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* skaet waves14:57
* ogra_ shores14:58
* smartboyhw waves14:58
skaetwelcome... quormum is forming  :)14:59
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* stgraber waves15:00
skaetUpcoming dates:15:00
skaet    2012/10/04: Kernel Freeze and Desktop Infrastructure Freeze at 2100 UTC15:00
skaet    2012/10/09: Translation Deadline at 1030 UTC and Final Freeze at 2100 UTC15:00
skaet    2012/10/11 - Release Candidate, and Release Note Content Freeze15:00
skaet    2012/10/16 - Unseeded Universe Final Freeze15:00
skaet    October 18 - 12.10 Release15:00
skaetDevelopment teams are trying to fix: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-q-tracking-bug-tasks.html15:00
skaetTo be considered for fixing: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-q-incoming-bug-tasks.html15:00
skaetWork Items:15:01
skaet2012/09/21 -  2997 (was 2996  - 2012/09/21):   Thank you for the recent push to clean up the feature status.  :)15:01
skaetWe are still behind the trendline for some of the projects.  Please help get us back where we should be by making sure https://launchpad.net/~/+upcomingwork is up to date for your tasks. If something is clearly not going to make it this cycle, please mark it POSTPONED.15:01
skaetThanks to those who sent in status emails,  could you please paste the link here in the channel,  since there weren’t that many when I checked earlier this morning...15:01
skaet#topic Comments and Questions15:01
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Comments and Questions
skaetThank you to the release team and QA team and flavor leads for everyone’s hard work on getting all the late features landed, and tested,  and out the door for Beta2.15:02
skaetNow entering the last window for bug fixing before we release 12.10.  Any questions on upcoming dates/schedule above?15:02
ogra_foundations status - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2012-September/001962.html (ogra)15:02
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smartboyhwUbuntu Studio: No:P15:03
ogra_sorry, old link15:03
skaetthanks ogra_,  I'll add the links to the agenda from ubuntu-release as we get them in.15:03
skaet(or likely from the mail list ;) )15:03
skaetgo jbicha15:04
jbicha.. (I was just waving)15:04
skaetwelcome :)15:04
seb128jbicha, hey ;-)15:04
skaetany one else have their links handy or questions?15:04
skaetogra_,  is it just new review blocking pam-xdg-support?15:05
ogra_skaet, as i understood it, yeah15:05
seb128it seems to have been NEW reviewed15:05
dokoskaet, built now in q, needs a MIR15:05
seb128the binaries are installable15:05
seb128(I installed it here)15:06
ogra_doesnt the FFe serve as MIR too ?15:06
* ogra_ thought the bits were on the bug15:06
seb128no, FFe don't do code reviews nor security reviews I think15:06
skaetjdstrand, mdeslaur - is there anything missing for pam-xdg-support?15:06
dokoI don't think so15:06
* xnox 0/15:06
mdeslaurskaet: did it get a MIR?15:07
mdeslaurskaet: unless one has already been performed, it should go through the MIR process and get a security audit15:07
dokomdeslaur, it looks fine for me, however I'd like to have the security team have a look15:08
skaetogra_,  can you handle?15:08
skaetgetting the MIR filed, so we can unblock this one?15:08
ogra_skaet, i'll poke slangasek ... but i thought there was MIR data in the FFe bu already15:08
skaetmdeslaur, can you guys do a security review on it today?15:08
jdstrandI cannot15:09
mdeslaurskaet: what's the bug #?15:09
jdstrandI could do it monday15:09
seb128it's 300 lines of code15:09
seb128so shouldn't be too hard15:09
jdstrandwell, it's pam. it's always hard15:09
seb128right, I was going to add a note about that ;-)15:09
ogra_bug 89439115:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 894391 in mountall (Ubuntu Quantal) "[FFe] support $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89439115:09
skaetjdstrand,  thanks.  if someone else can't get it through today,  would be good to do it as soon as possible on monday.   Want this landing before we go into desktop infrastructure freeze.15:10
jdstrandmight I just add, once again, that late landing code like this is hard to deal with?15:10
skaet(if its ok to go in ;) )15:10
skaetjdstrand,  no argument from me.15:10
ogra_jdstrand, foundations is aware and is sorry ... and will buy you beer at UDS :)15:11
jdstrandheh, well, at least someone from the security team15:12
skaet.. on this one I think.15:12
skaetany other urgent FFE's or bug fixes that need help left,  or have we pretty much quiesced?15:12
