pittiGood morning03:49
TheMuso~/c -all04:44
RAOFWow. The archive's pretty unstable after B2 release.04:51
TheMusoI guess thats one drawback of everything being held in the queue... You don't see any breakage for a few days, and then it all hits...04:54
pittibut still http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/quantal_probs.html shouldn't look like this04:55
pittithe plan is to eventually redirect _all_ uploads to -proposed, let them build on all arches, and only auto-migrate them to -release once everything is built and installable04:55
didrocksgood morning05:15
pittibonjour didrocks!05:59
didrocksguten morgen pitti!06:02
jibelgood morning06:45
didrocksseems already EOD for jibel :)06:51
pittididrocks: mais oui -- c'est vendredi!07:06
didrockspitti: héhé, vive le week-end! (bientôt ;))07:06
Laneyhappy friday!08:02
didrockshey Laney :)08:02
didrockshappy friday!08:02
didrocksLaney: just rejected PS ubuntu-font-family change FYI. See https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu/quantal/ubuntu-font-family-sources/manual_fix_ubuntu_M/+merge/12664708:03
Laneydidrocks: hmm, don't we need the Qt change too?08:03
Laneyhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu2 this one08:04
didrocksLaney: seb is just telling me that08:04
didrocksbut it seems PS didn't test Qt apps first (see the comments)08:04
didrocksweird, I've upgraded this morning08:04
seb128didrocks, you use proposed?08:05
seb128hey didrocks, Laney08:05
didrocksseb128: still in -proposed, devs are not supposed to use it :)08:05
* didrocks cherry-pick it from -proposed08:05
seb128didrocks, right, post beta2 churns08:05
didrocksI would have thought all -proposed would be copide08:05
seb128it was only accepted in proposed yesterday evening08:05
seb128did it even build on slow arches yet?08:06
didrocksah maybe08:06
LaneyI don't know though, because https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu/quantal/ubuntu-font-family-sources/manual_fix_ubuntu_M/+merge/126647/comments/273105 refers to that proposed upload08:06
Laneyand calls the font fix a workaround?!08:06
seb128it's still building on arm*08:06
didrocksLaney: yeah, I don't understand :)08:06
didrocksLaney: proposing a fix and then rejecting himself :)08:06
Laneymaybe it refers to the /proper/ fix in Qt08:06
didrocksand not testing on Qt where it's asked to do it08:06
Laneywhich is an API,ABI break08:06
didrocksLaney: I'll try both08:06
didrocksnew Qt with patched font packaged08:07
didrocksand then new Qt only08:07
LaneyI wouldn't be too upset if that ended up being an R thing08:07
seb128bryceh, "-1" ... can I get a  --verbose?08:07
seb128bryceh, or did you typo "+1"? ;-)08:07
didrocksLaney: seb128: vlc is still bold on my system08:07
didrockseven with the patched font and patched Qt08:08
didrocksoh dist-upgrade hold a Qt package08:08
didrockslet's try getting this one :)08:08
didrocks(upgrade gave a bunch of Qt packages, but one)08:08
didrocksah better \o/08:09
didrockslet me try to downgrade the font now to quantal version08:09
Laneymaybe confirm with sladen08:09
didrocksok, so no difference with old and new font package08:10
didrocksso we can put it in08:10
didrocksget medium font size08:10
didrocksbut I would put it into -proposed so that it's copied at the same time than qt08:10
Laneyhttps://launchpad.net/~laney/+archive/webkit/+build/3858769 :(08:10
brycehseb128, no typo.  -1 to eliminating fallback.08:11
seb128bryceh, oh, that's not the suggestion, I'm just saying that the code we build over is going away, no our choice and nothing we can do about it08:11
brycehseb128, regardless, -1 to that.08:12
seb128bryceh, GNOME consider it legacy code and want to drop it to focus on gnome-shell08:12
seb128bryceh, ok, fair enough, we can discuss it at UDS, if you have better suggestions on what we should do with e.g the keyboard indicator if the code we patch goes away08:12
brycehseb128, understood.  And fair enough; their choice.  But I will consider it a Bad Idea.08:13
