janimoI'll install15:53
* ogra_ cant ... else i break my screen15:53
janimoand in as in past NEW?15:53
ogra_well, cjwatson just said he processed it in #ubuntu-release15:54
janimoah ok15:54
ogra_so past NEW i would think15:54
janimoogra_, uploaded15:56
janimoogra_, are you planning the graphics driver upload for next week?15:57
ogra_or the weekend, yeah15:58
ogra_and if i manae in time also the codecs15:58
* ogra_ has to rush to the vet now ... back in ~1h15:58
bizulkhi ! boot.scr is a binary file ?16:06
bizulkhow do we edit that stuff ?16:07
bizulkokay it's in the host with mkimage16:09
lilsteviebizulk, you don't edit the boot.scr directly, you edit the boot.cmd and then make it into a boot.scr with mkimage16:09
GrueMasterIt is actually a text file with a 72 byte crc blob.16:09
GrueMasterYou can strip the first 72 bytes, then edit it as a text file (boot.script).  TO recreate the CRC (needed by u-boot), use "mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -d boot.script boot.scr".16:10
GrueMaster(I used to have this documented on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM but it has since been either deleted or moved by others.16:11
bizulkthere is not other way to put off the splash screen ? well okay16:13
GrueMasterSadly, not easily.  You could interrupt uboot via serial console, but that is a pain.16:15
lilsteviebizulk, the process may sound hard/scary but it is pretty straight forward16:18
lilstevie(modifying the boot.scr)16:18
bizulklilstevie: first of all, new for me :) (but it was just for having debug message on screen/serial as the xorg omapfb bug the boot process)16:20
GrueMasterThe easiest way to strip the file for editing is with "dd if=boot.scr of=boot.script bs=72 skip=1".  Then you can edit it and use the above mkimage command to re-bless it.16:20
bizulkGrueMaster: how do you strip the bytes ? dd ?16:20
lilsteviebizulk, GrueMaster gave you the command there :)16:21
GrueMasterYes.  YOu can also do it with a text editor, but it isn't as clean.16:21
* GrueMaster notices shift key is sticking again and grumbles profusely.16:21
bizulkho ! sorry I did not see the cmd just below16:24
bizulkI see that uEnv.txt is still supported16:25
bizulkI have strip off quiet and splash, but I've just got a black screen with a penguin :d16:30
bizulkthe xorg omapfb driver seems to be loaded but I do think I have to pass more option to activate DVUI output16:34
GrueMasterIf you want earlier kernel messages and boot messages to go to the serial console, add "earlyprintk=ttyO2,115200 console=ttyO2,115200 console=tty1"16:35
bizulkho yessss16:35
bizulkI did put the console in bootargs without results16:35
bizulkis "xf86-video-omapfb" an alternative to omapfb ?16:59
marvin24janimo: I'm trying to compile your kernel - do you know how to enable ccache in kernel builds?17:14
janimomarvin24, cross compiling?17:14
marvin24there must be some magic string added to debuild17:15
janimoah, I do not use that. Ijust have /usr/lib/ccache/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -> ../../bin/ccache as symlink17:15
janimoso it is systemwide not specific to kernel builds17:16
janimoand I never checked that it actually works :) The builds seem fast though17:16
marvin24yes, the problem is it doesn't17:17
marvin24but the man page says use --prepend-path17:17
marvin24lets try it17:17
marvin24no luck :-(17:19
janimono luck as in nothing is put in ~/.ccache?17:19
* janimo checks17:19
marvin24neither symlink nor --prepend-path works17:21
xnoxinstalling armhf23:35
xnoxhad to do a tty1->tty7 dance to view X23:36
xnoxmaybe i was impatient for ubiquity to come up though.23:36

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