skaetgo ogra15:12
skaetgo ogra_15:13
* skaet goofed up her auto complete15:13
ogra_popey, have the compiz bits (and its rdeps) been tested against arm this time (last abi bump i had to spend three days to fix them)15:13
popeyogra_, not yet, only landed in a ppa a couple of hours ago15:13
ogra_(though that was simply because the packagind had s/arm/foo/ across the board)15:13
ogra_popey, but they will ? or do i need to plan to keep time available for it ?15:14
popeyhmm, my team has no arm hardware capable of testing compiz right now15:14
popeyso help needed there15:14
skaetplars, balloons, ^ can you help popey15:15
ogra_but you at least do build tests (and take a look at the logs if GLES was enabled ?)15:15
ogra_popey, that would already help a lot ...15:15
plarsI'm gone until tuesday of next week, but we may have someone else who can give it a try.  if we need to pull it from the ppa just shoot us a link and we can help take a look15:16
ogra_(last time the world was built for GL ... which is clearly visible in the logs for example)15:16
popeyogra_, ok, I'll add that to our testing.15:16
skaetbefore we move on,  just want to check that everyone is ok with the dates I pasted at the start of the meeting?15:17
ogra_thats all *next month* !15:17
ogra_so far away :)15:17
skaetwe're pretty compressed time wise15:17
skaetpopey,  seb128 are you going to be ok holding to the desktop infrastructure freeze next Thursday?  (happens with the kernel freeze)15:18
skaetogasawara, is the kernel freeze on track?15:18
seb128skaet, should be fine15:19
seb128compiz updates is planned on monday15:19
ogasawaraogasawara: yep, planned for next week15:19
seb128and unity on wednesday15:19
skaetthanks seb128, popey, ogasawara15:19
skaetdoko,  no other toolchain uploads to worry about?15:19
dokothe only toolchain uploads I do worry about are glib2.0, gtk, and qt15:20
seb128glib and gtk got updated to the GNOME 3.6 stable version so no change expected for those15:21
skaetdoko,  what's the issue with glib2.0?   I've seen several bug fixes go in for it recently, but not sure what's outstanding.15:22
skaetand what's left with qt?15:23
dokoskaet, I see it's now built on arm after the fifth upload, so probably it's ok. however qt4-x11 didn't build yet on arm, and webkit fails. likely a launchpad issue, Laney is trying to work around it15:24
skaetdoko,  thanks.  will keep eye open then for it.15:24
Laneywaiting for post-b2 skew to sort itself out so that I can test webkit locally15:24
skaetthanks Laney.15:25
Laneycautiously optimistic15:26
Laneyproviding someone toolchainy lets the make patch in15:26
dokoLaney, could you at least forward this upstream?15:27
dokoif it's not yet there ...15:27
LaneyI think it was15:28
LaneyI'll try to find the reference15:28
Laneyit's certainly not applied though15:28
Laneydoko: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-make/2009-07/msg00012.html is what I can come up with ATM15:30
Laneyyes, we can discuss this elsewhere15:30
skaetno worries.   good to get it resolved.15:31
skaetseb128, popey - there are a couple of critical bugs on the tracking list.  At least one is stale (I recognize it, and will mark it fix released ;) )  Could you both take a pass at http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-q-tracking-bug-tasks.html ? and make sure all the criticals either have a 12.10 date or quantal-updates beside them,  so we can make sure we're focusing on the right things for the next wee15:31
seb128skaet, it's on my todo for today, sorry I got a behind this week catching up after holidays and with beta215:31
popeythanks seb12815:32
ogra_they let you do holidays ?!?15:32
skaetogra_,  if foundations could do the same,  it would help make sure we're all focusing on the important bigs,  since those lists are rather long.15:32
seb128ogra_, yeah, not sure what they were thinking :p15:32
skaetogasawara,  and kernel team is the champ of the long list right now...  ;)15:33
ogra_yeah, we should go without kernels, they always have bugs :)15:33
ogasawaraogra_: +1 :)15:33
ogasawaraskaet: I think that's due to the CVE's which we've discussed earlier15:34
popeyThat's it, I'm switching to GNU/Hurd!15:34
ogra_thats also a kernel15:34
skaetanyhow,  will be using that list exclusively for the next couple of weeks to make sure the important fixes land in 12.10 - so if you have bug fix that needs to land, but is not on that list,  please let me know and I'll help sort.15:34
skaetogasawara, yeah,  that's it mostly,  but for the high/criticals - would be good to know what will land this week, and what's definitely SRU teritory15:35