seb128well, it's just that we have to deal with it, if the code is going away either we loose the function or we figure the best way to bring it back08:13
brycehseb128, yep.  f*ck*ng gnome.08:14
brycehseb128, btw s/loose/lose/.08:15
seb128bryceh, thanks ;-)08:15
brycehI suppose no one will actually care until we get to 14.04.08:16
mlankhorstricotz: why is cairo in xorg-edgers?08:25
ricotzmlankhorst, is is pretty much rendering related like pixman and fits in there08:31
mlankhorstricotz: oh was wondering since it might be useful to backport in that case08:32
seb128I'm out for some hours, will we back in the afternoon08:32
ricotzmlankhorst, then you should consider cairo and pixman08:32
brycehseb128, *waves*08:33
brycehmlankhorst, there is a small bit of cairo that sometimes overlaps with X and ends up being a dependency for the X stack.  I'm guessing that's to blame here.08:34
brycehthis = the 2d cairo vector drawing "driver" that's contained in cairo08:34
ricotzweston in its earlier stage was a reason to have it too (not really anymore since cairo-gl isnt mandatory anymore)08:35
* ricotz wonders if cairo master is getting in a snapshot state already08:37
ricotzsnapshot *worth* state08:37
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:52
didrockshey chrisccoulson! how are you?08:53
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, not too bad thanks, although i'm getting a cold now08:53
chrisccoulsonhow are you?08:53
didrocksa little bit better, still coughing, but at least, I can start to be hopeful to be in shape next week :)08:54
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tjaaltondidrocks: hum, looks like there was a clash with the xterm m-a foreign bug11:10
tjaaltonwe'll see which uploads end up in the archive11:10
didrockstjaalton: ah? ok, yeah, let's see :)11:10
tjaaltonI assigned it to myself 4min before your comment :)11:11
Laneythe one without the random whitespace change :-)11:11
tjaaltonI pushed it to git too11:12
tjaaltonboth debian & ubuntu11:12
didrockstjaalton: ah excellent!11:12
mlankhorstbryceh: ah good to know :) (missed it earlier)11:12
tjaaltonso it's there in any case11:12
Laneydunno which one I just accepted11:12
Laneyguess you'll get mail :P11:12
didrockstjaalton: that's the important one :)11:12
tjaaltonI lost :/ :)11:13
* didrocks hugs tjaalton11:13
didrocks /msg Laney: I'll pay you back at UDS, as we talked about :)11:13
didrocksoups ;)11:13
Laneythe secret's out11:14
* Laney screams and runs away11:14
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didrockspitti: \o/12:59
pittididrocks: BBT? already watched it?12:59
pittiI just did over lunch13:00
didrockspitti: not yet ;)13:00
didrocksbut I know what I'll do this evening :)13:00
* pitti hugs didrocks13:00
* didrocks hugs pitti back13:00
Trevinhodesrt: hey, found anything about the gsettings trouble on saving too many things on startup (breaking some migration scripts)?13:10
desrtTrevinho: i think the problem was gnome-session lacking ordering, no?13:11
desrtie: migration should be moved to before gnome-session13:11
Trevinhodidrocks: ^13:11
didrocksdesrt: well, not really possible as we need the env?13:12
desrtwhat env?13:12
didrocksdesrt: gnome-session launch the migration script sync13:12
didrockswhat is the issue with it?13:12
desrtdidrocks: someone (ted?) discovered that that doesn't really work13:13
desrtthat there is no 'wait until this is done'13:13
desrtand it actually ends up running everything at once13:13
desrtyou should put migration in /etc/x11/xsession.d/ or whatever13:13
didrocksdesrt: interesting13:14
didrocksit's a synced called though, let's see what tedg can come up with :)13:14
didrocksTrevinho: anyway, too late for Q13:15
Trevinhodidrocks: ok..13:23
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mdeslauryou desktop folks are weird :P14:08
kenvandinemdeslaur, why yes... yes we are14:08
seb128mdeslaur, come on, it's friday, it has been a long week!14:14
seb128desrt, hey14:29
desrtseb128: hey14:29
seb128desrt, sudo apt-get install libpam-xdg-support14:29
