xnoxcjwatson: partman-auto, the reuse recipe is giving me a fizzy fit. It can't mount the partition in read-only mode, because recovery required on readonly filesystem but white access unavailable, cannot proceed.10:05
xnoxoption one: remove the guards to blockdev --setro/--setrw10:06
xnoxoption two: use os-prober instead of manually hacking up installation detection10:06
cjwatsonConsider using grub-mount if it's available10:06
cjwatsonTrue guaranteed read-only mount10:07
xnoxok, let me try that. thanks.10:07
cjwatsonos-prober switched to that when available a while back, so you could compare with its code10:07
cjwatson(So we need it to work regardless)10:07
xnoxit's bug 1050562 and bug 105657110:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 1050562 in ubiquity "Upgrading Ubuntu 12.04.1 from iso isn't given as an option" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105056210:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 1056571 in ubiquity "Missing "reinstall" option when installing same version of Ubuntu" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105657110:07
cjwatsonMakes sense10:07
xnoxwhichever way I look at it, os-prober is superior to 15reuse recipe semantics.10:14
cjwatsonPerformance might be an issue; os-prober + linux-boot-prober can be fairly slow10:18
cjwatsonAnd it's very noisy in logs10:18
xnox=( true10:18
cjwatsonI think if it were me I'd reimplement just the small bit you need10:18
xnoxand we really don't want to run os-prober twice10:19
xnoxhmmm.... reuse yet I am still asked user setup11:08
xnoxand lang and keyboard11:08
psivaaWe are seeing bug 1058047 in our automated/manual testing,11:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1058047 in ubiquity "No desktop shortcut, oem-config, oem-config-gtk in oem installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105804711:13
psivaain the process of attaching logs now,11:14
cjwatsonpsivaa: amd64?11:21
psivaacjwatson, yes11:21
cjwatsonpsivaa: yeah, don't bother, the dailies broke today11:21
cjwatsonit'll be sorted out soon11:22
psivaacjwatson, ok, thanks, i hear due to version mismatches?11:22
cjwatsonI'm not totally sure right now11:23
cjwatsonI mean, yes, there's clearly a mismatch in the archive, but the new amd64 build should have been published a little while back11:24
cjwatsonSo I'm trying to make sure that this is just some kind of "ordinary" lag rather than a publisher bug11:24
psivaacjwatson, ack11:25
cjwatsonah, possibly just slightly unfortunate timing11:26
* cjwatson pokes the archive reports, being impatient11:27
cjwatsonyeah, there we go, it's just armhf struggling now11:28
cjwatsonI'll do a new daily build11:29
cjwatsonev: another wubi commit for you when you get a moment (r272)11:50
evwill do after lunch11:50
xnoxev: ubiquity will allow upgrading "devel release -> final" & "reinstall final" correctly now13:27
evdid it not before?13:28
xnoxnot the first bit, because it couldn't compare "Ubuntu quantal" with "Ubuntu 12.10"13:28
xnoxev: and because partman-auto was a bit broken it wasn't offering any upgrade options during quantal.... not sure if precise CDs do.13:29
xnoxthere is no manual - install (upgrade) test13:29
xnoxwith cd13:29

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