seandhi guys i need help with ubuntu09:49
seandi have installed everyupdate and i am trying to load a DVD with data on it09:49
seandi have spent all morning and have no clue what to download to view the files????09:50
seandcan anyone assist me09:50
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: we need to add to topic that this is not a support channel10:23
cohenHi. Ive installed gammu and gammu-smsd. ttyUSB0 keeps changin to ttyUSB1. I have written Udev rules but all invain. is there a udev software for USB persitence?12:05
mjchopperboySaw this link in Ubuntu install twitter widget15:45
Lordzedanyone here ?18:23
Lordzedi have a problem18:23
=== JoseeAntonioR changed the topic of #ubuntu-on-air to: Welcome to Ubuntu on Air! || Upcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/OWD4uc || Ask your questions in www.ubuntuonair.com || For support go to #ubuntu, this is not a support channel.

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