seb128desrt, should give you XDG_RUNTIME_DIR14:29
seb128if you want to test14:29
desrtthat's some welcome good news :)14:29
desrtvorlon to thank, i suppose?14:30
seb128desrt, and FFE got granted to have it installed by default14:30
seb128desrt, yes14:30
desrtgood man :)14:30
desrti'll have to beerify him at UDS14:30
desrtlemme logout/in to see if it's working14:30
desrtdesrt@moonpix:~$ echo $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR14:32
seb128desrt, what are the new cool kids doing? ;-)14:34
desrt /run/user/1000/14:34
seb128open a bug I guess ;-)14:34
desrtit really doesn't matter14:34
desrtthe spec leaves the name/location of the directory as a choice of the implementation14:34
seb128so it works, but breaks in a guest session14:35
seb128I guess the apparmor profile needs updating to give access to the /run/user/$user14:35
seb128dconf-editor complains about permissions14:35
desrtfucking apparmor....14:35
* desrt mumble mumble14:35
desrtfirst thing i uninstall14:36
desrtfollowed shortly by apport :)14:36
seb128let's not restart that discussion today ;-)14:36
seb128I know it's friday but still :p14:36
desrtthat discussion was actually really productive last time, i think14:36
desrtand we continued it a bit at plumbers14:36
seb128it seemed to be, I admit I didn't read the whole backlog though14:36
seb128great ;-)14:36
desrtplease let me know if you're seeing anymore SIGBUS from dconf on ecryptfs14:37
desrtassuming the new package is installed14:37
desrtis there any way we get that information from apport bugs?14:37
desrti guess we would see the environment of the running process?14:38
desrti _think_ there is still a situation where that bug can come up14:38
desrtbut it should be a really really thin race now -- and i already have a plan for fixing it14:39
seb128desrt, we don't have the full environment, apport only collect some selection variables I think14:39
desrtseb128: any way we can get XDG_RUNTIME_DIR onto that list?14:39
seb128will let you know if it keeps being an issue14:39
seb128desrt, poke pitti I guess ;-)14:39
desrtpitti: poke :)14:39
seb128I mean open a bug on apport :p14:39
seb128(I guess pitti tell you to do that)14:39
desrtpitti just made a very nice blogpost14:40
pittiback from meeting, what's up/14:40
pittihey desrt14:40
seb128desrt, dbusmock you mean?14:41
desrtpitti: hey.  can we get XDG_RUNTIME_DIRS on the list of envvars that apport puts in reports?14:41
desrtseb128: ya.  looks nice :)14:41
seb128pitti, keep the good work, loving to read your progresses in testing land ;-)14:41
pittidesrt: we need to be a bit careful about not exposing potentially private stuff there14:41
pittiseb128: :)14:41
desrtpitti: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is the name of a directory in /run14:41
pittidesrt: but I guess XDG_RUNTIME_DIRS should be okay14:41
desrtthe only potential privacy leak is their username :)14:42
pittidesrt: stuff like user names, project names, etc.14:42
desrtusername is seriously a problem?14:42
pittiright, but we coudl ask the anonymizer to change it14:42
pittiyes, I had people complain about it loudly14:42
desrti'm mostly interested in knowing if it is set or not14:42
pittidesrt: but do you really need to know the actual value?14:42
pittiright, that's what I figured14:42
pittia simple "is set or not" has no privacy problems at all, and is easy to do14:42
desrtdo you need a bug?14:43
pittiif you want one to track it14:43
desrti don't really care14:43
desrti will only care the next time we see a new report of dconf SIGBUS issues14:43
desrtand i want to know if it 'should' have been fixed yet or not14:43
desrtseb128: btw... about all those bugs before... anything that's having a SIGBUS on accessing anything about 'shm' is now officially fixed14:44
pittidesrt: so is it _DIR or _DIRS?14:44
desrtpitti: _DIR14:44
desrtecho $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR -> /run/user/desrt14:44
desrtseb128: the shm part is the one that is now in the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR14:45
