phillwhiyas is there a group contact person for freenode about?02:22
Unit193Link to your LP page?02:24
phillwI'm going to have wild guess.. but https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers02:25
Unit193AlanBell, Pici, Tm_T.  (Just a little highlight)02:25
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: you could just highlight IRCC02:38
Unit193...Unless they don't have that set, this is more direct and is sure to actually work.02:38
JoseeAntonioRall IRCC have set their clients to highlight IRCC ;)02:39
Unit193More direct, I like this. :P02:40
tsimpsonexcept you missed 2 of them02:42
JoseeAntonioRfunkyHat and topyli, and Tm_Tr can also be available02:43
Unit193tsimpson: You again!  (And yeaaaah, was hopeing nobody would notice. ;) )02:43
* tsimpson notices all... but reveals the secrets to none02:45
phillwso, is that "there is a GC" or a "they're all down the pub"? :P02:47
Unit193And, may be a good idea to nag one into sending a reminder email to the list about next IRCC meeting on sun?02:47
tsimpsonphillw: each member of the IRCC is a GCs for Ubuntu on freenode, I suspect they are either sleeping though02:50
phillwtsimpson: no worries, i only just remembered at this late hour myself! I'll catch up with one of them later :)02:52
tsimpsonyou can always email them if you want02:52
phillwamerican TZ and the mad things for a Beta 2 release have left me with Jet-Lag :)02:53
Unit193But if you say "Yes, a @ubuntu/member/phillw cloak will work", maybe the st aff will set it when a GC comes by?02:53
phillwNah, one of them just needs to pop onto freenode.. evidently my being on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers is not enough to re-assign me my cloak :)02:54
phillwUnit193: I'll be about later, I'll catch one of them lurking :)02:55
IdleOneThat is because freenode doesn't decide who gets project cloaks, they only apply them.02:55
IdleOneand not all freenode staff are up to date or even care about how a project decides/manages their cloaks.02:55
phillwI know, shame Nathan is not about :)02:56
IdleOnehe would still need a GC to ACK it02:56
phillwbut, it is not an urgent thing.02:56
phillwIdleOne: chances are Nathan would actually phone them :P02:56
IdleOneor does the GC SYN and staff ACK02:57
IdleOneeither way lol02:57
phillwreet, I must get on with server stuff, as currently backup ISO's for F/OSS teams are 'off-line'. Thank you all for kindness and help.02:58
Fuchsgot all the cloak things sorted?11:58
* Pici shrugs11:59
PiciI'm not even sure what was being requested.12:00
* Fuchs goes back to snooze mode12:00
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phillwAlanBell: ping :)20:40
AlanBellhi phillw20:54
IdleOneAlanBell: phillw would like his ubuntu/member cloak back and needs a GC to get staff to apply it.20:54
IdleOneleast that is what I think it is about -- scroll back FTW20:55
phillwIdleOne: thanks, AlanBellyeah, they just need a GC to confirm it20:55
AlanBellah right, I saw the conversation earlier but wasn't quite sure what the actual request was20:55
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/phillw cloak for phillw please20:56
phillwAlanBell: needs to be said on #freenode :P20:56
AlanBellno, it doesn't :)20:56
nikoi'm here20:57
nikoone second20:57
phillwAlanBell: ooh, posh now, we are :D20:57
IdleOneall cloacks request for Ubuntu are done in here20:57
AlanBellall done20:57
AlanBellthanks niko20:57
IdleOneleast that is what I have seen20:57
phillwAlanBell: oh, and while you are about, SpeechControl expects a launch a couple of weeks after the madness of 12.10 release. they have made really good progress. They're getting the new wiki area up, bug reporting etc.20:58
phillwniko: do I log off and back on again? I'm used to seeing the forced re-join when cloaks are applied?20:59
AlanBell /whois phillw20:59
nikophillw: all is ok, no need to reconnect20:59
Myrttiphillw: it already happened20:59
IdleOneyou don't normally see your own rejoin21:00
phillwthanks folks, like getting into a old comfy pair of slippers :)21:00
phillwI'll leave you in peace, just finishing up VM for Unit19321:00

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