ogasawaraskaet: ack15:35
skaetDaviey,  arosales -  there's one critical that seems stalled, but is on the list - wanting to know if its really critical, and likely to land?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/102610215:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1026102 in Ubuntu Quantal "Openstack provider does not validate https certs" [Critical,New]15:36
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skaetanyhow,  if we can have a nice crisp list by next Thursday,  would very much appreciate,  since there's only a couple of days after that until final freeze.15:37
* skaet will be continuing to ping out of band on these for the next week or two...15:39
Davieyskaet: looking15:40
skaetRiddell, ScottK, knome, stgraber, highvoltage, scott-work, gilir, ogra_, infinity - please review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseManifest and make sure all the last changes for your images are there.15:40
skaetin particular for gilir,  does lubuntu still want to carry alternate images?15:40
Davieyskaet: will follow u, thanks15:40
stgraberskaet: edubuntu looks good15:40
gilirskaet, yes15:41
ogra_arm looks fine too15:41
skaetthanks,  ok,  please sign the manifest in the "Target" column by entering the date.  :)15:42
skaetother topic...   for same audience ;)15:43
skaetRiddell, ScottK, knome, stgraber, highvoltage, scott-work, gilir, ogra_, infinity - could you please review the test cases on the iso tracker for your flavors/community ports - and make sure they are accurate for the mandatory/run once/optional?   For the release we will be aiming for 100% coverage.   Please work with balloons to adjust any testcases, if necessary, before October 4, 2012.15:43
* smartboyhw thinks there will be edit conflict:P15:43
* skaet is old hand at resolving edit conflicts, don't worry.15:43
ogra_skaet, k15:43
cjwatsonskaet: we're hammering rls-q-tracking pretty hard at the moment FWIW - it's down about 12 or so over the last two days15:43
balloons:-) yes, the mandatory/run-once/optional are important15:43
skaetcjwatson,  thank you.  :)15:44
cjwatson(and we have no actual critical-priority bugs there right now)15:45
skaetkeep up the good work.   other teams,   feel free to be competitive in terms of getting most fixes in ;)15:46
skaetand all critical bugs off the list.15:46
skaetgo ScottK15:46
ScottKI've started to be very skeptical of UIFe requests for things that are just tweaks/new functions.15:46
ScottKI think we should do that generally as people need to be focused on fixing stuff and not wouldn't it be nice if ...  ideas.15:47
ScottKI've also starting saying no to nice to have FFe's too.15:47
skaetScottK,  agreed.   We're out of time for nice to haves.15:48
skaetyesterday's UIFe has a quote from Mark that makes that point as well,  I think.  from a UIFe perspective at least.15:49
skaetany one else have comment?  questions?15:50
skaetor are we pretty much at the end of the meeting now?15:50
ScottKDo we know where we are on the https change for shopping?15:50
ScottKThat's more than slightly essential.15:51
skaetI thought I saw that Laney approved it already,  but haven't double checked it this morning.15:51
skaetseb128, ^ any update?15:51
seb128let me check15:52
Laneyit's merged15:52
Laneywe should probably cherry-pick it into the distro15:52
seb128there is an update planned for next week15:53
seb128do you prefer than to go earlier?15:53
seb128e.g to try to land it today?15:53
Laneyis the server ready?15:53
skaetif we can pull the pieces together.  more time we have to shake it down, better it will be.15:54
seb128Laney, server is ready15:54
LaneyOK, I'll upload it shortly then15:54
seb128skaet, Laney: I will have a go at backporting it today15:54
Laneyeven better :P15:54
seb128Laney, or do you want to do it?15:54
skaetThanks seb128 !  :)15:54
Laneyno preference15:54
ScottKThe only other thing that I thought was really essential was the online search privacy change and I approved that yesterday and I see bits of it are landing.15:56
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ogra_thanks skaet15:56
skaetsorry ScottK15:56
ScottKNo problem.15:56
ScottKIt was a statement, not a question.15:56
* ogra_ has to hurry out anway15:56
mdeslaurthanks skaet15:58
skaetThanks seb128, Daviey, ogra_, ogasawara, plars, popey, Laney, cjwatson, smartboyhw, gilir, stgraber, Daviey, doko, jdstrand, mdeslaur, jbicha15:58
skaethave a good weekend.15:58
seb128skaet, thenks15:58
stgraberskaet: thanks15:58
popeythank you!15:58
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