desrtinteresting to note that already gnome-keyring and gvfs have put files there as well...14:45
pittidesrt: testing http://paste.ubuntu.com/1247632/ now14:45
desrtpitti: would be great to know as well if it is unset14:46
pittithen the line wouldn't be there14:46
desrtie: tell the difference of "it is not set" and "apport is too old"14:46
seb128desrt, ok14:46
pittidesrt: you could tell from the ApportVersion: field14:46
desrtpitti: perfect14:46
pittidesrt: committed to trunk14:49
desrtpitti: great.  i guess it will see a release by Q?14:49
pittic'est ça, bon week-end tout le monde!14:49
pittidesrt: oui, Monsieur14:49
desrtpitti: bonan semajnfino14:50
pittic'est l'heure de tennis de table et pour du glace!14:51
pittiyeah, enjoying the last sun rays :)14:51
seb128pitti, bon weekend !14:51
seb128pitti, bonne partie et bonne glace ;-)14:52
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seb128Laney, hey15:55
seb128Laney, if you want to do the backport and now what to do feel free to go for it15:55
seb128but if you prefer me to have a look that's fine15:55
Laneywell I don't know what to do, but I see the MP15:55
Laneyif it's more than taking that as a distro patch ...15:55
seb128Laney, yeah, it's basically backporting that revision, the packaging changes are already in lp:ubuntu/unity-lens-shopping15:58
seb128Laney, you can do it?15:58
seb128Laney, mhr3 says you need r21 if you want it to apply cleanly, we can probably backport both16:00
seb128the other one was a FFe as well so would be good to have it landing,tested as well16:00
Laneyseb128: isn't that one that got nacked by scottk?16:02
Laneymhr3: ^ ?16:02
seb128Laney, no, that's r23 which got reverted in r2416:03
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-shopping/trunk16:03
seb12824,25 I meant there16:03
mhr3Laney, what seb128 said16:03
Laneyoh, no, that's a good link16:03
Laneyit takes me to the bugs16:03
Laneynope, I still don't see it being approved16:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055684 in unity-lens-shopping "[FFE] Use music lens details page for music store results" [High,In progress]16:04
LaneyScottK and stgraber collided but I don't see an approval yet16:04
mhr3oh, i thought it's already ack16:05
mhr3so... yey for conflicts?16:05
stgraberLaney: current status is a nack in current form, maybe Kate will +1 or we'll just go with the disabling previews option16:06
mhr3seb128, Laney, actually you can merge it from my branch, i was based on 6.0.0 tag16:07
mhr3so the merge with trunk is last rev16:07
mhr3stgraber, previews aren't disablable16:07
mhr3i mean... can't be disabled :)16:08
stgrabermhr3: surely you must have a "No preview available" or similar string that you could show16:09
mhr3stgraber, but we can't lie to the users, the server does send the preview16:11
mterrypitti, do you know why update-manager and ubuntu-release-upgrader have been failing on amd64 jenkins jobs due to dependency installation failure?  Log isn't very clear.  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Quantal/view/AutoPkg%20Test/job/quantal-adt-update-manager/61/ARCH=amd64,label=albali/artifact/results/log16:16
popeyseb128, mhr3, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-lens-shopping/+bug/1055684 updated16:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1055684 in unity-lens-shopping "[FFE] Use music lens details page for music store results" [High,In progress]16:45
Laneyshopping uploaded for SSL16:47
didrocksLaney: you updated lp:ubuntu/unity-lens-shopping isn't it?16:48
Laneywill push when it's accepted16:48
* Laney has a fear of pushing tags which then turn out to be wrong16:48
didrocksLaney: just to ensure, you bzr merge? :)16:48
Laneybzr merge -r<revision> <branch>16:49
Laneyis that right?16:49
Laneythe debdiff looked good to me16:49
didrocksLaney: -rrevstart..revend :)16:49
didrocksLaney: as long as you are sure you didn't pick my change16:49
didrocks(I think it was just merge some minutes after it)16:50
didrocksso should be fine :)16:50
