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uvirtbotNew bug: #1057847 in tftp-hpa (main) "package tftpd-hpa 5.2-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105784701:26
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pentagonHow can I run dhclient and request host-name and see if anything returns, is there a tail command ?02:37
sarnoldpentagon: if you add -v to the dhclient initscript, it'll log more verbosely. I'm not sure if it'll log returned hostname or not, but it's the first thing I'd try02:40
tohuwIs there any package providing Apache 2's mod_xml?03:01
tohuwAh, just discovered apt-file. And it seems the answer is no D: Compiling time...03:03
tsimpsontohuw: may I introduce you to http://packages.ubuntu.com/03:08
sarnoldapt-file is faster :)03:09
tohuwtsimpson: I could not find a fast way to search for what I needed to know using that site.03:10
tsimpsonlook at the "Search the contents of packages" section03:10
tohuwAh, fair enough03:11
pentagonwell long day of playing with things04:01
pentagonstill havent got it to function the way i'd like04:01
tcp_cungkr1nkhi, im not installed squid on my ubuntu server, but the nmap result from public network seem like that :04:02
pentagonhow do I do a dns lookup on myself to see what returns as hostname04:02
tcp_cungkr1nk3128/tcp open squid-http04:02
tcp_cungkr1nk8000/tcp open http-alt04:02
tcp_cungkr1nk8080/tcp open http-proxy04:03
tcp_cungkr1nk8088/tcp open unknown04:03
pentagontcp_cungkr1nk: you didn't install it?04:04
tcp_cungkr1nkyes, i dont know why?04:05
pentagontry to connect and se what it is04:05
pentagonnmap me and pastebin the results04:06
pentagonfavor for favor04:06
pentagonnmap me04:07
pentagontcp_cungkr1nk: nmap me and paste the results04:08
pentagontcp_cungkr1nk: did you nmap me04:22
pentagonnmap me and pastebin it04:22
harushimoquestion for everyone. I'm setting up ubuntu server but it will have drupal on it04:46
harushimoon my vm04:46
harushimois there to access the drupal website threw the vm?04:47
harushimoI mean when I setup the site04:47
pentagonAvoid drupal.04:49
pentagonhtml is better keep it simple04:49
harushimojust curious why avoid drupal?04:50
harushimoI thought it was pretty good from what I hear04:50
harushimohtml is better04:50
harushimoI know that04:50
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koolhead17hi all06:28
MACscrcan i move to 12.04 LTS from just 11.04?06:37
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tsimpsonMACscr: no, you need to go via 11.1007:25
MACscryeah, i had forgotten about that version. Im up to precise now07:26
MACscrthough it looks like my vps isnt fully booting07:27
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Firefishymicahg: You previously helped me with amd64-microcode backport req bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/precise-backports/+bug/103661811:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1036618 in amd64-microcode "Please backport amd64-microcode 1.20120910-1 (multiverse) from quantal" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:50
FirefishyAnything further I should do? Builds OK, Installs OK, Tests OK.11:51
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1058081 in libaio (main) "libaio ftbfs on armel/armhf" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105808112:21
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qw[Russian]hi, everybody12:33
qw[Russian]I have a question: I would like to create a dating site on a free hosting prompt please if know the such?12:33
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micahgFirefishy: I haven't had a chance to look at backports this week yet, I do see the request in the queue12:52
Firefishymicahg: cool. appreciated.12:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #996166 in cloud-init "installs wrong package in cc_salt_minion.py" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99616613:16
RobZ1hi - how can I update the root CA certificates (provider by VeriSign on their website)?  Ubuntu 10.1013:22
smoserok... in case someone thought i hadn't ranted enough lately13:41
smoser$ ssh -L 10080:localhost:80
smoserPort forwarding is disabled to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.13:42
* Daviey thinks you have been losing your touch.13:42
smoserbut it puts me happily at a prompt at the other end.13:42
smoserI *DO NOT READ ERROR MESSAGES*.  if I asked for port forwarding, and port forwarding doesn't work, i probably want you to fail13:43
Davieysmoser: I think that is your ssh config?13:43
hallynjdstrand: mdeslaur: do i understand right there is a pending libvirt update in precise-security?  (if so i'll hold off on a new sru, of course :)13:44
mdeslaurhallyn: nope, no current libvirt security update planned13:45
