bkerensauhh google ads on the wiki now?00:36
bkerensaahh I see custom google search00:37
bkerensaCant believe I didnt notice that before00:37
nigelbbkerensa: hippies! :P02:34
nigelb(re: sugar)02:34
bkerensanigelb: ikr04:02
bkerensanigelb: do you have hippie equivelent in india?04:02
nigelbI doubt04:05
JoseeAntonioRhey, didrocks! mind a quick pm?05:17
didrockshey JoseeAntonioR, sure05:17
JoseeAntonioRjcastro_: do you think we need an ubuntu on air session during uds, or maybe we can merge it with the irc workshops one? there are plenty of things i'd like to discuss06:02
bkerensajono: Reason the submission didnt show up someone marked me as spam06:26
bkerensabut a reddit admin removed it06:26
dholbachgood morning07:01
czajkowskimorning all08:13
smartboyhwLOL it is 4:17 PM in the afternoon here;P08:17
bkerensaczajkowski: I imagine they will be DVD's this time10:26
czajkowskibkerensa: I imagine they will also10:26
czajkowskibut no poibnt in spreading mis information either bkerensa :)10:26
czajkowskibest to know the facts before people post information and we haven't heard from Canonical yet.10:26
bkerensaczajkowski: It is technically impossible to fit 12.10 on a CD10:27
AlanBellso it is DVD, or USB, or nothing10:27
czajkowskiAlanBell: exactly10:27
czajkowskibkerensa: I know that!10:27
AlanBellwith DVD being the most probable10:27
bkerensaNetboot ftw10:28
AlanBellalso an option, press the netboot on mini-cds :)10:28
AlanBellI think that is less probable than the "nothing" option though10:28
bkerensathat would be hilarious10:29
bkerensaI could see that working in areas that have no broadband10:29
czajkowskibut again no point in saying we're getting stuff till we know10:29
czajkowskigetting annoyed at waking up to posts that lack facts.10:29
jcastro_"Be a Good Person. Give Me Money."12:44
jcastro_so that's how it's going to be12:44
* jcastro_ cracks knuckles12:44
mhall119jcastro_: it's gonna get dirtier than our political ads12:57
cjohnston"I'm Jono Bacon, and I approve this donation"13:23
czajkowskimate of mine is doing his masters thesis and one area he's looking at is Leadership, if folks had a few mins mind doing a survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/leadershipenvironment13:26
* JoseAntonioR hugs dholbach, it's the "Hug a Vegetarian" day!14:33
smartboyhwOh is it?14:34
* smartboyhw should have hugged his non-vegetarian classmate:P14:34
SergioMenesesJoseAntonioR, \o14:34
* smartboyhw hugs dholbach then:P14:34
dholbachawesome :-)14:34
* dholbach hugs you all back14:34
JoseAntonioRhey, SergioMeneses14:34
cjohnstonIt's always hug dholbach day anyway..14:34
smartboyhwcjohnston, +114:35
SergioMenesesJoseAntonioR, working and you?14:35
SergioMenesescjohnston, jeje14:35
dholbachI always told you that being vegetarian/vegan is good for you14:35
* smartboyhw has a classmate who does not eat vegetables14:36
dholbachsmartboyhw, wow14:36
smartboyhwdholbach, yes, and we all try to enforce him to eat it, sadly it looks very difficult:P14:36
JoseAntonioRSergioMeneses: at classes, super bored, and with all ports except 80 blocked14:37
SergioMenesesJoseAntonioR, jeje "super bored"14:37
* smartboyhw is bored now:P14:38
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, me too14:38
cjohnstonsmartboyhw: work on Summit14:38
SergioMenesesand working xD14:38
smartboyhwcjohnston, what?14:38
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: I can work on summit later14:39
cjohnstonJoseAntonioR: :-)14:39
* JoseAntonioR checks bugs14:39
cjohnstontrying to see what all I Can get included in the next two weeks before I go away14:39
* SergioMeneses checks14:39
* smartboyhw wonders what he can do for summit:P14:39
cjohnstonsmartboyhw: do you know django/html/css?14:40
smartboyhwcjohnston, not much:P14:40
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, we are in the same dilemma14:40
* smartboyhw highs five SergioMeneses 14:40
SergioMenesescjohnston, thanks for the link... i didnt have it14:41
* smartboyhw is branching the code anyway14:42
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, the first step14:42
cjohnstonsmartboyhw: summit-dev.readthedocs.org14:42
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, cjohnston JoseAntonioR I have to go out for a while, I see you later14:43
smartboyhwcya SergioMeneses14:43
JoseAntonioRSergioMeneses: ttyl14:43
smartboyhwcjohnston, uh huh14:44
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: any bitesize bugs I can work on?14:44
JoseAntonioRI think 749316 can be merged with 82868814:47
cjohnstonI don't think so...14:48
* smartboyhw is following the instructions in summit-dev.readthedocs.org14:48
cjohnston749316 is actually possible... 828688 is going to kill someone14:48
JoseAntonioRI think I can work on 898590, but it's been assigned to Pendulum for about a year14:50
cjohnstonlooks unassigned to me ;-)14:51
smartboyhwUnassigned to me too:P)14:51
JoseAntonioRok, will work on that14:52
smartboyhwcjohnston, of course it is unassigned you changed it a minute ago LOL14:52
