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tardracequick question - why will some terminal commands not work unless i put "./" in front of the command?07:30
tsimpsontardrace: depends on the command, or more specifically, where it is07:32
tsimpsonif you just type the "command", then the shell looks in the directories listed in $PATH for it, but you can put the path yourself07:33
tardracewell before i grabbed xchat (for its gui) i downloaded BitchX - I installed it to opt/bitchx - when i went to run the command BitchX if i simply typed that it wouldn't work. I had to type ./BitchX and then it booted07:33
tsimpsonthere are two kinds of path, absolute and relative. absolute paths start with a /, like /bin/ls, relative ones don't. in that case ./ mean "in the current directory"07:34
tardraceok understood07:34
tardraceI still don't understand one thing tho: when I navigate to /opt/bitchx (the directory where the program BitchX is) I can't simply type 'BitchX' to launch the program. Why is that?07:36
tardrace(i am trying to launch it via the command terminal)07:37
tsimpsonbecause it doesn't look in the current directory, only in $PATH, that's why you have to give it a path07:37
tsimpson"./BitchX" is a relative path, where as just "BitchX" is not07:38
tsimpsonunless there's a '/', it's not seen as a path by the shell, that's why "./" works07:39
tardraceok now I understand better07:40
duanedesignhello penreturns11:52
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