silverarrowheard anything on the dailies09:51
kanliotsup silverarrow09:52
silverarrowit`s almost sad to leave 12.0409:52
smartboyhwsilverarrow, you mean when the new dailies will be built?09:55
silverarrowno, more like feedback fromt testing09:56
* smartboyhw is not understand what silverarrow is saying then:P09:56
smartboyhwfeedback from testing what do yuo mean silverarrow ?09:58
silverarrowwell, there have been new issued regularly ?09:59
smartboyhwsilverarrow, new what?09:59
silverarrowbrb, update with restart10:00
xnoxI'd like to add a testcase to Ubuntu Desktop Mandatory11:17
xnoxor possibly run-once11:17
xnoxInstall (reinstall) & Install (upgrade)11:18
xnoxbasically bug 1056571 and bug 105056211:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1056571 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Missing "reinstall" option when installing same version of Ubuntu" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105657111:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1050562 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Upgrading Ubuntu 12.04.1 from iso isn't given as an option" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105056211:19
* xnox is a bit confused how'd we managed to release all of these milestone images without these options =)11:19
* xnox is fixing this now.11:19
xnoxoh and server images as well, as they are also affected.11:22
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balloonsxnox, :-) So the image should have these options now?13:33
xnoxballoons: after partman-auto is uploaded the next server images and all alternates will get the reuse option (in place upgrade/reinstall)13:34
xnoxballoons: after my ubiquity fix is uploaded with new partman-auto embedded the desktop images will get the reuse option (in place upgrade/reinstall)13:34
xnoxballoons: but...... how did we not notice this earlier =)13:35
xnoxballoons: and is it ok to add just a test case?13:35
balloonsxnox, ? on the how and why we arrived at what we arrived at13:36
balloonsand yes we can add a testcase. This cycle was about rounding up the tests we do have and seeing what13:36
balloonsis what13:36
balloonsI'd like to enhance and change how we test ubiquity13:36
xnoxballoons: do we have uds-r session about it?13:41
balloonsnot yet, but indeed we will13:42
balloonshowever, I don't want to necessarily wait until uds to talk about it or do some work on it.. we'll see what can be squeezed in13:42
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balloonsxnox, btw, I did add your 2 testcase requests to the list to work17:39
xnoxballoons: awesome =)17:44
balloonsxnox, do you the tool jibel mentioned besides xpresser?17:45
xnoxballoons: autopilot? no.17:46
balloonsyea.. I know about autopilot.. I thought there may have been somehting else17:46
jibelballoons, ldtp ?17:51
balloonsahh jibel :-) perhaps.. thank you17:52
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xnoxwell ldtp is the first one, it's based on a11y frameworks.18:03
xnoxand there were mago python binding on top of ldtp but they are old / not maintained any more?!18:03
xnoxand ubiquity is not fully a11y18:03
xnoxunity is not a11y at all....18:03
xnoxso pure ldtp / a11y based testing will not do, as you just would not be able to do it.18:04
xnoxthe xpresser - will break every time there is a change to the theme?18:04
nagappanxnox, yup18:05
nagappanxnox, it also based on the app you are planing to automate18:06
nagappanxnox, in VMware, we run tests in Unity mode as well for VMware Workstation and Player without any issues18:06
nagappanxnox, I guess davmor2 had success in automating his app (ubuntu-software-center)18:07
xnoxnagappan: do you automate on the host or guest? I think it would be perfect if xpresser could run on the host -> automating e.g. installer running in the VM18:07
xnoxotherwise i'd have to presseed the desktop cd to install xpresser and start that up somehow =/18:08
nagappanxnox, we automate both, but the guest VM, was pre-created18:12
xnoxnagappan: ok. And you click stuff in the VM? interesting.18:13
nagappanxnox, we are now in the process of integrating Sikuli with LDTP, which will create VM from scratch18:13
nagappanxnox, yup, the reason is LDTP will run in the guest, so we can run the remote commands18:13
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