cjohnstonbug #994917 would be really awesome to have14:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 994917 in summit "Next arrows should loop" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99491714:52
cjohnstonI have no idea what your talking about smartboyhw :-P14:53
smartboyhw Chris Johnston (chrisjohnston) 24 seconds ago14:53
smartboyhwChanged in summit:14:53
smartboyhwassignee: Penelope Stowe (pendulum) → nobody14:53
smartboyhwUh hum...:P14:53
cjohnstonczajkowski may buy someone a very expensive glass of tap water of they fix bug #99736914:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 997369 in summit "Expanding and hiding daily session timetables" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99736914:53
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: those two may take some css work14:54
czajkowskicjohnston: eh?14:55
cjohnston994917 wont be CSS... 997369 will have some.. possibly more JS though14:55
cjohnstonczajkowski: joking because tap water is (almost always) free14:55
* czajkowski goes back to breaking things 14:56
czajkowskino more pinging me :)14:56
cjohnstonok czajkowski14:56
jonoballoons, not sure if there is much point in us doing a call14:57
jonoas three members of the team are out14:57
=== hazmat` is now known as hazmat
cjohnstonsmartboyhw: JoseAntonioR I have gone through and added more bugs to bitesize14:58
smartboyhwWow that's a lot more:P14:59
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: checking now14:59
cjohnstonwhen its just me working on summit, there isn't alot of point of using tags :-)14:59
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: what do you mean by "looping"?15:02
cjohnstonJoseAntonioR: when your on the last day (so say thursday) the next arrow should go back to monday... or disappear (not exist) I'm fine with it not existing if there is no next day15:03
JoseAntonioRand what about etherpad lite integration, will you be taking it for this cycle?15:04
cjohnstonAlanBell: ^15:04
cjohnstoni havent heard much15:04
balloonsJoeb454, heh15:08
balloonsjono, heh15:08
* smartboyhw shuts balloons's mouth to stop him saying heh:P15:09
AlanBellI was working on the etherpad lite integration the other day and tried to add a field to the summit object and got in a complete mess with south and stuff15:11
AlanBelljust don't understand how you are supposed to change the model in django without the thing falling to bits15:12
AlanBellwas trying to set it up again in a precise VM because I think some of the problem might be related to a mixture of virtualenv and quantal packages for things15:12
cjohnstonAlanBell: let me know if you need help15:13
jonoI just saw this gangnam style thing for the first time15:14
jonoI don't see the big fuss :-)15:14
JoseAntonioRwe should do a gagnam style flashmob at UDS!15:15
JoseAntonioRcjohnston: 984282: about that one, coffee breaks are not listed15:26
JoseAntonioRwe just skip times15:26
JoseAntonioRbut I don't see any red borders..15:28
JoseAntonioRok, will check the code once I get home15:29
JoseAntonioRI'm out for now, french next, i'll ping you in case I need anything15:29
cjohnstonI haven't been able to figure it out.. when looking at it via the browser I see the private class, but i dont see what is giving it the private class anywhere15:29
dholbach350 pounds?15:50
dholbachjono just leapt ahead15:50
dholbachand from "anonymous" too15:51
popeyi only donated to dpm to make sure his wasn't last15:52
dholbachstill, "Total sum of donations: £ 1429.95" is nice to read after just ~2 days15:52
jonodholbach, wow15:54
jonoI wonder who that was15:54
jonopopey, screw dpm15:54
jonothis is WAR15:54
dholbachjono, on "your page" you can see a list of donations15:55
dholbachand hope they the mysterious person left a name somehow15:55
jonodholbach, I see it15:56
jonowow a 350 donation is pretty awesome15:56
dholbachunfortunately "is rich" was never one of my friendship requirements15:57
dholbachnevermind, I'm going to "donate-roll" a bunch of rich people later on and see if that works :-P15:58
dholbachalright, I'll call it a day now and hatch some new donations plans :)15:59
dholbachhave a great weekend and see you all next week15:59
jonodholbach, lol16:01
jonohave a nice weekend, dholbach!16:01
dholbachyou too my friend16:01
dholbachsee you :)16:06
bkerensajono: The marathon has inspired https://groups.google.com/d/topic/mozilla.reps.general/DRWOv8ECRuM/discussion17:59
jonobkerensa, cool!17:59
uros1czajkowski: have minute for me?20:35
czajkowskiuros1: semi20:35
czajkowskiwhats up20:35
uros1let`s go private20:36
JoseeAntonioRcjohnston: what will https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/898590 be used for?23:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 898590 in summit "Create a function to check if a launchpad user exists" [Low,Triaged]23:33
cjohnstondon't know. ask nigelb23:34
JoseeAntonioRnigelb: ^23:38

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