hallynmdeslaur: oh cool, thanks13:45
zulhallyn: what did you want me to upload?14:49
smbhallyn, If you are about to do other things with libvirt (admittedly I have not looked for a while now), there was a patch about not considering xenfs being available as fatal (because we load it as a module later). It was dropped on some rebase and should be relatively simple to re-activate (just upstream changed spaces around it).14:55
hallynzul: augeas14:55
zulhallyn: debdiff please14:55
hallynzul on bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/105430614:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1054306 in netcf "ncftool list fails" [High,Invalid]14:56
hallynsmb: is this for q or p?14:56
hallynif for q, i'm not doing anything right now14:56
smbhallyn, for q14:56
hallynzul might have something but i don't think so14:56
hallynneed to run, biab14:56
smbHe may have had but those security guys always upload stuff... :-P14:57
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hallynsmb: :)15:11
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r3boothi ppl :) I't seems that preseeding is broken for 12.04, the 'Detect keyboard layout' part. No matter what I try to feed d-i or the kernel params, I cannot get rid of this question. I've tried adding 'console-setup/layoutcode=us' as a kernel parameter, and it does not work. I've tried adding 'd-i console-setup/ask_detect boolean false' to my preseed file, and that does not work as well15:25
r3bootI've queried both google and launchpad to try to figure this out, but both of them do not give any results regarding this specific question15:26
r3boot(and the answers I do find do not work :)15:26
r3bootso .. Am I doing something stupid, or do I need to file a bug?15:26
SpamapSroaksoax: you've been doing quite a bit of pre-seeding of 12.04, haven't you?15:27
SpamapSroaksoax: ^^ r3boot seems to be having trouble15:27
SpamapSrbasak: you too15:27
rbasakr3boot: are you setting priority=critical?15:28
roaksoaxr3boot: you might want to try adding priority=critical in the kernel command like15:28
r3bootack, hold on15:29
r3bootdoes that restrict d-i to only ask the most critical questions?15:29
rbasakwhich should be nothing unless some step fails15:30
r3bootlets see what it does. The HW in question (a relatively new Dell R720) is a bit slow in booting tho15:30
henkjanr3boot o/15:31
r3bootjow henkjan :)15:32
r3bootrbasak, roaksoax, that works, thnx a lot!15:34
r3bootbut now the other thing. This smells like a workaround, working around something broken in d-i or console-setup. Do I need to file a bug for this?15:35
r3boot(in the mean time I'm going to run to the train btw, brb)15:37
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AucklaMan there was a way I use to connect to my server at home I can't think about it now. So I can use X over SSH.16:32
AucklaWhat are some good ways to connect to X over SSH?16:32
r3bootssh -x (or -X, or X11Forwarding yes in ssh-config)16:33
sarnoldif you just want to run one program, ssh -X hostname xterm16:34
AucklaThere was a program or is a program I use at home, with a giant red x on it. :)16:34
RoyKssh -y16:34
AucklaI'm sure it is common.16:34
RoyKwith ssh -x, it loses authorization after a while and you'll have to reconnect16:34
holsteintheres http://www.nomachine.com/ or freenx Auckla16:35
AucklaAHHH!! FreeNX that is what it is.16:35
RoyKor better, set 'ForwardX11 yes' and 'ForwardX11Trusted yes' in your ssh config16:35
RoyKah, freenx ;)16:36
AucklaThi s is just a suggestio nfor a fellow employee on his learning adventures in *nix.16:36
RoyKAuckla: remove all other editors than vim ;)16:37
AucklaI don't think he would like that.16:37
* RoyK feels a bit evil16:37
AucklaHe was already trying to play with "VI". Hehehe.16:37
RoyKAuckla: just toss vimtutor on him, let him use half an hour on that, and he'll know the basics16:40
sarnoldthe chart is a lie16:45
sarnoldvi is always steep even to experts16:46
RoyKthat's what it says16:48
RoyKyou have to climb a bit before it gets useful16:49
RoyKbut indeed, it's a lie, because once vim, which is the current, turns out useful, you keep on learning all other stuff they put in there, so it should be a slow slope after the initial steep jump16:50
sarnoldRoyK: exactly16:51
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1058237 in irqbalance (main) "quantal irqbalance missing MSI interrupts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105823718:01
methods1any reason /etc/cron.daily would not run my script ? i made it add a file which never showed up to prove that it's not running.. i see the entry in /etc/crontab which means it should run18:04