didrocksbecause you know the famous story of gsettings and schemas not there :)16:50
chrisccoulsonsigh :(16:52
chrisccoulson2 bugs identical to bug 1058209 since the webapps addons were seeded16:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 1058209 in firefox "firefox re-installs Add-ons every couple of starts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105820916:53
* didrocks waves good evening17:04
didrocksand good week-end!17:04
Laneyhave a nice weekend everyone!17:21
Laneyenjoy your secure dash shopping experience :-)17:21
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desrtseb128: is it possible to disable the accounts-crap integration with empathy?18:04
seb128desrt, you are always having nice words right? ;-)18:04
desrti prefer the ability to actually use jabber...18:04
seb128desrt, dunno, ask kenvandine18:04
desrtkenvandine: poke?18:05
seb128desrt, uoa fail to configure your jabber account?18:05
desrti click done.  nothing happens (at all)18:05
xnoxand fail to migrate them as well.18:05
seb128desrt, I would rather to see that fixed that worked around18:05
desrtthe button clicks in, then it clicks out18:05
seb128desrt, do you have account-plugin-jabber installed?18:05
desrti can click it again if i like...18:05
seb128xnox, bug number?18:05
desrtit's on the list as well18:05
desrtbut it doesn't work18:05
desrti'd like to get the normal epiphany accounts dialog18:06
desrti'm sure that would work properly18:06
xnoxseb128: does my housemate swearing at me counts as a bug number?18:06
* desrt is about to start swearing as well18:06
seb128xnox, not very helpful for tracking and getting resolved18:06
seb128desrt, empathy you mean? isn't empathy-accounts still there?18:06
jbichaxnox: get your housemate to file a bug report ;)18:07
desrtseb128: thanks :)18:07
seb128desrt, yw18:07
seb128desrt, please talk to amigadave on monday if you can18:07
seb128desrt, that uoa bug should be fixed18:07
desrtthe normal dialog is working18:07
desrtbut it immediately forgets my password18:08
seb128xdg-runtime-dir fallout?18:08
desrtno doubt due to the uoa cancer18:08
seb128can you try without the runtime dir in case?18:08
desrti get really annoyed when people butcher gnome packages non-conditionally18:08
seb128you are speaking without knowing at this point18:08
seb128it could be the runtime stuff as well18:08
seb128empathy-account is not patched afaik18:09
* desrt removes xdg, logout/in18:09
seb128it could be an upstream bug for what we know18:09
desrtempathy-accounts is fine18:09
desrtit's empathy that's the problem18:09
seb128you said it forgets your password18:09
jbichadesrt: I think we'll drop gnome-online-accounts from the Remix if ubuntu-online-accounts can handle Contacts, Documents, & Evolution next cycle18:11
desrtseb128: problem is not related to the xdg runtime stuff18:11
desrtbut logging out and back in again seems to make it work18:11
jbichaseeing as how Empathy hard-depends on u-o-a any way18:12
desrtthe uoa dialog is still stuck, though18:12
seb128desrt, hum, k18:12
desrtbut at least configuring via the empathy-accounts dialog is working18:12
seb128desrt, you would need to talk to David but I think he's eod(w)18:12
seb128desrt, can you do that next week?18:13
desrtmeanwhile we should probably fix the empathy package to emable the uoa stuff only under unity...18:13
desrtrunning empathy-accounts from the commandline isn't exactly discoverable...18:14
desrtalso seems a bit twisted that empathy now has a qt dependency....18:15
seb128we need to discuss how to make the GNOME remix more vanilla at UDS18:15
seb128shame that jbicha will not be there18:15
seb128jbicha, you will not be there right?18:15
desrtseb128: jbicha is all-american18:15
seb128(just checking if I got a wrong info)18:15
desrtall america, all the time :)18:15
seb128desrt, he said he was in Brussels' UDS IIRC18:16
seb128well anyway18:16
seb128no jbicha, no robert_ancell18:16
seb128desrt, hope you will be there to defend GNOME interests :m18:16