hallynmethods1: anything in /var/log/syslog?  what exact entry did you add?  can you pastebin the script also?18:11
methods1well i see hte line in syslog saying it's going to run them but nothing else18:11
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methods1CRON[5106]: (root) CMD (test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily ))18:15
methods1that's all i see and then nothing else18:15
methods1anacron test returns 118:15
escottmethods1, did you make the script in daily executable18:18
escottmethods1, is it properly owned by root?18:18
methods1hm i just found a post that says it's because the file has a dot in it's name18:18
methods1it ends in .sh18:18
hallynsmb: btw is bug 914788 the one you were talking about before?18:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 914788 in libvirt "libvirt expexts qemu-dm in wrong path for xen" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91478818:23
hallyndannf: hey, can you post a debdiff for qemu-linaro against precise for bug 1030594 ?  (if you did, sorry, i don't see it)18:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1030594 in qemu-linaro "[FFE] enable flat device tree support" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103059418:35
zulhallyn:  didnt i aready upload this augeas upload?18:42
hallynzul: no, you did the fakesync, but not this bugfix18:43
zulhallyn: ah yes18:44
moonpupis it possible to setup your own "whois server" and if so anyone here ever do it?18:45
zulhallyn: done18:47
hallynzul: thanks!18:47
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1058301 in etckeeper (main) "error is displayed if no changes are good to commit on post-install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105830119:56
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zttais anybody reading this?20:35
Troy^Yes, we can read it lol20:36
zttai wanted to ask if there is any way to make data transfer via ssh faster20:36
Troy^Not everyone is always active here, most people are idle20:36
Troy^ztta meaning sftp?20:36
zttayes, ssh-ftp and i use ssh as internet proxy20:37
zttain both cases using different client programs i get 750kbit/sec20:37
Troy^ztta: i assume this is internal network?20:38
zttamostly not20:38
Troy^what are your bandwidth capabilities of yourself and your host?20:38
ztta3,3 mbyte/sec i20:39
zttaand 20mByte/sec or more (idk. exactly) host20:39
Troy^ok there you go20:39
zttai can get full 3,3 mbytes via http20:39
zttato the server20:40
Troy^ok http upload?20:40
ztta0,33 mbytes20:40
zttamy point is: why is ssh so much slower than ssl?20:41
Troy^you can only upload as fast as your upload connection plus there is many other variables20:41
zttai did not confuse upload and download20:41
Troy^you said http not ssl20:42
zttai meant http over ssl20:42
zttadoes that make any difference?20:43
Troy^you know i have no idea.. i don't have problems using sftp on my internal network20:43
zttai only know https is more than 4 times faster than ssh20:44
zttaand i wonder why20:44
zttaand if i can change that20:44
Troy^most likely you probablly can't20:46
Troy^encryption requires overhead20:46
zttabut ssh uses aes20:46
zttaafter handshake20:46
zttaand https uses20:46
zttaaes , too20:46
patdk-lapssh may use aes, are you sure it's really using it? and using it with aes-ni support?20:47
patdk-lapwithout aes-ni support your going max out at 60MB/sec20:47
patdk-laphmm, I haven't seen aes used for https for most people20:48
patdk-lapcause it leaves you vaunerable, so normally it's md420:48
zttafor ssh i am quite sure i am using aes20:50
zttafor https i am not that sure20:51
zttabut i always thought it was used20:51
zttaand what does that have to do with md4, md4 is a hash function20:52
zttai have read about an attack against https which targeted aes20:52
patdk-lapmd4 is hash? when?20:52
patdk-laprc4 I mean :)20:53
patdk-lapheh, too many names20:53
zttamd4 is long broken^^20:53
zttaidk. about rc420:53
patdk-lapuse rc4 cause it's not a chain chipher to protect from beast attack20:54
patdk-lapso almost everyone enforces it's use by default, unless you don't support rc420:54
patdk-laphmm, are you sure your getting 3.3mBytes and not 3.3mbits over https?20:55
ztta3,3 mBytes20:56
zttaok most of the time only 2,9mBytes20:56
hallynstgraber: hm, (on i386 quantal) lxc python apitest is failing on getting ips20:56
hallynoh wait, well, there's no dnsmasq running for lxcbr020:57
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zttausing sshftp it is only 0,6 or so20:58
zttai have thought of using ftp, but it is not encrypted :(20:59
zttaand also i want to use the server as proxy into the usa for streaming20:59
stgraberhallyn: hehe, no dnsmasq would explain it :)21:00
zttabut ssh is too slow21:00
hallynstgraber: but why isn't it starting, hmm21:01