desrti get so sick of all the patching....18:20
jbichayeah, empathy depending on qt is annoying18:20
seb128use ostree ;-)18:20
desrtjbicha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/105825018:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1058250 in empathy "conditionalise empathy u-o-a dependency" [Undecided,New]18:20
seb128but honestly I think over time we are getting close of distros really supporting one desktop with the increase hard depends on stack choices18:21
seb128e.g "need gdm to lock your screen"18:21
desrtya.  that's somewhat obnoxious, imho18:22
desrtbut from gnome's standpoint, lightdm was seen as a fork18:22
desrtso blame all around, i guess?18:22
seb128well it has nothing to do with lightdm18:22
seb128what about kubuntu, they used kdm for years18:22
desrtlightdm is the reason that ubuntu is still not using gdm18:22
desrtand nobody expects to use a system with gnome and kdm...18:23
seb128no, gdm is the reason why ubuntu is not using gdm anymore18:23
desrtseb128: touché :)18:23
seb128but well, lubuntu used  lxce, kubuntu kdm, etc18:23
desrtunfortunately this is one of those cases where the fork convinces the original maintainers to start paying attention again and make their product better18:23
desrtso you end up with no clear winner18:24
seb128well, the point remain18:25
desrtya.  i agree18:25
seb128desktops start depending on a specific login manager, init system, etc18:25
desrtand it's not clear that gdm would have gotten better on its own18:25
desrtmaybe lightdm was necessary one way or the other...18:26
seb128so the old "you can have <n> desktop and let users log into whichever they want" is sort of over18:26
desrtseb128: ya.  i agree with that.18:26
seb128well to be fair I'm glad we have lightdm18:26
desrtit's why i think we should stop trying to support (for example) parallel installable unity/gnome18:26
seb128the other way would have been to patch gdm to no end to have an unity like look18:26
seb128which would have pissed me off for the patch and you off as a GNOME user ;-)18:26
desrtimho the unity greeter is not as smooth of an experience (to unity) as gdm is to gnome these days...18:27
desrtit's too different18:27
seb128I like it, I think it looks very nice18:27
desrtit does look nice18:27
desrtbut it doesn't look like unity18:27
desrtnot even a little18:27
seb128but yeah, it's not the same UI as the desktop18:27
desrtwell, i guess i already said that when i said "it looks nice" ;)18:27
seb128ok, on that it's time for dinner and calling it a week18:29
seb128have a good w.e everyone18:29
seb128see you next week!18:29
desrtseb128: see you monday18:29
desrtjbicha: ready to cancel gnomebuntu? :)18:29
jbichaI turn away from the computer for a minute and the conversation took a sharp detour...18:30
desrtseb makes a good point...18:31
desrt14:26 < seb128> so the old "you can have <n> desktop and let users log into whichever they want" is sort of over18:32
jbichahow is it over? just because gnome-shell now hard-depends on gdm being installed?18:33
desrtjbicha: plus the systemd dependencies, plus the accounts services, plus the control center, plus the settings daemon18:34
mterryjbicha, you won't be at UDS?  bummer18:35
jbichamterry: yeah, I wish I could go18:36
jbichamaybe I should go to Boston, I didn't apply for sponsorship though18:38
desrtit's in the same country18:41
desrtsurely you can walk, right?18:41
jbichalol, you're almost twice as close as I am, but it's the hotel cost I'm more concerned with18:54
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chrisccoulsonah, congratulations unity webapps for being the only thing doing main-thread sqlite in firefox now21:24
chrisccoulsonon every page load!21:24
desrtchrisccoulson: i assume sqlite has slow blocking APIs?21:59
desrtfsync() issues?21:59
chrisccoulsondesrt, that's why upstream have spent a significant amount of time removing it's use from the UI thread :)21:59
chrisccoulsonand then we add it straight back again....21:59

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