zttai get 0,6 mbyte constantly for both: sshftp and internet proxy21:01
patdk-lapwhat is sshftp?21:03
zttassh file transfer protocol21:03
hallynoh well after the fact it wasn't starting bc lxcbr0 was up (and it wasn't shutting that down bc dnsmasq wasn't running - vicious circle)21:04
hallynwonder what messed it up to begin with21:04
hallynno OOM killer msgs21:05
zttai write sshftp to avoid confusion with simple file transfer protocol21:05
stgraberhallyn: /var/log/upstart/lxc-net.log should be useful to debug that kind of mess21:05
hallynstgraber: but now it does start up :(21:06
zttais there an alternative ssh server i could install?21:07
zttaother than the standard sshd21:07
patdk-lapthere are several21:07
patdk-lapthough dropbear is normally always slower, by like 10x21:07
zttai already tried to enable encryption in vsftpd21:11
hallynstgraber: well, i don't grok why, but apparently the qa-regression-testing 'test-libvirt.py setup-net' sent it a SIGTERM.  <shrug>21:11
zttabut somehow my client won't connect anymore21:11
stgraberhallyn: fun...21:11
hallynah haha21:12
hallynthere it is.  "effing kill all dnsmasqs"21:12
hallynshoulda guessed21:12
patdk-lapftps doesn't work behind nat21:12
hallyn(or, translated,     testlib.cmd(['sudo', 'killall', 'dnsmasq'])21:12
zttapatdk-lap: good to know21:12
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zttaI am trying to run a program i just compiled.21:41
zttaIt's an elf file21:41
ztta-bash: program.elf: command not found21:41
zttathe file exists in my local directory21:42
patdk-lapdid you use ./21:42
patdk-lapit's not windows21:43
patdk-lapcurrent path isn't searched21:43
zttayou are right, it's not windows21:44
zttabut thanks, works21:44
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zttaonother problem:21:56
zttahow do i run it in background21:57
zttaeven after closing the terminal?21:57
sarnoldztta: depends on program; sometimes 'nohup ./executable &' is sufficient21:58
sarnoldztta: some programs have command line switches or config file switches to daemonize21:58
zttaonly command line21:59
sarnoldztta: some programs just never handle that well and need to be run in screen or tmux21:59
zttathe program does not daemonize itself21:59
zttaand has command line switches21:59
zttabut no config22:00
sarnoldtry 'nohup ./foo &' first. If that works, that's easy.22:00
zttaseems to work22:03
zttathx a lot22:03
sarnoldwoo :) you're welcome22:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #996358 in juju "juju probably should be using lxcbr0 instead of depending on libvirt-bin and using virbr0" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99635822:11
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cincinnatusDoes anyone know if there's a good Web based control panel for Ubuntu servers out there22:24
sarnoldcincinnatus: something like landscape.canonical.com?22:27
cincinnatusMore like webmin but more modern22:27
cincinnatusI tried zentyal, but it seemed too cpanelish22:28
cincinnatusIts Web server admin module is so basic that it seems easier/quicker to set up suited the old school way in the command line22:30
cincinnatusI'm managing one Amazon micro instance, not a big cloud22:33
cincinnatusSo landscape is out22:33
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AucklaSo I have unbuntu server 12.04. I have ten static ip's. How do I go about adding each ip via cli?23:49
AucklaI got the one, I remember back in the day doing something ifconfig eth0  ifconfigh eth0 etc etc.23:50
sarnoldthat still works, you can also use the newer ip(8) interface23:51
Aucklasarnold: Thanks.23:51
sarnoldI think you can make these changes persistent via /etc/network/interfaces23:51
qman__you can add them with ifconfig or ip, but those will not be persistent unless you add them in /etc/network/interfaces23:52
AucklaFound that link seems right?23:52
AucklaBeen like ten years.23:52
qman__yes, that is the correct way to add them to /etc/network/interfaces23:52
qman__this style of networking configuration is how debian and debian-derived systems do it (ubuntu)23:53
qman__ten years ago you were probably using redhat, which does things way different23:54
AucklaI'm not a fan of redhat.23:55
qman__neither am I23:55
AucklaSeems like veroyn around me these days loves cent0s.23:55
AucklaI ran slakware 4-7.23:55
AucklaFailed to bring up eth0:1.23:56
Aucklamy config23:57
qman__can't have the same gateway twice23:57
qman__if they're all on the same subnet23:57
AucklaThey are.23:57
qman__skip the gateway and dns stuff, just do the address and netmask23:57
qman__for all but the first, that is23:58
AucklaHurray for Jesus!23:58
AucklaThank you!23:58
Aucklaqman__: ! :D23:58

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